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Archive-name: Samesex/majlea01.txt


Archive-title: Playing in the Major Leagues - 1


	This story will contain descriptions of a variety of sexual

acts between men and MINOR boys. Violence and inter-racial relation-

ships occur thoughout. The story is NOT intended to be racist but

is a 'realistic' portrayal of the life of a young Puerto Rican boy

as he grows up and discovers that his 'preferred partners' are of 

his own sex.


	Copyright is held by the author at

September, 1993. Fair use consists of copying and distributing

via electronic means in the public domain only. In printed media,

copyright protection remains for more than individual copies.


	The story is entirely fiction. It did not happen although

there is some probability that a story like this has happened in the 

past. Any resemblance to individuals, alive or dead, is unfortunate!


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This morning I awoke slowly, becoming gradually aware of the 

boy lying beside me, his arm draped casually over my chest, his leg 

over my legs, his face pressed against my shoulder, his cheek hot 

against my skin. His breath was moist against my skin as his chest 

moved rhythmically though barely visible unless I looked closely. 

He stirred, his body pressing closer, a slight tremble passing 

through him like a little quiver and then he settled down again, 

back to sleep, his body unmoving. 

 For a long while I looked at the boy lovingly, his dark hair 

glistening in the early morning light as it filtered though the 

trees outside the window, steadily getting lighter as morning came. 

The boy's hair is the color of dark mahogany, not black, but a rich 

dark brown. His hair is long and slightly curly and it lay tousled 

on the white pillow and over my shoulder. It is soft like silk but 

it has a surprising amount of body in it. His eyes were closed, his 

eyelids almost translucent, his eyebrows long and thin, almost 

feminine. The boy's lips are pale and full and they are open 

slightly, revealing perfectly shaped white teeth. His skin is much 

darker than mine, a golden-bronze from head to toe, not even a shade 

lighter at his thighs and hips because for the last two months he 

has spent almost every afternoon in the nude. He tans beautifully 

but he has the advantage of his heritage. His rich dark tan comes 

from our two months together on Phaenon. I should explain that 

Phaenon is our 34 foot yacht. Built in Canada in 1990 and engineered 

to one of the highest standards in the world, the boat is something 

Rafael and I treasure for the wonderful times that we have shared 

aboard it. This summer we spent two and a half glorious months 

cruising down the Inter-coastal Waterway to Florida, and then 

across to the Bahamas and the other islands of the Caribbean. We 

returned only two days ago.

I decided, as I looked at him, that he is incredibly beautiful 

and I gently brush the smooth satin skin with my hand. I have 

watched people's heads turn and look at him when we are out 

together. I have seen men and women stare at the beautiful boy and 

I sense that they are attracted, enamored of the boy with the lithe 

graceful body. I know they wonder whether I am his father or merely 

a friend. The boy feels deliciously warm and his body seems to glow 

with energy and life. His skin is perfectly smooth with the silky 

oiliness of a child, a dry warmth emanating from a lustrous brown 


I know that sooner or later I must write this all down. He is 

growing up, my first memories of the boy are less certain now, the 

details grow hazy every passing day. This morning, as I lay back 

in the pillows I decided to begin. The story that follows is based 

upon what I have discovered myself, from what Rafael has told me, 

and from what can be reasonably supposed about his life before I 

came to know him. The story is a long one, it's a story that is sad 

but one which needs to be told. Too many people don't understand, 

or don't want to understand. This morning I picked up a writing pad 

and began to write. This is the story of another way to live, of a 

boy who discovered that he could play in the major leagues. Most 

of the names of people, the clinic, and the institution where 

Rafael lived have been changed, though the protection I have given 

them is undeserved in all but one case.

This wonderful young boy, now eleven years and four months 

old, came into my life at a time when I needed him, or someone like 

him. After my divorce and fourteen years of marriage I experienced 

an intense loneliness. Rafael has lived with me for the last 

thirteen months. They have been the happiest months of my life. For 

all but four nights of that time Rafael has slept in my bed. Those 

first four nights are something both of us will never forget. Every 

night the boy screamed, his nightmare returning until he finally 

awoke in terror. Each night his small body was drenched in sweat, 

covered with a wet film, his sheets damp. He cried for hours, 

sobbing onto my shoulder as I held him tightly. From the story he 

told me that first night, and the three nights that followed I 

pieced together most of what I know. On the fifth night I brought 

Rafael to my bedroom. For the first time Rafael slept through the 

night. He still wakes up in the middle of the night, sweating and 

shaking, sometimes crying, though such nightmares have become 

increasingly less frequent. The last one was more than two months 

ago. I think, I hope, that it was the last. In some ways Rafael is 

a very lucky boy, in others, not so lucky. The boy and I share a 

secret, a very special secret that we dare not share. The reader 

will understand that Rafael does more, much more than merely sleep 

in my bed.

We live in my condominium on an island on the East Coast. There 

is a spectacular view of the marshes and the InterCoastal Waterway. 

Our boat is moored outside, less than twenty five feet from the 

terrace. There are two bedrooms. The bedroom that Rafael and I 

share is on the second floor, it opens via a cathedral ceiling to 

the living room below. There is a sunny but very private deck next 

to the bedroom and I had a jacuzzi installed there shortly after 

Rafael came to live with me. We often use it before we go to bed. 

The other bedroom is made up and to any visitor it is the room of 

a normal eleven-year-old boy. Rafael often plays in there when I 

am working in the study. As far as Rafael's friends know, I am his 


 The boy has stirred again, he is close to waking up, but not 

yet. This time his fingers closed, pulling me towards him, his 

small brown thighs pressing into my hip. His dream has intensified 

and he whimpered slightly, his naked body tensing slightly and then 

relaxing as his breathing quickened. I felt the moist heat of his 

groin, the small rigid cock squeezing alive and strong between us. 

I kissed him gently on the forehead, smoothing his hair back as I 

kissed his cheek, hoping that the boy was dreaming of me, wanting 

desperately to wake him, to hold him tightly and whisper my love 

to him. Then the boy pulled away slightly, moaning quietly, his 

breathing quickened and then strained as his small buttocks 

clenched, tensing, then suddenly writhing in unconscious ecstasy. 

His body arched, his slender legs kicking back the sheet, then his 

buttocks pressed back again. I grinned, looking along the boy's 

slender, still immature body, the sheet now bunched at his knees 

and revealing most of his naked body and I see his aroused cock 

poking rudely out from his little mounded pubis. The tiny blue-

purple veins were swollen in the boy's wedge-shaped cock. His 

penis, even when it is fully erect, is short, still a bit less than 

three inches long. The rounded delicate tip is hidden by the boy's 

foreskin. It is tight and it is drawn to a wrinkled little orifice. 

When retracted, I know that the head of his penis is like a tiny 

bell, its sensitivity enhanced by the protection of his foreskin.

His balls are still very small for an eleven-year-old boy, his 

scrotum tightened up in a firm little knot beneath his cock. I 

sighed, feeling the sadness return, my desire momentarily 

overwhelmed. The boy was too perfect, too wonderful, too alive, to 

lose that part of his magnificent body, to never experience the 

feelings that come with maturity. The tiny testicles inside his 

little pouch are spongy, unnaturally soft for a young boy. Although 

the extent of the damage that was done is still unclear, in a few 

years we will know more. Perhaps he was not injured as badly as the 

doctor suspected. I sighed again, lying back in the pillows, 

confused, sad and angry, wanting the boy more than I could stand, 

but somehow resisting the urge to wake him.


 "Hi!", he whispers sleepily as he presses forward against me 

again. I grin as I look back at him and put my note-pad down beside 

the bed. 

"Hi beautiful," I smile, "You were having a real dirty dream 

again." I tease.

Rafael smirks and glances downward, along his slender body, 

seeing his little penis sticking out straight and parallel to his 

lower belly, "Huh huh! I guess he is pretty stiff, huh?", he 

acknowledges. and then adds with a sleepy smile, "So why didn't you 

wake me up?"

I shrug. "I like watching you. So what happened? It looked 

like you were really enjoying it", I tease again. 

The boy giggles, somewhere between innocence and obscenity, 

then changing to the later he whispers, "Let's fuck, okay? I'll 

tell you later."

I smile at the boy's vulgar desire expressed so shamelessly, 

so openly. He is only eleven and he is physically immature but he 

is also easily and often aroused. His crude and uninhibited lust 

seems playfully innocent. It is still a game to him. He sits up 

grinning cheekily, ready and eager to play. "Come on," he teases, 

as he reaches his small warm hand down and grasps my penis tightly, 

"Lemme get him real hard first, okay?"

But although he is playful, Rafael is anything but innocent. 

Others before me have seen to that. I know very little about the 

boy before he was ten years old. What Rafael remembers he prefers 

to try to forget. From what he has told me I know that his first 

sexual experience occurred before he was eight years old. There 

have been many more in the three years that followed.

 From his file at Centerville Planation, the home for boys 

where he has spent five years of his life, I learned the following. 

Rafael was the child of a Puerto Rican woman and a father that he 

never knew. His father may have been American, there is no record 

of the father on his birth certificate and Rafael does not remember 

him. From his coloring and physical appearance I think the man was 

white, because Rafael's complexion, while dark, is not as dark as 

most Puerto Ricans.

At the age of four the boy was abandoned at a state-run day 

care center. His mother left him there while she was looking for a 

job, at least that was her story at the time. She did not return 

in the afternoon and in the years that followed, never came back 

to get him. Rafael has never heard what happened to her. I suspect 

that she died from a drug overdose but I really don't know. Rafael's 

birth record indicates her age to be sixteen, she would have been 

twenty when she disappeared. There was no attempt to locate her, 

beyond checking police reports, and she has never tried to 

communicate with her son. Young Rafael was immediately placed with 

foster parents for about a year. For some reason unknown to me he 

was returned to the care of the State of Florida. For a period of 

more than three years Rafael lived in Centerville, a boy's home in 

the Miami area.

The only photograph I have of Rafael during those years shows 

him with three other boys. He is skinny with a shy smile, somewhere 

between six and seven years old. His dark hair is closely cropped, 

'Marine Style', but there is the unmistakable beauty, the 

delicately sculptured features, the small ears and nose, the big 

eyes that reflect an innate intelligence. Even as a little boy 

Rafael was beautiful. His skinny little body is perfectly 

proportioned, his dark-hued skin unblemished, his fine soft 

features have not changed in five years beyond becoming even more 

beautiful. But what is startling about the photograph is the boy's 

intensity as he looks towards the camera and radiates an intensity 

that is unexpected in a young child. He is dressed in shorts and a 

white tee shirt. He is innocent, a perfect child in every way.

A few months before his eighth birthday he was again placed 

in a foster home. At that time Rafael was a very lonely boy, starved 

for affection and desperate for love. There was little love 

available for the boy in Centerville and when love and affection 

were proffered to him it came in the form of the 'foster' father 

taking Rafael by the hand and leading the boy into his bedroom. 

Whether Rafael went willingly I don't know but I suspect that he 

did. The 'foster' father convinced the boy to remove his jeans and 

underpants and then proceeded to masturbate him. The next time 

occurred within only a few days. Again the man brought the boy to 

his bedroom, this time sucking on the little boy's penis as well 

as masturbating him. It was the only love and affection that Rafael 

had known in almost eight years. He responded positively, enjoying 

the gentle touches that made his young body feel good. The next 

time occurred quickly, again within a few days. By now the man had 

grown increasingly confident. He undressed the boy and then 

proceeded to remove his own clothes. 

What happened then is unclear but I suspect that the boy was 

initiated into physical contact as a willing participant, though 

one whose emotional needs at the time were overwhelming. All I know 

is that Rafael told me that she (the 'foster' mother) surprised the 

two of them naked on the bed. She was terribly angry, slapped and 

screamed very loudly at the boy, calling him a 'whore' and a 'filthy 

little bastard'. Rafael still remembers crying most of the night, 

his little face still burning from her attack.

The next day Rafael was returned to Centerville Plantation. 

His file was marked N.A. and dated February 12, 1990,in the upper 

right hand corner of the front cover. I have since discovered that 

this marking is intended to identify children that are not 

available for adoption, although the more I think about it the more 

I am convinced that there is an alternative meaning, one that is 

far more devastating than one could imagine.

Rafael has talked about the events that occurred during the 

years that followed while he lived at Centerville. At first they 

were painful memories that evoked tears and some anger from the boy 

and myself but we have gradually come to realize that it is the 

events of that period of time that brought the two of us together. 

For that I am thankful.


 Rafael sits up again, he grins cheekily, his small hand half-

enclosing my erect cock. He smirks, still very playful, his sexual 

desire increasing every second. "I love him", he teases gently, "I 

love him bunches and bunches. I want you to put him up me."

I smile, still lying back on the bed as the naked brown-

skinned boy straddles me. "He's still not that hard", I laugh, 

lovingly tousling his dark soft hair.

The boy giggles and shrugs, squeezing his hand at the base of 

my cock and making it painfully hard as he compresses the shaft. 

"Yes he is, he's plenty hard enough," he says. I give the boy a 

resigned look and breathe out with a long sigh, feigning boredom. 

The boy smirks, "Yeah! Yeah! I know! Okay, first we play around, 

then you fuck me."

