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Archive-name: Samesex/ll3.txt

Archive-author: Laurie Anne Roberson

Archive-title: Loving Lesbos - Something New Inside Me

     I had been shopping in a sex boutique in Manhatthan, when I came

upon one of the strangest looking items I had ever seen.  Inside a

plastic-covered, plain box were six solid glass see-through tubes,

elongated and tapered from their tips, each about eight inches long,

increasing in circumference from the left one to right one.  Their

purpose was obvious--to increase the size of anal or vaginal penetration

by degrees.  The one on the far left, the thinnest one, was hardly more

round than a normal sized index finger; the one on the far right, of

much greater proportion than the first, was at least two inches in

circumference.  It didn't seem likely that I could ever work it into my

cunt, much less my smaller, nether hole.  But anything was worth a try,

and these looked really different.

     The clerk laughed, and then blushed, when I asked if I could have

them gift-wrapped.  She knew what they were for, but seemed too demure

to care about them.  So I gift-wrapped them myself for Danielle.  I

couldn't wait until I got them home to give to her.

     "What is it?" she asked from her prone position on the sofa as I

walked in the room and handed her the ornately wrapped gift.

     I smiled.  "Open it."

     I sat down at the far end of the sofa, near her feet.  As I sat,

Danielle moved her legs out of my way.  In raising her knees, and

opening them slightly, I could see right down her skirt, all the way to

her panty-covered crotch, the pure white of the satiny material

contrasting so nicely with the creamy color of her legs.  She knew she

was giving me a nice view, enjoyed doing it, and therefore did nothing

to preclude me from studying the expanse of unsullied fabric that was

covering her delectable pussy.

     She carefully unwrapped my present, a broad smile on her face,

while I kept my eyes glued to her panties.  When, at last, she

discovered the six elongated tubes, she gasped out loud. "Laurie!  I

don't believe it!  They're the sexiest things I've ever seen.  Where did

you find them?"

     "In the boutique.  Do you really like them?"

     "Man, I can feel them inside me already!"

     I smiled. "They're mostly for putting them in your....uh, you know,

your backside."

     Danielle blushed profusely, covering her mouth with her free hand

as she continued to hold the package in the other.  "I think I figured

that out about two seconds after I took the wrapping off.  How can that

big one ever make it inside my tiny little tush?"

     I laughed.  "They're meant to go in order, from the smallest to the

biggest.  After a while, that cute little bunghole of yours will have

expanded so much, you'll probably be ready for a telephone pole."

     Danielle's mouth opened wide in surprise at the coarseness of my

words.  She sat up abruptly, swinging her legs from the sofa, and, still

holding her present, wrapped her arms around my neck, and brought her

lips to my left ear.  "I'll bet you can't get the big one in tonight,"

she whispered ever so sexily, obviously teasing me, almost begging me

to do it.  She punctuated her comment with a short swipe of the tip of

her tongue inside my super-sensitive ear.

     I shuddered at the touch of her tongue, just as I always do,

reflexively.  "I'd sure like to try," I said, closing my eyes and

enjoying the beautiful feeling of her huge right tit flush against my

arm.  "You'd be surprised what I can do when I put my mind to it."

     "Will it hurt very much?" she asked, her words filled with honey.

     "Perhaps," I replied.

     "I want it to, Laurie.  It's supposed to."

     "Then it will," I said matter-of-factly.

     "Are you going to do it to me now?" she inquired in a higher voice.

Her anticipation was obvious.

     "If you want me to," I responded in a calm, almost cold manner,

pretending not to care either way, but my mind racing with the wonderful

possibilities of how I would slowly, by degrees, watch the widening of

my lover's asshole.

     "You know I do--don't tease me!" she blurted.  "Where do you want

to do it?  Here?"

     "If you want," I continued, hiding a smile behind my lips.

     "In the bedroom?" she continued.

     "It doesn't matter," I replied, my voice like ice.  Finally, my

smile broke, and she realized I had been teasing her.

     "You little stinker!  I should shove the big one in you right now!

You deserve it more than I do."

     "I wouldn't want to spoil your fun," I said, turning my face into

hers and bringing my hand to the back of her head.  Slowly, I eased

Danielle's head toward mine, until our lips brushed lightly against each

other's.  The moment was electric.  I felt her hand move beneath my

right breast, cupping it ever so gently.

     "It will be fun for you, too," she whispered, her lips moving

against mine as she spoke, her breath filling my mouth.  Our kiss, then,

was warm and passionate, filled with love and affection.  I pulled her

face into mine, driving my lips against hers, darting my tongue between

her lips and teeth.  She bit my foraging tongue gently.     The kiss

went on forever.  Each of us took advantage of the electrified

atmosphere by running our hands all over each other's bodies.  By the

time the kiss was over, our blouses were half undone and our skirts were

up around our hips.  I was sweating profusely.  As the kiss broke, I let

my right hand remain entrapped between Danielle's legs, pressing hard

into her panty-covered crotch, grabbing as big a handful as I could get

of the fatty tissues of her pussy lips.

