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Archive-name: Samesex/melony-c.txt


Archive-title: To Dream, Perchance to Come

                              (The Morning After)


Here's how it looked from my perspective:

     I drift off to sleep after giving myself a quiet orgasm in your arms as

you sleep.  The day's events have built up an excess of sexual energy,

however, which carries over into my dreams.  I don't know exactly how it

starts, but the first thing I recall, I am lying on a soft, white, furry

surface that extends off in all directions.  Although I am not bound by any

ropes I can see, my arms and legs are spread out in a giant X, and I can't

move them.  You stand over me, one leg on either side of my waist and look

down on me.  Your expression is so male, although your naked body is obviously

female.  You want to take me, with the driving, possessive lust that burns in

passionate men.  You glance briefly at my hands, and I am half able, half

compelled to move them to my breasts, fluffling my mounds for your inspection.

 Wanting so much to touch you, I reach to stroke your legs, but instantly my

hands are back above my head.  It is clear I am powerless to affect your will

in even the slightest manner.

     I stare up at your pussy, and the most amazing transformation takes

place. Your dark triangle becomes the face of a cat, its green eyes glowing,

and its pink tongue flashing briefly.  I blink, and it is gone.

     A moment later, it is back; another, and it is gone.  My fascination with

your pussy/cat seems to draw it closer, ever so slowly.  When it is your cunt,

I can see how your spreading thighs draw your outer lips apart, exposing your

delicate pink inner lips.  When it is the cat, I watch as its long pink tongue

darts back and forth across its face.  The look in the cat's eyes is the same

look I had seen in yours.  This is obviously a tomcat.

     I extend my own tongue, just inches from your cunt, just inches from the

furry face that alternately replaces it.  A drop of saliva slowly falls from

the cat's tongue onto mine.  By the time I taste it, I am staring at your

pubic mound, and the taste is definitely your juice. Finally, your cunt is

within reach, and I hungrily lap at it, only to shortly find myself licking

the cat.  It is a strange and erotic kiss, my lips against yours, my tongue

intertwined with his, but not at the same instant.  You coat my face with your

juices, then he licks them off with his long, soft, slightly rough and dry,

tongue.  The cat's eyes grow brighter, and it seems like your tender flesh

glows as well.  I grow acquantied with the cat, sometimes playing games with

our tongues, smiling and hissing at each other.

     It gets so I miss it when it changes back to your genitals.  Then the

lust that drives me to chew on your cunt takes over, and I relish every time

you squirm or sigh as I find a new nerve, or tickle an old one in a new way.

Then the cat reappears, making me want your pussy all the more.  You move down

so that the cat/pussy is at my breasts.

     I reach up, whether by my choice or yours, and rub your breasts.  Your

nipples feel hot against my fingers, and I can see that they are glowing like

your cunt.  As the cat spirals his warm frictional tongue around my nipples,

they, too, begin to glow with the heat that is building inside me.  As you rub

your cunt on my left nipple, it hardens and grows to be a cock, poking up into

your hole.  As I breathe and my chest rises and falls, the nipple/cock plunges

up into you, showing me what it feels like for a man to fuck a woman.

     Suddenly, the cat is back, its mouth fellating my cock/nipple alternately

taking me deeply and coiling what seems like a foot of tongue around my shaft,

showing me how it feels for a man to be sucked.  My nipples return to normal,

although they still glow.  You slide down until you are kneeling between my

legs.  I can no longer see your pussy, but I scream as the cat's tongue first

contacts my cunt.

     You lay yourself on top of me, and I wrap my legs around you.  You are

fucking me, not with a cock, but with the tongue of that cat.  It is all I can

do to hold on as your body pounds against mine, the cat's mouth nibbling on my

clit, its tongue growing hard and thick and plunging into me.  Our breasts are

mashed against each other, our nipples bright white. I can feel mine, hard and

stiff, pointing into your soft flesh, and yours poking into my mounds.  When

our nipples meet, it is like two electrodes making contact, sending off

sparks.  As our passion grows, more of our bodies glow, now all of our breasts

and everything between our navels and our thighs.

     Your eyes are like two krypton lasers, burning into mine. The cat is

working wonders on my pussy.  Its little mouth tugs at my inner lips,

spreading them open, then its long tongue slurps from my asshole to my clit.

The tongue is long enough to fill my vagina, yet has enough slack to rub back

and forth across my clitoris.  The fuzzy whiskered face tickles my damp pubic

hair as it buries itself in my burning flesh.  The tongue becomes thick and

cock-shaped again, filling my cavern and stretching it to new dimensions, and

I surrender to the feelings.

