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Archive-name: Samesex/majlea06.txt


Archive-title: Playing in the Major Leagues - 6

Chapter 6. A New Life Together.

"I got scared when you went inside," Rafael said awkwardly as 

soon as I turned onto the road.

I glanced at the boy and noticed that he was still upset. "I'm 

sorry, Raf. I didn't even think. Anyway, it was just for a few 

minutes," I said gently.

"I know. I can't help it. I,... don't want you to leave me 

alone.... Ever!" the boy retorted angrily.

I nodded as I rubbed the boy's bare knee gently with my right 

hand. I felt a surge of excitement that was all but overpowering. 

His slender leg was soft and warm and I could feel the young life 

that seemed to flow through him and into me. "I'm sorry, Raf," I 

said again. "I'll never leave you, not like that, forever. But you 

have to trust me to come back." I kept my hand on the boy's leg 

until we reached the freeway. I stopped at the restaurant and went 

inside after I told Rafael that he could watch me the entire time 

through the window. I kept a constant eye on the car and Rafael, 

knowing that the red van could be around. The boy was still not 

strong enough to come inside with me. I bought coffee, a large 

carton of milk and a half dozen hot rolls with some kind of 

raspberry filling. We ate in the car and I gave him two of the pills 

that Colin had provided. Rafael was hungry and he ate quickly, 

polishing off one roll after another as he slurped the milk loudly. 

It was a good sign and I didn't care that the boy ate most of mine 

as well.

It took just under two hours to drive from the clinic back to 

my place. Most of the way Rafael dozed quietly. For the brief times 

that he was awake he sat quietly and watched me. I parked the car 

in the garage and carried Rafael up the stairs to my apartment. I 

was glad we didn't see anyone. I wasn't exactly sure how I was going 

to explain the presence of the beautiful ten-year-old boy that I 

cradled in my arms to some of the other residents in the building. 

It was pretty obvious that I would have to find alternative 

accommodations in the immediate future if I was going to keep 

Rafael with me.

I carried the boy into the living room and placed him on the 

couch. He stretched out, made himself comfortable, and smiled. "You 

have a really nice place," he said. "It's a great view," he observed 

as he looked out through the window at the Atlantic Ocean.

I looked around the room. I guess it depends on what you were 

used to. Personally I thought it was a dump but I'd been too busy 

to think about moving. I had looked at a waterfront condominium 

that was on other side of the island a few weeks earlier. I had 

really liked it though I hadn't done anything about it. Now, it 

looked as though I had to do something quickly. That condo looked 

better and better and after my stock-market successes during the 

first half of the year the money wasn't going to be a problem.

"It's home," I smiled. I sat down on the side of the couch and 

gently brushed my hand though Rafael's hair. "It's home for both 

of us," I added. The boy looked up and his dark eyes met mine and 

he gave me the nicest, happiest smile I'd ever seen. We looked at 

each other for a long time, neither of us saying anything. Our minds 

seemed to unite. I knew that we were communicating. The boy's 

feelings flowed into me. I sensed his happiness as he sensed mine.

"I want to stay here with you forever," he whispered to me. 

"Can I?"

"I want you to," I said. I stroked the soft skin of his cheek, 

touching the dark bruises gently. "Forever," I added. I sighed and 

stood up, pushing the thoughts that had surged into my mind away 

in the corner. I 'wanted' the boy too. "First we have to get your 

bedroom ready. You can stay here and watch TV if you want while I 

clean up in there." 

Rafael nodded and I went into the bedroom. It was a hell of 

mess. I had been using it as my office and there was an untidy 

collection of books and papers everywhere. I began to make piles 

on the desk. After a few minutes I suddenly became aware of the boy 

in the doorwat. He was leaning against the door frame. He was 

trembling and his face was wet with tears. "What's wrong Raf?" I 

asked as I went over to him and lovingly placed my arm around the 

boy's shoulders. "Does it hurt badly?"

