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Archive-name: Samesex/majlea03.txt


Archive-title: Playing in the Major Leagues - 3

Chapter 3. Lust: Rafael and Alan Baker

The next morning after breakfast Rafael sneaked down to the 

basement with the dildo tucked into the elastic waistband of his 

shorts and covered by his tee-shirt. He rinsed it off in the laundry 

tub and put it back where he had found it in the drawer, or as close 

as possible to where he remembered. He paused for a few minutes to 

look at the magazines again. He picked a different one this time. 

The cover showed two dark-haired boys and a man standing together. 

The boys were on either side and stood side-on, looking up at the 

man with admiration and what looked like affection to Rafael. One 

boy was taller and Rafael thought they might even be brothers. He 

wondered if the man in the middle was their father. The man looked 

a lot like the two boys. The two boys, somewhere between ten and 

twelve years old, were holding the man's hands. All they had on 

were their underpants. They weren't the white 'high-rise' kind that 

they gave out to the boys in Baker House as part of the clothing 

allowance. The two boys wore briefs that were low cut with little 

front and rear patches of bright nylon that were joined by only a 

thin string. It was the first time that Rafael had seen bikini-

briefs and it made his penis stiffen almost instantly. He tried to 

read the title of the magazine.

The first word was easy, that was "BOY", the second word he 

had to sound out. "I...N...C...E...S...T...." Rafael paused, 

thinking aloud, "INK-EST???... No such word, stupid..." He tried 

again, "INCE-ST?.... That's dumb too,....IN-CEST,.... Maybe? I 

wonder what it means?" He turned the magazine over and looked at 

the back cover. There were more words and a picture of the younger 

boy with his bikini briefs pulled down just far enough to see the 

start of his penis. The words were in smaller print and Rafael knew 

them. "DAD AND HIS TWO BOYS," he said aloud. He smiled to himself, 

wondering if it meant what he thought it did.

Rafael opened the magazine and looked at the first picture. 

It showed a bedroom with the two boys asleep in the same bed. A red 

and black patterned sheet was draped over their hips. The boys were 

bare above that and they looked very pale against the sheet. The 

man was standing at the doorway, looking at them. The next picture 

showed the man sitting on the bed shaking one of the boys awake. 

The bigger boy was sitting up watching with a smile on his face 

that could mean only one thing. Rafael knew then that the man was 

their father. As he turned the pages his heart leaped. He had never 

thought of a 'family' like this. The pictures were very graphic. 

One showed the man's hands pulling down the younger boy's bright 

red briefs. A hard little cock a bit bigger than Rafael's popped 

out over the top as the briefs came down. The boy was hairless too, 

just like Rafael. The next picture showed the two boys together, 

the bigger boy had a much bigger penis with a little bit of silvery 

hair at the base. The boys were sitting on the bed with their pale 

legs stretched wide apart while their father knelt beside them with 

one hand on each boy's bare thigh.

In the next picture the man was masturbating his sons and 

Rafael breathed out in awe as he tried to imagine it happening to 

himself. He grinned cheekily and then turned the page. His mouth 

dropped open. The older boy was doing 'it' to the younger one and 

their father was helping by pulling the younger boy's cheeks apart 

and bracing him as his brother pushed his fat short penis inside. 

"Jesus!" Rafael gasped. Instinctively, his hand moved downward to 

scratch at his own tight underpants. His chest was heaving as he 

turned the page. He swallowed. It was a close-up of the boys' 

genitals. There was white juice splattered over the younger boy's 

cheeks and his little anus was wide open and looking back at the 

camera. His brother's penis had a milky dribble from the end of it 

as his father squeezed the last of it out of the boy's testicles. 

Rafael trembled, quivering with excitement as he tried to imagine 

his 'family' doing that.

He flicked through the rest of the pictures in the magazine 

while he rubbed his rigid penis through his shorts as hard as he 

could. The younger boy mounting the older boy; the younger boy 

lying on his back with his father's finger inside his anus, his 

brother's penis in his mouth; the older boy squatting above his 

father and riding the huge penis that seemed as if it was stuffed 

inside him; another was a close-up of the older boy's anus, wide 

open with white juice dribbling out of it, the younger boy's tongue 

licking it up. The final two pictures frightened Rafael. In one, 

the younger boy was lying on his back with his buttocks lifted high 

in the air. His father was kneeling behind with his penis inserted 

about halfway inside the boy. The older brother was kneeling over 

the boy's face with his penis inside his mouth, gripping the boy's 

ankles and lifting him upward as he 'presented' him to his father. 

The last picture was another close-up. This time the little boy's 

anus was stretched to breaking point as it swallowed the man's 

thick cock until only one or two inches remained outside. The boy's 

genitals seemed very small, his penis shrivelled up and the ball-

sac seemed almost as small as Rafael's.

Rafael wanted to look at the pictures for ever. He wanted to 

pretend that he was the younger boy. He rubbed his hand against his 

very hard penis, absorbed in his fantasy. He jumped as he heard 

someone coming down the basement steps. He shoved the magazine back 

into the drawer and leaped to his feet, leaving the room just 

moments before the two boys finished going down the stairs. As he 

left the basement, Rafael trembled uncontrollably. His heart was 

pounding frantically in his chest. His mind raced as it replayed 

the pictures again and again until they became blurred.

At the top of the basement stairs he almost ran into Mr. 

Edwards. The boy's face was flushed with excitement and the fear 

of being discovered. Mr. Edwards looked at the young boy 

suspiciously, then smiled as he beckoned for Rafael to follow him. 

He led the way to the back of the building and into the quiet 

privacy of his office.

"Close the door," he instructed as he walked back to his desk.

Rafael turned and closed the door, then looked back at Mr. 


"Well Raffy, have you thought about it? What we talked about?" 

he asked the boy. Rafael swallowed nervously and nodded slightly, 

then licked his lips with his small pink tongue. "Well?...." Mr. 

Edwards asked again.

"Yeah! I guess. Would he really adopt me, sir?" the boy asked.

"He might. It depends on how good you are. You understand?"

"If I do what he wants?" Rafael asked.

"That's the question isn't it boy. Will you?"

"I,... I,... don't know. I guess." The boy's voice was quiet 

and he mumbled, shifting his weight from one side to the other 


"It's your decision. A lot of things could change if you were 

a good boy and did what he wanted," Mr. Edwards said.

"Yeah! I guess so. Mr. Edwards if,... well if I don't like 

him,... well can I stop?" Rafael asked.

The man nodded and breathed out, "I know you'll like him. He's 

very fond of boys like you. He's asked a lot about you."

"Huh? He has? I,... don't even know who he is."

"Yes you do, boy. You just don't know it. You're not the only 

boy here at Centerville that he's taken a fancy to you know. Before 

you? Well, Jerry for one." Mr. Edwards grinned.

"Jerry?" Rafael asked in surprise. "Jerry did it too?"

"Yes. When he was your age of course. Where do you think the 

money coming from for Jerry to go to college next year?" Mr. Edwards 


"I don't know. He has a scholarship,... or something doesn't 


The man laughed, "Yeah he does, boy. Only he got it seven years 

ago. You understand? When you're older, I'm sure he'll take care 

of you too. With your schoolwork I doubt that you get into college, 

but you'll want other things I'm sure. Nice clothes, a car?"

Rafael smiled, then nodded slowly. "Yeah! Okay,... I'll do it. 

Whatever he wants huh? Even back there? Like Cal and me?"

Mr. Edwards smiled, "'specially back there Raffy. Let's say 

that's the main attraction. The main course. The rest is just icing 

on the cake."

Rafael smirked and stepped forward, his dark eyes lighting up 

with excitement, "So who is he?" he asked.

Mr. Edwards smiled and pointed at the wall. He pointed at the 

space in the center of the bookcase, at the picture in the middle, 

at the picture of Mr. Alan E. Baker. "Jesus!" Rafael gasped. "Him? 

He's a millionaire."

The man smiled and came around from behind the table and 

placed his hands on the boy's small shoulders. He could feel the 

warm strength of the boy's lithe young body. "He's more than that, 

boy. Much more. If you're good, and I mean very good,... there's a 

chance he might adopt you. You'd be a very rich boy."

Rafael nodded, his mind working quickly. He replayed the 

pictures he'd just seen in the magazine again and again, only he 

was the young boy and Jerry was the older boy and Mr. Baker was 

their 'father'. Rafael nodded slowly, "Good? You mean that I should 

do anything Mr. Baker wants me to do?"

Mr. Edwards nodded. "You play your cards right, you could do 

well boy,... very well. And I know you can play, right? Cal made 

sure of that by the sound of things."

Slowly Rafael smiled, then began to giggle. "You knew all 

along, didn't you? What Cal was doing to me. It was your idea for 

Cal to do that to me,... so I liked it?"

The man shrugged, "You're certainly smart enough kid, though 

a person wouldn't know from your schoolwork. Hell that's life, kid. 

You won't be the first boy out of Centerville to get his ass 

hammered. Grant had his fun too, didn't he? From what I hear Jerry 

didn't miss out on much either. Except for one important detail, 

and Cal,... well he took good care of that."

Rafael smirked no longer able to hold back, "You know about 

Grant and Jerry?"

The man smiled. "I know most of the things that go down. Maybe 

'up' would be more descriptive. Al Baker picked you out when you 

were still in Davis. You're a cutie. You're built just right, 

exactly the way he likes boys. Smart enough not to tell stories and 

smart enough to do what you're told. Let's just say you've been 

groomed for the job, shall we?" Rafael grinned cheekily. "No need 

to tell Cal about our little conversation is there?" Rafael nodded. 

"Our secret, right boy?"

Rafael nodded again. Mr. Edwards smiled and continued. "Okay. 

Now then, Al, Mr. Baker to you, unless he tells you otherwise, is 

gonna pick you up here tomorrow evening and take you to the baseball 

game. It's a night game so you won't get back till late. He'll 

probably want to have a little fun somewhere first. I don't think 

he'll take you to his house, but he might. More likely it'll be 

somewhere in his car. Now he knows boys, and like I said you aren't 

the first boy from here to,... uh,... have a good time with him. 

You might be the last boy if you're real lucky. He's getting older 

so he's gotta leave all those millions to someone. You give him a 

good time and the worst you're gonna get is a sore ass and that's 

nothin' new for you, is it?"

Rafael blushed slightly and looked down at his dirty scuffed 

sneakers. Mr. Edwards lifted the boy's chin up so that their eyes 

met. "You're a beautiful boy, Raffy. It's wasted 'round here on 

these little pigs. 'Man like Mr. Baker appreciates pretty young 

boys like you. You're one of the best, maybe the best. Whatever he 

wants,... you do it. Okay? No matter what it is!"

Mr. Edwards stroked the boy's soft cheek lightly with his 

thumb. "Yeah, you certainly are a real beauty, kid." The boy smiled 

shyly and nodded. "You know how to play innocent?" Rafael looked 

at the man uncertainly. "Just do what he wants but pretend you've 

never done it before. Not with Grant, not with Cal, nobody. If he 

asks whether you've played around with other boys here at 

Centerville the answer is no."

The boy smiled, "Pretend like it's my first time?"

"Yeah! That's the idea. He's gonna know you're not a virgin 

'cause I'll tell him. Chances are that he'll want to pretend 

otherwise. I don't think he likes the idea of boys your age knowing 

what to do."

The boy nodded and Mr. Edwards smiled. "Now git! Just make 

sure you're real clean back there tomorrow. What size are you?"


"What size underpants do you wear?"

"Uh, um,.. twenty or twenty-two I think" Rafael answered.

"Skinny little bugger aren't you? Well he likes little boys 

so he's not gonna complain is he? I'll put a new pair under your 

pillow. Wear your best clothes too. I'll leave the kitchen door 

open for you to get in. I'll meet you in the parking lot tomorrow 

afternoon, five o'clock sharp. Not a word understand?"

Rafael nodded and backed towards the door. He wasn't sure 

whether he was happy or frightened or both. All he knew was that 

he was strangely excited by what Mr Edwards had said and it wasn't 

just that he might be adopted. In the corridor he rubbed his crotch 

with the palm of his hand. For most of the time he was in Mr. 

Edwards' office he'd been so hard that it hurt.


