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Archive-name: Samesex/ll2.txt

Archive-author: Laurie Anne Roberson

Archive-title: Loving Lesbos - Whispers of Pain

     The most interesting times of our sexual escapades occurred when

Danielle and I engaged in some rather, shall I say, kinky or bizarre

activities where it seemed anything was permissible for either of us to

do to each other.  Neither of us was consistently the aggressor.  Each

of us was capable of drawing out long, often agonizing semi-tortures

upon the other, always leading to the highest levels of orgasm we would

know, sometimes simultaneously during one of our sessions, sometimes

just for the torturer, sometimes just for the victim.

     We usually reserved our heaviest activity of this nature to one

night per week, primarily Friday or Saturday night, allowing at least

one full day's recovery from the sweet pain of our bodies.  Danielle,

for her part, learned to wield a whip or a strap with such expertise

that she knew just how to drain every drop of sweat from me before I

succumbed to her manipulations of my body.

     Learning from her, I would take a birch rod to her body and leave

her dripping, both literally and figuratively.  She really loved to be

whipped, perhaps as much as I did.  Completely wanton in her desire to

achieve a new orgasmic high, Danielle would sometimes beg to treated

more harshly than I thought was humanly possible.

     Two weekends ago, Danielle stood in front of me as I sat on the

sofa.  I was wearing a dark blue skirt miniskirt with a white, cotton

blouse.  I left the top two buttons of the blouse undone, for "show".

She came out of the bedroom carrying a long, thin, cruel-looking, black

leather birch rod in her hand.  I looked up at her, wide-eyed.  She was

wearing a short, black leather skirt with a matching vest, opened at the

chest.  She was bra-less.  Half of her tits were hanging out.

     "Laurie," she said, staring straight into my eyes, "what is the

punishment for little girls who have been bad?"

     I smiled.  "A real good whipping usually takes the badness out of

them."  I felt a tingling in my loins.  I wondered what I had done that

was "bad".  I felt like a needed a good whipping to relieve a lot of

built-up tension.

     Then, she turned the tables.  It was she who had been bad.  Really

bad.  "I made it with Erica today.  I cheated on you.  I'm sorry."

Tears actually filled her eyes.  She handed me the whip.  "Make me pay

for it," she sobbed, lowering her head in shame.

     She had never done this before--confessing and then asking to be

punished for it.  I was jealous enough, however, to take out some of my

anger upon her beautiful body.

     "Your punishment, dear Danielle, will be to describe what Erica

did to you in complete detail while I give you a good thrashing.  You

know I am more angered by your involvement with another woman than I

would be if some puny man took advantage of you.  Why did you do it?"

     "She was photographing me in the nude and offering me drinks as

she went along.  As time went by, the photos became more obscene.  The

wine went to my head so quickly.  Before I knew it, she had strapped a

dildo on.  I hardly had time to stop her."

     "But you eventually consented, of course.  She didn't rape you,

did she?"

     Danielle sniffled.  "Yes.  I mean, no.  She didn't rape me.  I, I

let her take me."

     "Which of you little openings did she violate?" I asked, my voice

becoming more angered.

     "Oh, please Laurie, I...I..."

     "ANSWER ME!" I shouted.

     "Both," she whispered with her head bent downward.

     "Your ass and your pussy?  With the dildo?" I asked incredulously.

Tiny beads of sweat were beginning to form on her forehead now.

     "Yes," she half-sobbed.

     I held the ominous-looking leather birch rod in my hands.  She

stared at it fearfully, biting her lower lip.  She knew when she had

chosen the rod that it was one of the more painful forms of punishment

available to her.  The thin, unyielding leather was one of the crueler

devices, yet it was she who had chosen it.

     "Turn around!" I ordered.  The pretty strawberry blonde turned her

back to me as she faced the far wall, staring straight ahead.  The soft,

dark leather of her skirt molded perfectly around her gorgeous ass.

     "I am going to teach you a little lesson in humility, young lady.

When I'm finished with you, I think you will regret submitting to Erica

today.  First, I am going to give your ass a good thrashing while you

tell me what she did to you.  Take off your vest, then raise your skirt

over your hips."  I watched the frightened blonde, my lover, who had

cheated on me today pull the vest over her shoulders, then let it fall

with a slight thud to the floor behind her.  Her bare back looked

enticingly sexy.  I thought that I must mark that up also.

     "I'm scared," she said nervously.

     "You should be," I replied.  "Come on, let's get that skirt up nice

and high!"

     Danielle's trembling hands moved to the hem of the leather skirt.

She knew better than to disobey me.  Slowly, she eased the slithery

garment upward, revealing inch by inch her soft, white legs, now closed

tightly together.  The leather was just thin enough to allow her expose

the backside of a pure white pair of silky undies.  The view from behind

was already causing my juices to flow onto the crotch of my own panties.

     Without saying a word, I leaned forward, reached my hands under the

raised skirt, located the elastic top of her silky whites, and quickly

drew the soft material downward, exposing the lower crack of Danielle's

ass, her split pumpkin.  I whisked the panties all the way down her

legs.  Obediently, she stepped out of them.  She was naked now, save the

skirt which she continued to hold waist high.

     "Stay like that," I ordered.  "If your skirt falls down when I am

beating you, the whipping will get worse.  Do you understand?"

     "Yes," she replied with a slight sniffle.

     "Did Erica eat your sweet little pussy before she defiled you with

the dildo?"

     "Y-yes," cried Danielle.  "I was afraid she would hurt me if I

didn't let her do it."  Using her answer as the key to begin the

whipping, I arose from my seat, stood behind the standing girl, and with

a quick flick of the wrist, drove the taut whip sharply into Danielle's

alabaster buttocks.

     "AHHHH!" shouted the pretty blonde, her knees buckling slightly

from the blow.

     "Tell me what she did!"

     I watched the area that I had just struck redden as she spoke.

"She pushed me on the bed and held me with her hands.  I had no clothes

on.  She sat over me, on top of my chest, and forced my legs apart.  She

was already wearing the dildo.  I was so scared."

     "How long did it take her to eat you?"

     "About 15 minutes.  That's all.  Oh, Laurie, I'm so sorry!"

     "Did you come?"

     There was a long, pregnant pause.  Danielle's face grimaced, as if

in pain (or was she merely bracing herself for my next stroke?).  "Y-

yes, I couldn't help it."

     The next lash was even harder than the first, right across the

juncture where her upper thighs and lower ass met, a very tender spot

indeed.  Danielle screamed out loud and literally jumped off the floor

as the thin leather bit into her.  How she maintained her hold on up

upraised skirt I'll never know.  She fell several steps forward.  I

followed right behind her, holding the stiff rod with two hands.

     "Bend over some, I want that skin across your ass to be nice and

tight, you little whore!"  Still reaching behind her to keep her skirt

held up over her sweet buns, Danielle bent at the waist, poking her ass

invitingly outward.  Her legs parted even more as she sought to maintain

her balance.  The soft, blonde hairs of her pussy sprouted from the apex

of the "V" created by her legs.