Rafael shook his head. "It hurts,... but it's okay."

"Why are you crying for?" I asked gently.

The boy looked down at his feet and sniffed loudly. "I,... 

can't help it. I want you,... right next to me. I'm afraid out there 

by mself."

I nodded. I guessed that Rafael was finally coming out of the 

shock and reliving the horror of the last few days. "You want me 

to come in and sit with you."

The boy reddened slightly with embarrassment. Then he nodded. 

"You think I'm a baby don't you?" he whispered. "Only girls cry at 

my age."

"No. I think you have a perfect right to want me next to you. 

I want you next to me as well," I said honestly. I touched his tear 

stained cheek gently and felt the wetness of his tears. "I don't 

care if you cry. After what happened to you it's only natural. But 

I want you to try to be brave too, Raf." I stroked his cheek, 

smearing the tears away. "I want you to know that I'm here for you. 

I'll always be here for you. You have to trust me to be here for 

you. If you want you can stay in here with me."

The boy  nodded and gave me a weak smile. He was unconvinced 

and I held him close to me as we walked the few feet back into the 

living room together. I settled the boy down on the couch and placed 

a blanket over him. He looked up at me nervously and I smiled 

reassuringly as I unfastened my watch. "Every ten minutes, you call 

me and I'll come in, okay?" I said.

"Okay!" Rafael grinned and I went back into the study-soon-

to-be-bedroom again. It seemed to take forever. Every ten minutes 

or so I looked in on Rafael. He seemed to be content but he knew 

that I was only a few feet away in the next room. When the room was 

presentable I put clean sheets on the bed and went back in to see 

how Rafael was getting on.

"How do you feel?" I asked.

"Better I guess. It still hurts down there but it's a lot 

better than yesterday," he answered cheerfully.

"I've cleaned up in there a bit. It's still a mess and I'll 

have to do it properly later on but at least you have a bed now." 

The boy smiled shyly. "I guess now we need to clean you up," I 


Rafael smiled again. "I'm pretty smelly huh? I haven't washed 

in,... four days,... I guess."

I laughed. "Don't worry, you're not smelly. I bet you'd feel 

a lot better if we cleaned you up."

He nodded. "I don't think I can take a shower. My legs feel 

really weak."

"How about a bath then?" I said as I sat down next to him. He 

nodded and I helped him sit up. I lifted the 'Mouse' tee-shirt over 

his head and pulled his arms through the sleeves before I eased him 

back onto the couch. "I'm going to take your shorts off. Is that 

okay?" I asked.

The boy grinned. "I thought you said I had nothing to be 

ashamed off. Besides you've seen everything already."

We both started to laugh as I reached over, unfastened the 

belt and opened his zipper. He continued to giggle as I began to 

wriggle the boy's shorts down. Rafael assisted by arching his back 

and lifting his buttocks upward. As soon his shorts came past his 

thighs it was much easier and I took them all the way down to his 

feet. The boy was naked again and for the first time I saw his 

entire body. Without a doubt, Rafael was perfect in every way, 

though his beauty was still marred by the ugly dark bruises on his 

lower belly and groin. "You're beautiful," I whispered with a long 


The boy giggled again. "My dick's too small," he teased as he 

sensed the effect that his body had on me.

"Your 'dick' is absolutely perfect," I grinned. I felt my 

penis hardening rapidly as my body responded instinctively to it's 

shameful desire.

