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Archive-name: Samesex/neighbor.fff

Archive-author: J.D.

Archive-title: Neighbor

     I recently moved to Maine from California and was concerned that I would

not be able to continue my lifestyle without certain sacrifices.  As a sister

of Sappho, I felt that it would be difficult to find similarly minded women.

Boy, {or girl}, was I wrong!

     My second week here, I took time from work to continue unpacking and to

find the best location in the house for my 'play' room.  This is where I keep

my toys, a soft bed and the other accoutrements of sex.  I finally decided on

the attic room.  Not only did it provide a panoramic view of the White Mount-

ains, but was certainly private enough so my moans and the buzzing of my vib-

rators would not be heard by anyone, even the neighbor whose pool and back yard

were within view.  

     I positioned a rocker near the window which stretches from ceiling to floor

and opened the box containing all my goodies.  The first item I saw was a pair

of handcuffs I had been given by a guard at a California Correctional facility 

and felt myself getting turned on thinking of the times my friends and I had 

used them.  I hoped that I would be able to use them in the near future but 

turned my attention to the other items in the crate.  It surprised me to dis-

cover that I had accumulated 6 dildoes {two of which were double ended and two

which were for anal use}, 7 vibrators, a collection of straps, jellies, creams,

my x-rated video collection and magazines.

     I decided to strap on my butterfly to hold me over during the unpacking.  

For those women who are ignorant of this device, it straps around your waist

and thighs and has a vibrator which conforms to the shape of the vagina.  There 

is a protrusion designed to stimulate the clitoris and the speed can be con-

trolled by a hand held unit.  Since I wanted to enjoy a relaxing afternoon, I 

set the speed on low, but still twitched at the wonderful feelings it provided.

It is designed to be worn under clothes and is rarely loud enough to be heard.

There have been many times that I have worn it in public with no one the wiser.

It provides what I call a low-level orgasm.  Not enough to cause me to moan too

loudly, but enough to lubricate me for other activities.  

     I turned on each vibrator as it was removed from the box, to be sure that

the batteries were still working, and paused to think of the many sexual adven-

tures each had provided.  Visions of shaved and unshaved pussies drifted across

my mind as I experienced my first orgasm.  For cleanliness and sexual gratifi-

cation, I try to keep my lips and clit clean.  Usually I go completely bald in

the summer, but since winters here are so cold, I will probably have to change

that routine.  

     I am not sure what it is about the sight of a shaved beaver that I love,

but nothing gets me wetter than seeing the beauty of pink lips and an erect  


     I decided to delay putting the items in the chest I have for them in order

to masturbate.  After removing the butterfly, I slowly began fingering

my clit while I decided which toy or toys to use.  Usually, I love to play with

myself while deciding as it gets my cunt juicy and I almost always get some

new idea to play out.  I immediately thought of Sherri.  She was the most amor-

ous friend I had known, but looked no more than eighteen.  She had small tits

{32 B} and was also clean shaven.  Her long brown hair and soft curves led us

to many fantasies with her as an innocent school girl or cheerleader.  I loved

playing the teacher and felt myself coming again thinking of the lessons I had

given her and she me.  Hopefully, she would be able to visit me soon.

     I finally decided to use the pulsating vibrator on my pussy as it would 

leave my hands free for other areas.  I selected on of the thinner dildoes for

my ass and began lubricating it with some k-y jelly.  I try and save the fla-

vored creams for company.  I set the rocker back as far as it would go, put the

vibrator into my pussy and turned sideways to begin oiling my ass.  As soon as

I felt it wet enough, I inserted the dildo about two inches into my bung-hole. 

I can still feel the ripples of pleasure as my sphincter tightened around the 

plastic.  Once inserted, I turned the vibrator on and watched it move in and 

out and sideways.  I grasped the dildo and began a slow and rhythmic back and

forth rocking motion.  It didn't take long for the double penetration to cause

me to whimper with pleasure.  I moved the dildo slower to try and match the

speed of the vibrator and felt a number of smaller orgasms.  Since I couldn't

control the speed of the vibrator I reached down and grabbed another.  My arms

were weak from sex and butt-fucking myself with the dildo and I had a hard time

exchanging the vibrators.  The second was much faster and it was not long be-

fore I cried out and began quivering. It is difficult to describe the pleasure 

I get from double dipping, but I rarely come less than five times.  I sometimes

use a third vibrator to stroke my clit, but it becomes sensitive easily from

the buzzing so I end up using my fingers. 