Mr. Baker pulled up in a dark blue Cadillac. It was a car that 

Rafael had often drooled over with the other boys when it was parked 

in the lot during the monthly board meetings. The man got out of 

the car and walked over to talk briefly with Mr. Edwards. A minute 

later Mr. Edwards beckoned Rafael over to join them.

"Alan, this is Rafael. Rafael say hello to Mr. Baker." 

"Hello Rafael," the man said gently.

Right away Rafael liked him and he wondered whether Mr. Baker 

remembered him from the last time they had met. His voice was deep 

though very friendly sounding. He could tell that Mr. Baker liked 

him too as they shook hands. The handshake was a good firm squeeze 

as the man looked straight into the boy's eyes. "Hi sir! Mr. Baker," 

Rafael gave his sweetest, most-disarming smile.

The man smiled back reassuringly. "You're right he is a very 

good looking boy. Yes indeed! How old are you Rafael?"

"Ten sir, I turned ten, uh, back in March, Mr. Baker," Rafael 


The man nodded, looking the boy up and down appreciatively. 

"Yes, I remember now. He's quite a boy isn't he?" he said to Mr. 

Edwards. "How's his health? No problems there I hope."

Mr. Edwards smiled. "I had the doctor look at him a week ago. 

He's fine, just the,.. er,... usual boy things. His blood test was 

negative of course."

Mr. Baker smiled, "Good! He look's like he's in real nice 

shape." He turned to Rafael. "You like baseball?" he asked the boy.

The boy smiled and nodded. "Rafael is good at everything he 

does," Mr. Edwards chipped in.

"Hmmm. Yes I'm sure he is. Well get in the car, boy," Mr. Baker 

said to Rafael. "I have a few things I need to talk about first and 

then I'll be right with you."

Rafael sauntered over to the car and opened the passenger side 

door. He slid into the luxurious leather seat. The car had a funny 

smell, a clean fresh smell that seemed as if it was still very new. 

Rafael sat back and looked out through the deep-tinted window at 

the two men. Mr. Baker was a lot older than Mr. Edwards but Rafael 

thought that  he was better looking. Mr. Baker's hair was already 

grey and he had a nice dark tan. He had really nice clothes on too, 

Rafael mused as he glanced down at his own clothes.

After a few minutes Mr. Baker walked over to the car and got 

into the driver's seat. He started the engine and pulled out onto 

the road before he turned and smiled at Rafael. He raised his 

eyebrows slightly as he spoke. "Edwards says you're something 

special," he said quietly. "I bet you are."

Rafael gave him his disarming smile again and turned his 

little-boy charm on as he pretended innocence. He shrugged. "Yeah, 

I like Mr. Edwards a lot too. He really takes care of me."

It took nearly an hour to get to the stadium. It was a long 

drive through heavy traffic that got worse as they neared downtown. 

As soon as the car was parked they went to find their seats, front 

row, bleachers. Rafael nearly 'peed' his pants. He couldn't wait 

to tell Cal. Mr. Baker bought him a large Coke and they settled 

back to watch the game. An hour passed and Rafael felt a pressing 

need to go to the bathroom.

"I gotta go to the 'john'," he grinned at the man next to him. 

"Must be all that Coke I had."

Mr. Baker smiled back at him. "You aren't the only one. I guess 

we better go, huh? The game seems pretty slow right now."

They stood up and made their way back up the aisle and onto 

the main concourse. More than a few heads turned to watch the 

beautiful dark-haired boy as he followed the older man. Rafael was 

still too young to notice that he was the center of attention. He 

was still too innocent to realize the lust in mens' eyes, and a few 

women as well. However, Mr. Baker noticed the casual glances that 

lingered on the boy and the heads that swivelled with admiring 

stares. Rafael caught up as they came onto the concourse and walked 

beside Mr. Baker towards the toilets.  The boy felt proud inside 

as he pretended that Mr. Baker was his 'father'. He wished only 

that Mr. Baker was just a bit younger, though he was still 

incredibly happy despite it. He hoped that Mr. Baker would 'adopt' 


The toilets were empty and they went down the row of urinals 

to about halfway before they stopped, side by side. To a casual 

observer they were just like any ten-year-old boy and his father, 

or grandfather. Mr. Baker opened his zipper at the same time as 

Rafael. The boy glanced downward as he directed his penis with two 

fingers of each hand.  Without much concentration he guided the 

thin, though powerful jet of watery piss into the center of the 

bowl with deadly accuracy. He suppressed a giggle as it splattered 

off the very center of the drain. It seemed to take Mr. Baker longer 

to get started and Rafael sneaked a glance sideways. Mr. Baker was 

holding his penis with one hand and leaning up against the tiled 

wall with the other. He seemed to be stroking his penis just back 

from where the head flared out, coaxing it out. He could see almost 

all of Mr. Baker's penis. It looked fat and old. It was kind of 

withered with a roughened head that was very different to the 

smooth soft head of his own little penis when the foreskin was 

retracted. Mr. Baker was circumcised, 'cut' as Jerry called it. 

Rafael wondered whether it really did affect the 'sensitivity' of 

it. He knew that a lot of boys at Centerville were like that and 

it didn't seem to be a problem, they sure were sensitive enough. 

Rafael smiled. Anyway, if his didn't loosen up soon the doctor had 

said that it would probably have to be cut off. He didn't care, 

it'd be a lot easier than trying to wash the damn thing every 

morning in the shower. Finally a dark yellow stream of piss began 

to come from the man's penis.

Rafael looked up, suddenly becoming aware that Mr. Baker was 

looking sideways and down at Rafael's own little penis as it 

protruded through his fly. The boy smiled as he shook the last few 

drips out so he wouldn't soil his new underpants. "Nice dick," Mr. 

Baker whispered in his ear. "Small,... but real nice. Just right 

for a nice boy like you." Rafael blushed right on cue, then he 

turned sideways as he pretended to fumble with his zipper.  Mr. 

Baker continued to look downward. I"m glad you aren't cut. I like 

a boy's dick to be natural. They butcher most kids."

Rafael touched the tiny puckered point of his foreskin. 

"Mine's kinda tight," he whispered, "Its a real pain to wash. I 

gotta get it stiff before I can pull the skin back past the head 


"Yeah, I bet you do.... Real stiff too I bet," Mr. Baker 

smirked. "You jerk off much yet?" he asked quietly.

Rafael giggled boyishly. "I play with it a bit....I can't do 

it yet,... I mean nothing comes out."

The man nodded. "'Coupla years yet from the looks of you. No 

rush. Just makes a hell of a mess to clean up. Besides I like my 

boys dry. You just keep on playing with it. Best thing for a tight 

skin. Maybe I can help you out?"

Rafael smirked back at him, "Yeah! That'd be cool."

Mr. Baker's penis continued to dribble for a while after the 

yellow stream had ended. He squeezed the length of his penis, 

finishing the dribble and shaking out the last few drops. "That's 

the problem with getting old, kid. The plumbing starts to break 

down," he said.

Rafael took one last look at the man's penis before he pushed 

it back inside his fly and closed his zipper. He wondered what it 

would look like when it was hard. He magined that it was probably 

as big as Mr. Edwards' penis.

They went out to the concourse and Mr. Baker led the way over 

to a concession stand. He purchased four hot-dogs and more Cokes 

and then watched with amusement as Rafael loaded his 'dogs' up with 

everything. The game was starting to 'pick up' when they went back 

to their seats. An ice-cream later and Rafael was feeling full, 

happy, and horny. He liked Mr. Baker and if he wanted to do 'it', 

young Rafael was more than ready to oblige. Mr. Edwards had been 

right. The worst he would get was a 'sore ass' and that was nothing 

unusual for him. The memory of Cal and Mr. Edwards joined together, 

the pictures of the two dark-haired boys and their father, the 

things he'd done with Cal, and Denny, and Tony were more than enough 

to convince the beautiful ten-year-old boy that he was perfectly 

capable of doing 'it' with Mr. Baker. What was more, he'd probably 

even enjoy it. Rafael couldn't wait until the baseball finished and 

Mr. Baker took him somewhere private. He decided that he would do 

anything that the man asked of him.


Mr. Baker pulled into the parking lot outside Baker House and 

turned off the engine. It was very dark inside the car because the 

moon was hidden by the large tree that stood next to them. What had 

started as a warm morning had turned progressively colder as a 

front moved in. The temperature had fallen steadily all afternoon 

and now the wind had the smell of rain.

Mr. Baker stretched back in the seat and grinned in the 

darkness, "You're really cute Rafael,... you know that." Rafael 

blushed slightly and he felt a sudden warmth in his face. The heat 

reddened down to his neck but it went unseen in the darkness. The 

boy looked away awkwardly. Mr. Baker reached over in the dark and 

gently touched the boy's shoulder. "You are, Rafael. You're the 

cutest boy in the whole place. It's nothing to be ashamed of you 

know. Half the boys here would give anything to have your looks."

Rafael looked down selfconsciously, staring at his feet in 

their well-worn sneakers. He felt funny all over and he knew his 

body was covered in goose pimples. A hot flush and a surge of 

adrenaline ran through him and he felt suddenly very aware of his 

young body and the closeness of the man next to him. He had never 

felt like this before, not with a grown-up.

"I,... I like you too Mr. Baker," he murmured.

Mr. Baker nodded, "It's easier when guys like each other, 


 The man's fingers gently clasped the boy's small fingers. 

Then in an instant the young boy became frightened of the heat that 

seemed to flood through his body and the closeness of the man next 

to him. The enclosed space of the car scared him and he desperately 

wanted to get out. Even as he reached for the door handle, Mr. 

Baker's hand touched against his leg just above the knee. The boy 

stopped. His heart was pounding wildly and Mr. Edwards words rang 

in his ears. Rafael was now very aware of his small bulging cock. 

It had been hard on and off during the drive back to Centerville. 

Now it seemed to stick out obscenely into the tight confines of his 

underpants making an almost uncomfortable hot ache that was 

centered between his slender legs. The boy wondered what would 

happen next. But deep inside he knew and he wanted what came next. 

He felt a momentary guilt and he wanted Mr. Baker to take his hand 

away, then, as his guilt and shame faded, wanted the man to keep 

his hand there forever.

Mr. Baker shifted closer. The hand was still on his jeans as 

it moved slightly, feeling the warmth of the boy's slender leg. The 

man's closeness was frightening, then overpowering as Mr. Baker's 

other arm came around Rafael's shoulders and hugged him tenderly. 

Then Mr. Baker pressed Rafael back into the seat and the hand moved 

away from his leg. The fingers were warm and gentle and they 

caressed the young boy. The fingers playfully explored his body, 

stroking his neck and shoulders, finally slipping down his narrow 

chest to his waist. The fingers clumsily unfastened the boy's belt 

and zipper. Then the fingers went back to caressing him, every so 

often dropping down to stroke the velvet-smooth skin of his lower 

belly and tease his navel. The fingers lifted up under his tee shirt 

to tease his tiny dark nipples until they were hard and pointed. 

Rafael remembered Mr. Edwards' warning. He sat quietly and tried 

not to be afraid. Slowly Rafael began to enjoy the gentle touches 

until finally he realized that he didn't care. He only wanted for 

the gentle touches to go on and on forever.

"I'm gonna get pretty cold," Rafael mumbled as he felt the 

man's hands ease his jeans down.

Mr. Baker shrugged, "So? You'll survive. I'll keep you warm 

enough but you can put my jacket over you if you want."

Rafael lifted his buttocks upward and helped Mr. Baker pull 

his pants and underpants down. When the man had the boy's jeans 

almost to his ankles Rafael asked hesitantly, "Do you,... want 

me,... to take them off?"

Mr. Baker shook his head, "Somebody might come out. This way 

you can pull them up fast if you need to. Besides we can do it like 


Rafael nodded. He was certain that what Mr. Baker meant by 

'it' was the same thing that he did with Cal. It was the same thing 

that Cal did with Mr. Edwards, that all of the boys in Baker House 

did sooner or later. He still wasn't completely sure that he wanted 

to do 'it' with Mr. Baker, but he remembered what he'd been told 

by Mr. Edwards before he left. It wouldn't be a bad thing if he did 

what Mr. Baker wanted. It would make Mr. Baker happy.

Naked from his waist down to his ankles, Rafael sat exposed 

before the man as he gently explored the young smooth body beside 

him. Mr. Baker's fingers were warm and strong and their touch was 

delicious on Rafael's bare hard little cock. He rubbed the boy's 

immature balls playfully. "You're really small, Rafael," he mused 

aloud. "YThis little guy is so cute and your nuts are about the 

smallest I've ever seen."

