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Archive-name: Samesex/milschol.txt


Archive-title: Military School

Jim  woke,  opened  his  eyes  and  realized he had been dreaming of

kissing Sue again.  Looking  at  the  bottom  of  the  bunk above his,

he  remembered it was Saturday  afternoon  at the military school his

parents had just shipped him to, his  roommate, Ron was going into town.

His thoughts drifted back to Sue and he felt  his  doodle  starting  to

get stiff and grow. Now that he was growing hair around  its  base it

happened every time he thought of Sue . He flipped back the sheet  he

had  been  sleeping under and looking at the bulge in his briefs slid

his  hand  under  the waist band to touch himself. He gently wrapped

his fingers around  his  doodle  and  worked them up and down thinking

of Sue. This time the pleasure  was much more intense and abandoning

himself to the feeling, he pulled his  briefs  down  freeing  his now

very stiff doodle. He worked his hand up and down  the  shaft  lost

in his thoughts.  The feeling in his doodle grew intense and  suddenly

it  started  to spasm  in time to the up and down stroking of his hand.

Something  hot  and wet hit his cheek and he opened his eyes to see white

stuff  spurting  out  of  the  head  of  his  doodle. His body trembled

with the intense  pleasure  of  his  first  orgasm and he watched the

last of thick white stuff  ooze  from  the pee hole in the scarlet head

of his still hard doodle. It felt  so  good!  The fingers of the hand

still wrapped around his now shriveling doodle  were covered with the

hot substance.  As he curiously scooped up some of the  white  cream

to  smell and taste, he heard soft snickers from the bunk bed behind his.

     Sitting  up  he  looked  around in terror, what if word got out

that he had been  playing  with  himself!  Ron,  his roommate, was lying

side by side on the bunkbed  behind  him  with  a  student  named  Bill.

Jim  stood up shaking, his forgotten  underwear  falling around his

ankles.  "Please don't tell anyone, I'll do anything you want if you


  "Did you say you'd do anything if we agree not to tell?" said Bill.

  "Yes" Jim said.

  "Come  over  here  by  my bed" directed Bill "and if you do what we

say, we'll keep your secret."

   As   Jim walked over he saw they were lying together in the nude.

Dark haired Bill  had  a  thick  curly  bush  growing around his erect

doodle which was very thick  and  about  six  inches long. Jim noticed

that Bill wasn't circumsized, a foreskin  covered  most  of  the

red  knob.  Blonde  slim  Ron  had  few  hairs surrounding  his  thin

circumsized five inch doodle which was capped by a large red  knob.

Ron  smiled at Jim and wrapped his slim fingers around Bill's thick pole.

  "Relax" he said, "just do what we tell you to do, it won't hurt.

From the way you  just  whacked  off, I could tell it  you enjoyed it!"

Jim blushed and hung his  head  nodding yes.  Shocked he noticed that

Ron's hand was slowly moving up and  down  Bill's massive shaft, sliding

the foreskin to expose and recover the red  head which now had a large

drop of clear fluid standing on the pee hole. As Jim  watched  fascinated,

he  felt his doodle start to swell and moved to cover himself.

  "Don't"  said  Bill,  "We  want  to see how big your cock is".

Jim stood there embarassed.  Suddenly Bill reached out and gently ran

his fingertips up and down the underside of Jim's dick which twitched

and rapidly grew to full size.

  "Amazing"  said  Ron,  "it must be at least eight inches long!"

Bill's fingers moved  to  Jim's  testicles and gently wighed his huge nuts

in their wrinkly sac as  he said "We want you to join our private club.

All you have to do is to blow us".  Jim  was  becoming  quite  excited

by  what he was seeing and the feel of Bill's  fingers  caressing  his

balls said "All right ,but what do you mean by blow you?"

  "Show  him  Ron,"  said Bill. With that, Ron sat up in the bunk bed

and leaned forward  toward  Bill's  crotch  never  loosening his

slim hand's grip on Bill's tool.  As  Jim  watched  in  shock,  Ron

lowered his head and took the foreskin covered  head  between his lips.