Rafael looked at me and his boyish giggle quickly turned into 

a playful smirk as he saw the bulge in my pants rapidly increasing 

in size. "Your dick isn't small, is it?" he whispered. His voice 

was full of lust and I blushed. I had been surprised by the 

suddenness of the change in our relationship. My arousal over a 

ten-year-old boy was embarrassing enough and I wasn't sure what I 

should do. He was a little boy, old enough to be my son and he had 

just made a pass at me. I looked away feeling disgusted at myself, 

trying as hard as I could to resist the urge that came again and 

again with increasing ferocity. I wanted the boy more than I could 


I clenched my fists and tried to fight a battle that I knew I 

could never win. Finally I sighed and looked back at Rafael, my 

eyes travelling instantly down to the boy's small bruised sex 

organs. Fortunately the boy had not responded to the urge that was 

driving me mad. If he had been erect I was uncertain as to what 

would have followed. "Raf,... I guess we need time to get to be 

friends," I said gently. I didn't want the boy to feel rejected but 

I wanted him to know that I loved him. He nodded awkwardly and 

swallowed nervously.

I lifted him up carefully and carried him down the hall and 

into the bathroom. He sat down on the toilet with difficulty, 

wincing as the pain inside his body increased when he began to 

strain. I moved away and wondered whether I should leave him alone. 

I knew better and I sat on the side of the bath and turned on the 

water. The boy tried again and again, each effort increasing his 

pain until he was crying.

Finally I couldn't stand it any longer and I took his hand and 

drew him up and guided him to the bath. I eased him down gently and 

he settled into the warm water. "I'll give you something later on 

to help you go," I said gently. I began to soap his back. He 

trembled slightly as my hands moved over him. I didn't know whether 

it was from excitement but his slippery smooth boy certainly made 

me tremble. I soaped him thoroughly, scratching and tickling his 

back until he sighed and began to relax. I changed to his arms and 

chest and soaped him until he was  white and foamy. Rafael was as 

slippery as an eel. His little nipples hardened into two tiny 

pointed dots. I tickled him gently under the ribs until finally he 

began to giggle. I moved down to his legs and did one at a time. I 

was conscious that my penis was rock hard and throbbing incessantly 

as my hands slid back and forth over the boy's soft glabrous skin. 

Always my hands stopped just short of touching the boy's genitals.

I took a deep breath as I tried to control my excitement. "I 

think you better wash Junior," I breathed out as I passed the soap 

to Rafael. The boy looked up with clear disappointment. He shrugged 

and took the soap and I watched as he carefully soaped his little 

penis and scrotum before passing the soap back to me. He looked at 

me with an expression that was not contempt but nearly. He had 

wanted exactly what I had wanted.

I tried hard to control my racing mind. The expression in the 

boy's eyes had been intense as he realized, and then identified 

that I was in the process of becoming erect. He knew that he had 

been able to arouse me sexually. That thought scared me. Not that 

he knew now that he could do so easily whenever he wanted but that 

a boy who was barely ten-years-old had produced in me the most 

incredible excitement that I had ever known.

The silence between us filled the room, each frightened by 

what we now knew both about ourselves and the other. I wanted so 

much to take Rafael into my arms, to feel his perfectly shaped lips 

on mine, to fit my body to the beautiful contour of his slender 

young body, to satisfy the lust that confronted us. And yet as I 

looked down at the beautiful boy I knew that neither of us were 

ready for that first kiss and loving embrace. It would happen in 

it's own good time. Then it would be the most natural thing in the 

world for both of us and not as I now saw it, as a pervert seducing 

a little boy. Though who was doing the seducing was somewhat 


Lovingly my fingers brushed the boy's shoulder and I stroked 

his soft flesh tenderly. "In time sweet prince, in time." The boy 

looked up and gave me a shy sweet smile. It was almost innocent.

"Promise?" he whispered anxiously.

"I promise, Raf. In time, when you're better, when we know 

each other." The desire to hold the boy tightly and kiss him was 

overwhelming. He was all I had ever wanted and more.

The boy smiled and nodded. I continued to wash the boy but I 

moved to his head and began to shampoo his hair. When his hair was 

wet it became so dark that it was nearly black. It clung tightly 

to his head and he looked like a little wet puppy dog as I began 

to soap him thoroughly. His head was a mass of white foam as I 

massaged his scalp. There was no doubt that the boy enjoyed the 

attention. He lay back in the bath with a cheeky grin that was 

somewhere between unbridled lust and total contentment.