Rafael looked down and saw the man's hand fondling his aroused 

cock. He watched as the man gently stroked his short blunt shaft. 

"I'm sorry Mr. Baker," he whispered feeling unwanted and very 

ashamed of his body.

Mr. Baker grinned, "I don't care kid. I'm glad that you're 

still a little kid down there. I like that even more."

Rafael blushed again, "Doesn't it matter that my thing is so 

small?" he asked nervously.

The man shrugged, "A lot of boys don't enjoy it that much until 

they can cum. But you can still do it if you want, if you really 

want to do it, The size of your dick doesn't make that much 

difference anyway."

"Huh? Why? I mean,... well I always thought that it was better 

to have a big one," Rafael said.

Mr. Baker grinned, "Boys don't get to use their dicks much 

with me anyway. At least not so that their size matters much."

Rafael looked confused, "Why?" he asked.

"Don't you know?" Mr. Baker asked, "I thought you were already 

into that sort of thing."

Rafael thought for a second then slowly he started to giggle 

as he realized that he didn't have to pretend to be quite that 

innocent, "Oh! Ohhhh, okay."

Mr. Baker started to laugh, "That's right kid. Because I'm 

going to put my cock inside your butt. You do know that's the way 

guys do it don't you?"

Rafael nodded with a cheeky smirk. "I haven't done it 

before,... with a grown-up. I messed around with the other kids, 

mostly with my roommate. I even done that stuff too. It's going to 

hurt a lot isn't it?" he asked.

Mr. Baker shrugged, "Yeah, I guess. But I'll be real careful 

okay?" he answered.

Rafael nodded. "Okay! But if I want you to stop?" he asked 

nervously. The boy's voice was trembling with fear but it also 

crackled with growing excitement.

Mr. Baker didn't bother to answer but he nodded and reached 

under the car seat for the tube of KY he'd placed there earlier 

that afternoon. Rafael looked on enthusiastically. He was both  

curious and incredibly excited as the man lubricated his forefinger 

with the glistening gel and he obediently placed his feet up on the 

dashboard as Mr. Baker placed a towel under the boy's buttocks.

The man's forefinger traced the line of the boy's crevice. He 

began at the back of Rafael's tiny ball-sac and moved backwards, 

feeling for the small opening. The little puckered opening had long 

since disappeared but the man felt the moist warmth from inside the 

boy and he probed cautiously. He felt the taut orifice contact as 

his finger penetrated the small lips. Instinctively the boy tried 

to relax, knowing that his body would fight against it. He willed 

himself to accept its presence inside himand wanted it to go 

deeper. The man's eyes were half closed as his finger pushed in 

relentlessly. There was a sudden resistance as the boy's anus 

locked on his finger with quick spasms. Then the man felt the 

looseness ahead and his finger pressed harder. It slid in past the 

second joint and curled up in order to massage the boy's prostate. 

Within seconds Rafael began to writhe in uncontrollable ecstasy as 

the thrusting finger began to rub into his prostate. Instantly it 

began driving him wild, to the very brink of his sanity. It was a 

feeling totally unlike the motion of Cal's penis when it was inside 

him. It was different to what Jerry had done him several long months 

ago. The boy liked it a lot.

Mr. Baker felt the boy's bowel loosen. The sounds made by his 

finger quickly became louder and juicieras it surged back and forth 

within the boy. He grinned as he watched Rafael's half-naked body 

arch and strain on the seat, frantic for relief that seemed to 

always evade him, just out of reach. The man wondered if he should 

begin to masturbate the boy as well but he decided not to. Already 

the boy was shaking and whimpering in desperation. The muscles were 

taut in his smooth slender legs and his buttocks pumped erratically 

in a frenzied jerking motion. Mr. Baker watched as the young boy's 

face became contorted. Within just a few minyes Rafael was gasping 

for each breath and the sweet pungent odor of his mucus filled the 

car. Hot slippery wetness oozed out of the boy as he strained 

against the finger deep inside him, and then finally Rafael began 

to plead for it deeper, faster and even harder.

Mr. Baker knew that the boy would not orgasm. There would be 

no milky juice spitting out of Rafael's small limp cock for years 

to come, but he also knew that the boy enjoyed it. From the wet, 

almost sloppy looseness within the boy's body, Mr. Baker knew that 

Rafael was ready. The young boy's small sphincter was fully dilated 

and his rectal mucus flowed freely but still he was unable to 

deliver his own relief. Finally Mr. Baker pulled his finger out. 

He smeared the yellowish slime over the boy's belly and chest, 

symbolically staining him in a crude initiation as Rafael sighed 

in relief. The boy was thankful, though sad that the torment had 

stopped. Then Rafael watched as Mr. Baker unfastened his belt and 

zipper and pulled his slacks down.

The boy's eyes were riveted in disbelief. The man's cock was 

big compared to his own small organ but it wasn't threatening and 

powerful like Mr. Edwards. Rafael had expected Mr. Baker to be as 

big and hard as Mr. Edwards but he was only partially hard. Suddenly 

the boy was scared. He couldn't understand why the man's penis 

wasn't erect, but Mr. Baker gave him no time for second thoughts. 

He reached under the seat again, this time pulling out a dildo, a 

long pink one. It was thinner than the one that Rafael had borrowed 

from Mr. Edwards. The boy was surprised though he was also very 

curious about what the man intended. Rafael watched in disbelief 

as the man began to smear the glistening jelly over it.

"Why?.... Why are you doing that?" Rafael asked at last.

Mr. Baker looked up, "Huh? 'Cause I'm gonna use it up your 

ass. You know what a dildo is, don't you?"

Rafael nodded slightly, "Yeah, I guess I,... I've seen one 

before," he whispered.

The man nodded, brushing the slippery end of the dildo against 

his lips. "It's what a boy like you needs. Good long one, not too 

thick. He'll give you a good time, you'll see."

Rafael breathed deeply, "But,... well I thought you were gonna 

do it,...with your's. You can,... if you wanna," he offered.

Mr. Baker shrugged, "I know a lot of kids 'bout your age who'd 

rather have my friend here. It doesn't hurt nearly as much. 

Besides, there isn't enough space in my car." 

Rafael nodded, still wondering why the man's penis wasn't hard 

like Cal's or Mr. Edwards. The man pulled the young boy towards 

him, lifting the his legs back towards his head so that Rafael's 

buttocks were raised in the air. Between his feet, under the shorts 

bunched at his ankles, Rafael could barely see the man guiding the 

dildo forward. The boy's body was held tightly as the man 

restrained his every movement. For a few moments Rafael struggled 

but the man was resolute. Mr. Baker held him tightly and  continued 

to increase the pressure even as the boy squealed in pain and shock 

at being penetrated. Then, after a few minutes, the young body 

submitted and yielded to the advancing cock. After those first few 

minutes were over Rafael knew in his heart that he would never be 

the same again. He would never be able to look at a man, any man, 

without remembering that night and wanting a repeat performance 

with the real thing more than he could stand. The boy had fought 

valiantly, if ineffectively, to preserve his self respect. He cried 

had out loudly once, shrieking out his pain in the confines of the 

car and Mr. Baker had clamped his hand over the boy's mouth. "Shut 

up dummy," he commanded. "You want to bring Mrs. Edwards out here?" 

he said angrily.

Rafael felt the artificial cock push forcefully into him. It 

seemed to tear out his manhood with every thrust and, like a red 

hot poker seared him forever. He was branded, impaled on the thick 

unyielding cock. Then the man stopped pushing it back and forth. 

Rafael relaxed, now breathing heavily. The boy's final spasms faded 

as his sphincter, already weakened, collapsed before the onslaught. 

The boy could feel his insides softening and loosening even more. 

With every minute the tension faded until it was replaced by a 

squishy looseness. The man's hand stayed under his buttocks, 

holding the dildo inside the boy with just two fingers, then 

exerting no pressure at all as the boy's body ceased it's efforts 

to expel it.

After a few minutes it came alive. Rafael was startled as it 

began to wriggle and plunge into him. It seemed to shake and throb 

with a life of its own as it pumped rhythmically into the raw flesh 

of his young body. It's movement was merciless as it jumped around 

inside his body. Rafael clenched his teeth tightlyand tried not to 

cry.  He squeezed his eyes closed and tried to deny the life that 

seemed to flow into him. He tried to resist the fluid motion of his 

own thighs as they began to move and jerk spasmodically.  Mr. Baker 

kept it almost the whole way inside the boy, pushing it up into the 

boy's belly as the youngster wriggled and writhed uncontrollably 

on the seat. The man watched as little beads of sweat formed on the 

boy's forehead and the beautiful eyes squeezed tightly closed. He 

smiled as he observed that the tiny penis was now fully retracted. 

He watched as the boy approached the final summit, then smiled 

again as the young body convulsed and shook. Rafael forced his hand 

into his mouth to muffle his scream.

"It was always the same," the man thought, "People would never 

believe how a young boy could get off, even one as young as this 

boy. Young boys were something else again." He pulled it free as 

the last tremor passed. The boy gasped, dropping back onto the seat 

with exhaustion. "Fuck!" Mr. Baker swore quietly. "You were good 

kid. You okay? Your ass was sure tight for a while but it sure isn't 

now. I reckon you must have liked that."

Rafael had never felt so tired before. There was always a 

feeling that his energy had drained away, though it was never like 

this. It took all of Rafael's energy just to breath and all of his 

mental power to try to stop the endless shaking and trembling that 

continued even after the rubber-cock was no longer inside him. He 

didn't know what was wrong at first. It felt as if the plastic-

penis was still inside him, still moving back and forth. Then it 

felt like there was a huge empty void inside him, a void whose 

presence asserted itself by demanding to be filled again.

Rafael finally stopped shaking after a few minutes. He felt 

as though his insides had been pulverized. It felt looser inside 

his body than it had ever been before with Cal. And wetter too. It 

felt as if his entire stomach had turned to jelly. As Rafael slumped 

into the seat he could feel wetness spreading out underneath him. 

He knew the wetness came from inside him. It always felt a bit like 

that with Cal, only it had never been this wet back there. The car 

smelled, a sweet raw smell that had come from deep inside him. He 

could barely move. Except for the first few times with Cal he'd 

never felt like this before. He wanted to keep on. He wanted to do 

it again even though he knew he dare not. Finally, as he stopped 

shivering, a strange numbness came over him and then an awareness 

of his insides. It slowly replaced by a realization that his body 


But the pain didn't stop the hungry urge that remained inside 

the young boy. It was as if Mr. Baker could read Rafael's thoughts. 

"Did you like that?" he asked.

Rafael nodded weakly, wondering why it was so important that 

he enjoy it. Why couldn't they just leave him alone afterwards. He 

didn't want to talk. "Yeah,... I liked it okay," he whispered.

The man smiled, "I thought you did. You're good, kid. You were 

tight back there at first but you sure aren't now. You've got a hot 

ass boy. How old did you say you are?"

"Ten," Rafael answered.

"A young ten too by the looks of you. Yes sir, that's some ass 

you got back here. I got some friends that could really put it to 

good use," the man smirked. His hand moved back under Rafael's 

small buttocks and he squeezed the wet slippery cheeks. "I bet you 

liked it!" he added. Mr. Baker pushed his fingers into the small 

juice-filled crack and probed for the boy's opening. His fingers 

pressed into soft wet flesh that only a short time earlier had been 

firm and dry. "You sure got a mess back there. You're a wet one all 


The boy shifted uncomfortably and moved his buttocks so that 

Mr. Baker's hand could move under him, finally lifting his feet 

back up onto the dashboard. "Yeah! You're still horny aren't you, 

you little pig. You want it back in your ass again, don't you."

