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Archive-name: Samesex/niki25.txt


Archive-title: Niki

     About ten years ago, I was living with my girlfriend Ginger in a

very nice house located in a middle class neighborhood.  We both had

professional jobs - I would travel occasionally, but the majority of

the time I was home. The neighborhood we lived in was inhabited with

couples roughly our age, but most of them had kids and we did not.

Nothing much ever happened in this peaceful midwestern town and nobody

even locked their doors. That's how this whole thing started.

     One afternoon I left work a couple of hours early and went home

to cut the grass. When I arrived, I noticed a neighbor girl's bicycle

in our front yard but I didn't think much of it. It belonged to Niki,

a budding young 14 year old girl who lived across the street. Her

parents were both at work and Niki was home from school. I walked into

the house and headed for our bedroom to change my clothes. When I got

to the bedroom door I had the shock of my life. There was Niki, going

through Ginger's underwear drawer. She would pull out a pair of

Ginger's panties and hold them to her nose while inhaling deeply. I

had never known a girl who was interested in other girls so I decided

to be quiet and she what she would do next. After checking out almost

every pair of panties, Niki headed for the clothes hamper. She opened

it up and dug around, finally extracting a pair of Ginger's worn

panties - the pair that she had on yesterday while working out at the

club. I knew that these panties had to be very soiled! Niki held them

up to her nose and inhaled again. This time she let out a soft moan.

Still not noticing me behind the door, Niki put out her tongue and

licked the smelly cotton crotch. As she did this her other had reached

down and started to rub her own crotch through her cuttoffs. It was

about this time that I decided it was time to make my appearance.

"Niki!" I barked. "What the hell are you doing?". She quickly tried to

hide the panties that were hanging out of her mouth and muttered "What

are you doing home? You're supposed to be at work!". "That's not the

question at hand", I said. She started to cry and now I felt like a

big jerk. I tried to console her. "Don't worry. I'm not mad - just

surprised. I've never seen anything like this. How come your doing

this, anyway?" "Well", she sobbed, "I've never been too interested in

boys and I always get funny feelings when I'm in the shower at school

with a bunch of naked girls. They smell so good when they get all

sweaty. A couple of months ago I talked to Ginger when she came home

from the gym, all sweaty and wearing those tight leotards. She invited

me in and we talked while she got undressed. She smelled so good that

I started to tingle all over and my own panties started to get wet.

When she got into the shower I picked up her bikini panties and opened

the crotch up. It was soaked with sweat and a thick white juice that I

had never seen before. It was then that I tasted pussy for the first

time! It was delicious. Kind of tangy - kind of sweet. I even licked

the small light brown area that was from her lovely butt. It tasted

even better! Ever since that day I would come over when nobody was

here just to suck on Ginger's dirty panties". By this time I was so

confused I didn't know what to do. Here before me was a lovely young

girl that just adored the taste of my girlfriend's pussy and asshole.

I didn't want to break her heart - and I also figured to get something

out of this. "Well, don't worry. I won't tell anyone", I said. And you

can come over anytime that Ginger is gone and use her panties". Her

eyes lit up and she said, "Really! I can come over anytime? That's

great!". Then she asked, "Have you ever licked a pair of dirty

panties? They taste great. Do you want to suck on mine? They are

really wet right now. Plus, I've been riding my bike all day and the

seat pushes them right up my butt". I found myself speechless. Niki

went into the bathroom and emerged a couple of minutes later holding

her panties in her hand. "Here", she said. "Taste these. These are as

fresh as they can be. They're still warm." I took them and held them

up to my face. She was right. They were warm and very wet - and

sticky. I stuck my tongue out and ran it down the length of the crotch

area. It DID taste good! I sucked the whole crotch into my mouth and

sucked until the flavor was almost gone. I then handed them back to

her. "Aren't you going to suck on the brown streak? That's the best

part!". I looked at them again and sure enough, there was a small

streak of brown, obviously where her asshole had been resting. I

picked them up and flicked my tongue against the spot. "Not bad", I

said. "This does taste good". I looked at the clock at it was almost

5:00. I told Niki that she better go home before Ginger got home. She

went into the bathroom to put her panties back on and when she came

out I noticed a large wet spot where her pussy bulge was. "You better

not let your folks see that wet spot!", I said. She said that she

could get to her bedroom before her parents would see her. Then she

walked out the door.

