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Archive-name: Samesex/majlea04.txt


Archive-title: Playing in the Major Leagues - 4

Chapter 4. Pain; Rafael and Luis.

Rafael was outside the main entry of the hotel and halfway 

down the steps before he realized that he had left his gym bag and 

the rest of his clothes in the room. He had no money and no key. 

"Shit!" he swore angrily. Too loudly, because a man who was just 

getting out of his car in the drive turned and looked at the small 

boy coming down the steps slowly. Rafael gave him a rude stare as 

he passed. It was a long way back to Miami, to Centerville 

Plantation. He ambled out to the parking lot and stopped next to 

the dark Cadillac limousine. It was black in the darkness. 

Everything had fallen apart. The boy didn't know what to do except 

to hitch a ride back to Miami. It was getting late and Rafael was 

sleepy. He yawned and wondered whether he could find somewhere to 

sleep. Well at least he wasn't hungry, he thought.

He started down the street that he'd driven along hours 

earlier with Mr. Baker. It was a long way to the freeway, though 

it hadn't seemed far earlier that afternoon. It hurt inside his 

body as he walked. The sensitive tissue of his rectum ached with 

each slow step. He was nearly out of sight of the hotel when he 

passed a telephone booth. He looked at it thoughtfully, knowing 

that he should call. His phone call might save Mr. Baker's life and 

he owed the man that if nothing else. He opened the door and looked 

inside. The phone booth had been badly torn up and it stank of sale 

urine but the telephone was still there. He picked up the receiver 

and punched in 9-1-1

"Hello, 911 emergency. How may I help you?" the voice said.

Rafael thought for a second then struggled out the words. 

"There's a man,... he's very sick,... in room 516, in the big hotel 

on Atlantic Boulevard. I,... I think he needs a doctor." He put the 

receiver back and bolted as fast as he could out the door. After a 

few paces he stopped and looked back at the hotel. He shrugged, at 

least he had done something. He hoped it wasn't too late, Mr. Baker 

was 'okay'.

He started walking again and tried to keep his mind on just 

placing one foot before the other, each step taking him further 

away from the hotel. A wet little fart gurgled out of him. Then 

another. He wrinkled his nose in disgust. He hated it when that 

happened. Sometimes that happened with Cal too, when they did 'it' 

in the morning. It probably happened at night too, but he was asleep 

so he never noticed it. The next one sounded even wetter and 

suddenly Rafael felt the wetness seeping onto his bottom.

"Damn," he swore again, "I'm shittin' my goddamed pants."

But it didn't feel like that, and it didn't feel like he was 

still bleeding. It felt wet and 'icky'. He stepped off the footpath 

and walked across a grass strip into a deserted parking lot and 

went behind a dumpster. He sucked his tummy in and slid his hand 

down the back of his shorts and under the waist band of his 

underpants. He felt a warm wet area on his underpants that was kind 

of thick and sticky. Then down a bit further and he pushed his 

fingers into his crack. It was a lot wetter there and he pulled his 

hand back out. In the dim light from the nearby street lights he 

could see that the wetness wasn't blood. Then he grinned. It was 

'cum', Mr. Baker's 'cum'.

The boy began to laugh. His belly ached but he didn't care. 

He was glad that he wasn't bleeding. The more he thought about the 

more he laughed. Of course it was 'cum', but there sure was a lot. 

He didn't think that there had been that much go inside him. Cal 

didn't have all that much yet either, but that's what it was. 'Cum' 

was draining out of him, that and his own 'butt-juice'. He wiped 

his fingers on his shorts and then smelled them. His own odor, the 

sweet musky odor, was strong though he didn't mind it. There didn't 

seem to be any smell from Mr. Baker's 'cum' unless it was the same 

as his own smell.

Rafael went back to the road and kept walking. It was two miles 

to the interchange and Atlantic Boulevard was straight for most of 

the way. It took nearly an hour for him to go the distance. The boy 

felt as though he was nearly dead. Each step took his full 

concentration and every bit of energy that he could muster. Finally 

he came into the lighted area that he'd seen a half-hour earlier. 

It had been a long walk. He looked at the signs, then followed the 

one that said I-95 South, Miami, Palm Beach.

Rafael had never hitchhiked before. One or two of the other 

boys at Centerville had done it at various times when they ran away 

and he knew enough not to go up the on-ramp where the police might 

see him. Instead he stood right at the corner, moving his thumb 

horizontally as each car turned into the on-ramp and went past him. 

The time passed slowly. It was late at night and there weren't that 

many cars. Several times he thought about leaving and finding 

somewhere to sleep, behind a building or somewhere like that. A 

truck came past him and slowed down then stopped about a hundred 

feet up the on-ramp. Rafael hurried up, going as fast as his hurt, 

exhausted body would let him.

As soon as he pulled up alongside the cab, the driver looked 

out at him. "You're a fuckin' boy? You looked like a girl back 

there. Too fuckin' bad," he pulled away from the window and Rafael 

heard the diesel engine gather rev's and the whine of the 

turbocharger, then the gears engaged and the truck pulled away.

"Fuckin' shit head," Rafael shouted as loudly as he could.

He went back to the intersection again. He was nearly ready 

to give in and forget about hitching a ride back to Miami. More 

cars came past, then another truck. He didn't lift his hand for it. 

The boy yawned sleepily and leaned back carefully against the metal 

guardrail. He was very tired. He just wanted to go to sleep. A van 

turned the corner and Rafael gestured halfheartedly. The van was 

red with black stripes, one of those 'conversion' vans that 

vacationers were always driving. It stopped and then backed down 

the ramp until it came to a halt beside Rafael. The boy couldn't 

see inside the van. It was too dark. He could see only the dim 

silhouettes of the driver and a passenger, both men. "You hitchin' 

kid? Where ya goin'?" a voice asked.

Rafael nodded and walked up to the side of the car 

suspiciously. They weren't vacationers he decided. "Yeah!" he 

replied, then added, "Miami,... kinda. Near there."

"Late for a kid, ain't it?" the voice asked.

Rafael shrugged and tried to appear calm. He tried to think 

up a believable story. It didn't matter, the side door swung open 

and he climbed in, stepping up and into the dark inside of the van. 

Then he realized that there were three men in the van. They were 

like him, well almost. He was pretty certain they were Cubans 

though it was hard to tell in the dark.

The passenger in the seat behind the driver was silent. He 

looked out the window as the van started back up the on-ramp. Then 

as the van gathered speed and pulled onto the freeway he turned to 

Rafael. "You runnin' away or what, kid?" he asked quietly.

The man's voice frightened Rafael. It was strangely 

threatening to him. He shook his head and yawned as he murmured, 

"I'm goin' home." He settled back into the soft upholstered seats. 

It was silent in the van except for the drum of the tires as they 

crossed the road lines. The noise settled into a steady purr as the 

miles slipped by. By the next exit, Rafael was sound asleep, his 

head dropped down onto the armrest as he curled up in the seat.

When he awoke the van had stopped. He looked around, the men 

had gone and it was very dark. He stretched. His body ached but not 

only from several long hours in an uncomfortable position. Rafael 

yawned sleepily. He reached out and felt for the door handle, 

opened it and began to get out. There was a sharp pain in his belly, 

a cramp that wouldn't go away. As he stepped out onto the ground 

he nearly fell over, recovered his balance and then leaned back 

against the van. The van was stopped in a parking area surrounded 

by trucks and a few cars. There was a lighted building over to his 

right. It looked like some kind of restaurant and the boy made his 

way towards it. He was nearly at the door when the three men from 

the van stepped out.

"Well well, if it ain't our little boyfriend," one of them 

laughed, "He must'a finished his nap, Luis."

"Where you think you're goin' to, kid?" another man asked.

Rafael pointed at the door, "I gotta go,... I gotta go pretty 

bad, mister," he said as he looked arrogantly at the man that had 

been addressed as Luis. Luis was the man who had frightened him 

when he first got into the van.

"Take him inside and let him shit," Luis said, "Then bring 'im 

back out."

One of the men took Rafael by the shoulder and steered him 

inside, pushing him towards the men's bathroom at the rear of the 

restaurant. Rafael was scared but he didn't call out. There were 

other men there who might help him. The boy didn't understand why 

he was scared, but he was. Perhaps it was because he was still half-

asleep. He yawned sleepily and went into the cubicle while the man 

remained near the door. He eased his shorts down and sat down 

slowly. The wetness in his underpants seemed to have dried up but 

it was awfully sore just inside his anus and the slightest movement 

of his bowel send a painful tremor through him. He strained until 

he nearly cried from the effort. Nothing came out except a foamy 

slime and a few small wet bubbles of gas. He stood up weakly as the 

man hammered on the door. Rafael's head was spinning. He wanted to 

keep trying to relieve the pressure that seemed to be inside him 

still. There was a constant, nagging ache somewhere deep inside his 

body and he kept squeezing his sphincter to make it go away. Slowly 

he pulled up his shorts and underpants and went out.

The man gripped his shoulder again and steered him back 

through the restaurant and outside again. He released his grip on 

the boy only when no one was around. He led the way over to the 

van. For a moment Rafael thought about running but he convinced 

himself that his fear was irrational. These men weren't going to 

hurt him, they were giving him a lift to Miami.

Once back inside the van he quickly fell asleep again. His 

sleep was interrupted as he twisted and turned, finding one 

position uncomfortable, then trying another. It was early dawn when 

they got off the freeway again, this time somewhere in Palm Beach. 

Rafael had no idea where he was. He woke up as they left the 

freeway, shaking his head and trying to clear his confusion.

"Where are we?" Rafael asked sleepily.

Luis looked over at the boy, "Palm Beach, kid. We're gettin' 

off here."

"Ohhh,... I guess I can hitch from here. Can you let me off?"

The driver laughed, "Nah, kid. 's not safe for a kid round 


"Ohhh," Rafael yawned, "Where we goin' then?"

Luis grinned, "My place kid. You can sleep there."

 The city looked strange. There was a surreal glow from amber 

street lights and the cars whizzing past. The van twisted and 

turned, accelerated and stopped as the boy drifted in and out of 

sleep. Rafael was unsure of where they were headed but he didn't 

care that much. Finally the van stopped and the man in the passenger 

seat got out and opened the doors of a garage. Rafael looked 

outside. They were stopped in an alley with older single-story 

houses stretching down both sides. There was a strong smell of 

garbage through the open door of the van. The door slammed and the 

van moved forward, then stopped. Luis stood up, stooping at the 

waist, and leaned over Rafael and opened the side door next to 

Rafael. "Git out kid, you can sleep inside."

Sleepily, Rafael obeyed. He struggled awake and slowly got out 

of the van. He followed Luis through a backyard of weeds and junk. 