     Finally even our finger-tips are glowing with a bright white light, like

molten steel.  Suddenly, we melt, and our bodies slowly merge, every molecule

of yours between two of mine and vice versa.  We explode in a cascade of

sparks, the comingled glowing substance that had been our bodies races down

rapids, over countless falls, each of which yields a rush of orgasmic

pleasure.  Eventually, the glowing stream flows more slowly, and cools into

clear water, collecting in a deep pool.

     I find myself rising to the surface from the icy depths.  When my head

pops out of the water, I see yours emerge only two feet away.  We swim to each

other, holding each other, saying nothing for a long time.  We swim towards

the sandy beach, dry ourselves off, then fall asleep in each other's arms.

     The next thing I know, I am awakened by the light of dawn in my own

bedroom.  You are still asleep, so I gently disentangle our arms and legs.  I

go for my sketch pad, and begin drawing some views of you.

     I am just about finished with the one I felt compelled to draw, the one

from my dream, with me helplessly tied down and that amazing cat between your

legs, when you stir.  I quickly hide that one beneath the others and show you

a more realistic one of you.  You smile at me, somewhat embarrassed at seeing

yourself from behind curled up in a ball, your pussy visible between your

thighs.  "What do you want for breakfast?" I ask.


     Tossing my head sleepily, I notice your stare and, embarassed, ask you

what the smile's for.  You won't answer and as I ask again, I playfully tickle

your tummy.  You grab my hand, I grab yours and in a moment we're tumbling and

tickling like a couple of kittens.  Still tired from the preceding night we

doze.  My thoughts drift and I dream of heat; warmth surrounds me and I'm

floating, suspended, although I can direct my movement.  I notice that I'm

naked and charged with an energy that seems to course through me from my toes

to my fingers.  You're near me and as I look at you I'm filled with an intense

desire.  Although you're not bound in any way, you seem unable to move,

positioned on your back, hands at your sides, palms up and legs slightly

spread.  I look deeply into your eyes, focusing my thoughts at you and bathing

you in my desire.  You seem to be receiving my energy as the bright orbs of

your eyes return my gaze.  A low moan escapes your lips and I notice that your

nipples have stiffened.

     Without actually touching them, I move my hands across the space above

your breasts.  A heat flows from my fingers to your body and you sigh with

pleasure.  Still staring into your eyes, I caress you, now your ear lobes, now

the sensitive skin of your neck, now brushing your lips with my fingers.  Your

body begins to glow and pulse with a primitive sexual rhythm.  You strain

against the invisible bonds but are held apparently by my energy.  Stroking

your purplish nipples brings moans and electric sparks pass from my fingers to

your straining breasts.  Your pubic hair is moist as your labia swell.

Lowering my tongue to your navel, I drink from the well of your body.  Moving

up, I lower my mouth to yours and drink hungrily, our warm tongues sliding

across our lips.

     My nipples are taut against yours and we cry out as miniature lightning

bolts pass between them.  Brushing my fingers across your damp pubic hair, I

stop for a moment at your distended clitoris, its stimulation sending a bolt

of pleasure from your vagina to your breasts.  Kneeling in front of you, I

stroke your thighs slowly, up to your pubic mound, stroking the swollen labia,

never moving my eyes from yours, feeling the desire so strongly that I'm dizzy

with the pleasure.  My body is enveloped with heat and I begin to moan as I

lower my left nipple into your mouth, working it in and out of you.

     As your suckling becomes more intense, I spread your labia with my

fingers and massage your swollen clitoris with my left hand.  Imagining that

my right forefinger is a penis, I move it in and out of your vagina. Stopping

suddenly, you cry out in frustration but I move up and cup both of your

breasts in my hands, my thumb and forefingers just holding your nipples.

Without touching your genitals, I focus my thoughts at you. "Come", I think.

As my sexual energy flows into your body, we lose our separate identities in

each other's eyes and I send my thoughts to you. "COME".

     You begin to shudder and your hips begin to thrust as the energy washes

over you.  A heat begins at your nipples, where my hands continue their

massage, and moves down your tummy to your core.  The heat is almost

unbearable as a spasm begins, then dies, then begins and takes root.  The

first wave of pleasure washes over you.  Growing stronger and stronger, your

orgasm vibrates through you.  Your hands finally free, our flesh joins.

Waking, we look at each other.  A dream?