     Shortly after Niki left I heard Ginger pull into the driveway. We

had a quiet evening at home and went to bed early. While we were

getting ready for bed Ginger asked me if I had been in her drawers. I

denied it, of course. "Well, someone's been through my underwear

drawer! It doesn't look like anything is missing but we had better

call the police!" I told her not to worry but she insisted that I call

the cops. So I sat her down and told her what had happened this

afternoon. Surprisingly, she was not angry. In fact while I was

telling her how much Niki loved the taste of her pussy she kind of

rubbed her legs together and her eyes got glazed. My girlfriend was

getting turned on hearing how Niki loved to suck the dried pussy juice

from her panties. Before long she was all over me like a bitch in

heat. She sucked and fucked my brains out!

     The next morning I woke up first and decided to beat Ginger to

the shower. While standing under the soothing hot water I was thinking

about what happened the day before. It was obvious that Ginger was

really turned on knowing that the 14 year old girl across the street

had the hots for her. "Maybe we can take this a little further", I

mumbled to myself. When I walked out of the bathroom there was Ginger

lying on the bed, legs spread with her panties still on, rubbing her

crotch from clit to asshole. She stopped long enough to push the

material up inside her pussy, soaking up all the juices she could.

Then she reached under her cheeks and pushed her panties into her open

asshole with her middle finger. While her finger was up her butt, she

rolled it from side to side, trying to get as much of her panties

inside as possible. "What are you doing now?", I asked. "I'm going to

give Niki a pair of my panties that she won't forget!", she responded.

"This pair of full of your cum, my cum, and now I'm getting them

smeared with my shit! After that I going to pee in them. She's gonna

love the taste of these!" When Ginger got up she went into the

bathroom and squatted down on the toilet. She spread her cunt lips

wide while still wearing the panties and started to piss right

through them. When she finished she slid them down her legs and walked

over to the clothes hamper. "I'll lay these right on top where Niki

can find them. Tonight we should be able to tell if she was here".

When she returned to the bathroom, I went to the hamper and inspected

her work. Her panties were full of all kinds of goodies. There was our

cum caked on the crotch panel. Down from that was a good size streak

of Ginger's own feces, and the whole thing was wet with pee. "Yep, she

will like these". Just then I remembered the video tape that I had

made of Ginger one night while she was especially hot. The entire

scene was with Ginger masturbating with fruits and vegetables and a

couple of household utensils. I removed the tape from its hiding place

and set it next to the panties in the hamper. I figured that Niki

would get a real kick out of watching Ginger while sucking on her

panties. Then we left for work.

     All day long all I could think of was Niki at my house watching

the video of my wife masturbating while sucking on her panties. It

drove me crazy. I couldn't wait to get home to check to hamper. When I

finally did get home I rushed into the bedroom and opened the hamper

and sure enough, Niki had been there. The video tape was not exactly

where I had left it and there were some stick remains left on it. Then

I checked the panties and they were almost as clean as if they had

been washed. About that time Ginger walked into the room and saw the

video tape. She must have recognized which one it was because she

spoke out, "You left my dildo tape for her to watch?" She sounded mad

but then she asked, "Did she watch it? Do you think she liked it?". I

then looked over on the bed and saw a large stain on the middle of the

bedspread. "I think she did. She must have cum several times in order

to leave a spot that big". When I said that Ginger's eyes glazed over

again and she started to squirm. I knew that I would get another great

fucking tonight. Sure enough, after supper she attacked my on the

couch and smothered my face with her delicious cunt. I licked her for

a while and then flipped her off and gave her the fucking of her life.

The whole time, though, she seemed preoccupied. After I came and we

both got cleaned up, I asked her if something was wrong. "No", she

said. "Nothing is wrong". But the rest of the night she never said a

word - nor did she even hear me when I spoke. I finally got her

attention and said, "Don't tell me nothing's wrong. Are you mad

because I let Niki watch your dildo tape?" "On the contrary, all I can

think about is that young girl lying on our bed watching me fuck

myself with my panties stuck in her mouth. Thinking about it really

turns me on." "Well, what should we do about it?", I asked. She was

silent for a moment and then she said, "Lets call in sick tomorrow and

hide in the closet and wait for Niki to come over. I want to see her

diddle herself." "Would you like her to lick your pussy?", I asked.

"Yes and my asshole too!" She said. "I'd like to suck on her young

cunt too. Lets video tape her tomorrow".

