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Archive-name: Samesex/majlea02.txt


Archive-title: Playing in the Major Leagues - 2


Chapter 2. Initiation: Rafael and Calvin

For the next few days Rafael walked around Centerville hoping 

to see Grant appear. Although he knew that his best friend had left 

for good, it was impossible for him not to keep looking. After those 

two lonely days and nights Rafael was feeling very miserable. Over 

and over again he wished that he had gone to say good-bye to Grant. 

He had never even met Grant's new family. He had no idea where Grant 

was going to live. He missed his best friend more than he had ever 

imagined possible.

It was on the afternoon of the second day when Rafael ambled 

aimlessly on his way back to Baker House from the workshops where 

the boys made various crafts. Rafael had started making a 

bird-feeder out of wood but he hadn't been very interested. It sat 

in pieces on the bench where he had been working. As he passed 

through the parking lot in front of the administration building he 

saw a new Cadillac parked in one of the reserved spots. It was dark 

blue and brand new. The car sparkled in the afternoon sun. Rafael 

walked up beside it. It was the nicest car that he had ever seen. 

He was afraid to touch it, scared that he would somehow mar the 

absolute perfection of it. He looked through the darkly tinted 

glass. Inside he could see luxurious seats in a creamy colored 

leather and abundance of wood trim. Rafael wondered who owned it. 

He was startled suddenly when a man came up behind him. The boy was 

so engrossed in admiring the car that he had not heard the man 


"Hello young man," a voice said right behind him.

Rafael jumped and twisted around guiltily. "Uh!"

The man smiled and for a few seconds he looked long and hard 

at the startled boy. Then he smiled again. "Well, do you like it?" 

he asked.

Rafael liked the man's voice and he nodded. Then he remembered 

who the man was. This was Mr. Baker. The man who had given all the 

money to build the dormitory in which he lived. He had seen him 

before, on and off during his years at Centerville. He had never 

spoken to the man before or even seen him this close up. Usually 

Mr. Baker only addressed the boys at a presentation ceremony or 

something like that.

"Yeah! It's beautiful. It must have cost a mint. Is it yours?" 

he asked excitedly.

Mr. Baker smiled, "Brand new. I just picked it up from the 

dealer this morning."

"It's the nicest car I've ever seen," Rafael said in awe.

The man smiled. "Well thank you. What's your name?" he asked.

"Uh, Rafael. I live in Baker House, sir."

"Yes, I expect you do. I hope you like it there. And how old 

are you Rafael?" the man asked, still smiling at the boy.

"Ten sir, I turned ten a few days ago." Rafael said shyly.

"Well Rafael, you certainly are a very handsome young man. And 

happy birthday too, even it is a couple of days late."

"Thanks sir," the boy mumbled. For some reason he felt 

uncomfortable. Nobody had ever told him that he was handsome 

before. A lot of the boys teased him about his looks, mostly jeers 

and taunts that focused on the fact that he looked like a 'girl'. 

Rafael didn't like it but there wasn't much he could do, though he 

had wondered if he should get his hair cut shorter the way it had 

been when he was younger.

"Yes," the man continued," You're certainly a very handsome 

boy." The man opened the car and got into the driver's seat. "Good-

bye Rafael. I hope we'll be seeing more of each other. I like to 

know how the boys here are getting on."

Rafael nodded as the car pulled back and turned onto the 

drive. He watched it leave. After a few long seconds he turned away 

and continued his walk back to the dorm. Constantly his eyes 

searched for Grant. He hoped to see his friend emerge, to spot him 

somewhere, to find out that the adoption hadn't worked. He wanted 

Grant to come back. He didn't care if the other boys said that he 

was 'gay', he could live with that.

"Hi Rafael," a voice called.

Rafael turned around as Jerry came out from beside the 

administration building. It was almost as if the older boy had been 

hiding there, watching for the young boy. "Oh! Hi Jerry."

"Why were you talking to Mr. Baker?" the older boy 

demanded."What were you two talking about?"

"Uh, his car. He's got a brand new Cadillac. Did you see it? 

It's wild. It's dark blue and really nice." Rafael answered.

"What else?" Jerry persisted.

"Nothin' man. He just asked my name and age, that's all," the 

young boy replied nervously.

Jerry smiled strangely and shrugged. "You miss Grant a lot 

huh?" he asked.

Rafael nodded miserably as he looked down and scraped his 

right foot in the gravel on the path. "Yeah! I miss him. He was my 

only friend in this dump."

Jerry grinned. "I've been missing my little friend too." He 

looked down at Rafael's crotch.

The younger boy shrugged. He knew what Jerry wanted but for 

the second time in as many days he wasn't interested.

"I know how to make you and him feel a lot better," Jerry said 

quietly. His voice quivered with excitement.

Rafael shrugged again. "I ain't doing that Jerry. 'n I don't 

want any more acid either," he said awkwardly.

Jerry smirked and looked down meaningfully at the center of 

Rafael's slender body. The boy shifted uncomfortably. "How's your 

dick feel? Still sore from what we did behind the barn?" Rafael 

breathed out and shook his head. "You got one hell of a sexy dick 

Raffy. We both know you can't get enough. Even now it's getting 

hard and there's not a thing you can do to stop it."

"It is not," Rafael denied hotly.

"'course it is. You want me to do your knob and you know it. 

Your baby-balls are just aching for it too. Why don't you just admit 

it?" the older boy teased.

Rafael blushed. In only a few more seconds his little penis 

would be hard. He hated that part of his body. He could feel it 

getting hotter and tightening in his underpants, stretching up into 

the front of his jeans as it stiffened. "You're getting a hard-on 

just thinking about it. You want me to take care of him?" Jerry 


Rafael tried to shake his head and deny the urge that was 

getting ever stronger inside him. The need to satisfy that part of 

his body had changed slowly during the last few months. It had gone 

from an innocent curiosity that sparked nice feelings inside him 

to an insistent demand for pleasure. He could feel the pressure 

building in the glans of his penis as it was compressed into the 

tight constriction of his foreskin. He nodded slowly, unable to 

resist. His loneliness would disappear for a short time at least 

if he gave in. Jerry smiled and almost lovingly placed his arm 

comfortingly around the boy's slender shoulders. Rafael caught 

himself wishing that Jerry was his older brother and he wondered 

where the thought had come from. It would be wonderful to have his 

own family.

He walked side by side with Jerry, barely aware of where they 

were going. Even though he had walked the path to Baker House a 

thousand times it seemed, Rafael barely recognized the things 

around him. The dorm was empty and they climbed the stairs and went 

into Jerry's room.

Rafael turned to look at the seventeen year-old boy standing 

next to the now-closed door and said, "You can do the other stuff, 

but I don't want you on top of me, okay? I don't want your stuff 

on me either." The little boy paused and then added, "And I'm not 

doing acid ever again."

Jerry smiled and shrugged. "Your choice kid. Maybe gettin' off 

on your dick is all you need anyway. It certainly is all I need." 

He smirked and opened a drawer to retrieve the jar of Vaseline from 

its hiding place.

Rafael deftly unfastened his belt, opened his zipper and 

pushed his jeans downward to his ankles. He sat down on the bed and 

pulled his shoes and socks off, then tugged his jeans off. Rafael 

was very aware that Jerry was staring at him as he lay back on the 

bed. The young boy silently lifted his buttocks upward so that he 

could take his underpants off as well. Naked from the waist down 

he lay back on the bed waiting. Jerry came over and sat down beside 

him. The older boy's fingers were coated with the yellowish gel. 

With his left hand he enclosed the boy's small erection and pushed 

down to force the tiny glans through the narrow opening in Rafael's 

foreskin. The tip was dark and slightly shiny, swollen with the 

boy's blood. Jerry squeezed it firmly and watched as Rafael 

breathed deeply.

"I don't think I've ever seen a kid with a dick as hard as 

this. Maybe because it's smaller but you sure can get a hard-on." 

He smeared the greasy ointment over the boy's stiff little penis 

and into the soft folds of his scrotum. He began to gently stroke 

the small hard shaft, going back time and time again to squeeze and 

pinch the boy's tiny glans. Jerry did it until the boy was no longer 

able to resist the sensations that flowed out of his groin. Rafael 

started to hump, jerking his narrow hips up sporadically as waves 

of delight flooded him. Rafael's little penis was rigid and almost 

unyielding. It was so hard that it seemed that it could be snapped 

off if it was pulled down too far. Tiny blue veins stood out into 

the little shaft, almost like the penis of a young teenager, only 

smaller, a lot smaller.

Jerry's hand shifted downward and began to concentrate on the 

little testicles. He knew just how far to go before he hurt the 

boy, just how hard to squeeze and twist the delicate eggs before 

Rafael yelped in pain. Sometimes he went too far, watching as the 

boy muffled his cries of pain in the pillow. But even in the pain 

there was pleasure and Rafael always came back for more.

After a few more gentle minutes his hand moved down and under 

Rafael's buttocks, following the boy's scrotum back into the 

crevice between his cheeks. It was the first time that Jerry had 

been interested in that part of Rafael's body. It was the first 

time since he was out of diapers that anyone, other than Rafael 

himself, had touched his anus. Rafael had always thought of that 

part of his body as dirty but he quivered with an intense thrill 

of excitement and sudden interest as he felt Jerry's finger 

stroking the tight puckered lip of his nether opening.

With his other hand, Jerry lifted Rafael's legs upward so that 

the boy's buttocks were elevated slightly. He smirked as he 

continued to probe cautiously into Rafael's small body. "I can't 

believe you never had one in here?" the older boy teased. 

"'specially with your looks. Not even with Grant? You should'a, you 

know. As a farewell present. His dick is way too small to mess you 

up inside and you would'a liked it a whole lot."

Rafael sighed as Jerry's finger pushed up and eased inside him 

slightly. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling, in fact it was kind of 

nice he decided quickly. It helped that Jerry's finger was well 

lubricated with Vaseline and he barely had the tip inside the boy's 

opening. Almost as soon as Rafael started to enjoy the strange 

feelings that came from behind him, Jerry's finger moved away. 

Rafael shook his head urgently, his desire clearly revealed on his 

small face.

Jerry smirked. "You like that?" he teased. "You do, don't you? 