     Now we both have something to smile about.  There is a tension between

us, but we each suppress it, unsure of the other.  After all, despite our bold

and intimate dreams, in real life, we have been more shy and sisterly than

explicit and passionate.  I showed you how to reach orgasm in my hot tub and,

still unknown to me, you masturbated me while I slept, but that's not the same

as full blown, two-consenting-adults sex.  Unsure of your feelings (and not

altogether in control of mine), I offer to make breakfast.  I put on a robe,

and suggest you pick something out of the dresser to wear.  I've started the

coffee and omelet by the time you arrive in the kitchen wearing an oversize

T-shirt and panties.  You're holding my sketch pad, and I blush all over to

see you've discovered the pussy/cat picture I drew.  I tell you about the

dream, being vague at first, but your questions finally extract all the

details from me.  As I flip the omelet onto plates and move things to the

table, I figure your smirk is because you think I'm really wierd.

     As we sit down to eat, you start to say something, and it takes a couple

attempts before you blurt out "You know, it's partially my fault."  I'm about

to reassure you that I initiated things last night, when you say "I made you


     There's a pause as I try to figure out what you mean, but you continue

"You looked so beautiful sleeping and I just had to touch you and, well, one

thing led to another and...."

     Now I'm grinning from ear to ear and you're blushing.  I reach across the

table and take your hand.  The touch is electric, then soothing.  "It's OK," I

coo, "it's better than OK, it's what I wanted, more than I probably admitted

to myself."  Each of us feeling better knowing the mutuality of our

attraction, we resume our breakfast, talking animatedly about our respective

dreams, interrupting each other with descriptions of our fantasies in

can-you-top-this fashion.

     Finally talked out, and with empty cups and dishes, we adjourn to the

bedroom to get dressed, talking about what we should do today. We're standing

half in the closet trying to decide what I should wear, when somehow, very

naturally, we end up hugging each other, grateful for the friendship and

intimacy we have found.  But the hug inspires a friendly kiss, then another

one more serious, and soon our lips are pressed warm and soft yet hard against

each other, your hands are inside my robe and mine are under your T-shirt.

"You know," I interrupt, somewhat breathless, "we're just like guys.  We've

spent more time talking and dreaming about sex than we have actually doing it."

     Behind our laughter is a building tension, and I bend down in the closet

and pick up a box.  You see scarves and a bottle of baby oil and pieces of

rope and a vibrator, and there's obviously more stuff in it you can't see.

"This is my toy box," I explain, setting it next to the bed, "in case we need

any accessories."

     You watch as I lay my robe over a chair, then, naked, climb into bed,

stretching my hands and feet towards the headboard and footboard.  My eyes are

wide and shiny with emotion as I look up at you and whisper hoarsely, "Your

wish is my command."


     I stare, pleased, at your nude form on the bed.  My hands are drawn, as

though by a magnet, to your shoulders.  I take one of the scarfs and draw it

across them, slowly moving the soft fabric back and forth across your warm

skin.  As it moves across the tops of your breasts, it lightly brushes your

right nipple.  You shudder and your tongue flicks wetly across your moistening

lips.  I rock back on my heels to admire your body.  "You're so pretty", I

whisper, and bend down to gently blow across each erect nipple. My warm breath

caresses each pink tip and a moan escapes you.  I love the music of your

moaning and continue to lightly blow on your nipples, never touching them.  I

love your reaction as seual arousal brings a flush across your breasts.  My

vagina is lubricating and I take your right hand and press it against my vulva

to soothe the ache that's starting.

     Gathering all my courage, I whisper hoarsely, "Please, Melony, I-I want

you." I can't belive it's me as, even more boldly "Make me naked - I want your

tongue in my cunt".  Beet red, I wonder if I've gone too far.


     I pull you down onto the bed next to me.  My hand strokes your pantied

crotch as my mouth finds your nipples poking up through the T-shirt.  You lift

your shirt, then pull it over your head as I turn around so we are head to

toe, or head to crotch, to be more precise.  My lips nibble on your dampening

panties as I play with your pussy.  You squirm trying to get me to remove your

panties, but I'm enjoying myself, tracing the outline where your dark curly

hair escapes their confines.  I slip a finger in from the side and stroke you,

causing you to hold your breath. I pull them tight into the crack of your ass

and slit, making them disappear between the folds of your flesh.  I lick you

and nuzzle your cunt, finally grabbing the panties in my teeth and ripping

them off you.

     Meanwhile, you have started to work between my legs, as we lay side by

side, each with one thigh forming a pillow for the other's head, the other

knee vertical, opening our sexes to each other.  I lovingly stroke your cunt,

smoothing the hair, examining your genital geography.  Your outer lips are

meatier than mine, lightly furred, contrasting with my leaner pussy which is

covered with a wild forest of curly brown hair.