The air was cool and the smell of garbage was stronger than before, 

a smell of decaying food. He followed Luis into the house. It was 

untidy, with the same smell as outside, but enriched by the smell 

of burnt toast. Rafael followed Luis through the house and into a 

bedroom. It too was untidy with a sour smell that was unpleasant 

but there was a bed and even if the sheets were dirty Rafael didn't 

care. He dropped down and within seconds was fast asleep.

The boy slept until the middle of the afternoon of that day, 

barely stirring the entire time. He awoke once when he heard voices 

raised. He heard Luis telling them to 'shut the fuck up' and then 

it was silent except for the low muttering of men somewhere in the 

house. Hours later he awoke again and stretched out on the bed. His 

body was hot and sticky and he was still dressed in his clothes, 

though his shoes had been removed. Rafael sat up slowly. The ache 

inside his belly seemed to have faded and now he just felt an 

uncomfortable awareness of his bowel, a tenderness that the young 

boy was very familiar with. He looked around the room. His throat 

was dry and he swallowed. Slowly he stood up and walked gingerly 

as he followed the sounds back into the kitchen. The boy moved 

silently in his socks.

The three men were sitting at the table. There was some white 

powder spread across a dinner-plate and a large number of little 

plastic bags scattered over the table. Some already filled, some 

still empty. Rafael watched silently as he realized what the men 

were doing.

There were drugs at Centerville. Mostly the older boys used 

them but sometimes he'd seen them in the Baker dorm and even a few 

times while he was living in Davis. The younger boys often got 

drugs, usually hits of 'acid' but sometimes 'crack', as a reward 

for having sex or as part of having sex with an older boy. It 

happened more often than any one cared to admit. The 'big-brother' 

boys often initiated sex with boys as young as eight and nine, using 

drugs to lure them and maintain their interest until they were past 

caring. It was part of the institution, a way or relieving the 

boredom, the loneliness, the endless monotony of life. A hit cost 

five bucks and the money seemed to appear from nowhere.

It had happened to Rafael the same as it happened to every boy 

at Centerville. The memory of what Jerry had done to him was 

something he would never forget. Other drugs abounded as well as 

well as 'acid'. A lot of the boys were using pot, though his own 

experience with it was limited to just one time. One night he'd 

tried pot with Cal. Cal said it was 'okay stuff'. Rafael did it 

until his head buzzed, until he felt sick, then he stopped. He 

didn't like it at all. It was not nearly as good as acid

Luis looked up, "Well look who's finally got his cute little 

ass outta bed." Rafael smiled. Luis didn't look or sound so 

frightening in daylight. In fact, Luis was Cuban and good looking 

with thick dark hair, cut straight back. His skin was dark brown, 

a lot darker than Rafael's body.

"I was sleepy," Rafael murmured, unable to look away from the 

drugs on the table. He wasn't sure what it was but he suspected 

crack or something like that. He knew coke was expensive, eighty 

bucks a gram Cal had told him, but you got real 'high'. At eighty 

bucks for each of the little plastic bags, there was a small fortune 

lying on the table. There must have been hundreds there. "Hi!" 

Rafael said.

"You know what this shit is?" Luis smirked as he waved his 

hand at the table.

Rafael shrugged, "I dunno, coke I guess."

Luis grinned, "Little fucker knows his shit don't he guys? 

Yeah it's crack."

He looked up at the young boy, "You wanna earn your keep, kid?" 

Rafael returned the look uncertainly. "You wanna spot for us?" 

Rafael shrugged, unsure what the man had in mind. "Watch for cops 

you dumb-ass. I'll pay your bus fare to Miami, or a C note for a 

day's work." 

The boy shrugged again as he considered the lure of money. A 

hundred dollars was more money that he'd ever seen before. How much 

easier it would be to get back to Miami if he didn't have to hitch. 

He nodded slowly, "Yeah I guess. But just once okay,... so's I can 

get back to Miami, okay?" he added.

Luis smiled. "Git you'self something to eat outta the fridge." 

Rafael turned away and walked over to the refrigerator. "What's 

your name kid?" Luis added.

"Rafael," the boy answered as he opened the door. There wasn't 

much to choose from, a few slices of cold pizza that stilled looked 

edible, some lunch meat, a few tomatoes that had seen better days, 

two six-packs of beer and a few loose cans of Pepsi. He lifted out 

one of the pizza slices and a Pepsi. Rafael gnawed hungrily as he 

walked over to the back door and looked outside.

About half an hour and two slices of Pizza later, Luis took 

Rafael outside to the van. They drove for a while through suburban 

streets and at about 3.30pm pulled up a short distance from a 

school. They waited. A few minutes later three boys came up to the 

van and got in. Luis pulled back onto the road and drove back 

through the same streets. At a set of traffic lights he turned 

around in the driver's seat and passed each of the boys a small 

plastic bag. Rafael watched curiously as the boys promptly stuffed 

the bags down the fronts of their shorts, making their already 

large bulges, bulge considerably more. However, once their 

oversized tee-shirts were pulled down he could barely notice the 

difference. Two of the boys were dropped off as Luis drove down the 

main boulevard that runs north, following the coast to West Palm 

Beach. The other boy, a Cuban, about fourteen, stayed in the van. 

A few miles further on Luis pulled up next to a park and stopped 

the van. He turned around. "Rabbit, this is Rafael. He's gonna be 

spottin' for you today, okay."

Rabbit nodded, "Yeah, sure. He know what to do, Luis?"

"No he don't. You gotta teach him. He's a smart kid, he'll be 


"Shit Luis, s' bad enough now, not with some dumb shit, no way 

man?" Rabbit complained.

Luis laughed, "Listen Rabbit, you take him wid you and you 

teach him right, I'll pay extra."

"Yeah sure man. How much?" the boy asked

"Fifty", Luis answered.

"Yeah! Okay man, for fifty," the boy answered. He slid his 

hand down into the front of his shorts and pulled out the small 

plastic bag and passed it to Rafael.

"Stick it down there," he instructed, pointing to the younger 

boy's groin. 

The plastic bag was warm and moist, and Rafael realized that 

it had been against the boy's hot and sweaty genitals. "Why,... why 

down there? he asked.

"Cause the fuzz don't look there man. 'Cause you scream that 

he's feeling you. You yell out as loud as ya can that he's playing 

with ya dick. Mostly they stop and sometimes you can ditch the shit 

before they get you to the station for a strip search."

"Oh!" Rafael said. He reached down, pulling his belly in, 

sliding the small plastic bag down between his pants and 

underpants. Somehow he didn't like the idea of having the bag 

against his bare flesh.

"Not there ya dumb shit, right next to ya fuckin' dick," 

Rabbit sighed in frustration. "If the fuzz come at'cha you scream 

real loud like he's grabbing your dick, okay?"

Rafael nodded and Rabbit moved forward. He opened the van door 

and stepped out onto the footpath. "Come on dumb-shit. Whatcha 

waiting for, a fuckin' invitation?"

Rafael scrambled out after the boy. "I'll pick you guys up 

'round nine okay?" Luis said with a smile, then put the van in gear 

and pulled away from the curb.

Rafael turned to the other boy, "Why'd he call you Rabbit?" 

he asked.

Rabbit grinned, " Maybe 'cause I run fast. You gotta run fast 

when the fuzz come, man. Maybe 'cause I fuck a lot. Shit I dunno, 

he's always called me that."

Rafael nodded. "What do I do?" he asked.

The other boy grinned, "You spot man. You hold the fuckin' 

shit and you watch for the fuzz. You beep me if you see the fuzz 

come past the gate over there."

Rafael nodded, "What do I hold, but?" he asked curiously. "The 


"You ain't so dumb are ya? Yeah, you hold th'a fuckin' coke, 

and what we take. I make the hits. When I sold a few I come back 

for more. Holdin' too much is bad bus'ness, man. 'cause some asses 

know what's going down."

He walked with Rafael over to the gate and made sure that the 

boy was well located; close to the gate where he could see the 

arrival of the police and close to the baby-sitters and mothers 

with the young children in the playground. It was the safest place 

in the park. He showed Rafael how to work the beeper then he headed 

off into the park. Rafael watched until the boy disappeared then 

turned his attention to his work. It felt funny having the plastic 

bag stuffed down his crotch, it made him feel a whole lot bigger, 

kind of important, like a real man.

Rabbit was gone for a long while. When he returned he beckoned 

to Rafael to follow him and he walked over to the men's toilet. As 

Rafael came up alongside him in the next urinal, the older boy 

turned sideways to him. Rabbit was stroking his penis, already half 

erect, the head glistening with 'pre-cum'. It was big and thick, 

almost like Cal's, though a bit bigger. The head was swollen and 

purplish like a small plum. Rafael smiled and then unzipped his own 

fly. He tugging his little soft penis out as he lifted the plastic 

bag up out of the way. He aimed at the white porcelain bowl and 

began to urinate as he watched Rabbit. Rafael watched the other 

boy's hand moving rhythmically along the thick, dark shaft 

fascinated as he observed the wetness increasing on the fat head. 

Within seconds his own penis started to stiffen. The urge to suck 

the other boy's penis came almost instantly. Rafael's breathing 

quickened and his heart began to pound as he began to wonder what 

the wetness tasted like. He could think of nothing else.

Rabbit looked up at him and grinned as he rubbed his finger 

around the head of his cock and smeared the juice so that his cock-

head was covered in it. The older boy breathed out with a long sigh. 

"Jesus I'm horny. It fuckin' gets to me,... sellin' this shit. 

Sometimes I just gotta git off."

Rafael nodded as he hoped that this was one of those times. 

"Yeah, me too," he said.

Rabbit laughed, "You can't git off yet, no way man. You're 

still a fuckin' kid, look a'cha dick. You ain't got no hair even. 

Ain't nuthin' in your balls. No fuckin' way, man."

Rafael blushed and looked away shamefully. He felt weak and 

powerless next to the other boy who was already well on his way to 

becoming a man. "I can't do that stuff, 'cum' and all that, but I 

can do other stuff," Rafael said nervously.

Rabbit shrugged as his hand began to move a little faster. By 

now he was using the full length of his cock and flexing his muscle 

so that his cock jerked every time. The head seemed to swell ever 

bigger. "You suck kid?" Rafael nodded. "Okay! Let's go in the john 

and see, man. I ain't done it with no little kid before."

Rabbit led the way, his rigid penis poking crudely out his 

fly. Rafael followed along behind him. They went to the far stall, 

the one for the handicapped. It was the one with the most room. It 

was also the one that was seldom used as a toilet. The partition 

wall, the only wall that wasn't tiled, was covered in graffiti. 

There were obscene drawings of dicks, dicks up pussies, and dicks 

up asses, short crude 'lyrics', phone numbers and names. Rabbit 

turned around facing Rafael. He unfastened his belt and clasp and 

dropped his shorts down to his knees. The older boy's cock was 

sticking out over the waistband of his underpants. Rafael knelt 

down before the older boy. He took a deep breath, trying to control 

his rapidly beating heart. For some reason unknown to Rafael what 

had started as a curiosity about the taste of the boy's pre-cum had 

changed into a frenzied desire to suck the boy's penis.

