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Archive-name: Samesex/

Archive-author: Janet Dubois

Archive-title: Men Are Us

    As I mentioned in my last story, Carol and  I  had  decided  after  our

    latest  lovemaking  session  to visit the local pubs and try out a man,

    just for a change of pace. We didn't want to stay too close to home, so

    we headed down to Portland. There are dozens  of  bars  and  'wild  and

    crazy guys' in every one.

    Our  first  stop was a drug store to pick up some condoms. Naturally, I

    don't normally use them, except on special occasions as a cover for  my

    dildoes,  but  I was astounded at the plethora of colors and shapes. We

    decided on some ribbed Excitas and bought three from a somewhat  frumpy

    older  lady. It was obviously distasteful for her to have to sell them.

    We just giggled and enjoyed her embarrassment.

    The   first  bar  we  entered  was  pathetically  barren.  One  of  the

    disadvantages in visiting away from home is not knowing where the 'hot'

    spots are. After a couple more failures, we  finally  found  a  bar  we

    jokingly referred to as Men 'R' Us, because of the number of men, elbow

    to  elbow. At first, we thought that we were in a gay mens' bar, but it

    only took about three minutes for the lines to start.

    Since I realized my preference for women, I have slept with three  men,

    but they were already acquaintences, so it had been a long time since I

    had  heard  the  openers men use. I had to rely on Carol to let me know

    which lines were original. At least there were a few gentlemen  in  the

    bar,  so  before  we could order, we had drinks delivered from 'the guy

    with the lousy rug'. We spent  the  next  hour  drinking,  dancing  and

    deciding  which of the hunks would take us home. We had already decided

    that whoever we selected, it would have to be a  pair  and  they  would

    have to be willing to follow us up to the mountains. We finally found a

    couple  of  roommates {Burt and Ernie, believe it or not} and gave them

    directions to my house. By the time we reached the house, it was nearly

    eleven p. m.

    I fixed drinks for all and Burt, a loan officer at one  of  the  banks,

    produced some coke and pot. I declined because I don't like coke and am

    fearful  of smoking in front of strangers. Neither Ernie nor Carol were

    as hesitant and it wasn't long until the three of them had white powder

    all over their faces. I had to laugh when it  struck  me  that  if  the

    police  should knock on the door, I would tell them that we had all had

    a powdered doughnut fit.

    After a little while, the drugs and alcohol took affect  and  the  talk

    turned to how a couple of foxes could survive in the wilds without men.

    Carol  and  I  giggled as we traded knowing glances about our customary

    sexual practices, but  neither  of  us  said  anything.  Finally,  Burt

    suggested that should we decide to get intimate, there was no time like

    the present.

    Ernie and Carol had already decided upon the fur blankets on the living

    room  floor,  leaving  Burt and I to my play room. I have never figured

    out why, but I can't fuck a man in my own bed. {Women,  yes,  but  men,

    no.}  In  any  case, he was impressed by the array of erotica I had set

    out before leaving. I carefully placed the condom on the vanity next to

    the bed and made sure that Burt knew that he would be using  it.  Oddly

    enough,  not  only did he not protest, a surprise, but he produced some

    Saran Wrap. I asked him what it was for and he informed me that because

    of the sexually transmitted diseases around, it was the only  safe  way

    to perform cunnilingus. His delicacy in speech impressed me.

    In  a matter of seconds, we were kissing. His hands started on my back,

    covertly checking for the non-existant bra, and then slid  down  to  my

    ass. It was nice to have someone else take the dominant role in sex and

    I  enjoyed  his  gentle  kisses on my neck and down to my tits. I could

    feel his tongue through my blouse and couldn't wait for him to  undress

    me.  After  pulling  of  my  blouse  and commenting on how firm and yet

    tender my boobs were, he unzipped my  jeans.  {Flattery  will  get  you

    everywhere!}  He  started  to  massage  my  thighs and slowly moved his

    fingers up to my crotch, while continuing to tongue  my  nipples,  neck

    and  ears.  I whispered to hime that I was clean shaven, so he wouldn't

    be too surprised and I could tell by the increased speed of his  tongue

    that he had no objections.

    As  his  hands hooked the sides of my underpants {French cut}, his head

    and tongue moved lower. Even on my back, I could smell my  juices  that

    he  had started by his kissing. After removing my panties, he stood and

    undressed. At first I was startled by the size of his cock, but quickly

    realized that it wasn't much larger than my  favorite  toy.  I  reached

    over  and  started  to  caress  his balls and prick, although it really

    didn't need much help in staying hard.

    He asked for a pillow and put it under my ass. Next Burt  unfolded  the

    plastic  wrap  and placed it over my pussy. After he started licking my

    clit, I understood the prior reluctance men had expressed about wearing

    condoms. It felt good enough, since I came a couple of  times,  but  it

    just wasn't as thrilling as when Carol licks me. All the time he licked

    my  cunt,  he massaged my tits with his free hand. After I came for the

    fourth of fifth time, he slid his hand under my  ass  and  asked  if  I

    minded some anal action. Not only didn't I object, but I told him where

    I keep my lubricant. His finger was gentler than his tongue, but it was

    certainly  thicker  and  I  squirmed  after  he  inserted  it as far as

    possible. He started pushing his finger in and out until I  could  only

    see  a  blur. I bounced on the bed as I came again and actually felt my

    juices sticking to the saran wrap.