Rafael nodded slowly. He tried to say no, but found that he 

was unable to mouth the words. He wondered how the man knew what 

he wanted and that his desire was still raging even though he was 

physically exhausted. He didn't understand why Cal wasn't 

interested after he'd ejaculated. Rafael knew it was something to 

do with Cal's 'cum' and when it came out, though he didn't 

understand why it happened. For Rafael, relief always seemed like 

it was just moments away. If he just kept on for just a few more 

seconds he'd get it. It always felt good, sometimes so good that 

he thought he was going to die. He had felt like that with Mr. Baker 

in those last few seconds. It was like something inside him was 

about to explode. Then it felt like it burst but almost as soon as 

it had passed, he wanted the feeling to return again. After Cal had 

finished he always fell asleep and nothing happened until the next 


Mr. Baker moved his finger around and around the oozing, 

dilated hole then rubbed hard into the still tingling flesh. Rafael 

moaned in delight. Without warning he pushed forward into the hot 

wetness and began pumping hard into the boy's prostate. Rafael's 

legs jerked violently and the feelings came back within seconds. 

They returned with a vengeance, more demanding and stronger that 

they had ever been. Mr. Baker's finger stabbed into Rafael 

relentlessly, harder and faster, going the full depth into the 

boy's rectum. The finger twisted and forced it's way into the 

squishy softness and poked hard into the special little spot under 

the boy's bladder.

"Ohhh! Ohhh!" Rafael moaned as his legs strainedand he lifted 

his buttocks up off the seat. As the bursting feeling came back yet 

again he pushed down onto the man's finger as hard as he could.

"Yeah kid. That's right! You fuck my finger," the man laughed. 

"Do it hard and fast and you'll like it even more. But first I'm 

putting another finger up you so you can really work that beautiful 

little ass of yours."

The boy needed no encouragement. It took only seconds for Mr. 

Baker to insert another finger. It felt much more like a man's penis 

then as it stretched his opening wide, though not going nearly as 

deep as the dildo had been only a few minutes earlier. Then as soon 

as he was used to it Rafael took over. He used the powerful muscles 

in his slender legs and thighs and the muscles in his belly to move 

his hips up and down, to position himself exactly where the 

feelings deep inside him were the most intense. Then, when Rafael's 

strength ebbed, the man took over and, pumped his fingers into the 

boy relentlessly.

"Do it further back," Rafael moaned, " higher up,.... 

Yeah right there, that's it,.... Ohhhhh, shit that's good,..... 

Ohhhh faster! Do it faster! Ohhhhhh yeah," he begged. No longer 

able to control the feelings that came shuddering out of his young 

body, the boy clamped his fist into his mouth and bit on the soft 

skin of his palm. It was unbearable, incredibly painful, yet more 

wonderful than anything the boy had ever known. It was much better 

than Cal's clumsy thrusting.

The next orgasm came with such force that the boy was 

unprepared. He squealed as if burst free. His whole body was 

focused on the feelings that came from deep in his belly. He 

squeezed his eyes closed, unable to stand the pleasure any more. 

His bladder weakened and a dribble of clear urine leaked out. Then 

the dam broke and he began to urinate, no longer able to stop. The 

man had been waiting, or at least that was how it seemed to Rafael, 

as he scooped up the towel and held it tightly against the boy's 

groin. Rafael could feel the cloth getting wetter, then it stopped. 

Mr. Baker's fingers had pulled free and were gently stroking the 

boy's ball-sac, fondling the little firm eggs inside. Rafael's legs 

were covered with a sheen of perspiration. The boy felt terribly 

hot and his breathing was ragged and strained. Each breath was 


"You okay kid?" Mr. Baker asked as Rafael finally opened his 


The boy nodded weakly, "Yeah,...I guess,... I think so.... I 

feel real hot and it's kinda sore inside,... but I guess I'm okay."

"And you were worried about getting cold. Like I said, kid, 

you're a little pig-ass. Only you don't grunt like most boys when 

they're gettin' it good like that. Not many ten-year-olds'll do it 

like that either. None that I know anyways. Now teenagers will, 

they'll get off like that, but usually not a kid your age."

He lifted his hand up, looking at the slime that covered most 

of his hand. "Yeah! You're a wet one," he laughed, smearing his 

hand against the boy's belly again and wiping the rest off with his 

tee-shirt. "Sure aren't no virgin now, are you? And you wanted my 

cock in there? No need really, is there? A boy like you can have 

all the fun he wants, with a coupla fingers and my friend here," 

he laughed tapping the pink dildo that lay on the console between 

the two seats.

Rafael shrugged tiredly and slowly eased his feet down from 

the dashboard. The damp half of the towel had dropped onto the 

carpeted floor of the car. He used a corner that was still dry to 

wipe himself clean, then he lifted his hips up and slowly pulled 

his faded jeans up together with his new underpants.

Mr. Baker nodded approvingly, the boy would pass a cursory 

inspection. "You have a good time, kid?" he asked.

Rafael was quiet for a moment then he nodded, "Yeah! I did. I 

really appreciate you taking me to the game. It was fun, I don't 

get to go very often. Thanks a lot Mr. Baker,... for everything."

The man smirked, "And thank you,... ahhh,... Rafael right? 

Yeah thanks for everything. That's cute! So kid, what about next 

weekend? Got any ideas what you want to do?"

"Next weekend?" Rafael asked nervously.

"Yeah! Like I already said, you're something else. I know 

what! I've got to go up to Orlando this week, on Friday. You could 

come with me and we could do Disney on the weekend. You like to do 

that?" Mr. Baker said.

"Wow! DisneyWorld? You mean it? I've only been once and that 

was years ago in some kind of program they had for us," Rafael said. 

"Yeah, that'd be great."

The man smiled, "We'd share a room of course. You know what 

that means don't you boy?"

Rafael looked at the man shyly. "Yeah! I guess it means we do 

this stuff again, huh? I don't mind.... If that's what you want,... 

I guess so."

"Well you take care kid, I'll call Edwards and set it up. You 

sleep tight, and don't let no boys play with this," Mr. Baker said, 

playfully squeezing the small bulge in the boy's jeans.

He reached over the boy and opened the car door. The fresh air 

was almost pungent as Rafael slowly got to his feet. He felt weak 

inside, as though he might collapse, and for a moment he had to 

balance against the car until the fainting spell passed. Awkwardly 

he walked down the path towards the dorm. He turned back after he'd 

gone about halfway but the Cadillac was already turned around and 

was pulling out of the parking lot. Rafael smiled and continued on 

to Baker House feeling as though he was walking bowlegged. His 

little sphincter slowly began to tighten up with each squeezing 

motion of his bowel.

The front door was locked and for a moment he was worried, but 

suddenly he remembered Mr. Edwards saying that the back door would 

be unlocked. He walked around to the rear of the building and felt 

his way through the dark kitchen. As he came into the hall he 

realized that the time was just after midnight. He climbed the 

stairs to the second floor and slipped his sneakers off so that he 

wouldn't be heard by any of the other boys. A lot of boys stayed 

awake after lights were out, sometimes just to talk or play games 

but mostly for sex. He heard voices in one room and the springs of 

a bed creaking in another. He recognized the muffled sounds of boys 

engaged in sodomy. It was Tony's and Denny's room and the boy who 

was in there with them sounded like one of the little black kids 

who had been transferred in after the hurricane.

The door to his own room was closed. He tried the handle and 

the door opened. He entered, leaving the door open behind him. 

Immediately he realized what was going on. Cal was lying naked on 

his bed. He was on his back with his legs up high, wrapped around 

Mr. Edwards' shoulders, his buttocks positioned on the pillow that 

had been taken from Rafael's bed. Mr.Edwards' hips were thrusting 

wildly. The man was oblivious to the boy standing behind him only 

feet away as he pounded hard into Cal's body. His thick cock sucked 

loudly with each thrust. They were both grunting, making an animal 

sound that Rafael had never heard before. Their bodies were slicked 

with sweat and the room was full of the primal odor of anal sex.

Then suddenly  Mr. Edwards glanced back and saw the boy 

silhoutted against the open door, "Git the fuck out," the man 


Cal turned his head sideways and looked up, "Shit! It's 


"Huh? Well so it is. And he's still walking." Mr. Edwards 

laughed, pulling back so that his cock pulled out of the boy's body 

with a loud 'popping' sound.

Cal's look of delight was immediately deflated, "Why'd have'a 

do that," he whined. "It's only Raffy, 'n he's seen it all before, 

ain't ya Raffy," he laughed.

"What do you mean by that?" Mr Edwards asked, wiping the mess 

from his still erect penis on the boy's sheets. "You crapped on me 

again too, you little shit."

"He's seen us doin' it, man. The little shit be watchin' us  

'n your room the last time you done me."

"Your jokin' me Calvin. He didn't see us."

"He did, you ask him. He was standin' outside that door 

watchin' us. He even fucked his own ass last night wid yo' dildo. 

I seen him after he got done shovin' it up his ass," Cal smirked. 

"He was sleepin' but it sure stank in 'ere."

Mr. Edwards looked at Rafael and smiled. The boy shrugged 

tiredly and sat down on the side of his bed. He wanted to go to 

sleep now. He felt sore inside, his rectum swollen and raw, his 

young body finally exhausted.

"Could I have,... my pillow?" he asked as he yawned sleepily.

Mr. Edwards smiled. "I think Calvin needs it more than you." 

He grinned at the young boy, "Did Baker fuck your ass or what? Looks 

like he wore you out."

Rafael shrugged, remembering what had happened in the car. He 

nodded and then yawned again. He wanted only to sleep, aware that 

Mr. Edwards was laughing, that Cal was laughing. He couldn't see 

what was so funny. He settled back on the bed and curled up into a 

little ball, feeling safe. The rest of world, even Cal and Mr. 

Edwards, seemed far away as his eyes closed.

"Turn the fuck over!" Mr. Edwards ordered. Blinking sleepily, 

Rafael rolled over and faced towards the wall. He barely heard the 

man and boy in the bed next to his. As he slipped into the 

comforting darkness he didn't hear the wet sucking sound of the 

man's penis moving inside the other boy, his gasps of delight as 

it began to thrust back and forth again.


The next morning Rafael woke up late. It was quiet, too quiet. 

There wasn't a sound in the dorm, nothing from the other boys. Then, 

as he concentrated, he could hear the faint sounds of the boys, far 

away. He tried to think, wondering where the sound was coming from. 

His mind focused on the problem and he decided that the other boys 

were downstairs having breakfast. His mind drifted away again, back 

to what he'd done the night before. He shifted uncomfortably and 

then breathed out. It hadn't been as bad as he'd expected. He even 

liked Mr. Baker a bit, and like Mr. Edwards had said, he was 

rich,... if he played his cards right. Rafael yawned and stretched. 

Even though Mr. Baker had used a dildo on him it didn't hurt that 

much. It didn't feel that bad, in fact he'd even liked it. He had 

never been particularly happy about Cal's sperm going inside his 

bottom. DisneyWorld,.... now that was better than any dumb baseball 

game. He closed his eyes again and tried to remember. It had been 

years ago. Most of his memories were of the rides in FantasyLand 

but he'd liked FrontierLand as well. He could still remember when 

he'd first seen Snow White's castle. Rafael smiled. He would do 

what Mr. Baker wanted,... he just hoped Mr. Baker would do what he 

wanted sometimes....

The boy's small hand moved over his velvet skin and slid 

downwards between his jeans and his belly, under his underpants. 

The tips of his fingers brushed against the hot rigid shaft of his 

penis then moved further down and caressed the delicate moist skin 

of his little ball-sac. He didn't feel like trying to jerk off, he 

just wanted to feel good. Rafael closed his eyes again and tried 

to imagine that it was Mr. Baker's hand holding his cock as he began 

to fondle himself. Long minutes passed before Rafael glanced over 

at the other bed. Cal was beginning to wake up. Rafael watched as 

the other boy struggled awake. "Hi!" he said as Cal's eyes finally 


Cal yawned, "Yeah! Hi." He rubbed his eyes sleepily. As he 

woke up more he noticed the light streaming in the window. "'s 

late," he added.

Rafael nodded, "Yeah! They're all at breakfast."

Cal sat up. The sheet fell away revealing his dark brown body. 

It contrasted sharply with the white sheets. "You have a good 

time?" he smirked. "He get it up ya?"

Rafael smiled and lied. He was both unwilling and unable to 

tell the truth, "Yeah! We did 'it'."

"You like it? Better with a man ain't it?" Cal asked.

"It's bigger 'n it hurts more. Yeah I guess it's better," 

Rafael answered.

"'course it's fuckin' bigger, you dumb ass." Cal looked at the 

younger boy and smirked, "Yo' dick still there ain't it, boy?"

Rafael grinned and pulled his hand back out from his jeans. 