     "Then what happened?" I asked, staring at my lover's gorgeous ass.

     "She, she turned around and faced me, her body between my legs.

I could feel the dildo touching me down there, right on my pussy.  SHe

told me not to move, that she would do all the work.  I felt it going

into me."

     With her last words, I drove the leather rod in an upward

direction, slicing it across the fullness of her buttocks.  She squealed

like a stuck pick.  Little droplets of tears fell silently to the floor.

     "Did she kiss you?"

     "Y-yes," replied Danielle.

     "Where?  On your lips?"

     "Yes," she mumbled.

     THWACK!!! I gave her a short, quick stroke across her thighs.

     "On your breasts?"

     "Y-yes," she replied in a gasp of pain.

     THWACK!!! Another stroke, on the right side of her naked buttock.

     "She sucked your nipples?"

     "Please, no more," begged the now sobbing blonde.

     "I'll stop, if you really want, if you feel you've been punished

enough for what you did."  It was her decision whether or not to go on.

     She thought for a few seconds.  "I haven't been punished enough,"

she half-whispered.

     "SAY IT LOUDER!" I commanded.

     "Punish me more, mistress!" she blurted loudly.

     I had a feeling she wanted some more.  "Then answer my question,

Danielle--did she suck your nipples?"

     "Yes, for a long time.  All the while she was taking me with the


     I watched her brace herself.  Her body tightened just before I gave

her three quick strokes, in succession, beginning at the top and working

down her now well-striped derriere.  Instead of crying out, however, she

was beginning to moan now between her elongated gasps for air.  It was

sound I knew well.  Her orgasm would not be far behind.

     "How did she take your ass?"

     "Do I have to tell you?" she cried, rubbing the palms of her hands

over her naked ass, trying to soothe the burning pain.

     "Tell me!  Move your hands away from your ass!"

     She moved her hands to her hips.  Her hips were swaying gently back

and forth.  Her knees were just a bit wobbly.  "She dragged me to an arm

chair.  She made me kneel on it, facing the back of the chair."

     "Did she grease you up first?" I asked.

     There was a pause again.  "Well, not exactly," she hesitatingly


     "What do you mean 'Not exactly'?"

     "She, well, you know, she used her mouth to lubricate me."

     "You let her tongue your asshole?" I asked incredulously.

     Danielle gulped.  Her silence was an affirmative answer to my

question.  Without hesitation, I began a long series of at least 10 or

12 sharp strokes all over her ass and thighs.  As she fell forward from

the blows, I followed her, taking aim at the now criss-crossed ass and

wielding whip unmercifully.  At about the sixth stroke, her moans turned

to long "WHOOOOO'S".  It was the sound I was waiting for, the sign that

no matter how hard the next strokes would be, she had reached

fulfillment.  The last six lashes were only for show, she had finally

reached her limit.  Her body fell in a heap to the floor, shaking

spasmodically, as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

     I watched her half-naked body twitch for several minutes, as she

slowly came down from her high.  I fell back onto the sofa, exhausted

myself.  My panties were completely soaked.  I felt like taking them

off, to air out my pulsating pussy.  I would wait and let Danielle do

it for me.  She arose slowly, almost painfully.  Her brow was filled

with beads of sweat.  Her skirt fell down beneath the 'V' of her legs.

She slinked down next to me, breasts heaving, and wrapped herself around


     "Thank you," she whispered into my ear.

     My arms embraced her naked back, now warm with perspiration.  "Was

I too hard on you?" I asked compassionately.

     "Maybe," she replied.

     "You deserved every bit of it," I said with a smile.

     "I wouldn't let Erica do that to me, you fool.  I love you too


     "What?" I gasped.

     "I made it up.  I wanted to see what you would do if I ever did let

her do something like that."

     "Why you little stinker!  And what lesson did you learn?"

     Danielle laughed.  "Mmmm.  I learned that it she ever does do that

to me, that I better tell you, so you can beat the shit out of me again.

Just like you just did.  Oh, did that ever feel good!"

     She had fabricated the story, just to arouse my anger, to test my

level of jealousy.  We fell along the sofa, side by side, still

embracing.   I felt Danielle's knee insinuating between my legs, pushing

my skirt up in the process.  I opened up slightly to accommodate her.

As her upper knee pressed into my cum-soaked panty crotch, I squeezed

my own legs against her invading leg, trapping it in place.  I pressed

my groin into the hardness between my legs.

     Entwined together, embracing each other, our kiss was long and

passionate, filled with wetness.  Tongue to tongue, we kissed for an

eternity.  Danielle pushed her knee harder into my sex, pressing against

my engorged clitoris.  Locating a naked breast, I squeezed her melon

gently, flicking my thumb over her turgid nipple.  She moaned softly

into my mouth, a deep, throaty moan.

     "It's not fair," I said, breaking the kiss.

     "What?" she asked.

     "That all your tensions are relieved, and mine aren't."  I smiled.

     "I suppose I could take care of that," she whispered, gently

insinuating her right hand between her knee and my throbbing crotch.

Quickly, she located my clit beneath the thin material with her middle

finger and stroked it back and forth.

     "Oh!  That feels so good, Danielle!" I gasped, opening my legs even

wider to accommodate her.

     "You're all wet down here!" she exclaimed.

     "See what you do to me!"

     "What would you like me to do to you?"

     I looked into her deep blue eyes, far into her subconscious.  Our

eyes met for an eternity.  She licked her upper lip with the very tip

of her tongue.  I wanted her more than ever.  "Just what I did to you,"

I whispered sexily, not taking my eyes from hers, "only more."

     Danielle smiled broadly.  "I don't know if you could take it," she


     "I can take anything you can dish out.  I want you to work me over

like never before, from head to toe.  Front and back.  Everywhere."

     "Everywhere?" she exclaimed.

     "Yes," I replied.  "Will you do it for me, please?"

     "I'm afraid of hurting you, Laurie."

     "I want you to hurt me, Danielle.  Don't you understand?  I need

something only you can give me.  I trust you.  But you must promise me


     "What is it?" she asked.

     "That you won't hold back.  Even when I'm screaming for mercy.

That you won't finish my body is tingling all over, and I mean 'All


     "What do you want me to use on you?"

     "Whatever you think is appropriate for the part of the body you're

pulverizing.  It's your choice.  The paddle , the pussy whip, the birch

rod, the cat-o-nine tails, the zinger--anything your heart desires.

Just make it feel good, love."  I was so hot, I could taste the lashes

already.  "Go get all the whips."

     Danielle pushed herself away from me.  While I remain prone on the

sofa, she slipped into the bedroom and soon returned with an armful of

pain.  I had purposely not adjusted my position.  With my skirt three-

fourths of the way up my thighs, my lover had an unobstructed view of

the entire length of my panty-covered crotch.  Her eyes zeroed in on me

there as she moved closer to me.  She dropped the whips on a chair, then

stood over me, still staring between my spread legs.