"Suck it kid," Rabbit commanded. His hands moved around 

Rafael's head and pulled him forward. Automatically Rafael's mouth 

opened and the other boy's cock pushed inside him. It followed the 

roof of his mouth, pushing his tongue downward until it hit the 

back of his mouth and kept going. It went all the way back into 

Rafael's throat so that he could barely breathe. The young boy 

panicked and began to struggle. The boy's cock was so big that it 

filled his mouth and choked him. Rafael had no control. He was 

unable to get up from the position he was in. Rabbit's fingers 

locked in his hair and grasped his ears tightly, painfully, as he 

jerked the younger boy's head back and forth. Rafael gagged as he 

tasted the sourness of his own bile, his vomit imminent. He 

struggled frantically and tried hard to pull away. The pressure in 

his lungs was almost exploding and then in one last ditch effort 

he managed to pull away from the boy's cock.

He gasped as he sucked in lung-fulls of air each time. He 

choked back tears and vomit that seemed already to be in his mouth. 

The boy's cock was covered in his saliva as it throbbed just inches 

away from Rafael's face. Rabbit laughed. "You ready to suck some 

more. I got me a big load all ready for ya. You ain't bad for a kid 


Rafael nodded resignedly and brought his mouth forward again. 

He opened wide and allowed the cock to ram back inside him. Again 

the other boy held his head, but instead of moving Rafael's head, 

this time he held it steady and began to thrust against it. Rabbit 

pumped his cock deep into Rafael's throat, right back to his 

tonsils, then pulled back until only the flared head remained 


"Suck it! Ohhhh yeah suck it..... Use your fuckin' tongue, God 

you feel so fuckin' good," Rabbit moaned. "God I'm 'cummin'! Ohhhh 

yeah,.... I'm 'cummin',.... Yeah! Ohhhh man!"

The boy spurted, not a little like Cal or Denny, but a lot. 

It was so much that it seemed endless. It was hot and thick and 

very salty, but the taste was something else. It was a taste that 

was strange to the younger boy, a taste that could not be described 

in terms other than 'salty, like cum'. It started in the back of 

Rafael's mouth as the cock pushed back into his throat and 

ejaculated down his slender neck. Then the cock pulled forward as 

the teenager exhausted himself and the dying spurts finished in 

Rafael's mouth, coating his tongue and teeth. Rabbit pushed Rafael 

away, discarding him like a worn-out toy. All Rafael could taste 

was the boy's 'cum'. All he could think of was the taste of 'cum', 

the thick cream that seemed everywhere in his mouth and had emptied 

into his stomach. It was hot and thick and Rafael tasted it again 

and again. Suddenly he felt very close to the boy standing before 

him. In that instant Rafael realized that they had shared something 

special, that the other boy's seed was inside him. Then it dawned 

on the younger boy that he liked the taste and his tongue came out 

and licked the last milky dribble away as it oozed from the boy's 


"You suck good, man. For a little kid you're okay?" Rabbit 

smirked as he stroked his cock with his fingers and squeezed out 

the last of the milky juice. He enjoyed the fading delight as his 

fingers moved along the saliva-slicked length of his slowly 

softening cock. "Yeah, you sucked my dick like a pro. No wonder 

Luis fuckin' likes you." Rafael leaned forward again and put his 

lips around the glans. He sucked for all he was worth and then 

licked the last remnants off. Finally he pulled away and sank back 

onto his haunches, still tasting the other boy's sperm as his 

tongue moved around and around. The boy licked his teeth and behind 

his lips and even tried to pull it back up from his throat. "You 

little cocksucker, you like the taste don't you?" Rabbit jeered.

Rafael nodded as he backed away from the now softened penis. 

"Huh? What do you mean about Luis?" he asked, as he wiped his lips 

with some toilet paper that Rabbit had torn off from the roll. The 

older boy wiped his cock dry carefully to clean off the saliva.

Rabbit smirked. 'You don't know? Luis likes suckin', 

'specially boys. He's bin suckin' on my dick for years. 'fore I 

started sellin' for 'im that is. I done that for caps, mostly. 

Sometimes for coke, but he ain't keen on me doin' that stuff." He 

looked at Rafael, "He ain't done it wid you yet?" Rafael shook his 

head. "He will, probably tonight. You'll be okay, you suck pretty 

good. You gotta be careful with him."

"Why?" Rafael asked.

"Cause Luis got himself a fuckin' bad temper. He gets fuckin' 

mean sometimes. I seen him go crazy once and beat the shit outta 

some kid once. Almost fuckin' killed the little cocksucker too. 

Just 'cause he chucked." 

"He threw up?" Rafael asked.

"Yeah! Right after Luis creamed him. The poor little shit lost 

it on him. I seen it on video man. Luis videos a lot of the stuff 

he does, the stuff with kids that is, not wid Marie."

"Who's Marie?"

"His fuckin' dumb bitch of a wife." Rabbit smirked. "She don't 

know half of what Luis screws." Rabbit pushed his now limp cock 

back inside his underpants and pulled up his shorts. He closed his 

zipper and refastened his belt buckle. "Give me some more shit."

"How many?" Rafael asked as he pushed his hand through the fly 

of his own shorts. He fumbled to find the open end of the plastic 

bag. Finally he gave up and pulled the bag out and opened it. 

"Ten should do it. Should take 'bout an hour to move 'em. Then 

we can have dinner." Rabbit answered. He smirked, "Maybe then you 

can suck me some more." He took the ten bags from Rafael and put 

them in the pocket of his shorts and handed Rafael a roll of money. 

"Eight hundred there. You be fuckin' careful kid or Luis will 

fuckin' kill the both of us."

Rafael nodded as Rabbit went out of the cubicle. He stuffed 

the plastic back through his fly, put the roll of money deep in his 

pocket, closed his zipper, and left the toilet as if nothing had 

happened. He was 'cool'.

A little more than an hour later Rabbit returned. He beckoned 

to Rafael to meet him and he walked towards the gate. The worst 

part had been waiting. The watching kept the boredom down to 

tolerable limits. Only once did Rafael see a police cruiser pull 

up next to the gate. He nearly beeped the other boy but as he 

watched he saw one of the police officers talking to three or four 

boys who were playing ball on the street. As soon as the lecture 

was over the cruiser pulled away. The two boys went to McDonalds 

and bought hamburgers, fries and cokes. They ate them quickly 

because they still had to move thirty more bags. The next three 

hours passed slowly. It started to get cooler and darker as night 

approached. Finally Rabbit came over to him. It was just 9.30 pm. 

At same time the van pulled up outside the gate and the boys went 

over. Luis was driving and the other two boys were in the back. 

Rabbit started to get in the front seat next to Luis.

"Git your ass in back, Rabbit. Rafael sits up here, okay?" 

Luis ordered.

The boy nodded meekly and backed out, raising his eyebrows at 

Rafael. Once inside the van Luis turned around, "Well?" he 


"All but three man," Rabbit grinned. I got most for eighty but 

one fucker wanted four at seventy-five each so I cut a deal." he 

said as he passed over the three remaining bags and a roll of money. 

"He's got the rest," he added, pointing to Rafael.

"You done good. Real good. He work out okay?" Luis asked.

"Yeah, he done great. Cops came by and told some kids off. He 

waited it out, most guys would'a beeped." Rabbit grinned.

Rafael was glad he'd waited. Luis smiled at him and the boy 

felt very proud as he handed over the roll of money. There weren't 

many successes in living at Centerville. His schoolwork sucked. 

Rafael was ten years old and he could barely read. The teachers at 

the nearby school had no time for the boys from the 'Plantation'. 

He wasn't dumb, he just wasn't interested.

After a few minutes on the road, Rafael turned to Luis. The 

young man looked away from the road and smiled at the boy. Rafael 

returned the smile. For the first time in many years he felt proud, 

even though he knew that what he had done that evening was bad, no 

worse, it was illegal. He looked away, staring out the window as 

the van moved forward and watched the passing lights of the other 

cars, the neon signs of shops, and the orange glow of the street 


Then the boy felt Luis' fingers brush against his knee. It was 

a feathery touch that made a circle around and around his kneecap. 

He glanced sideways, aware that there were three boys in the back 

of the van but even more aware of the intense thrill that he felt. 

Luis was driving with just his left hand. His right hand moving 

gently on the boy's leg and as Rafael looked back at the man, the 

fingers slithered upward. They tickled slightly as they rubbed the 

boy's smooth hairless leg and felt the firm muscles below the soft 

warm flesh. The fingers reached the leg of the boy's shorts and 

stopped. The fingers moved sideways down the inside of his thigh, 

down to the skin that was even softer and more sensitive. Rafael 

sighed, barely audible except to Luis. The man glanced at the boy 

quickly, then back to the road. The fingers moved downward and 

traced the underside of the boy's leg until they were back at the 

knee. Then the fingers began tickling into the small valley under 

the kneecap, between the two tendons. Rafael thought for a moment 

then slowly, deliberately moved his leg towards Luis. 

There was a little giggle from somewhere in the back of the 

van. Rafael's leg was visible to all three boys in the back and his 

knee was nearly touching Luis' seat. The fingers began to move 

upward again, still moving in circles until they reached the bottom 

of the boy's shorts again. Rafael felt the growing warmth in the 

confines of his underpants and he knew that his cock was responding 

of its own accord just like it always did. This time Luis' fingers 

didn't turn away. The fingers slid underneath the cloth and went 

higher, pressing harder into the boy's warm thigh until they were 

constricted by the shorts becoming tighter on the boy's thigh. 

There was another giggle from the back of the van and Rafael heard 

muted whispers. The man's hand had pushed up as far as it could 

reach, but the angle was wrong and the boy's shorts were in the 

way. Luis' hand pulled away. The man looked away from the road and 

smiled at the boy. Rafael smiled back again. Luis' hand had felt 

nice, very nice indeed and he wanted it to continue. "Take 'em off", 

the man ordered.

Rafael looked at Luis uncertainly. "Huh?"

"Take your fuckin' pants off," he ordered.

"I,... I,... don't," Rafael stammered nervously. He looked 

back over his shoulder at the boys sitting behind them. 

"They don't give a shit. Take 'em off," Luis repeated.

Slowly Rafael's hands moved to his waist and he unfastened his 

belt and opened his zipper. He straightened out on the seat and 

braced his body by pushing back into the chair with his legs against 

the bottom of the seat. He lifted his buttocks up and pushed his 

shorts downward, almost to his knees. He relaxed back into the 

seat, sitting in his underpants.

"I said take 'em fuckin' off. Right off. Not half-the-fuckin-

way-off. Your underpants too, damn it." Luis said angrily.

