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Archive-name: Samesex/lokrstud.txt

Archive-author: Phineas Narco

Archive-title: Lockerroom Shower Studs

Marty Carlson couldn't believe his eyes.  He had only been 

working as waterboy for The Longhorns, the football team of 

Leland College, for two daysnow, after Coach Keeley allowed 

him to work of his required physical education credit by 

working maintenance for the team.  Two hours a day with all 

those naked, sweaty jocks, peeling off dirty, grass-stained 

uniforms for Marty to take to the laundry hamper as they 

snapped wet towels at each other's asses, asses hairy and 

smooth, thick and muscular or trim and tight bulging out of 

the back of their white jockstraps which, in the front, held 

firm, full baskets of prime meat which Marty had to restrain 

himself from reaching out and grabbing.  He had been trying 

not to be too obvious in his admiration of the player's 

muscular torsos and especially the showers full of 

glistening soapy studs much like the one he was staring into 

right now (from the back of an adjoining stall several rows 

of lockers down, through the reflection from the overhead 

mirror that ran the length of the locker room).

	The locker room was empty, save for the two naked 

football players in that shower stall.  The coach, had gone 

home for the day leaving Marty to clean up after them.  The 

two studs in the shower obviously had more important things 

on their minds-and in their hands-than worrying about a 

wimpy waterboy.

	Brian Johnson was the team's center, a blond, curly 

haired junior, with his big able hands, a tight, hairless 

ass and a milky white, freckled, well-muscled body with 

golden, wiry body hair on his chest and forearms.

	Steve Gage was the team's all-important quarterback.  

He stood over 6 feet tall, and had a deep, all-over tan on 

his thickly muscled body.  Marty had something of a crush on  

Steve, struck as he was with Steve's bold features, his 

strong jaw and black straight hair and moustache.  His eyes 

were piercing green and he had a dazzling smile.  Marty had 

only glimpses of what he blieved to be a magnificent cock, 

as big and tan as the rest of him.  It was hard for Marty 

not to stare around here, especially around Steve.  Trouble 

was, Marty was afraid that if he ever got a good view of 

such 'choice areas' he would never be able to tear his eyes 

off of them.  Now was such the case, since Marty's eyes were 

glued to Steve's steadily lengthening uncut cock-meat which 

Brian held firmly in his left hand.  Brian stared fixedly as 

Steve's wet, bobbing meat-pole as he pumped it slowly back 

and forth with his left hand.  His right hand worked in time 

on his own stiffening dick.  Steve's jutting prick erected 

itself more and more with each stroke of Brian's fist, it's 

pink head bobbed in and out of the tightly clenched fist, 

slick and glistening with soap suds and drooling precum.

	Steve's moans of pleasure echoed through the empty 

locker room.  "Mmmmmmmmmm, yeah, man, that feels fantastic!  

Lube it up some more, and pump it harder, man!"

	Brian squirted some more soap into his right hand and 

lubed up his cock with it, which like Steve's was almost 

fully erect.  He moved both of their cocks together, one on 

top of the other, pumping them simultaneously while he 

squeezed them together.

	"Shit, dude, I've been waiting to get my hands on your 

tool for a long time!  Now I got my own dick on it, too!" 

said Brian as the muscular quarterback's cock-head 

rhythmically nuzzled against Brian's low-hanging, dripping 

balls, smearing them with precum which was washed away by 

the hot, steady pounding of the shower overhead.

	The blond center squashed the underside of his piss 

tube down hard on the vein filled, roughly textured cock-

meat of the young quarterback's pulsating flesh-pole.  He 

used his thumb to rub his sensitive dick-head deep in and 

out of Steve's wiry, dark, soapy pubes.  The sensation 

filled his groin and his head with deeply flooding waves of 

pleasure which made the back of his knees throb and his toes 

tingle.  He sucked and bit down on his lower lip as his head 

reeled.  His prick became stiffer still.

	Meanwhile, Marty watched, wide-eyed.

	"Wow," Marty said, under his breath, to himself, "these 

guys should drop football and take up swordfighting."  

Marty's hand started unconsciously squeezing and rubbing his 

growing crotch which strained the button -fly of his 

tightening jeans.  He wished he had a pair of binoculars.