He began to slowly move his head up and down on Bill's  shaft  as  Bill

let out a groan of ecstacy.  Bill finally  pulled Ron's mouth  off  his

cock, saying "Stop before I come."  Ron lay back beside Bill and began

playing  with  himself  in obvious anticipation of what was to come.

The boys  lay  there  looking at  Jim  with  their  cocks  rampantly

rigid, Bill's glistening with Ron's saliva.

     Jim slowly sank to his knees at the boy's waists. He tentatively

placed his hand  on  Bill's  slick  tool which was the nearest. Wrapping

his fingers around the  shaft,  he slid them up and down fascinated by the

way the foreskin slipped on  and  off  the nut of Bill's distended prick.

Bill moaned and said "Suck it!"  Jim  leaned forward, closing his eyes.

When he felt the end of Bill's cock touch his  lips, he opened them and

let the massive nut enter his mouth.  Copying Ron, he  wrapped  his

lips  tightly  around  the thick shaft, moving his head up and down.

Bill sighed with pleasure and told him to pull the foreskin back with

his hand  and  then run his tongue around the knob. Jim was facinated

by the velvety feel  of the knob and the stiffness of Bill's cock as he

worked his mouth up and down  the  shaft.  Bill  began  to buck his hips,

pumping his cock in and out of Jim's  now  eager  mouth.  Suddenly  Jim

felt Bill's prick stiffen even more and then  begin  to  spasm  as

gobs of hot white cum were ejaculated into his mouth.  Jim  gagged but

managed to swallow most of the cum, and continued to work Bill's now

softening  dick  in  and out of his mouth until Bill pulled his cock out

of Jim's  mouth.  Jim  tried  to  lean  across  Bill  to get to Ron's

now excitedly dribbling  prick but could only get part of the head in

his eager mouth. Wanting more,  he   rose  from his kneeling positon by

the bed, and never removing Ron's slim  penis  from  his  mouth,  got  on

his hands and knees across Bill. In this position  Jim  had  full  access

to Ron's cock and he took full advantage of it, swallowing  Ron's  slim

cock completly.  The more Jim sucked on Ron's cock, the more  excited

he became. He liked the taste of Ron's dick and the precum oozing from

its  tip  had  a  sweeter taste than Bill's as it passed in and out

of his inexperienced  lips.  Soon  Ron  began to twitch and pump his

cock in in out, so Jim  was  prepared  for  the  gobs  of  tasty hot

cum that soon spurted into his waiting  mouth. Just as the first gobs

shot into his eager mouth, a hand wrapped itself  around  the  head  of

his throbbing penis. It was more exciting than he could  stand  and  he

also  began  to  cum, the involuntary bucking of his hips rubbing  the

head  of  his inflamed cock in the encircling fingers and spraying his

hot  jism over the two reclining boys. Ron's deflated prick fell out of

his mouth  with  a  wet  plop as Jim raised his head to see the two boys

rubbing his cum  into  each  other's  bodies.  They  separated  and made

room for him to lie between  him  but in the opposite direction so that

they could play with his now flaccid  cock  and  he  with both of theirs.

Ron asked Jim if he thought that he would  like  to  be sucked off and

Jim eagerly said "Yes!" Bill laughed and said "No  way  will  Jim  even

get hard, he just came twice in ten minutes." Ron said "Let's  see"  and

rolling over enveloped the shrunken head of Jim's prick in his mouth.

Jim  felt  a  jolt as the head of his cock was engulfed in Ron's hot wet

mouth,  and his cock began to quickly grow, filling Ron's bobbing mouth.

Jim had never  experienced  such  an  intense  pleasure  as Ron's lips

and tongue worked their  magic  on  his  throbbing eight inches of steel.