     "You are wanton," she said, gulping slightly.

     I didn't reply.

     I knew she wanted to dive between my legs and suck me off.  Later.

Her leather vest was opened completely, exposing her beautiful breasts.

Her chest heaved.  Her hands were on her hips, over the supple leather

skirt.  Her eyes were full of fire.  "Get up," she commanded.

     I arose, moving my legs slowly enough to permit her a long, wide-

eyed view of my now steaming sex.  She turned to the right and moved

closer to me.  Her eyes surveyed my fully clothed body.  "Do you want

to be tied up?" she asked.

     "No," I softly replied, acting as complacent as possible.

     "Are you sure?  You're really going to be jumping around after I

get started on you."

     "I'm sure," I said.  I wanted the effect to be felt more fully this


     "Remove your clothes, please," she said nonchalantly.

     "Everything?" I asked.

     "I want to see nothing but skin, young lady.  Pure, white skin.

Get on with it!"

     Nervously, my fingers moved to my white cotton blouse and fumbled

with the button between my tits.  I felt Danielle's eyes on my hands as

I continued the downward trek, loosening each button, opening more of

myself up to her with each one.  Pulling the shirt tails from beneath

the waistband of my skirt, I undid the final two buttons.  I looked at

her face as I pulled the material apart.  Her eyes were fixed on my

chest, now clad in only a thin, white, lacey bra which hid little of my

swollen breasts.

     I liked the feeling of being made to undress in front of her.  It

heightened my excitement.  My fingers moved to the belt buckle at my

waist, quickly releasing joining halves.  The button and zipper at the

side of dark blue skirt were next.  The sound of the zipper being

lowered broke the pregnant, sexy silence in the room.  With just a

slight push downward, the skirt fell in a heap around my feet.  I

stepped out of the material, clad only in my bra and panties.

     I held my left hand in front of the 'V' of my crotch, while my

right forearm crossed in front of my breasts.  Feigning shyness, I

looked at my lover, soon to be my tormentor.  "Can I leave my bra and

panties on?  I don't like to be naked in front of someone."

     Danielle gritted her teeth, playing my silly game to the hilt.

Reaching behind her, she picked up the ominous-looking cat-o-nine tails.

"Take them off or I'll use this monster between your legs!"

     She play-acted so perfectly.  I really felt like a victim of some

cruel-hearted mistress.  Looking away from her in shame, my degradation

continued as I moved my hands behind my back and undid the bra strap

there.  Immediately, I felt my breasts fall free as I leaned forward and

let the bra slide down my arms.  I watched it fall to the floor, like

a rose petal.  Straightening up, my forearm moved in front of my naked

breasts, over my now turgid nipples.

     "Move you arm away from your tits!" she commanded.  I did, exposing

my bare chest to the world in front of me.  My huge melons swayed

slightly like globs of jelly.  I felt her eyes on them.

     "Your panties," she said, leaving the verb out of her sentence.

     Lowering my head in humiliation, I placed my thumbs into the band

of the bikini-styled undies at either side of my hips and began pushing

the material downward.  Watching the path of the panties with my own

eyes, knowing that Danielle's were there too, I stopped after exposing

about an inch of dark brown curls from my upper pubis.  I looked back

at Danielle, head cocked to the side, mouth opened slightly, a look of

"Do I have to?" in my eyes.

     All she had to do was raise the cat-o-nine tails above her

shoulder.  In a whisk, the panties were off my legs.  In bending, my

mammaries hung down from my chest in their weightiness.  Kicking the

panties to side on the carpet, I stood up straight, hands at my side,

completely naked.

     "Make your nipples more hard," she ordered.

     Face reddening, but with unquestioned obedience, I moved a thumb

and index finger of each hand to the red nubbins and began squeezing

them, moving the nipples back and forth between my fingers, exciting the

nerve endings surrounding them.  Soon, they became hard, pebble like,

swollen.  Danielle's eyes bulged as she watched me perform my


     "If you can't squeeze them any harder than that, I can!" she

exclaimed, moving behind me now and brushing my hands away from my

breasts.  "Don't move!" she said, reaching around in front of me and

replacing my fingers with hers.

     "OH!  THAT HURTS!" I whimpered as Danielle squeezed each rock-hard

nipple between her fingers.  It really did hurt, but it felt good.  I

liked to be treated like this.  My arousal was reaching unbelievable


     "Quiet!" she hissed between her teeth, using her mock anger to

squeeze me all the more hard.  I grimaced in pain, cocking my head back.

I felt her breath on my neck.  Her leather vest pressed into my back.

I wanted her naked, too, so I could feel her skin against mine.

     She must have squeezed the sensitive nubbins for a full five

minutes, unrelenting in her movements, continually applying pressure to

my aching nipples.  My breathing became heavier with each passing


     "Why are you so wanton?" she whispered into my ear.

     I didn't answer her.  My groans filled the room.  Still, she kept

the pressure on me, pulling the sensitive protuberances away from my

melons, stretching the skin of the surrounding areolas. Finally, when

she stopped, releasing the nipples like hot pieces of coal, the whole

front of both of my tits tingled with a eerie warmth.  Yes, I am wanton,

Danielle.  So very, very wanton.

     "Stay still," she said insistently, wrapping her right arm around

my waist and grasping me tightly.  She placed her left hand between my

shoulder blades, pushing forward.  "Bend over a little," she ordered,

using her hand to urge me in that direction.  My nipples were still

sore.  Were my breasts in for some more torture?

     "What are you going to do?" I asked nervously, my body now bent

slightly at the waist.

     "Shush!" she said, taking her hand from my naked back.

     At first it surprised me, the feeling of something pressing into

the lower crack of my ass, insinuating itself just outside my anus.

Soon, I realized it was Danielle's thumb.  I gasped out loud.

     "Not there!" I cried.

     "Yes, there.' she snarled, pressing the full of her thumb against

my rubbery nether hole.  "And if you move away, I'll blister this sweet

little ass of yours with a rubber hose."

     Her finger, wedged in the cheeks of my ass, turned a slow circle

around my crinkly rosebud.  With each circular movement, she pressed

harder into the circle.

     "You don't have any lubrication on your finger," I said


     "With an asshole as big as yours, I don't need lubrication.  If you

just relax and let it happen, it won't hurt.  I'm not going to stop

until I'm inside you, if it takes all night.  Let it happen, Laurie.


     I did as she wanted, concentrating on letting my sphincter slacken

as she pressed inward.  I couldn't let on, but the sensation was

exquisite.  I would have let her drive a truck into me there, so much

did I enjoy having my backside violated.  Soon, I felt the tip of her

thumb break through the yielding door to my rectal area and glide into


     "AHH!" I gasped, feigning pain but feeling nothing but pleasure.