Rafael squats over me, his little bronzed buttocks facing 

toward me, above my chest. He faces toward my legs. For a few 

delightful moments he caresses my cock, lightly with just the silky 

touch of his finger tips, then more vigorously, his small strong 

fingers expertly massaging, teasing it erect. I have already been 

hard for what seems most of the morning, my cock aching as I watched 

Rafael sleep, then dream. Now, his little fingers rub away the dry 

streaks of his mucus, a thin crusty film that was evidence of what 

we'd done the night before. Then he leans forward and opens his 

mouth, keeping his pale lips apart as he lowers himself forward, 

embracing the head of my cock with his pink soft tongue. I feel the 

soft wet point probing into the narrow slit of my cock, trying to 

force its way inside, then floating around and around the head, 

sinking down slightly so that my cock goes between his lips, then 

pulling away and feeling my cock with his tongue again. The boy's 

tongue is like velvet, soft, yet firm, wet and hot, and like Rafael, 

very alive. I sense him inhaling the sweet musky odor of his own 

body as his fingers begin to fondle my balls, still playful in their 

firm squeezes and gentle tugs. 

I reach forward, my hands parting the boy's small firm cheeks 

wide open to reveal his crack, the crevice marked by an almost 

invisible line that runs from the back of his tiny ball-sac, along 

the center-line of his body, finally disappearing as it reaches his 

spine. His opening is still loose as it always is in the mornings, 

still slightly dilated. There is no longer a dark ring around it. 

The dark purple of bruises disappeared many months ago, what 

remains is the pinkish brown flesh of his anus, opening into him 

without the lips that normally would be present at the anal-verge 

an eleven-year-old boy. Just inside his anus the flesh glistens, 

still moist from the KY, from the juices that we mingled deep inside 

him the night before, his own rectal mucus and my semen mixed 

together. There is a primal smell, a sweet raw odor that comes from 

the forbidden love of a man and boy. In the year we've spent 

together I have come to savor that wonderful taste of our union. 

the succulent juices that remained after my cock had finally pulled 

free of the exhausted boy. Now my tongue presses forward, caressing 

the length of his deep crevice, seeking the hot private enclosure 

inside him as I taste him. The looseness of his opening draws my 

tongue in, absorbing me into his hot wet softness, his buttocks 

pressing back instinctively, eagerly demanding more as my tongue 

penetrated deeper, pushing easily past the ring of his anus. At the 

same time the young boy's mouth slides downwards slowly taking more 

of my cock, his lips making a similar band around my cock.

His odor overwhelms me, the intimacy making us both tremble 

with delight as our bodies start to move in unison, my cock now 

embedded several inches into his mouth, my tongue inside his rectum 

as far as I can go. Finally I can stand it no longer and my hand 

slips down between us, reaching up between his legs, I grasp his 

little balls tightly. His scrotum is loose and delicate and feels 

like the softest, smoothest thing imaginable. Rafael winces as I 

increase the pressure gradually, using my hand that enclose his 

balls to guide the movements of the rest of his body, tugging back 

gently so that he squirms his hips as he pushes back into my face, 

then pulling forward so that he takes more of my cock into his 


After just a few minutes he begins to tremble, shuddering 

involuntarily every couple of seconds, then, when he can no longer 

stand the painful pleasure he tries to pull away, even as droplets 

of pale yellow urine dribble from the puckered end of his cock onto 

my chest. By now the boy's balls have tightened in a small wrinkled 

lump and his cock has softened, relaxing, shrivelling as the boy's 

maleness submits to the urgent hunger that is growing ever stronger 

inside his trembling young body. When he stops moving my own orgasm 

is just seconds away. For a second or two I think about maintaining 

the rhythm but Rafael had other ideas.

"Do it with your cock now," Rafael pleads anxiously, his high 

pitched voice demanding and urgent.

I grin as I playfully roll the naked, very excited eleven-

year-old boy off me and onto his side. I reach for the KY on the 

night-stand, the top still off from the night before. Rafael looks 

back over his shoulder, watching, his eyes shining with 

anticipation, with intense desire, as I lubricate the length of my 

cock, but especially the flared head where it will be needed the 

most. Then I position myself behind the boy as he draws his slender 

tanned legs upward to his chest. My cock glistens with the clear 

jelly, incredibly hard as it throbs, now very hungry for the 

beautiful naked boy before me. What we share is somewhere between 

love and lust.

Chapter 1. Discovery: Rafael and Grant

For a year after his return to Centerville, Rafael lived in 

Davis House. Davis House is a converted plantation mansion and 

accommodates boys under nine years of age. A few days after his ninth 

birthday he moved to Baker House and was placed in a twin room with 

a boy who was quickly to become his best friend. Baker House was a 

newer building and it accommodated up to thirty boys between the 

ages of nine and thirteen. It was named after the 'patron' of the 

boys' home. Alan E. Baker was a local businessman, lawyer, and 

judge, who at the age of 56 was (and still is) President of the 

Board of Directors of Centerville Plantation.

Grant, another nine-year-old boy had been recently orphaned 

when both of his parents and his little sister had died in a car 

wreck. He had been placed in Baker House immediately upon his 

arrival. Grant was a good-looking boy, and like Rafael of above-

average intelligence. But Grant paled by comparison beside the 

young Puerto Rican boy. By his ninth birthday Rafael had began to 

blossom into the beautiful and quick-witted boy that he is today. 

The closely cropped 'marine-style' haircut that he had only a year 

earlier was replaced by a full and thick head of curling dark-brown 

hair . He slowly lost the little-boy skinniness as his body grew 

lean and lithe.

Both boys were terribly lonely; Grant was devastated by the 

loss of his family; Rafael, by the fact that he had never been 

loved. The friendship between the two boys began on the first day 

that Rafael was in Baker House. It was suddenly and painfully 

terminated when Grant was adopted by friends of his parents. That 

period of twelve months was critical to Rafael because he finally 

came to experience love and to discover that his preferred partners 

were of his own sex. Grant, who was several months older and quite 

a bit larger, took it upon himself to mentor the younger boy. 

Although his dominant role was usually something of a joke between 

the two boys, even then it reflected Rafael's preference to be the 

passive partner. It wasn't that Rafael was weaker or less 

intelligent, rather that he was easily led into things that he 

wanted to do. Thus, it was Grant that initiated the boys' first 

sexual experiences. That first discovery of their burgeoning 

sexuality occurred just a few nights after Rafael had arrived at 

Baker House.


It had taken more time than usual for Rafael to complete his 

homework. His thoughts drifted aimlessly, constantly doodling in 

the back of his note-book, drawing pictures of the dog that he had 

always wanted. He drew pictures of a Golden Retriever. He harbored 

a dream that one day he would be adopted and his 'parents' would 

buy him a little puppy. He would play and play with the dog until 

it was late in the evening and he had to go to bed. Rafael drew in 

pencil, making fine lines for the long golden hair of the dog and 

easily capturing the sad dark eyes. The eyes were always strangely 

mysterious, almost sensuous like his own dark liquid eyes. He 

looked up suddenly as Grant flopped down on his bed.

"Aren't you done yet?" Grant asked.

Rafael shrugged, still sketching, his hand moving quickly as 

he shaded the dog's ear. "Kinda,... I can't do the sums 

properly,... I'm tired anyway," he added.

Grant grinned, "He's good. I wish I could draw like you, Raf," 

and then added, "that's really beautiful you know."

Rafael pushed the notebook away and looked at the other boy, 

"You done your teeth yet?" he asked. Grant shook his head. "Last 

one in the bathroom 's got bad breath," the smaller boy yelled and 

darted to the door, his head down as he barreled past his friend. 

He ran quickly and dodged past two older black boys in the corridor. 

He heard them yell something 'foul' behind him, then even louder 

as Grant came past in pursuit.

Rafael pivoted around the bathroom doorway and ducked back out 

of sight. A second later Grant charged in and braked to a stop. For 

a second he looked for his best friend, then he screeched as Rafael 

grabbed him around the waist. They wrestled playfully, locking arms 

around each other's bodies as each tried to lift the other boy up. 

That was something that Rafael could not do, but which Grant found 

relatively easy.

They giggled hysterically, then quieted quickly as the house 

master, Mr. Edwards, yelled out, "Lights out in five minutes, in 

bed now!"

Hurriedly the two boys brushed their teeth then scampered back 

to their bedroom. They undressed quickly though only down to their 

underpants. They tossed their clothes onto the floor like any boy 

does and pulled their pajamas on just moments before the lights 

went out in the dormitory. They had been friends for four days and 

neither boy had seen the other naked largely because they had yet 

to shower at the same time and the opportunity had never presented 

itself in the privacy of their bedroom. The bedroom was dark. The 

only light entered through the window since the door was closed. 

As Rafael slid under the cool sheets and lay back on his pillow he 

heard Grant yawn sleepily. "Goodnight Raf," the other boy said.

"'night Grant," Rafael replied as he settled down.He wasn't 

sleepy that night and his eyes were only half closed. He lay awake, 

his mind still on his imaginary dog and on the parents that would 

adopt him and take him away to a real home. He sighed quietly. He'd 

been at Centerville for five years and he had yet to be adopted. 

He was already at the age where it was nearly impossible. Most of 

the boys, almost always the white boys, were adopted within the 

first year or two. Inside, Rafael knew that it was just a matter 

of time before his best friend was adopted. It made him sad, ashamed 

of his brown skin, his soft dark hair and nearly black eyes. He 

wanted to be blond and blue-eyed like Grant.

As he lay awake he heard noises in the dorm. Every night there 

were noises after lights out. He knew what happened as boys changed 

beds, sharing the night, their fears, and testing their emerging 

desires until late at night. Once lights were out, Mr. Edwards 

never came around again until it was time to get up. He could hear 

the creaking of a bed in the next room, a steady tapping of the 

frame against the bed. Sex was still a mystery to the nine-year-

old boy, something that frightened him because it happened in the 

dark and he didn't understand what it was all about. Instinctively 

Rafael placed his thumb in his mouth and began to suck gently.

"Hey! You still awake over there?" Grant whispered.

Guiltily Rafael took his thumb away. "Uh huh... I can't go to 

sleep," Rafael said.

"Me neither. Those guys next door are making a racket."

"Yeah! I know," Rafael answered. There was a long silence, 

broken only by the squeaking noise coming through the partition 

wall between the two bedrooms. "You think it's Sam and Leroy?"

"I guess, I think it's next door." Grant said quietly, sitting 

up slightly and supporting his head on his arm. "Raf,... did you 

ever do that stuff? In Davis?"

"Uh? Oh,... I didn't but lots of kids did. Even the little 

kids sometimes. I think it happens more here though." Rafael turned 

onto his back trying to shut out the sound coming from the next 

room. It seemed to be getting louder, and faster. "What do you think 

they're doing?" he asked.

Grant giggled, "Havin' sex of course. That's what they all do 

after the lights are out."

Rafael smiled, curiously fascinated by the idea of 'sex', 

though he had no understanding other than a faint memory from when 

he was younger, a lot younger. A memory of a man whose face he could 

not remember. The man had touched his body and made his 'pee-pee' 

feel extra nice. In fact, the man had touched him all over after 

he had taken off the boy's clothes. Rafael couldn't remember who 

the man was. All he could remember was the man's hair, thick dark 

hair that spread over the man's chest and belly. He swallowed, 

putting his arms back behind his head, stretching his narrow chest. 

The buttons on his pajama top were undone and the cloth fell away 

to either side of his chest. With his eyes now accustomed to the 

dim light he could see the ripples in his skin made by the 

indentations of his ribs. The white sheet covered his belly from 

his navel down. Against the white of the sheet, the young boy was 

nearly black.

He glanced across the room and was just able to make out his 

friend's curled-up body. Grant's buttocks faced toward Rafael's 

bed. The sheet seemed to be shivering with little jerking motions 

that made the cotton quiver.

"Grant?" he asked curiously.


"Nothin'," Rafael sighed.

The quivering stopped and Grant twisted onto his other side 

so that he faced toward Rafael. "Raf,... You promise you won't get 

mad if I ask you something?"

"Uh,... I guess not. What's up doc?" Rafael whispered.

"You know what they're doin' in there,... next door?"

"Kinda," Rafael answered.

"You,... wanna,... do,... that?" Grant asked slowly.

The younger boy breathed out. The same question had been 

forming in his own mind but he hadn't been able to bring it out. 

He nodded, then realizing that his best friend probably couldn't 

see him in the dark, "Yeah, if you want to."

The two boys lay still. Each afraid to take the next step. One 

of them would have to cross the floor, one of them would have to 

find the excuse or make the offer.

"You wanna get in my bed? There's more light here near the 

window," Grant whispered.

Rafael thought for a few seconds, then grinning happily he 

pushed the sheets down and padded across the floor in his bare feet. 

He looked down at Grant and saw his friend smiling. Grant lifted 

away the sheet that covered him and he moved back to make room for 

Rafael. They slept in narrow twin-size beds on foam mattresses, but 

the beds were big enough to accommodate two nine-year-old boys with 

room to spare. The two boys lay side by side uncertain as to what 

happened next. The creaking bed in the adjoining room was making 

even more noise, there was an urgency to the sound as it started 

to bang louder and louder against the wall. Then the regular 

pattern was disturbed, becoming erratic. Then the noise stopped. 