     "I want to do it here," she said.  "And now!"  Her tone was

demanding.  "Get the vaseline."

     We broke the embrace.  As I arose, I brushed my skirt back into

place, then looked down at Danielle.  She was a mess--her hair

disheveled, her skirt around her waist, her blouse partially opened.

Between her splayed legs, her panty crotch was pressed deep into and

outlined the length of her cuntal crack.  Her head lay back against the

rear cushion of the sofa, her mouth half-opened.  I wanted to dive

between her spread legs, pull her panties down, and suck her pussy

forever, but I mustered enough willpower to turn and go to the bedroom

for the vaseline.

     Carrying the jar of lubricant in my hand, I walked back into the

room.  To my surprise, Danielle had changed positions.  She was now

kneeling in the middle of the sofa, her body bent over from the waist.

She supported her torso by resting on her forearms.  Her head pressed

into her arms.  In back, she had pulled her skirt all the way over her

hips, then turned it inside-out so it covered from her waist to her

chest.  Her pure white, bikini-styled panties never looked more inviting

as they hugged the lower half of her gorgeous ass.  Above the top of the

garment, the crack of her ass caught my eye.

     Without a word, I slinked into the sofa behind her.  Between her

knees she had thoughtfully placed the now opened package of anal dildos,

each gleaming brightly, reflecting various shades of light.  I placed

the jar of vaseline behind the package and brought my hands to the top

of her ass, above the elastic top of her tight-fitting panties.  Leaning

forward, I placed my lips on her panties, in the very middle of the

crack of her split pumpkin, and kissed her there softly.  She moaned

softly, almost humming, as I planted dozens of tiny kisses over her

undies along the entire length of the dividing split of the beautiful

half-moon globes.

     "That feels so good, Laurie," she sighed.  "Don't stop, baby."

     I had no intentions of stopping.  I continued kissing all over the

back of her soft, satiny underwear as Danielle rotated her buttocks in

a slow, circular pattern.  When my lips strayed above the panty tops,

where the upper part of her ass crack was naked and exposed, I let my

tongue wander into the crevice and lick her there.  She seemed to like

that the best, punctuating her increasing moans and groans with "OHH!'s"

and "AHHS!'s each time my tongue sought the uncovered fissure.

     I continued my kissing assault on her ass for a long time, more

than twenty minutes I would guess, driving the poor girl into a frenzy

of sexual excitement.  Her panties were actually wet from my saliva,

mostly along the length of her crack, by the time I moved my hands

downward and eased my index fingers into the elastic band on either side

of her hips.

     "What are you going to do?" she asked, pretending not to know the

answer to her own question.

     "I'm taking your panties off," I whispered huskily, raising my head

back so I could watch the flimsy material glide slowly over her

alabaster globes, revealing inch by inch the exquisite beauty of

Danielle's perfect derriere.  When the top of the undies reached her

anal region, already slightly parted by her kneeling, bent-over

position, I stared at the lovely golden sepia which lined the lower ass

crack.  With one more smooth motion, I pulled the material down past the

inverted "V" of her lithe legs, exposing the sweet, auburn-colored curls

of the pussy I loved so much.  This woman brought out the animal in me,

and she knew it.

     "You have such a gorgeous ass, Danielle," I husked, but instead of

concentrating on the delectable globes, I stared straight into the

sticky, half-parted, well-moistened lips of her pussy.  I could even

smell her pungent, womanly odor.  There is no sweeter smell in the

world.  Her cuntal fragrance was like perfumed honey.  Instinctively,

I brought my lips to the hairs at the back of her pussy and kissed her

softly, bringing a rather loud moan from deep within Danielle's throat.

The hairs were so soft, the smell so wonderful.

     I brought my hands to the upper "V" of her legs, then used my

thumbs to pry apart the lips surrounding her vaginal entrance, thereby

exposing the soft, pink, shiny surface of the inside of her slit.  I

brushed my lips against the now opened portal, eliciting yet another

prolonged moan from my lover.  I teased her there, though, allowing only

the edge of my lips to touch the delicately soft tissues.

     Emboldened by her sighs, I moved my lips upward and planted several

soft kisses on Danielle's lower ass, just inside the dividing crack,

being careful not to touch, quite yet, the delicate rosebud I would soon

violate.  When my lips touched her there, she blew a quick spurt of

breath through her mouth, and said something completely unintelligible.