The digit entered me completely, pressing against the walls of my

rectum, exciting the soft, warm tissues inside.  I encircled the

invading finger with my sphincter muscle, cradling it within me.  As I

squeezed my anal muscle tightly, Danielle began to piston it back and

forth.  I wanted to cry out with happiness, so beautiful was the feeling

inside me there.

     "OH!  That hurts!" I lied.  "Please stop!"

     "When I'm done," she husked.  "Stay still!"

     For the next ten minutes, Danielle violated my asshole with her

thumb, unrelentingly driving it in and out of me, all the while holding

me tightly around the waist to prevent me from falling forward.  She

knew I loved to have things shoved deep into my ass--anything--clothes

pins, cucumbers, broom handles, fingers, toes, tongues, anything that

would fit inside my tight little hole I gladly accepted in wanton

pleasure.  Just as I was on the brink, within an eyelash of the

delicious orgasm I needed so badly, she pulled out.  Just like that it

was gone from me.  I felt empty inside.

     "I think you're ready for your whipping now.  Look at the insides

of your thighs.  They're wet with your juices.  You're flowing like a

stream, honey.  Shame on you.  You'll pay more dearly because you like

to be humiliated so much."  She reached inside my slightly spread legs

and wiped some of the cum with the palm of her hand.  I hadn't realized

I was secreting so much vaginal fluids.

     Danielle released her hold around my waist.  I straightened up,

arms at my sides.  She made me turn, to face her.  Beads of sweat formed

on my brow.  She looked so cruel.  "What will it be first, young lady,

your ass, your legs, your breasts, your back....where do you want to

feel the sting of the whip upon your body?"

     My chest heaved, the breasts hanging weighty in their fullness.

My nipples were more like thumb-tips, hard and engorged.  Although my

head was lowered in submissiveness, I felt Danielle's eyes on the

melons.  "You won't whip me too hard?"  I choked on my words.

     "Hard enough," she replied.  "Oh, it's so hard to decide where to

start.  Cup your breasts!  Hold them up for me!"

     My face reddening, I brought the palms of my hands beneath the

hanging gourds and lifted each of them up.  Even I couldn't believe how

heavy and swollen they felt.  I knew how much Danielle loved them, and

how much I loved to have her caress them for me.  I've come more than

once just by her sucking at length on my nipples.

     "Yes," she whispered.  "They are beautiful, Laurie.  What a shame

to have to hurt them."

     "They're very sensitive," I whined.  "Perhaps you should

concentrate on my buttocks."

     Danielle laughed out loud.  "And maybe I should just use a feather

on you!  Who are you kidding?  Look at me, Laurie!"  She put two fingers

under my chin and forced my head up.  Her eyes were filled with fire.

     "You are not here for some fun and relaxation.  You need a good

beating, and that's what I'm going to do.  Don't place any restrictions

on how I do it.  You'll take whatever I dish out, and then beg for more

if I want you to.  In fact, you can start begging right now!  Kneel


     Still cupping my breasts, I knelt in front of her, obediently, my

eyes on the floor beneath my knees.  Looking down at my nakedness, I saw

my own curly, dark brown pubic bush which seemed so full at the juncture

where my legs met in an inverted 'V'.

     "Tell me you want me to whip you!" she commanded.

     I raised my head slightly, my mouth half opened.  "I, I want you

to whip me," I said, my voice hardly above a whisper.

     "I can't hear you, Laurie."

     "I want you...I want you to whip me," I blurted.

     "That's much better.  And how hard does the young lady want me to

whip her?"

     "I, I...."

     "Come on, I haven't got all night!"

     "Very hard," I said with a big gulp.

     "Hold your tits higher--they're sagging too much!"  Danielle then

walked in a complete circle around me, surveying the territory she was

about to inflict pain upon, studying me carefully.  As she came around

to my right side she turned and bent over the chair on which she had

thrown all the whips.  Out of the corner of my eye I watched her sift

through the field of leather monsters.  I wondered which she would chose

first.  My heart was pounding inside my chest.

     Finally she turned, holding a pussy whip, an extremely painful,

black-handled device with one single, eight-inch strand, at the end of

which was a knurled button, perhaps a quarter inch in diameter.  The one

piece thong was bad enough--but its knurled end was a real pain inducer.

Wielded properly, it could invoke sharp, biting stings that would send

jolts of anguish quickly into the targeted area.  It's primary use, for

those brave enough to take it, and from whence it gets its name, is on

the female genitalia, where the clitoris, pussy lips and vaginal

entrance are extremely vulnerable to the knurled knob.  Danielle had

used it on me there before, just hard enough to give me a few good

jolts, and I often reciprocated.  The minute I saw the device, my loins

began to tingle.

     My eyes followed her as she turned, moved in front of me, then sat

on the sofa, facing me.  She held the whip in her right hand, its strand

hanging limply between her slightly parted legs.  She looked into my

puppy-dog eyes, searching for my fear and finding it deep inside me.

I showed it to her with a tiny gulp.  The corners of her mouth moved

into a half-smile.       "This one can really hurt," she said, referring

to the pussy whip she was holding.  "I think it's an excellent one to

begin our little session with, don't you?"

     I didn't answer her.

     She smiled slightly once more, the softness of her face belying the

thoughts in her mind.  "A pussy whip," she continued, "doesn't it look

terrifying, Laurie.  I've never really used it hard on you, have I?"

     I shook my head in agreement, not taking my eyes from hers.

     "It isn't only for pussies, though, it can be devastating on other

parts of the body as well.  Like, well like your breasts, for instance."

A chill went through my body as she flicked her wrist slightly, the thin

leather thong turning a few quick circles at the end of the wooden

handle.  Her eyes went straight to my still cupped tits.  "Mm, yes.

That would hurt a bit, wouldn't it?" she asked rhetorically.

     "My breasts are very sensitive," I whimpered.

     "I know.  That's why I thought of this little zinger.  Gosh, I

wonder what the tip of this thing would feel like if it caught a nipple

or something!"  She was teasing me now, and I loved it.  We had complete

trust in each other, or we would never play these little games.

     "Tell me, Laurie, why are you holding your breasts like that?"

     "Uh, because you asked me to."

     "No, silly.  I mean, why would I ask you to?"

     I thought for a moment.  "Well, you wanted me to offer them to


     "Of course.  So they are mine now?"

     I lowered my head once more.  "My whole body is yours, mistress,"

I whispered.

     "To do with as I please."

     "Yes," I said.

     "Close your eyes, my dear."

     She always made me close my eyes before whipping me.  It served to

heighten my fear, not being able to see when the stroke would come, or

how hard it was being wielded.  The slight rustling I could hear in

front of me told me she had shifted forward on the sofa, moving closer

to me.  In my mind's eye, I could see the pussy whip being held aloft,

above my waiting breasts.

     "Push your nipples up higher," she commanded.