	Brian pulled his stiff cock back and poked his pricktip 

against Steve's pisshole.  Shielding it from the spray of 

the shower with his body, he pulled them slowly apart, 

making a strand of crystal-clear precum which hun from one 

piss-slit to the other.  Brian the snatched the slimy string 

of fuck-juice up with his middle finger and popped it into 

his mouth, savoring the rich saltiness with his wet tongue.

	"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Yum!  Fuckin' juicy!" said Brian as he 

licked his own smiling lips.  He ran his free hand through 

the sick soapy hair that liberally covered Steve's heaving, 

muscle-bound chest.

	"You know, it'd probably taste better if you got down 

there and sucked on that fucker," said Steve as he pulled on 

Brian's right nipple which stood out as pink and erect as a 

pencil eraser tip.

	"I thought you'd never ask," Brian replied with a big 

stupid smile on his face.

	Steve pushed down on the center's thick, broad 

shoulders, forcing him down on one knee then both knees, 

hanging onto Steve's now fully erect cock all the while.  

Even from Marty's obscure vantage point, he could see it was 

at least a good ten inches long from pubes to tip, and so 

thick that Brian could barely encircle it with one of his 

large, football-toting hands.  Brian wasted no time, though.  

Opening his mouth as far as possible, he pushed Steve's 

bulbous cockhead, as big and round as a wet, rubber ball, 

past his sucking lips and gently scraping teeth.  His fleshy 

tongue squirmed along the underside of Steve's veiny cock, 

the smoothness of the head, the warm, fleshy sheath of 

foreskin covering the flap of skin under that, down, down as 

it nestled the thick pisstube, until the oozing tip of 

Steve's cock rubbed up against his tonsils.

	Steve held Brian's head between his big hands as he 

impaled it on his jutting fuckpole, over and over.  Brian 

let out little moans of excitement and pleasure with each 

thrust of the big dick made, deeper and deeper, into his 

smacking, licking mouth.  Even from where Marty sat, he 

could hear the wet, slurping sounds from the shower stall 

the two studs occupied.  Marty's cock was straining to get 

free as he unbuttoned the top two buttons of his buttonfly, 

the pink-reddish head of his cock peeked out as he pinched 

it between thumb and forefinger, his middle finger rubbing 

up and down the underside of his cock which was firmly 

packed against the straining material of his jeans through 

which he pulled at his straining ball-sack with his other 

hand.  He could hear Steve's wet, fleshy nuts slapping 

loudly again and again, faster and faster, against Brian's 

bobbing chin.  The smacking sound carried its echo 

throughout the empty locker room.  Marty undid another 

button and moved his jeans further down on his hips while 

his straining cock moved out into his pumping hand that 

worked it up and down.

	Steve pulled his lurching dickhead from the depths of 

Brian's mouth and throat.  Brian drew the tip to his eager, 

straining lips, unwilling to give up his prize.  He rubbed 

the tip of Steve's prick along the blond stubble of his 

upper lip causing Steve to cry out in ecstasy.  Brian 

nibbled the bunched up foreskin and inserted the pointed tip 

of his tongue into the inch-wide piss slit and probed the 

soft, salty meat inside.  Drawing back, he pursed his lips 

and used them to cover Steve's pisshole and sucked as hard 

as he could.

	"Wooooaaaahh!" Steve cried, his eyes closed tight.  

"Calm down man, you keep that up and I'm gonna cum all over 

your fuckin' face, and I don't want to just yet!"

	Steve pulled his lurching dickhead from Brian's 

suctioning lips with a wet, popping sound, and Brian drew 

much needed air in sharply through lewdly pursed lips.  A 

thin strand of precum ran from his upper lip to Steve's 

dickhold and he swept it into his mouth eagerly with a flick 

of his tongue.  Steve clenched Brian's wet, blond curls 

between both fists and dres face to his dick's underside.  

Brian nibbled the length of Steve's cum-tube gently with his 

trembling front teeth.  He was lost in a frenzy of cock-


	"Go for the balls now, man, suck on those babies," 

Steve moaned.

	Brian nuzzled his nose into Steve's fleshy, fuzzy ball 

sack as his tongue darted from one egg-shaped nut to the 

other.  He smelled the rich, musky odor of ball-sweat 

mingled with cleansing smell of soap and running water.  

Finally the young blond center drew Steve's left ball gently 

between his teeth and slurped it into his mouth.  Brian 

sucked greedily, savoring the salty runoff of soap, sweat, 

and precum.  His tongue darted inside his suctioning mouth, 

laving the hairy flesh pulled taut against the jizz-filled 

nugget it held, while his right hand pumped up and down on 

Steve's hot, throbbing dick and his left worked on his own.  