     I moved my thumbs from the outer edges of her vagina to the inside

of her lower ass, then parted the walls that hid her nether opening.

Now her anus was completely disclosed to my leering eyes.  How tiny and

innocent the nubbin seemed!  A soft, crinkly anal opening turns me on

more than any other part of a woman's body, and Danielle's was no

exception.  The little hole seemed hardly capable of taking more than

an index finger, but we had seen to it that almost anything phallic we

could find--candles, bananas, cucumbers, carrots, whip handles, dildos

of every shape and size--would somehow make their way into Danielle's


     I stared at the pink-colored anus, surrounded by tiny golden sepia,

for several moments, then leaned forward and kissed it softly.  "AHHH!

That feels good, Laurie!  Do me with your tongue, baby."

     "Sorry, doll," I whispered, pulling my head back slightly, "I want

to try the new dildos first."

     "Just a little tongue won't...."

     "Shush!  Maybe as a present if you can take the big one, that is,

if you still feel up to it!"  I laughed, wondering if she really could

take the biggie.  I knew I had never put anything so large in Danielle's

ass, nor had mine tasted something that big.

     I moved my hands from her ass and picked up the jar of vaseline

which still lay behind the shiny dildos, then took the jar top off.

"O.K., babydoll, I'm going to grease you up for this little session.

Are you ready?"

     "Mm mm."

     "Reach behind and open yourself up nice and wide so mommy can

lubricate the little girl's anus."

     Danielle moved her hands to her lower ass cheeks and obediently

spread the halves wide, once more exposing the diminutive nubbin.  "Very

good, Danielle, it's such a cute little opening," I said with a silly

grin, taking my right index finger and delving it into the greasy

lubricant.  When I withdrew the finger, it was covered completely with

a coating of the greasy, gray-colored substance.  "Here we go, hold

tight!" I said, moving the tip of my vaseline-coated finger to the

center of Danielle's rubbery anus.

     "AHH!" she cried as she felt the hardness of my finger touch her

delicate portal.

     "Easy, love," I whispered, concentrating my efforts at moving my

finger slowly into the yielding tissues.  With my finger so well

greased, there was no resistance.  It entered her easily amidst a series

of low moans.

     "OH, you're in me!" she exclaimed, shifting her buttocks slightly

to the right so more of my finger could go in.

     "Mm," I said softly.  "It's so warm inside, and so soft!"  I moved

the digit along the velvety rectal walls, eliciting a series of throaty

moans from Danielle.  I kept my finger inside her long just enough to

give the bottom portal a good coating of lubricant, inside and out.

When I withdrew it, the asshole glistened.

     Getting ready for the big moment, I shifted on the sofa, pivoting

on my buttocks so I sat directly behind the kneeling, bent-over blonde,

my legs splayed to either side of her, my dress more than half-way up

my legs.  I looked down between my own legs to see a big expanse of

white panty crotch.  The thin material was obviously wet from my copious

vaginal secretions.  It felt stickey between my legs.  For a brief

second I pondered shedding the panties, but decided that the effort I

would have to expend wouldn't be worth the trouble.

     Danielle continued to reach behind and hold the portal open for me.

I pulled the first all-glass dildo from the package.  It was about eight

inches long and very thin, extremely hard and unyeilding, and somewhat

cold to the touch.  There was something sexy about it though, perhaps

the thought of it going inside of her, perhaps the newness of it.

Whatever it was, we both wanted the same thing--to have her ass violated

by the device.

     I held the cylinder between the thumb and index finger of my hand

at a 45 degree angle, the tapered tip just a fraction of an inch behind

her glistening hole.  "This one's a cinch," I said, placing my free hand

at the top of her buttocks for support.

     "Do it slowly," whispered Danielle, anticipating my next movement.

     "I will, baby," I said, placing the hard tip of the dildo flush

into the center of the tiny aperture.  "Relax, just let it go in.  Don't

fight it.  There, it's through the door already."  I watched in rapture

as the glass tube broke the anal plane.

     "That's so nice!" she sighed, wriggling her ass to accommodate the

invading hardness.

     Using just two fingers, I was able to penetrate her asshole with

the length of the cylinder quite easily.  As I twisted the tube back

between my thumb and index finger, making it turn slightly inside her

ass, Danielle took deep breaths between her teeth, reveling in the

feeling inside her.

     "It's so hard!" she exclaimed.

     The pliant walls of the rectum yielded easily to the first, and

smallest, of the new dildos.  I toyed with it inside her ass for only

a few moments, before withdrawing it, watching it intently as some of

the vaseline came out with it.  I put it back in the package and took

the next biggest glass cylinder, about the same length as the first, but

about one-half inch larger in diameter.

      The next Chapter......Danielle's Ass


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