     "Oh, no, not my nipples!" I thought as I dutifully pointed the red-

circled nubbins in Danielle's direction, wincing my eyes in anticipation

of what was to come.

     "What a beautiful target," she said softly, talking to herself.

     "I'm so scared," I said, half-whining, expecting the first stroke

to come down upon my sensitive tissues at any time.

     "That helps the atmosphere, darling.  I want you to be scared.  You

still want me to work you over real good, don't you?"

     "Y-yes," I replied, still keeping my eyes tightly shut, for the

first time thinking to myself that maybe it wasn't as good an idea as

I had originally envisioned.  Danielle was the type who liked to

surprise her victims.

     "Mmm, such a big nipple!" she exclaimed, emphasizing the word

"big".  "When I'm done with you, if it doesn't hurt too much from the

whipping, I'll suck it nice and slow for you."

     "Yes, I would like that," I said, my voice cracking in nervousness.

     "Mmm, maybe one nice stroke, then one long suck.  On each of them.

Just alternate back and forth.  Would you like that, Laurie?"

     I tried to swallow, but nothing was there.  My breasts felt so

heavy in my hands, my nipples so exposed and imperiled.  "If you wish,

mistress," I softly replied, ever the faithful subservient.

     "I won't leave any lasting marks," said Danielle.  "We'll have just

one whole body striped and blotched in pretty shades of red, from top

to bottom.  We don't want to leave any area ignored, do we?"

     Hardly had the words left her mouth than the whistle of the pussy

whip gliding through the air filled my ears.  Formulating the answer to

her question in my mind, I guess I wasn't quite prepared for the stroke

at that moment.  Taking careful aim, she drove the full force of the

thin leather strand along the upper portion of my proffered right

breast.  The tell-tale crack of leather into my sensitive flesh was

followed in milliseconds by a searing, burning pain, electric-like in

its intensity, throughout the whole gland.

     "AHHHHHHHH!" I cried, throwing my head back in pain, contorting my

face, gasping for my next few breaths.

     "Dear me," she said softly, "Such a loud scream for just the first

stroke.  Let's try to be a bit more brave, my dear, or this will be  a

long, long night for the both us."

     I was breathing audibly and quickly through my mouth.  My right tit

hurt like hell, but why, deep inside, did I want more?  "I can take it,"

I cried.

     "Oh, I know you can, Laurie," she said with a flick of her wrist,

sending a second lash into me, this time on my left breast, across the


     "EEEEEYAAAA!" I shouted, falling slightly forward from the sharp

pain which was unbelievable in its intensity on my delicate flesh.

     "And we haven't even scorched the nipple yet!  This could be fun!"

she said gleefully.  "Shall I stop, Laurie?"

     I took a long, deep breath through my mouth, letting the air fill

my lungs.  "No," I said, quite bravely, letting the air out as soon as

I had spoken.

     "I hope you won't be sorry," she said, shifting her body once more

on the sofa, bettering her angle.  My eyes were shut as tightly as

possible, as I braced myself for the next lash.  To my surprise, she

went right to work on my defenseless, ultra-sensitive nipples.  Although

she had to have held back something out of deference to my ability to

withstand pain, the next stroke landed right on the button, the wicked

knurled end of the cruel thong catching my right nipple with its full

force.  A thousand needles jammed into me there could not have hurt so


     I let out a long, blood-curdling scream, at the top of my lungs,

as I fell forward onto the rug beneath me, in a heap, grabbing the poor

nipple with my right hand in a vain effort to douse the flame there.

My breaths now game in gasps.  I curled up into a fetal position.

     "I'm sorry," she said.  "I didn't mean..."

     "Shut up," I interrupted not wanting her to spoil this fantasy.

"I told you I can take it.  I want you to give it to me.  This is just

the beginning."  The searing pain radiated from the recently stuck

nipple throughout my entire breast.  The nubbin seemed to be throbbing

as the delicate nerve endings sent messages of burning pain to my mind.

     "You surprise me," whispered Danielle.  "I've known you all this

time, but I didn't ever think you were up to this sort of thing.  I'd

have thrown in the towel ten minutes ago."

     I smiled, feeling the pain in my swollen nipple begin to subside

slightly.  "I can't explain it.  It's like there is something inside me

that makes me want you to do that, just like you did.  Don't be afraid,

Danielle.  It hurt like hell, but only for a moment.  It just sort of

tingles now.  It makes me feel good.  I'll let you know if you go too

far.  Just give me a real good workout, head to toe, and when you're

done, I'll give you the best tongue job you ever had."

     "You do give great head," she said with a broad smile.

     "The best, but I've held the best of the best back for an occasion

just like this," I whispered sexily.

     "You mean the more I hurt you, the better your tongue gets?"

     "You might say that," I replied, the glint in my eyes exposing the

truth of my statement.

     She smiled broadly, knowing that she had a strange power over me

now.  I was practically begging for her to go all out.  From this moment

on, her innate sense of hurting me too much seemed to disappear.  I had

given her a good reason to really give it to me, if she wanted to, and

I taken away any incentives to hold back.  The ball was in her court


     "You are either exceedingly brave or extremely foolish," she said.

"In either case it's obvious that you think you have a high tolerance

for pain.  We'll see how true that is very shortly.  Turn around and

face the wall."

     Still in a kneeling position, I turned awkwardly on my knees, my

breasts swaying back and forth as I moved.  My entire backside was now

exposed.  I knelt....  Waiting....

     She kept me in that position for several moments, surveying me.

I could almost feel her eyes on my buttocks, an obvious potential as her

next target.  "You have such a gorgeous ass, Laurie.  What a shame we

have to stripe it."

     I gulped, straining to listen for the tell-tale sound of the tiny

whip whistling through the air.  The knurled knob of the leather thong

would hurt tremendously.  I waited longer.  Still nothing.  What was she

doing?  The suspense was killing me.  Finally, I heard her move.  From

behind me, she arose from the sofa and returned to the chair upon which

she had placed all the whips.  I stopped bracing myself for the pain.

The momentary lapse felt good.  A kind of relief swept over me.  A

moment's reprieve.  "Relax, Laurie," I told myself, "you were the one

who wanted this."

     Bending over once more, Danielle rummaged through the whips once

more before straightening up and turning back in my direction.  In her

hand was a cat-o-nine tails, the strands hanging ominously down and

seeming to jingle silently as she moved behind me once more.

     The fear returned quickly.  The cat could hurt.  My back and my

buttocks lay bare, uncovered, exposed.  "Raise your arms over your head

and bend forward slightly," she commanded.  I obeyed, instinctively, my

humongous breasts hanging in their fullness.

     "Are you ready?," she asked tantalizingly.

     "Yes," I gulped.

     "Count the strokes," she said, standing behind me, raising the cat-

whip over her right shoulder, taking careful aim, and bringing the nine

strands down upon my bare back, just above my right shoulder blade.

     "EEEE-YAAAA! ONE!" I cried as each wicked strand found its own area

to sting me, most of them biting across my shoulder and clavicle.