Rafael shivered, half in fear, half in excitement. The idea 

of being naked in front of the man and the three other boys as they 

drove though downtown Palm Beach was incredibly exciting. He 

straightened in the seat again. This time the boy tugged his 

underpants downward to his pants. Then as he settled back in the 

seat, Rafael pushed his shorts and underpants all the way to the 

floor. He kicked off his sneakers and pulled his feet through the 

legs of his shorts and underpants, leaving them on the floor of the 

car. The ten-year-old boy sat there silently. He felt the warm 

cloth of the seat against his bare legs and bottom, his only 

clothing from his waist downward being his socks. It didn't make 

any sense to be sitting in just his socks so he reached down and 

pulled off his socks as well. His little penis was already rigid 

and ready for action. He breathed deeply and swallowed in 

anticipation, wanting Luis' hand to return to his bare leg and 

finish what it had started.

"Now take you fuckin' shirt off," Luis ordered.

"But, Luis,...." he began as he looked at the man next to him, 

then out the windscreen at the cars around them. He knew argument 

was useless and he remembered Rabbit's advice about Luis' temper. 

He could sense the man's mood changing every second that he 

delayed. He lifted up his arms and pulled the cotton tee-shirt over 

his head. He glanced sideways at Luis and the man glanced sideways 

at him. Luis smiled appreciatively and nodded. Rafael dropped the 

tee-shirt on the floor with the rest of his clothes. He was totally 

naked. He sat still, silent, exposed to four pairs of eyes, very 

conscious of his slender young body. Rafael waited for Luis's hand 

to return to his leg, wanting more, more than ever.

"Way to go Luis," one of the boys laughed from the back of the 

van. Rafael turned around and looked back into the darkness at the 

rear of the van. One of the boys had his shorts and underpants at 

his knees. He wasn't sure who it was but he could see Rabbit leaning 

over him. He thought that the boy's mouth probably enclosed the 

penis that was offered to him though he couldn't be certain. He 

turned back, now even more aware of his nude body. His little 

erection was painfully hard. He glanced at Luis but the man kept 

looking ahead, driving the van, ignoring the naked boy next to him.

"Luis,...well?" he whispered hesitantly. He breathed 

nervously, still watching the man next to him. Still the man 

ignored him. He felt the same way after he had finished sucking 

Rabbit in the toilet. He felt rejected and he hated it.

There was a groan from the back of the van. Rafael looked back. 

Rabbit's arm was moving so rapidly that the boy in the front seat 

could barely see it. The boy being masturbated groaned again and 

his legs stretched wide apart as he slumped in the wide rear seat. 

Rabbit's arm seemed to move even faster. The boy underneath was 

pumping his hips and groaning louder and louder as he gasped for 

each breath. "'s comin', Rabbit. Ohhh..... Yeah,... Faster man."

Rafael watched as the boy's body heaved upwards and then 

convulsed with a long shudder. "Ohhhhhhhhhh!" The final long groan 

came as the boy ejaculated and emptied his milky juice onto his 

belly, some droplets flying as far as his chest. Rafael glanced 

back at Luis. The man didn't seem to have noticed. Then Rafael 

realized that Luis had been watching in the rear-vision mirror the 

entire time. The man had a sly smile, his eyes half-closed in barely 

restrained lust. 

"Should'a sucked him off, Rabbit," Luis said hoarsely. He 

began to laugh, "You guys stink up my fuckin' van 'n I'll kill ya'."

There was laughter from the back of the van, "Heh Luis, how 

'bout cum stains on the seats?" Rabbit asked. 

"Lick 'em up. I don't want no mess back there." Luis said. He 

glanced sideways at Rafael, then smirked, "You still horny? Yeah! 

I guess you are," he said as he saw the small cock still standing 

up straight and hard and pointing to the boy's face. "You wanna get 

it off with one of 'em, or wait till later?" he asked. "'course 

you' still too young ain'tcha. You got years yet before you're 

putting out sperm. If ya wanna mess 'round wid 'em back there,... 

feel fuckin' free."

Rafael looked at Luis and wondered whether he was kidding. He 

breathed out and slowly parted his legs so that his knees were wide 

apart and his small genitals exposed. "You wanna?" he asked 


Luis glanced at the boy's crude display, the tiny hard penis 

sticking up proudly. "Not fuckin' here. You can wait."

Rafael looked back at the man and wondered whether he should 

go to the back of the van. It didn't seem like it was the smartest 

thing in the world to do. If Luis liked him,.... if Luis wanted 

him,.... then it would only make the man angry. He shrugged and 

settled back in his seat. He half closed his eyes and gently stroked 

his penis with his fingers, feeling his hungry little cock throb 

with anticipation, then slowly deflate in frustration as his desire 


Luis dropped the boys off at various points on the way home, 

close to their homes, but not close enough that suspicion would be 

aroused. Whatever excuses the boys used when they came home at 

close to ten o'clock, Rafael had no idea. As Rabbit got out of the 

car he smiled at Rafael, still sitting naked on the front seat. 

"Good luck kid, maybe I'll see you around. Have fun!"

Rafael grinned, "Yeah! It was fun. See you," he said. He liked 


Luis pulled back onto the road. It was just the two of them 

now. He looked at Rafael and examined the naked boy critically. 

"Well what is it kid, my place or the bus station? You got a nice 

body," he added. Rafael shrugged uncertainly. Part of him was 

demanding again, insistently, hungrily, unsatisfied. He liked Luis 

even though he was scared of the man.

"Yeah," he murmured at last.

"Yeah what?" Luis asked.

For a brief moment his memories of Centerville flooded his 

mind. He had hoped that Mr. Baker had wanted him enough to take him 

away, to give him the affection that he'd never known. He didn't 

care that affection came only with sex. It wasn't that bad, most 

of the time it was okay, and sometimes it was fun. Now Mr. Baker 

was probably dead and that dream had died too. There was nothing 

left for Rafael at Centerville and even Cal was loved in a way that 

he'd never been loved by a grown-up. "Yeah, your place, Luis." 

Rafael replied.

Luis smirked and nodded, "Smart decision kid." He turned back 

to his driving.

Rafael sat quietly watching the cars and buildings go past, 

all but oblivious to his naked body. When Luis finally turned off 

the main road onto the back streets Rafael asked, "Should I get 

dressed,... nearly there aren't we?"

Luis glanced sideways. "Why? Your dick's too fuckin' small to 

worry 'bout hidin' it. No one's gonna see ya, anyways."

Rafael shrugged, sinking lower in the seat, now worrying about 

the smallness of his penis. Perhaps Luis didn't like young boys 

like him in the same way that Mr. Baker did. Mr. Baker had been 

pleased that his cock was still small. It looked awfully small now. 

It was shrivelled up between his legs, barely more than an inch 

long. The van stopped in front of the garage doors and Luis got out 

and opened them. He drove the van through the opening and parked 

it under the carport. He turned off the engine, picked up the bag 

in which he had placed the money that the boys had given him, and 

got out. Rafael got out on the other side. He shivered in the cool 

air as it touched his naked body. He reached back into the van and 

collected his clothes off the floor, then followed Luis up though 

the backyard and into the house.

The other two men were sitting at the kitchen table playing 

cards, drinking beer, smoking pot. They looked up as Luis came in 

and smirked as they saw the naked boy. "Already stripped 'n ready 

for action," one observed, then added, "You done him yet? It sure 

don't look like it?"

"Ain't got much 'as he? Smallest fuckin' dick I ever seen," 

the other man laughed.

Luis grinned, "I ain't never had it in a little kid before. 

Hell, the size of his dick don't matter shit anyway, just his 

fuckin' mouth, guys."

"You gonna tear his fuckin' throat out man," the first man 


Luis laughed as he placed his arm possessively around Rafael's 

bare shoulders and pulled the boy closer to him. "What the fuck. 

He ain't no sweet-singin' choirboy. He ain't gonna care if he 

croaks for a coupla days."

The men laughed as Luis pushed the boy through the doorway and 

into the hall and then into the next room. Rafael dropped his 

clothes on the table and watched as Luis went over and turned on 

the television. "Missed half the fuckin' ball-game," Luis said 

angrily as he looked at his watch. "Come here kid," he added. The 

man dropped down onto the well-worn couch. Rafael came closer and 

stood to one side, knowing that if he blocked Luis' view of the TV 

there would be unpleasant results.

"Yeah?" he asked quietly. His fear was irrational, yet it was 

well-founded. Luis had done nothing to him that frightened him, yet 

he could sense violence lurking just under the surface.

"Git me a fuckin' beer kid. Git one for yourself too."

Rafael walked back into the kitchen. The men looked up and 

smirked, "Bet he's got a tight little ass. Real fuckin' tight I 

bet. Them kids with the small dicks is always fuckin' tight-assed."

Rafael turned around and grinned cheekily, "You ain't gonna 

find out so fuck off".

"Ohhhhh! He sure is brave ain't he? You won't be so fuckin' 

brave after Luis is done wid ya," the man laughed.

Rafael shrugged and turned back to the refrigerator. He 

squatted down on his haunches to pull two beers off the six-pack. 

"Got a cute ass ain't he. Not much up front, but a lot of fun in 

the rear I bet," the man continued. 

Rafael stood up and smirked again as he closed the door, "Like 

I said, you ain't gonna find out." He walked out of the kitchen, 

swaggering with boyish pride at his own boldness. He'd told them. 

He'd held his own. He went over to Luis and handed him one of the 

beers. He remained standing for a second or two until Luis pointed 

to the couch. Rafael sat down, pulling the flip-top on his beer.  

He was thirsty and he took a swig, choking it down as the sour taste 

came into his mouth. It was the first beer he'd ever tasted. He 

didn't like it much, but he drank it anyway. He was thirsty and he 

wanted to be 'cool' like Luis. Most of all Rafael wanted to be 


Rafael settled back into the couch, his body about a foot away 

from Luis. He expected Luis to edge closer, to reach out and start 

touching him, even to pull him closer, but Luis didn't seem 

interested. He watched the ball-game. Rafael watched too, absently 

following the action as he wondered when the real action would 

begin. He finished the beer. Then on Luis' instruction, Rafael went 

back into the kitchen for two more. This time the men ignored him. 

The fact that he was naked didn't bother him any more, in fact it 

was fun. His body felt cooler, with a sense of freedom that seemed 

to be enhanced without  clothes. His inhibitions faded as he walked 

around and sat on the couch next to Luis. The game went an extra 

innings before it finally finished. Rafael was feeling drowsy. 

After two beers he was light-headed and after an hour-and-a-half 

without his clothes he was ready to do anything Luis wanted. Luis 

stood up and went over to turn off the television. He looked back 

at the naked boy on the couch. Slowly the man walked forward until 

he stood before Rafael. "You know how'ta suck cock?" he asked.

Rafael looked up, breathed out, "Kinda,... I done it a bit." 

he answered.

Luis smiled, "You wanna suck on my meat?"

