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Archive-name: Samesex/lucasmas.txt

Archive-author: Mitchell Knight

Archive-title: Lucas' Master

	The following is a fictional story of sex between two fictional

characters whom I did not invent.  The principle characters are Lucas and

Austin, two characters from the TV soap opera Days of Our Lives.  It is a

homosexual story, so hopefully anyone who wasn't interested in such a

story noticed that theme in the Subject Line and hasn't even gotten this

far, but I just put in a little final warning for those of you not

interested in homosexual stories.

	This story just had to be told. I couldn't resist.  I hope that at

least one gay or bisexual Days fan/viewer will read this story and give

me their opinion.  

	Since I am using fictional characters which are not my own, this

story of course cannot be copyrighted without permission from those over

at Days and I really doubt they would give me permission, considering the

subject matter.  Like I said, I just wrote it because it had to be told,

and I wanted to share it.  You may distribute it as you wish as long as the

header remains intact.  Enjoy!

			A Days of Our Lives Sex Story:

		         	Lucas' Master


	"Lucas!" a familiar male's voice yelled from behind the teenager.

	Lucas turned from Carrie's door, where he was just about to knock,

and noticed Austin coming down the hall towards him, his face red and an

angry expression on his face.

	"What?" Lucas asked, annoyed at having to see Austin.

	"You let the air out of my tires again," Austin accused.

	"I did not.  You blame me for everything," Lucas answered, getting

just as angry as Austin.

	"Come here, you punk.  Let's settle this," Austin said, grabbing

Lucas by the shirt and tugging him towards the door to his own apartment.

	"Okay, fine.  I'm sick of you accusing me of touching your car,"

Lucas said, pulling free of Austin's grip and following him into Austin's

apartment.  Austin slammed the door shut behind them.

	"You know you did it!  Look at me.  I'm all dirty because of you. 

I had to call Jonah at the hospital and get him to come and help me change

the tires and put air in them," Austin complained.

	There was dirt on Austin's hands and shirt.  He was sweating also

from the summer heat and the work he'd done.

	"Look, I didn't go anywhere near your car.  What's your problem,

man?" Lucas asked.

	"I'll tell you what my problem is.  I'm sick of punks like you

interfering with my life.  You like Carrie, don't you?" Austin asked.

	"That's none of your business," Lucas answered.

	"Do you like guys then?" Austin asked, sneering at Lucas.

	"No, of course not!"

	"Yeah, I bet your just a little cocksucker.  That's what you are. 

 Why don't you suck my cock?" Austin demanded.

	"No way!"

	"Yeah, show me how you suck cock, you punk," Austin said, a leer

coming to his face at the idea.

	He shoved Lucas down to his knees in front of him and pressed his

face into Austin's sweaty crotch.  Lucas tried to pull away, but Austin

continued to grind his face into the bulge in his gray sweatshorts.  He

finally let Lucas free.  Lucas got to his feet, facing Austin with hate in

his eyes.

	"What the hell is your problem?" Lucas shouted.

	"You liked it, didn't you?" Austin asked.

	"No!" Lucas exclaimed.

	Austin reached out with his right hand and yanked quickly at

Lucas's shirt neck, tearing the shirt down to mid torso, exposing the

smooth firm flesh of his chest.

	"Look at you.  You don't even have any hair on your chest.  You're

just a little boy.  I bet you don't even have hair around your dick,"

Austin sneered.

	"Fuck you!  I'm 18.  What the hell did you rip my shirt for?"

Lucas asked as he tried to piece it back together.

	"'Cause I wanted to.  I think I'll rip it all off now," Austin


	He put both hands at the site of the tear and ripped it apart,

expanding the tear down to the waist.  He then pulled it off and dropped

it to the floor while Lucas just looked on in confusion and anger.

	"Look at those little nipples," Austin said, admiring them.  He

brought his head down to the left one and bit down on it.

	"Ouch!" Lucas exclaimed.  He gently massaged the one Austin had

bit and glared at him.

	"You liked it."

	"I did not."

	Lucas sprang forward in retaliation and tore at the flimsy muscle

shirt that Austin was wearing.  The straps broke, and it fell to his waist. 