Finally I rinsed him off and helped him stand up and get out 

of the bath. He stood before me shamelessly naked, well aware of 

the effect that his young body would have on me as I dried him off. 

It was almost a game. Rafael was trying his best to give me an 

erection by doing absolutely nothing except look at me with his 

sensuous eyes that screamed pure unadulterated boy-lust. I was 

trying to resist the beautiful uninhibited youngster by ignoring 

his wonderful body. Needless to say Rafael won that game hands down 

but I concealed my more than seven inches of very hard penis 

carefully. At least I thought I did.

"Why won't my dick get hard too?" Rafael asked curiously. "Is 

it because of what happened to my balls?"

I coughed, taken back by his openness. "Huh?" I asked, playing 

for time.

He smirked, "Well it is isn't it?" he teased.

I grinned back at the boy. "You're pretty sexy for a ten-year-

old. Centerville must be some place."

He shrugged. "A lot of stuff goes on there. All the kids in 

Baker House do it,... sooner or later."

The ten-year-old boy was so relaxed and open about his 

burgeoning sexuality that there wasn't much I could say. I didn't 

think that Rafael was wanton or dissolute. Rather the boy was 

merely expressing a very natural prurient interest, his juvenile 

lust notwithstanding. I finished drying him and gave his bottom a 

playful slap, wondering just what I had gotten myself into. I stood 

up and led the way back into the hall. "Let's see if we can find 

something for you to wear in bed," I laughed. The boy followed me 

down to my bedroom and stood next to me as I pulled open my dresser 


"Do you think my dick will get hard again when the bruises on 

it go away?" he asked.

I looked up as I pulled a tee-shirt out and held it up in front 

of the boy. It came down to just above his knees. "Probably. You 

just need to be patient. Like I said Raf, give it time, okay? By 

the way, the proper name for it is 'penis'."

"I know that! But dick sounds better," he giggled. "Better 

than cock anyway I think.I s'pose you want me to call my balls 

testy-whatever-it-was too? Talk about a dumb name."

I laughed, "You may be right. Okay, you win this one." I lifted 

the tee-shirt over his head and let it drop down. The neck opening 

was almost too large and it barely stopped at his shoulders. He 

pushed his arms through the sleeves and grinned at me.

"It looks like it's twenty sizes too big for me," he said. 

"There's room for both of us in here," he added with a lewd grin. 

I smiled back at the lascivious boy. At least the source of my 

temptation was partially covered. But the shape of the slender 

young boy seemed even more enchanting so that all I had succeeded 

in doing was to make the boy look even sexier. It was impossible 

not to look at the lithe smooth body and not have the 

"It looks a zillion times better on you than it ever did on 

me," I laughed. "Besides it's just to sleep in until I can get some 

more clothes for you."

"Shit! I didn't think about needing clothes and stuff. I'll 

pay you back somehow."

I shook my head as I pretended to be serious. "Raf, how about 

a few rules huh? First rule is that anything I give you is because 

I like you a lot. You owe me nothing. Except a thank you and maybe 

a hug sometimes. The second rule is no bad words."

Rafael grinned and stepped forward. His little slender arms 

locked around my waist and the naked boy gave me a full body hug 

that sent my 'dick' into ecstasy. "Thanks for everything and I'll 

try not to use bad words, okay?" he whispered. I held him tightly 

against me, knowing full well that Rafael could feel my penis 

pushing into his belly. He clung to me like a little brown limpet 

and I had to lever him away. The boy was starved for affection and 

I wondered if that was the first time he had been properly hugged. 

I planned on making it a regular occurrence. He seemed desperate 

to hold onto me. I leaned forward and very gently kissed his 

forehead. He trembled and tried to rush back into my arms.

"I better put some more of this stuff on your butt," I smiled 

as I finally managed to ease the boy away. I reached back to the 

vanity and picked up the tube of Zinc Oxide and unscrewed the lid. 