Steve's head was thrown back in abandon as the hot water of 

the shower pounded his face, held in a pleasure-filled 

grimace of ecstasy.  Brian's hot mouth pulled and sucked on 

Steve's nut like he wanted to pull it from his body.  His 

hand moved from Steve's twitching hard-on and grabbed his 

ball-sack above his balls so they pushed forward and 

together like one big juicy piece of flesh-fruit.  Brian 

laved both firmly packed balls with the flat of his tongue 

over which he rubbed them faster and faster causing Steve's 

stiff pole to bob up and down, back and forth over Brian's 

stubbly cheek.	

	"Yeeeaaaaaahh.  LIck my fuckin' nuts, man, rub your 

face all over them."

	Brian was more than pleased to oblige, sucking Steve's 

nuts for all he was worth in wild abandon.  As he devoured 

the quarterback's heavy, hairy sack, his roaming tongue 

swathed the soft mound between his balls and his tight, 

flexing asshole, sending a tingle of pleasure soaring to the 

top of Steve's head and causing his cock to further strain 

against the point of bursting.  

	"Uhhhhh.  Ooohhhh, shit, buddy, get down on your back, 

I want you to rim me!"

	"oh, yeah, dude, sit on my fucking face!  I wanna lick 

that butt1"

	This time it was Steve's turn to oblige.  Brian was on 

his back on the wet floor, legs spread widely his straining 

pinkish-white fuck muscled jerking spasmodically upward, in 

his hand, toward the far wall, seeking release. 

	Steve placed his feet as firmly as he could on the 

slick surface on either side of Brian's head.  He faced 

forward, toward Brian's feet.  In a position more suited to 

the center than to the quarterback,Steve reached down and 

rubbed the young blond's washboard stomach as it heaved in 

pleasure, running his fingers through his wet pubes and 

finally latching onto his twitching fuckpole, running the 

slick column of flesh between his thumb and fingers.  The 

quarterback's ass, spread wide, the hairy crack open and 

inviting, hovered and bobbed above the center's upturned 

face.  Brian reached up with both hands and placed them on 

either asscheeks with a loud SMACK!  He stared up, 

fascinated, his eyes wide as he massaged the firm globes of 

flesh, his tongue snaking out of his mouth lewdly in a 

'come-hither' gesture that STeve could not see.  The 

beautiful, hairy bronze ass dropped down onto the young 

blond's smiling face, enveloping it with its downy musky 

warmth.  Brian drank in the aroma like that of fine wine as 

his snaking tongue darted in and out of Steve's puckered 

butthole.  Brian hummed contentedly.

	Marty kicked off his jeans as his right hand moved 

quickly up and down on his prick.  His naked groin was a 

dark and light blur of pistoning flesh.  His left hand 

reached down and probed his throbbing asshole with its 

middle finger as the lockers he was leaning against rattled 

rhythmically as he stroked himself steadily.  Gritting his 

teeth in fierce concentration, he noticed it was hard to 

keep an eye on the unfolding action in the shower because 

the sweat from his fevered brow kept falling into his eyes, 

and he couldn't spare a free hand to wipe it away.

	Brian buried his face in Steve's butt as the 

quarterback squatted on his upturned face and pulled at his 

spasming dick.  Steve rocked back and forth, lewdly rubbing 

the hairy crack up and down and all over Brian's nose, hair, 

eyes, chin and especially his frantic tongue.  Brian seemed 

intent on covering every square inch of Steve's spread ass 

with tongued-on spit.  Then, Brian held his tongue stiff, 

hard and stilld like a little upturned cock as Steve's ass 

moved back and forth on it, finally bouncing up and down, 

impaling his dripping hole onto Brian's pointed tongue again 

and again.  Brian reached up and, if possible, spread 

Steve's asshole open even wider so he could savor the hot, 

pink ass-meat inside that winked at him behind the wiry 

black forest of asshair that covered the quarterback's 

asscrack.  Steve rocked back and forth like a human seesaw 

between Brian's dick on one side, which he pulled on 

steadily, and Brian's hot tongue on the other which he 

squatted n driving it into his muscle-bound tan butt, down 

on one, up on the other, back and forth, again and again.  

The hot spray of the shower continued to rain down.