     "Good girl," she continued, snapping her wrist sharply and driving

the nine leather thongs horizontally across the upper left side of my


     "AHHHHHHH!  TWO!" I shouted out.

     "THWACK!!!"  The loud crack of the wicked whip right between my

shoulder blades sent electrical impulses along the length of my spinal


     "OHHHH!  THREE!" I cried, followed by a long moan.

     "I want your tongue like never before!" she exclaimed, taking the

whip with two hands and sending it screaming across the small of my


     The moan and scream that followed this last stroke seemed to come

from deep within me.  My back seemed to be on fire.  "FOUR!" I shouted

at the end of my scream, punctuated by heavy breathing.

     "You love this, don't you, you little whore!"  bellowed Danielle.

Before I could answer, the fifth stroke came lashing across the full of

my back like a thief in the night, robbing me of my dignity.

     "EEEEEEE!  AHHHHHH!" I shrieked.  "FIVE!"  My throat, now

completely dry, making my count more difficult.  My back felt as if a

thousand burning needles had simultaneously penetrated me there.  Tears

streamed down my cheeks in torrents from the pain, but I wasn't crying

out loud.  Why did I want more of this torment?

     Danielle moved closer to me, then, bending slightly, brought the

fingernails of her left hand to a point just below the nape of my neck.

Gently, soothingly, she began to move the nails in a slow, circular

pattern all over my burning back.  The effect was tremendously

tranquilizing.  "I know it hurts, baby," she whispered in a comforting


     "Oh, Danielle...." I started to say in a whimper.

     "Shhhh," she interrupted, her voice soft as a glove.  "Soon it will

feel good."

     I closed my eyes, knowing she was right.  When she arose, the

burning feeling across my back had subsided.  I was ready for more.  "I

like how you do it," I said.

     "I know," she replied.  "We all need this sometimes."  Without

warning, her gentle words were followed by another biting lash, again

over my right shoulder blade.  The outer tentacles of the whip reached

all the way around to the front of my clavicle, the cruel tips digging

into me there.  As I screamed out once more, I wanted to lower my arms

and soothe my hurt, but I knew I couldn't.

     Over the next five minutes, my counting continued, all the way up

to twelve.  Twelve hard, full, biting, stinging, lashing, burning

strokes with the cat-o-nine tails that left me sobbing and sweating.

     When she was done with my back, she surveyed the damage.  "Oh,

Laurie, your back is one big, red blotch.  You should see all the whip

marks.  It looks beautiful!"

     I said nothing in reply, my breathing too laborious at this point

to even try to talk.  Sweat poured in torrents from my brow.

     "Put your elbows on the rug," said Danielle.  "I want your ass up-

-well up!"

     Quickly, I obeyed.  My breasts now hung between the back of my arms

and the front of my knees.  My nipples scraped the rug.  It was obvious

what was next.

     "You ass surpasses us all," she whispered, then followed her words

with a driving slash of the cat-whip upon my right buttock.  My position

had tightened the skin across my ass, making the nerves even more

vulnerable to pain.  I nearly jumped off the floor as the crack of the

leather into flesh shot into me like tiny knives.

     "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I cried in agonizing pain.

     "Dear me," she said above my sobs.  "Just loud crying from such a

little girl.  We must have caught a few nerve endings, didn't we."

Without waiting for an answer I was too weary to provide anyway,

Danielle drove another lash of the cat horizontally, across the crack

of my ass.  The leather thongs, all nine of them, found their own little

area on my exposed behind and inflicted not one, but nine separate

stings simultaneously.  The pain this time was so much that I just  made

a long "WHOOOOO" sound.

     "We're getting there, aren't we, Laurie," offered Danielle as she

took very careful aim and lashed the tentacles vertically, right along

the length of the divide of my pumpkin, the ends finding their cruel way

into the crack separating the halves of my ass.  This time, the pain was

unreal!  I fell forward, in a heap, crying out agonizingly, my hands

reflexively seeking my burning buttocks in a vain effort to douse the

fire back there.

     "Move your hands!" shouted Danielle.

     "OH!  It hurts so bad!" I cried.

     "But you want more!" she yelled over my sobs.

     "Yes!  Yes!" I bellowed over my pain.

     "Then pay the price, you whore!  Get back on your knees and bend

all the way over!"

     Slowly, tortuously, I arose from my more safe position on the floor

and pointed my beleaguered buttocks once more in the air, invitingly.

As I started to put my elbows on the floor, she stopped me.

     "No," she said.  "Reach behind you and spread your cheeks apart

with your fingers.  Show me that cute little rosebud."

     Hesitatingly, I moved my hands to my buttocks.  Using four fingers

from each hand, I pried the split pumpkin apart, exposing my round,

crinkly anus to the cruel night air.  "What are you going to do?" I

asked, an obvious tone of fear in my voice.

     "A final test," she replied.  "To see the real level of your

endurance."  I could feel her eyes on my nether opening.  I had never

felt so exposed in my life.  "Your anus looks so defenseless."

     "Oh no!" I cried.

     "Oh, yes," she said softly.  "You'll never be a fulfilled woman

tonight unless I do it."

     "What are you going to use on me there?"

     "Oh, we're done with the cat.  It's back to the pussy whip.  Or

should I say, the 'anal whip'."

     My heart sank into my stomach.  Even I had not expected her to go

this far.  The very thought of what was about to happen sent shivers

down my spine.  But there was something in me that prevented me from

stopping her.  I wanted to know what my own threshold of pain was.  Was

there a level beyond which I could not go?  Wasn't the last stroke


     "Say 'NO' and I won't.  I'll just tongue you there, real good.  Say

'YES' and I will, and later my tongue will feel a thousand times

better," she said.

     My mind raced.  Was I insane?  Here I was, exposing my most private

of body parts to my lover.  Oh, I had done it before.  Many times.  But

never like this, and never with the thought that excruciating pain would

result.  Would her insatiable tongue feel better before or after the

pain?  The decision was mine.  "Yes," I whispered, holding my breath as

I the word escaped my mouth.  What a price to pay for my tenacity!

     "Good," she said softly, "then I'll double the treat.  Once before

I do it and once after."  Danielle slinked to a sitting position on the

floor behind me, her legs to either side of mine, her face even with my

upraised ass.  In the process, her skirt slid so far up her legs, she

might as well not have been wearing one.  Not one to lose the advantage

of such a position, I parted my legs just a bit more by moving my knees

apart a few more inches.  The effect was perfect--with my head almost

touching the floor I had unobstructed vision between my own legs as I

looked behind me.  It was no surprise to me, then, that I had an

excellent view of the entire length of the pure white, silky crotch of

Danielle's panties.

     Had she opened her legs for me purposely?  Did she even know what

a beautiful view I had?  Wide-eyed, I surveyed the gaping crotch,

reveling in the sight of the few golden pubic curls which peaked out

from both sides of the reinforced band of white, behind which lay her

gorgeous honey-dewed pussy.  She inched even closer to me, spreading

herself more in the process.  The panty crotch was stretched so tightly

I thought it would snap.