Rafael nodded slowly. The urge rose quickly inside him. It was 

inescapable, unavoidable, and irresistible. "Yeah!" he breathed 

out as he absently licked his lips expectantly. The ten-year-old 

boy sat up, leaned forward and fumbled as he unfastened Luis' belt. 

He tugged the zipper down and then wriggled the black denim jeans 

down to the man's knees. The bulge in Luis' underpants was 

everything he expected. He lifted the man's underpants outward and 

then pulled them downward too. The cock was big. It was not as big 

as Mr. Edwards, but it was still big. Rafael thought it was about 

six or seven inches long, much bigger than Cal's or Rabbit's. And 

it was hard, almost as hard as his own. It looked to be as hard as 

Rabbit's penis had been, dark and swollen with a the head almost 

purple. The slit in the head was crimson and it glistened wetly.

It was a man's cock, not an old man like Mr. Baker, but a real 

man. Rafael felt small and weak and dominated by the huge throbbing 

cock before him, his own small erection was suddenly dwarfed and 

seemed childishly small. Mr. Baker had been nice to him but he 

didn't have this. This was what Rafael craved for and what he 

hungered for. For some reason that he didn't understand, the boy 

wanted this cock inside him. He longed to feel it locked inside his 

body and feel its power as it fucked into him, then emptied its 

seed into his bowel.

"You gonna fuck me Luis," the boy whispered. He was afraid yet 

anxious as his body anticipated the pain that would come if Luis 

said yes.

"I ain't no fuckin' queer. I ain't fuckin' no boy, not even 

one with your cute face. You gonna suck my meat or what?" Luis said 


Rafael leaned forward and touched the full round head with his 

lips. Luis was uncircumcised like himself but the foreskin was 

loose and already pulled back. It was hot and soft against his lips. 

There was the same sour smell that Mr. Baker had, a musky odor that 

rose up and consumed the boy and served to excite him even further. 

The boy's tongue pressed forward and licked the fat head. His 

tongue went around and around and over the top the way he'd been 

taught by other boys, then he poked the tip into the slit.

Luis' hands shifted down around the boy's head and held the 

nape of his neck as he pushed forward. The cock slid down into 

Rafael and immediately filled his mouth, quickly reaching the back 

of his mouth where it halted. Then Luis pushed the boy's head back 

and straightened his throat before pushing harder. His cock rammed 

into Rafael's throat, bending and following the tongue down. The 

boy would have screamed but it was impossible. All that came out 

was a gurgling sound. The cock was bigger than Rabbit's and the 

entire length went in, until Luis' pubic hair was against the boy's 

lips, the man's huge balls banging against and under the boy's 

chin. Rafael's eyes were wide open in horror. His body was choking 

for lack of air and he was ready to vomit the same way that he'd 

been with Rabbit only six hours earlier. Then Luis pulled back, 

right out and the boy gasped frantically, coughing uncontrollably. 

His throat was suddenly terribly painful.

Luis grinned, "Next time don't fuckin' bite or I'll knock 

every fuckin' tooth outta your face, kid. Understand?".

Rafael looked up, tears building in his eyes, ready to burst 

out crying any second, "I,... I didn't,... I,... I tried not to, 


"Open your fuckin' mouth wider then. You ready?" Luis said 


Rafael nodded. He had never deep-throated before. What he'd 

done with Grant hardly counted. Little boys' penises aren't big 

enough to count. It hurt inside his throat. At first it was 

something like the feeling he had when the nurse swabbed his throat 

for 'strep', but the need to gag was worse, far worse. Rafael was 

frightened and he hesitated, unwilling to take the man's cock back 

into him. He wanted Luis to fuck him but he would do this, if this 

was what Luis wanted. Rafael would do it only with the hope of 

getting what he really wanted. Slowly he nodded and took a deep 

breath. Luis grinned and shook his head. He pushed the boy 

sideways, then down onto the couch so that Rafael's legs were 

draped over the armrest. Luis knelt above the boy's head, lifted 

Rafael's head up and tilted it back so that his slender neck formed 

a horizontal line from his chest to his chin. Rafael breathed out 

and then took a deep breath. He opened his mouth as wide as it could 


Luis leaned forward and guided his cock into the boy's open 

mouth, restraining the small dark head so that it could not pull 

away. Rafael saw the man's balls swinging above him and the thick 

black hair that covered the man's ball-sac. He felt the full head 

pushing past his lips, pushing past his teeth, forcing his tongue 

back out of the away, and going deeper and deeper. He clenched his 

eyes shut as he suppressed the urge to bite, to breathe, to even 

think what was happening. Then the man's ball-sac was against his 

nose. The huge balls were against his eyes and the cock was entirely 

inside his mouth. Though Rafael didn't know it, the man's cock 

bulged in his throat. It was about half way down his slender neck 

before the bulge disappeared. Luis held it there for long seconds, 

then pulled back.

Rafael felt instant relief and readied himself to take the 

next breath. Luis pulled almost the whole way out, then without 

warning he rammed forward again. Then again and again. The boy 

tried to scream as he felt his throat erupt in agony, his coughing 

terminated just before his Adam's apple. His lungs began to expire 

as the oxygen faded. His body began to shake, demanding 

replenishment as Rafael started to choke, strangling on the huge 

cock. Luis' hips were moving quickly, humping back and forth as 

each thrust slammed into the boy's mouth. The man hammered his 

rock-hard cock down into the slender brown neck for almost forty 

long seconds before he pulled out.

Rafael was nearly senseless. He struggled for each life-giving 

breath, making a loud choking sound in his throat. Luis lay over 

the boy, his saliva-drenched cock poised, ready for the next time. 

His fingers worked between the boy's legs, squeezing one tiny 

testicle between two fingers and his thumb and then the other. The 

force he applied was just short of that required to crush the tiny 

eggs. The pain was so intense that the boy screamed again and again 

and each scream drew fresh air back into his lungs. Before Rafael 

was ready the cock forced it's way back in again, sliding down into 

his throat then  pumping rapidly until the boy was on the verge of 

losing consciousness again. Then more terrible pain in his balls, 

then again back into his throat.

Rafael lost all sense of time. He concentrated his entire body 

on just staying alive, on taking the next breath and being able to 

survive. Rabbit's warning rang in his ears, "Luis can be mean." It 

filled his mind as Luis' cock filled his mouth and threatened his 

life. The boy's sense of horror grew as he realized that he existed 

on a thin line between life and death. The man fucking his face 

could kill him in seconds. Any thought Rafael might have 

entertained of begging Luis to stop and let him go, vanished. There 

was an inevitability and a terrible desire that the boy, try as he 

could, could not deny. As he hovered on the verge of consciousness 

he felt both alive and fulfilled.

Then finally Luis did not pull away. The man kept thrusting 

faster and faster and the blackness welled up and pulled Rafael 

down. The boy floated free of his choking body, seeing nothing but 

blackness around him as the sounds faded and his sense of pain 

became numbed. As the darkness consumed him, Rafael knew that he 

was dying and he didn't try to fight it. Each wave that seemed to 

sweep over him carried him further and further away from the 

unhappiness of his young life.

Rafael came to, coughing violently, gasping and choking. The 

air that reached his lungs was expelled instantly. There was saliva 

and semen running out of his mouth, trickling down his cheeks and 

past his small ears.  The thought came into his mind that he wasn't 

dead and he screamed aloud. He screamed out his pain and horror. 

He had wanted to die. He looked up at Luis hatefully. Each breath 

he took made his throat burn, the sounds that he made were raspy, 

hoarse croaks.

Luis grinned, "You're okay kid. For a fuckin' kid you suck 

okay." He lifted the boy's head up and repositioned it so that his 

neck was bent and then turned the boy onto his side so that he could 

breath easier. "Gonna be okay, kid. Just breath slow for a bit. 

Takes a while to git over it."

Luis stood up and walked out of the room, pulling up his jeans 

and underpants as he went. Rafael was alone. He closed his eyes and 

began to sob. He cried out his pain and anger, knowing that a man 

could do to him what no boy could even dream of. He fell asleep 

after a few minutes and found relief in sleep that he could never 

find awake.


It was much later when Rafael awoke. He could hear voices 

outside. The voices were raised so loud that they had penetrated 

the depths of his sleep. The voices seemed to come from the kitchen 

and he staggered up. He had a vague idea of going to the bedroom 

and going back to sleep. He stopped in the hall and looked back 

into the kitchen. He took a step forward and leaned against the 

doorway. There was a women in the kitchen arguing with Luis, 

pleading, then demanding. The woman was Cuban and she turned 

towards Rafael. Then she turned away again as it was perfectly 

normal for a ten-year-old boy to be stark naked and awake at one 

o'clock in the morning. Rafael saw a little girl standing beside 

the woman. The little girl looked at him and he could see she was 

crying, clutching her mother's dress in fear. She was younger than 

Rafael, perhaps eight or even a little older, but not much. The 

argument concerned the girl and drugs, that much Rafael was certain 


Luis sensed the boy's presence and he swung around angrily, 

"Git the fuck back in there, now!" he ordered. 

Rafael turned away and went back into the living room. He sat 

down on the couch, trying to think. He was confused. Part of him 

wanted to leave, part of him wanted to stay. That part was the part 

of him that wanted Luis. He leaned forward with his elbows on his 

knees and started crying again, unable to understand what was 

happening to him. Each thought seemed to take forever in his mind. 

Like slow motion, it churned around inside his head until he knew 

that he had no other choice. He hated Centerville, he could never 

go back there. He would do what Luis wanted. If Luis wanted him to 

sell drugs, he would. If Luis wanted him to suck his cock, he would. 

All he hoped was that Luis would want him the other way as well.

He lay back on the couch, trying to listen but the voices were 

no longer as loud. After a few minutes there was silence. Luis came 

back into the living room and sat down on the couch. "You okay?" 

he asked.

Rafael nodded, touching his sore throat gently. "Hurts," he 

croaked hoarsely.

Luis smiled, "Sure kid, ya sucked a big fuckin' cock. 'Course 

it hurts. You blacked out on me too. Right at the fuckin' end. I 

filled ya up real good and ya fuckin' blacked out."

Rafael smiled weakly. He felt a sense of triumph. "Sorry, 

Luis... 'couldn't help it...." It hurt the boy to talk but he knew 

that he needed to. The question rose up inside him, demanding an 

answer. "You,... you gonna,... fuck me, Luis?" he asked.

"I already told ya I ain't no queer. 'n I ain't fucking no 

boy. You a goddamed faggot ain't ya? A fuckin' boy faggot? Too damn' 

pretty, I should'a guessed. You bin sellin' ya meat?"

"Huh?" Rafael said nervously, realizing that Luis was getting 


"You some kinda boy whore. You sellin' this?" Luis snarled, 

flicking his fingers at the boy's limp small penis.