     The next morning we got up early in preparation for our young

visitor. Ginger said that she was going to prepare a special pair of

panties for Niki. She climbed on the bed and got on all fours. "Come

get a close view of my butt", she said. "These are going to be extra

special". I moved in behind her to get a good view. With that she

pulled her panties up into her butt as far as they would go. Then she

started to push and push. She was going to shit into her panties! What

a great idea. Then suddenly I could see a slight bulge directly over

her asshole as a turd started to slide out. Ginger pinched it off when

it was about 3 inches long. "That's enough for the little tart", she

exclaimed." I don't want to use it all up". "What are you saving it

for?", I asked. "That's my little secret", she responded. Ginger

carefully removed her panties, trying not to let her feces fall out

and she placed them in the usual spot. After we both showered we set

up the video camera in the closet so we could tape Niki.  At 7:30 we

both got in the car and drove around the block and parked the car.  We

snuck back to the house and entered through the back door.  We both

entered the closet in our bedroom and waited patiently, leaving the

door ajar so we had a good view of the bed.  After about 10 minutes,

we heard the front door open. The footsteps were getting louder and

louder. I started the video camera and waited for her to enter the

room. Then there she was, our little neighbor girl, once again going

through the clothes hamper.  When she found the treat that Ginger left

her, she removed her shorts and panties in one motion. To our

surprise, she threw her clothes toward the closet door, landing close

enough for me to grab. As soon as I had her panties, Ginger grabbed

them from me and held them to her nose. After inhaling deeply she

opened her mouth and inserted the crotch panel.  She licked and sucked

them until all signs of Niki were gone. Niki was busy scraping out the

surprise that Ginger had left her with her fingers. When she had a

sizeable amount on her fingers she brought them to her mouth and

sucked Ginger's shit off! This nearly drove Ginger crazy watching this

girl actually eat her shit! Then to our surprise she reached under her

own butt in stuck a finger up her own ass. She rammed it in and out,

the whole time moaning and groaning. Then she removed the finger that

was buried in her asshole.  We could both see that it was covered with

shit. And just like the other fingers, she brought this one to her

mouth and licked her own shit off! I think Ginger had an orgasm at the

same time! Ginger whispered to me "I have to get out there and suck on

her pussy! My cunt is dripping wet. I want to taste her asshole!".

"No we don't want to scare her off now. We'll let her watch this video

tape of herself tomorrow. Then I think she will be ready for you!" We

watched for another half hour and then Niki left. Later that day

Ginger begged me to go to an adult book store and get her a couple of

dildos. She wanted a double sided one for her to fuck Niki with and a

smaller on to ream her asshole with. Reluctantly I agreed to go. When

I returned home Ginger couldn't wait to try them out. She ripped open

the packages and smeared K-Y over the smaller of the 2. Then she

shoved it all the way up her asshole with one motion. She fucked

herself until she had a huge orgasm. She thrashed around while saying,

"Niki, fuck my ass faster-faster".

     That night I knew that I had to come up with a way to get Niki

and Ginger together. I thought about surprising Niki from the closet

but it might scare her off. So I decided to use the direct approach.

The next day was Saturday and Ginger would we doing her weekly

shopping and this usually took her all day. I made up my mind to have

Niki come over so I could ask her to make it with my girlfriend.

     The next morning Ginger left to shop at 9:00 and I was on the

phone at 9:01. I invited Niki over for a little talk. She seemed

uneasy but I was sure she had know idea what the discussion would be.