	"I wanna get my dick off now, buddy-boy, it's your 

ass's turn to get worked over."  Steve growled, "come up 

here and bend the fuck over, man, I've been wanting to stick 

this big cock up that prettylittle ass of yours for as long 

as I can remember!"

	Steve got up and Brian got to his feet and bent over in 

front of the huge quarterback, his knees slightly bent, his 

little white ass perched and ready.  Steve looked down at 

the center's spread asscheeks, water dripping from his nose 

and upper lip, down onto his bulging, twitching cock 

pointing at an angle at Brian's pink little asshole.  He 

cupped one of the firm milk-white ass cheeks in one big, 

dark hand, one finger probing the puckered hole gently, 

teasingly.  He experienced a moment of deja vu, from the 

counless times he and Brian had been in, more or less the 

same position so many times on the playing field and in 


	Steve ran the length of his cock up and down Brian's 

spready open ass-crack, his piss tube building up maddening 

friction against the center's puckering butthole.  Steve 

reached down with his big meaty thickly veined hands and 

kneaded Brian's muscular chest, twisting and pulling the 

blond stud's throbbing eraser tip nipples between the thumb 

and forefinger of each hand.

	"Uuhhhhhhh, c'mon man, I gotta have that dick!  You're 

driving me crazy," said Brian, turning his face toward Steve 

as much as he could, his dripping mouth talking into the 

other's "Why don't you stick that big dick up my asshole, 

buddy?  C'mon!  Fuck my butt!"

	Steve leaned back on his heels with one hand firmly 

planted on the back of Brian's neck for support, the other 

hand wrapped firmly around the base of his prick and pressed 

it forward against Brian's pink little hole, hard, harder, 

harder, until it finally gave!

	"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnuh!  Ow!  Ow, oh, shit, buddy.  

FUCK! Ooooooooh, keep going.  It hurts, but... but, keep 


	Steve's knobby dick head sliding millimeter by slow 

millimeter expanding the tight asshole ring it sought to 

invade wider and wider to the point of what seemed maximum 

expansion, a little farther, a little farther, then Steve's 

cock was halfway in.  The quarterback hungonto Brian's 

buttcheeks for dear life as he squeezed and kneaded them in 

his hands.  Brian had one hand on the wall for support, his 

other hand holding his cock in a viselike grip and slowly 

pumping it feverishly up and down.  He closed his eyes in 

concentration as STeve's cock continued its descent into the 

uncharted territory of his ass canal.  It was painful and 

frightening and yet, at the same time, wonderfully exciting.

	Steve let go of Brian's asscheeks, reached around to 

the front of his hips and held on tightly for leverage and 

shoved his big cock home.  The tip of that huge column of 

meat was at its furthest penetration, nestled depp within 

Brian's hot bowels.  They both felt the hilt of Steve's cock 

the rim of Brian's spread open ass and gave a simultaneous 

sigh of pleasure and satisfaction.  Steve moved his big 

hands around the sides of Brian's slim waist and started 

pulling out to get ready for the next fuckthrust.  Brian 

gaspedin pleasure.  Though Steve was big and uncut, Brian 

felt as if he could feel every curve of vein, every nuance 

of texturein Steve's meaty fuckpole throughout every square 

inch of his ravaged asshole.  Then, Steve's foreskin started 

to move, which was nestled even more tightly against the 

meaty walls of Brian's spasming ass-trench and he knew he 

was in heaven.  Steve thrusted back in a little bit faster, 

a little bit rougher than before and sent Brian into higher 

and higher realms of sensual pleasure.  HIs head reeled as 

he threw back his head in ecstasy, his eyeballs rolled back 

so just the whites showed, he gasped and sighed as STeve 

began to thrust and withdraw, thrust and withdraw, faster 

and faster and began to fuck him in earnest.  Steve ran his 

hands up and down over Brian's heaving chest and washboard 

stomach as Brian reached behind him and drew Steve's mouth 

to his, their tongues dancing as they swapped spit and 

sucked on each other's tongues and lips.  The hot water ran 

from the spout above Brian's head, down his sloped, 

streamlined, muscular back down over his ass, providing a 

waterfall of constant lubrication to Steve's increasingly 

impassioned thrusts.

	"Uh!  Fuck me... Uh!  Fuck me... Uh!..." Brian 

whispered hoarsely as Steve pounded into him, the sound of 

his big balls smacking lewdly against Brian's bouncing buns 

filling the locker room.

	"Let me get over on my back so you can fuck me deeper, 

stud" Brian said.