Silence at last. Rafael breathed out. It felt nice lying in Grant's 

warmth, feeling the boy's hot dry body brushing lightly against his 

own. Rafael thought that the warmth seemed to emanate out of Grant 

and was sucked up by his body. He sighed again wanting to push back 

towards Grant, until their bodies touched. He trembled slightly, 

then licked his lips as he breathed heavily.

Grant smirked, "They're finished," he said. Rafael nodded. 

"You wanna do that?" Grant added.

"Uh,...I,... I guess. What were they doing?" Rafael asked, "It 

sure was noisy, though."

Grant shrugged uncertainly, then slowly extended his hand and 

touched Rafael's soft cheek. Rafael trembled again, resisting his 

body's urge to do the same thing back to Grant. He was frightened 

but he was also excited in a way he'd only been one time before and 

that was a deeply repressed memory of a time that he wanted to 


"Raf,... you wanna take off your 'jamas? I will,... if you 

will," Grant whispered, his fingers still stroking the other boy's 

cheek. Rafael nodded silently, not understanding why he felt so 

guilty. Then he felt afraid as a sudden memory came back to him. A 

memory of a woman shrieking at him, slapping his face so hard that 

he was thrown onto the bed. The words came rushing back into his 

mind. What he had done was dirty, it was evil, it was the devil's 

work. Rafael was dirty, he was evil, he was the devil's spawn. 

Rafael was a whore, he was a filthy little bastard. Rafael 

remembered that he had wanted to die. He began to cry silently, 

shamefully as he felt the disgust building up inside him. Little 

wet tears began trickling down his cheeks.

"Why are you crying?" Grant asked gently as his fingers felt 

the wetness on the other boy's cheeks. "You don't have to if you 

don't want." His hand slipped around behind Rafael's small dark 

head, stroking the silky curls at the nape of his neck. "Don't 

cry,... you don't have to,..." the older boy whispered.

Rafael sniffled loudly, "I do. I want to okay." He reached 

downward and his fingers clumsily untied the cord of his pajamas. 

He stopped to let Grant catch up. Grant grinned at him in the 


"You ready," Grant giggled, "I am,... on the count of three, 

okay? One... Two,... Three,..." Both boys responded at once, 

pulling their pajamas pants down and kicking them off in the bottom 

of the bed before straightening up. Their excitement had charged 

them like positive and negative. Their bare legs had touched in the 

process of undressing and in that brief moment each boy had felt 

the delicious warmth of the other's bare flesh. 'Electricity' 

sprang between them and made their hearts pound.

They still had their underpants on but the shock of just being 

in the same bed with another boy without their pajama pants on was 

more than enough. Rafael breathed heavily. His body quivered and 

suddenly, strangely, he felt very hot. Grant's fingers brushed 

against Rafael's warm thigh and he returned the caress instantly. 

The other boy's fingers lingered, stroking up and down his thigh, 

coming ever nearer to the special place between his slender legs. 

The fingers moved to the bottom of his belly getting nearer and 

nearer to his 'pee-pee'. That seemed to the be the source of it 

all, of all the heat that flooded Rafael's body. It was the source 

of the mystery that the young boy sensed all around him. It was 

also the thing that interested him most about Grant or any of the 

other boys in the home. That special place grew even hotter every 

time Grant's fingers came closer. It seemed to ache but it was an 

ache that didn't hurt. The ache came back time and time again after 

what he'd done with the man in the bedroom.

Rafael caressed the other boy's body, unable to resist the 

challenge of bringing his gently circling fingers every closer to 

the other boy's warmth and the little rounded lump in his 

underpants. He gasped suddenly as Grant's fingers brushed lightly 

against his own tiny bulge. With all his might, Rafael willed the 

hand to stay there and not pull away. It was only a momentary touch 

and the feelings and desire that surged up inside Rafael, the hope 

that Grant would continue to touch him there, was instantly dashed. 

He breathed out, knowing that the only way that Grant would touch 

him there again would be if he touched Grant in the same place.

The woman's words haunted the little boy. His dreams had been 

shattered that afternoon in the man's bedroom, all that he had 

hoped for, a family of his own, had disappeared forever that day. 

Tears began to form in his eyes as he reached downward. For only 

an instant his small fingers stroked Grant's small, very hot bulge. 

Rafael shivered as his fingers brushed over the cotton and he 

realized that the cotton was tight and the bulge was much larger 

than his own. It felt unyielding, not soft underneath, but hard and 


"Hmmmmm,....", Grant sighed, "Yeah I like that. Do it some 

more. I'll do yours too, okay?"

Rafael, the filthy little bastard in him, the whore in him 

nodded. His little fingers stroked against the part of Grant's body 

that seemed the hottest and hardest. It was, he realized with a 

sudden shock, the other boy's 'pee-pee'.

It worried him. The more he thought about it, the more it 

worried him. "Grant,... there's something wrong with your pee-pee," 

he whispered, "If feels real hard."

Grant giggled, "It's supposed to be like that. Your's is like 

that too," he whispered, then taking his hand away, he took 

Rafael's hand away and pressed it down between Rafael's legs. "See, 

your's is the same." 

The memory came rushing back, the man's hand stroking his pee-

pee until it was hard, painfully hard, then sucking it and kissing 

it, then licking it again and again as though it was a little 

lollipop. Rafael shuddered as he remembered how he had enjoyed 

those feelings. They had felt so good that he had finally relented 

and touched the man's big penis. It had been hard too, hard like 

Grant's pee-pee was, hard like his own.

"It's not a pee-pee anyway," Grant giggled, "That's what 

little kids call it. It's really called a dick or a cock and when 

it gets hard like this it's called a hard-on." Grant giggled again, 

putting Rafael's hand back on his groin then beginning to fondle 

the other boy's genitals gently, "See, we both got hard-ons," he 


Rafael giggled, "It feels nice down there doesn't it?"

"Uh huh. Your dick is really stiff Raf," Grant said.

"So's yours. Boy it's hot too."

"Raf,..." Grant whispered, then paused nervously, "You wanna 

take off your underpants too?"

"I will, if you will," Rafael answered. "You can take mine off 

if you want and I'll do yours."

"Okay,...On three, okay? One. Two. Three," Grant whispered. 

It was easier said than done. The boys got tangled up. They were 

both so excited that they couldn't stop. They tugged and giggled 

as they tried to pull the other boy's underpants off. It turned 

into a wrestle and the boys twisted and struggled with each other 

as their underpants got lower and lower. But the physical contact 

only served to excite them more and within a minute they were 

touching each other's bare genitals, not caring that their 

underpants were somewhere in the vicinity of their knees.

Grant's warm soft hand enclosed Rafael's short hard cock and 

his fingers scooped up the little delicate ball-sac as he gently 

squeezed the other boy's tiny balls. Rafael shivered and pressed 

his groin forward into the enclosing warmth of Grant's hand. Rafael 

began stroking his friend's penis with long tickling strokes, 

fascinated as Grant cooed quietly. As Rafael's awareness of the 

delightful feelings that began in his testicles heightened he began 

to feel incredibly light-headed. His own fingers slipped downward 

to caress the other boy's scrotum. Silently he marvelled at the 

silky softness of the skin and the two firm little eggs that moved 

so easily before his fingers.

"It feels fantastic, doesn't it," Rafael whispered. "I love 


"Uh huh, your dick is so hard. It's different to mine though," 

Grant said.

"Huh? How?" Rafael asked.

"'Cause yours is different. It has this funny skin on the 

top,... this,..." Grant giggled, tickling the puckered ending of 

Rafael's little foreskin.

Rafael felt the other boy and he was suddenly surprised when 

he didn't feel that on Grant's penis. "Yeah! It is different. You 

don't have it there,... I wonder why. You have the same head there 

just like I do. Push your hand down, no,... you gotta squeeze your 

hand and push." Grant did as he was told, pushing downward of the 

other boy's penis, retracting the foreskin so that it bunched 

around the little bell-shaped head. "Yeah! There. See it's just 

like yours underneath."

"Yeah! It feels different now. The skin is sort of looser. 

Does it feel nice when I rub it?" Grant asked.

"Yeah!.... That's wild. Yeah do that some more. Just like 

that. I'll do it to yours too." Rafael whimpered as the other boy's 

hand began to slide up and down his little penis. He reciprocated, 

working his hand on his best friend's cock, feeling Grant quiver 

as the delight surged, expanding outward from his rigid cock. 

Minutes passed, both boys rubbing gently, slowly, then faster 

as they learned the rhythm of their bodies. They satisfied a need 

that they both had as they shared their loneliness. In the process 

the two boys discovered their capacity for endless pleasure.

"That feels so good," Grant gasped as he relaxed after the 

boys had rubbed each other furiously for a few minutes without a 

break. "I felt like I was going to explode, it felt so good"

"So did I," Rafael admitted, now carefully fondling the other 

boy's tightened scrotum, "It's all tight now and kinda wrinkled up. 

It was loose when we started. Your dick is even harder I think."

"It kinda hurts. Does yours?" Grant asked.

"It doesn't hurt exactly,... not like I want to stop or 

anything. It feels sort of sore, like. And it kinda tingles when 

you rub on it. I felt like I was going to poop before. Is that how 

you felt?" Rafael whispered.

"Yeah! But I knew I wasn't going to,... but that's kinda how 

it felt down there."

Rafael yawned sleepily, his head only inches away from his 

friend's as they shared the same pillow. "I guess I better get back 

in my bed."

"You don't have to,... not if you don't want to. There's 

plenty of room and I can shift over a bit if you want."

"Na,... I like it when our skin touches."

Grant grinned in the darkness, "You keep giving me goose 

pimples. You want to sleep here? With me?"

"Yeah!" Rafael whispered. 

The boys slowly released each other's penises, as they began 

to relax, the heat of the moment passing quickly. They felt warm 

and close and strangely satisfied. There was no embarrassment, no 

guilt, no shame, just a wonderful happiness that came from feeling 

good and sharing their feelings.

"Raf,....?" Grant whispered sleepily.

"Yeah? What is it?" Rafael asked, yawning then sighing 


"Raf,... Did you feel funny? Down there. When I was doing it 

fast like that?" Grant asked.

"Uh huh! Kind of funny, it tickled sorta but like it wanted 

to hurt as well. My dick felt like it wanted to burst. I wanted you 

to keep on doing it and never stop." Rafael yawned again, wanting 

to cuddle closer to Grant, to feel their bodies pressed together.

"I felt like that too,... like you could do it all night if 

you wanted."

Rafael giggled, "I'm too sleepy to do that. It's nice sleeping 

in the same bed."

Grant sighed, "Yeah I know. I don't feel so lonely anymore 

with you here." He paused a long while, "Raf?.... We could take off 

our tops too if you wanted?"

Rafael grinned and turned onto his back, quickly sitting up 

and pulling his tee-shirt up over his chest, past his head and then 

pulling his arms through the sleeves. Grant removed his tee-shirt 

at the same time. They grinned at each other in the darkness. 

Rafael's body was so dark that it seemed nearly black while Grant's 

paler body seemed much lighter in contrast. The boys tossed their 

tee-shirts onto the floor and lay back, side by side, now totally 


For a few seconds the boys were afraid to move. While each boy 

felt the warmth of the other just inches away, he afraid to 

communicate that he wanted to hold the other boy's body tightly 

against his own. Although just about every boy in Baker House was 

sexually active, it was taboo. For a boy to be acknowledged as 'gay' 

was the 'kiss of death' among his friends. So boys had sex together 

and then pretended that it was simply fun. Their sex play was not 

romantic or the result of affectionate attachment or anything else 

that could be construed as 'gay'. What brought boys together was 

'fun'. Liaisons were quick, mechanical eruptions that ended with 

orgasm. Boys did not sleep together afterwards by choice. They did 

not express any emotion or feeling other than that necessary to 

their immediate satisfaction. 

"Raf?..." Grant asked hesitantly. The smaller boy nodded 

wearily. "You want to hug? No one's gonna know, if we don't tell 


Rafael shrugged. Even in Davis House boys were ostracized for 

being too close. In Baker House, where the boys were older and many 

of them sexually mature, a close friendship that involved a boy in 

intimate physical contact was despised. But despite his fear and 

the shame that would occur if anyone found out, Rafael wanted only 

to oblige his new friend.

He nodded, "Promise not to tell?" he whispered guiltily.

Grant smiled, "Yeah I promise,... now you," he demanded 


Rafael grinned, "Yeah! I promise," he whispered. His heart 

surged. He had never touched another human being with affection, 

other than his mother, and even then he was given cursory 

attention. He needed to be hugged. The desire burst out of him as 

it came to Grant, scarred by the memory of the accident where his 

family died in the car and he walked away with barely a scratch. 

Their young bodies came together as one. Their firm slender bodies 

united, their legs entwined and arms locked around each other's 

bare chests. Their soft smooth bellies compressed and their small 

hot genitals squeezed firmly together. They lay together for a long 

while, reluctant to break the bonds of their flesh. Each boy was 

afraid to speak and to interrupt the wonder of the moment.

 "You feel nice," Rafael whispered, "You feel so hot down 


"You feel nice too," Grant whispered, "I think our dicks are 

hard again." He felt between their hips, slipping his small hand 

downward, touching first his own penis and then Rafael's. "Yep,... 

we both are.... This sure is nice,... being like this....."

Rafael nodded sleepily closing his eyes. His erection faded 

in the next few minutes as he dozed off. So did his best friend.


