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Archive-name: Samesex/malibumd.txt


Archive-title: Malibu Muff-Diving

     I'm a tall, sharp-looking, 24-year-old New York City gia healthy

interest in sex.  There's something about a hairy chest in a half-opened shirt

or the frontal bulge in a tight pair of jeans that always gets my attention.

But a few months ago, I just started getting bored.  The guys I had been

meeting were all starting to look the same.  I quit the bar scene for a while

and stayed home with my vibrator, but that became a dull deal, too.  Being an

artist, I need insperation for real sexual creativity, I guess.  Finally I

hopped a night flight to Angeles, hoping a change of scenery might be the

answer. Was it ever!

     I'd arranged to house-swap with a musician friend who had a fabulous

setup in Malibu.  Standing barefoot on her balcony overlooking the beach, I

ingored that old familiar twitch in my pussy. The warm breeze caressed my skin

as I gazed at the pin-pricks of stars in the night sky, glad to have escaped

the city, if only temporarily.

     Unable to resist the beach, I padded down the stairs and onto the sand.

Avoiding several m seaweed, I walked by the water's edge.  I guess the

dreaminess of the place was getting to me because my pussy twitched again, and

I began to reflect on how long it had been between cocks.  Celibacy wasn't my

style, I decided.

     I ventured into the waves, the warm water washing over my ankles.  I

pictured myself lying on the sand while a faceless, muscular man pumped my

quivering cunt with his sturdy tool, the surf obscuring my cries of pleasure.

     As I waded, losing track of time and distance,iced a shadowy form

ahead of me.  Curious, I quickened my steps until I caught up.  "Hi," I said.

"Isn't it a gorgeous night?"

     A small, well-formed girl turned toward me, her eyes in the moonlight

round and luminous.  "Oh, I didn't hear you," she almost whispered.  Her body

was lean but with definite hips and breasts.  She was wearing shorts like me

and a tight tank top.

     "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.  I just wondered if you wanted some

company.  I'm staying at a friend's place andtt know any of the

neighbors," I said.

     She hesitated and then nodded, smiling.  She told me her name was Lynne

but wouldn't say her last name.  Intrigued by the mystery, I studied her more

closely--then I noticed her striking resemblance to a very famous, super-sexy

actor.  We walked together for almost a mile before deciding to turn back.

     She told me that she had just had a bitter fight with her father and had

come out to the family beach house to get away from it all.  Then she suddenly

binto tears.  Automatically I put my arms around her shoulders to give

her a comforting hug.  Her tiny female body felt strangely good against mine

as I stroked her hair and murmured that everything was going to be fine.

     Having Lynne in my arms felt terrific.  What is this?  Am I crazy?  I

thought.  But her round, little breasts pressed teasingly against mine, and my

nipples sprang to attention at the unfamiliar stimulation.  As her sobs

quieted, I kissed her tenderly on the cheek and started toll away from her.

She surprised me by holding onto me harder and burying her face in my neck,

giving me goosebumps with her hot breath.

     "Could you just hold me for a moment?" she whispered.  "It feels so


     I nodded, unable to speak.  I was completely turned on.  My clit throbbed


     Her gentle hands started to move across my back, and then her lips

pressed against mine.  Hesitantly I kissed her back, and she was delicious!  I

couldn't believe I was kissing another woman-nd loving it!

     Her tongue teased between my lips.  Groaning, I gave up and shoved mine

into her mouth.  My hands moved under her shirt to her luscious breasts.  She

moaned as I cupped her firm tits, then stepped back and pulled off her top,

which fell between us to the sand.  I squeezed her tits as my tongue explored

her mouth.  She reached up and ran her fingers through my long, wind-whipped

hair.  Feeling intoxicated by this strange new passion, I pressed the mound of

my cunt against her thigh felt her pressing back.  Her hands pulled my

head down harder so that my

lips crushed hers.                              I felt her small

     We sank to our knees and                  finger slip inside

kissed and rubbed our bodies                    my dripping cunt

together for several minutes.  Then             as she  moved it

she reached for my top and pulled               around inside me,

it up.  Breaking the kiss, I allowed           her thumb  wiggling

her to pull it off over my head.                  my clit.

     My large, naked breasts brushed

against hers, and I moaned as she touched my erect nipples.  "How beautiful,"

she murmured, squeezing the tips of my breasts.  My clit jumped.

     I pushed her back until she was lying beneath me by the water's edge.  I

never thought I had it in me, but I knew just what to do.  My hands were all

over her body.  She was busy, too, her fingers fondling my hanging tits as I

straddled her.  Then she reached between my thighs and cupped my cunt, 

rubbing my box through the thin fabric of my shorts.  Her other hand

unbuttoned the waist and unzipped the zipper.  I could tell that Lynne had

been with a woman before, sensing that this was her preferred type of passion.

I pulled my shorts down as far as they would go, and then her fingers brushed

my bush.  Groaning, I slid down by her side to shuck off the shorts, and then

I straddled her again.  I felt her small finger slip into my dripping wet cunt

and gasped as she moved it around inside me, heumb wiggling my clit.

     A second finger invaded my cunt.  Frantically I stripped off her shorts

and swung over her so that my face was above her musky groove.  She began to

work her fingers in and out of my hole as I pulled apart her labia.  There was

just enough light to see the folds of her cunt and the nub of her clitoris.

Although I had never seen another woman's sex pot before, there was no time to

contemplate.  I leaned forward and gave her slit a lick.  The tangy flavor was

like nothing I er tasted--it was great!  I dove in enthusiastically and

licked and sucked her tender twat.  She moaned and pulled my hips down to her

face, spreading my knees further.  I felt her tongue shove into my hole, soft

and wet and wildly exciting.  I slid my arms around her ass and buried my face

in her cunt.  I couldn't decide which was more stimulating, getting my cunt

licked or rubbing my face in another woman's pussy.

     As I worked my tongue into her, my hands squeezed her firm, tight ass.

In the dilight, I could see her dark furrow and the tiny, puckered hole

clenching and unclenching.  The warm night breeze cooled our sweat, and the

waves lapped at each other.  I growled into her pussy as fever built up in my

clit.  I was aware of nothing but her soft, wet flesh in my face and her

tongue strumming my pleasure buttonn.  My breath became sharp gasps as my

climax approached.  My hips jerked over her face wildly, my ass spread to the

sky.  Suddenly I felt her tongue slide all the way up to my othpening and

back to my clit.  I came with a loud, shriek, my cunt spasming uncontrollably.

I rolled off her body but continued to lick her slit, pulling her ass open

even more.  I felt her begin to shake, and the she came, too, her cunt lips

pressed against my face as her clit twitched in my mouth.

     We lay there for a few minutes savoring the experience.  I marveled at

the exquisite sensations of feeling another woman's orgasm, amazed at what I

had been missing all this time!  I saw Lynne the next  and though we just

soaked up the sun and didn't have sex, we felt very close for virtual

strangers.  She seemed to have gotten over her disagreement with her father

and was going back to Beverly Hills, yet she resisted telling me about him.

I ended up staying on the West Coast for a month and returned to New York

relaxed, rested and with a whole new enthusiasm for sex.  I may have come

lately to the joys of bisexuality, but I sure made up for the last time, a

roll in the hay with a huge, young hunkll my usual flare, but I do vary

my diet with a luscious, free wheeling female! Now--anyone for a threesome?


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