"Bend over Raf and assume the position," I teased. The boy smirked 

at me and twisted around, bent forward at the waist and used his 

hands to part his small firm cheeks. My penis jerked happily and I 

was shocked by the intensity of my response. I knelt down on the 

tiled floor behind him and squeezed some of the thick white 

ointment onto my finger. Carefully I moved his hands away and 

examined him. The doctor had been right about the boy's active sex 

life. I could still see the crimson lines of the fissure though it 

was well on the way to healing but the dark ring that surrounded 

the small orifice was something else again. I swallowed and tried 

to look away but found that my eyes were drawn back again and again. 

Other boys had done this to him and I had no doubts that he had 

been a willing participant. Rafael had told me as much. All I felt 

was envy. The jealously I felt towards those other lucky boys knew 

no bounds. I wanted Rafael only for myself. I would never be able 

to share him.

Gently I smeared the white cream into the little indented anus 

and covered the purplish-brown rim. There was no sign of a puckered 

opening that a 'normal' ten-year-old boy would have. I made sure 

that the ointment coated the fissures thoroughly and then decided 

that I should try to get some inside him as well in case the 

fissures went deeper. As my finger wriggled into the boy's opening 

his response was immediate and natural. The boy pushed back, trying 

to get more of my finger inside his body. My face flushed shamefully 

as I realized that I also wanted to penetrate the boy's body further 

and push my finger deep inside his rectum. I wanted to give pleasure 

to his young body. I wanted to grind my finger into the very core 

of the boy and discover the mysteries hidden within him.

Rafael's pushing back at me was obscene and yet I knew it was 

instinctive. The boy was merely obeying a primal urge that had 

existed within him long before now. But I too was unable to resist 

the overpowering excitement that both of us felt in those few long 

seconds that I was first inside him. I could not remove my finger 

from delicious moist warmth that I felt through the tip of my 

finger. It was, I realized, as if I touched the very life within 

the boy. My finger seemed to squeeze into him of its own accord, 

moving past the first joint and well on the way to the second before 

I finally got control of myself. I closed my eyes and tried to stop 

myself, tried to halt my racing desire, tried to slow my heart as 

it pounded frantically inside me.

It took all my willpower just to remove my finger from the 

delicious heat that it had discovered inside the boy. In just over 

thirty seconds, I had discovered an intimacy that was overwhelming 

my sanity. I was madly in love with Rafael. As Rafael felt my finger 

pull away he spun around angrily. His little lips were compressed 

and his dark eyes flashed. I smiled and tried to pretend that it 

hadn't happened, that I had not been aroused to the point of losing 


"Okay, well that should feel better now. I guess you better 

brush your teeth," I mumbled. No sooner that I had said it I 

realized the problem. I only had the one toothbrush in the 

bathroom. My other toothbrush was still in my travel kit in the car 

and I didn't have a spare one. "I guess you'll have to use mine, 

Raf. At least until I can get to the store latter on and get another 

one for you."

I expected the boy to be 'grossed out' but he merely shrugged. 

"Sure, that's okay. If you don't mind me using it?"

I think my mouth dropped open in surprise. "You don't mind?" 

I asked uncertainly.

Rafael grinned, "'course not. It's just a toothbrush. I'm 

already wearing your tee-shirt. Besides I like you a lot. I don't 

think you have any germs that I don't already have."

I grinned back at him. "I like you a lot too," I said as I 

playfully slapped the boy's buttocks. It was only a light slap but 

the contact of my hand with the boy's firm flesh made a loud 

snapping sound. There wasn't much fat on the slender young body 

before me. I squeezed some toothpaste onto the toothbrush and 

leaned back against the vanity as the boy began to brush. He did 

it both quickly and thoroughly. No wonder the boy's teeth were in 

perfect condition, I thought. When he finished he rinsed off the 

toothbrush and passed it to me.