The boys awoke early the next morning to the noises of birds 

and insects outside the building and the sounds of boys talking in 

the bedrooms elsewhere in the building. Grant was already awake as 

Rafael finally struggled awake, wiping his sleepy eyes with his 

fingers, yawning and stretching. Then all of a sudden Rafael 

realized that he was next to Grant and not in his own bed and he 

pulled back in shock. Then he remembered what had happened the 

night before. Grant grinned at him, "Hi sleepy head."

"Hi Grant," Rafael yawned again.

"Did you forget what happened last night?" Grant teased.

Rafael blushed slightly and then smiled back, "Kinda." Gently 

his fingers slipped over the other boy's bare shoulder, then 

suddenly realized that he was also naked. "We took our clothes 

off?" he asked, then he slowly grinned, "Yeah, we did, didn't we? 

What if Mr. Edwards catches us?"

Grant shrugged nonchalantly, "He won't be here for a long 

while yet," he said as he consulted his watch. Grant was only one 

of two boys that had watches in Baker House.

"Can I see your pee-pee? I mean your dick. It felt a lot 

different to mine,... well it did last night at least," Rafael 

asked curiously, then added, "I've never seen one like yours close 

up before".

Although he could never tell Grant, the idea that their 

penises were different was fascinating to him. He had seen other 

boy's penises in the shower and most were like Grant though a few 

were shaped like his. Grant grinned at his friend then pulled the 

sheet downward from their chests, all the way to their knees. He 

looked at the naked brown boy lying on the bed next to him. "I wish 

I had a tan like yours," he said.

Rafael giggled, "I'm not that dark. I'm just a bit darker than 

you," he returned, " Anyway, it mostly isn't a tan, my skin's like 

that. See even my dick is kinda brown too."

"Your balls are brown as well, but mine are bigger, see." 

Grant observed. "I think my dick's bigger by a little bit, it's 

fatter than yours and even longer and you've got that extra skin 


Rafael grinned, not bothered by the difference in their sizes, 

strangely happy that Grant's penis was bigger than his."I like the 

end of yours more than mine," he observed, as he compared his penis 

to that of the boy lying beside him. "It's nicer the way it has the 

little thing on top too."

Grant grinned looking downwards. "Your's looks kinda 

funny,...How do you pee?"

Rafael grinned back at his friend, "Just like you dummy. I 

just point and shoot."

The two boys giggled. "But,... well doesn't it get wet inside 

the skin. It looks like it would?" Grant asked.

Rafael giggled, "It gets sorta dirty underneath sometimes. If 

I don't pull it back and wash under it then it gets this icky smell 

and it itches like crazy." Grant grinned as he stroked the other 

boy's small penis with his fingers. Unlike older boys, nine-year-

old boys usually didn't wake up with erections. That would come in 

time. As he stroked his friend's penis it slowly began to awaken, 

shrugging off its stupor and beginning to stiffen.

Grant looked on in fascination as Rafael's penis got longer 

and slightly thicker. The silky brown skin grew tighter and tighter 

and the little rounded head was still covered in its entirety even 

when the little boy was fully erect. Grant caressed the smooth 

length, the ridge behind the glans covered by the boy's foreskin. 

"It makes your dick look like a torpedo," he grinned.

Rafael laughed, "It's a pain to clean, 'cause it's pretty 

tight. I can only pull it pack when it's hard like this. You know 

the doctor who does clinic. Well he told me how to keep it clean 

underneath. I get my dick hard in the shower and pull it down. I 

have to wash it down there every day, well I'm supposed to anyway, 

but I don't do it that often. When I'm older, like twelve or 

thirteen, the doctor said I might even need to have it fixed up. I 

guess it will look like yours then, that is if it doesn't get looser 

by then like it's s'posed to."

"Well I like your dick like this," Grant grinned, then added, 

"Can I pull him back like I did last night?" Rafael nodded and the 

other boy held his hard little penis tightly, then pushed downward 

to force the glans through the little puckered tip. "It is kinda 

tight," Grant observed. "What's it there for anyway?"

Rafael shrugged. "The doctor said that the tip of my penis was 

more sensitive because of it, but other than that it didn't really 

do anything. That's why they do it to boys after they're born, 

because it's easier to take care of."

Grant looked at the little uncircumcised penis between his 

fingers, the foreskin now pushed back and wrinkled slightly as it 

gathered behind the tiny purplish glans. The tip was a lot darker 

than his own which was a pale blue or pink color depending whether 

it was hard or soft. The skin of Rafael's penis was suddenly much 

more stretchy and kind of elastic and his hand could slide easily, 

up and down, without actually moving on the skin.

"It looks more like mine now. It looks just like a little acorn 

on top doesn't it?" Grant observed. "Does it feel any different for 

you? You know what we were doing last night. If it's more sensitive 

then it would feel better wouldn't it?"

Rafael shrugged, "It tickles,... but it feels cool. I guess 

it feels like yours does," he added, reaching out and gently 

stroking his friend's penis, already half erect of its own 

volition. The two boys remained like that for nearly an hour, 

separating only to get out of bed, pull on their pajamas and go 

down the hall to get a shower before breakfast.

Time and time again during the day Rafael's thoughts returned 

to what he had shared with Grant the night before. The morning had 

been very different, sweet gentle touching as the boys continued 

to discover how to pleasure each other. In a way it was harmless 

fun. It was nothing more than a way of making the other boy feel 

nice. It was done without any expectation of reward because neither 

boy had the remotest idea about the capacity of a young male's body 

for orgasm.


For the next two nights the boys refined their enjoyment of 

each other's penises and found in their partnership the happiness 

and companionship that both young boys desperately needed. On the 

third night the boys didn't even bother putting on their pajamas. 

Instead they waited until 'lights out' before they undressed and 

then got into Grant's bed with only their underpants on. On the 

fourth night they didn't even bother with the pretence of wearing 

underpants to bed. The two boys stripped their clothes off 

hurriedly in the dark. They stood facing each other for long 

seconds as each boy realized the powerful attraction between them. 

Then they hugged, only the hug was no longer a hug, it had become 

an embrace that was driven by their burgeoning sexuality.

That night was another important step in the boys' 

discoveries. Rafael got into bed first and pulled Grant with him. 

By accident the bigger boy lay down on top of Rafael instead of 

beside him. The excitement each boy felt was unbounded. A weird and 

wonderful thrill surged through Rafael as he felt the other boy's 

body over his. The weight, while not heavy, pressed him down into 

the bed. His arms locked around Grant's back, holding him there 

above him. The boys lay still for what seemed a long while. While 

they were frightened by the very intensity of their feelings, the 

closeness of their bodies and the strange and unfamiliar pleasure 

made it seem as though it was natural. It was as if they had been 

brought together for just that moment.

Finally Rafael pushed his friend upward. Grant lifted himself 

away quickly, holding himself up with his arms, his legs still 

entwined with Rafael's legs. "I'm squashing you aren't I?" he 


Rafael shook his head, "It's okay, it feels nice. I like it 

with our dicks together like this. It feels yummy down there."

Grant grinned, "Uh huh. It feels good. I can even feel your 

dick next to mine. It's kinda pushing in my tummy. Boy your dick 

sure is hot. It's real hard too."

"Uh,... Grant,.... you know,... if you moved around a bit and 

sorta rubbed them together,... well I bet that would feel great," 

Rafael suggested.

Grant giggled as he lowered himself down onto the slender 

brown boy. He used his arms and thighs and began to move his hips 

up and down and rotate them in a circular motion. It was a crude 

imitation of older boys, but the feelings were wonderful for both 

boys. As the minutes passed Grant's motions gradually became less 

awkward and more fluid, finally settling into a natural 'humping' 


As Rafael lay under Grant, his small hands were on the other 

boy's hips both to guide his motion and hold him tightly. He 

realized that he was happier than he had ever been in his entire 

life. He did not wonder why he felt the way he did, though he was 

frightened by it and he worried what would happen if anybody found 

them. Only a few weeks earlier, just before he was to leave for 

Baker House, he had joined in the teasing and taunting of a 

redheaded boy about his own age when it was 'decided' that Nicky 

was 'queer'. Rafael felt ashamed of what he had done, remembering 

that the only thing that Nicky had done was to cry. He'd cried, 

that was all, and the other boys had made his life miserable. As 

far as Rafael knew, Nicky hadn't done anything with another boy, 

certainly not like this.

"Hmmmm,..." Rafael sighed, wriggling his hips under Grant's 

body so that their penises were massaged together. "Hmmmm,.... this 

feels better than using our hands, doesn't it."

"Yeah! You want me to do it faster, Raf?" Grant said urgently.

"Yeah!" Rafael breathed out as he began to pull on Grant's 

hips faster. His penis was throbbing, so hard and stiff that it 

seemed to hurt as much as when Grant rubbed it, maybe even more. 

He liked the warmth of the other boy's body and the pressure that 

squeezed him down. He liked the boy's hot breath against his cheek 

and Grant's hair brushing his forehead. After a while, he 

discovered that if he lifted up with his legs and pushed hard with 

his thighs, his dick was raised up higher so that it was prominently 

exposed. Then the feelings seemed to get even nicer. It took all 

of his strength to lift both his body and Grant's body up, but it 

felt so good that he had to do it. Grant moved faster and faster, 

jerking erratically as his motions became confused. The two little 

rigid penises moved side by side, the delicate skin rubbed 

furiously as the boys moved together. Their thrusting quickly 

became frenzied until they were breathless and they dropped back 

onto the bed gasping. Their desires were still strong but their 

young bodies were exhausted.

Both boys breathed heavily, panting for each breath. Slowly 

Grant rolled off the smaller boy and lay on his side, his fingers 

sliding across Rafael's soft warm belly and down to his still rigid 

penis. He stroked it gently, then enclosed the two-and-a-half inch 

shaft between his fingers, pulling down to retract the foreskin. 

Curiously he began to stroke the tiny swollen glans of the other 

boy's penis, wondering how much nicer it felt compared to his own. 

His own penis felt good of course, but somehow he knew that Rafael's 

would feel even better. He pressed the tip of his finger against 

the minute slit, then down into the groove that lay under the head. 

He rubbed gently. Rafael twitched and then pulled back. "That 

tickles, when you do that,..." he giggled, "Do it some more," he 

instructed a second later.

Grant was quick to oblige, stroking the sensitive glans with 

just two fingers and his thumb, rolling the 'bulb' between them. 

"Hmmmm,... that's feels so yummy. It's better than just rubbing it. 

I feel like I have to go pee," Rafael sighed, his eyes half-closed 

in growing delight.

"Don't you dare pee in my bed," Grant giggled, "Or on my hand 

either," he added.

"I won't. It just feels like that,... like I will. It's not 

like when you rub it fast and it feels like its gonna burst." Rafael 


Grant grinned, wishing that Rafael would do the same thing to 

him though perfectly content for the present. He squeezed a little 

harder and found that while the small rounded head was still hard, 

it was slowly getting softer. His fingers slipped down and enclosed 

the small shaft, beginning to rub again so as to make it stiff. 

Rafael shook his head, "Keep doin' it on the tip, okay?" he gasped.

Grant nodded and took the little glans between his thumb and 

fingers. He began to squeeze and roll it faster and faster. 

"Ohhhhh,.... yeah,.... do that,...." Rafael gasped, "Yeah!... 

Faster.... Jesus,.... Grant it's wild.... Do it faster!" Rafael 

groaned. The boy's buttocks clenched tightly and his body arched, 

lifting his hips up off the bed, then he shuddered as a sudden and 

unexpected spasm hit him and he jerked away. Rafael rolled onto his 

side and pulled his knees up into his chest so that he into a little 

protected ball. He trembled for nearly half a minute. Grant was 

frightened and deeply worried by Rafael's gasping sobs, very afraid 

that he'd somehow hurt the other boy. Then slowly Rafael began to 

relax, straightening back out on the bed as his shaking passed.

"You okay?" Grant whispered. "I,... I didn't mean to hurt 

you.... I,... I'm sorry Raf,... I didn't mean to."

Rafael smiled shyly. "Didn't hurt, you dummy. It was wild. It 

was like,... well like,... it's kinda hard to explain. It felt like 

something broke inside me."

Grant grinned, "You peed on me," he whispered, "It dribbled 

outta your dick. Only a little bit, though," he added.

Rafael looked at his best friend, "Sorry 'bout that, Grant."

Grant smirked, "It felt like you weren't gonna stop at first. 

I was afraid you'd wet my bed."

Rafael yawned and stretched sleepily. "You want me to do yours 


"Yep!" Grant smirked playfully.

Rafael sat up slowly as Grant turned onto his back. He leaned 

forward and took the fat little penis between his fingers and began 

to rub up and down gently, quickly making the other's boy's penis 

harder and stiffer. In the dark he could barely see it but he could 

feel it and Rafael was very aware of his closeness to Grant, aware 

of the trust that they now shared, an integral part of their 

friendship. After a few minutes of caressing the rigid shaft he 

began to concentrate on the tip, rubbing it the same way that Grant 

had done to his. The boy sighed then wriggled uncomfortably as the 

feeling changed, moving instantly from the comforting stimulation 

of his penis to a tingling thrill that seemed to begin in his bowel 

and stretch all the way to the tip. Within seconds Grant was 

wriggling his hips and trying to pull away before pushing back for 

more the same way that Rafael had. The smaller boy grinned 

cheekily, persisting in his torment, squeezing and rubbing as fast 

as he could. He tickled the other boy's glans until he writhed and 

his small face became contorted in ecstasy as waves of pleasure 

flooded over him.