I don't believe you're still an ass-virgin."

"What's that  mean, ass-virgin?" Rafael asked.

Jerry laughed, "Someone like you, Raffy." His finger moved 

back and began to circle slowly around the boy's anus. "A boy who 

hasn't had a dick in here. It won't be long though I bet. There 

aren't many ten-year-olds here that haven't lost their cherries. 

The older kids usually take care of that. Now that Grant's out of 

the way it's just a matter of time until one of those little shit-

pushers like Cal or his buddy Denny pays you a visit."

Rafael looked at Jerry nervously. "What if I don't want to? 

I'm not sure I want to do that with someone like Cal, and I'd never 

do that with Denny."

Jerry shrugged. "You better hope it's not Cal. He's got a real 

big dick, big enough to hurt you if he didn't go slow." Gently his 

forefinger probed back into the little boy's anus, pushing gently 

though firmly and not relaxing until the first joint was inside 

Rafael's anus. His excitement increased as he realized that the 

young boy was not resisting. "You're real tight back there too. You 

better hope one of the other kids get you first. Someone like Jeff. 

His dick is big enough to have fun with but not hurt you too much."

"Does it hurt a lot?" Rafael asked.

Jerry smiled. "Yeah, it usually hurts at first. It can be real 

bad if the guy's got a big one. Then it feels like your guts are 

being torn out. My first time I bled like a pig but I was younger 

than you, I guess nine-and-a-half or so. It wasn't long after I 

came to Baker House. The worst part is you don't shit right for a 

week or more."

"I guess it must mess up your insides," Rafael thought aloud. 

"Does it ever feel okay?" he asked shyly. 

Jerry nodded. "You like how my finger feels back there?"

Rafael breathed out slowly. "Yeah. It's nice. It feels funny. 

It feels a lot different to when you do it in front, to my dick or 

balls. I keep wanting your finger to go in further."

Jerry laughed. "You're gonna like it a lot when you start. Its 

gonna take some time to break you in because your ass is so tight 

but after a few weeks you'll love it. Think of it as my finger only 

a thousand times better. I was pretty sure you liked it."

"Uh! Yeah I guess I do. It feels sorta weird. But it's nice 

too. How can you tell I like it?" Rafael asked. 

"Most kids fight it at first and try to push it back out but 

you didn't. You really want it deeper?" Jerry asked.

"Yeah I guess. Not if it hurts though."

Jerry smiled. "It might. I can't promise it won't. Your 

asshole is real tight so it probably will hurt a bit. You gotta 

remember that the sooner it starts hurting, the sooner you get over 

it and start liking it."

Rafael thought for a moment. Jerry finger was rubbing gently 

into his anus, not going deeply but flowing around and around on 

the slippery oily flesh as the boy's anus opened inwards. Jerry 

concentrated his attention on the nerve-filled opening, knowing the 

effect it would have on the boy. For the first time in more than 

four years Jerry was excited by the idea of anal sex. All he could 

think of was sinking his rock-hard penis into the perfect little 

boy that was lying on his bed. For the first time since he had 

started puberty Jerry was aroused by something other than a 

prepubescent boy's genitals. He had always been able to enjoy 

either making a little boy feel good by his expert handling of the 

small penis and testicles, or by sharing his own semen with the 

youngster. Now he wanted more.

He looked closely at Rafael as he wondered how far he could 

go with the boy. It wasn't that he wondered whether his penis could 

actually fit inside the youngster. He knew that it could, all he 

had to do was be careful and patient and let nature make the 

necessary adjustments to the boy's anatomy. He knew a ten-year-old 

boy could accommodate a man's penis because he had done it himself 

when he wasn't much older than Rafael. However, he also remembered 

how much it had hurt at fist. The big question was whether the boy 

would submit long enough for him to get it inside.

Rafael nodded slowly, "Promise to stop if I ask?"

Jerry nodded. "I promise. I'll go real slow so it won't hurt. 

Stand up."

"Stand up? Why?" Rafael asked.

"Just do it, okay." Jerry said. "Stand up and bend over." He 

grinned as he removed his finger from the boy's crack, giving the 

little rounded scrotum a pinch as he pulled away.

The boy yelped as though he was stung. He didn't like it when 

Jerry pinched or squeezed too hard. The worst part was when the 

older boy flicked at his balls or dick. That did hurt. "You're not 

gonna put your dick in me are you?" the boy asked nervously.

"Not unless you want me to."

Rafael looked uncertain. "I,... I don't think I want to do 

that, okay?"

Jerry smiled, "Well, we'll see. Maybe you'll change your mind 

when you see how good it feels." He moved sideways and Rafael lifted 

his legs up, twisted to the side and stood up before Jerry. The 

young boy faced away from the bed and bent forward at the waist. 

"Split 'em," Jerry breathed out. "Pull your cheeks apart and let's 

see what you've got back there, kid." 

The boy obeyed silently, looking back along the side of his 

body as he watched Jerry scoop out more Vaseline on his finger. For 

a few seconds after the greasy lump was smeared into his anus, the 

boy felt pleasantly cool. The coolness faded as Jerry's fingers 

began to rub into Rafael's opening. With the added lubrication 

there was little Rafael could do to resist the intrusion of Jerry's 

finger. There was no pain as the finger penetrated him to the first 

joint, and then slid in up to the second joint. Even the little 

boy's sphincter gave in without a fight.

"You like that don't you?" Jerry asked, his voice trembling 

with excitement.

"Uh huh. It feels like it's going right up inside me." Rafael 

gasped as the finger twisted and pushed down into his belly. "Ouch,  

shit man that hurts!" he squealed.

Jerry laughed. "It might hurt now but not for long. That's 

your prostate I'm pushing on. That's what makes this fun."

"Well it goddamn hurts," the boy complained. He pulled away 

suddenly and without warning. "I don't wanna do this anymore," he 

said guiltily. All Rafael could think of was Grant and the way that 

the two boys had touched each other at night. He remembered his 

desire to be with Grant and he felt so miserable that he wanted to 

die. He began to hate himself even as he started to enjoy the 

strange sensation that he felt deep inside him. It felt as if Jerry 

had touched the very core of his body and released all of the pent 

up fears and anguish that had been there since before Christmas. 

Rafael wanted Grant more than he could stand. He longed for the 

other boy's slender arms to be wrapped around his chest, to feel 

their legs entwined, to feel their little pensises squashed 

together in a mass of smooth firm hot flesh. He wanted Grant.

 Jerry's finger slid out of his anus as he moved away to pick 

up his clothes. The older boy looked at Rafael sadly. The young boy 

trembled. "Look Jerry, I,... I don't know why but I don't wanna do 

this stuff. I know we've messed around before a bit when Grant 

wasn't here but I want to stop now."

Jerry smirked, "You must really miss you little boyfriend. I 

bet you wish it was Grant here now. Grant, honey you be the boy and 

I'll be the girl and you put your pee-pee in my pussy," Jerry teased 

in a high falsetto voice. "Is that what you want Raffy? For me to 

pretend you're a girl and this thing is a pussy," he added slapping 

the boy's buttocks loudly.

Rafael backed away shaking his head. "Jerry don't be mean,... 

I just don't wanna okay. I keep thinking of Grant, I miss him so 

bad. I just don't wanna do this stuff now." He pulled his jeans up 

and then turned and bolted from the room, leaving his socks and 

shoes on the floor. He didn't want Jerry to see him crying.


 A few days later Rafael was assigned to Calvin's room. It was 

not his choice but at least he would not be by himself. For the 

first few nights Rafael cried, still missing his best friend badly, 

still wishing that he had said good-bye, wanting only to hug Grant 

and press into his friend's naked warmth and fall asleep. He did 

not sleep much. The house parents tried to comfort the boy with 

little success. With twenty three other boys to take care of, there 

was little time for Rafael and his problems. Over the next few weeks 

Calvin slowly became a friend.

The night that Rafael lost his virginity was a night he would 

never forget. It was a cool Spring evening, a Saturday, and without 

the rigid schedule of homework the Baker-House boys had played 

outside until it was too dark to see. It was nearly ten o'clock 

when the game stopped, only a few minutes before 'lights out'. The 

boys had played tag football, a game that Rafael was very good at, 

his lithe body able to dart and twist and easily escape the other 

boys. Although he was smaller than almost of the boys in Baker House 

he could run fast. Rafael was always a 'hot favorite' when the teams 

were picked. That evening Cal was one of the 'team captains'. 

Rafael was pleased when Cal selected him as his very first choice. 

All through the game Rafael did his best to show that Cal's choice 

had been a good one. He scored twice, in fact it was his last 

victory that gave Cal's team the win it deserved. The boys had 

played hard and fast and there was more than one bruised knee or 

scrapped elbow.

As the twenty four boys came into the dorm they were laughing. 

Rafael was the 'star'. His team mates slapped him on the back and 

teased him playfully while the other team wished that the good-

looking, young Puerto-Rican boy had been on their side. The jeers 

and taunts about him being 'gay' had ended when Grant was adopted. 

Living in Cal's room, no one, not even Denny, dared to make a 

comment about the little ten-year-old boy being 'gay'. Rafael 

enjoyed his fleeting popularity, grinning happily as he went up the 

stairs to his 'new' bedroom. It wasn't any different to the one 

he'd lived in with Grant, except that Cal never picked up anything 

and the room was a perpetual mess. It was only when Mr. Edwards 

became angry that Cal did anything at all to clean up the mess.

The boy sat down on his bed and smiled. For the first time in 

months Rafael felt proud, a joy in his heart because he was the 

'hero'. His narrow chest was still heaving with excitement and the 

effort of his long, long run in the darkness, He had swerved, ducked 

and weaved through the other boys as they loomed out of the 

darkness. He could barely see but his eyes had searched for the 

concrete paving that marked the edge of the field and then made a 

wide swing to the left to score in the center of the soccer goal-


Rafael stretched sleepily, placing his hands behind his neck 

and arching his back with feline grace. He yawned. Luckily the next 

day was Sunday and he would get to sleep in an extra hour before 

he had to get up and attend the 'service' that Mr. Edwards held 

outside every Sunday, unless it was raining of course. Slowly the 

boy kicked off his sneakers and removed his socks, then he pulled 

his sweat-shirt off. He stood up, shivering slightly, and pulled 

his sweat-pants down. As he stood in just his underpants he 

remembered what he had done with Grant at night as soon as the 

lights were turned out. He remembered the way both boys would 

undress and get into the same bed and hug and touch each other. He 

didn't know why it had felt so good but even the memory brought 

gooseflesh to his arms and chest. He shivered again, not so much 

with cold, but from the intensity of the memory.