His penis was still hard but he didn't feel excited enough to want 

to do anything with Cal or in front of Cal. He sat up and lifted 

his feet over onto the floor. "I'm hungry," he announced.

"Me too," Cal agreed.

The cold-front had moved through. Already it was well out in 

the Atlantic and the summer's heat had returned. As Cal dressed, 

Rafael undressed. His underpants were dirty with pale brownish 

smears on the bottom and there was a round dark stain on the white 

cloth about where his opening was. Rafael took out a clean pair 

from his drawer and then put on a pair of shorts and a clean tee 

shirt. Cal was already dressed but he waited and the two boys went 

downstairs together. Rafael moved gingerly. The dull ache inside 

his body threatened to be painful if he moved too quickly. He 

wondered why being 'fucked' didn't seem to bother Cal. Maybe it was 

just a matter of time until he got used to it. Maybe when he was 

bigger or as old as Cal it wouldn't feel like this.

When the boys came into the dining room they found that most 

of the other boys had already finished breakfast and were cleaning 

up. They sat down at the end of a table, catching Mr. Edwards' eyes 

as he smirked and raised his eyebrows meaningfully. He had let them 

sleep in that morning as a special treat and the boys knew it. After 

all of the other boys had left the man finally ambled over to where 

the two boys were sitting. "Good morning boys. And how do we feel 

today?" he teased.

Cal stifled a laugh and he looked at Rafael. "I'm okay but 

he's hurtin'".

Mr. Edwards smiled. "Big pegs in small holes huh? That's what 

happens when you play in the major leagues, Raffy. You'll feel 

better in a few days I bet."

Rafael turned and looked at the man next to him. "It's not 

that bad," he retorted, "It's just a bit sore inside. I feel okay."

Mr. Edwards smirked. "He called me this morning,... about you 

going to DisneyWorld with him next weekend. Sounds like fun, huh? 

You're gonna be real sore after that, though."

Rafael smiled shyly and shrugged. "I guess.... Can I go? 

Please Mr. Edwards?" he implored. Even as he asked Rafael wasn't 

at all certain why he wanted to go. Was it because he wanted to see 

DisneyWorld or because of what would happen when he was alone with 

Mr. Baker? He didn't know, but he did want to go.

Mr. Edwards smiled, "Yeah, of course you can go. You two must 

have had a good time last night?" he teased. "Remember Raffy, not 

a word to anyone, okay? Otherwise you'll be in a shit-load of 

trouble. And you, Calvin, I want you to keep off'a him from now on. 

He wants Raffy nice and tight back there. Now you guys finish eating 

and go play outside."

The boys nodded and went back to their breakfasts as Mr. 

Edwards walked back to the kitchen. They ate in silence. Cal sulked 

as he felt the pangs of jealousy building inside him. He decided 

he "wasn't 'doin' nuthin' with the little shit ever again".


The next five days passed slowly for Rafael. The heat seemed 

to get even worse, becoming unbearable during the afternoon. They 

were lonely nights and mornings for Rafael. At night, as soon as 

lights were out, Cal disappeared into one of the other bedrooms. 

Rafael didn't know which one. Perhaps the older boy went to Mr. 

Edwards' suite, maybe to one of the other young boys, maybe just 

next door to Tony and Denny. In the mornings Cal was always back 

in his bed. Once Rafael heard him come back into the room in the 

middle of the night. Rafael lay silently and listened as Cal 

settled down on his own bed. He willed with all of his mind for Cal 

to come into his bed. After a while he fell asleep again, as lonely 

as he'd ever been. Only the memory of his brief time with Mr. Baker 

provided a respite against the terrible emptiness that overwhelmed 

him. Rafael didn't understand why Cal wasn't his friend any more. 

At night as he lay alone on his bed in his pajamas, Rafael tried 

to masturbate to relieve the loneliness. But he was awkward and not 

that interested and the tension in his young body quickly drained 

his energy until his erection subsided. Besides nothing ever came 

out, not like it did for Cal, or Denny, or Jeff.

And then it was Friday. When Rafael awoke that morning Cal 

hadn't returned. He had a peculiar feeling, a strange feeling that 

this day would be different. He was going to DisneyWorld, sure, but 

it was more than that. There was a feeling that something would 

happen, a premonition, though not of disaster. It was a feeling 

that something would change his life. The boy wondered whether Mr. 

Baker would 'adopt' him. It wouldn't be like a 'regular' family, 

but what Mr. Baker wanted was enough for Rafael.

Smiling for the first time in almost a week the young boy got 

up and opened his drawer to decide what clothes he would wear. There 

was little to choose from. A pair of shorts? Of course, it was too 

hot to wear anything else. A tee-shirt? Most of his clothes were 

well-worn and were marked by the stains that ten-year-old boys seem 

to collect as souvenirs. Then, as he pushed things around in his 

drawer, he found the tee-shirt that Grant had left for him when he 

had gone to live with his new family. It was the 'Pouty Mouse' tee-

shirt and he had never worn it. Rafael hadn't even tried it on. He 

smiled as he remembered, then looked some more and found Grant's 

note. Grant had never written to him, not once in three months. 

Rafael swallowed and screwed it up as he wiped a tear from his 

cheek. Well, he thought, "Grant was probably too busy, too happy 

with his new family to worry about his 'best friend' at Center-


He dropped the clothes he would wear onto the bed and pushed 

a few other things into the old gym-bag that Mr. Edwards had loaned 

him. He was ready to go. He heard the call to 'get up' and he headed 

out the door to the bathroom. It was still empty and he stripped 

off quickly, dropped his pajamas on the wooden bench, and turned 

on the shower. It was the one furthest away from the door. Rafael 

soaped himself thoroughly, washing every square inch of his body, 

even between his toes. It was fun being wet and slippery. He loved 

to run his hands up and down his slender body, from his thighs to 

his chest, sliding in the foam and making his tiny nipples harden 

into little points. It was only a matter of minutes before other 

boys came into the shower so the boy began to pay special attention 

to the places where he expected Mr. Baker to 'visit'. He soaped his 

crack twice to make absolutely certain that it was spotlessly clean 

and even wriggled his little forefinger inside several times to get 

'anything' out. Satisfied that he would pass inspection, the boy 

turned his attention to his genitals.

His penis was already half-erect, stimulated by his thoughts 

of spending the weekend with Mr. Baker and by the pleasurable 

soaping of his body. He rubbed it between his thumb and two small 

fingers until it stiffened enough for him to pull back the 

foreskin. He carefully soaped the tiny glans and the skin that 

covered it over. He rinsed his penis carefully so that it wouldn't 

itch and then turned his attention to his hair. He intended to 

shampoo twice because he wanted his hair to glisten.

He was half-way through the second time when other boys began 

to straggle into the bathroom. Cal came in and smirked at Rafael 

as he deliberately stroked his cock through the slot in his 

pajamas. Rafael could see that the other boy was not only beginning 

to stiffen but that he didn't have any underpants on. He felt the 

immediate and instinctive response of his own body and he turned 

around and faced the tiled wall. Other boys joined him under the 

shower, laughing, splashing and slapping at each other as only a 

half-dozen wet and naked preteen boys can. He had nearly finished 

and his erection had faded when Tony and Denny came in. The new 

boy, the nine-year-old black boy from Homestead, was between them. 

The little boy was almost a prisoner as they pushed him forward 

into the shower, still dressed in his pajama top. The other boys 

in the shower grabbed him as the water cascaded down, wetting him 

thoroughly. Denny and Tony laughed as the boy struggled in vain.

"Hey, guys, who wants 'im. He's good and he's real loose," 

Denny chortled, squeezing his crotch obscenely. All but two of the 

boys under the shower laughed. "Now that is,.... ain't that right 

Tony," he added.

Tony nodded, "Little fucker sure was tight,... Denny sure 

fixed his baby-asshole. Andy here ain't tight no more."

One of the boys in the shower ripped the boy's pajama shirt 

off, sending little red buttons flying over the wet tiled floor. 

"Gawd look at his pecker. Damn near 'small as Raffy's ain't it," 

Cal laughed. "Hey Raffy come here and show us yo' dick, boy.... If 

ya can find it that is."

The boys laughed again, crowding around the little black boy, 

then making a space as a very reluctant Rafael was pushed forward. 

"Look at his dick," one of the white boys laughed, "Talk about 


"Hey I think Andy's got a bigger one. Hey it is! Look!" Cal 

snickered as he grabbed Rafael's penis in his hand and pinched the 

puckered end of the foreskin. "Just cut this off and Andy's dick's 


Tony and Denny stepped into the melee of naked laughing boys 

under the shower. "You cain't tell like this," Tony said, "You got 

to get 'em both hard first." The boys laughed. "I'll do Andy, 'cause 

I already done him. Hey Cal you get Raffy's dick up."

Arms and hands came out of the pack and grabbed Rafael and 

Andy, pushing them back against the tiled wall and restraining 

their movements as Cal and Tony got to work. Already aroused, 

Rafael's body responded first and his little penis hardened into 

full erection. Cal kept stroking it, holding it tightly and pumping 

his hand along the thin shaft. Rafael closed his eyes and tried not 

to like it. But it was an impossible task and slowly he began to 

hump, thrusting his hips forward as his little hard penis stabbed 

into Cal's hand. By then Andy's penis, already much abused that 

morning, was stiff as well. The boys were dragged back together for 

the comparison. The difference was slight, if it existed at all.

"Hey, Raffy's dick's bigger ain't it?" Denny laughed, "Fuckin' 

tiny, but it's bigger than Andy's pecker."

"Shit! Who can tell?" Tony snickered, squeezing Andy's ball-

sac as he inspected the young boy. "Looks the same to me. I reckon 

Andy's got a bigger one."

"Nah," Cal sneered. He squeezed Rafael's penis, then Andy's, 

then Rafael's again. "Dumb shit! Raffy's bigger, ain't much though. 

'Lot harder too, here feel,... see ain't he stiff?"

"Hey Cal,... Edwards said you cain't git it up Raffy's ass 

right? Shit man, there ain't no reason why Raffy cain't git his 

dick up Andy," Denny suggested.

"Way to go!" somebody laughed.

"How about it Raffy? You wanna have some ass?" Cal teased.

Rafael shook his head even though he knew it wouldn't do any 

good. He looked away and silently prayed for Jerry, Mr. Edwards, 

someone, any one, to come in. The water stopped coming down as the 

showers were turned off and Rafael felt hands soaping his rigid 

penis until it was covered with slippery foam. He looked down and 

saw Denny rubbing the bar of soap into Andy's small dark bottom 

until it was white with soap suds. The boys pulled Andy forward and 

braced his skinny black body against the wall. He was bent forward 

at the hips and held so tightly that any movement was impossible. 

The hands holding Rafael pushed him forward up against the smaller, 

younger boy until his narrow hips were hard against Andy's small 


"Git them legs apart, boys. I wanna see the action," Denny 

laughed. He kicked at the boys' feet and made them spread their 

feet further apart.

"You gonna put it in, or we gotta do it for ya'," Tony laughed, 

flicking his fingers at Rafael's bottom and stinging his cheeks. 

"'cause if we gotta do it for 'ya,... well it ain't gonna be fun." 

He flicked his fingers again, this time between Rafael's legs, 

stinging his little soft pouch. The boy yelped as the sharp pain 

hit his testicles. "Well Raffy?..." Tony started to giggle as he 

rubbed Rafael's small scrotum with the tips of his fingers. 

"Fuckin' tiny nuts. Yo' sure he's a boy Cal?"

"Got hisself a dick ain't he? Maybe if he git's it up Andy's 

ass we'll find out," Cal laughed.

Tony flicked at Rafael's ball-sac again and the boy yelped 

loudly as he jerked away. Tony's finger came back to massage the 

stinging flesh, again rolling the young boy's eggs between his 

fingers as he rubbed gently. It was soothing but Rafael knew what 

would follow. There was a deathly silence in the bathroom and 

slowly Rafael nodded as he slipped his hands downward to hold his 

penis. There were giggles and laughs from the boys as they moved 

back. They relaxed their grip on Rafael slightly but still held 

Andy tightly. Rafael pushed forward, pointing his hard cock into 

Andy's crack. There was no resistance as Rafael's slippery little 

penis pushed into Andy's anus. Rafael knew why. It was the same 

reason why Andy's little penis could have pushed into him without 

any effort only a few days earlier. A boy, even a little boy like 

himself or Andy, didn't have to do 'it' for very long before he got 

loosened up. Then even a boy with a big cock, like Cal or Denny 

could get it inside without hurting very much.