A couple of minutes later she knocked on the front door and let

herself in. She was wearing a halter top and a pair of tight satin

shorts. The shorts were riding up her crotch - splitting her pussy

right down the middle. Boy did she look good. It was no wonder that

Ginger wanted to make it with her. "I hope you've enjoyed the panties

that Ginger has been leaving you", I said. "They were great!. And the

video you left for me was a real nice touch. Ginger sure is

beautiful". "I thought you might like the video. The night I taped

that Ginger was feeling extra naughty. She really got off making it. I

have another video that I'd like to show you now. I think you will

find this one just as good". I reached up and started the tape that we

made of Niki last night. I wanted to see what her reaction would be

knowing that someone was watching her while she sucked on Ginger's

panties. As soon as it started she realized what it was and she

blushed heavily. Then she noticed that both of my arms were in the

picture. "Who was holding the camera? Was it Ginger?". "Yes, we were

both hiding in the closet watching you. And when you tossed your

panties over by the closet, I picked them up and Ginger grabbed them

from me and started to suck on them. She got very excited watching you

and tasting your pussy juice. Later that night she said that she

wanted to suck you cunt and have you suck hers." Her eyes almost

jumped out of their sockets. "She wants to suck my pussy? I've been

dying to get my tongue up her butt ever since I tasted a pair of

panties. I thought that it was weird at first but then I read where a

lot of women like to make it with other women. Can we get together

tonight?" "I'm sure that Ginger would love to. I talk to her when she

gets home." Then Niki got all excited. "Look at my shorts. The crotch

is soaking wet already. I don't think I can wait that long!" "Well, I

could probably clean up that sticky mess in your shorts". "Would you?

You never really seemed interested in me. What would Ginger say if she

knew we had sex?" "Hell, she's going to have her tongue up you asshole

later tonight so can she blame me for the same thing?" With that we

both got undressed and immediately put together a sixty nine. She had

the best tasting pussy I've ever licked. And the wettest. She

constantly flooded my mouth with a think white cream. After about 10

minutes I could feel my cum boiling in my balls and before I could

warn her I shot a load right down her throat. When she felt it hit the

back of her throat she sucked even harder. "This kid is great", I

thought. But I didn't want to fuck her until tonight so we quit and I

sent her back home. Now it was time to prepare for the night of our


     Ginger walker in the door, returning from her shopping around

3:00. I told her that I had good news. "What is it", she quickly

responded. "I got a date for you with Niki", I replied. "How did you

do it without scaring her off", she asked. "Well I showed her the

video we made of her and she noticed that you must have been holding

the camera. She really got excited when I told her that you loved the

taste of her panties and you wanted to stick your tongue up her little

asshole", I said. "You told her that? She's going to think that I'm a

pervert!", she responded. "What did you expect", I said, "Leaving your

shit stained panties for to her suck on right on top of the dirty

laundry. And what about your video tape we let her watch. You shoved

everything you could get your hands on up both your holes". "Well, if

she's coming over tonight I'm going to have to get ready", she said.

And with that she hurried off into the bedroom and locked the door. I

could hear the shower running but I had no idea what she was doing the

rest of the two hours she was locked in there. I decided that I

probably take a nap so I was well rested for tonight's activity.

     A couple hours later I woke up at just the time Ginger was

unlocking the bedroom door. She gave me a spin and asked, "Well, how

do I look"? "You look like you only 14 years old", I responded. The 2

hours that Ginger spent locked in the bedroom was used to transform

herself from a 27 year old woman into a 14 year old girl. She had her

hair in pig tails and was wearing a pair of very skimpy shorts. They

only covered about half of her butt. Then she laid back on the bed and

spread her legs, holding the crotch of her shorts to one side. "Look",

she said, "No more hair!". Sure enough, she had shaved her entire

crotch area from the top of her pussy down to her asshole. "Come get a

closer look", she said. I put my head down to her crotch and inspected

it very closely - and she was right - there was not a hair to be

found. Her pussy lips were sticking out from her vulva about half an

inch. I never realized that she had such large lips before. I guess

the hair covered them up. When I looked closely at her budding asshole

I swear it winked at me! "You look fabulous", I stated. I can't wait

for the activity to start. "You have to get ready too", she said. "Now

go take a quick shower and call me when your are finished". I jumper

in the shower and scrubbed my self until I was squeaky clean. When I

stepped out, Ginger was sitting on the toilet with a razor and a can

of shave cream. "We have to get you looking like a little boy so lay

down on the bed and I will shave you crotch". What could I say at this

point. I wanted everything to be perfect. I did what I was told and

Ginger lathered my entire crotch - from my belly button down to my

asshole. Then she came at me with that razor. "Don't be nervous. I

won't cut you", she said. "I just shave myself and didn't get one

nick". I gave in and she completely shaved me. I felt kind of strange.

It was like I was standing in a draft - everything was so cool. Now go

get dressed and meet me in the living room. Once again I did what I

was told and ending up in the living room.

     Seven o'clock finally arrived and the door bell rang. Ginger

answered it and in popped Niki. She was dressed in a short tight skirt

with a small tube top. She looked stunning. "I'm glad you could come",

said Ginger. "I wouldn't miss this for the anything", responded Niki.