He reached under his pillow and extracted his pajamas. He had 

started wearing pajamas again as soon as Grant had left. Everything 

had changed then. He had lost interest, even with Jerry, though 

Jerry had looked at him meaningfully whenever he saw the young boy. 

He remembered the day that Grant left vividly. It was the day that 

he lay on his back in the rich green grass with the sun warming his 

exposed flesh. It was the day that Jerry had rubbed at him furiously 

and he had wanted to cry so badly. The young boy hadn't orgasmed 

that afternoon, and hadn't since. He had lost interest in 

everything, even that.

 Rafael pulled on his pajamas and dragged down the covers of 

his bed. There was a stale smell in the room after the fresh air 

outdoors. He settled down and picked up the book he was trying to 

read. Every word was a labor, a trial that he underwent as he 

sounded it out aloud, then tried to make sense out of it. It had 

taken weeks and he was barely one third of the way through it. He 

wished he could read like Grant. He had raced through books, barely 

slowing to turn the page. Rafael managed to read just two sentences 

in the ten minutes or so before Cal came into the room.

"Whatcha doin', boy?" Cal jeered as he started to undress.

"Readin', what's it look like?" Rafael replied, his attention 

now distracted by the older boy, reluctant to continue sounding out 

the words. "Where you been, anyway? It's 'lights out' any minute."

Cal smirked, "Talkin' to Mister Edwards.... 'bout you, boy."

"Huh? What about me?" Rafael asked, putting the book down on 

the table between the two beds. His eyes travelled to Cal's body. 

The other boy already had stripped down to his underpants. He was 

dark, 'lots darker' than Rafael. His nearly black skin looked like 

black velvet. Cal flexed his muscles. He was eleven-and-a-half-

years-old and already well into puberty. His pectoral muscles were 

well formed and his genitals bulged noticeably into his clothes. 

It was hard for Rafael to believe that a boy who was only a year-

and-a-half older could have a bulge that big. There was even a trace 

of hair under Cal's arms and a small patch surrounding his penis 

but even more noticeable was the fact that his voice was already 

deepening. As Rafael looked at Cal he suddenly felt jealous though 

he did not understand why.

"None of yo' 'fair, boy," Cal said as he began to put on his 

pajama pants. "Whatcha lookin' at?"

Rafael shrugged, then said, "You sure have big muscles, Cal."

The older boy smirked as he pulled the pants up to cover his 

groin. He jumped onto the foam mattress of the bed and bounced. 

"Turn out the lights, boy," he ordered.

Rafael looked at him angrily. "You were already up, you 

could'a done it," he said as he slipped out of bed and padded over 

to the doorway. He flicked the switch then got back into his bed. 

He lay there silently, waiting for sleep to overtake him. There was 

a rustling sound coming from the bed next to him, the movement under 

the covers unseen but still audible. "Cal,... you still awake?"

"Yeah! Whatcha want?" the other boy growled, breathing 


"Cal,... thanks for picking me tonight."

"Yeah! Sure! You played good. Now shut up and go to sleep."

Rafael closed his eyes, trying hard to fall asleep but still 

listening. The rustling sound continued, rising and falling, 

getting faster then slowing down. The other boy's breathing seemed 

to come in quick gasps. Rafael tried to shut it out by pushing his 

head hard into his pillow and covering his ears with his hands. The 

rustling sounds were interrupted as the other boy grunted, then 

began to groan.

"Cal,... I can't sleep," Rafael whispered. He knew what the 

other boy was doing.

"Shut the fuck up," Cal swore angrily. There was silence in 

the room for almost a minute then Rafael heard the unmistakable 

sounds of the covers pulled back and Cal coming over to his bed. 

He twisted around onto his back and looked up. Cal was standing by 

the side of his bed, his hand wrapped around his thick hard cock, 

sliding it up and down slowly. Cal's hips were moving at the same 

time, pumping his cock in a lewd sexual display. "Move over and lie 

on your belly, boy," Cal ordered.

"Why?" Rafael asked, his fear rising as he understood Cal's 

order. Jerry's warning screamed through his mind.

"'cause I'm putting this up yo' ass. That's why."

"Cal,... I don't wanna, okay?" Rafael begged. A desire, 

previously unknown, dormant inside Rafael's mind burst free and 

rose up inside him. Somewhere deep inside the young boy something 

surrendered. He trembled as he felt Cal's knees on the side of the 

bed next to him. Then strong hands pushed at him and turned him 

over onto his side, then onto his back. He knew that he should fight 

but there was no fight left inside him. Rafael buried his face into 

his pillow as he felt the boy tugging his pajama pants and 

underpants downward, past his knees and all the way to his feet, 

then off. He felt the hands pushing his legs apart and Cal changing 

his position and kneeling between his outstretched legs. Rafael 

made one last halfhearted effort to save himself.

"Cal,.... Please? I don't wanna do this. Please Cal?" he 

pleaded. He tried to scream out but the cry lodged in his throat 

and was strangled by his pillow as his head was pushed down hard. 

Rafael felt his buttocks being parted, strong hands gripping his 

small soft cheeks and splitting him open. He felt the hot breath 

of the other boy on his bottom and then a wetness as Cal drooled 

spit into the young boy's crevice. Rafael felt Cal's fingers 

rubbing into him and pushing at his little anus. He gasped with 

shock as a very strong finger penetrated the puckered lip. Cal 

dribbled more spit into the boy, smearing it deeper, pushing and 

grunting as he worked his forefinger.

"No,... Cal,... Please?" Rafael implored as he felt Cal 

leaning forward over him. Then the older boy's breath was on his 

neck and shoulders and over his cheek as Rafael tried to submerge 

himself into the pillow. The hands moved back to his cheeks and 

parted them wide. Something big and very hot pushed between the 

boy's small soft cheeks and sought the boy's entry with expert 

precision. It found the small opening and began to squeeze. Rafael 

yelped as he felt the pressure increase, a sharp, uncomfortable 

sensation as Cal's engorged cock began to worm its way inside him.

"Shut the fuck up, boy", Cal said angrily. "You gonna like 

this, boy," he added, pushing even harder, "Soon as I git 'im in 

ya. Just relax and push down like ya takin' a crap. Don't hurt half 

as bad then. If you fight it I'll tear ya guts out."

Rafael took a deep breath, choking back his sobs, trying hard 

to do what Cal had told him. He squeezed down, then relaxed as the 

pressure eased. Then as Cal pushed again, he pushed with all of his 

might. It hurt like hell, but he could feel it sinking ever deeper 

into him. It felt even bigger than it looked. "It hurts,... real 

bad, Cal," he cried.

Cal grunted and pushed even harder and Rafael wailed into his 

pillow. "Yo' ass is tight as a dog's," Cal grunted, "Fuckin' tight-

assed boy." The older boy slammed down as hard as he could, intent 

only on taking possession of the young body. He was oblivious to 

Rafael's pain, unheeding of his pleas to stop. Inexorably, his cock 

pushed into the ten-year-old boy's body. It stretched the delicate 

tissue to the point of bursting. Cal stopped, getting his own 

breath while Rafael sobbed, now shaking in terror.

"Stop ya blubbering," Cal said angrily. Then Cal began in 

earnest, mindless to the young boy's crying as he pounded into him. 

The pain grew and grew until the boy could no longer stand it and 

he sunk into a welcome insensibility, numbed to the white burning 

pain that tore into his guts. Cal's motions became faster and 

faster, going the full depth of his cock, nearly six inches of thick 

hard cock contained inside the shuddering little boy. When Cal 

climaxed he quaked and grunted as his semen was ejaculated. He 

stopped moving and dropped down, his sweaty body draped over the 

inert boy. "You sure liked it," he gasped, "I could tell. Always 

knew you was a faggot, Raffy."

He pulled away and his softening cock jerked out of the boy's 

distended hole with a loud suck. 'You shitted on me, too," he said 

angrily, wiping the dark mess away from his cock on the boy's small 

buttocks, then using the sheet to get the last of it off. He moved 

to one side, then came to his feet, "Yeah, I could tell you liked 

it," he jeered as he went back to his own bed, his desire 

temporarily satisfied.

Rafael could barely move. The pain was excruciating. It felt 

as though Cal was still stabbing into him. His pillow wet with his 

tears and it felt as if his bowel was on fire. Rafael tried to fight 

the truth of what Cal had said but it was impossible. He began to 

cry, not in anger or rage but in the terror of the knowledge that 

he now possessed. The young boy wanted only to sleep and to forget, 

to wake up and find that it had never happened. He turned onto his 

side and clenched his jaws as the pain worsened. Slowly he curled 

up into a ball. The pain in his belly came without warning, it was 

a cramp worse that he had ever had with diarrhea. His bowel opened 

and he exploded onto the bed. Torrents of steaming, foul smelling 

fluid and hard lumps gushed out of him as he convulsed in agony. 

As soon as it stopped the worst of the pain seemed to disappear. 

There was still a terrible ache inside his bottom but he could live 

with that.

Rafael could hear Cal laughing. The smell filled the room and 

he could feel the wetness all over him, covering his legs and back. 

"You gotta hold it in, boy. You stinked up the whole room, wid yo' 

shit. You gotta squeeze it back till it stops, then git out to the 

can." Cal jeered. "I don't want yo' messin' here."

Rafael staggered up out of bed. He stood half-naked, swaying 

and nearly falling as the foul mess dripped onto the floor and oozed 

down his legs. The little boy cried as he pulled the sheets from 

his bed, stripping off everything down to the plastic-covered 

mattress, then carrying them out into the bathroom. He didn't care 

if the other boys saw him stumbling half-naked down the corridor 

to the bathroom. It took forever to wash the sheets clean and wipe 

the spots off his blankets. He showered, cleansing himself 

carefully, shocked when he found traces of blood on his fingers as 

he washed his bottom. He dried off and pulled his pajama top on. 