Too quickly the pleasure increased  until he knew he was going to come for

a third time. He began to pump his  prick  in  and  out of Ron's willing

mouth until he felt his balls contract and  shoot  a  load of  hot jism

deep into Ron's willing mouth. As eager as Ron was,  he could  not  handle

the prodigious volume of cum ejaculated by Jim and gobs  of  hot  white

jism  escaped from his lips to dribble down Jim's cock and pool  at its

base in his few pubic hairs.  Ron licked Jim's still rigid iron rod from

top  to  bottom  cleaning  up all the cum.  Jim's penis softened a bit

but again  grew  rock  hard  from  the licking.  Bill watched in amazement

saying "I pity the first girl you fuck!  You'll wear her cunt out!"

  Jim  felt  something soft and warm touch his cheek and opening his

eyes saw it was  Ron's  partially  erect  penis. Both boys had rolled

on their sides to suck him  and  now  he  had  a  limp  cock  on either

side of his face.  He languidly brought  his  hands  up and began to

gently play with their pricks saying, "that felt so good, I wonder what

it feels like to fuck a girl".

 "Tell him" giggled Ron.

  "Its  a thousand times better than anything like what we just did."

  said Bill.

"The feeling you get poking your dick in a hot wet pussy is


   Suddenly  they heard voices and footsteps from the hallway.

They jumped apart and  Jim  jumped into his bed while Bill hurridly put

on his trousers.  The dorm monitor  opened the door and checked looked in.

Jim quickly fell asleep and Ron had to wake him for the dinner formation.

    Because  of  the  heat,  everyone  wore only underwear when they

started the enforced  two-hour  evening  study period at their desks.

Jim quickly completed his  homework and sat there bored.  He could see

the bulge of Ron's flaccid cock in   his  tight  briefs  which  set  him

thinking  about what had happened that afternoon.   The  memory  of  the

intense pleasure caused his own prick to swell and  it's  red  head soon

emerged from the fly in his boxer shorts.  Ron noticed the  activity  in

Jim's  shorts and as he watched Jim's prick appear, his prick grew  stiff.

After looking at the door to make sure the monitor wasn't nearby, Ron

reached  over and wrapped his fingers around Jim's cock and slowly began

to masturbate  him.  When   drops  of  clear pre-cum oozed from the

slit in the red head,  he  smeared  it  over  the head like vaseline.

As Jim watched Ron's hand frigging  him,  enjoying  the feeling, he

saw a wet spot appear on Ron's shorts.  He  pulled  down  the front

waistband of Ron's underpants, freeing the slim five inch  pecker and

began to jerk him off.  He enjoyed the sight of the two of them sitting

next  to  each  other  holding each other's cocks.  Jim felt Ron's cock

start  to  spasm and watched the gobs of hot cum fly from the red tip

to land on Ron's chest and belly.

    Ron  had  just finished wiping himself clean when the monitor stuck

his head in  the  room  to ensure they were studying at their desks.

As they were facing him,  their  desks  kept the monitor from seeing what

they were doing.  Even so, Jim's  penis  partially  wilted due to his fear

of discovery.  After the monitor left,  Ron  resumed stroking Jim's cock

but the close call had made his cock too limp  to  jerk off so he bent

over and took the head of Jim's cock in his mouth.  Jim  sighed  as  he

enjoyed  the  hot  wet mouth swallow his cock which quickly swelled  to

full length.  Ron frigged the exposed shaft as he sucked and licked the

sensitive  head.   The  sensation  was too much for Jim and he quikly

came, raising  his  hips  off  the  chair  as he shot his steamy hot

cum deep in Ron's mouth.   After  his  cock  stopped  ejaculating,  Ron

sat up and the two resumed studying.   Periodically,  Ron  would  reach

over and tease Jim's cock making it swell  until, finally, Jim could

take no more and forced Ron's willing head down toward  his  crotch.

Ron willingly let Jim pump his dong in and out until Jim came and gulped

down the hot load as it shot into his mouth.

