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Archive-name: Samesex/neighbor.txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps

Archive-title: Carol's New Neighbor

"Ding Dong."

The sound of the doorbell tore Carol's attention away from the

computer screen. She had been reading her "adult" BBS mail, and the

letters seemed that evening to be even hotter and sexier than usual.

She felt like she was going to explode with sheer horniness if she

didn't have somebody in bed with her very soon!

Wondering who could be at the door at this late hour (she wasn't

expecting anybody), Carol got up, crossed the living room of her

apartment to the front door, and peered through the spyhole.  A

beautiful young lady, whom Carol did not recognize, stood outside.

Carol opened the door, and the stranger introduced herself.  "Hi, I'm

Alice!  I just moved into the apartment next door, and wanted to say

hi to my new neighbors."  Carol was pleased to have some company, so

she invited Alice in for a drink. "Thank you, do you have any orange

juice?"  Carol led Alice to the couch in the living room and went to

get her juice. Alice, meanwhile, looked at the computer sitting on

the end table next to the couch, and slid closer to it so she could

read what was on the screen.

She had to quickly put her hand to her mouth to suppress a giggle as

she read what appeared to be the last paragraph of a very hot letter

to Carol, then turned away quickly from the screen when Carol

returned with the drinks.  "Were you reading what's on there?"  Carol

asked with a grin. Alice blushed and replied, "uh yeah, sorry, didn't

mean to read your personal messages like that!"  "Oh that's o.k.,

want to see more of it?" Carol sat down next to Alice and pulled the

keyboard within comfortable reach.  Pressing a couple of control

keys, she paged back through the terminal program's history buffer to

the beginning of the first letter she'd read that evening.  "This is

an adult bulletin board," she explained, "and I get these letters

from other people on the system.  Some of them are really very good,

like this one here..." Carol paged forward to a letter she'd found

particularly exciting and motioned for Alice to read it.  While she

did so, Carol looked at her very attractive body, as a tingling

warmth started to build within her own body.  As Alice read the

letter, her hands began to move, slowly rubbing her thighs.  "Ooooh

this is good!" she said, her voice nearly a whisper.  Her left hand

slipped from her thigh and landed on one of Carol's beautifully

tanned legs, then jerked back as she looked up at Carol

apologetically.  But Carol simply smiled, and gently took Alice's

hand in hers and placed it back on her thigh.  Just the feel of

another person's hand on her was making her very hot!  The story on

the screen was apparently making Alice horny too, as her hand began

to caress Carol's leg, across the top, then along the inside, even

reaching slightly inside Carol's halter shorts (the sight of her in

those shorts could leave even the most frigid soul panting!), then

down the inside of the other leg. Alice's other hand slid up her own

abdomen and alighted on her ample chest, and her tongue began to lick

her lips as she continued reading the sexy story on the screen.

When she got to the bottom of the screen, Alice asked Carol to

advance it to the next page, and Carol did so.  Alice's hand was

still caressing Carol's beautiful hips and thighs, and its travels

were becoming more daring as it reached deeper beneath her shorts,

coming closer and closer to her hot moist vagina.  Carol put her arm

around Alice's waist, and her right hand slid underneath Alice's

shirt and began its own travels!  Soft "ooohs" and "aaahs" began to

come from Alice's lips as both their bodies slowly writhed with the

fabulous sensations they were feeling.  Pretty soon Alice could not

keep her attention on the computer screen, and she turned to face

Carol, pressing her chest softly against Carol's shoulder. Her hand

slid even deeper inside, and her fingers made contact with Alice's

pussy lips. Oooooh! thought Carol as her hips began to undulate more

and Alice's fingers tickled her clit.  Carol's hand slid up inside

Alice's shirt and cupped one luscious breast, then her fingers closed

on the nipple and teased it to exquisite hardness.  Their faces were

close enough so each could feel the other's pleasureable sighs.  They

moved closer together, and two pairs of beautiful full lips made

contact, their tongues licking and exploring.  Soon the individual

sensations from the various parts of their bodies melted together

into a whole orchestra of pleasure as hands explored hard nipples and

hot juicy clits and their lips ventured forth across lips, cheeks,

necks, and shoulders.  Carol's body shuddered as Alice's fingers

slipped into her vagina and explored inside.  Oh what a sight this

was, these two beautiful and sexy women exploring every inch of each

other's heavenly bodies!  Any man who saw this would not be able to

hold his load for long.  (My own cock is hardening right now!)  Just

when Carol though it could not get any better, Alice suddenly slipped

down, grabbed at Carol's shorts and pulled them down, and her tongue

plunged deep into Carol's vagina!  It darted in and out, tickling the

lips one moment then sliding in deeper and rubbing against the hot

flesh inside.  Then her tongue plunged very deep as her mouth pressed

against Carol's clit, her lips pressing and squeezing, as Carol

moaned in ecstasy and rubbed her own breasts, squeezing those

suckable nipples hard! Alice licked and sucked and nibbled and soon

Alice was swept with the powerful orgasm, her whole body surging as

though charged with a bolt of lightning.


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