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Archive-name: Samesex/


Archive-title: One Night of Passion

	They both knew that the love they shared between each other was

something special that they had looked for all their lives.  It was as if 

they were made for each other.  Each day their love grew deeper and stronger.

The passion was more intense each time they made love. Michael and Alan 

knew that their lives would be intertwined together forever.

	One thing that they wanted so desperately was to have one weekend 

alone.  Finally the opportunity arose.  Michael's roommates were going out

of town for the weekend. Immediately, the two lovers started making arrangments 

to have this time for themselves. They planned to make the most of it.

	That Saturday evening, Alan arrived to find that Michael had 

prepared a candlelight dinner along with a bottle of their favorite

wine.  During dinner, both sat and stared intensely into each other's

eyes.  It was almost as if the flames of the candles were fueling the

passion that was building between them.  

	Michael gently laid his hand on Alan's knee and slowly slid it 

up the inside of his thigh, until he reached the throbbing cock that 

he so desperately wanted.  Alan sighed deeply and leaned over to press

his lips against the soft, full, inviting lips of Michael. Their toungues

probed excitedly.  Suddendly, Michael stood up and threw Alan to the

floor.  Their hands groped furiously seeking to find the throbbing 

bulge that awaited them. Alan squirmed with ecstacy as Michael 

massaged his hot manhood.  Alan reached for Michael's waist, feeling

for his zipper to release the pulsating rod that he craved to wrap

his lips around.

	As Alan reached in for Michael's cock, his mouth began to water

with delight in expectation of the "dessert" he was about to receive.

Michael grabbed the back of Alan's head and thrust his rigid cock 

deep into Alan's hot, wet mouth.  Furiously, he began to fuck Alan's

face.  Thrusting in and out, feeling his balls slap against his 

lover's chin, he could feel the powerful orgasm building more and




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