Austin pulled it off,  exposing his glistening chest with its mat of

brown hair.

	"This is a man's chest," Austin said, puffing it out for Lucas to

look at.  "Come here and smell me."


	Austin cuffed Lucas' head and then pulled him forward, rubbing his 

nose over his sweaty chest with its matted hair.  Lucas sniffed at it a

little, but then inhaled deeply at the odor as he relished the musky,

manly aroma.  

	"I think you're going to come and take a shower with me.  I think

you owe me that much.  I can use you to wash my back," Austin said.

	"No way," Lucas protested.

	"Shut up.  You don't have a choice."

	He grabbed Lucas' arm and pulled it up roughly behind his back. 

He marched Lucas towards the bathroom.  Lucas squirmed, but he found that

that only increased the pain.  He wouldn't admit to Austin that he was

hurting him though, so he went along with him.

	"You're going to like this a lot, you punk cocksucker," Austin said.

	Lucas didn't respond.

	In the bathroom, Austin closed and locked the door behind them.  

	"Let's get a good look at your body.  Strip, Lucas," Austin ordered.

	"Go to hell!" Lucas exclaimed.  

	He chose that moment to charge at the door.  Austin caught him

easily and flung him back into the cramped bathroom.  Lucas slipped and

fell down hard on his rump.

	"You're going to do what I say," Austin said.  "Now take off your


	Lucas got up slowly, avoiding eye contact with Austin as he slowly

unbuttoned his pants.  He pulled them down and then they fell to his

ankles.  He wore a pair of red bikini undershorts.

	"Those are real cute, little boy.  Do you like to show them off to

the other guys?"

	Lucas just ignored him again, trying to think of some way to get

out of this.

	"Stupid, you've gotta take off your shoes and socks," Austin said.

	Lucas sat down on the toilet with his pants around his ankles and

removed his shoes, socks, and pants.  Then he stood up again wearing only

his undershorts.

	"Yeah, you're a real pretty boy, Lucas.  I think I could like you

if you weren't such a prick to me all the time," Austin admitted.

	"Look, I told you already: I didn't let the air out of your

tires," Lucas said.

	"Yeah, right," Austin said.  "Come here."

	Lucas shuffled forward a little.

	"Kneel," Austin ordered.

	He did so.

	"Take off my shorts," Austin said.

	"Fuck you," Lucas said without much energy.

	Austin bent over slightly and grabbed Lucas' chin with his right

hand.  He yanked his head up to look directly into Austin's eyes, and then

he squeezed firmly on his chin as he spoked.

	"Listen, punk!  I told you to do something, and I expect you to do

it," Austin said.  "Any more mouth from you, and I'll fuckin' beat you up!"

	Lucas cast his eyes down, trying to avoid that angry gaze.

	"Do you understand?" he asked.

	"Yes," Lucas mumbled.


	He released Lucas and ordered again, "Take off my shorts."

	Lucas pulled at the waist of his gym shorts and slowly slid them

down over Austin's muscular, hairy legs.  They fell down to his ankles.

	"Looks like you're going to have to take off my shoes and socks

too," Austin said.

	He sat down on the floor and allowed Lucas to untie his shoes and

take these off, followed by his sweaty socks and gym shorts.  Then he

stood up again with Lucas' face directly in front of his crotch.

	"Like what you see?" Austin asked.

	Lucas didn't respond.

	"You do.  Tell me you want to see my cock," Austin said.

	"I want to see your cock," Lucas whispered.

	Austin wore a white jock strap which was bulging impressively at

the moment.  Lucas was curious to see what kind of monster was underneath.

 Little curly pubic hairs were sticking out the leg holes.

	"You can see it if you kiss it," Austin said.

	Tentatively Lucas pressed his face into Austin's crotch and

lightly kissed the bulge.  He stayed for a little longer, inhaling

Austin's manly smell which was so much more intense at his groin.

	"Okay, you can see it now," Austin said.