    That  night after lights out, Jim was wakened by Ron getting in bed

with him and  reaching  inside  his  boxer  shorts  to  play with Jim's

limp pecker which responded  by  growing  stiff.   Ron  pulled the half

asleep Jim on his side and turned  and  guided  Jim's  now rigid prick

between his buttocks.  Jim liked the feel  of  his  prick  between Ron's

thighs and began a pumping motion.  Ron took one  of  Jim's hands and

guided it to Ron's rigid prick. Jim stroked Ron's prick in  time  to  his

pumping and they came together, his cum lubricating the crack of  Ron's

ass while Ron's seed flew onto the sheets.  Jim's cock was partially

soft but when he moved and felt how good the cum lubrication felt it

grew rigid again  and  he  resumed  humpimg  Ron.   He felt Ron reach

back between them and grasp  his  prick.   Ron  moved  and  Jim gasped

as he felt the head of his cock start to penetrate Ron's tight asshole.

"Slowly."  whispered  Ron as Jim worked the bulbous head of his cock in.

"You're too  big,  much  bigger than Bill's cock, just stick in the head."

Jim complied and  began  gently  butt  fucking Ron as he stroked Ron's

once again hard prick.  When  Jim  came  in  Ron's tight hot ass hole,

Ron came in response to the sperm enema,  his  cum  oozing  out to coat

Jim's hand.  Ron stole quietly back to his bunk when Jim fell asleep,

his sticky cock leaving a cum stain on his shorts.

   The  next  day they got a new roommate.  Al was a year behind them

and small.

The  three  boys  noticed  that Al had no pubic hair and never seemed

to wake up with  a  hardon  like they did.  One afternoon when Al lay

asleep in his shorts, Ron  stuck  his  hand  through the fly and played

with Al's pecker while Jim and Bill  watched.   When  Al  woke  up

and  sleepily protested, they told him they wanted  to compare cocks.

He finally agreed, and after they checked the monitor wasn't  around

stripped  off  their shorts.  Ron asked Al if he'd ever seen any fuck

books  and  got  two out.  Bill and Jim sat on one bunk and Al and

Ron the other  so  they  could  look  through  the books.  The three

older boys soon had raging  hardons  and  Al  watched  as  Bill  stood

and  moving near, jerked off shooting  his  load in a handkerchief.

Jim then jerked off where he lay letting his  cum  land  on  his  belly

and  chest.   Ron  took Al's hand and used it to masturbate  himself,

at  first Al tried to free his hand, but when Ron began to play  with

Al's  hairless penis, he stopped fighting and willingly jerked Ron's

slim  cock.   Ron  came  all over himself and Al's hand.  They could

tell Al was fascinated by the hot white gobs of cum.

  "WHat do you think, Al." said Bill. "Doesn't Ron's hand feel good?

  He enjoyed your hand!  Didn't you Ron?"

   "Yes! I did!  Doesn't that feel good?  It'll make your cock grow

   until its as big as ours."

  "It will?  When will I shoot stuff like you big guys?  What do I have to

  do?"  "You have to kiss our dicks and let us poke you."  "Kiss another

  boys dick! NO way!"  "Want us to show you!"  "I don't believe you!"

   "Show  him,  Ron."    Ron  leaned forward and wetly kissed and tongued

Bill's limp  penis  letting  the  red  head  pass  between  his  lips  as it

swelled in response.

   "Your  turn  Al"  said  Bill  lying down on the bed with his mostly

hard cock pointing  upward.   Al  scooted  toward  Bill  on  his  side and

leaning forward quickly  kissed the tip of Bill's prick which twitched

in response.  Jim watched Ron  bend  over and swallow Al's little hairless

cock then pass his hand between Al's  smooth  thighs.   Al  raised one leg

exposing his little testicles and ass hole  to  Ron's  questing fingers.