He started to thrust. Instinctively the boy used his thighs 

and hips to achieve a strong pumping motion and he grasped Andy's 

hips to pull himself forward. His little cock stabbed into the 

other boy's anus, as deep as it could go into the hot loose flesh. 

It was soft inside, already churned to jelly by Tony, or Denny, or 

both, earlier that morning. The juice inside the boy seemed to 

slosh around, squishing loudly as Rafael pulled back. Cal 'guided' 

him from behind, slapping Rafael's small bare bottom to make him 

speed up. Rafael knew how if felt for Andy, he'd been on the other 

end more times than he could count and he did it as hard and fast 

as he could.

After just a few minutes the boys pulled Rafael away and let 

him go. He was immature and there was obviously no point in letting 

him waste valuable time. Breathless, his penis still throbbing, 

Rafael dropped to the tiled floor and crawled away until he reached 

the relative safety at the far end of the shower. He watched in 

disbelief as Jeff took over, mounting the little black boy and 

slamming hard against him. It didn't take very long before Jeff's 

buttocks tightened and he ejaculated, heaving with all his strength 

against the young body. Rafael couldn't take his eyes away as he 

looked on jealously, unsure of whether he wanted to be Andy or Jeff. 

As Jeff's penis sucked free of the little boy, Andy's body dropped 

away. Rafael shivered and he sucked on his bottom lip. He guessed 

that Andy had been pushing back and wanting more. He knew that 

feeling more than he cared to admit to himself.

Then Cal took his turn and still Rafael could not look away. 

This time the little boy tried to pull away as Cal's big thick cock 

pierced him, impaled him, then proceeded to spear him again and 

again. A hand was clamped over the boy's mouth to muffle his cries  

as Cal bored into him but still the squeals were loud in the shower. 

The squeals echoed off the tiled walls as Cal humped hard and fast. 

Rafael wanted it to end. He was frightened and now very ashamed 

that he'd been the first to do 'it'. It took longer than Rafael 

expected and then another boy stepped forward, punching a somewhat 

smaller dick into Andy's now gaping hole. Rafael felt his own bowel 

quaking in sympathy as he remembered when Denny and Tony had come 

into his bedroom one night only a few weeks ago. He remembered what 

happened when three boys, big boys, took turns at 'it'. He looked 

at the boys in disgust and hated them for what they were doing. 

Rafael prayed silently that Mr. Baker would take him away. He 

wanted never to see Centerville again.

Slowly he stood up and walked over to the wooden bench. 

Someone had knocked his pajama shirt and pants down to the floor 

and they were soaking wet. He picked up his towel and dried himself. 

He looked at the tiled wall in front of himand tried hard to block 

out the squeals of laughter and pain. Rafael wrapped the towel 

around his slender waist as Denny pulled his cock out of the little 

boy. There were loud giggles and jeers as thick white juice oozed 

out of Andy's wide open anus and ran down his skinny legs. Another 

boy took Denny's place as Rafael escaped from the bathroom. As he 

walked down the corridor back to his room Rafael knew that there 

was no point in telling, in fact he suspected Mr. Edwards already 

knew what was going on in the bathroom.


After breakfast Rafael went back to his bedroom and tried to 

read a few more pages of the book. He stayed until ten o'clock when 

he was to meet Mr. Baker in the parking lot outside the dorm. He 

waited in the parking lot for about ten minutes and listened to the 

distant shouts of the other boys playing baseball on the other side 

of the dorm. Already it was hot and the thick humid air weighed 

heavily. The sun burned into his brown smooth face and tiny beads 

of sweat formed on his brow. The innocent laughs and shouts of other 

boys, the endless buzzing of insects, and the constant hum of the 

air-conditioners, penetrated deep into his mind. It would be his 

last memory of Centerville, though Rafael didn't know that at the 


The dark-blue Cadillac swung into the parkway lot and stopped 

next to Rafael. The engine ran so quietly that the boy could barely 

hear it. He stepped up to the door and opened it. The cool air 

flooded him as he sank down into the leather seats, refreshing him 

instantly. "Hi kid," Mr. Baker said as he looked at the boy, then 

turned away as he started to drive.

"Hi!" Rafael murmurred as he watched the dorm and the trees 

slide past, then as the car turned out of the parking lot it was 

as if his life at Centerville disappeared. He turned his head back 

and looked at the man. He wished he wasn't coming back again. Rafael 

didn't care what the man wanted anymore. He wished he was going to 

live with Mr. Baker. The car pulled out onto the road and 

accelerated, taking Rafael further away. The sounds of the other 

boys, of Cal, and of Mr. Edwards, grew more distant in his mind. 

Rafael settled back in the soft leather, feeling the coolness 

blowing gently on his bare legs. He didn't want to talk and again 

it was as if the man understood. They sat in silence until they 

reached I-95. As he pulled onto the freeway Mr. Baker began to talk. 

Rafael listened as the man talked about his childhood, about 

growing up in Florida almost fifty years ago. It was a time that 

had little meaning for the young boy. It sounded like a different 


It was a long drive to Orlando, nearly six hours. It was a 

long boring drive that was broken only by a stop at Wendy's for 

lunch. Unlike the vast majority of American children, eating at any 

restaurant was a special treat for Rafael. He had to decide what 

he wanted even though he didn't understand all of the names. 

Everything sounded good. The young boy was as happy as he had ever 

been before. His loneliness vanished and he began to enjoy the 

man's company. By the time he had finished his burger and fries he 

had decided that Mr. Baker was 'okay'.

Mr. Baker checked into a hotel in downtown Orlando and when 

he came back to the car he gave instructions to Rafael on how to 

get to the room. The boy was to follow him in a few minutes. Rafael 

didn't understand why he had to do this but he nodded obediently. 

He waited next to the car, then when he thought a few minutes had 

passed, followed Mr. Baker. He found the elevator and pressed the 

button for the fifth floor. The elevator was slow but Rafael didn't 

know, it was the only the second elevator he'd been in, or that 

he'd remembered being in. The first time had been only a few weeks 

earlier when Mr. Edwards had taken him downtown for a 'special 

checkup'. Mr. Edwards hadn't explained why the doctor was unable 

to come out to the clinic at Centerville.

Rafael had to undress completely and after he had been 

weighted and measured by the nurse, the doctor came in. It was the 

same doctor that had once explained to him about the need to clean 

under his foreskin. Just as before, the doctor had been nice to him 

and had examined the young boy carefully. It had been embarrassing 

for Rafael at first because the doctor looked very closely at his 

genitals and his anus. During that part of the examination the 

doctor didn't say anything. Rafael was scared stiff that the doctor 

would know what he had been doing, but if the doctor noticed 

anything unusual he didn't mention it. After Rafael was dressed 

again, the nurse took a sample of his blood and then he left with 

Mr. Edwards. Mr. Edwards was nicer to him than usual and they had 

even stopped at Pizza Hut for dinner on the way back to Centerville. 

At the time Rafael had been confused but now he knew that the 

examination had something to do with his being here with Mr. Baker.

 Rafael stepped out into the foyer and looked around him. 

Without knowing why he decided that the room was to his left. He 

walked slowly down the corridor, checking the room number of every 

door that he passed 513, 514, 515,...516. He stopped. He breathed 

deeply. The door was closed. He reached forward and tried the 

handle but it didn't turn. He could feel his heart beginning to 

beat faster. Behind the door was Mr. Baker and the boy knew what 

awaited him inside. Within seconds his penis was erect. It 

tightened into his underpants and then pushed upward so that it was 

next to his lower belly. The boy felt the sudden excitement, the 

warmth in his groin and the pleasant hardness. He swallowed 

nervously and then knocked.

A moment later the door opened halfway and he slipped inside 

as the door closed after him. The boy turned around. Mr. Baker was 

already naked, well almost. He was dressed only in his underpants 

and socks. Rafael felt something rising up inside him, an intense  

surge of excitement that made him shiver in anticipation. The 

loneliness came out of him as his eyes drifted downwards and locked 

onto the big round bulge in the man's underwear. He wanted to touch 

it. His small brown hand reached forward and the tips of his fingers 

lightly touched the warm soft cloth, stroking gently on the firm 

flesh underneath.

"Hmmmm, that feels nice," the man sighed out.

Rafael smiled shyly. "You want me to take him out?" he asked.

Mr. Baker backed away. "Not now kid. I gotta get to a meeting." 

He walked back into the bedroom, to his garment bag lying on the 


The boy followed. He felt disappointed and cheated as his 

anger built up inside him. "But I thought...." he mumbled, his 

voice trailing off in despair.

The man turned back, "You thought what, kid? You thought I was 

gonna hammer your ass huh?" He grinned. "Don't worry. I got that 

in mind too. Our friend is ready and waiting. Only not now. When I 

get back later tonight, okay?" The boy nodded. "You can watch TV. 

There's cable, lots of good stuff for a kid. I'll be back later on, 

round nine or ten. Take a bath too.... I want you clean,... 

'specially back there, okay? Wash your hair too."

Rafael nodded. By the clock on the wall, it was just after 

five o'clock. "What if I get hungry?" he asked.

The man shrugged, "You'll survive," he said as he sat down on 

the bed to pull his suit pants on. Rafael stood and tried to read 

the instructions on the card for the TV. He watched the man dress 

and shifted uncomfortably as his small hard penis gradually 

softened and his arousal faded. As soon as Mr. Baker left, Rafael 

turned on the television.He switched the channels until he found 

the Disney Channel and then he settled back on the bed. The movie 

had started only a few minutes earlier. Rafael had seen 'The 

Neverending Story' before several times when he was in Davis House 

and it was one of his favorites. He stretched out, imagining that 

he was Atreyu, the "boy-warrior from the plains".

Two hours passed, the movie finished, then there were cartoons 

for another hour before the next movie started. By seven o'clock 

Rafael was hungry and bored. At least two more hours to go, maybe 

three. He stood up and walked around the room, looking out the 

window, exploring curiously. It was the first hotel room he'd ever 

been in. He ambled into the bathroom and then remembered that Mr. 

Baker had told him to take a bath. He looked at the big bath tub. 

It was clean and the white porcelain shone in the bright light. The 

boy sat down and turned on the taps, then figured out how to close 

the drain. He ambled back into the bedroom and undressed, tossing 

his clothes onto the seat.

There was a large mirror above the television that ran almost 

the entire length of the room. He stood before it and looked at 

himself, now very aware of his naked body. The boy had seen himself 

naked in the mirror before but never like this. He grinned and 

flexed his arms, taking on a position that revealed the lithe 

muscles in his young body. He was skinny, he decided. He didn't 

like his narrow chest, waist and hips. His arms and legs were too 

thin. He wished that his body looked more like Tony's with the 

fullness of a young teenager. And his cock was too small, he wanted 

it to be bigger, like Cal's, big and thick and hard. Rafael shrugged 

and walked into the bathroom.

It had been years since he had taken a bath. In fact it had 

been so long ago that he couldn't remember. All the boys at 

Centerville took showers, except for the 'real little kids', of 

course. The water was warm, almost too hot, as he dipped in a toe. 

He stepped in cautiously, quickly getting used to the heat. Then 

the boy sat down and felt the delicious warmth on his legs and 

buttocks. "Mmmmm,..." he sighed as he stretched back. The water 

covered his back and most of his belly. He looked downward wtaching 

as the bath water came steadily higher. It followed the depression 

in his belly and pooled into his navel. Then except for his head, 

his entire body was covered and his little penis bobbed between his 

legs. Now it looked really tiny he decided. The warm water felt 

very nice and he half-closed his eyes in enjoyment. Rafael was only 

54 inches high and the bath tub was so big that even if he stretched 

right out he couldn't touch both ends with his head and feet.

Long minutes passed before he began to soap himself, washing 

himself carefully. For the second time that day he washed between 

his toes and soaped his little penis and scrotum for several 

minutes before turning to his bottom. His anus had tightened up 

during the last six days and the little opening had become puckered 

again. It was almost the same way that it had been before he had 

started with Cal. He inserted a soapy little finger, probing into 

his hole, past the first joint, washing away any trace of feces and 

making sure that he was clean there for Mr. Baker. Then the boy 

shampooed his hair again. Twice. He liked the way his hair 

glistened and stood up, curling and thick, when it was clean. 