     At first, I felt her hands running over my still smarting ass,

soothing what little pain remained, running her fingertips from time to

time inside the dividing crack, but avoiding my anal region like the

plague, knowing that the closer she got to it, the more excited I

became.  My hands were still spreading my lower ass cheeks apart; she

pushed them away, losing her close-up view of my puckered anus in the

process, but giving her an opportunity to survey the entire area of each

side of my split pumpkin with her roving fingers.

     Looking right into the epicenter of her panty crotch, I could see

Danielle was soaking wet.  Taking a deep breath, I even smelled her

womanly odor.  The pungent fragrance filled my nostrils and turned me

on even more.

     "Do you like it when I suck your asshole?" asked Danielle, moving

her fingertips at least to either side of the lower crack of my ass, but

not separating the halves yet, just teasing me.

     The vulgarity of her statement didn't annoy me; I loved it when she

talked dirty to me.  "Yes," I replied, trying to swallow upward.

     "I love your little asshole so much," she whispered, finally

opening me up there with her prying fingers, exposing the crinkly

rosebud once more.  "Mmmm," she hummed, "it's so cute and tiny!  I'll

never figure out how we can get some of the things we do into that

little hole!"  She laughed.  Had I been standing, I would have been

blushing profusely.  My position, fortunately, had already reddened my

face, though Danielle was unable to see it anyway from her vantage


     "I love it when you put your tongue in my ass," I whispered sexily,

still staring into my lover's panty-covered crotch.  "You do it so


     She pried me apart even further, concentrating with the tips of her

thumbs now on each side of my anal button, forcing open the nether

portal, giving her a wide open target for her brilliant tongue.  "I can

almost see inside you," she said in a matter-of-fact way, peering right

into the opened walls.  I felt like I was under a microscope.

     Danielle brought her nose to my spread crack, almost brushing

against my gaping anus.  "Mmm, you smell so fresh," she whispered,

taking in the aroma of me there.

     "I just took a bath a few hours ago.  I always wash real good


     "Do you finger yourself there when you wash it?" she asked with a

broad smile.

     "You know I do," I laughed.  It was my first true laugh in quite

a while.

     She moved closer yet, her lips just brushing my still spread anus.

"AHHH!" I moaned in anticipation of what was to come.

     "Tell me to tongue it," she whispered, her words beating like drums

on my rosebud.

     "Tongue it, you tease," I begged.  I could feel her every breath

on me there.

     Pursing her lips slightly, she kissed it instead.  The effect was

just as electric.  Her lips felt so soft against my super-sensitive anal

tissues!  I closed my eyes and, taking a long deep breath, drew the

memory of this occasion into my mind where it would remain indelibly

etched forever.

     "So nice and soft," she whispered into my anus, her breath snaking

inside me.  The feeling inside me was unbelievably hot.  I was turned

on now like I had never been before.  When she pressed her lips hard

against my the opened petals of my rosebud, I screamed out in pure

pleasure and pressed myself back into her, wishing I could force her

soft lips deep into me.

     The tip of her tongue, when it snaked out of her mouth, touched the

edge of my anus like an electric shock.  I moaned more loudly than I can

ever recall, so exquisitely beautiful was the feeling.  Rising to the

occasion, Danielle's tongue circled my asshole very slowly, wetting it

in the process with her warm saliva.

     "Oh, shit, that's nice!" I sighed.

     "It gets better," she said into my opened hole, then drove her full

tongue into me like a piercing knife.  My scream of ecstacy filled the

room.  There was no stopping her now.  She drove her tongue in and out

of my asshole in a fast, pistoning pace, stopping only from time to time

to lave the entire outer anal area with long, wet, warm, and wonderful

strokes of her fabulous tongue.  I had never known her to be this wild.

     Each thrust of her indefatigable tongue into my rectum drew another

sound of ecstacy from my mouth.  My "Ohhh'S!" and "Ahhhh's!" and moans

and groans filled the room.  If I moved my ass to the right, her lips

followed it.  She went on and on for at least ten minutes, like a crazed

woman.  I know I came half a dozen times in those beautiful moments,

little tiny "cums" that only serve as the harbinger of one tremendous

orgasm.  I didn't think she would ever stop, nor did I want her to.

This was too lovely, too exquisite, too intense, too passionate a moment

to ever cease.

     My moans were now becoming more and more prolonged.  My breaths

came in short, quick gasps.  This was what sex is all about.  This is

the way it should be, two people enjoying each other in the way they

want.  "OH! Danielle!  Do it now baby!  DO IT NOW!"

     Danielle knew exactly what I meant.  The coup de tat.  The final

showdown.  The one thing that would bring me over the edge.  Withdrawing

her driving tongue from my asshole, she held the tip of it right on the

edge of my anus, and then played it like fingers on a banjo--back and

forth, back and forth, back and forth--in a gorgeously erotic show that

sent bolts of electricity into my loins.     "YES!  YES!" I screamed.

"DO IT!  DO IT!  DO IT!"  Danielle's tongue played the mandolin.  My

head began to swirl.  My body shook spasmodically.  The climax began to

well from deep within me, then came rushing like a speeding freight


I'm coming Danielle!  OH, YES!  OH, YES!  YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!"  I climaxed

in a heap on the floor as Danielle fell atop me.  Wave after wave of

fulfillment engulfed my body for the better part of a minute.  I wanted

the feeling to go on forever.  Even as I came down, the tingling

sensations remained.  It was the best climax I had ever known, bar none.

     I lay on the floor, exhausted, unmoving.  Danielle's cheek was

across my naked hip, her arms over my ribs.  We stayed like that for a

long, long time as I drank from the cup of ecstacy.  Finally, I spoke.

"Oh, Danielle, that was the best ever.  The best!"

     She kissed my hip softly.  "I'm glad you liked it," she whispered.

     "It's never happened that way before.  So intense!"  I took in a

deep breath.  "I mean, like shooting stars and all!  Fantastic,

Danielle, just fantastic!"  My words were coming fast.  I was having

trouble explaining how great it was.

     "Why don't you just shut up, silly," laughed Danielle.  "You're

going to make me jealous."

     I smiled.  "You'll get your turn, baby.  Oh, am I ever going to do

you good!  There's a little incentive to outdo you now."

     "That's if there's enough energy left in you to do it," she said.

"The real damage is about to come.  Maybe you won't be in any condition

to do me."

     I had almost forgotten about what Danielle was going to do to me.

There was the matter of the painful pussy whip that she was going to use

on my now much-beleaguered anus.  "Maybe you want me to do you first?"

I asked.

     She smiled.  "Laurie, you are not going to get out of it that

easily.  My pussy is so hot you could fry an egg on it, or maybe in it,"

she laughed, "but I'm going to finish what I started, even if it means

waiting another day for you to keep your promise.  Get back in your

kneeling position with that ass up nice and high and open yourself up

for me one more time!"