Rafael yelped at the man's swipe and jerked away. He tried to 

squeeze himself into the far corner of the couch. "I ain't done 

that. I ain't never done it for money, Luis, honest I ain't."

Luis laughed, "Shit, you outta kid. You sittin' on a fuckin' 

gold mine. Guys'd pay a mint to fuck a cute little ass like your's. 

Maybe I'll intra'duce you to a friend 'a mine. He likes girls, 

little ones like the bitch you seen in the kitchen, but I bet he 

could fit ya in somewhere, 'specially with a face like this," he 

laughed as he grasped Rafael's cheeks between his thumb and index 

finger and squeezing, forcing the boy's mouth to open and form an 


Rafael shook his head, "But,... but Luis,... I wanna stay here 

with you. I'll do what you want, anything.... I'll suck you too, 

whenever you say."

Luis laughed, "Fuckin' waste. Ya really want it in ya ass that 

much huh?" Rafael looked at the man uncertainly and he nodded 

slowly. Luis shrugged, "Ya ever had it in a pussy?" he asked.

Rafael shook his head. That was the dream of any red-blooded 

American boy though it wasn't his. It had never been his since that 

night long ago in the man's bedroom, with his 'foster father', when 

he'd discovered how nice his body could feel.

Luis laughed, "Ya ain't. Well shit, 'bout fuckin' time ain't 

it?" I got my first pussy when I was nine. How old are ya anyway?"

Rafael swallowed, glad that Luis' anger was disappearing. 

"Ten,... a coupla months ago," he croaked.

Luis grinned and stood up. He took the boy's hand and dragged 

him to his feet, "'bout fuckin' time then." Rafael followed the man 

into the corridor and down to the bedroom where he had spent the 

previous night and that morning. The door closed after him and he 

saw the little girl lying on the bed. For a moment Rafael thought 

she was asleep, then he saw her body trembling and he knew that she 

was drugged. Luis went over to the closed and pulled out his video 

camera, an expensive one, the 8mm kind with high definition. He 

turned back to Rafael and looked through the view-finder. "Take her 

clothes off," he ordered.

"I,... I don't wanna do that,... with her,... Luis. I,... I 

wanna do it with you," Rafael trembled.

Luis switched off the camera and slowly put it down on the 

dresser next to him. The knife appeared out of nowhere. It clicked 

loudly in the room as the flat shiny blade sprang forward. In an 

instant the man was standing before Rafael and the knife was 

pointed at the bottom of the boy's chest, below the rib cage and 

pressing into the soft flesh. "You fuckin' shut yo mouth 'n do what 

I tell ya'," the man said quietly. Without warning his other hand 

dropped downwards and grabbed Rafael's little limp penis. It 

stretched outward tightly as Luis pulled up. "I ain't telling ya 

'gain. First I cut off ya 'skin, then I'll tell ya 'gain. Then I 

cut off the head. Then a bit more till ya ain't got nuthin' down 

here. Git the idea?"

Rafael nodded quickly. He was shaking with fear and he 

clenched his teeth as his jaw trembled uncontrollably. "Luis,... I 

don't wanna,...with her, okay,...?" he began. Luis' grip tightened 

on his penis and pulled harder until the boy squealed and nodded. 

It felt like his penis was being torn out by the root. He nodded, 

"Okay,... yeah,... okay,..." he gasped.

Luis released his penis and Rafael fell back onto the bed, 

next to the young girl. His little hands immediately covered his 

genitals protectively, his knees tight together. The boy looked at 

the girl. She was small and her skin was a little bit darker than 

his won. She had long straggly dark-brown hair. She was awake but 

she didn't appear to notice the naked boy on the bed next to her. 

Slowly Rafael got to his knees and crouched next to the girl's body. 

He had never undressed anyone before and he had never seen a girl 

naked before. The little girl was wearing a white halter-top and 

lime-green shorts. The shorts weren't hard to take off once Rafael 

had tugged them down past the girl's buttocks. He pulled the shorts 

down her legs to just past her knees. He took off her worn-out shoes 

and removed the shorts. The little girl's legs were brown and thin.

As Rafael dropped the shorts off the bed he turned around and 

saw that Luis was videotaping him. The man held the camera to his 

head and the little red warning light flickered. Rafael looked back 

at the little girl. Getting her halter-top off was harder. He had 

to pull her into a sitting position and lift the girl's skinny arms 

up as he pulled the halter-top upward. The first time he tangled 

her arms in it and the girl shuddered and tried to pull away before 

she relaxed again. The boy tried again, this time getting it over 

the girl's head and pulling her arms through the holes with 

difficulty. He let the girl fall back onto the bed. He dropped the 

halter-top over the side of the bed and turned back to look at Luis. 

He hoped that Luis would say 'enough', but he could see that the 

man was grinning behind the camera and the red light was still 


Rafael looked back at the girl, naked on the bed except for 

her underpants. They were a pale pink with little pictures on the 

cloth, pictures of the 'Little Mermaid'. He looked at the girl's 

body. It wasn't what he expected. In a lot of ways the girl's body 

was like his own, a young boy's body. Like Rafael, the girl was 

slender and smooth with a narrow waist and hips. There was no sign 

of breasts, just tiny nipples on a flat chest. There was a little 

lump in her underpants, in the "V" between her legs. The lump was 

only a little bit smaller than his own when his penis was limp. 

Rafael had never seen a girl's 'pussy' before. Although he was 

curious, he wasn't excited, not the way most boys would be excited. 

He tugged the little pink underpants downward and watched curiously 

as the thin elastic waistband came lower. He saw the small rounded 

mound of the little girl's pussy and the tiny slit that started 

just above the center then disappeared between the girl's legs as 

it divided the mound into two. If this was a pussy, Rafael thought, 

there wasn't much to it.

The boy glanced back at Luis. The camera was still recording, 

shifting back and forth between boy and girl. The lens made a 

whirring noise as it zoomed in and out and focused on the two 

children, then just on their genitals. "Stick ya finger up her 

cunt," Luis ordered.

Rafael looked at the little girl. He felt confused but he 

guessed that Luis wanted him to put his finger inside the little 

slit. It looked awfully small. He swallowed uncertainly and looked 

back at the man.

"In there," he asked nervously as he pointed to the girl's 

slit. "Is that her pussy?" he asked curiously.

Luis laughed, "What'cha think? It ain't her fuckin' asshole."

"What do I have to do?" Rafael asked.

"Just stick ya goddamed finger up her. It won't fuckin' hurt 

either of ya. Go on stick it in her fuck-hole," Luis ordered.

Rafael took a deep breath and swallowed nervously as he placed 

his hand on the girl's thin leg. His fingers reached out and gently 

brushing against skin that was every bit as soft as his own little 

penis and scrotum. His finger traced the edge of the girl's 

opening, then as the light-brown flesh seemed to get wider apart, 

gently probed into her. The warmth enclosed his finger but it 

wasn't a dry warmth like his own sex organs. Just inside the girl's 

opening it was slightly moist and Rafael felt a strange little fold 

of flesh between the two small soft lips.

"There ain't no hole, Luis," Rafael said awkwardly.

"Course there fuckin' is. It's lower down ya dumb asshole."

Rafael's finger moved a fraction lower and suddenly felt the 

small wet opening hidden within the girl. He pushed his small 

finger into it and shivered as he felt the flesh melt before him. 

The boy kept up the pressure and wriggled his finger as the dry 

skin of his finger met with friction. His finger was inside up to 

the second joint. He wanted to stop.

"Luis,.... I done what ya asked,... okay. I wanna stop now, 

okay?" he begged.

The man laughed, "You ain't stopping kid until ya had some 


"Luis,... I don't wanna do that,... okay? Please don't make 

me," he pleaded.

"Shit kid, ya fuckin' ten years old. Stop crying like some 

bitch and stick your dick up her. Time ya learned how ta' poke 


Rafael took a deep breath and looked back at the little girl. 

She hadn't moved. His finger was still enclosed in the hot damp 

hole between the girl's thin legs. "Luis,... please,... I really 

don't wanna?"

"Ya want me to cut ya dick off, is that it? No one ain't gonna 

want to fuck wid you then. No guy's gonna pork ya ass then kid," 

Luis said angrily, putting the camera down and picking up his knife 

on the dresser. He stepped up to the bed.

Rafael shook his head and cowered as he trembled with fear. 

He knew that Luis was going to,... The man's hand grabbed his upper 

arm, close to his shoulder, throwing the boy onto his back. A dull 

scream came from the boy as Luis' knee went to his chest and pressed 

him down onto the bed. He felt the man's hand grabbing his little 

limp penis. There was a sharp pain, a horrifying feeling of what 

was being done to him. "No,... No! Luis I'll do it, anything, don't 

do it, please?" the boy screamed.

Rafael felt man's hand let go of his penis and the pressure 

on his chest relaxed as Luis stood up. Slowly, still shaking 

uncontrollably, the young boy sat up. He glanced downward quickly. 

His little penis was untouched. "Now fuck the bitch," Luis said 

angrily as he moved back from the bed.

"I,... I,... don't know how," the boy sobbed, "Wwwwhaatt ddddo 

I do?" he stammered.

The man laughed suddenly, loudly, then stopped. "Ya gotta git 

ya dick in her hole." The boy nodded dumbly. "Lie down on top a' 

her and just stick it up," Luis said.

Rafael lay down on top of the girl. The memory of lying on top 

of Grant, of Grant lying above him, of the two boys rolling naked 

on the bed at night, came back to him as he felt the coolness of 

the girl's flesh. It was soothing against his own heated body. Her 

body was soft like Grant's, but it didn't respond. Her body didn't 

hug and arch against him. She didn't writhe as their bare flesh 

came together. "Git her legs apart first," Luis instructed. Rafael 

moved back so that he was kneeling beside the girl and he carefully 

moved one leg, then the other outward. The memory returned of how 

he 'fucked' with Cal, and then Mr. Baker. It really wasn't much 

different for a boy, except he didn't lie face up to do 'it'.

"Now what?" he asked uncertainly.

Luis looked at the boy and smirked. "Shit! Git ya dick hard. 

It ain't goin' nowhere like that. Go'n jerk ya'self. Git it real 

fuckin' stiff."

Rafael obeyed. Kneeling next to the girl, he began to 

masturbate, rubbing his little limp cock until it began to respond. 

He had never had to try to get an erection before. It was just like 

Mr. Baker's cock, only it wasn't because he was tired and old and 

partly drunk. He had to work at it for long minutes before there 

was even the slightest fullness. The truth dawned inside him as he 

rubbed on his cock frantically and tried to get it erect. The truth 

was he didn't like girls. He never had and he never would. That 

meant that he was 'gay' and inside the boy there was a strange 

happiness as he finally admitted it to himself. The truth seemed 

so obvious that he wondered why he hadn't realized it before. 

Rafael's penis stiffened very slowly. It didn't get as hard 

as it normally did, but it was hard enough. It was embarrassing as 

he struggled by himself. The pained expression on his face and each 

quick jerk of his hand was caught by the video camera.