Finally finished, he got out of the bath and towelled off. The pure-

white towels were thick and fluffy and felt good. Rafael had never 

seen a bath towel that big. It was like a beach towel.

Naked, he walked back into the bedroom. The boy felt fresh and 

clean and he wanted Mr. Baker to come back. For a moment Rafael 

thought about getting dressed but it was more fun being naked. He 

walked over to the table next to the window and shuffled through 

the brochures. The thick one at the bottom was a directory of the 

hotel. He sat down in the seat and thumbed through it aimlessly. 

In the center was the room-service menu. There were pictures of a 

hamburger, some kind of fish, and shrimp. He'd never eaten shrimp 

before and at twenty four dollars it was the most expensive thing 

on the menu. He tried to decide what he would have for dinner but 

it only made him more aware of how hungry he already was.

Rafael stood up and looked out the window, oblivious to his 

nakedness. After a few minutes he paraded in front of the mirror 

again, flexing his muscles, strutting his 'stuff', arching his back 

and pushing his genitals forward obscenely. He went back to the 

television and looked at the card. He a music-video channel and 

switched the dial on the television and turned up the volume as 

loud as he dared. The bass notes seemed to echo through the room. 

He began to dance, plunging his naked body up and down and gyrating 

his hips in a crudely sexual motion. He stepped back and watched 

in the mirror as he rubbed his now-hard little penis furiously. The 

music went on and on and Rafael became more and more aroused. He 

wanted to 'fuck' and he wanted Mr. Baker's big thick cock inside 

him. He had never felt this alive before. He felt free and 

unleashed, not lonely or bored but strangely happy. In a while Mr. 

Baker would be back, then....

By eight o'clock Rafael was bored again and very hungry. He 

changed the channel back to Disney. The movie was dumb. It was about 

some stupid dog and cat that got lost in the wilderness. A few years 

ago he would have liked it, but not now. The next hour passed 

slowly. By nine o'clock Rafael was getting sleepy. He'd dozed off 

once, then woken up suddenly, thinking that he heard Mr. Baker at 

the door. However there was nothing but the drone of the TV and 

some 'dumb-ass' animals taking about how to cross some 'dumb-ass' 

river. The boy started playing with his penis again, casually 

touching it at first. As it hardened, he pulled the foreskin back 

and started to rub in earnest. It felt good, but not that good and 

he lost interest a few minutes later. He watched it subside slowly 

between his slender brown legs. There was a pain in his belly from 

being hungry.

Each minute seemed to take forever to pass now. He looked at 

the clock continually, paying no attention to the movie. Sometimes 

caressing his little sensitive balls and wondered when they would 

get bigger like Cal's, when he'd start 'cuming' like Cal, when his 

cock would be long and thick like Cal's. He heard the key in the 

lock at a few minutes past nine-thirty. He leaped to his feet and 

started toward the door. It opened and Mr. Baker came in.

"Well,... look at you kid," the man smirked as he saw the naked 

boy, "You sure a sight for sore eyes, aren't you? I like you all 

naked like this. I'm glad you have a real nice body to go with your 

pretty face," he added as he quickly closed the door behind him.

Rafael giggled and stepped closer, knowing that his little 

penis was stiffening rapidly. By the time he reached Mr. Baker he 

was fully erect. The man reached down and grasped the boy's swollen 

little cock in his hand. He squeezed his fingers hard into the small 

ball-sac until the boy winced. "Yeah! You sure are ready kid. 

That's a nice hot little cock you've got. I bet you're hungry." 

Rafael nodded. "Okay, well first I'm gonna order you up some 


 Mr. Baker put his arm around the boy's shoulders and walked 

over to the table next to the window. Rafael felt happy inside. The 

man picked up the hotel directory. It was still open where Rafael 

had left it. He scanned the menu quickly. "You know what you want, 


The boy looked down at the menu, "I never ate shrimp before?"

Mr. Baker laughed, "You're an expensive little pig aren't you? 

But it's still cheap, considering. Sure why not." He picked up the 

telephone and punched in the four digit code for Room Service. 

"Room 516,...Yeah.  Alan Baker. I want to order a Shrimp Francais. 

Give me a baked potato,...  yeah sour cream." He glanced at Rafael. 

The boy nodded.  "Desert,.... icecream,.... what flavor, vanilla, 

chocolate or ,strawberry huh?" He looked at Rafael again.

The boy whispered, "Strawberry please".

"Yeah give me strawberry, and a coke too, and coffee as well. 

How long? Okay."

Mr. Baker put the telephone down and turned back to Rafael, 

"Can you wait ten more minutes kid? I guess you're starving by now."

The boy smiled and nodded, suddenly aware that his penis was 

still hard and still demanding attention. "You were gone forever... 

I missed you," he said shyly.

Mr. Baker smiled, "You missed me or my little friend down 

there missed me?" he teased. He glanced down at the boy's slender 

brown body now displayed shamelessly before him.

Rafael giggled, "Me and him both." The boy reached out and 

took the man's hand in his. He drew it back towards his genitals. 

The boy shivered as he felt the big strong hand cup his cock and 

balls and squeeze, gently but powerfully. "I got really horny a 

coupla' hours  ago. I really missed you then."

 Mr. Baker squeezed the boy's tiny ball-sac playfully, then 

took his hand away. "Yeah, I bet you did. We got all night to make 

up for it, though, haven't we?" The boy still looked disappointed. 

"First you're gonna eat, kid. I don't want you fainting on me 

halfway through. And I'm getting out of this suit." He stepped back 

and moved away to the bed, undoing his tie and shirt buttons as he 

moved. Rafael watched silently as the man undressed down to his 

underpants. His attention was riveted on the big round bulge 

between the man's pale hairy legs. But Mr. Baker's cock still 

wasn't hard yet and it bothered the boy. He wondered why, perhaps 

the man didn't find him sexy any longer. The man picked up a 

dressing gown and put it on, taking away the object of the boy's 

interest. Rafael pouted and dropped down into the seat near the 


 "So what did you do while I was gone, kid?"

 "Nuthin' much. I watched TV mostly. Stuff on Disney mostly. 

I had a bath like you told me," Rafael added.

 "So I see kid. Bored huh?" the man asked.

 Rafael nodded. "Kinda. How was your meeting?"

 Mr. Baker smiled, "Okay. It could have been worse. Goddamed 

government'll screw it up every time if you give 'em a chance. I'd 

rather have been here with you, kid."

 Rafael smiled. He felt good inside. He stood up again and 

walked over towards the man. He stopped when he was only inches 

away. His little cock was still throbbing excitedly. "After I've 

had dinner,..." he began.

 "Yeah?" the man prompted.

 "Well,... we're gonna do it then, right?" he asked awkwardly. 

Mr. Baker nodded and Rafael smiled shyly. "I haven't done that 

stuff since last time in the car with you. It's pretty tight back 

there now.... I think it'll hurt a fair bit.... I don't want to use 

that dildo thing but,... I want,... you, him," he said, pointing 

vaguely towards the man's crotch

 The man smirked, "So? You'll survive kid. I told you I like 

it tight. The tighter the better, even if you bleed a bit. I like 

a boy with a tight little ass." He laughed at the boy's frightened 

expression, "Don't worry kid, I'll go easy on you.... Maybe I will 

use my dick this time. We'll see, but no promises."


There was a loud knock on the door. Mr. Baker put his finger 

to his lips and with his arm around the boy, guided him into the 

bathroom and closed the door. "Just a minute. Be right there," he 

called as he hurried back into the bedroom to pick up the boy's  

discarded clothes and shoes. He looked around then decided to push 

them under the bed and out of sight. Satisfied that there was no 

evidence of the boy's presence left, he went back to the door and 

opened it. A young man dressed in the dark blue livery of the hotel 

wheeled in a trolley, pushing it through to the bedroom so that it 

was next to the table. He arranged the table while Mr. Baker stood 

back near the bed. As he left, Mr. Baker passed the youth five 

dollars, accepted his thanks, and closed and double-locked the 

door. He opened the bathroom door and Rafael came out. He followed 

the man back into the bedroom. The naked boy sat down at the table 

and began to eat. The shrimp tasted great, better than anything 

he'd ever eaten. He ate quickly, barely pausing to chew, not only 

because he was hungry but because he wanted to do 'it' more than 

he could stand.

 By the time he got to the ice-cream he wasn't feeling quite 

so hungry, in fact there was a nice warm feeling in his stomach.

 "Your tummy feel any better," Mr. Baker asked, "Looks like 

you enjoyed the shrimp."

 Rafael grinned as he licked his little fingers and then he 

pushed away the empty plate, "Those dudes are great. I was sure 

starved." He picked up the bowl of ice-cream. "I'm pretty full. You 

want some?" he asked.

 The man shook his head, "No thanks kid, coffee's fine. I gotta 

watch my cholesterol."

 The boy shrugged, what in hell was cholesterol anyway? The 

ice-cream tasted great. It had real pieces of strawberry in it and 

it was thick and creamy, unlike the ice-cream he ate at 

Centerville. He slurped the rest of the Coke and burped loudly, 

then giggled as he looked up at the man. Rafael felt a lot better. 

The man was looking at him fixedly, assessing the young boy's naked 

body, admiring the lean brown limbs, the slender torso, the dark 

curly hair, the small, now-relaxed sex organs. Rafael stood up and 

brushed away the bread crumbs from his lap. He knew what happened 

now and he wanted it to happen. The boy walked over to the bed, 

feeling his excitement begin to increase. His little brown penis 

responded quickly to his growing desire, becoming more erect with 

every step. He stopped at the side of the bed and looked down at 

Mr. Baker. He smiled, then quivered as a sudden thrill of 

excitement rippled though him. He could feel his heart beating 

faster and the gradual awareness of his penis as it got hotter and 


Mr. Baker looked up at the boy admiringly. He was beautiful. 

Young and beautiful, and sexy, very, very sexy. He reached out and 

his fingers gently caressed the boy's small penis as it continued 

to stiffen. Rafael flexed the muscle inside that made his cock 

jerk, showing his willingness and revealing his desire. Gently the 

man drew the boy even closer to the bed as he held the small penis 

between a thumb and two fingers. He drew the boy slowly down onto 

the bed. Rafael kneeled over him, straddling the man's legs 

triumphantly, his cock now fully erect and jutting out from his 

body rudely. The man smiled and the boy smiled back. There was a 

stale sour smell to the man, a smell of alcohol, but it didn't 

bother Rafael. It was a magical moment. It was what he had been 

waiting all week for, all afternoon, all evening. He closed his 

eyes and rested back, his buttocks on his heels.

After a few minutes he was trembling and rocking his hips as 

the man's hand caressed him, He stroked the short hard length of 

the young boy's cock, teasing, squeezing, and massaging his little 

balls. Then the man pulled him forward, lifting the boy by the hips 

so that he straddled the man's chest with his swollen genitals only 

inches away from the man's face. Mr. Baker began to kiss Rafael's 

belly, stroking the velvet-smooth insides of the boy's legs, 

circling around his sex organs, moving closer, then further away. 

Rafael closed his eyes again, then sighed as the man kissed the 

little swollen penis. The man licked it from the glans all the way 

to the back of his scrotum, then forward to the tip again. Then 

around and around, back and forth over Rafael's scrotum and up and 

down on the boy's penis until his genitals were wet with saliva. 

"You like that, kid?" the man asked.

"Hmmmmm,.... yeahhhhh," Rafael sighed deeply, "That feels so 

yummy down there. I like it with your tongue.... Do that some more, 

please?" he begged. He quivered as the man's tongue caressed his 

ball-sac, poking  the little hard eggs inside, then he felt himself 

being drawn in, sucked into the man's hot wet mouth. "Ohhhhh, 

yeahhhh,..." he gasped.