     I'm not sure how long I plunged the toys in and out of my holes, but by

the time I heard the doorbell ring, I was nearly exhausted.  I debated whether

or not to ignore the visitor but decided that it may be someone interested in

joining me.

     After wiping off my toys, I put on a robe and went downstairs to see who

it was.  At the door was an attractive blonde with huge breasts and with her 

was a younger woman built similarly to Sherri.  They were my next door      

neighbors and apologized for waking me up.  {I obviously looked somewhat of a

mess.}  I invited them in and said no apology was needed as I was interested in

meeting them and the opportunity for conversation.

     The older woman, Lynn, was a widow whose husband had died in some battle 

and the younger, Carol was her daughter {a freshman at Umaine-Gorham}.  I pro-

vided coffee for the daughter and whiskey for the mother and nearly forgot 

about my earlier activities.  I wasn't sure, but thought that Carol was giving

me a knowing glance.  

     After several hours of talk about the residents and local issues, I got 

the distinct impression that Lynn was desperate for a man, but hesitated tell-

ing her about alternatives.  They left with an open invitation to visit them

at any hour for any need and allowed me access to their pool.

     After closing the door, I showered and returned to the attic to continue


     As I stored my equipment, I looked out the window and saw Carol lying in

a lawn chair by the pool.  Although she was on her stomach, it was easy to see

that she had no suit.  It is several hundred feet between the houses, so I got

a pair of binoculars to spy on her.

     I sat in the chair and was elated as she turned onto her back to reveal

not only a beautiful set of tits, but a pussy with just wisps of hair.  I felt

my free hand begin to knead my breasts through my t-shirt and knew my shorts

would soon rest on the table.

     My reverie was disturbed by the sound of Lynn going somewhere in her car.

When I looked back, I saw Carol looking around the yard to be sure she was 

alone.  {They have a 12 foot high fence, so this was not entirely necessary.}

She first lit a marijuana cigarette and I wished that I could join her. I kept

stroking my nipples as her chest heaved with the inhalation.  When she had 

finished smoking, I nearly came as she lifted her legs and splayed them over 

the sides of the lawn chair.  I removed my shorts as I watched her fingers

slowly stroke her nipples to hardness.  Her hands slid down her stomach until

the rested on her mons veneris.  She parted her lips with one hand and insert-

ed two fingers into her twat.  I began to rub my clit as I watched her push

her fingers in and out while rubbing her clit with the other hand.  I rocked 

from another orgasm and from the expression on her face could tell that she had

done the same.  She removed her fingers and started to lick and suck them.  I

followed suit and wondered how sweet her juices must be.  She seemed to enjoy

the taste as much as I was and reached behind her to produce what appeared to 

be a home-made dildo.  It was made from some dough, but had been crafted with a

number of nubs on it.  She slid her fingers up and down her clit while she

sucked the dildo to lubricate it.  

     I shook with anticipation as she slowly lowered the pseudo-cock to her now

wet pussy.  I inserted a small dildo into my twat and put a thumb on my clit.

She started slowly moving the dildo in and out and kept licking her fingers. 

I tried to match her motions and felt incredibly aroused with my voyeurism.

Slowly we increased the speed of our thrusts and I reveled at the way she moved

her ass and pussy up and down on the lawn chair.  She took her dripping fingers

and reached behind her.  As she inserted one into her ass, I swore that I heard

her moans from my chair.  I would have liked to copy her actions, but needed a 

free hand for the binoculars.

     Her hands alternated motions in her love holes and it seemed only moments

before we were both convulsing with orgasms even more intense than I had felt

earlier in the afternoon.

     As I sat in the chair, as spent as I have felt in years, Carol dove into

the water.  She swam the length of the pool a few times and toweled off, spend-

ing considerable time wiping down her cute little breasts.  As she gathered her

items to go to the house, I swore she looked in my direction and winked.

     I knew that it would be uncomfortable to deal with Lynn should anything 

happen between Carol and me, but I knew that I wanted to love her as I have no

other woman.  I could almost taste the sweetness of her young tits pussy and 

ass and decided that at the first opportunity, I would feel her out about her

feelings towards me.

     It was only two days before I got that opportunity, but that is another


                            J. D.


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