     Danielle lifted herself from me, moving to a seated position on the

sofa.  Her skirt was more than half-way up her thighs.  I could see her

panties again.  My body felt tired, but I was able to kneel once more,

turning my backside to her as I took one last glance up her skirt.  My

anus was still wet from her tongue, the cool air felt good on it.

Dutifully, I leaned forward all the way, my head touching the floor.

My buttocks pointed straight up toward the ceiling.  Reaching behind me

once more with my fingers, I pried my split pumpkin apart, exposing my

soon-to-be punished rosehole.

     "Mm, I like that," said Danielle in a husky voice.  I gulped.  "Are

you nervous, Laurie?"

     "A little," I answered.

     "I want you to be nervous a lot, baby-doll.  This is really going

to hurt.  I wouldn't want to be in your place."

     "I'm a big girl," I said bravely.  "Just get it over with."

     "Not so fast, my dear.  I want you to remember this moment for a

long time.  First of all, it's not spread far enough to suit me.  Open

up more!"

     I worked my fingers deeper into my anal region, to either side of

the tiny nubbin, and gave her a sight she would never forget.  I really

spread it out for her!  Nothing was left to her imagination--just an

asshole spread as far as it could go.  Plenty of super-sensitive target

area for the pussy whip, or should I say anal whip.

     Danielle leaned forward.  I could feel her eyes on my spread

rosehole.  She touched the opened aperture with her index finger, having

wet in her mouth beforehand.  I gasped.  The finger entered the wide

open portal without resistance.  I gasped louder.

     "So nice and tight," she said softly, pushing the invading finger

further into me.  I grunted.

     "Let's go for two," she said, sliding her middle finger alongside

her index finger.  It, too, entered me quite easily.  I moaned, then

hissed.  I wanted her arm inside my ass, and she knew it.

     "That hurts!" I lied, hoping to goad her on.

     "I know how much you hate it," she said sarcastically.  "This

should help, too."  And with that, a third finger plunged inside me.

I felt filled, but wanted more.

     "AHH!  Work your fingers in and out," I begged.

     "I thought it hurts," she said with a slight laugh, obeying my


     "It hurts so good!" I yelled.  "Oh, Danielle, don't stop!  Don't

stop!"  Keeping my asshole spread with my own fingers, easing the way

for my lover, I worked the split halves of my pumpkin back toward her

plunging fingers, imploring her with my body to continue her rape of my

anal canal.

     "You are wanton!" she cried, working all three fingers all the way

in until they could go no more, then played a symphony with her

fingertips against the walls of my rectum.  I felt like I was going to

come again, but couldn't.  My brow tightly furrowed, my face contorted,

I let her play with me like that for almost ten minutes.  A few times

she gave my ass a good hard slap with the palm of her free left hand.

The pain was good.  Yes, I was wanton.  So very, very wanton.

     Finally she withdrew her fingers.  "O.K., I'm ready.  Are you?"

     My breaths were coming in quick, short gasps.  "Yes, do it!"

     "Beg me!"

     Was she kidding?  Beg her to whip my asshole?  "Please, Danielle,

whip me there."  I pulled my anus as far apart as I could, then braced

myself for the pain.

     "Whip you where?  Where do you want me to whip you, slut?"

     "My anus.  Right on my anus.  Oh, please Danielle, get it over


     I didn't even hear the slapping sound that the knurled knob of the

pussy whip made against my ultra-sensitive rosebud.  I just felt one

short, quick lightning bolt strike me right in the center of my open and

exposed asshole.  The pain was like nothing I have ever felt before or

hope to feel again.  I fell to the floor like a deer shot with an arrow,

crying out the most agonizing, ear-piercing scream either of us had ever

heard.  If a sharp needle had just been shoved into me there, it

couldn't have hurt worse.

     The racking, agonizing pain seemed to flow away from my anus in

ever widening circles, like a stone on a pond, sending one electric

shock after another from my loins upward through my spinal column,

reaching my brain with a message that this was the ultimate of pain,

there could be no worse.  The scream must have lasted a full minute, and

not once during that minute did the pain subside one iota.

     Reflexively, Danielle moved down on the floor beside me quickly,

putting her arms around me, trying to soothe the unbelievable pain away.

"Oh, baby, baby, I'm sorry I hurt you so bad," she said, her voice

filled with sincerity, as she rubbed my bare shoulders with the palms

of her hands.  The stinging pain went on.....and on....and on.....

     I had asked for the most acute pain she could give me.  I had even

begged for it.  And having received it, I thought I was crazy.  I would

rather have had a red-hot poker shoved up there than what Danielle did

to me, but I would never tell her.

     I must have lay there for a full ten minutes, waiting for the ache

in my anus to begin to wane.  All the while, Danielle soothed me,

sometimes kissing my shoulders, stroking my hair, blowing warm air ever

so gently on my face, anything to help me through my suffering.

Eventually, the pain began to subside, little by little.  I turned very

gingerly on my side, toward Danielle, ever aware of the dull throb in

my anal region.  Shifting slightly, she drew her still clothed body next

to my naked one, belly to belly.  Her body felt tepid; mine was a mass

of sweat, especially my back.

     Danielle brushed some hair from my brow with her fingertips, then

wiped a small tear from beneath my eye.  Her warm smile spoke a thousand

words of sympathy for my pain.  I returned the smile, then slowly

brought my lips to hers.  Her kiss in return was more soothing than

passionate, punctuated by the gentle stroking of her fingertips at the

nape of my neck.  To let her know how much I still needed her, I pressed

my naked pubis against the cool leather of her skirt.  She reciprocated

while she quietly insinuated the tip of her tongue into my eager mouth.

     Not once, since that night, have we ever spoken about what she did

to me with that pussy whip.  Although we have had dozens, perhaps

hundreds, of other sessions where we became involved in all kinds of S&M

activities, even some rather bizarre endeavors in that arena, neither

of us ever mentioned what happened.  Although the pain was the most

excruciating I had ever known, and although I had difficulty sitting

down for days afterward, I never regretted having gone through what I

did.  In deference to the pain Danielle knew I was feeling, she did not

perform any anal sexual activities on me for more than a week after that


     When Danielle finally felt I was ready for anal play, at first her

kisses there were soft and gentle.  She put nothing inside my nether

portal until she knew I had completely recovered, and even then, with

a new beginning, took me with only one finger or small object at a time.

She was smart, easing me back, increasing the size of what she put in

my delicate rosebud over many days.  Since there were so many other

things we did to each other, I didn't miss anal sex, though when it

began again it seemed so much better than before.  Perhaps the pussy

whip's ultra-painful sting had made me even more aware of my sexuality

there.  Whatever it was, it certainly appeared to be the precipitous

factor in one other night I will never forget--the night of the glass



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