Unlike Rafael, Grant only came close to the peak, humping his 

hips upward, then dropping back down as Rafael rubbed until the 

little glans was reddened and sore just like his own had been. Try 

as Rafael could, he could not produce the same orgasmic spasm for 

Grant. However, both young boys had fun trying. Finally Grant 

pulled away, covering his little limp penis protectively with his 

hand. "It kinda hurts now," he whispered.

Rafael nodded, "Mine did hurt too. You want me to stop?"

Grant nodded, "Yeah, I guess so. But you weren't wrong,... I 

felt like I wanted to pee too. I didn't though, not like you did. 

Maybe your's is more sensitive on top, because of that thing you 


Rafael shrugged, settling down beside his friend. He sighed, 

"Boy am I tired.... We sure messed around a lot tonight."

Grant grinned in the darkness, snuggling closer to the other 

boy's naked body, now much cooler than his own, though just as soft 

and very nice to touch. "Uh,... Rafael? Can I ask you a question?"

"Uh huh," Rafael said quietly as he looked up at the dark 

ceiling. Inside he was confused. He didn't understand why boys 

would make fun of him if they knew, but he knew that they could 

never find out. He liked Grant more than anyone he had ever known, 

even more because of what they did at night together and he didn't 

understand why.

"Raf,... did you feel funny when I was lying on top of you 

before?" Grant asked.

"Funny? How do you mean?" Rafael asked.

"Well, its kind of hard to explain... Its like well,... I 

don't know, just that,... well for a while I tried to pretend you 

were a girl," Grant giggled, "then I decided I liked it better that 

you were really a boy."

Rafael swallowed, wondering how Grant had read the thoughts 

inside his head. He shook his head awkwardly, "That's dumb. Let's 

go to sleep, huh? 'night Grant," he said as he turned onto his side, 

his back now towards his friend. He lay awake for nearly an hour 

before sleep finally brought the confusion inside him to a welcome 



Through the months that followed; the hot, halcyon days of 

summer, the endless scorching days when the grass turned brown and 

everything withered and hung limp, the two young boys maintained 

their friendship, growing stronger and closer every night. For 

Rafael and Grant the nights were peaceful times, times of play and 

discovery as they repeated the lessons of previous nights. Within 

a week Grant had experienced the first convulsions of what would, 

years later, become an orgasm. Within a few days after that, the 

convulsions that accompanied the peak of their sexual activities 

had become standard. Doing 'it' was something that the two boys 

enjoyed most of all, usually taking turns to drive each other 

'wild', but learning quickly that having a handkerchief close by 

was important when Rafael was the recipient of Grant's expert 

ministrations on his tiny dark glans.

Every night, from 'lights out' to the morning 'wake up' call, 

the boys were naked and in the same bed. Usually they slept in 

Grant's, though on some nights they alternated with Rafael's bed. 

They shared a familiarity with each other's bodies and gradually 

came to understand some of the feelings and desires they shared at 

night. The nightly ritual became a habit, not a bad habit that a 

boy should be ashamed about, but something that they repeated again 

and again in secret. Then again in the mornings as soon as they 

awoke, they greeted the rising sun with an embrace as if they were 

reborn and renewed their friendship with gentle but intimate 

caresses that quickly became more erotic as they awoke.

However, the two boys were careful during the day to be apart, 

sometimes even acting as though they didn't like each other. They 

were so careful in fact, that no one even guessed at the intimacy 

they shared late at night. The real nature of their friendship was 

a carefully concealed secret known only to the two boys.

 The day that the other boys found out about Grant and Rafael 

was a day that neither boy would forget. It was the day that the 

hurricane came through South Florida, just forty five miles south 

of Centerville Plantation. The boys had been 'relocated' two days 

earlier, travelling northward on four school buses to a school a 

few miles outside Jacksonville. They slept in the gymnasium on 

exercise mats, a half a dozen boys to each one. It was crowded and 

hot as they waited for the storm to pass. All eighty nine boys 

wanted only to get back 'home' to their own beds and the privacy 

of their own rooms. For Rafael and Grant the deprivation was even 

more intense. They looked at each other across the table at lunch 

with a longing that was barely concealed. The loneliness had 

returned, growing into a sadness that consumed each of them. They 

needed to feel the warmth of the other's naked body, to give and 

receive caresses and to fall asleep locked in each other's arms. 

They were afraid to even speak to each other because they were 

afraid that they would blurt out the truth and be ridiculed by all 

of the other boys.

That day it was Grant's turn to clear the table and Rafael 

went out into the playground with eighty other boys. He wandered 

aimlessly around the school yard, kicking his feet in the dry dust 

and making little clouds that hung motionless in the still heavy 

air. The dust seemed to cling to his legs, his sneakers slowly 

turning brown the more he kicked. He was bored and lonely and he 

wondered where Grant was. He had no interest in playing with the 

others, not now, not ever.

That day was hot and sticky and Rafael lifted up his arms and 

pulled his tee-shirt off. He felt a little better immediately. At 

least the cotton wasn't clinging to his sweat-moistened body. He 

ambled back through the trees looking for Grant. Perhaps they could 

sit somewhere and talk even if nothing else. Rafael's body was 

noticeably darker now than it had been at the start of summer. He 

had a rich golden brown tan broken only by the paler skin of his 

loins. Grant was the same way, but his middle was nearly white. 

Rafael was not nearly as dark as some of the black or Cuban kids, 

but he was a lot darker than Grant and the four other white boys 

that lived in his dorm.

He glanced downward and looked at his slender young body, 

noticing his little nipples. They were smaller than a dime, the 

spot in the middle flattened. Sometimes when Grant tickled him they 

became pointed and when his friend rubbed them he liked it almost 

as much as the feelings that radiated outward from his little 

penis. His belly was taut and firm, his lithe muscles rippling and 

giving form to his body. A tiny navel, indented and much smaller 

than Grant's, centered his body. Below, the boy could see the small 

bulge in his shorts, the place where Grant touched him and made him 

feel wonderful and alive. He tried to imagine Grant's hands 

touching him and rubbing gently on the tip of his cock. 

Instinctively his buttocks tightened and he shivered as he tried 

hard to remember the sensations that surged through his body and 

made his spine quiver with excitement. He looked up, his reverie 

disturbed, suddenly aware that four other boys were walking towards 

him and closing fast.

"Hi guys" he murmured.

The boys smiled at him. The oldest boy called Cal, a black boy 

who had spent his entire life at Centerville, grinned, "Hi, whatcha 

doin' Raffy?"

Rafael shrugged. "That's not my name, Cal. I don't like you 

calling me that."

Cal smirked, "Listen to him,... I don't like you callin' me 

that," he imitated in a high falsetto voice. "So whatcha doin', 

boy?" he asked.

Rafael shrugged, "Nothin',... just waiting for Grant. He's 

doing 'clean-up'."

The boys laughed. Cal smirked, "He was, but he got done early. 

He's gonna be havin' hisself some fun real soon, boy."

"Huh?" Rafael said, feeling confused.

"You know what a circle jerk is?" one of the other boys asked.

Rafael shook his head, pretending ignorance. A boy didn't live 

in Centerville for very long and not learn the basics.

"You wanna find out?" Cal asked, taking control again.

Rafael shrugged awkwardly. He knew circle jerks were about 

sex, something like what he did with Grant. But circle jerks were 

okay, all the boys did them sooner or later and it didn't matter. 

It didn't mean a boy was 'gay', it was just for fun. If that was 

where Grant was, well he wanted to be there too. Rafael nodded.

Cal smiled shrewdly and looked at the other three boys 

standing next to him. "He's kinda young ain't he? I bet he cain't 

even git it stiff," he teased.

Rafael blushed, "Yeah! I can!" he retorted angrily.

The boys laughed, "Okay he's in," one boy said.

"Okay, let's go do it," Cal smirked, "You can come too Raffy, 

that is if you ain't too scared. I bet you got the smallest dick 

in Centerville."

The boys continued past Rafael. He watched them leave angrily, 

despising them but also wanting to go with them. It was the thought 

that Grant may be there that convinced him to follow and he quickly 

pulled on his tee-shirt and hurried to catch up. The boys went back 

into the cafeteria, going into the kitchen to find Grant and two 

other boys still there. Grant looked at Rafael with surprise.

"Where we gonna do it?" someone asked.

The oldest boy, a twelve-year-old black boy called Denny, 

grinned, "Here man, ain't no one gonna see us doin' it."

"You're joking,... here in the kitchen?" one boy asked.

"Chicken are ya'," Denny grinned. He turned to Cal, "Hey Cal, 

show us that big fat dick you got, man. Show these boys what a real 

man looks like."

Cal grinned, his hand sliding down, pulling his zipper open. 

He pulled the fly wide open and faced towards the other boys. Slowly 

he pulled his underpants down under his full dark ball-sac 

andextracted his thick, hardening cock so that it protruded rudely 

out of the front of his shorts. 

"Wow, Cal's got a whopper," one of the younger boys giggled.

"Man, he's huge," Grant said admiringly.

Rafael's face suddenly burned with shame, his attention 

riveted to the nearly hard black cock. It seemed to pulse with the 

boy's life, stretching the skin until it was shiny and taut. His 

own small penis had been limp and shrivelled but it began to grow 

instantly. Cal's penis frightened him, not only because it was so 

large, but because it threatened him, because of the effect that 

it had on both Grant and himself. It was several times bigger than 

his own penis, at least five or six inches long, Rafael thought. 

He glanced away, realizing that Denny and a white boy already had 

their shorts and underpants down at their knees. Denny's cock was 

almost as big as Cal's and he was jerking it, his eyes half-closed 

as he concentrated. The white boy's penis was a lot smaller, but 

it was still bigger than Rafael's. Rafael glanced back at Cal. H 

was unfastening the metal button on his shorts. Rafael watched as 

the shorts slithered down the boy's dark legs almost to the floor.

It was big, like a man's penis, the boy's testicles already 

flush and full with the onset of puberty. The shaft of his penis 

was wrinkled with veins underneath, bulging so much that it looked 

painful. He even had hair there. Like Rafael, Cal was uncircumcised 

too, but the foreskin was a lot looser and it flipped back and forth 

over the cherry-sized head as he masturbated. As Rafael looked away 

he realized that all of the boys were either rubbing their penises 

or in the process of dropping their shorts and underpants. He 

looked at Grant, recognizing the small body, the body that had been 

next to him so many times.

Grant was imitating Denny, his eyes half closed, moving his 

hand back and forth as he gripped his penis between his thumb and 

three fingers, his little finger sticking outward. Rafael felt 

strange watching him share his body with the other boys, open to 

their inspection as he revealed everything. Then he realized that 

he was the only boy who was not doing 'it'. 

"You gonna do it Raffy?" Cal taunted, "Come on show us ya' 

tiny dick."

Rafael shrugged and fumbled nervously with his zipper and 

belt. As his shorts opened at the front he pushed them downward. 

His little penis was already stiff and sticking out and up in the 

soft cotton of his underpants, forming a little tent as the cloth 

was pulled over the tip. He glanced as his best friend nervously 

but Grant looked away guiltily. Slowly he pushed his underpants 

down until his genitals were exposed.

The other boys didn't seem to notice although they all looked 

at him. Already all seven of them were masturbating, small hands 

jerking even smaller cocks, bigger hands on much larger cocks, and 

everything in between. Grant was rubbing quickly, Cal grunting as 

he jerked furiously, Denny working slowly, deliberately, each boy 

finding his own pace, using the technique that he'd discovered 

through long nights alone in bed or with a friend. Rafael pushed 

down on the shaft of his penis and exposed the small dark glans. 

For a few moments he squeezed it gently and then began to stroke 

his hard little penis, using his thumb looped around the top and 

his fingers underneath so that they pressed into the softness of 

his urethra. But try as he could, he could not derive the same 

intense sensations that he felt when he focused his efforts on the 

tip of it. Slowly his hand moved up and braced against his lower 

belly. Then his thumb and first two fingers began to massage the 

tiny glans. Rafael felt wonderful as he imagined Grant next to him, 

rubbing his penis in the bed. He was oblivious of the noises of the 

other excited boys around him, their grunts and gasps, and endless 

groans of boy-ecstasy.

Rafael was rudely awaken from his dream as Denny chortled, 

"Look at Raffy, he's doin' his dick like a little baby."

Rafael looked up uncertainly and felt his face blush deep 

crimson. "I like it,... it's better,... this way," he mumbled. He 

looked sideways at Grant. Grant turned away ignoring him, working 

his own small cock savagely, making shallow grunting sounds as he 

pumped his thighs back and forth. Then Rafael looked back at Denny, 

but the older boy had already lost interest, consumed by more 

enticing games.

"Shit! I'm gonna 'cum' any second," Denny gasped, his hand 

moving faster than Rafael would ever have believed possible. 

"Yeah,... here it comes,.... ohhhh yeah!"

Rafael looked on, captivated by the sight of the boy's orgasm. 