"I've been so excited about this all day long. My pussy has been

soaked since I got up this morning. That's why I wore a skirt. I

couldn't keep from soaking my shorts. I went through 3 pair today and

creamed each one". Ginger put her arms around Niki and gave her a long

hard kiss. I could see each of their mouths open as their tongues

sought out each other. When they parted Niki came over to me and

kissed me the same way. "Let's make Ginger jealous", Niki said. "I

won't get jealous", Ginger replied, "I going to be to busy tonging

your body to be jealous". After saying that, Ginger got down on her

knees and lifted Niki's skirt. "Look at this pussy! Doesn't look

delicious?" Then she parted the lips and pushed her tongue inside.

Niki started to squeal and I recommended that we go over to the bead.

After climbing on the bead, Ginger was on her back with Niki

straddling her face. I could see Ginger's tongue working over the

young girl's pussy and Niki was rewarding her with gobs of her white

sticky cream. "This cunt is delicious", Ginger mumbled. "If I'd known

this before I would have had a ball at college eating pussy!" Looking

at Niki I realized that she had nothing to suck on so I quickly

climber up and offered her my cock. She grabbed it and put her mouth

over it and sucked like a pro. What I sight. My girlfriend with a

mouth full of 14 year old pussy and a 14 year old with a mouth full of

my cock! "Wait a minute! I have to set up the video camera", a

blurted. I pulled my cock from Niki's mouth and scurried over to the

closet. I quickly set up the camera on a tripod and resumed my

position. Niki was sucking like a pro - taking my entire cock into her

mouth and throat.  I felt like I was about to cum so I pulled out.

After all, I wanted this night to last longer than 5 minutes! I

decided to let the girls have some fun on their own so I took the

camera off the tripod and prepared for some custom work. I told Ginger

to get on all fours and Niki to get behind her. "Now ask Ginger if you

can lick her ass", I said. And with that innocent face Niki asked,

"Ginger, can I please lick your beautiful asshole, please?". "Of

course you can", replied Ginger. "And I have a big surprise for you.

I've been saving it all day just for you". "What is it", Niki asked.

"You'll find out soon enough". With that Niki buried her face in

Ginger's butt and snaked her tongue all around Ginger's protruding

asshole. Ginger was in heaven. "Stick you tongue up my butt, you

slut", demanded Ginger.  "I want you to taste the inside of my ass -

taste my fresh shit!" "Oh yes, I love the taste of your shit! Give it

to me", Niki begged.

As I closely watched, I could see Ginger's asshole open up like a

rosebud in bloom. "Here comes your surprise", she groaned. I could now

see her brown hole open up more and the signs of a fresh turd

appeared. As soon as the tip appeared, Niki clamped her mouth over it

and tried to suck it out. Ginger could obviously feel this so she

pushed a little more, causing the turd to stick out more. "Ah", Niki

moaned. "I almost have it. Give me some more". Hearing that, Ginger

pushed with full force and her shit started to slide out. Three

inches. Then six inches. And finally nine inches of shit was hanging

out of her asshole. Niki had as much of it in her mouth as she could

but there was still four inches of Ginger's turd that wouldn't fit.

Then, to my total surprise, Ginger swung around and clamped her mouth

over the excess turd! I almost shit myself! Ginger was sucking on her

own turd! I zoomed the camera in on this action so I could get the

expression on her face. She was really enjoying it. Ginger loved the

taste of her own shit. Now Ginger took a couple inches of her turd and

offered it to me. "What the hell", I said. "Let's give it a taste". I

grabbed it and held it up to my mouth. I smelled like shit alright,

but I thought that if they can eat it so can I. So I opened my mouth

and shoved it in. It tasted kind of bitter, but it wasn't bad. I

wouldn't make a steady diet of it but it seemed appropriate tonight.