	Lucas pulled down the jockstrap and Austin's penis sprang out,

lengthening to its full 7 inches.  It was surrounded by a thick cloud of

brown curly pubic hair with a thick coat on his balls also.  To Lucas'

eyes it seemed kind of thin, but Austin seemed impressed with his organ.

	"Isn't that great.  I can't wait till I stick it in Carrie,"

Austin said.

	"I want Carrie!" Lucas argued.

	"Yeah, sure ya do.  What you really want to do is suck my cock,"

Austin said.

	"No, I don't!" Lucas protested.

	Austin boxed his ears at this response; Lucas grimaced, but didn't

say anything.

	"Suck my cock."

	Lucas engulfed his erection and slowly ran his mouth up and down

Austin's cock.

	"Yeah, that's pretty good, kid.  Let's take that shower now.  I

have an even better idea," Austin said.

	Lucas got up and moved toward the shower.

	"Go ahead, turn it on," Austin urged.

	Lucas turned on the shower and selected an appropriate water


	"Okay, take off your pretty underpants and get in," Austin said. 

	Lucas slowly pulled them down.  As he revealed his penis to Austin,

he became excited, and it thickened and grew to its full length: an

impressive 9 inches.  It was easily thicker around than Austin's pencil dick.

	Austin merely glowered at this revelation and ordered Lucas into

the shower.  After he got in, Austin followed, closing the shower curtain

behind them.	

	"Time for you to clean me up," Austin said, handing Lucas the soap.

	Lucas took it and lathered up his hands.  He ran them over

Austin's hairy chest, working up a thick lather.  Then he ran his soapy

hands over Austin's arms and then briefly touched Austin's penis before

bending over to wash his legs.

	"Oh, no.  My dick needs a better scrubbing than that," Austin

said.  "Get back up here and clean it right."

	Lucas returned to Austin's erection and gently washed it until

Austin told him to stop.

	"Now my back," Austin said, turning around.

	Lucas washed his back and as he was doing so, Austin thrust his

ass toward Lucas' hands.

	"Get it nice and clean.  Make sure you don't miss the crack

either," Austin ordered.

	Lucas slid his hands over the white cheeks of Austin's hairy ass. 

There was a thick growth of hair between Austin's ass cheeks and Lucas

washed this quickly.  Then Austin turned around.

	"Okay, cocksucker.  Now it's time for some fun.  Turn around,"

Austin ordered.

	Lucas just eyed him suspiciously, but he turned around and faced

the shower spigot.  Austin took the soap and lathered up his cock and then

spread Lucas' ass cheeks and lathered these.

	"Bend over," Austin ordered.

	"No way!" Lucas protested, spinning around.

	Austin grabbed him and twisted him back and forced him down.

	"Shut up.  You cooperate and I'll go easy," Austin said.

	He pressed his erection against Lucas' tight virgin hole and

pressed forward.

	"You fucker!  I'll get you for this!" Lucas said.

	Austin held Lucas' body tight against him as he continued to work

his erection into the teenager.  He let it rest inside Lucas once he had

it fully in place, enjoying the feel of this hot poop chute around his cock.

	"Ahh, yeah, this feels good.  You've got a nice tight ass," Austin said.

	He started pumping slowly in and out of Lucas' ass while Lucas bit

down on his lower lip, trying to contain the pain and hoping Austin would

finish soon, but Austin wasn't interested in taking this fast.

	In long, slow strokes he slid in and out of Lucas.  Once he felt

his orgasm begin, he increased his rhythm until he was slamming his cock

in and out of Lucas as fast as he could.  The force of his thrusts almost

caused him to lose hold of Lucas, but Austin soon came, shooting his semen

into his hole.

	Austin slipped out and scrubbed off his cock.  Then he turned off

the water.

	"Okay, get out," Austin ordered.  "We're done.  You can get

dressed now and leave."

	Lucas dried off with the towel Austin threw at him.  Then he

dressed, trying to put together his tattered shirt.

	"I hope you learned your lesson," Austin said.  "Now you know what

happens to guys who mess with me."

	Lucas left without saying a word.  Anger seethed within him as he

plotted his revenge.

		The End


	(I wonder what will happen when they find out they're brothers.) :)


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