My turn. I realized that I liked the idea of sharing my 

toothbrush with Rafael. As I squeezed out more toothpaste and began 

to brush I knew that I wanted to share everything I had with the 

beautiful boy that lounged back against the vanity where I had been 

only minutes earlier as I watched him. Now he watched me. The 

expression on his face, while no longer of lust, was one of 

happiness and affection. When I was finished I grinned at Rafael, 

"And now, I think it's time that you got back into bed young man 

and took it easy."

"Will you stay with me?" Rafael asked nervously. "Will you 

read to me?"

I smiled, "Maybe later on. I have to do some work first." 

Rafael's happiness faded instantly from his face.

"Hey! Don't worry Raf, I'm going to work in your room okay? 

That's where all my stuff is. It used to be my study you know," I 

teased. I bent down and easily lifted the boy upward as I placed 

one arm under his knees and the other around his back. He giggled 

as I carried him into his bedroom and put him down on the fresh 

sheets. I lifted the top sheet over his legs and thighs and then 

leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss on the forehead as I 

ruffled his hair. It was still moist from the bath and it had a 

fashionable 'wet' look. As I looked at him lying on the bed with 

his sensuous eyes and teasing smile I wondered whether Rafael knew 

that he was a very sexy boy. He could have been featured in any 

number of boy-porn magazines and raised more erections in one day 

that he knew what to do with in a lifetime.

"My face is a real mess," the boy observed. "It is, isn't it?"

"You'll look fine in a few days. It doesn't hurt too much does 

it?" I asked concernedly.

Rafael shook his head. "My eye still hurts, but that's all.... 

It still hurts a lot down there," he added with a vague gesture 


"Do you think you can read?" I asked. "I can get a book for 

you if you want. Maybe some more Sherlock Holmes?"

The boy was very quiet then he slowly murmurred, "I can't read 

very well."

I nodded gently. "You're going to have to learn to read if you 

want to stay here with me," I said in mock seriousness. "Just about 

all I do is read and use the computer." Rafael smiled up at me. "I 

want to learn to read properly. It's just that at school, well the 

teacher didn't care much about the kids from Centerville."

"Well I care about this kid," I said. "And you're starting 

today on my advanced program for learning how to read."

Rafael grinned at me, happily aware that for the first time 

in ten years, someone actually cared about him. "I'll be right 

back." I went out of the room, talking loudly so that Rafael could 

hear me. "You're going to read aloud to me. Every time there's a 

word you either can't read or understand then I want you to spell 

it out and I'll help." I picked up an Agatha Christie book, hardly 

the thing for a ten-year-old boy, especially one who had been 

traumatized by witnessing a murder. Nonetheless, it was better for 

him than reading the collected works of the Marquis de Sade. 

"Tomorrow, if you feel better, Raf, we'll go to the bookstore and 

pick up something else." I came back into the bedroom and handed 

him the book. "This may be pretty difficult for you but we'll go 

very slowly." 

The boy nodded and turned over the first few pages until he 

came to page one. He grinned at me and started. "Uh,... Chapter 

One.... Uh,... A mur-der is,...aa... I don't know this word. It's 


"Announced," I said. "Sound it out. An-noun-ced. The last part 

is a bit dumb because it sounds different to the way it's spelled. 

Do you know what it means?"

Rafael nodded and gave me a happy smile as he settled back 

into the pillows. He read nonstop for two hours while I worked on 

analyzing an investment project. The company was not in an area of 

business that I was familiar with but I had visited it only the 

week before and had been impressed with the management team. 

Finally Rafael pushed the book aside and looked up at me. 

I smiled at the boy, "You were doing great. All you need is 

practice. Some of the big words are hard but you did very well."

Rafael nodded as his self-confidence began to grow. "So what 

are you working on?" he asked curiously.

"It's an analysis of a company call Centrax. They make 

equipment for cleaning up toxic waste. You know chemicals and that 

sort of thing," I replied.