He carried the sheets down into the basement before he went back 

to the bedroom. Cal was already asleep as Rafael lay down and pulled 

the wet blankets over him.

Two long weeks would pass before the pain and shame left the 

young boy. Each time Rafael would cry, begging Cal to leave him 

alone until he came to accept the nightly ritual. As weeks turned 

into months and early summer arrived, a change came over Rafael. 

Slowly his body grew to accept the other boy until a hunger was 

awakened inside him and he waited for Cal to come across the floor 

and into his bed.


Rafael lay half awake, half dreaming as his mind drifted 

aimlessly, his slumber coming and going as he passed from sleep to 

being awake and back to sleep again. The boy stirred and his foot 

stretched out into the coolness between the sheets in a distant 

corner of the bed. He felt the rawness still inside him. It was a 

familiar sore ache, an ever-present dull ache that persisted 

between his small cheeks and extended upward into him. It was an 

ache that was there every morning now.

The boy closed his eyes and for a few minutes tried to block 

out the memory. But it was insistent and the harder he tried to 

forget, the stronger it became. Rafael had tried to hate it and 

deny what he felt, but each time he tried he had relented. In just 

the last few weeks his shameful need had become increasingly more 

demanding. Now he submitted to the other boy with a desperate 

hunger inside him. Sometimes the hunger overwhelmed him and several 

times other boys, usually two boys from the next room, had waited 

to take their turns with him. They took their pleasure one after 

the other until he was barely conscious of what was happening, when 

Rafael was too exhausted to move, to try, or even want to stop them. 

He didn't care anymore. At first he'd been angry and tried to fight 

Cal. For the first few weeks and after the pain of the first time, 

Rafael had struggled as hard as he could to resist, but not any 

longer. He knew he would never be able to resist again.

Even from the first night, his times with Cal were unlike the 

games he'd played with Grant. He still remembered the curious 

explorations under the covers in the middle of the night, or early 

in the morning before the other boys were noisy. Those were times 

of mutual pleasuring, of discovery, of innocence, of friendship. 

It was very different with Cal.

Suddenly Rafael was aware of the other boy beside him as the 

lean dark body bent down and pulled back the sheets. Rafael shifted 

to one side so that the boy could get in beside him. Rafael wore 

only the top half of his pajamas, the pants discarded somewhere in 

the bed. He knew it was Cal even though the room was still too dark 

to see his face. Rafael didn't care that Cal was black, most of the 

boys in Centerville were black. At least with Cal, there was 

friendship, or something that approached it. He liked Cal though 

not in the way he'd liked Grant. He felt Cal's hand clasp his small 

hard penis and the tips of the other boy's fingers squeezed into 

his little scrotum painfully. He winced, then reached out with his 

own hand.

Cal was older than Rafael, nearly eighteen months older. He 

was bigger and stronger, and well into puberty. The other boy's 

penis was bigger, much bigger than Rafael's small appendage. It was 

a thick, long cock with a head that flared broadly. The tip was 

already slightly moist with pre-cum and it pulsed with the 

unbridled energy and strength of youth. Suddenly, in the pit of 

Rafael's stomach, the irresistible urge began to grow, quickly 

becoming a frightening insistent demand from deep inside his young 

body. Rafael wanted the other's boy's penis inside him more than 

he could stand and he twisted away so that his back was toward Cal.

"You got stuff for my cock?" Cal demanded, "else I'm gonna 

fuck yo' ass dry boy."

Rafael nodded and reached back under the bed to find the small 

jar of Vaseline secreted in the metal framework of the bed. In Baker 

House, Vaseline was the lubricant of choice though any number of 

other things sufficed at times. Rafael's precious jar of Vaseline 

was safely hidden by his mattress. There was a moment's pause while 

Cal pulled his pajamas down his thighs and pushed them down to his 

knees. He rubbed the greasy gel over his cock and settled down 

behind the younger boy. Automatically Rafael drew his knees upward 

and curled into the familiar fetal-position, He reached back to 

part his cheeks wide open with his fingers so that the other boy 

could do 'it' to him.  Rafael felt the blunt tip of Cal's penis 

press into him. The hard roundness swelled into his crack, then as 

it located the soft looseness of the boy's opening, pushed forward, 

harder and harder as it demanded entry into him. Rafael felt the 

boy bear down. Cal used all of his strength and the pressure 

increased, suddenly becoming painful as the older boy's penis was 

driven forward relentlessly.

"God'am you got a tight ass," Cal grunted as he forced inward. 

Then suddenly Rafael's body yielded, no longer able to resist and 

Cal's nearly six-inch cock slid into him, without respite until it 

could go no further. Rafael whimpered as the other boy filled him. 

Cal's every movement was transmitted directly into the very core 

of Rafael's own small body. They were joined inseparably as the 

black boy began to thrust rhythmically. Cal was oblivious to the 

smaller boy's gasping, his shudders and crying. He was intent only 

on his own satisfaction and wanted only to release his semen into 

the young boy lying before him. 

Rafael closed his eyes and clenched his fists. He buried his 

face in his pillow and fought against his desire for it. His 

sphincter had relaxed completely now and Cal pumped frantically 

against him, his thick engorged cock bursting for relief. Rafael 

began to tremble and his legs jerked with each thrust. Within 

seconds his body was straining in ecstasy and he writhed on the end 

of the other boy's penis, grinding his insides into the fabulous 

heat that grew inside him until he couldn't stand it. Rafael's own 

small thighs and hips began moving and working in unison to force 

Cal's cock harder and deeper into him. Rafael felt the other boy 

ejaculate. He felt the orgasm approach, the furious motion, the 

grunts getting louder, and then the sudden small hot pressure 

somewhere deep inside him as the cock spurted into him. The penis 

deep inside him continued to jerk spasmodically as Cal arched back, 

moaning as the orgasm passed through him. Cal's face contorted with 

delight and then he flopped back down on the bed as his erection 

began to fade.

It was over and Rafael felt the intense loneliness return, the 

sadness and emptiness as Cal withdrew his slippery, sticky penis 

from inside him. It left a void within the younger boy. Rafael felt 

drained and he lay silently, still curled up as Cal wiped his cock 

clean on Rafael's pajama pants. Unlike the first few weeks, it left 

only yellowish smears of mucus and semen. The older boy got up and 

pulling his pajama pants back up. "You gotta be the best fuck here 

Raffy. You know, you should'a a bin a girl! Yo' asshole sure makes 

a great cunt," he taunted as he turned away. Cal went back to his 

own bed, grinning with satisfaction.

Rafael lay on his bed alone but his desire still raged. 

Increasingly, his urge was unabated and his young body hungered for 

more. He silently prayed that someone else would come. But he knew 

it was already too late. They always came, if they came, at night 

after 'lights out'. Soon Mr. Edwards, the 'house father', would be 

coming around to get the boys out of bed. Frustrated and impotent 

in his anger, Rafael felt around in the bed for his pajama pants 

and pulled them on, oblivious to the sticky wetness on his legs and 

buttocks. For Rafael, that Thursday had started just like any other 



In the summer the boys at Centerville were supposed to do 

chores around the dorm or work in the garden before they engaged 

in a variety of sports activities. However, this week Mrs. Edwards 

had gone away for a holiday and it was a relatively simple process 

for the boys to convince Mr. Edwards that they would do their chores 

in the afternoon. So after breakfast the boys went out to play 

baseball. Rafael liked playing baseball but he wasn't that good at 

it, not like some of the other boys. He was an 'okay' pitcher but 

when it came time to hit there was no way he could keep up with the 

bigger boys.

The problem that Thursday morning was that he couldn't find 

his mitt. The mitt was his Christmas present, the only present he 

had received at Christmas. It was one of the few things that he 

owned. The boy searched his room. He expected to find it in his 

locker where it always was, but it wasn't there. The search was 

made more difficult by the untidy mess that Cal made in the room. 

By the time he'd looked in all of the usual places the noise in the 

adjoining rooms from the other boys as they collected their things 

had faded. Rafael knew that they were headed outside to the playing 

fields and he would be lucky to be picked for one of the teams. 

Then it was silent.

Rafael sat down on his unmade bed. He winced slightly as he 

felt the increased pressure on his buttocks. He was aware of the 

constant rawness inside him. It felt like it was somewhere near his 

belly, only deeper inside him. The bruised flesh was still tender 

though it really didn't bother him much anymore. It was something 

he had already gotten used to, something he had to put up with when 

he did 'it' with Cal. "Damn," Rafael swore aloud, "Its gotta be 

here somewhere." The boy half-closed his eyes and sucked on his 

bottom lip. He thought hard, trying to remember where he had seen 

the glove last. He'd had it yesterday, he had to have had it then, 

because he played 'catcher' in the late afternoon, right before 


The boy thought back, trying to retrace his steps, going 

through everything he could remember doing after he had left the 

playing field. He'd come back into the dorm through the rear door, 

with Cal and most of the other boys. They'd stopped in the kitchen 

for water to drink, instead Mr. Edwards had made them lemonade. 

Maybe he'd left the glove in the kitchen? Then both he and Cal had 

gone down into the basement to pick up the laundry basket. He'd had 

the mitt then,... because he'd put it on the ledge,... while they 

loaded the basket with clothes. Rafael grinned and stood up. He 

left the room and went out into the corridor. It was dead-quiet, a 

calm had settled over the building now that twenty four boys 

between the ages of nine and thirteen were outside. The silence 

seemed eery. It was hot in the corridor, the early summer's heat 

already too much for the small window air-conditioners to deal with 

effectively. It was only nine o'clock and it would get much hotter 

before the day was through. Summer had barely started.

Rafael trotted down the stairs and took the last three with a 

leap. He ran down the hall and opened the door to the basement 

stairs. There was nothing to be scared of but he still didn't like 

the basement. It was cooler down there but most of the light bulbs 

had broken and it was 'kinda dark'. The boy switched on the light 

and looked down the stairs. It didn't seem to be any lighter, in 

fact the only light seemed to come from the small window in the 

side wall. He went down the stairs cautiously, almost ready to run 

back upstairs at the slightest reason. At the bottom of the stairs 

he looked around in the gloom. It was dark and he realized that the 

lights were all out. He waited for a few moments as his eyes became 

accustomed to the darkness.