Al kissed Bill's now hard cock and when Bill pushed  up,  let  the  nut

enter his mouth.  Bill put his hands on Al's head and got  it  moving up

and down on his shaft.  Ron shifted so Bill could reach his cock  and

jerk him off while Al ate Bill's cock and Ron sucked Al's little prick

and  played  with  his balls.  In moving, the bent over Ron exposed

his puckered brown  ass  hole to Jim who wiped some saliva on the head

of his straining penis and  pushed  between  Ron's  buttocks  and into

his delightfully tight ass hole.  Feeling  Jim's cock penetrate him,

Ron first resisted, but then let Jim have his way.   Bill came first

in Al's unsuspecting mouth.  Al gagged but Bill held Al's head  down

until he was done shooting his hot load.  Al sat up, a thin string of

white  cum  connecting  his lower lip to the red tip of Bill's cock.

He watched Bill  frig  Ron's cock as Ron sucked Al's cock then noticed

Jim's cock buried in Ron's  ass.   Ron  came,  shooting  hot white gobs of

cum over the bedspread and Al.   It  was  too  much for Al and he came,

Ron quickly drew back so they could all  see  his  little prick spasming

as a few drops of spunk flew whitely in the air  then  trickled  from  his

red  pee  hole.   Al  moved  to  better  see Jim buttfucking  Ron and saw

the look of intense pleasure on Jim's face when he came in Ron's hot hole.

   Jim  wiped  off  his  cock  and  stood  in front of the young boy. Al

didn't hesitate  and  eagerly took Jim's semi-hard prick in his inexperienced

but eager mouth.   While  Al was blowing Jim, Bill's cock got hard again

and he got Ron to suck  him  off.   After  Jim  came in his mouth and he

watched Bill shoot off in Ron's  mouth,  Al's  little  prick  was hard

again and he boldly asked Ron if he could  try  fucking  him in the ass.

Ron agreed if Al would let him do the same thing to Al later.

    Ron  lay on his back at the edge of the bed with his legs spread so

Al could have  access  to his ass.  He gently frigged his slim pecker

as Al eagerly moved in  and lifted up Ron's sac so he could guide his

little hairless prick to Ron's brown  puckered  ass hole which was

leaking Jim's cum.  Jim enjoyed the sight of the  pubescent  hairless

boy  burying  his small  cock  in Ron's ass while Ron mastubated  himself.

The  sensation must  have  been to much for Al for after about  a  dozen

strokes in and out, he moaned and Jim saw his little shaft spasm as  he

came in Ron.  As soon as he withdrew his little limp penis, they made

him get  on his knees and suck off Ron's now hard cock.  After Ron came

in his mouth they said he was now a club member and cleaned up for dinner.

    That  night  after  lights out,Ron wanted to fuck Al's vigin ass

hole but Al wouldn't  let  him.  Fianlly Jim, who wanted to taste Al's

lttle cock, got Al to agree  when he suggested they suck each other off

while Ron cornholed Al.  Lying on  their sides Al and Jim went into a

sixty-nine with Al's buttocks at the edge of  the bed.  As soon as he had

Al's hard little hairless cock in his mouth, Jim pushed  up  Al's  leg

so he could observe Ron's assault  of the virgin orifice.  Al  grunted

with  pain at the initial penetration but with Jim's sucking on his

penis  and  Ron's gentleness,  Ron  was  soon  happily buried in Al's

butt.  It didn't take Ron long to cum, he was so excited to be in Al,

and his orgasm made Al  shoot  his  hot  little  load in Jim's mouth.

Jim enjoyed the taste of Al's liitle  orgasm  and  let  himself  cum

in  Al's hot mouth, forcing his big cock deeper  in  the  little  boy's

mouth.  Ron  let  his  cock  shrivel  before he reluctantly  withdrew  it

from Al's butt hole and went to his own bed while Al frigged  and  kissed

Jim's  cock until it was steel hard again.  He rolled over and  guided

it  to his hole but Jim's prick was just too big for the little ass hole.

Jim  got  in  bed with Ron and after rolling him over guided his cock to

Ron's  ass  hole.   Jim  was  surprized  at  how  well  Al's little load

of come lubricated  his  penetration and was soon pumping away while Al

who had followed him  over  sucked  at  Ron's cock.  After Jim and Ron

came they all got in their own beds and quickly fell asleep.


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