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Archive-name: Samesex/mountai1.txt

Archive-author: Janet Dubois

Archive-title: Escape from Bitch Mountain

         While  languishing  lazily  in hospital with a broken leg, I had a

    lot of time to remember my life and be grateful  that  I  could  create

    more memories.  One of the scarier times I had was in California, while

    I  was  in  college.  Sherry and I decided to try a little outdoor life

    and talked to several fellow students as to where the best  hiking  and

    climbing  might  be.  After tallying the responses, we decided that the

    northern mountains would be ideal and packed clothes,  first  aid  kits

    and some food.

         At  the  time, the state was not warning people about the unsavory

    characters who infest the mountains {they do now} and that is an  alert

    we certainly could have used.  We found what we considered an available

    camping area and set up our tent.  As soon as the  sun  went  down  the

    first  night,  so  did  we.  For those sofa spuds who haven't tried it,

    there is something unique about outdoor sex.  I'm not sure if it is the

    uniqueness of the smells and sounds or the prospect  of  being  caught,

    but  the  slight  chill  in  the  mountain air encouraged us to hug and

    fondle each other before getting down to some serious sex.

         Sherry,  bless her heart,  had  'stashed'  one  of  our  toys  and

    it  wasn't  long  before  we were sucking and fingering each other with

    wild abandon.  Usually, we like to get each  other  off  separately  so

    that  we  can  totally  enjoy the session, but this seemed to be one of

    those times when 69 and mutual masturbation was in order.

         After  massaging  and  sucking each others boobs until the nipples

    were erect and wet, we moved our heads down to our  crotches,  stopping

    along  the  way to lick and nibble.  {It seems as though Sherry's navel

    is an erotic zone, so I made sure to blow and lick enough to  elicit  a

    moan and then went to my favorite spot.}  I won't get into another talk

    about how much I enjoy her baldness, but I certainly  stopped  to  lick

    and  massage  her  mound before spreading her glorious lips and finding

    the 'man in the boat'.  Sherry was reciprocating by licking my pubis as

    well as massaging my ass.  She slowly pushed at my bung hole  with  one

    of  her  fingers.   After  {what seemed like} a long  time,  we  spread

    each  others  lips and began tonguing our clits.  It wasn't long before

    we were writhing on the floor of the tent, moaning and  holding  on  to

    each  other  as  if  we  were the proverbial driftwood for the drowning

    woman.  As we became lubricated, we inserted a finger into each others'

    asses and slowly pushed and pulled.  There is a  lot  to  be  said  for

    simultaneous  orgasm, and with Sherry and I, it seems easy to know when

    the other is going to come.  Thinking of her pulsing pussy  contracting

    on my tongue or finger certainly sends me over the edge.  After several

    orgasms,  we  decided  to  take  a break and catch our breath before we

    brought out the toy.

         The view we had from the front of the tent didn't hold a candle to

    the sight of Sherry, nude and  glistening  wet.   I  nearly  came  just

    watching  her stretch and relax and obviously under the glow that comes

    from satisfactory sex.

         Sherry decided that she had had enough for the night, and since we

    were going to do some serious hiking in the morning, decided  that  the

    dildo  she  brought  along  might impede our progress.  I wasn't sure I

    agreed, but decided to defer to her for the time being.  There would be

    many future opportunities to plunge the rubber cock in and out  of  our

    love holes, so we got back into our sleeping bags {which we had vacated

    somehow  during  sex}  and  hugged  and kissed each other to sleep.  {I

    should mention that the Coleman bags we have  can  be  zipped  together

    into one large bag.}

         When  we  awoke  to  the  birds  and  other  animal noises in the

    morning, we had no idea what was in store for us, but decided to dress

    and find some wood for a fire for coffee.  It is  truly  difficult  to

    leave  Sherry when we wake up.  I'm not sure if I am just  hornier  in

    the  morning  or  if  the beauty of her body gets me going, but it was

    hard to get dressed and not grab her tits or pussy.

         Once dressed, we went outside the tent and were very  shocked  to

    see  three  people gathered around the campfire.  I'm not an expert in

    firearms, but being an Army brat, it was easy to recognize the weapons

    each held as semi-automatics.