After me all finished our brown meal, Ginger asked, "Who is thirsty? I

have a lot of hot piss to wash down Niki's shit." It was like asking a

bum if he wants a drink. We both laid on the bed, opened our mouths

while Ginger stood over us. She let out a large stream of scalding

piss and aimed it into my mouth first and then Niki. We both drank

until the well ran dry. "Well Niki" , asked Ginger," Do you have

something for me?".  "I sure do, she replied.  "Niki stood up on the

bed and bent over while spreading her young butt. Her asshole looked

so pink and small -not stained like Ginger's. Looking at the

expression on her face I could tell that she was pushing as hard as

she could. "Relax", Ginger said.  "Don't push too hard. I will come

out when it's ready".  Ginger moved in very close to get a good view

of the young girl's butt. All of a sudden a fart escaped from Niki's

ass.  "Oops", Niki giggled.  "Sorry about that".  But Ginger didn't

mind at all. She had her face buried in Niki's butt and was inhaling

deeply.  "It smelled delicious", moaned Ginger. After a couple of

minutes of Niki trying to shit, Ginger licked her finger and pushed it

deeply into Niki's butt.  "I'll give you a hand - or a finger", Ginger

said.  "It always works for me when I can't go". She started to wiggle

her finger around deep inside Niki's butt. "OOOh", Squealed Niki,

"That feels good! Push it in deeper". Ginger pushed her finger in as

far as it would go. "I think I feel something, let's check". Ginger

slowly removed her finger from it's hideaway and looked at it closely.

"Nothing yet. But by the smell on my finger you must be close". Ginger

reinserted her finger in Niki's butt. She worked it in and out as fast

as she could. Niki was moving her butt to match Ginger's finger.  All

of a sudden Ginger blurted out, "I think it's cummimg! I feel

something". Then she removed her finger once again from Niki's butt

and held it up. "Look!  It's cumming", Ginger squealed. Then she put

her finger in her mouth and licked it clean before replacing it back

in Niki's butt. This time Ginger thrusted her finger furiously in and

out of Niki's butt. "Here it comes!" squealed Niki. Ginger pulled her

finger out and placed her mouth directly over the young girls virgin

asshole. Just then I saw Ginger's cheeks start to bulge and I knew she

was receiving her reward. When she couldn't hold anymore, Ginger

pulled away and said, "It's your turn, Tom, she has more. Put your

mouth over her asshole and open wide". She didn't have to tell me

twice! By the time I got into position, Niki had a 4 inch piece of

shit hanging out of her asshole. I put my mouth over it and waited for

some more before I pinched it off with my teeth. I looked at Ginger

and she was busy chewing and swallowing the treat that Niki gave us.

It didn't taste as bitter as Ginger's but it sure made us thirsty.

"How about some of you pee?", asked Ginger. "We are sure thirsty".

"Sure", Niki squealed. "I need to piss real bad". This time Ginger put

her mouth directly over Niki's little pussy and Niki pissed directly

into it. "Save some for me", I exclaimed. Ginger pulled away and I got

into position. I opened my mouth and waiting for Niki to continue

pissing. Suddenly a warm flow of her golden nectar was filling my

mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but some leaked out. It also

tasted different from Ginger's piss. Not quite as salty - more on the

sweet side. Niki stopped and asked for a glass. Ginger reached over on

the night stand a grabbed a glass. Niki held in between her legs and

starting peeing again. She got the glass about half full when she ran

dry. Then she held the glass to her lips and drank it down without

stopping. "This tastes good", she said while licking her lips. After

we were done eating and drinking I asked Niki if she has ever been

fucked. "Yes, but never in my butt!. Would you like to?" She didn't

have to ask me twice. I found some k-y and smeared all over my cock

and into her dirty asshole. Her shitter felt tight around my finger. I

knew this was going to be the snugest fuck I'd ever had. She got her

hands and knees and reached back and spread her ass. I got behind Niki

and guided my cock to the small opening she presented me. As I eased

my rod into her hole I could feel her sphincter spasm. After a few

short strokes I got the entire length in. As I worked in and out, I

could see her shit all over my tool. It made a different kind of

friction. It felt strange. As I was ready to cum Ginger pulled me off

and put the entire length of my cock into her mouth! It had to be

going down her throat. She sucked until I exploded.  She greedily

swallowed my cum and Niki's shit.

     By this time we were all pretty tired so Niki got cleaned up and

left. We both dozed off still covered with shit and piss. I had the

craziest dream but I'll save that for another story.

     The next morning I found a note stuck to the door. It was from

Niki. It read: "I had the best time of my life last night! You two are

wonderful people and I want to repay you for everything that you have

taught me. Hide in your closet at 4:00pm today and I will bring you a

surprise. Leave the video tape of Ginger out, I'm going too need it".

The noted was signed,   "Your young slut, Niki".

     Neither Ginger nor I could figure out what our surprise was, but

we were sure it would be exciting.  Just before 4 o'clock we placed

the video tape of Ginger in the clothes hamper (we knew Niki would

look there) and grabbed the camera and slipped into the closet and

waited. Sure enough right a 4 we heard the front door open along with

2 sets of footsteps.    To be continued.....


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