For some reason, Rafael sensed that he wasn't alone. It seemed 

as if someone else was there with him, though he knew that everyone 

else had gone outside. He didn't call out, instead he walked 

quietly across the basement floor, feeling his way cautiously in 

the general direction of where he thought the glove lay on the 

ledge. A ten-year-old boy weighing just sixty-nine pounds doesn't 

make much sound. When he reached the other side of the room he felt 

along the ledge. His fingers brushed against the smooth leather of 

his mitt and he picked it up. Rafael shivered slightly, his sense 

that someone else was in the basement suddenly intensifying. It was 

an irrational feeling, a kind of forbidding feeling and in that 

instant he knew he shouldn't be there. He looked around and tried 

to see into the darkness.

Then, without warning a light was switched on and a stream of 

light seemed to pour out of Mr. Edwards' store room. It startled 

Rafael and he shivered again as his smooth soft skin turning to 

gooseflesh. And then he heard the first muffled sounds. He took a 

step, then another, coming ever closer to the open door of the store 

room. He stopped. Standing where he was, Rafael was still in 

darkness. Although he still couldn't see into the room he knew 

someone was there. Rafael took another step and his body tensed, 

the muscles in his slender legs poised to run and take flight. Now 

he could see inside the room.

His heart jumped and a cry of shock almost burst from his 

mouth. Mr. Edwards  was standing, half naked, his pants and 

underpants at his ankles. Cal was kneeling before him, still fully 

dressed. He leaned forward as he held Mr. Edwards' penis in his 

hands. It was a huge penis, long and thick and engorged. It stood 

straight out, perpendicular to the man's body. The man's balls 

seemed enormous, pink and so heavy that they seemed to swing like 

a pendulum. They slapped noisily against the man's legs. And there 

was hair, not the soft downy hair that most of the older boys in 

the dorm sported, but thick black hair. It was like wire as it 

curled and twisted, covering his groin and spreading out onto his 

thighs and up his belly. Cal was touching Mr. Edwards' penis. He 

was rubbing his hands along it and teasing it with his fingers. It 

was close to the boy's face, barely inches away. Rafael felt more 

afraid than he'd every been before. He tried to back away. His mind 

filled with the image of Cal earlier that morning lying behind him 

after they had done 'it', still too exhausted to move following his 

orgasm. He could feel Cal's fingers stroking his own small penis. 

His penis was tiny in comparison with Mr. Edwards'.

Rafael knew he shouldn't be there. He knew that he shouldn't 

be watching. He knew that Cal and Mr. Edwards shouldn't be doing 

this. The boy didn't move. He was fascinated by the man's monstrous 

cock and by what Cal was doing. The man's rampart cock was as long 

as his forearm, about eight inches long, and at least as thick as 

his wrist. The young boy swallowed. He was unable to take his eyes 

away. Cal's tongue poked out and licked the swollen head. The man 

responded with a sigh, then his hands moved to the boy's head and 

his fingers dug into the short frizzy black hair behind Cal's ears, 

to pull the boy forward. Cal's mouth opened wide. There was a 

sinking sensation in Rafael's belly, a kind of inevitability about 

what Cal was doing. The thrill that Rafael felt that was unlike 

anything he had ever known. Rafael watched as Mr. Edwards' penis 

brushed against the other boy's lips, then went in. Cal's mouth 

stretched wide open as the huge cock moved forward.

Rafael trembled. He'd done this before. At first with Grant 

as the two nine-year-old boys discovered each other's tastes and 

the delicious feelings that came from being warm and wet and 

enclosed in something so soft. Then with Cal. Only it was different 

with Cal. Cal was bigger, so much bigger that his cock filled 

Rafael's mouth until there was no room for his own tongue. And Cal 

did it to the end, until it hurt in the back of his throat. Cal did 

it back and forth until Rafael had to swallow the other boy's juice, 

until he could barely breathe and all he could taste was a strange 

saltiness in his mouth.

Rafael watched as Cal did what Mr. Edwards wanted. The man 

stood with his legs apart and his eyes were barely open. He held 

Cal's head tightly, letting the boy do what he wanted for a minute 

and then taking over. Rafael watched as Mr. Edwards' hips began to 

move. He watched in awe as the huge cock went halfway into Cal's 

mouth, then pulled back out until only the head was still inside. 

He watched as Cal's fingers massaged the man's balls. He watched 

as Mr. Edwards moved, rhythmically, but with ever-increasing 

ferocity. The minutes seemed to rush by, to Rafael those minutes 

seemed like an eternity as every motion, every gasp, every groan, 

was indelibly imprinted in his brain. He watched as Mr. Edwards' 

hands tightened on Cal's head and his thighs bucked savagely, 

forcing his cock impossibly far into Cal's mouth. The boy gagged 

and tried to pull away, trying frantically to stand up, but unable 

to escape then forced back to his knees. Rafael watched as Mr. 

Edwards shuddered and groaned, his hands grasping Cal's head so 

that it was immobile. Instinctively Rafael knew what had happened. 

He knew that the man's sperm had spurted into Cal's mouth and that 

the boy was swallowing it the same way that he'd learned to swallow 

Cal's milky sperm.

Then it seemed as if Cal couldn't take any more and he jerked 

away. The huge cock slid out of his mouth and the last spurts 

emptied over Cal's face. Rafael felt sick. His mind raced as 

feelings of shame, despair, dread, panic, were all overpowered by 

his excitement. He could not look away. Cal's hand reached up, 

smearing the man's white juice over his dark face and away from his 

mouth. A dribble from the corner ran down to his chin. The boy was 

smiling and then his tongue poked out, licking his lips, licking 

up Mr. Edwards' sperm. Mr. Edwards was breathing deeply. His penis 

was softening even as Rafael stared at it, still disbelieving 

despite the evidence before his eyes. The ten-year-old boy was 


"You're good! Cal, you sure suck good kid," the man sighed. 

The boy looked up and grinned. "I sure gave you a mouthful huh? 

I've been saving that load for you, boy. Knowing how much you like 

it 'n all," he said. "No wonder you got such a big dick huh? Come 

on let me see you kiss my dick, then let's see your dick, Calvin". 

The boy smirked and leaned forward. His lips pursed as they touched 

the head of the man's cock, now wet and sticky with saliva and 

semen. "Yeah! Calvin, that's right boy, you kiss my dick," Mr. 

Edwards grunted.

Slowly Cal raised up and stood before Mr. Edwards. The boy was 

grinning, his mouth open slightly as he breathed heavily. He was 

visibly excited. His hands dropped down to his waist and he 

unfastened his belt. He opened his zipper and pushed his cutoff 

jeans downward, past his knees and almost to the floor. His cock 

was rigid, just like it had been with Rafael earlier that morning. 

It was thick and long and flared at the head. It was a lot smaller 

than Mr. Edwards' penis but still a very big cock for a boy who 

wasn't even twelve years old. "Yeah! There's my little boyfriend," 

Mr. Edwards said as he reached out and easily enclosed the boy's 

penis in his hand. He smiled as he slowly rubbed his hand up and 

down the shaft, pumping the full smooth length of it. The taut black 

flesh seemed to shine with the fullness of the boy's erection.

Cal moved closer and pressed his penis forward, bringing his 

small chest against the man's belly. "Yeah, you like that, don't 

ya, Calvin boy. You still sticking this up Raffy's ass like I told 

ya." Cal nodded and his small dark buttocks clenched as his thighs 

pressed forward. His narrow hips began to hump against the man's 

hand. "The kid like it any more?" Mr. Edwards asked. 

The boy stopped moving, "Yeah, he's likin' it more. He don't 

cry no more anyways."

"You doin' it a lot like I asked?"

"Yeah, like you said, okay? I bin pluggin' him a whole lot. 

H's ass is sure gettin' bigger. He ain't that tight no more." The 

boy smirked then added, "Yeah! Dumb little mother's likin' so much 

he don't even get his shit on me no more."

The man chuckled, "You like screwin' his ass Cal, don't ya? 

Just the same as I like doing yours." The boy shrugged and pretended 

to be disinterested. "Maybe I should'a put the kid in with one of 

the older boys, maybe Tony or Denny?"

The boy smirked, "He already bin fucked by them guys. They 

ain't no 'count."

The man laughed. "You're jokin' me Cal. Raffy's had it with 

Tony and Denny? In his ass?"

Cal nodded, "They hammered the crap outta him 'bout a week 

ago. Little Raffy just fuckin' loved it, man."

Mr. Edwards grinned, "No shit, Cal? So little Raffy's turning 

into a real good fuck huh? You think he's ready for the major 

leagues yet?"


"No more kid's stuff. You think he's ready to get it off with 

a man?"

"Wid you," Cal asked.

"Fuck no! That'd be a goddamed waste of his cute little ass. 

Not with his looks. That kid is a real doll. No Cal, if he's humpin' 

his ass the way you say, that kid's got a great future. See, I gotta 

plan for little Raffy. He's going to be my ticket out of this 

fuckin' asshole dump."

The boy pulled away slightly, his eyes narrowing angrily, 

"Whatcha mean by that?"

Mr. Edwards smirked. "You'll see Cal, you'll see, boy. I know 

someone who likes little boys, cute little boys,... just like our 

Raffy. If he humps his ass, the kid could go a long way, maybe even 

git outta this dump himself."

The boy looked even more angry, "I can do whatever that little 

fucker can," he retorted.

The man shrugged, "Yeah, but you ain't the kind he likes, 

Calvin. But you sure are my kind," he smirked and squeezed harder 

on the boy's erect penis. "Maybe I outta fuck your ass. How 'bout 

it Cal, you want my dick up there?"

The boy glanced down. The man's penis was soft and it hung 

limply between his legs. "Not with that you ain't, man," he 

taunted. "You ain't putting that thing no where."

Mr. Edwards chuckled, "So what is it this time Cal? Whatcha 

want now? You want more pot?"

The boy looked up and met the man's eyes teasingly as he 

smiled, "You gonna take me to the baseball game, 'morrow night?"

The man sighed, "Yeah, Yeah I'll take ya,  but I want it in 

the car on the way home too."