The dark body strained forward like a bow, his thick hard cock like 

an arrow ready to be released, then he spurted gobs of white stuff 

outward a foot or more. Each gob made an arc then splattered onto 

the dark tiled floor of the kitchen. Even from where he stood, 

Rafael could see the thick cream spurt out as the boy's life force 

was ejaculated in a white hot explosion. The boy's dying groans 

filled his ears. Denny dropped back resting against the kitchen 

table, still gasping and shaking with the last convulsions of his 


Then a memory came back to Rafael as he saw Denny's smile of 

triumph. He remembered a faceless naked man in a bedroom, kneeling 

over his own naked body. He remembered white hot spurts emptying 

onto his belly and chest and splashing onto his bare flesh, then 

being smeared into him. At first it was slippery and warm, then as 

the man rubbed it became sticky. The boy shuddered and looked away 

as he tried to blot out the memory. It returned again and again. 

Rafael knew what the white stuff was.

Rafael looked at Grant and for the first time since lunch his 

best friend did not look away. There was a curious smile at the 

corners of his mouth and his hand fluttered rapidly on his rigid 

penis. Rafael continued to squeeze on the tip of his penis, 

occasionally rubbing the length of his shaft as he imitated how the 

'big' boys did it. It felt nice either way he decided, but by far 

the best was when he rubbed on the tip. He met Grant's eyes and 

smiled back. His penis twitched, a precursor to what he knew would 

follow. The tingling ache in his bowel began to increase. He rubbed 

harder, trying to increase his pleasure even further. His breathing 

quickened as his thighs pushed forward, tightening a muscle 

somewhere inside his abdomen. That muscle lifted his testicles 

higher and made the pleasure intensify even more. He didn't want 

to pee in front of the other boys but if he did he really didn't 


Cal moaned loudly and Rafael turned quickly to look at the boy 

standing next to him. Like Denny only a minute earlier, white milky 

juice spurted out, less this time though still dramatic and well 

worth watching. Cal kept rubbing and pumping his fist rapidly on 

his thick black cock, sending spurts sideways as well as onto the 

floor in front of him. One spurt landed on Rafael's leg and again 

the memory of the man's semen on his body came rushing back. The 

man's hands had been large and very strong. They had massaged the 

boy's soft flesh until even the stickiness had gone and there was 

nothing left except the memory. Rafael remembered how some had gone 

as far as his face, landing on his chin. Most splashed onto his 

narrow brown chest and waist and pooled into his navel so that it 

was full, like a little pond of white cream. The last of it had 

dribbled out of the man's huge cock like milk, spotting the eight-

year-old boy's penis and scrotum.

Rafael looked down at his right thigh and watched in silent 

fascination as the bead of thin immature semen trickled downward. 

It left a wet trail until it reached his knee and was stopped by 

his shorts. Then another boy, Jeff, just eleven years old, moaned 

as he came, gasping and spitting milky-white juice. Then he too 

sagged back against the bench as his desire deflated with his 

penis. And then Ronnie, barely ten years old, ejaculated, or rather 

came as close to ejaculation as a ten-year-old boy can, as several 

tiny milky drips were discharged.

The other four boys, between nine and eleven-years-old were 

still immature. For one boy ejaculation was only a matter of months 

away but for two, Rafael and Grant, it was a matter of several 

years. Still they tried hard but to no avail and gradually they 

tired, losing interest as their penises became sore and reddened 

and they finally stopped. 

"You guys wanna do each other?" Denny suggested, no longer 

interested in watching the other boys masturbate.

Within seconds it was agreed and the boys paired off. Cal and 

Denny each took a mentor role with a boy who had not achieved 

visible results of manhood, while Ronnie and Jeff formed another 

partnership. By default Rafael and Grant were left together.

The boys split up, each pair moving away slightly as if 

seeking privacy from the others. Rafael and Grant waddled into the 

storeroom with their shorts still at their knees. They stood facing 

each other, each feeling the same desire and the need to satisfy 

an urge that was deep inside. Slowly Grant reached out and began 

to stroke Rafael's penis. "I missed him," he whispered.

Rafael reached out and enclosed Grant's penis, "Me too,...How 

did you find out about this? You were doin' it just like them." 

Grant shrugged, "Denny asked me if I wanted to after lunch, 

when I was cleaning up. I guess it sounded like fun. I didn't know 

you would be there too," he added guiltily.

Rafael shrugged, beginning to rub his best friend's penis. He 

was angry and jealous. For some reason he thought that they would 

only do that 'stuff' together and never with anyone else. He didn't 

want to share Grant with anyone.

"Do it faster," Grant instructed, his breathing beginning to 

get more strained, pumping his narrow hips harder against Rafael's 

hand. He was bigger than Rafael and in his growing urgency he pushed 

the smaller boy backwards until Rafael stopped with his back hard 

against the wall. "Faster!... Do it faster Raf," he pleaded. His 

thighs were jerking, pumping his hips, his small pale buttocks 

clenching with each forward motion.

"I can't," Rafael complained, "You're pushing me into the 

wall. I can barely move my arm as it is."

Grant grunted and eased back, then a moment later his hand 

reached down and grabbed the other boy's tee-shirt lifting it up 

to his armpits, then pulled up his own tee-shirt so that their bare 

chests, bellies and thighs were together. Rafael sighed, his 

slender brown arms locked around Grant's waist and he embracing the 

his nearly naked body. Their genitals were compressed and both of 

their little penises were hard and throbbing with happiness.

"You feel so good," Grant sighed.

"You too,... I missed you so bad last night. I can feel him 

sticking into my balls," Rafael giggled, stroking Grant's slender 

back with his fingers.

"Faggots," Denny squealed loudly, his voice in the process of 

breaking. "Guys come look at the faggots. Its Raffy and Grant,... 

they're doin' it like queers."

The two boys sprung apart instantly but it was too late. Four 

pairs of eyes had seen them and the damage was done. "I ain't doin' 

no jerk offs with a goddamed faggot," Cal shrieked, "Them's both 

queer as shit. I always knowed that. I told ya' Raffy was queer 

didn't I Denny? He even looks like a girl."

The two boys got redder and redder, their rigid little cocks 

sagging with every taunt until they were limp. They dressed in 

silence, knowing that by dinner time there would not be a single 

boy in the whole place who didn't know that Rafael and Grant were 

'gay'. They went outside sadly and wandered around aimlessly 

knowing that there was little they could do to stop it.


They endured the endless teasing and name-calling over the 

next two days, the occasional whistles as they passed the older 

boys, the stares from younger boys. They ignored them and tried to 

keep apart. They tried not to show that the words hurt, though the 

words cut deeply into them. The worst insults came from the boys 

they lived with in Baker House. These boys were of their own age 

but they were boys who were most threatened by their own well-

concealed feelings and emerging sexual desires. They pushed the two 

boys away at night, refusing to even sleep on the same exercise mat 

or to use the same shower. Their hostility was open at dinner as 

they ignored both of them or made humorless comments about 


"He's a pervert," Jeff said loudly as smirked and he pointed 

at Rafael across the table. "I saw him doin' it with Grant, they's 

both queers."

Rafael shook his head and looked down at his plate. His dinner  

was barely touched, mashed potatoes and peas puddled, the grey-

greasy minced steak abandoned. Jeff hadn't seen anything. "I,... 

I'm not. I'm not a pervert! You didn't see anything!"

Jeff smirked, "Yeah I did. I seen you, suckin' on Grant's dick 

and beggin' for more."

"You're a liar," Rafael said angrily.

"Who you callin' a liar, pervert." Jeff laughed, making an O 

shape with his lips. "More Grant. Give me more," he chortled.

"I didn't do that. That's a lie and you know it," Rafael said, 

scrambling back from his bench where he sat by himself, his fists 

clenching angrily.

"Suck me Raffy. Ohhhh suck me hard," Jeff continued.

Rafael leaped at the other boy, sending his plate skidding 

across the table and crashing to the floor. His fist hit something 

soft, then the eleven-year-old boy's fist slammed into his face and 

sent him flying back the way he'd come. He toppled over the bench 

and crashed to the floor.

"Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!" boys began to chant.

Rafael staggered up, the entire left side of his face burning 

painfully, blood pouring from his nose. He looked around. "It's a 

lie," he screamed, "You're a liar Jeff."

Jeff came around from the other side of the table. "Hit the 

little faggot," someone shouted.

"Punch his face in. Little shit-pusher."

Rafael's fists clenched tighter waiting for the attack. He was 

scared. Jeff was a lot bigger than he was, at least thirty or forty 

pounds heavier and five inches taller. Jeff charged, his fist 

swinging. It connected with Rafael's shoulder as he tried to get 

out of the way and knocked him sideways. The chanting was loud, 

filling the cafeteria with shouts of "Fight!" 

Rafael ducked the next one and moved nimbly to one side as he 

punched as hard as he could into Jeff's belly. The boy grunted in 


"Way to go Raf," someone shouted.

"I'm gonna fuckin' kill you shit-pusher," Jeff swore as he 

came back towards Rafael.

"That's what you think," a loud voice said right behind him. 

Jeff swivelled around and saw Mr. Edwards.

Rafael saw his chance and he slammed into Jeff, kicking and 

punching as hard as he could, screaming out, "It's a lie! It's a 

lie! He's a liar!"

Strong arms grabbed the boy around his narrow waist and 

levered him away. Rafael struggled, kicking back and striking 

painful blows in the shins of the person that held him. Slowly his 

struggles ended and he sank back, crying out his pain and hatred.

"You can let him go thanks Jerry," Mr. Edwards said, releasing 

his hold on Jeff. "Fight's over boys! Finish you dinner and clean 

up this mess," he called out loudly. The room fell silent. "You 

two, come with me."

He led the way outside and then turned. The two boys stood 

before him. Rafael sobbed as blood trickled down his cheek and 

splattered on the vinyl floor.His eye was already swelling up. He 

smeared his face with his hand and wiped the blood back towards his 

ear. He was still trembling, his breathing coming in quick sharp 


"So?" Mr. Edwards asked.

"He started it, Mr. Edwards," Jeff got in first.

The man looked at the smaller boy and smiled. "Sure Jeff. Look 

at him. Poor little bugger is more than two years younger than you."

"He threw the first punch, sir. He did."

Rafael nodded and sniffed loudly as the blood continued to 

dribble down onto his clothes. "I did.... I,... I couldn't help it. 

He said things."

"What did he say?" Mr. Edwards asked. Rafael looked at him 

silently. "Jeff?" The two boys were silent. "Okay? Rafael clean 

yourself up. Then get back here and clean the mess up. And no more 

fighting. Do you understand? Both of you?"

The boys nodded and Rafael went off to the toilet. The cold 

water helped as he bathed his face. It soothed the bruised flesh 

and helped to stop the bleeding though by the time the bleeding 

stopped his tee-shirt was smeared and splattered with red spots. 

He went back into the cafeteria to clean up the mess after the other 

boys had finished dinner and gone back to the gymnasium. Outside 

it was raining, the aftermath of the hurricane as it travelled 

across the Gulf of Mexico and into Louisiana.

The fight was a turning point and slowly the two boys' friends 

began to support them. By the time they left Jacksonville for the 

return trip to Centerville the worst was over and other than Cal 

and Denny, everyone else seemed to have forgotten.


Chapter 1. Continued


In the months that followed, the relationship between Rafael 

and Grant changed. Their feelings for each other, while still very 

strong, had been tempered by their exposure as 'gays'. It had hurt 

both boys though they almost never talked about it. Neither of the 

boys understood the desires that seemed to build up inside them 

again and again. There was a mysterious thrill that each boy 

enjoyed when the other boy's naked body was against his. They 

became even more secretive, waiting until late at night before 

Rafael padded across the floor and slipped into his best friend's 

arms. The two boys still hugged and fondled each other at night as 

they lay together but they did it in fear. The spontaneity and the 

passion that they had experienced had gone. Now they were ashamed 

to find solace in the each other's arms. They seldom went all the 

way to orgasm and tending only to play gently with each other's 

penises, rubbing their bodies together less and less frequently. 

It helped relieve their loneliness but it fell short of satisfying 

the needs of two young boys.

Only a few days before Christmas, 1992, friends of Grant's 

parents visited Centerville and arranged to take the nine-year-old 

boy away for the holidays. He left with them the next day and Rafael 

cried himself to sleep on Christmas Eve. He sensed what was about 

to occur and he dreaded it. He had seen the signs, the smile on the 

woman's face, the way she touched his best friend and talked to 

him. He knew the caring gestures would quickly become loving 

affection. Grant would soon be adopted. Rafael knew it with 

absolute certainty.

Christmas was cold and lonely. His solitary present consisted 

of a baseball glove, a present from the State of Florida, a 

magnanimous gesture of the institution. Hell, he didn't even like 

baseball. For most of the day the boy sat in his bedroom, trying 

hard to read a book, struggling over nearly every word until he 

finally gave up in frustration. He had seen the movie, 'Treasure 

Island' when it had been played on the TV downstairs. He wanted to 

read the book, he wanted to read it more than anything. Finally, 

he kicked it across the room and put his head in his pillow and 

cried. The loneliness was unbearable.

He heard the noise of other boys as they came back upstairs, 

then the scramble as they got undressed and into bed before 'lights 

out'. Rafael pulled off his jeans and socks and lay in the darkness 

on top of his bed, his eyes red from crying, hating his life, hating 

Centerville, hating everyone there, hating Grant. After a while he 

felt the growing pressure in his bladder. He needed to go to the 

bathroom before he went to sleep. Still dressed in his sweat-shirt 

and underpants, he made his way down the corridor to the bathroom. 