	Steve gave three more hard rams, one after the other, 

into Brian's bobbing butt, grunting sharply with each thrust 

and finally moving his hand down in an arc and smacking 

Brian's right butt cheek with a loud crack.  Brian closed 

his eyes and bit down on his lower lip as the blow sent 

shivers of pleasure through him.

	Flipping over on his back, the center spread his legs 

wide as the quarterback knelt in front of him, pushing his 

legs farther back, drawing his asshole up to the tip of his 


	"Fuck it in, man!" Brian growled.


	Steve moved one hand from the inside of Brian's thigh 

to his twitching prick and guided it inward.  Getting in 

more easily now, he arched his back and pushed his cock all 

the way inside. Brian slid back on the slick surface of the 

floor until his head butted against the wet tile wall behind 

him.  Not letting up, Steve slid forward and continued his 

assault on Brian's asshole in a building frenzy of lust.  

Steve ben Brian's legs backwards as far as he could, raising 

Brian's asshole higher as he fucked in and out of it 

mercilessly. Water fell from STeve's head onto Brian's 

upturned face as he pounded away.

	"Fuck, man," Steve Said, "your asshole is good and 

tight.  Feels great, GOD!"

	Brian's asshole puckered in and out with each lurch of 

STeve's hips, twisting all out of shape as STeve thrusted 

and pulled his prick in and out of it.  A thin trail of 

blood and fuckjuices ran down the bottom of his asscrack 

that the rain of hot water all but washed away.  His 

butthole was a burning fire of passion that consumed the 

massive dick-meat rammed into it over and over.  Steve's 

huge dickhead, buried deep within Brian's butt, continued to 

pound like a battering ram at the center's churning guts.  

Brian's head was thrown back in pleasure, his eyes clenched 

tight against the overpowering sensations he felt all 

through his quivering body.  Steve's head was thrown back as 

well as he pounded the young blonde's assflesh to a pulp.  

Lost in their worlds of ecstasy they could have both drowned 

from the shower that rained down on their faces and never 

have noticed. 

	As Steve's cock plunged into Brian's ass meat over and 

over, a tingle ignited at the base of his balls and grew 

steadily.  Brian, reaching around the back of his splayed 

left leg, jerked his cock as fast as he could.  Steve's 

building orgasm spread all through his ball sack and the 

base of his fast-moving cock throbbed with the desire to 

release his load.  The feeling grew.  He gritted his teeth 

and his face contorted in a grimace of concentration as his 

cum churned in his balls, threatening to erupt at any 

second. His brain reeled and seethed with powerful 


	"Shit, man," Steve rasped huskily, "Gonna cum like a 


	"Do it, man,"said Brian, under him.  "Shoot on me, cum 

all over my fuckin' face!"

	Steve pulled out with an audible slurping sound as 

Brian, his ass aching, lifted his head up as far as he could 

toward Steve's cock as he brought it a foot away from 

Brian's face.  Grasping it firmly as he pumped hard, Steve 

felt as if the cum was rushing up from his feet and out of 

his cock-tip as his dick exploded.  He grunted over and over 

in pleasure as a long, full stream of cum came rushing out 

of his spasming dick, drenching Brian's cheek and forehead 

as it spurted out.  The white viscous liquid spilled onto 

Brian's upper lip and he licked it greedily into his mouth, 

moaning with pleasure.  The cock continued to shot, like a 

squirt-gun, sending five more big loads into the blonde's 

dripping face and onto his outstretched tongue before the 

force of the bursts started to dwindle.  Brian's cock 

squirted hot white cum, flying in an arc at least three feet 

into the air, landing on STeve's lower back and ass in long, 

ivory streams that dripped down onto Brian's legs.  Brian 

took Steve's spasming cock deep into his throat as it 

spurted its last meager but savory loads into his sucking 


	As the two hunky football players finished cumming all 

over each other, Marty wasin the midst of his own world of 

pleasure.  He pulled frantically at his own drooling dick, 

his head thrown back, his eyes closed tight in fierce 

concentration, oblivious to everything around him.  He 

arched his back as the cum flew in a long white stream 

shooting over his shoulder and dripping down the cold metal 

of the locker. 

	Marty did not hear the sneakered feet pad up to him; 

wasn't aware that halfback Mike Kelly was even watching him 

until his hand slammed down on Marty's quivering shoulders.

	"Busted!" Mike yelled triumphantly.



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