"Yeah? Why?" he persisted.

"I'm trying to decide if I should invest in it. Right now the 

company is still very small and it needs capital to develop. I'm 

thinking of giving them some money in return for part ownership. 

Usually I don't get too involved in this kind of thing. This 

happened along only because it's a local company," I answered.

Rafael climbed out of bed and wandered over to the desk. He 

stood next to me and rested his hand on my shoulder and looked at 

the screen with me. "What's all that stuff mean?" he asked. "It 

looks awfully complicated."

I smiled, enjoying both the boy's interest and his affection. 

"It's really pretty simple. This stuff here tells me what the 

company might be like if they meet their projections for the next 

few years. What I'm doing is kind of asking what would happen if 

they didn't. Say like something unexpected happened."

"Like a hurricane?" Rafael asked.

"Well sort of, I guess. Only it's a bit different because the 

firm has insurance for that. I'm worried about the things they 

can't insure against."

The boy pressed closer against me. His little hand stroked my 

neck. I breathed out slowly, trying to control myself. I knew that 

Rafael was trying to make me sexually aroused again. "Yeah! Like 

what?" he asked quietly. There was a nervous tremor of excitement 

in his voice that gave the game away.

I laughed as his hand began to rub over my back. "It's not 

going to work Raf," I said.

"Huh?" the boy said with exaggerated innocence, "What's not 

going to work?"

"I'm not gonna let you." I laughed and grabbed the boy gently 

around his waist. He didn't try to pull away. In fact he grinned 

down at me cheekily.

"Let me do what?" he teased virtuously. He gave me a chaste 

smile that slowly changed to a wicked smirk as he lost control. 

Slowly he started to giggle.

"Get me horny again. I've got work to do. I have to decide 

about this company by tomorrow," I laughed as I began to tickle him 

under the ribs. There probably isn't a boy alive who can resist a 

determined rib-tickling and Rafael was no exception. He began to 

giggle and writhe as he tried to escape. I didn't do it for very 

long, though I wanted to. His warm body wriggled and twisted 

against me and I could feel the boy's firm smooth flesh rubbing 

against me separated by a thin layer of soft cotton. His tiny boy-

genitals, precious warm moist boy-flesh, were only inches away from 

me and hiding under the oversized tee-shirt.

"Do you want to,...." he paused and gave me a smirk that was 

even more like a dirty leer, ".... lend them money?" he giggled as 

I playfully slapped his buttocks. Rafael seemed to be recovering 

very nicely. I was quickly learning that not only was this one very 

bright ten-year-old boy, but he was also very funny. Just being 

with him in the room for the last two hours had served to increase 

my resolve to have Rafael live with me. Even if our relationship 

was nonsexual I still wanted him. Fortunately that possibility was 

extremely remote because I had no idea how I could live knowing 

that another person was his lover, or even the recipient of the 

beautiful boy's affections.

"I don't know,... I guess so Raf. Are you hungry? It's way 

past lunch time." I said.

Rafael nodded. "With a name like,... what was it Centrax,... 

I don't thing you should. I hated Centerville, and it was terrible 

after Grant left."

I smiled and pulled the boy closer to me. Strangely, I felt 

happier now that the boy's demanding lust seemed to have 

disappeared for the moment. There was something obscene in a ten-

year-old boy trying to seduce a forty-two-year-old man. But what 

was truly frightening was that he had almost succeeded on every 

occasion. While I had always fantasized about young boys like 

Rafael, I had never thought of myself as a seducer of children. Now 

that a child was trying to seduce me and it scared the 'shit out 

of me'. My insight in Rafael's 'problem' came in a sudden flash as 

I realized that the boy equated the satisfaction of his sexual urge 

with affection. He wanted my affection and the only way that he 

knew how to get it was through sex. I shuddered as I thought of 

what Centerville had been like for Rafael. Now I knew how much the 

boy craved affection, I fully intended to give him all the 

affection he wanted. But it would not be on his terms, at least not 

yet. I wanted the boy to love me before we took that final step.