    He moved beside me and again started kissing me on the lips. It was  my

    turn  now,  and  I  wanted  to  show him my appreciation for his expert

    lovemaking, so I put the condom over the head of his cock and took most

    of it into my mouth. I kept gently stroking his balls  as  I  moved  my

    head  up  and  down.  I  even used the 'butterfly' lick on him, which I

    usually reserve for my women friends. I was surprised when he began  to

    moan  and  talk  dirty  to  encourage me because most of the men I have

    known were silent. I put  some  lubricant  on  my  finger  and  stopped

    sucking long enough to ask Burt if I could return his earlier favor. He

    turned  slightly  on  his  side  to  allow  me access. I had originally

    intended to 'beat' him  off  while  fingering  his  ass,  but  suddenly

    decided that I had other plans. I rolled him onto his side and began to

    massage  his balls and cock from under his legs. I admit I was a little

    surprised at how clean his ass was  and  before  I  could  stop  myself

    started  to lick it. The stiffening of his cock let me know that he was

    enjoying it, so I licked harder. It was hard  to  keep  from  fingering

    myself, but maybe later.

    I  rolled  him  fully  onto  his back and straddled his cock. As I slid

    down, I couldn't help but whimper at the warmth and hardness  that  his

    cock  provided.  At first, I slowly slid up and down, but as he kneaded

    my breasts and fingered the nipples, I went faster and  faster.  As  is

    customary,  he  came  before  I  had  hoped,  but he didn't seem at all

    disappointed and thanked me profusely. It is kind of  strange  to  feel

    the  come  pushing  against  the  condom  without  it  going further. I

    suggested that if he would like, we could take a little breather and go

    for another round. This idea made him smile  and  he  reached  for  his

    pants  and  produced a mammoth joint. Since he had just finished eating

    my pussy with gusto and letting me fuck him, I was  convinced  that  he

    wasn't  a  narc,  so  I joined him. It wasn't long before the dope took

    affect and my clit started  tingling.  We  talked  about  some  of  our

    fantasies  and  other  idle  sex  talk when he started to cry. I nearly

    cried  myself  when he told me that I had given him such as sucking and

    fucking, as well as the coke and pot, he wasn't sure if he could get it

    up again.

    I told him that I could certainly solve that as he had mentioned one of

    his fetishes being female masturbation.  I went to the case and brought

    back my dildoes and asked him to choose the  one  he  liked  best.   He

    selected  one  of the smaller vibrators and I checked the batteries.  I

    set the fuck machine on the bed and started fingering my nipples  until

    they  were hard.  As I moved one hand down to my bald pussy, I told him

    of the many times I had come to my room to use that particular vibrator

    and how many times the humming and thrusting had made me come.  I guess

    that the drugs and his tongue had gotten me in a mood  to  be  somewhat

    slutty and certainly brought out the exhibitionist in me.  As I stroked

    my  clit,  I told him of how I enjoyed making myself wet and rubbing my

    love juice all over my tits.  I inserted a  finger  into  my  twat  and

    started  fucking  myself.   I  moved  my other hand from my tits to the

    vibrator and switched it  on.   Although  it  never  touched  him,  the

    buzzing  made  his dick start to stand up.  When I rubbed it against my

    clit, I nearly came and shivered from the vibrations.  When I pushed it

    in to the end, his cock became erect.  I sat down in such  a  way  that

    the  pseudo-cock  stayed  in,  buzzing  away, but both of my hands were

    free.  Unfortunately, another fuck was out of the question,  because  I

    didn't  bring another rubber up with us, so I began to stroke his cock.

    I suggested he lift his legs for a little surprise and I grabbed one of

    the smaller vibrators and lubricated it.   As  gently  as  possible,  I

    stuck it into Burt's ass and again grabbed his prick.  It was difficult

    to  concentrate with my pussy buzzing away, but I managed to switch his

    unit on and began to play with him in earnest.  He definitely liked the

    feeling and began to moan again.  It took a few more strokes, but  just

    as  I  shuddered  from another great orgasm, he shot his sperm into the

    air.  I kept stroking him until there wasn't a drop left.

    After, while we lie catching our breath, we began to wonder  how  Carol

    and Ernie were doing, but didn't really care that much.  After mumbling

    something  about work in the morning, Burt got dressed.  It was hard to

    tell him that this had been a  one  night  stand,  especially  since  I

    enjoyed it, but I wasn't ready to give up on women.  He didn't seem too

    upset about it and I promised that should I go to the big city again, I

    would certainly give him a call.

    When  we  got  downstairs,  Ernie and Carol were dressed and doing some

    more coke.  When Ernie saw Burt, he knew it was time to go, so  he  and

    Carol  exchanged numbers {she goes to school a few miles from Portland}

    and they left.  Carol and I went straight to the shower and cleaned  up

    without  much  conversation,  but promised to give each other a blow by

    blow in the morning.  As Carol and I snuggled into my bed,  I  wondered

    if  I would ever find a man as gentle as Burt again.  I did know that I

    wouldn't look for one.

    In the morning, I overslept and when I awoke I found  note  from  Carol

    saying  that she didn't want to disturb the 'sleeping beauty'.  She can

    be such a romantic at times.  In any case, we  enjoyed  our  night  out

    with the boys, but decided to get together real soon and see if we were

    still as interested in each other as always, but that's another story.

    J. D.


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