He pulled the elastic waistband of his underpants down and poked 

his little penis over the top, pointing it at the stainless steel 

bowl. He squeezed his sphincter, then as his bladder relaxed, 

directed a thin stream of clear piss in the bowl. He wobbled it 

around and around in circles making sure that none splashed on him. 

Finished, he squeezed out the last drips and turned around as he 

pushed his little penis back inside his underpants. He gasped in 

shock. Jerry was standing back against the wall looking at him 

strangely. Rafael trembled involuntarily as he felt a shiver run 

up his spine.

Jerry smiled and looked at him closely. "Hi Raffy," he said. 

"You're s'posed to be in bed you know."

"I had to pee," the boy said nervously.

Jerry was seventeen. He was one of the oldest boys at 

Centerville, at least in the dorms. When boys turned thirteen they 

were moved out of Baker House and into Anderson House until they 

turned sixteen. At that time boys either dropped out of high school 

and went to work on the plantation or became 'big brothers' and 

went back to help 'supervise' the younger boys. Jerry was a 

supervisor. Next year he'd probably be going to college because he 

had a scholarship.

He looked at Rafael suspiciously, "So take a piss and get back 

to bed, kid," he said.

"I already did," Rafael smiled. He liked Jerry ever since his 

fight with Jeff in the cafeteria.

Jerry smiled again and raised his eyebrows. "You bin crying 

or what?" he asked

Rafael looked away towards the door. He wanted to go back to 

his bedroom and cry again. He wanted Grant. Anyone. He pressed his 

lips together resolutely and shook his head. "You lonely?" Jerry 

asked. Again Rafael shook his head. Jerry shrugged. "I get lonely 

here sometimes. This is a lonely place to grow up." He sighed. "It's 

hard to make friends here. You know what I mean?"

Rafael looked at the older boy and returned his stare. 

Suddenly he realized that Jerry's eyes had dropped down and he was 

looking at his legs, at the little rounded bulge between his legs. 

Rafael swallowed nervously but a thrill surged through his body and 

he shivered again, and then he understood what Jerry wanted. He 

shook his head. "I,... I don't do that stuff, man," he said.

Jerry looked up. "If you don't want to be friends, well I can't 

help you."

"Help me how?" Rafael asked.

"I know how to take care of my friends just like your friend 

Grant does."

Rafael looked back at the older boy arrogantly. "What's that 

supposed to mean?"

Jerry shrugged. The two boys faced each other. Rafael thought 

about running out of the bathroom but he didn't move. His body 

seemed frozen and unresponsive to the message that the boy wanted 

his brain to send. But his brain was sending a message, a message 

that overwhelmed Rafael when he realized.

"You're gettin' a hard-on just thinking about it aren't you," 

Jerry smirked.

"I'm not," Rafael retorted, begging silently for the gradual 

stiffening in his underpants to disappear.

"Hell you're not," Jerry grinned. "You know some of the guys 

take stuff to make themselves feel good?"

"Yeah! I know that. Everyone knows that," Rafael said, trying 

to control the panic that swamped his mind. It seemed like his heart 

was beating faster and he knew what that meant.

"I got stuff,... in my room,'ll feel great after you 

have some."

"I,... I don't want to, okay?" Rafael said. He was shivering 

as he felt his bare legs getting cold.

"Up to you, kid. Just thought I'd make the offer." Jerry moved 

to one side as if to let Rafael get past.

The young boy stepped forward then stopped. "We're not s'posed 

to have that stuff here. It's not allowed in the dorm."

Jerry shrugged, "Not wrong kid. You gonna tell?" Rafael shook 

his head. "It'll make you feel good. You won't even think about 

your friend, you'll feel so good. It feels really nice, nothing 

matters anymore."

Rafael stepped forward and tried to squeeze past between the 

older boy and the wall. Jerry reached forward, pressing the boy 

against the wall with one hand. The other hand moved downwards and 

three fingers settled over Rafael's small, now-very-hard penis. Two 

fingers were on either side of the bulge in his underpants while 

the middle finger stroked up and down the length of the underside, 

and pressed into the softness of the boy's urethra.

"You got a real nice hard-on, haven't you?" Jerry smiled 

looking into the boy's dark eyes, "Not that big, but it sure is a 

stiff one," he added.

Rafael struggled but with his back to the wall and held firmly 

by Jerry's hands there was nowhere to go. All he succeeded in doing 

was wriggling. Jerry's fingers moved up his penis and squeezed on 

the tiny glans. The boy shivered, still trying to pull away. "It 

feels real nice," Jerry breathed out. "Every boy likes to feel 

nice, and not only down here. I got some stuff that'll make you 

feel nice everywhere, kid."

Rafael shook his head but he was more excited than he'd been 

for months. It overwhelmed him even as he was shaking his head and 

trying to say no. He stopped trying to escape, no longer shaking 

his head. He sensed that Jerry knew he was giving in. He seemed to 

sink down; there was nothing left for him, not without Grant, 

nothing at all. A little tear formed at the corner of his right 

eye, getting bigger until it finally broke free and trickled down 

his cheek

Jerry smiled, "No point in crying. It doesn't make you feel 

any better inside. It's okay to cry if you want. Come with me. I 

promise you'll feel so good you won't want to cry ever again."

Rafael made one last attempt to shake his head but he 

couldn't. Jerry eased his hand away from the boy's shoulder while 

keeping the other between the boy's legs as he gently massaged the 

little tip of his penis. Rafael whimpered, a little puppy-dog 

whimper. It was a cry of anguish from deep inside him reduced to a 

plea for help and submittal. Jerry turned and went out of the 

bathroom. Rafael paused then he was drawn irresistibly after him, 

almost running to keep up as Jerry strode down the hall and into 

his bedroom.

As soon as Rafael came through the door Jerry closed it behind 

him. He checked quickly to make sure that they had not been 

observed. The dormitory was silent. He turned to Rafael and 

silently admired the young half naked boy. He was a beautiful 

little boy with perfectly formed features and a smooth brown body. 

His slender legs stretched gazelle-like from under the sweat-shirt 

that hung past his buttocks and groin. It covered the boy's 

underpants and he looked as if he wasn't wearing any. The navy-blue 

sweat-shirt was old and stained but it looked perfect on Rafael. 

It was an expression of his youth and innocence and it was two sizes 

too big for the boy. Rafael was small for his age and the sweat-

shirt would have fit a boy of twelve or thirteen. It hung loosely 

on the slender little body, accentuating his slenderness and making 

him look like a little waif. The neck had been stretched over the 

years and it barely hung on the boy's shoulders. It revealed the 

smooth brown skin of his shoulders almost to where the boy's arms 

were. It served only to increase Jerry's arousal and make the older 

boy's penis stiffen appreciably. It tightened into his jeans and 

bulged outward noticeably.

Jerry reached out and brushed the boy's neck with his fingers. 

He slowly moved them to one side to stroke the warm soft skin of 

Rafael's shoulders right up to the neck of his sweat-shirt. Rafael 

trembled uncomfortably as he remembered when he had never wanted 

to be with anyone else except Grant. That time seemed so far away. 

He was alone now, and soon, too soon, Grant would be gone. He wanted 

to be hugged. He wanted to cuddle up to Grant's warm body and fall 

asleep like the two boys had done at first, before Denny had found 

them and spread the story that both he and Grant were 'gay'.

He knew that Jerry wouldn't hurt him. The older boy's eyes 

were gentle and his voice was soothing. Jerry always helped the 

younger boys by defending them against the older boys whenever 

possible. A nine-year-old boy had little chance against a boy four 

years older.

"I really like boys with nice hard dicks," Jerry mused as his 

hand settled back over Rafael's groin. The stiffness had not faded 

and the younger boy did not pull away like before. Rafael smiled 

shyly and breathed deeply and relaxed sa he absorbed the gentle 

caresses that he desperately needed. Slowly Jerry guided him 

backward, the only pressure being his hand cupping the boy's small 

sex organs. His fingers curled and lightly tickled into the boy's 

little ball-sac. There was only a single bed in the room, a twin-

size like Rafael slept in with Grant, and the young boy moved back 

until he felt the mattress against the back of his legs. Rafael 

stopped. He was breathing heavily and no longer cared what happened 

to him.

"You want some stuff, kid?" Jerry asked quietly.

"I don't have any money," Raphael whispered.

Jerry smiled. "With your looks kid, you don't need any. Think 

of it as a Christmas present."

"I've never done this before. I know kids who do. Some boys  

here do drugs and stuff. I think Cal does and Denny too but I 

haven't before."

Jerry smiled again and took his hand away from Rafael's 

swollen genitals. He walked over to the dresser. He felt in the 

back of the top drawer until he found it and then took out a little 

tupperware box. Rafael looked on. He was captivated by the older 

boy and drawn to him in a way that he had never known before.

"What is it?" Rafael asked nervously. Jerry smiled. "Is it 

pot?" he added.

Jerry grinned. "Pot's waste of time. A lot of boys do it, but 

it's nothing at all. This is what a boy needs."

Rafael smiled shyly. He had enjoyed the touch of Jerry's hand 

on his swollen penis. His touch was different to the way Grant 

touched him. When Jerry touched him it wasn't gentle like Grant, 

it was harder and rougher. Jerry didn't hurt him but it let Rafael 

feel the strength of his hand. Jerry came over to the boy and cupped 

his small very-exited genitals.Rafael breathed deeper again and 

pressed forward into the older boy's fingers. He squirmed slightly 

as the fingers squeezed his balls. For a moment Rafael wanted to 

back away, then he checked himself. It still didn't hurt although 

it felt a lot different than before. Within seconds he wanted it 

even more and he wriggled his hips. The older boy's hand obliged 

and tightened. Rafael winced as the pleasure turned to pain, then 

faded. The youngster had never realized that his testicles harbored 

such incredible feelings, but Jerry was fully aware of it. Again 

Rafael came back for more and again Jerry obliged, never squeezing 

enough to really hurt the boy though always just enough to show who 

was in control.

"It kinda hurts when you squeeze real hard," Rafael whispered 


Jerry nodded, "Yeah, but you like it don't you. You like it 

when I hurt you just a little bit down there, don't you?"

He squeezed and Rafael nodded, breathing harder and faster. 

His little sex organs ached with a mixture of delight and a strange 

sensation that bordered on being painful, but wasn't. "Yeah,... I 

guess... Yeah I like it but it sorta hurts."

Jerry smiled and eased the pressure in his hand and the boy 

breathed out in relief. "Your nuts are still really tiny. When they 

get bigger you'll love this. But I like you just the way you are 

now.... You wanna try some of this?" he said flipping the plastic 

lid off the container. "Its acid,... LSD,... You'll like it. You 

probably better start with just one hit at a time. No point in 

blowing your brains right out is there."

Rafael looked at the older boy uncertainly as he watched him 

unfold the remains of a blotter. "What do I have to do?" he asked 

cautiously. "I know you aren't giving it to me for Christmas."

Jerry shrugged. "What do you want to do?" Rafael looked at him 

silently, wondering what he wanted. "You want to take your sweat-

shirt off maybe?"

"You want me to strip off?" Rafael asked.

"It's more fun in the raw," Jerry grinned, "You feel it more 


Rafael nodded, "You gonna play with my dick?" he asked 


"That's what you want me to do isn't it?" Jerry smiled. "Well 

it is, isn't it? There's no need to get uptight about it. I know 

you like it, most boys your age do. I bet you have a really nice 

dick too. Really small isn't it?" Jerry smiled reassuringly at the 

young boy. "Don't worry. None of the other boys will find out. Not 

even your friend Grant."

"You won't hurt me will you?" Rafael asked.

"Now why would I want to hurt you for. I promise you'll like 

it more than anything you've ever done. Even more than what you do 

with your friend at night." Jerry's voice was quiet and strangely 


Rafael blushed, "How do you know what Grant and I do at night?" 

he blurted out.

Jerry smirked, "I've heard you, messing around and that stuff 

after 'lights out'. Hell you two aren't the only ones, but you guys 

sure do it a lot for a coupla nine-year-olds." Rafael blushed even 

further and his ears reddened as he realized that Jerry had 

probably stood outside his door and listened. "You like being the 

girl, don't you?" Jerry smirked. "Some boys are like that."

"Huh?" Rafael mumbled in shock as he knew what Jerry had 


"Come on kid, I've heard you, talking like a girl while he 

humps you."

"But,... well we only did that a few times," Rafael said 


Jerry shrugged, "Hell I don't care. What ever turns you on. 

You'd make a pretty girl if you were one, but you're great the way 

you are.... as a boy." He pulled a small square off the blotter and 

passed it to Rafael.

 "What do I do with it?" the boy asked quietly.

Jerry smiled. "Just chew it up and swallow,... easy huh?" He 

watched as the boy put it into his mouth, watched the small jaws 

moving, then swallow. Rafael breathed out. "Now what happens is up 

to you, kid. If you want some more you just take your clothes off. 

Everything okay,... and Uncle Jerry will take care of you."

Rafael swallowed and licked his lips. His penis was still 

hard. It seemed to have been stiff for hours and it ached to be 

touched. "What if someone comes in?" he whispered no longer able 

to contain his growing excitement.

