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Archive-name: Samesex/lovejuic.ff


Archive-title: Love Juice

Julie approched Kelly like a hungry wolf sneaking up on its prey. Kelly's

body was screaming, "I want you!" Julie had never thought about sexual

relations with other girls until she met Kelly. Kelly was her new neighbor.

They were both 16 years old and both had boyfriends. The first time she laid

eyes on Kelly, she knew there was a unique attraction. Kelly was tall and

slender, just like herself. Her breasts were huge, all Julie wanted was to

hold them in her hands. Kelly's legs were long and inviting. Julie could

only imagine the thrill of kissing and licking every inch of them. But the

one part of Kelly's body that drew the most attention from Julie was her

small, firm ass. The jeans that Kelly liked to wear made her ass cheeks burst

out with such appeal that Julie drooled with excitement every time she thought

about feeling it up. The question was, how could she get Kelly to want her

too? This was a question that would soon be answered.

As Julie neared her, Kelly turned around. Soon, they were face to face.

"Should I put on some music or something?" Kelly asked.

"No, let's just sit on your bed and talk."

Meanwhile, talking was the furthest thing from Julie's mind.

"OK," she said as she plopped that luscious body down on her bed.

Julie could feel her juices flowing as she undressed her new friend in her

mind. She slowly eased herself over next to Kelly. She lay down across the

length of the bed as Kelly moved down to the end of it. She lifted her knees

up, specifically with the intention of opening up the bottom of her loose

skirt in order to give Kelly a perfect view of her sopping crotch. Kelly

bashfully turned her head and pretended not to notice. Julie proceded to

ease her skirt up to her knees and let it fall down her thighs. As the cloth

bunched up near her waist, Kelly finally asked, "Why are you doing that?"

Julie responded by saying that she had an itch on the inside of her thigh

that was driving her crazy. She then reached down to scratch herself. But

Kelly couldn't help but notice how wet Julie's panties were, and she knew

that something was going on.

So Kelly was bold and said, "Julie, I think you're really beautiful, but I'm

happy with my boyfriend and I'm not interested in girls."

Julie replied, "But Kelly, I'm happy with my boyfriend too. I never thought

about being with a girl, but it's just that when I look at your gorgeous

body, I want to touch you so badly. I really just want to make love to you!"

By now, Julie's body was screaming with the need to have Kelly against her.

So Julie, despite Kelly's previous statement, wrapped her legs around Kelly's

waist and tried to pull her friend closer.

Kelly shouted, "Stop!" and jumped from the bed.

Kelly was practically in tears now, but Julie was so hot that she refused to

give up. She raced over to the corner where Kelly was, moved her friend's

long blond hair to one side, and planted a soft kiss on her neck.

" I want you so bad," she whispered in Kelly's ear.

Julie's tongue then probed around and into that ear. Kelly hesitantly

submitted to Julie's desires and became limp in her arms. Julie seized the

opportunity and went to work. She reached around and cupped those large

breasts in her hands. She could joyfully feel Kelly's rock-hard nipples

piercing through her tee-shirt. Julie then lifted the shirt, unhooked Kelly's

bra, and shuddered with excitement at the sight of Kelly's naked tits.

" Oh God, " Julie exclaimed. " I want to FUCK you sooooo bad!"

Kelly then put her arms around Julie's neck and said, "I'm sorry I tried to

resist you. I was just a little afraid of exploring sex with another girl.

But I want to FUCK you too. I have ever since we met."

Julie was jumping with excitement at the thought that Kelly wanted her as badly

as she wanted Kelly. Julie then threw her shirt on the floor, practically

ripped her bra from her chest, dropped her skirt to the floor, and was about

to remove her wet panties when Kelly knelt on the floor in front of her.

Kelly then clasped her hands around Julie's ass cheeks and pulled Julie's

aching pussy towards her mouth. She opened her mouth and pulled Julie's

panties down with her teeth.

Julie moaned as Kelly teased her. Juice was pouring down her thigh. Kelly

noticed this and ran her tongue up and down Julie's leg.

" Ooooh.Oh, Oh God!" Julie screamed as she felt the wetness of Kelly's tongue

meet her thigh.

Kelly stood up again and removed her pants and panties simultaneously. Her

naked body was the most beautiful sight Julie had ever seen. Wasting no more

time, the two girls fell onto the bed in a passionate embrace. Kelly sprawled

herself over Julie as Julie ran her hands up the back of Kelly's thighs to

her smooth ass. Kelly moaned as Julie squeezed her cheeks and caressed them.

Kelly started sucking on Julie's hard nipple and worked the other one with her

hand. As their legs became entangled, they realized that both their pussy's

were screaming for attention. So, Kelly turned around, moved her ass back

towards Julie's face and spread Julie's legs with her hands. Julie

immediately grabbed Julie's ass and lowered her dripping cunt to her mouth.

Meanwhile, Kelly opened Julie's warm pussy lips and drove her tongue madly

into her flood of bursting love juices. Kelly's clit was now placed firmly

against Julie's tongue, and the two were screaming in ecstasy.


Kelly started bucking up and down on Julie's face, trying ever so hard to

bring on the orgasm she knew was coming. She also continued stroking Julie's

clit with her own tongue and rubbing Julie's ass with her hands. Finally,

with a series of earth shattering screams, the two climaxed at the exact same




Julie spent that night at Kelly's house while her parents were away. They

continued to have sex all night and into the morning. They both still

loved their boyfriends very much, but nothing could compare to the gentle

touch of the other's soft hands, or the sweet, soothing taste of the other's

love juices.


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