The boy nodded, the terms fixed, the bargain made. Cal pressed 

forward again and pushed his hips against the man's thigh. he began 

to rub his aroused cock back and forth as his hips gyrated. The 

man's genitals pressed into his belly as Rafael watched them moving 

back and forth. Cal's body was a stark contrast to Mr. Edwards; the 

boy's body was dark and lean compared to pink softness of the man. 

The fat of his belly was so pale that it appeared almost white. 

"Yeah," he sighed, "That feels good, Cal, don't it." The boy didn't 

stop moving and his small buttocks clenched with each forward 

motion as he pressed forward. He rubbed his aroused cock with 

increasing speed, quickly becoming more aggressive.

Rafael tried to turn away, to disappear back into the darkness 

and find the light at the top of the stairs. he wanted to escape 

up to the safety that lay outside the basement. But he couldn't 

move, he couldn't take his eyes away from the man and boy before 

him. Finally he managed to back away a few feet so that he could 

not see into the room. The words he'd heard confused him. He knew 

that Cal and Mr. Edwards had been talking about him, about what 

he'd done with Cal in his bed at night. They had even talked about 

what he'd done the week before with the two other boys. They were  

silent witnesses as they'd waited for their own turns.

He felt hot, incredibly hot and he trembled as he stood in the 

cool darkness of the basement. He was afraid of what he'd heard Cal 

say to Mr. Edwards. The man now knew what he'd been doing with other 

boys. And yet, despite his fear, there was an excitement that was 

stronger than he could stand. His own small penis had hardened 

until it was poking rudely out into his shorts. It was tight in his 

underpants. His hand moved until his fingers brushed against the 

small hard bulge and then slowly he began to fondle himself. The 

tips of his fingers pinched through the two layers of cloth and 

worked on the swollen little glans. His head was spinning as 

thoughts erupted in his mind. They were unconnected thoughts, 

thoughts about Mr. Edwards and the man's huge, hair-covered penis, 

and Cal and what the two boys did together at night in his bed. 

Then Mr. Edwards' words flashed through his brain, "You think he's 

ready for the major leagues yet?....No more kid's stuff.... You 

think he's ready to get it off with a man?... He likes cute little 

boys like our Raffy." Those words frightened him more than anything 


Shaking with a strange mixture of excitement and curiosity, 

full of apprehension, Rafael stepped forward and looked back into 

the store room. Mr. Edwards was squatting on the floor. His hands 

were under the workbench as he searched for something. He turned 

back with a key and held it up, smirking at Cal. The boy smiled 

back. He was shamelessly masturbating his rigid penis, moving his 

hand slowly and very deliberately. Mr. Edwards stood up, with his 

pants at his ankles, and waddled clumsily over to a closet. Rafael 

stifled a giggle. He watched spellbound as the man opened the lock, 

unfastened the hasp, and pulled the door towards him. He squatted 

again and pulled a drawer out at the bottom of the closet. His big 

pale buttocks faced towards Rafael and again the boy almost 

giggled. For a few moment he searched through the drawer and then 

he turned back to the boy. Mr. Edwards held up a pink 'stick' that 

was shaped not unlike his own penis, only smaller. Cal was still 

masturbating but he nodded. Although he'd never seen a dildo in his 

entire life, Rafael swallowed, knowing with absolute certainty what 

the pink thing was for. He watched as Mr. Edwards searched in the 

drawer again and retrieved a white tube. He squeezed the end of it 

and smeared something over the pink 'penis' until he was satisfied. 

Mr. Edwards dropped the white tube back into the drawer and came 

back towards Cal. The boy moved over towards the work bench and 

leaned forward so that his chest was on top. The boy's hips pressed 

into the edge. Mr. Edwards moved in closer so that he stood slightly 

to one side of the boy, obscuring most of Rafael's view.

But Rafael knew what was happening. He knew from Cal's stance 

as his legs moved apart slightly and his hands came back to his 

buttocks and clasped his cheeks and spread them apart. Rafael knew 

from the other boy's gasp and the little cry of pain as the tip of 

the dildo was pressed into him. There was a yelp as it found Cal's 

anus and stopped. Then came the whimper, the little puppy-dog 

whimper that was almost crying. It was the same as Rafael made when 

Cal's penis pushed forward and sank into him, inch by inch filling 

his body and stretching him wide open, so wide that he was afraid 

he'd split open and his insides would come bursting out of his 


"Stop a bit," Cal gasped, "Gawd! Shit that fuckin' hurts, man. 

I ain't no fudge-boy like Raffy."

"Yeah! But you like it don't ya Calvin? It's big ain't it and 

I know you like it big. Yeah, that's right, squeeze your ass boy... 

Yeah, work on it. Now take some more," the man grunted, pushing 

forward again.

Cal squealed as the cock lunged forward, sliding the rest of 

the way down into the boy's rectum until he was fully impaled on 

it. "Yeah, you got all of it now," Mr. Edwards said. He paused until 

Cal's trembling body quietened. "You ready kid?"

The boy nodded. From where he stood Rafael could see Mr. 

Edwards' hand begin to move. Not far at first, maybe just an inch 

or two. He could see Cal's body trembling and jerking back as Mr. 

Edwards' hand pulled away. He heard the sobs building up in the 

other boy, not crying but gasping out the pain the same way that 

he did himself. Then after just a few more minutes Rafael could see 

Mr. Edwards hand moving further and using long slow strokes as he 

forced the dildo back and forth. Cal was moaning and his black legs 

were shaking uncontrollably. Sometimes his feet lifted right of the 

floor and his shorts and underpants finally dropped away from his 

ankles and fell onto the floor. Rafael stood silently. His entire 

thoughts were focused on what Mr. Edwards was doing. Time and time 

again he found himself wondering what it felt like. It didn't seem 

to be hurting Cal any more, in fact he knew almost exactly what Cal 

was feeling. Once it got loose enough inside the boy knew that it 

was impossible not to like the feelings that came.

"Gonna cum,... any second,...," Cal suddenly breathed out as 

his body shuddered violently, trying to push back on the dildo, 

then trying to pull away from the torture.

"The fuck you are. I ain't done with you, Calvin," Mr. Edwards 

said angrily. He pulled the dildo free of the boy's body. It came 

out with a wet, muddy sound and Calvin grunted. He twisted the boy 

around off the workbench and grasped the boy by the hips as Calvin 

started to collapse, his legs unable to support his own weight. The 

boy's hands stayed at his buttocks, still pulling them wide open 

as he tilted forward at the waist like a rag doll that couldn't 

stand up by itself. They were turned side on to Rafael and he 

watched. Rafael knew what was happening as he saw Mr. Edwards' hips 

pushing forward then pulling Cal back towards him at the same time 

as he strained against the boy. Rafael heard the long frightened 

squeal from the other boy. He knew what caused it but he didn't 

believe. Mr. Edwards' penis was too big, way too big to go in there. 

The man stopped until the boy was able to recover his breath. Then 

he came forward again. Again Cal squealed, not as loudly, more like 

a cry of terror that was cut off short. "It's in," Mr. Edwards 

gasped, his body relaxing quickly.

"Shit! It hurts," the boy cried.

"Yeah Calvin, but you like it don't ya, boy. You like it in 

ya just like little Raffy does," the man teased. He pushed forward 

again, relentlessly. He was oblivious to the boy's cries of pain 

and his pleading for the man to stop. And then the worst was over, 

his cock broke through the resistance of the boy's sphincter and 

Cal's cries faded. Rafael watched, still unable to believe his own 

eyes, now shaking his head in doubt. He watched as Mr. Edwards began 

to move faster. He plunged back and forth against the writhing 

gasping boy, pumping the half-naked boy on his cock by jerking back 

on his hips. Unlike Cal, who only did it for a few minutes before 

it was over, Mr. Edwards seemed to go on and on forever, endlessly 

thrusting his huge penis into the boy until he was barely 

conscious. And then, like before, Mr. Edwards strained forward, 

then arched back> He lifted Cal's legs off the floor and his face 

contorted in the sudden expiration of his pleasure. After a few 

seconds he let the boy go and Cal slipped downward, falling away 

from the man. The still erect cock slid like a snake out of his 

hole as the boy collapsed onto the floor. But the man's huge cock 

was red, the color of blood, and there was red streaks on the 

insides of Cal's thighs. Suddenly panicked, Rafael backed away, and 

felt his way back to the stairs. As quietly as he could he went up, 

up to the light and the heat of the day outside.

The memory stayed with him. All through the baseball game he 

was constantly diverted. All through the rest of the day Rafael 

kept looking for Cal and Mr. Edwards, not seeing either of them 

until it was almost time for dinner. That night, the first night 

for many weeks, Cal didn't get into Rafael's bed as soon as the 

lights went out and the younger boy lay there in the darkness, 

unhappy and lonely in the silence the two boys shared. 


The next morning Cal seemed to have recovered and as the first 

rays of light came through the window, the older boy padded across 

the floor and slid into Rafael's bed. The two boys had sex, but it 

was much more gentle than the previous morning. For once Rafael 

almost liked Cal as he enjoyed the smooth slippery cock moving back 

and forth inside him. This time it was not too fast or too hard. 

It was almost as if Cal wanted him to enjoy it. Then after just a 

few minutes Cal began to move a little faster. He jerked as his 

cock spurted, quaking as his brief orgasm passed. Afterwards the 

two boys lay together, still joined. The sheets were thrown off the 

bed and their bodies naked from the waist down. They were both safe, 

warm, and content, secure in the bliss that followed. They were 

startled as Mr. Edwards rapped on the door and called out for the 

boys to get up.

Cal leaped out of the bed, just as the door opened and Mr. 

Edwards looked in. Rafael saw the man's smirk as he noticed the two 

half-naked boys, "Hands off cocks and on with your socks, boys. 

Come on lets go," he laughed as he pulled the door closed again. 

Rafael blushed but Cal merely smiled at the younger boy and raised 

his eyebrows.

"Mr. Edwards,...he saw us," Rafael blurted out.

"So, he seen our dicks, so what. He's seen lotsa 'em. It ain't 

nuthin'," Cal smirked. "Yo dick ain't so big you gotta worry 'bout 

him anyways."

"But,.. but he saw us. He did! He knew what we was doing Cal! 