         They were grubby looking characters and obviously  lived  in  the

    mountains  year round.  The aroma drifting across the camp let us know

    that they weren't too keen about personal hygiene.

         The shortest one spoke first.

         "Are you aware that this is private property?" he  asked  with  a

    glance  at us that sent shivers through me.  The multiple colors of his

    teeth told us he had never been acquainted with a dentist.

         "Not according to the maps" I responded, trying to sound as butch

    and  confident as possible.  "We certainly didn't see any signs on our

    way up" I added.

         "Normally we shoot city folk like you, but I think the boss might

    might have some other plans" he yelled.

         We  later  found out that they were part of a gang of pot growers

    who didn't take kindly to intruders {although they didn't own  any  of

    the  land}  and  as  we  obeyed  their orders to pack up the camp were

    subjected to enough sexual comments to become terrorized.  I think  we

    both  would  have preferred not meeting the boss, but couldn't believe

    that he would be any worse than the three with the semis.  Apparently,

    they weren't too keen on making any decision.  It was a difficult walk

    to  the  camp  since we were loaded down with equipment and their pace

    was speedier than we would have  preferred,  but  after  about  twenty

    minutes, we stood in front of a quonset hut.

         Sherry was nearly hysterical {she hates men, sexually} and I did

    the best I could to comfort her.  We were taken to the back of the hut

    and  tied  against  the wall.  It seemed like we were there for hours,

    but I'm sure it was only a few  minutes  before  the  men  reappeared.

    Behind  them came  the 'boss'.   She was a large attractive woman who

    shared their lack of cleanliness, but was  obviously  attractive  after

    she bathed.

         "Another  couple of city slickers." she roared.  She then turned

    to the smaller of the men and slapped him hard  enough  to  drop  him.

    She then lectured her men on how to distinguish between hikers and pot

    thieves  and I began to think that Sherry and I were safe, or at least

    safer than if we had recognized and harvested any of their crop .

         "I don't think that we'll kill them right off" she said, almost to

    herself.  "Lets have some fun first!"

         The amazon came to the wall and began to rub the muzzle of the gun

    between my legs and asked us if we would prefer to double up on her  or

    satisfy  the  men.   Hoping  as much as possible that reverse psycology

    would work on her, I said the men.  That seemed to be  the  answer  she

    was waiting for and set her weapon down as she began to undress.

         "You  fuckheads  had  better get back out there and watch for some

    real thieves" she bellowed.  "I don't  think  you'll  be  dipping  your

    dicks in these beauties because you're too fucking numb".  I could tell

    that  the  men  were  disappointed, but they obviously weren't about to

    argue with her.

         "Now that those goons have gone into the woods, probably for  some

    kind  of circle jerk, you two have a choice.  Make me come or die." I'm

    not sure about Sherry, but I didn't doubt for a moment that this  bitch

    would hold true to her promise and wondered how many other unsuspecting

    tourists had been caught and killed {or worse}.  "Well, what's it going

    to be, assholes?" she said, threateningly.

          Without  glancing at Sherry, I told her that we would much prefer

    to satisfy her.  Now completely nude, the amazon looked less  imposing,

    but  her  aroma constantly reminded us that we had better make her moan

    and groan or we would never see the outside of the hut.

          She untied our right hands and allowed them to hand  loosely  {to

    get some circulation back} as she dumped out our knapsacks.

          "First",  she  bellowed,  "I want to see some frantic fingers!  I

    want to see those fuckers ramming in  and  out  of  those  cute  little

    pussies.  I don't mean gentle stroking, either!  I mean two or three up

    to  the knuckle."  As if to emphasize her point, she roughly pushed two

    of her dirty fingers into Sherry's bald cunt, cause her to scream.  I'm

    still not sure if the scream was because she didn't expect the  attack,

    because  she hadn't gotten wet, just for effect or a combination of the

    three, but jabbing  motion  convinced  us  both  that  this  woman  was

    serious.   I can tell you that bondage fantasies aside, it is very hard

    to get wet with one arm hooked to the wall and the muzzle of  a  weapon

    pointed at you.  Nonetheless, nature granted us some lubrication and we

    acceeded  to her demands.  I'm sure that neither of us was enjoying the

    morning, but would occasionally moan to placate the  bitch.   While  we

    were  moving our fingers in and out, keeping the pace she dictated, the

    mountain woman was dumping our posessions onto the floor of the tent.