"They won't!" Jerry tore another corner off the blotter and 

held it between his fingers. The temptation was too much for 

Rafael. The temptation was not the drug; it barely entered his 

mind. Slowly Rafael raised his arms above his head as he tugged the 

well-worn sweat-shirt upward, then discarded it on the floor. He 

stood nearly naked before the older boy. "Everything," Jerry 

teased, holding the paper in front of Rafael.

The little boy obediently skinned his underpants downward, 

pulling them down his thighs to his knees, then wriggling his 

slender legs so that the warm cotton cloth slithered to the floor. 

He stood straight up and tried to increase his height as the older 

boy looked him over as he inspecting Rafael's now-very-naked body. 

The boy's little penis stood at attention too, as straight and 

ramrod-stiff as it's proud young owner.

"Nice dick," Jerry said, his voice trembling with excitement. 

"Yeah real nice dick. I was sure you weren't cut."

"Huh? What do you mean by cut?" Rafael asked.

"You still got your foreskin. They cut most boys. I haven't 

got one."

"Neither has Grant," Rafael said. "You going to take off your 

clothes too?" he asked.

Jerry shook his head, "Not yet. Maybe later on". He passed the 

piece of blotter to Rafael and watched the younger boy as he chewed 

and swallowed again. "Your dick is real small... That's the best 

kind,... real small and cute."

Rafael giggled, for the first time his small penis wasn't a 

handicap. It made him feel strange but it was good to feel proud 

about his body. "I'm only nine, well nearly ten, in a few months. 

It'll get bigger as I get older won't it?"

"Sure, every guy's dick starts off small. Your's will get 

bigger in a few years but it's never gonna be huge,... say like 

Cal's whopper. But what do you want a Cadillac or a Porsche?"

Rafael giggled, "A Porsche! Cadillacs are shit!" He glanced 

sideways at the bed. "I don't feel different yet."

Jerry laughed, "It takes a while. It's your first right? you 

outta start getting wild in about an hour."

"A whole hour," Rafael whined.

Jerry shrugged, "Takes a while to get into your system. If you 

shoot up it comes real fast, but that's for dummies. Anyway it's a 

mile better that pot,... even the real hot stuff." He looked down 

at the naked boy standing less that two feet away. "Besides it's 

going to take that long for me to take care of my little friend 

down there. You want another hit?"

"Huh? Yeah I guess."

Jerry tore of another tab from the blotter. "What are you 

gonna do for this one?" he teased

Rafael giggled and moved back towards the bed as Jerry placed 

his hands on the boy's shoulders. He eased the boy down onto the 

sheets and passed the small square of paper to him as he turned 

back to his dresser. He came back with a jar of Vaseline. Rafael 

looked on curiously as the older boy opened it and scooped out some 

on his finger. "What's that stiff for?" he asked.

"For you dick, kid. I don't want you getting all sore on me. 

Little kid's dicks are real delicate. If you rub 'em too much they 

really hurt. This stuff'll make it nice and slippery."

Rafael grinned and stretched back on the bed. He watched as 

Jerry smeared the yellowish grease over his penis and scrotum until 

it was glistening and oily. It felt a lot nicer than when Grant did 

it with just his hand, though it had never hurt that much when the 

two boys did 'it' together.

Then Jerry sat down on the bed with his back against the wall 

and positioned the young boy's body so that he lay back with his 

head on the pillow and his buttocks in the older boy's lap. Rafael's 

slender brown legs were stretched wide apart. Jerry began pinching 

the tip of the boy's penis, squeezing it, rubbing it and teasing 

it until Rafael trembled uncontrollably. The foreskin still covered 

the glans and after a few minutes Jerry pulled it back and began 

to massage the little-acorn-shaped head. Rafael's response to this 

was immediate. He dug his heels into the bed-covers, clenched his 

eyes shut and gasped frantically. After a few more minutes Jerry 

shifted his attention to the little ball-sac and massaged the tiny 

eggs until the boy writhed and whimpered. Jerry increased the 

pressure and the speed, jerking upward on the delicate slippery 

skin and pulling the boy's balls between his fingers so that they 

were compressed tightly. Rafael's hand was in his mouth. He bit  

into the soft flesh of his palm as he tried to stop from screaming 


The young boy's penis subsided, no longer able to maintain his 

erection in the face of torment. The feelings were no longer 

concentrated in the few all-too-short inches of his penis but came 

from somewhere deep inside him. They charging up and down his spine 

until he quaked and his legs flopped around on the bed uselessly. 

Then Jerry shifted his attention back to the boy's penis and rubbed 

on the oily little shaft until it hardened and lengthened again, 

then went back up to the tiny dark glans again. He grinned as he 

watched the little boy orgasm. He felt the small buttocks twitching 

and tightening against his legs and then the boy's thighs strained 

and lifted upward as the slender back arched. He loved to see the 

sheer exhilaration in the boy's face as he came to the peak and 

then the shuddering convulsion as he crashed. Rafael was still 

gasping for more and Jerry kept on rubbing the boy's penis. He 

transferred his attention back to the boy's balls and then with his 

other hand went to work on the glans at the same time. Within a 

minute Rafael spasmed again, jerking uncontrollably as his body 

lost control. But now, unlike his first times with Grant, there was 

no loss from his bladder. He had long discovered that if he peed 

right before he did 'it', it was dry, just like Grant's was, and 

there was no wet puddle in the bed that he had to sleep in.

Jerry slowed down and allowed the boy recover. He caressed the 

still swollen penis lightly, running his fingertips up and down the 

reddened shaft and stroking the smooth hairless skin of the boy's 

pubis. His hand slipped downwards and fondled the little wrinkled 

lump of the boy's ball-sac, tracing the flesh backward and downward 

into his crevice. Jerry smiled as he felt the moist warmth inside 

the boy's most private place. His fingers probed further, feeling 

for the tiny puckered entry of Rafael's anus. Already the acid was 

taking effect and the boy sighed, not caring that Jerry's finger 

was squeezing into him.

"You like that?" Jerry teased.

"Yeahhhh!" Rafael hissed.

"You had it in you yet?"

"Huh? Had what in me?"

"You had a cock in here yet?" Jerry said. The boy looked 

surprised and Jerry smiled. "You're still a virgin? With your 

looks? Jesus, that's wild! You mean you haven't been screwed yet 

by Denny or Cal or any of those other little fudge-packers."

Rafael looked at the older boy uncertainly, questioningly. 


Jerry smirked. "Well that is how guys do it you know! I think 

it's gross and dirty,... but that's how they do it. I don't believe 

you haven't done it yet. Not even with Grant?"

Rafael shook his head in disbelief. "A guy can put his dick 

in there?" he asked in disdain. He wrinkled his little nose 

distastefully as he swallowed.

Jerry grinned. "Hell yeah! You'll get laid by one of those 

black kids sooner or later. Cal's okay. He's pretty big for you, 

but you get used to it pretty fast. Then you can't get it enough."

"Yuck! I'd rather just do this stuff," Rafael admitted.

Jerry smiled, "So would I, 'specially with a beautiful little 

dick like yours."

He started to rub Rafael's penis again, stroking the sensitive 

flesh to make it even stiffer. It swelled until tiny blue veins 

bulged outward in the almost translucent silky skin.

Rafael had two more orgasms before the acid took over and he 

began to shiver, then burn as heat roared through his naked body. 

Already exhausted, he fell into a half-sleep state, with vivid 

dreams often flashing before his eyes as his mind wandered. They 

were powerful, intense nightmares that he could not be certain were 

real. The lights above him spun crazily, then he was in a tiled 

room, slipping and sliding on a film of oil, then vibrating until 

his head throbbed. It went on and on endlessly, the patterns 

blurring until he could no longer distinguish reality, chewing on 

the little bits of paper that Jerry passed him.

Then later, much later that night, he floated free into space. 

Lightening arced around him and he looked down and saw his penis 

bigger than he'd ever imagined it could get. It was huge and it 

throbbed and he held it in both of his hands, making a tube for it, 

and he pumped. Then he lay back and he pumped the big cock against 

his belly. It was so hot that it burned into his stomach. Without 

warning it flooded him and a thick white-hot liquid spurted up his 

chest. He mumbled incoherently, wanting only more and more. He 

wnated the dreams to go on forever, to take him away from 


After nearly five hours he fell asleep. He awoke in his own 

bed, naked and cold and unsure of how he had gotten there. It took 

all of his strength to get dressed. That morning he was sick at 

breakfast and Mr. Edwards brought him back upstairs and told him 

to get back into the bed. He wasn't able to go to the movies to see 

'Home Alone Two', one of the few special treats that the boys of 

Centerville would get that year. His head throbbed for most of the 

day and he lay in the silence of the empty dorm, wishing that he 

had never been born. There was an ache in his testicles that would 

not go away though he barely remembered how it got there at first.

Slowly, as the day passed and turned into evening Rafael 

remembered everything, well almost everything, that he had done 

with Jerry. He remembered with startling clarity lying underneath 

the older, bigger boy. Both of them were naked and Jerry's huge 

swollen cock was pushing hard into his belly. Jerry was humping 

against him and forcing his body into the mattress. He remembered 

Jerry groaning and moving faster, the weight crushing him, then the 

shuddering, quaking motion as he orgasmed and the other boy's semen 

spurted between their bodies. It had shot outwards, all the way up 

to his chest, running in the groove between his breasts until it 

reached his neck. He didn't remember how long he had laid under 

Jerry but it seemed like a long time because when Jerry moved away 

his front was nearly dry and just slightly sticky. There was a faint 

memory of being carried back to his room but he was too drained to 

remember anything more than the dim lights in the corridor as they 

passed overhead.

Two days later Grant came back. Rafael never told Grant what 

happened and for the next few days there was a cold, unfriendly 

distance between the two boys. Guilt blossomed in Rafael, guilt 

that came not only because he had betrayed Grant but because he had 

enjoyed what Jerry had done. Rafael had enjoyed it more than 

anything he'd done with his best friend. His genitals had been sore 

afterwards and the glans of the little boy's penis had stayed 

'puffed up' for most of the next day. It was sensitive to touch as 

well, but deep inside Rafael knew that he would want to do 'it' 

again like that just as soon as the opportunity presented itself.

The opportunity came the next weekend as Grant's 'admirers' 

picked him up on Friday afternoon for a weekend trip to 

DisneyWorld. Rafael was green with envy but he pretended to be 

happy for Grant, going down with him to the parking area to say 

good-bye. He wandered off and stood under the trees as their car 

drove up. The signs that Grant's days at Centerville were numbered 

became increasingly obvious as he watched the man shake his best 

friend's hand and the woman give him an affectionate kiss on the 

cheek. Rafael went back to his bedroom and cried.

Just after midnight Rafael crept down the corridor and into 

Jerry's bedroom. He stayed until early in the morning. Only an hour 

before sunrise Jerry guided the naked, still-drugged boy back to 

his own bedroom. The next night Jerry came to Rafael's bedroom. The 

liaisons continued over the next month or so. Every weekend that 

Grant disappeared with his 'family', Rafael visited Jerry. He 

rediscovered the delicious playful feelings he had known with Grant 

and replayed the rougher painful experiences of Christmas night. 

As he shared his body with the older boy he never understood what 

drove him to return time and time again. However, during those 

times Rafael never progressed past what he had done the first time. 

Acid was a part of his ritual, though he had never took more than 

two of the little pieces of blotter again. Although he liked the 

sensations of freedom that came, the euphoria of abandoning his own 

life and discovering a surreal existence where his loneliness 

vanished, it was the warmth and closeness that he enjoyed the most.

On Wednesday, just two days before Rafael's tenth birthday 

Grant told him that he was going to be adopted. He was leaving 

Centerville on Friday. That night Rafael slept by himself and 

sobbed quietly, while Grant lay in his own bed and stared guiltily 

at the dark ceiling. However, Grant was happy because he was 

finally leaving. Rafael ignored Grant for the following two days, 

even making sure that he was away when Grant departed. He could not 

say good-bye to the only friend that he had ever known. He went 

down behind the barn with Jerry after school and let the older boy 

do 'it' while he lay back in the long grass, bright green with the 

fresh shoots of Spring growth. He hated himself, wished that he was 

going with Grant, wanted to say good-bye and hug his best friend 

just one more time, but it was too late. Without the slippery film 

of Vaseline his penis was soon rubbed raw but at least some of his 

pain was taken away.

When he finally came back to his room Grant's things were 

gone. There was no sign of the boy, just a lonely empty room. Even 

the smell of the other boy seemed to have gone. There was, on his 

bed, a small present wrapped in colored paper. Rafael fell down on 

his bed and cried until he fell asleep some hours later. He didn't 

open the package until several days had passed. There was a card 

on the outside, a note from Grant that said:

To Raf,

I will always be your best friend, will write as soon as I can.

This looks like you!

Happy Birthday!


Inside Rafael found a tee-shirt, grey in color with a picture 

of Mickey Mouse on it, not one of the usual pictures, but one with 

the 'Mouse' leaning back against a wall, an arrogant, pouting 

expression on his face, a cigarette in his white-gloved hand, a can 

of Bud at his feet. Rafael smiled and put the tee-shirt in his 

dresser. He would always treasure it.

Coming Soon:

Chapter 2. Initiation: Rafael and Calvin

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