He must have seen us," Rafael said nervously. 

Cal shrugged, "So, every kid here does it," he said as he 

picked up his underpants. "It ain't nuthin' to him."

Rafael looked at Cal uncertainly. They dressed in silence and 

hurried down to breakfast.


Shortly after the boys finished breakfast Mr. Edwards called 

Rafael into his office. He sat in his seat behind his desk, his 

legs out straight, crossed at mid-calf. He tapped a pencil on the 

desk. He gestured to the boy to sit down and then began to swivel 

back and forth in his chair. After a minute of deadly silence he 

looked up at the frightened boy. "Well Rafael? What did I see this 

morning, huh?"  The boy looked down at his feet in shame, "Well? 

Answer me Rafael!" The boy shook his head feeling the fear and guilt 

building inside him. He shivered slightly, but enough to be 

noticed. The man went on tapping his pencil on the desk. "You aren't 

scared are you?" The boy shook his head slightly. "You aren't very 

happy here are you Rafael?"

The boy looked down and breathed out, "It's,... it's okay I 

guess. I like it okay."

Mr. Edwards looked at the small brown-skinned boy in front of 

him. "You miss Grant don't you? Yes, yes I'm sure you do. I know 

you and Grant were close friends. Now Calvin is your friend isn't 

he?" Rafael nodded. "I saw Calvin getting out of your bed this 

morning, didn't I?" he asked. The boy nodded slowly, biting on his 

bottom lip self consciously. "And what was Calvin doing in your 

bed?" Rafael swallowed and tried to control his rising panic. The 

man reached down and opened the drawer in his desk. He pulled out 

Rafael's half-finished jar of Vaseline. "And what do you use this 

for Rafael?" the man demanded. "It was under your bed when I looked 

during breakfast. This morning it was next to your bed on the 


The boy tried to look away, "Look at me Rafael. Yes boy, that's 

right, look at me. I know what boys use this stuff for. I'm not 

stupid. So you like having Calvin's dick in your ass? Well isn't 

that nice. You like having a big black cock stuck up your butt huh? 

Tell me the truth, do you?"

The boy shifted uncomfortably as he remembered vividly what 

he'd observed in the storeroom the previous day. He tried to 

imagine that he wasn't sitting in the room, that he was somewhere 

else, miles away. He tried to imagine that he had a real family 

that cared for him. He tried to shake his head and he wanted to 

deny everything. All he could manage was to swallow as his 

breathing almost ceased. He wanted to die. "Damn you, you liked it. 

You do don't you?" Mr. Edwards persisted.

From deep inside the boy a cry welled up, when it came out it 

was barely more than a whimper, "Y...yyessss sssirr," Rafael 

stammered as tears formed in his eyes and then ran his cheeks.

Mr. Edwards smiled. "Good boy," he said gently, "...there's 

no need to cry you know. Sometimes boys are ashamed of doing that 

with another boy. You shouldn't be. I understand. Boys get lonely 

here, they need friends, and friends share things, don't they 

Rafael?" The boy nodded hesitantly. "Even their bodies, Rafael. I'm 

not angry Rafael, not at you. I'm sad. You're a handsome boy, a 

very special boy, it's such a waste for you to be friends with 


Rafael looked up, "Huh?"

Mr. Edwards smiled at the boy, "The things you do with Calvin 

make you special, Rafael. If you did the same things with the right 

person, you might be able to leave here and go and live somewhere 

else. Do you understand what I'm talking about?"

The boy shook his head, trying to understand, realizing that 

some of what Mr. Edwards was saying was related to what he had heard 

in the basement the previous day.

Mr. Edwards resumed tapping his pencil, then he sighed. 

"Listen boy, there are some men that like boys. They like young 

boys like you. There is one man in particular that I know. He would 

like to do the same things with you that Calvin does. Do you 

understand? If you did those things with him, instead of with 

Calvin,... well that man would be able to help you a great deal. 

This man would give you things, anything you wanted, within reason  

of course. Maybe if you were very good and did what he wanted, well 

maybe,... just maybe, a way could be found for you to live with 

him. He'd be like a father to you."

Rafael breathed deeply, "I'd have to do that with him? What 

Cal and I do, sir?"

The man nodded, "Yes. Yes you would Rafael. You would have sex 

with him. He would want to put his cock inside you, just like Calvin 

does. That's why the man would like you. At first you'd just be his 

special friend, then if he likes you a lot,... well maybe then he'd 

think about adopting you."

"He'd adopt me?" Rafael asked uncertainly.

"Perhaps. If you did everything he wanted and he liked you."

"This man, Mr. Edwards,... would he hurt me?" the boy asked 


"No more than Calvin does now, Rafael. And it doesn't hurt 

that much any more does it boy? I know you like doing those things 

with Cal. It's hard not to like them when you're young." The man 

looked out the window for a moment, then turned back to the boy, 

"This man is very rich, Rafael. If you do what he wants he could 

make you a very happy boy indeed. If you wanted to go to DisneyWorld 

I'm sure he'd be happy to take you.... Baseball games, anything you 


The boy nodded uncertainly and he remembered again what he'd 

seen in the store room. There had been an intense excitement that 

he had felt as he watched the man sitting in front of him. He had 

been unable to think of anything else since then. "Could I think 

about it, sir?" he asked awkwardly.

Mr. Edwards smiled, "Of course you can. I want you to think 

about it Rafael. It's maybe the most important decision of your 

life you know." The boy nodded. "Now off you go and play baseball 

Rafael. Only one more thing, I don't want you to tell anyone else 

about this, not Calvin, not anyone, okay?"

The boy nodded as he stood up, "Okay." he said, "Mr Edwards, 

sir,... what is he like? Is he nice?"

The man smiled, "Yes Rafael, he's very nice. You've even met 

him before a few times I think. I know you'll like him very much 

as you get to know him better. And remember, not a word about this 

to anyone else, promise."

"Yeah! I promise," Rafael said as he backed out of the room.


All that morning the boys played baseball, then after lunch 

they went swimming down in the water-hole near the barn. After the 

boys came back from swimming Cal got dressed in his one set of 

'good' clothes. He didn't explain to the other boys why he got to 

go to the baseball game in Miami. Cal just said that Mr. Edwards 

had asked him to go and he had it coming. Rafael watched his room 

mate leave in Mr. Edwards' Toyota. Cal sat in the front seat next 

to the man he had done 'it' with, enjoying his reward. Cal and Mr. 

Edwards wouldn't get back to the dorm until late and that night the 

counsellor from Davis house came over to watch the boys until 

lights out. It should have been a quiet evening without Cal. But 

Rafael was restless as he remembered what Cal had done the day 

before with Mr. Edwards. He knew what Cal had done to him that very 

morning and the ten-year-old boy knew what he wanted to do even as 

he undressed for bed. Finally it was time for 'lights out'.

Rafael lay half awake with his eyes closed as he listened to 

the silence that filled the room now that Cal had gone. Rafael was 

naked. He was stretched out on the white sheets with his pajamas 

lying on the bed next to him. He had tried to sleep and had even 

dozed off for a few moments at a time. But now he was wide awake. 

He tried to masturbate. He had clutched his little penis tightly 

between two of his fingers and thumb and jerked relentlessly on his 

penis until the delicate skin was tender. It was past midnight. On 

any other night, by now Cal would have come to his bed, done 'it' 

to him, and been back in his own bed. Rafael missed Cal. He breathed 

deeply as he remembered what he had seen the day before. Absently 

he licked his lips and his little anus tightened instinctively. He 

smiled slightly as his hand casually stroked the short rigid cock. 

It protruded abruptly from his groin and pointed upward, still 

proudly erect, slightly sore and unsatisfied. Rafael glanced 

downward. His slender brown boy's body was still hairless. It was 

soft and smooth with the firm indentations of lithe young muscles.  

His small navel was marked by a little fold of brown flesh. There 

was a shallow depression that led down to his hairless pubis, 

prominent and pale at the end of his tapering belly.

He looked up at the picture on the door, a movie poster that 

was in the room when he'd first arrived. He fantasized; pretending 

that he was in love with a man who loved him back. In the darkness 

the picture seemed to be all that remained of Cal's presence in the 

room. His attention focused on the man's crotch, the bulge that had  

seemed so mysterious before. He knew what was there now. Rafael 

knew how big a man's penis was, how much bigger than his own 

immature genitals. he knew that when the power was unleashed a 

boy's body nothing more than the receptacle for the man's strength 

and ultimately for his seed.

Momentarily Rafael wondered how it could possibly fit inside 

him. The morning before he had watched Cal and Mr. Edwards from the 

doorway, unseen in the shadow. He was a silent witness as Cal had 

submitted. Mr. Edwards' cock was huge, easily as big as his own 

forearm, and he'd watched it go inside Cal. He had been entranced 

by its consuming power as it forced its way inside the boy's body. 

He had watched in disbelief until Cal was shaking like jelly. He 

could still remember how Cal's legs were splayed out and his body 

had been supported by Mr. Edwards as he held the boy tightly by the 

hips. He had watched Cal gasping and sobbing for mercy, then 

begging for it deeper, harder and even faster.

Rafael swallowed, knowing the pain that Cal had given him 

there. Deep inside his own body, the fire once ignited, had burned 

with shameful desire and increased in intensity with every night 

that he yielded to Cal. Each night only added to his own unsatisfied 

hunger. At first it had hurt, the raw burning ache of bruised, torn 

flesh barely contained. But it had faded, or he'd grown used to it 

until his young body could sense the pleasurable possibilities. 

Even if he had wanted to, he was unable to resist. Now it was too 

late for Rafael to stop.

He breathed out as he wondered what it would be like to do 

'it' with a man like Mr. Edwards. He felt very different now that 

Rafael knew how much bigger a man's penis was than Cal's, now that 

he knew what the other boy, any young boy lacked. Continually 

Rafael's mind wandered, but always he ended up wondering if a man's 

penis could fit inside him. He tried to imagine the man's huge cock 

deep in his belly. He wondered who the man was that Mr. Edwards had 

talked about. It was someone he knew, someone who was rich, but he 

didn't know any rich people. The boy sighed and tried to close his 

mind and empty it of the thoughts that came quickly. The thoughts 

were unbidden but they demand his complete attention. He squeezed 

down on his sphincter  and tried to pretend that Mr. Edwards' cock 

was inside him. He tried to imagine a man whose name he didn't know. 