         When she  came across our dildo, she smiled a long smile and  told

    us  that she intended to "stuff this fucker up one of your shit chutes"

    making us frig ourselves just a little faster.

         After  about five minutes, she decided that we  weren't  going  to

    come for her so she ordered us to stop. After she retied our  hands  to

    the  wall, she told me to spread my legs and inserted the barrel of the

    gun into my sore cunt.  There aren't too many  things  I  respect  more

    than a weapon, especially when I'm on the business end of it, so I made

    as few noises as possible.

         She  then  moved to Sherry and started to stick her fingers up her

    legs, to see how moist she had become.  I saw her stuff the dildo  into

    Sherry  and  she  roared:  "Your  girlfriend  and I are going to have a

    little fun for your pleasure.  Drop the dildo and sew it  in!"   Sherry

    closed  her legs as much as possible and began to sob, which prompted a

    loud and hard slap from the dirty dyke.  She then  untied  both  of  my

    hands and removed the semi, and made me get down on all fours.

         After I was forced to tell her how attractive I found her and how

    moist my pussy was for her, I had my head forced between her legs.  Now

    normally  I  wouldn't  complain, but she had neither douched nor washed

    her ass for quite some time and it was difficult to keep from  gagging.

    It  is amazing what fear will do and in a minute, I was rapidly licking

    her clit as though I was enjoying it.

         "Give  me some fingers,  you  juvenile  cuntlapper"  she  screamed

    while  pulling my hair.  Apparently, she enjoyed humiliating anyone and

    actually came in my face.  Probably from her domination  more  that  my

    licking.   I  obliged  and  inserted one, two and finally three fingers

    into her moist and smelly hole.   "Faster,  you  slut!"  was  her  only

    response.   I used my hand palm up so that I could curl the fingers and

    rub her vagina as close to the  clit  as  possible  while  licking  and

    sucking.   As  is often the case with sadists, she was also a masochist

    and promised me a slow and painful death until I had my entire hand  in

    her  cunt.   This  seemed to do the trick and she bucked and rolled and

    moaned and cursed as  I  tried  to  maintain  tongue  and  love  button

    contact.   After  extracting  my hand, she produced a collar and put it

    around my neck, being sure to pull it tight enough to cut off  my  air.

    She  eased  it  down to the next hole, enough for me to breath but also

    enough for me to know how easily my oxygen could disappear.

         She then led me around in circles while she told Sherry  that  her

    turn was next, eliciting more sobs and another slap.

         After Sherry was untied, she removed the dildo and commanded me to

    lick   it.   {This  part  would  have  been  quite  pleasant  in  other

    circumstances.}  After she resumed her prior position, she had  me  sit

    to her right with my knees raised to my chin and tied another collar on


         "Normally,  I  only  use  these  collars  on those  numb fucks who

    brought you here, but they certainly have other uses." she explained.

    "Now that your  rubber  boyfriend  is  ready,  fuck  him"  she  yelled,

    stressing the point with a jerk on the collar.  I inserted the familiar

    plastic  penis  past my swollen lips and began frigging myself with it.

    She then pulled Sherry's chain and made her pick up where  I  had  left


         "I  you  don't  want  to have a stake shoved up that bald split of

    yours, I suggest that you lick and finger my like  you  mean  it",  she

    told  Sherry.   I don't think the collar was necessary to get Sherry to

    comply and she began by inserting two fingers into the bitch's twat and

    sucking on the  clit.   I  must  add  that  the  entire  time  we  were

    submitting,  the  weapon  was slightly to the left  of  our  'hostess'.