"That'll do," Luis said at last, "Now git it in," he added 


Rafael nodded and lay back down above the girl. She seemed 

warmer now, or perhaps he wasn't as hot. He wasn't as scared anymore 

either. He just wanted to get it over and go to sleep. He fumbled 

for what seemed a long while as he tried to find the girl's vagina, 

trying to get his little penis lined up, trying to get it inside 

before it got too soft. Already he could feel his stiffness fading. 

It was unusual for Rafael became his penis always became erect so 

quickly and stayed hard for so long. He felt the opening into the 

girl's body with the little glans of his penis and he pushed 

forward. His small brown buttocks clenched. There was a moment of 

resistance and then the boy felt his penis slip inside. It was hot 

and it felt nice but already his erection was dying. "Now fuck the 

bitch," Luis ordered. "Pump ya fuckin' dick inside her."

The boy began to hump, moving his hips the same way Cal did, 

or Mr. Edwards, or Mr. Baker, driving his little cock deeper, then 

pulling back.

"Git ya legs apart, I cain't see nuthin' but ya ass. Right 

apart. Yeah that's better,... now poke that pussy," Luis snarled 

as he focused the camera on the boy's tiny ball-sac and watched in 

the viewfinder as the boy's little cock slid in and out. Rafael 

lasted only a few seconds before his penis pulled free, suddenly 

limp. "Fuck!" Luis screamed, "Ya fuckin' faggot, ya cain't even 

keep it in the bitch. It's damn limp. Ya cain't even keep it up," 

He came across the room, his fist clenching. He hit Rafael with a 

punch that was so hard that it lifted the boy off the bed and 

knocked him to the floor. The boy screamed and from deep inside him 

a frightened wail burst out as he cried and shuddered 


Luis looked at the inert body of the girl, savoring her 

slender young body and the smooth young flesh that he'd been 

watching in the view finder. He unfastened his belt and opened his 

zipper, pulling his jeans and underpants down to his knees. 

Oblivious to the crying boy, he mounted her, grunting furiously as 

he forced his cock into her. Rafael crawled across the floor. His 

cheek burned and his entire body shook as the pain grew. He touched 

his cheek gently then looked at his fingers, expecting to see 

blood, but his fingertips were wet only with his tears. He crawled 

to the wall and hugged it with his body as he tried to escape from 

the horror in the room. His head was filled with noise; the banging 

of the old metal-frame bed against the wall and the grunting sounds 

that Luis made from deep in his chest.

Rafael remembered the few seconds that he had spent inside the 

little pussy, how tight it had been on his penis once it was inside 

her vagina. Rafael had never had his penis inside another boy, but 

he knew how tight his own body was when someone else's cock went 

inside him. Even Mr. Baker's finger felt huge at first, and it took 

a long time before his little anus was stretched wide enough for 

it to fit. To have Luis' cock forced inside so quickly would be 

excruciatingly painful. Rafael felt sorry for the little girl. 

Slowly he became braver and he sat up with his back against the 

wall, nursing his jaw in one hand and wiping away the tears that 

formed in his eye away with his little finger. It was then that he 

realized that he could not see out of his right eye. His eye 

throbbed painfully and he touched it lightly with his finger. The 

eyelid was closed. Rafael remembered his fight in the orphanage 

with an older boy and he knew what happened. His eye would be 

swollen and black in a few hours.

Then, after an eternity the boy realized that the banging of 

the bed against the wall had stopped. Now there was the steady 

rhythm of creaking springs and Luis' grunting had become quieter. 

The man was panting and groaning with each thrust into the little 

girl. Rafael looked at the bed. Even from his position on the floor 

he could see what was happening. Luis' buttocks were jerking 

savagely, his strong thigh muscles standing out with each thrust 

and the bed bounced under the force he exerted into the girl's body. 

Rafael watched. He hated the man and everything that he was, but 

he still wanted the pain deep inside his own body. He felt weak and 

useless, unable to move or help the little girl. Was this what Luis 

wanted? He knew that the man was hurting the girl. Unless her pussy 

loosened like a boy's body, then she might survive. But Rafael 

didn't know, just that Luis' engorged cock was somehow deep inside 

the little girl's body. He hated Luis for making fun of him, for 

taunting him, for hurting him, for not taking what the boy had 

offered, for not giving the boy what he wanted. If being gay, a 

'faggot', was so terrible, then surely this was just as bad or even 

worse because Rafael had been willing to do anything that Luis 

asked of him.

Slowly he stood up and used the wall behind his back to brace 

himself. The tottering boy staggered forward, recovered his 

balance, then finally made it to the door. Luis was oblivious to 

all but satisfying his own animal-frenzy. He hadn't noticed Rafael 

go past the bed but the boy had seen the large red stain under the 

girl's body. The man's blood-covered cock was pumping furiously and 

it forced out more blood into the ever-widening circle. The boy 

felt the fear rise up inside him together with the bile from his 

stomach. He nearly vomited as he staggered down the corridor and 

into the living room.

 As he entered he stopped in shock as he saw the little girl's 

mother lying on the couch where he had been just a short time 

earlier. Her head lolled back, connected to her body by a scrawny 

thin neck. Her dress was pulled halfway up her thighs and her legs 

were outstretched. Her right hand was grasping her pubic area and 

splitting the hair covered flesh as two fingers jerked between her 

legs. The boy decided that it was ugly compared to the smooth 

delicate skin and the sensitive small genitals of a young boy like 

himself. It was 'gross' and his feeling of disgust was so intense 

that he wondered why would anyone want to touch it, let alone for 

put his cock in there. He could see the crimson inside the woman's 

labia and her fingers glistened with a silvery slime as she rubbed 

faster and faster.

It was her daughter next door and Rafael knew that he had to 

do something. He had to tell her what was happening with Luis. That 

he was stark naked didn't bother him. She'd already seen him in the 

kitchen and she had merely turned away, callously dismissing his 

presence. Rafael approached the couch slowly, holding his penis 

between his fingers nervously, the same way that he had as a little 

boy after his mother had disappeared. He came right up to the side 

of the couch before the woman realized he was there. She looked up 

slowly, still masturbating. Her eyes were glassy and appeared not 

to see him. Her breathing came in irregular panting bursts. The 

rubbing was furious, then slowing down, then fast again. She was 


"Your little girl," he croaked. "Luis,... In there,... He's 

hurting her bad,...." The woman ignored him. Rafael tried again, 

"In the bedroom,... Luis hurting her,... your girl. He's killing 

her," the boy gasped out painfully.

Then the woman shrugged, "So fuckin' what, you little faggot," 

she hissed.

"Please,..." Rafael begged, "Luis is killin' her,... Blood 


"Fuck off! That's Luis' problem. It sure ain't mine,... or 

your's neither. Go find your fuckin' boyfriend," the woman said 


There was a sudden scream, a high-pitched scream of terror 

that could only come from a child like Rafael or the little girl 

in the bedroom with Luis. The boy pivoted around, his eyes alight 

with fear, then the scream was cut off. "He's killing her,... He 

is,.... Luis is killing her,... Why don't you care? You're her 

mother,... I know you are,... You gotta stop Luis,.... Please,..." 

he implored, his voice little more than a hoarse whisper.

"Git lost! Go git ya boyfriend to stick it up ya ass,... That's 

what you want, ain't it? Pretty boy ain't ya. Go git it back up ya 


Rafael stepped back as her fist swung wide and missed. He saw 

his clothes lying on a pile on the table and he backed away towards 

them. He knew that his only chance was to get dressed and get help 

for the little girl. He pulled on his tee-shirt, then his 

underpants, then his shorts. There were no socks or shoes. The 

shoes he'd left in the van, the socks had disappeared.

The woman groaned loudly and he swung around quickly. The 

woman's back was arched and both of her hands were rubbing. The 

fingers of one hand were stabbing into her vagina while the others 

focused on something higher up. Rafael was fascinated. She was 

acting almost the same way as a man or boy did when they made 'cum', 

but he could see nothing coming out. Perhaps it happened in the 

hole inside he thought, though there was certainly nothing outside 

to show for it. No longer interested, he turned away and went back 

into the corridor.

He glanced into the kitchen, one of the men looked up from the 

magazine he was reading. He smirked at the boy, "Luis finished wid 

you?" he laughed.

Rafael breathed out, knowing that his plea was useless but he 

had to try, "Luis is hurting the girl," he blurted out. "There's 

blood all over."

The man smirked, "'Course there's fuckin' blood. Little bitch 

was a virgin."

 "Her cunt's tight just like ya little asshole," the other man 

said. He smirked at the other man, then added, "You ready kid?. Bet 

ya tight ass'll bleed too when I'm done. I got a dick bigger'n Luis 

and he likes cute boy-asses. Luis don't like no shit on his dick 

so he ain't gonna give it to you. Not fuckin' likely anyway. How 

'bout it kid? You wanna git it off?"

Rafael shook his head and backed away into the corridor, 

suddenly realizing that there must be a front door somewhere. He 

had to escape. The boy stumbled down the corridor knocking against 

the walls as he swayed from side to side. He fell through the 

doorway of the bedroom. As he tried to get up he noticed that Luis 

had stopped moving. The man lay over the small body that was barely 

visible under him. He gasped and trembled with the aftermath of his 

orgasm. The circle of blood had widened even further now, 

stretching past the girl's narrow hips. From the way that Luis lay, 

Rafael knew that the man's cock was still inside the girl's vagina. 

He swallowed back the bile that rose in his throat yet again and 

tried to look away, but his eyes were drawn back. It was then that 

the boy saw the man's hand clamped over the girl's mouth and he 

knew that she was dead.

"Luis,... " the boy whispered, " Luis you killed her."

The man twisted around and looked over his shoulder at the 

young boy. "You wanna fuck her now, you goddamed faggot?"

The boy shook his head furiously, "Luis,.... she's dead..... 

Luis you killed her.... She's dead, and you killed her."

The man sprang at the boy, leaping back from the girl, his 

cock sucking free. It was still elongated but it was no longer 

stiff. It was bright red with the girl's blood. He caught Rafael 

by the arm and threw the boy back onto the bed and forced the boy's 

face into the bloodied sheets between the girl's legs, "No,... You 

fuckin' killed her, faggot. You coulda' done her, I was gonna let 

you. You could'a stuck a dick up her pussy instead. You killed her."

Rafael shook his head violently as he felt the wet blood 

against his forehead. His mind was disordered and his thoughts were 

confused as he screamed madly. He was incoherent as he struggled. 

His rage grew, building out of his impotence until his fury erupted 

in a paroxysm of sudden strength. He kicked back against Luis and 

felt his foot connect with the man's thigh. Then he felt the brute 

force of Luis' madness as he was jerked back and spun around. He 

never saw the punch coming as it hammered into his belly. It lifted 

the boy backwards and slammed him to the floor.