     I spread them to chew on your inner lips, short, thick and wrinkled as

youdiscover my longer, thinner, and flatter lips.  I find your clit,

protruding visibly at the top of your slit.  Mine is not so prominent, but I

moan as your tongue locates it accurately.  Our pace is not frantic as we take

our time to get to know each other, fully exploring each plateau of excitement

before advancing to the next.  Each of us pausing in turn to enjoy the

caresses of the other, then resuming, wanting to mimic the technique

demonstrated, or invent some variation.  Soon the pauses become less frequent

and more brief, just enough to shudder from a particularly effective stroke,

to gasp in delight as a finger probed deeply.  We fuel our desire with the

positive feedback of sucking and being sucked, tasting and smelling and

feeling the textures of primitive femininity, taking and giving, caressing and

feeling, simultaneously.  We bend our faces closer and our breasts press

against each other's belly and our thighs begin to close on each other's

heads.  Our love-grip tightens, but whether you hold me or I hold you or some

invisible yet palpable force binds us both I cannot say.

     Our thighs and faces are slick with our broth, our lips are deep red with

the flush of sex, as our oral caresses spread the heat from our loins to our

limbs.  Somehow we become synchronized so that when I take your clit between

my lips and flick my tongue across its tip, you are doing the same to me; when

your three fingers stretch my opening, mine are probing yours.

     Our wills seem to merge, and it is as if I am making love to myself, as I

do to you the things that my burning lust so much wants you to do to me. I

draw my tongue slowly along your slit, "AHHHHHH!", the sharp cry surprises

both of us, we had almost forgotten that there would be a peak, a limit to the

crescendo of passion, yet our voices, somehow beyond our control, sing the

truth of the inevitable as we simultaneously explode, our bodies spasming in a

tighter embrace, our tongues driven to wring the maximum ecstasy from our

engorged nerve endings.  The climax, although sudden, is not sharp, and the

contractions of pleasure are slow and deep and stay strong for a minute that

stretches so that each beat of our racing hearts can be counted.  It is so

good, so fulfilling, so perfect, that, as the orgasm dies to an echo, we

simply close our legs and hug each other, face to pussy with a tremendous sigh.

     After a few minutes of peaceful bliss, feeling the warmth of your body

andrelishing the tingling in my pussy, I gently kiss your pussy, licking up

the last of your juice, and turn around to lie next to you.  Looking into each

other's eyes like the cat that ate the canary (or the chicks that ate the

pussies!), I pull a short hair from my mouth and you recognize it as yours,

and we find ourselves giggling like the two school girls we once were.


     Holding your face in both of my hands, I lower my mouth to yours,

gratefully kissing your lips, tears of joy falling from my eyes to moisten

your cheeks.  As I lick them off, I taste myself.  Holding your lips with the

tips of my fingers, I spread them and insert my tongue into your warm mouth,

as though it were a tiny penis slipping into your cunt.  You receive my tongue

easily, sucking ilightly and moaning.  I can feel the heat of your loins

surrounding my right thighwhich is pressed tightly into your soft pussy.

Pretending that I am a man for a moment, I trust my tongue in and out of your

mouth, fucking your lip as my thigh works against your nether lips.  My thigh

stimulates your cunt and you grasp my nipples, pulling them, twisting them,

stimulating me with burning electricity that move from my breasts down to

explode inside my core.  God, how you excite me.  I'm panting and my heart is

beating faster.

     Getting an idea, I squeezemy breasts together until my nipples are

touching.  Slipping down your tummy, I insert my nipples into your vagina and

move them across your swelling clitoris.  Ohhhh, how good it feels!  For an

instant my nipples/penis is fucking your open pussy.  You thrust your hips and

your moans grow louder.  Urging me on with your hands, you try to maximize the

contact.  I stop, suddenly, and you cry out with frustration.  But, barely

missing a beat, I jab my tongue into you, bathing your clit.  As our rhythms

synchronize, I feel a fluttering.  Licking you faster, you crescendo to a

plateau, peak, and as your orgasm washes over you, I tongue you again and

delight as a second climax takes you.  Coming down gently, I continue slowly

nibbling your luscious vagina, sucking your lubrcating fluids into my body.

Smiling with joy at your relaxed state, I slowly slip my right forefinger into

my own vagina, gasping as I brush my clitoris.

     "No", you whisper, "let me".


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