The man's tongue began to swirl and rub, pushing the little 

delicate ball-sac back and forth and nibbling on the boy's 

testicles just hard enough so that Rafael squirmed and gasped and 

raised his hips up against the man's face demanding more. His penis 

was so hard that it ached. All of the boy's fears and worries 

vanished. All he lived for now was for his own and the man's 

enjoyment. Then the mouth pulled away and for a few seconds nothing 

happened. Rafael waited an eternity and then the man's mouth came 

back, this time licking over the boy's hard penis. Rafael's 

foreskin was stretched tightly over the small bulbous glans and the 

man's tongue was pressed into the tiny opening, seeking it's own 

way to the very sensitive tip. His penis slid into Mr. Baker's mouth 

and the man's lips enclosed his rigid shaft tightly. He sucked 

hard, then pushed downward, forcing the boy's tight foreskin down 

past the glans so that it bunched underneath. The boy sighed again. 

He had been sucked before but never like this, not by Grant, or 

Cal, or any of the boys at Centerville.

 The man's hand pushed under the boy's buttocks and 

instinctively Rafael lifted up and pushed his cock forward into Mr. 

Baker's mouth. He felt the hand move and press his small soft cheeks 

apart. He felt the slippery tips of the man's fingers in his deep 

little crevice, seeking and then finding the boy's opening. Rafael 

gasped and trembled involuntarily as a finger probed, then pushed, 

then penetrated. It went deeper, sliding on the slippery film of 

KY; deeper and deeper until the man's knuckles were hard against 

his crack. Then the finger wiggled and curled and pushed upwards 

and into his lower belly.

"Ohhhhh God,...." Rafael moaned. He felt the man's other hand 

squeezing his balls, kneading them like pastry dough. The man's 

mouth sucked urgently on his cock and the boy felt the finger deep 

inside his body begin to rub and stab at that special place within 

him. Rafael convulsed as he felt his sphincter muscle grabbing and 

tightening as it tried to reject the intruder. Slowly his body 

began to accept the finger inside, initiating the process of 

dilation. The boy's legs trembled, his toes curled up and his 

little feet dug into the bed. His back arched and his buttocks 

clenched and the long muscles in his thighs strained. Rafael had 

waited all week for this. It got better and better, building 

endlessly until he writhed, shamelessly naked and abandoned to his 

ecstasy. He began to pump his narrow hips back and forth, driving 

his cock hard into the man's mouth and then the man's finger even 

harder into his rectum. Rafael wasn't sleepy any more. The ten-

year-old boy was wide awake and he felt very much alive.

As each minute passed the boy felt his insides becoming looser 

and wetter. The finger slid back and forth faster and faster as the 

friction inside him disappeared. Then the man stopped him from 

moving and pulled his finger free. A few more long seconds passed 

before the pressure returned, greater this time as two KY-coated 

fingers pushed back inside. It was tight again inside the young 

boy's body, but not for very long. A few more minutes and the man's 

fingers moved easily again. The slime of mucus and KY began to ooze 

out through the opened seal of his anus and squelched noisily as 

the fingers pumped into him relentlessly. Then the realization 

dawned in Rafael's head, the urgent need for even more inside his 

body, something bigger and hotter and that had a life of its own. 

"Put him... Put him in," Rafael demanded between gasps. "Put him 

in and fuck me,... Please."

The man pulled away, his penis flaccid, hanging limply between 

his legs. "Yeah! Sure kid,... I'll fuck you just like this huh?" 

he said angrily. He picked up the dildo and began to smear the KY 

over the long thick pink shaft.

Rafael looked at the man angrily, surprised by the man's 

softness. His own cock had been hard for most of the evening, and 

it was still rigid. The dildo wasn't what he really wanted. He 

wanted to be like Cal, to have a man's cock inside him, not a 

pretend cock. Then the boy smirked cheekily,  "I'll make hard, 


The man laughed and rolled onto his back unable to resist the 

beautiful boy's suggestion. Rafael scrambled up and straddled the 

man's chest so that he looking downwards to the bottom of the bed 

and with his back towards the man. He was like a young satyr, fully 

aroused, as he leaned forward and for the first time took a grown 

man's penis into his mouth. Even though it was soft it was still 

big and he had to open his mouth wide.  There was a slightly sour 

smell to it, a taste that was not quite salty or bitter. It was not 

at all like Cal's 'cum' or smell.

He held the bottom half of the man's cock in his small hand 

and guided it to his mouth. He took a deep breath before he took 

the big circumcisized head, letting his teeth close behind it and 

he bit carefully into the ridge so that it was held inside his 

mouth. With his left hand he began to fondle the man's huge hair-

covered balls.With the other hand Rafael rubbed the shaft of the 

man's cock, letting his saliva drool down to lubricate it.

Rafael felt the man's fingers push back inside his anus and 

the boy began to move back and forth, pushing his buttocks towards 

the man's fingers while bobbing his head up and down on the big 

cock. He was glad that Mr. Baker had decided not to use the dildo 

in him. Slowly but surely the man's penis began to stiffen. It grew 

only slightly firmer at first, then gradually it got bigger, longer 

and thicker until the boy's pale lips were stretched and his mouth 

was wide open. Mr. Baker pulled the boy away and down onto the bed 

and twisted him over onto his belly. He lifted the boy up by the 

hips and Rafael felt a pillow being stuffed under his belly so that 

his hips were off the bed. The boy's slender legs were pushed upward 

until he was in a 'frog' position with his knees up near his flanks 

and he was crouched on the bed.

"Put your hand under you and do your dick, kid," the man 

instructed. Rafael complied and slipped his hand beneath him. He 

enclosed his small hard penis in his hand and beginning to rub. He 

could not move his hand very far but it was far enough if the boy 

concentrated most of his effort on the sensitive little tip. He 

felt Mr. Baker moving behind him and settling down over him. The 

weight on top was not nearly as heavy as Rafael had expected but 

it still pushed him down hard into the bed. Rafael felt the man 

groping between them. The strong hands forced the boy's little 

cheeks apart and a moment later the huge hot hard head of the man's 

cock wedged between his cheeks. It pushed along the boy's crevice, 

seeking the opening until the man's fingers positioned the head of 

his cock in the middle of the wetness that oozed out of Rafael's 

anus. Then grunting, the man pushed it down hard.

The boy yelped as it punctured him. The residual strength in 

his sphincter was spent in one last struggle, then collapsed as the 

cock surged forward. It went in deeply, splitting the boy's body 

with a powerful filling sensation that went on and until he felt 

like he was about to burst. Rafael was barely able to breath. It 

hadn't been this bad in the car with the dildo. The man's cock 

seemed much bigger, too big for the boy's small body to accept. 

Then suddenly the boy understood that the man was ramming it into 

him all the way and the ten-year-old boy panicked and cried out. 

He begged for it to stop and pleaded for mercy. But he knew it would 

never stop and he buried his head into the pillow and muffled his 

screams. The man's engorged penis began to move with deep hard 

strokes, pulling all the way back until it was almost out, then 

pushing back in again until the entire length of it was inside.

Rafael felt as though he would be sick any second as the bile 

rose in his throat. He could feel the man's cock grinding into his 

belly and pushing into the pillow as though it had come out the 

other side of him. With his fingers pressed against his belly, 

Rafael could feel the lump moving inside him, the lump that was the 

head of the man's cock. His fingers slipped down again to his penis. 

It had softened already and he felt wetness leaking out onto his 

hand, dribbling endlessly. That hadn't happened to the boy for 

months and he was unable to stop it. With each thrust, with each 

powerful pump, the pressure built inside the boy's shuddering body. 

His anus loosened still further until the man's cock moved 

effortlessly, faster and deeper. The man felt his climax building 

and his cock throbbed as he went even faster. He moved urgently, 

lunging as hard as he could against the small shuddering body. 

There was a painful contraction in his balls as he ejaculated into 

Rafael, spilling his seed in the small tight rectum and spurting 

thick white-hot globs of man-cum into the boy for the first time. 

The boy could hear Mr. Baker grunting and gasping and he felt the 

sudden convulsion as the man climaxed, still thrusting his cock 

deep into the young body underneath him. In that instant the heat 

inside Rafael's body seemed to intensify and then the movement 

stopped and the pressure began to fade. The man's erection slowly 

subsided though the shaft of his cock was still totally enclosed 

within the boy's body.

Rafael closed his eyes. His head was spinning and he was still 

shuddering involuntarily. The pain began to fade as he welcomed the   

soothing darkness. But the weight of the man's body was now 

crushing him. It was a dead weight and it pressed the boy's body 

hard against the unyielding mattress. "Get off,... you're hurting 

me," he demanded. It hurt in his belly now, a cruel pain that was 

made worse by the rolled-up pillow under him.

The man was silent. The room was silent. There was no movement 

above him. "Get off,... you're too heavy,... Don't go to sleep on 

top a' me," he said again even louder. Still no sound, no movement.

Rafael panicked and struggled to get from under the weight of 

the man. He was pinned, his legs unable to move, his arms not strong 

enough to push up. Then the fear hit him. The man wasn't asleep. 

He struggled more and wasted what remained of his strength against 

the immovable weight. The boy was being crushed into the bed. He 

tried to move to one side, then to the other, but any movement was 

impossible. He lay still, breathing quickly, knowing that something 

was wrong with Mr. Baker. Rafael whimpered. He was now very afraid.

"God,....Mr. Baker please wake up," he pleaded. He listened. 

There was a faint sound coming from the man, a wheezing sound that 

was irregular and unnatural and very frightening. It was only with 

the greatest difficulty that Rafael managed to straighten his right 

leg, then his right arm, working it back inch by inch until he was 

able to push up against it. It took all of the boy's strength to 

lift the man's weight enough so that he could wriggle out from 

underneath. The man's penis sucked out loudly as he rolled away. 

Rafael lay on the bed and gasped for air. Long slow minutes passed 

before he was able to think clearly. Mr. Baker was still breathing, 

though only just. In the light from the bed lamp he could see that 

the man's fingers were grey, so were his lips, and his face and 

chest were very pale. There was foamy slime at the corners of the 

man's mouth.

The boy looked downward where he had been. He was suddenly 

terrified as he saw the red smears of his blood on the white sheets. 

Long streaks and little red spots where his hips had been. He 

shuddered, his small hand going to his buttucks, feeling between 

his cheeks, coming away with blood over his fingers. He tried to 

remember when the last time was that he had bled there. Months ago, 

forever, it seemed. He hated the sight of blood.

Rafael staggered up from the bed, nearly falling on the floor 

as he awkwardly made his way to the bathroom. He sat on the toilet 

for a long while as he tried to empty himself. He was too afraid 

to look down between his legs and into the water because he knew 

there was blood there. Slowly his breathing returned to something 

approaching normalcy and he was no longer panting and gasping for 

each breath. The confused jumble of thoughts in his head was 

suddenly replaced by a clarity. He had to get out of there, out of 

the room. He had to get away before someone came. Rafael tried to 

wipe himself clean but his little anus was torn and very sore as 

the toilet paper brushed against it. Finally he used a face cloth 

and warm water to rinse away the bloody smears. There seemed to be 

blood all over him down there, even down the insides of his thighs, 

over his penis and scrotum, some even on his lower belly.

When he was clean he struggled up, supporting himself by 

holding the towel rail tightly as he dried his body with the towel 

he'd used after his bath. Rafael staggered back into the bedroom. 

He turned his head away as soon as he saw the inert man on the bed 

and the red streaks on the sheets. The memory of the pain and the 

panic came rushing back. It took forever for him to find his clothes 

under the bed and get dressed. Rafael knew only that he had to get 

out of that room. He moved slowly. Every movement was painful and 

the boy felt as though a huge cavity existed deep inside him. It 

was a cavity that was a constant source of pain.

As he left the room Rafael wondered whether he should tell 

someone about Mr. Baker. Perhaps the man was dying. He hadn't moved 

and the boy realized then that he should have called for help on 

the telephone immediately. But it was already too late. Then as he 

closed the door behind him he thought, "Well maybe the man was only 

asleep?... Yes, that was it.. Mr. Baker was just asleep... When he 

woke up everything would be fine.... He was just asleep." Rafael 

tiptoed down the corridor, afraid that someone would open a door 

and discover him there. He reached the elevator and he pressed the 

down button. The elevator moved slowly. Finally the lights blinked 

and the doors opened and he entered. The doors closed behind him 

and the elevator started back down. There was a clock on the wall 

and the time was eleven-thirty. When the elevator opened at the 

ground floor the boy hurried out as fast as his pain would allow 

him. For a moment he considered telling the man at the desk that 

there was a sick man on the fifth floor, in room 516, but he didn't 

and he left the hotel silently.

Chapter 4. to be continued (depending on the interest level)


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