Rafael's head hit hard against the floor and he lay there 

dazed, the breath knocked out of him. Seconds passed for the 

senseless boy and then air rushed into his lungs. He opened his 

mouth to scream but Luis leaped from the bed and stood just a foot 

away from the sobbing boy. The man looked down as the boy trembled 

in pain and fear. "Goddamed faggot," he hissed. As Rafael screamed 

his groin exploded in blinding pain. His body was kicked sideways 

by more than two feet as Luis' foot caught and kicked him hard 

against the wall. The pain exploded outwards and rushed through the 

boy's slender body. Rafael tried to scream again but the second 

kick came harder and faster and this time his body's backward force 

was resisted by the wall. The pain was unmanageable, far more than 

the boy could tolerate. As a fearful numbness came over him Rafael 

looked up at Luis in outrage. He didn't feel the third, the fourth 

or the fifth blows as he sank into the welcome darkness again.

Rafael awoke hours later. As his sleep faded away, the horror 

of the pain returned. Within seconds he felt the agony build, a 

terrible burning heat in his groin. It was a pain that throbbed and 

pierced the boy's mind as he began to cry. For long minutes he was 

in torment, his body wincing with each breath. With each breath the 

pain tore at him and stabbed into his groin. Then he fainted again 

and sank back into the darkness and the pain faded.

When the boy awoke again it was daylight. The pain still 

gnawed at him but it was just bearable. Rafael choked back sobs and 

closed his eyes tightly. Slowly he grew accustomed to it. Any 

movement made the pain worse, so he lay very still, unaware of where 

he was. He tried to keep what was left of his sanity and wanted 

only for the pain to go away. Long hours passed as the boy drifted 

in and out of sleep. He lost all sense of time, curled tightly into 

a little fetal ball, his hands clasped over his ruined genitals, 

protecting his groin. At some point Luis came in and looked at the 

boy and taped his hands and feet together with 'duct' tape. After 

that Rafael lay with his hands between his legs, covering his 

injured part with his arms.

It was early evening when Rafael finally looked around him and 

he realized that he was lying on the bed, on the bed where he had 

watched Luis kill the little girl. He looked over behind him, then 

turned away quickly. The girl's body was still behind him, her 

flesh now grey and cold. Vomit rose in the boy's throat and he 

coughed, choking as he soiled the bed again and again. He tried to 

move away from her but even the slightest movement caused him to 

cry out in pain. One of the other men came into the bedroom and 

checked his bonds, smirked down at him and then left again. Rafael 

fell asleep.

The next day passed slowly. The room stank of death and vomit. 

The boy had not eaten for two days but he wasn't hungry. He wanted 

only to die. It was just after dark when Luis and the two other men 

came into the bedroom.

"Fuckin' stinks in here, don't it?" Luis observed.

"Kid's awake," one of the men observed.

Luis shrugged and looked down at Rafael, "Little fucker sure 

could suck good," he smiled. "Ain't much good for nuthin' now." He 

looked away. "You guys dump both of 'em, up I-95, somewhere quiet, 

real quiet like in South C'lina, once you get past S'vannah. Maybe 

find some gators'll to clean up. Do what'cha want with the kid, but 

I want him dead when you leave."

The men nodded. The taller one smiled slightly as he glanced 

at the boy. Rafael clenched his jaws determined not to cry or show 

his fear. He felt the pain return as he was lifted off the bed and 

half-dragged, half-carried out through the kitchen, out into the 

back yard and pushed into the van. He crawled down into the rear 

of the van, seeking the darkness. His groin ached horribly. A few 

minutes later the men returned and heaved the little girl's body 

into the van. It was wrapped in the blood-covered sheet. Rafael 

pushed his face hard into the carpet, hiding his head under a seat. 

He cried softly as the van started and pulled out onto the road.

He drifted off to sleep again, waking, then falling asleep 

again and again, sometimes for only minutes, sometimes for what 

seemed forever. When he was awake, the boy's mind wandered and for 

the first time in his ten-year life, Rafael wondered what it was 

like to be dead. He knew that he had only a matter of a few hours 

and that his final hours would be hours of horror.

It was early in the next morning when the boy awoke for the 

last time. The van was jerking up and down and moving slowly as it 

bumped along a dirt road. It stopped and the engine noise died away. 

There was a moment's silence. Rafael heard the front doors of the 

van open, then the side door opened. The boy's body tensed, 

trembling with fear. He sensed the girl's body being dragged out. 

He felt hands on his feet and he was dragged along the carpeted 

floor. At the door, the early morning sunshine streamed onto his 

face. The boy blinked in the bright light and tried to focus his 

eyes. He quickly looked away as he saw the little formless bundle 

lying on the ground a few feet away. A hand grabbed his chin and 

twisted him around, thumb and fingers squeezing into his cheeks. 

"So I ain't gonna find out how tight ya fuckin' ass is?" the man 

hissed into Rafael's face.

The boy shuddered and tried to close his eyes. He wanted only 

to deny the man what he had desired so desperately with Luis. He 

shook his head valiantly. The man smirked, "Well you ain't gonna 

stop me kid." The man reached out and lifted up the boy's tee-shirt 

with his other hand and felt the brown velvet-smooth flesh of the 

boy's flat belly with the palm of his hand.

"Yeah, you 'n me kid. Your ass is gonna be shit!" He pulled a 

knife from the back pocket of his jeans and sliced through the duct 

tape that was wrapped around the boy's hands. Without pausing he 

grabbed one of the lose ends and ripped. Rafael screamed as it tore 

free. The man grinned, "You ain't felt nuthin' yet kid. Wait till 

I git it up here," he sneered, grabbing the soft cheeks of the boy's 

bottom through his shorts. Rafael shivered and rubbed his wrists 

where the duct tape had been torn away. The man squatted down and 

sliced through the tape that still bound the boy's legs. "I want 

ya legs wide open, boy," he laughed. Rafael braced for the tearing 

pain as the duct tape was torn away. The man stood up and Rafael 

slowly relaxed, breathing out as some of the tension in his body 


The other man smiled, "Just take the kid down there and do it, 

man. I don't wanna watch ya screw his ass off 'n I ain't carrying 

him down there afterwards. No fuckin' way."

The taller man shrugged and pushed Rafael in the shoulder 

viciously. The boy staggered and winced as the agony rose up in his 

groin. He was pushed the whole way down the embankment, slipping 

and sliding in the dry red earth, until he reached the muddy edge 

of the pool. It was shady. Long rushes grew down into the water and 

the air was redolent with the smells of the swamp and heavy with 

the sounds of insects and the heat of the day to come. "Git 'cha 

clothes off," the man ordered.

Rafael looked up at him arrogantly, Not now, not with this 

man, not when he didn't want to, he would die first. But even 

despite his hatred and fear the hungry urge still formed within 

him. It pushed his other thoughts to the side until it was foremost 

in his mind. He shook his head slowly and braced himself for what 

would follow. He saw the man's hand pull back as he clenched his 

fist and the strength built in his sinewed arm. Rafael gave in and 

nodded, half-closing his eyes in despair.

The man smiled smugly and watched as the boy began to lift up 

his tee-shirt. "Git everythin' off kid. I gotta git me some lube. 

You gonna be real tight in th' ass ain't cha?" He turned away and 

clambered back up towards the van. He turned back at the top of the 

embankment and saw Rafael with his tee-shirt off, the half-naked 

boy holding his shirt and standing quietly in the shade. The man 

licked his lips, already tasting the soft brown flesh as he walked 

to the van.

 Rafael stood quietly for almost a minute. He knew he was going 

to die, maybe in a few minutes, maybe in an hour, but he was going 

to die. A dim memory of Grant came back to Rafael. He remembered 

Grant's smooth pale body beside his own dark brown body on that 

first night together and their little hands stroking each other's 

penises gently. He remembered the feelings that rose up within him 

and the startling discovery that he was happy for the first time 

in his life.

The boy looked around him. His heart pounded in his chest and 

the sounds of the swamp overwhelmed him. Then something jumped in 

the dark green water of the pool and startled him. He looked back 

up the embankment. There was no sign of the man returning. He turned 

and fled, staggering through the reeds and undergrowth, his 

genitals bursting into a white hot agony. Branches tore at his 

clothes as the boy stumbled forward, scratching his brown slender 

legs mercilessly, the sharp stones and rough ground cutting into 

his feet. He heard shouts behind him as the men came crashing 

through the undergrowth. The boy staggered onwards. Thick black 

slime from the muddy edge of the pool covered his legs. Rafael could 

hear the men getting closer, their shouts drawing ever nearer, his 

entire body now numbed by the pain in his groin.

Rafael was almost ready to stop and let the men find him. He 

would be grateful when his pain was extinguished. He tripped and 

slid down through the undergrowth, down into brackish water that 

came up past his waist. The water was cool and it relieved the cruel 

pain in his groin. His feet sank into mud, past his ankles and up 

his legs. The boy froze as he heard the men crashing through the 

bushes only a few feet away. He realized that his body was hidden 

by the thick green foliage. Rafael waited, his heart pounding in 

his ears and he tried to stop his frenzied gasping. The sounds faded 

and the boy relaxed slowly. He looked around him. He had fallen 

into a small creek. To one side the water oozed towards the pond, 

the way he had come. To the other, just overhanging branches and a 

thick growth of plants. Carefully he made his way along the creek, 

his eyes and ears searching for the men. He heard only the swish 

of the water as it swirled around his waist. After nearly half-an-

hour of cautious wading, the creek ended in a concrete storm pipe 

and Rafael could hear the occasional sound of cars whizzing by and 

the roar of trucks on what he suddenly realized was a freeway. It 

was thirty feet up the embankment. For a moment he thought about 

climbing up but he realized that the men might be waiting for him 

and he decided otherwise. The opening in the storm drain wasn't 

very large, but it was big enough for a ten-year-old boy. It was a 

twenty inch pipe, enough room for Rafael's shoulders and slightly 

more than seven inches left over.

The boy climbed out of the water, cutting his bare hands on 

blackberry bushes as he pulled himself upward. He squeezed head-

first into the pipe. It was a long crawl, moving just inches at a 

time. It was a long, slow, painful way to move but the faint light 

at the end of the tunnel gradually grew brighter and larger until 

the boy emerged. The sound of moving vehicles was loud again and 

Rafael scrambled up the rise. The boy kept his head down until he 

could see the other side. There was no sign of the two men and he 

slithered back down into the shade. Rafael lay in the shade of an 

old oak, covered with Spanish moss, sleeping fitfully. His young 

body was exhausted but he was alive.

It was about lunchtime when he awoke and climbed back up to 

the freeway. He pulled on his tee-shirt, and leaned back against 

the metal guard rail, waiting for the next car to pass.

Chapter 5. Love: Rafael and John.

The story has been terminated at this point! Please refer to

the header.


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