I gave the beautiful boy a gentle hug and squeezed his flat 

warm belly against my cheek as I playfully rubbed his buttocks 

through the tee-shirt. The boy's small cheeks were rounded and 

firm. The flesh of his bottom felt like firm rubber, pliant and 

soft but also resilient. Rafael had a fabulous butt. It saddened 

me to think of other boys penetrating his perfect body again and 

again until the little opening was bruised so darkly that even now 

it still appeared dark. Sooner or later I would....

I pushed the thought to the back of my mind and gently pressed 

the boy back. "Time for lunch," I said. I wondered whether Rafael 

knew how close he had become to being 'lunch'. I stood up and 

lovingly caressed the boy's dark tousled hair. "You want to come 

and help or stay in bed?" I asked.

"With you," Rafael said. "I can get better later on."

I laughed and with my arm around Rafael's chest, half-

supported the boy as we walked into the kitchen. Rafael was still 

quite weak and he moved awkwardly, his legs shaking slightly with 

each step. Still, he needed to get up and move around a bit. I made 

him sit down on one of the kitchen stools as I made some sandwiches. 

After lunch we went back into Rafael's room and he continued 

to read as I kept working on the Centrax deal. I had been worrying 

a lot the last few days because the investment would take nearly 

two hundred thousand dollars. That represented all of my ready 

cash, and I knew it was a very risky proposition. The strange thing 

was that with Rafael sitting only a few feet away in bed, I really 

wasn't worried anymore. I had what I wanted right next to me. The 

money was lifeless and, without Rafael with me, relatively useless. 

I kept wondering whether the name of the company was a good or a 

bad omen. With Rafael coming from Centerville it seemed as if the 

fates had me 'centered'. I worked until six o'clock in the evening, 

barely aware of Rafael as he struggled through the book. His 

interruptions about words he didn't understand seemed to come less 

and less but they were still very welcome interludes.

 When I stopped I still had not made a decision and I had very 

little time left. I had promised to call the partners in Charleston 

by six-thirty with my decision. The biggest single factor was 

whether the company would get a government contract for work at the 

Marine training camp at Parris Island. That was really the question 

and no one could answer it, at least for another three or four weeks 

when the bids were opened. "Hey Raf," I said at last. 

The boy looked up from his book, "Yeah? Am I bothering you? 

I'm sorry if I am."

"No of course you're not. I really enjoy working here with 

you. You're good company. Listen Raf, you're going to live here 

with me so it involves you as much as me in a way. If I do this 

thing,... well it could be very profitable or not so profitable, 

okay? But not real bad unless things get totally messed up. I'm not 

sure which way to go, so you're going to help by picking a number 

between one and ten." I wrote down the number ten on the pad in 

front of me.

"Huh? Oh! I got one. Should I tell you?" the boy asked.

"Uh huh."

"Ten," Rafael said. He grinned, "It's my lucky number," he 


"Mine too," I laughed, "At least now it is because you're ten 

years old."

The boy grinned again. "Yeah! So what did you decide?" he 


"Listen for a minute," I teased, "You'll find out."

I picked up the telephone and punched in the numbers for 

Centrax in Charleston. As soon as the phone was picked up I put on 

the speaker. Rafael sat quietly as I explained that I was going to 

make the investment and I would have the bank forward the funds to 

their bank the next day. The boy smiled. He seemed genuinely 

pleased that he had helped me decide.

After that call I called the local pizza joint and Rafael 

shouted out what he wanted as I placed the order. With dinner 

ordered, I lifted the boy up from the bed and carried him into the 

living room and placed him on the couch in front of the television. 

I sat beside him, gently rubbing his feet as we watched the news. 

I decided that I would call the cable company and have them add the 

Disney channel to my subscription. Now that Rafael was living with 

me I had to make a few changes.


To be continued.


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