    Since  we  really  had  no  idea  where  her cohorts had gone {possibly

    outside and watching through the window} neither  of  us  resisted  too

    much.   "Now  my  bung hole,  sweet slit!  Lick it!  Now your finger. "

    were the instructions.  "Don't miss a stroke cunt or you  die.   That's

    it, two in each hole.  Faster! Faster!"

         Sherry was working her hand and tongue as quickly as she could and

    the  beast was beginning to come and HARD!  "Yes, yes.  That's it.  The

    ass... the ass.  Now the cunt.  Faster, faster.  Lick it!"

         With  those  instructions, she came again, and again for about two

    minutes.  She finally lay back and told Sherry to sit next to me.

    When she regained her breath, she told us that we were pretty  good  so

    far and made us finger ourselves again while she disappeared for a bit.

    We  weren't sure she was coming back until she returned with a vibrator

    which I can only describe as industrial  strength.   We  shuddered  and

    instinctively  moved  closer  together, not believing that either of us

    would be able to accomodate that buzzing beast.  Fortunately,  we  were

    spared when the told us that she knew we wanted to be fucked silly, but

    that this was her own and no one else used it.   Holding  our  collars,

    in one hand and the weapon in the other, she instructed us to fuck both

    of  her  holes.  I selected the vibrator and turned it on.  I have held

    jackhammers with less vibrations.  Sherry took our dildo  and  inserted

    it  into  her  pussy  for  lubrication  before  she plunged it into her

    asshole.  {I'm still not sure why she was so kind}

         As soon as the dildo was in, I pushed the  head  of  the  vibrator

    into  her  cunt and we both began opposing in and out motions.  Per her

    orders, we moved the appliances faster and faster until  our hands were

    a blur.  She called us names and made many threats  until  she  finally

    came again, this time oozing huges gobs of come from her slit.  She had

    us  lick  up the juices from her ass and cunt, causing more shivers and


         She put her legs down and began stroking  our  heads  and  holding

    them  to  her nether regions and in a few minutes, we realized that she

    had fallen asleep.  I gave her pussy a couple of licks and  she  moaned

    the  way Sherry does when I molest her sleeping body.  Like a flash, we

    stood up and kicked the gun away,  surprisingly  not  waking  her.   We

    grabbed  our  things  and ran to the front of the hut, not bothering to

    check if the men had returned or even to remove the  collars.   We  ran

    for  what  we thought was hours but was probably only fifteen or twenty

    minutes and stopped to catch our breath, pack  our  knapsacks  and  get

    dressed, in that order.

         It took us another hour of jogging to get back to our car and only

    when we were pulling into the local sheriff's station did we feel safe.

         We  filed  the  appropriate  reports  and pointed out our supposed

    location, but continued calls from the safety  of  our  house  revealed

    that the deputies couldn't find the growers.

         I  have  had a number of bad experiences in my life {I was an Army

    brat} but just discussing this has sent  me  back  to  counselling.   I

    suppose that there are erotic aspects to the story if you like a little

    b&d with your sex {Sherry and I do!}, but this was the real thing!

         Hopefully,  I have gotten this out of my system and won't dwell on

    it too much longer.  I know that somewhere in the California  mountains

    there  is  a  domineering  bitch  who enjoys humiliating men as well as

    women and if anyone is interested in finding her,  let  me  know.   She

    still has our favorite dildo.  {Since replaced!}

         Sherry  and  I  hadn't thought about talking this through, but our

    recent 'adventures' in the quake zone made us somewhat  melancholy  and

    we did remember those few bad experiences we have shared.  Fortunately,

    there are many more good times, such as the time we spent in Vermont at

    a  women's retreat.  Women seem to have an easier time associating with

    each other and discussing anything without the competitiveness of  men.

    I  know  that  the  event  was intended for women who had not gotten in

    touch with themselves and wasn't intended as a lesbian experience,  but

    many are attracted.  I know that Sherry and I met quite a few, but that

    is another story.

                       Janet Dubois - Remote Sysop

                       The Great White North {207 627-4169}

    P.  S.   Please  don't get too concerned about us.  This event happened

    more than a decade ago and we have really gotten over it!       JD


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