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Archive-name: Samesex/nancy

Archive-author: G.C., Rockford, IL

Archive-title: Behind Closed Curtains

     Last week, I stumbled on something that made me completely

change the way I thought about my girlfriend. I decided to

drop by Nancy's house last Thursday night at about 10 P.M. She

wasn't expecting me, but I would often stop by her house after

work. I get off at around nine thirty, and Nancy only lives

about 20 minutes from the store where I work. 

     When I got to Nancy's house, I noticed her friend Judy's

car parked outside. This didn't seem out of the ordinary at

all, since Judy and Nancy have been the best of friends since

they graduated high school a few years ago. As I approached

the house, I heard loud music coming from one of the bedrooms

in the back. I could tell her parents weren't home, because

their car wasn't parked in the driveway, so I went around to

the back. When I got to Nancy's window, I peered in through a

small space between the carelessly closed curtains. When I

looked in, I couldn't believe my eyes! 

     Nancy and Judy were lying on the bed in a tender embrace. 

I could see a couple of wine bottles near the bed, and some

half empty glasses on the night table. Since Nancy had never

told me about her lesbian inclinations, I figured the booze

had to be one of the main instigators of this erotic

encounter. Nancy hadn't told me she liked women, but then

again, I never told her that if she had sex with another girl,

it would fulfill one of my biggest fantasies. 

     Both of them had their blouses and jeans off, and were

absolutely butt ass naked except for their panties and Judy's

high heels. They held each other tightly and warmly, their

hands caressing and exploring every inch of their bodies. Judy

removed her long tongue from Nancy's mouth, and gently began

running it up and down the entire length of Nancy's neck,

being careful not to neglect the tiniest spot. Then she

started sucking her earlobes and running her hot, wet tongue

in and out of her ears, swirling all around the outside and

inside, gently, up and down, in and out. Nancy's blond hair

became wet and matted on her neck. Her head was twisting in

ecstacy from side to side, as her nose nuzzled into the nape

of Judy's neck. Then she began squeezing Judy's small, hard

breasts, kneading the firm, wrinkled nipples between her thumb

and forefinger. 

     It was obvious that Nancy's passion was rising, and an

orgasm was inevitable. She moved her head down to where her

busy fingers were, and began licking and sucking Judy's tits-

not the nipples, but the whole tit. She gingerly licked the

tops, sides, and bottom, finally settling on the puffed brown


     Judy was busy working Nancy's panties off at the same time

she was removing her own. Judy buried her long, smooth fingers

deep into the inner folds of Nancy's blond, sweet cunt. Nancy

reached out and shoved two fingers into Judy's dark, thickly

lipped mound. Their mouths sought each other, as their fingers

simultaneously rubbed and pinched their open pink slits and

long, erect clits. It was all I could do to keep from jerking

off on the side of her mother's house. 

     What I was impatiently waiting for was finally happening. 

Nancy moved around the bed until her bush was just over Judy's

crimson, glistening lips, and her mouth was positioned

directly over Judy's slit. Both girls started lapping one

another's pussy. Sometimes Nancy would move her entire head

from side to side, and then up and down. At other times, she

would simply press her mouth to Judy's cunt while letting her

pretty tongue do all the work. She would wedge it deeply into

her girlfriend's beaver, and then lick the entire length of

her slit, resting near the top to give Judy's exposed,

sensitive clit the royal treatment. Her tongue flicked across

it rapidly sometimes, and then gently, tenderly, and easily at

others, teasing Judy into a torrid, wrenching climax. Nancy

was obviously coming at the same time, since her hips were

bucking wildly from side to side all over Judy's wet, shining

face. I think Judy was doing Nancy's pussy with her nose

almost as much as with her tender lips. 

     After a few minutes of the girls hugging and caressing on

the bed, I knew the show was basically over. I went around the

side, where I usually knock, and yelled for Nancy to come to

the door. I could hear a rustling of clothes inside as I

impatiently rapped. Both girls came to the door smiling and

nervous, as if they were little kids hiding something from

their father. 

     Althought I said nothing to them about their lesbian

experience that night, I later spoke to Nancy about it, and

told her how turned on I was. She has promised that she will

try it again for me, and maybe even let me get in on the fun. 

If we do, I'll be sure to let Gallery know. 


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