Finally, knowing what he had to do, Rafael stood up and pulled his 

pajama pants on no longer able to control the frightening 

excitement that he felt.

He left his bedroom and padded silently down the empty 

corridor. He went past the sleeping boys in the adjoining rooms and 

down the stairs to the first floor, then down to the basement. His 

heart was pounding as he opened the door to Mr. Edwards' storage 

room and stepped inside. Rafael knew that he was safe. Mr. Edwards 

and Cal still had not returned and probably wouldn't for at least 

another hour. He opened the drawer in the closet and pushed things 

aside. There were lots of magazines in the drawer. There were 

magazines with dog-eared corners and covers that were spotted with 

stainrs, covers with pictures of naked boys. They were boys that 

were still hairless like himself, or that had small patches of 

light brown fur around their very erect penises.

He opened one magazine and turned the pages in disbelief. The 

first photograph was of a good looking blond boy with pale untanned 

skin who was masturbating his short wedge-shaped cock. In the next 

few photographs he was joined by another boy, an older boy with 

reddish hair and freckles. The photographs captured the boys 

kissing and rubbing their cocks and then sucking each other. Rafael 

kept turning the pages. He finally stopped at a picture of the two 

boys on a bed. The blond boy was lying on his back with his feet 

back at his shoulders and his buttocks were lifted up on pillows. 

The redheaded boy was kneeling behind him with his cock inside the 

younger boy's bottom. Rafael shivered. His penis was rigid and it 

ached with excitement. He reached down and began to squueze the end 

of his penis as he turned the next page. The close-up of the boys' 

genitals filled the entire page. The younger boy's cock was limp 

and hanging loosely downwards while the other boy's cock was fully 

erect and partially inserted into the small dark anus. White gooey 

cream oozed out and had started to trickle down the younger boy's 

wrinkled-up ball-sac. Rafael swallowed as he suddenly realized that 

this was how he looked with Cal. He pushed the magazine back into 

the drawer and continued searching until he found the rubber dildo 

at the very rear. The shaft was so thick that his fingers couldn't 

meet as he enclosed it, and he thought that it was still smaller 

than Mr. Edwards cock. The boy breathed deeply as he tried to 

imagine how it would feel. He couldn't help but wonder if it was 

even remotely possible. Then he grinned as he compared it to his 

own small immature cock. Two-and-a-half inches long, just about the 

size of his thumb. He knew that his penis was that big because he'd 

compared the two, because he sucked on his thumb sometimes in bed, 

pretending that it was his own penis.

But other than the fact that this thick rubber dildo was a 

pretend penis, there was no similarity. His little penis was warm 

and smooth. His little thin shaft was delicate and very sensitive. 

His penis ended in a puckered little point. His penis began with a 

little rounded knob underneath. The dildo was cool and shiny and 

the entire length marked with grooves. There was no puckered tip, 

just a blunt point that meant business. It was lifeless but it was 

big and always hard.

Rafael picked up the half-finished tube of KY that he'd found 

in the drawer. He flipped back the plastic cap and squeezed some 

out. It glistened, even in the faint light that came through the 

door. Then he began to smear it over the length of the dildo, 

covering it liberally with the crystal-clear gel until it glistened 

the same Mr. Edwards penis had.

Silently Rafael walked back to his room, climbing the stairs 

quietly. He held the rubber shaft down so that it was hidden against 

his leg. Once inside his own room he closed the door and placed the 

dildo next to his bed on the floor. He pulled his pajama pants off 

and dropped them on the floor, then his top. The boy was naked 

again. He glanced down at his lean body. Some boys in the dorm 

already had hair there. Some boys, like Cal, were jerking off 

regularly and producing sperm in ever-increasing quantities. A few 

boys swore that they had even 'fucked girls' but all of the boys 

were sexually active with each other. Rafael was no different. He 

had played 'sex games' with Grant, then with Jerry and Cal, finally 

with other boys looking on. It was something that all of the boys 

in the dorm did. It was something to take away the loneliness and 

relieve the endless boredom. He grinned as he caressed the slippery 

shaft of the dildo, thinking to himself that he didn't care much 

for girls anyway. At ten-years-old the idea of 'sticking his cock 

up a pussy' was both remote and unattractive to him. Although he 

had yet to realize it, already he was 'gay'.

His mind flashed back to the image of Cal and Mr. Edwards 

standing behind him. He recalled their naked bodies moving in a 

savage, passionate writhing ritual. "Fuck you Cal," Rafael 

whispered angrily, jealously. The ten-year-old boy sat down on his 

bed and picked up the dildo. He balanced it in his fingers, 

mesmerized by its size. He swallowed and then lay down on his side, 

drawing his knees up to his chest as he curled up. The boy placed 

the tip of the dildo in his crack and felt for the location of his 

opening, then pushed it forward.

Immediately it seemed to fill the boy as it forced his small 

cheeks apart. The blunt tip ground hard against his small-boy's 

orifice, unable to enter. Rafael pushed harder and harder until he 

shook with pain and frustration. His teeth were clenched and he 

silently pleaded for it to go inside, willing his body to relax and 

yield to it. Luckily for Rafael the tip was slightly pointed.

Nature provides for the curious explorations of young boys, 

even prepubescent boys, engaging in the first expressions of their 

emerging sexual desires. In time Rafael's little sphincter 

gradually weakened, loosening just enough so that the first inch 

of it was able to squeeze inside him. But such discoveries are not 

facilitated by a young boy's body. Rafael found the pain unbearable 

and he had to force his head into his pillow to muffle his cries 

of pain as tightening spasms fought against its entry. What had 

looked so easy for Cal and Mr. Edwards hurt like 'hell'. Rafael 

wanted to take it out but the hunger was raging inside his belly. 

It seemed to stay just ahead of the thick glistening dildo, luring 

it further inward despite the pain.

The boy paused for a moment as he tried to control his body's 

resistance and the pain that bellowed out for relief. His mind was 

unfocused and in turmoil, then suddenly it returned with absolute 

clarity to wonder what it would feel like with a man. Would he be 

gentle, understanding the boy's difficulty, sharing his pain, 

loving him as they shared their love. Rafael didn't know but he 

knew now that it would hurt. He breathed deeply, finding the 

strength to go on and finish what he had begun. He glanced down. 

His little cock had shrivelled and retracted into him so that 

something less than an inch could be seen and a good part of that 

was the puckered tip of his foreskin. His balls had tightened too, 

they were barely visible, barely evidence of his gender. Rafael 

smirked despite the pain. He was barely male like this and he 

remembered Cal's taunting voice only two mornings ago. Maybe he 

should have been a girl he wondered?

Rafael pushed harder and harder, using all of his strength to 

force the dildo in. Slowly it squeezed past his taut sphincter. 

Then suddenly the boy was glad that he had paused for a while. 

Rafael realized that his body was not fighting it as much as it had 

at first. It seemed looser now and the searing pain had gone and 

his tightening spasms came less frequently. In that instant, in the 

dead of night, Rafael realized the potential of his body to accept 

a man's cock. It was a perversion of nature's intention perhaps, 

but for Rafael it was a discovery that was essential for his 

emerging desire.

That first time took forever, but there was no hurry. Each 

fraction of an inch that pushed its painway inside the boy was a 

record of achievement that he knew could be repeated again and 

again, just as he had with Cal. The rubber cock filled him 

completely. Impaled on its thick unyielding shaft, he dared not 

move much. His little rectum was stretched wide open and seemed 

impossibly large. His hands trembled nervously, shaking on the end 

of the dildo so much that it hurt eveb when he wasn't pushing 

forward. Gradually his sphincter dilated and expanded to its limit, 

sufficient to allow the dildo to move enough to do what the boy 

wanted. His eyes were closed and his face was buried in the pillow. 

Afraid he would scream, Rafael clenched his teeth together and 

moved it back and forth as far and as fast as he dared go. In only 

a few seconds he thought he would explode. The bursting feeling 

deep in his belly was incredibly painful and he stopped.

"Shit!", he moaned in despair. Even as he stopped he realized 

that within the terrible pain had been the most incredible joy. 

There had been an exquisite pleasure that he'd only glimpsed before 

with Cal. He was hot, so hot that his naked body was burning all 

over. There were beads of sweat on his brow and chest as he 

shuddered uncontrollably. It hurt inside him, deep in his belly, 

but he didn't care. Rafael wanted only for the pleasure to return 

again. Then without warning it was back and he shrieked in ecstasy 

as he pumped the rubber cock furiously, driving it hard into the 

tiny, immature prostate deep inside him. The boy didn't understand 

why it felt better, so much better in that once place than anywhere 

else, but he needed it there and he kept it there. He did it for 

as long as he could stand and then some. He stifled his cries in 

his pillow, barely able to breathe but unable to stop. Almost clear 

urine dribbled from the uncircumcised tip of his penis onto the 

sheets and left a dark circular patch but Rafael was oblivious to 

all. He moaned in desperation and desire, whimpering and crying in 

pleasure, writhing uncontrollably and shamelessly naked on the bed.

Prepubescent boys don't ejaculate. Their orgasms pass quickly 

and sometimes painfully, but always without the relief that 

accompanies the loss of semen. They are cheated, or perhaps 

rewarded by their inability to reach the culmination of their 

desires. And so Rafael went on and on, his frenzy rising and 

falling. His desire was a demanding hunger and it continued 

unabated as his rectal juice oozed out of his body like golden juice 

from ripe fruit. It filled the room with a sweet yeasty smell from 

deep inside him and soaked his small fingers with its slippery 

slime, even dribbling down his buttock to satin the pure-white 

sheets. When he glanced down after one long endless painful-

pleasure he saw a tiny clear droplet at the very tip of his 

shrivelled penis. Then as it fell away, it hung momentarily from a 

silvery thread.

Finally, too exhausted to continue, Rafael collapsed onto the 

bed. He was shaking. His eyes were closed tightly, seeking relief 

in the darkness. He knew now what his answer was going to be with 

Mr. Edwards. He knew he would do anything to get out of Centerville.

end chapter 2. 


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