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Archive-name: Samesex/ll1.txt

Archive-author: Laurie Anne Roberson

Archive-title: Loving Lesbos

    It had been a particularly long and grueling day at the office, and the

heat of the day had sapped a lot of my strength, but I decided to stop on

the way home and buy a really sexy pair of undies, knowing that Danielle,

my lover, would be pleased with me for doing so.  Having bought the

sexiest, laciest pair of bra and panties I could find, I thought of nothing

but my sweetheart the rest of the way home.

    I had known Danielle for almost six years, ever since high school, and

we were almost constant lovers for the last four of them.  We each had

"stepped out" on the other on several occasions, later confessing our

transgressions in tear-filled, highly emotional situations which only

served to bring us closer together.  Her sexual appetite, like mine, was

insatiable.  I don't think there is anything we haven't tried or wouldn't

try to make each other happy.

    My job as a secretary was boring, paid little, and brought not too much

satisfaction to my life, but there was always Danielle at the end of the

day to save it for me.  Her life as a part-time model was much more

glamorous, and offered her more of an opportunity for sexual liaisons

outside of our relationship (both male and female), but I knew the sex part

of it went with the territory, and I gave her just the slightest hassle

when she stayed out late on a modeling assignment.

    Danielle was as pretty a girl as I had ever known.  She just turned

twenty-four last month.  Her long, strawberry-blonde hair and pretty face,

with pug nose and deep blue eyes, had adorned the covers of several

prominent national magazines over the past few years.  She preferred

modeling in lingerie, and often appeared in Sears or Montgomery Ward

catalogs in typical poses with nothing on but panties and bra.  Like most

models of this type, she was not particularly large-breasted, though what

she had to offer beneath those sexy, lacey bras she loved to wear was more

than ample.  They are certainly more than enough to whet my appetite.

Her legs were long, sleek, and perfectly tanned.  She was a real head-

turner when she walked in shopping malls wearing a short dress.

    I am not as pretty as she, but, I must say without sounding immodest,

that I really have her beat when it comes to well-developed bodies.

Although I am the elder of us two by only three months, I think my boobs

stayed longer in the oven when they were baking, and must have been

enhanced by extra dough.  To say the least, they are extremely large.  I am

probably more well-endowed than many movie actresses, and I know I

put a lot of models in Playboy and Penthouse to shame.  I must admit,

however, that my looks are only slightly above average, so, despite my

physical assets, I do not command the attention that Danielle does with

her strikingly pretty face and long blonde hair.

    I am a brown-eyed brunette and I like to keep my hair cut short, just

covering my ears.  Where it really counts, I like to keep my pussy hairs

cut real short!  In fact, I have been known to keep my little honeypot

shaved completely for weeks at a time.  Often, I let Danielle do the

shaving for me, knowing that soon thereafter I will be rewarded with a

long, satisfying orgasm when she is done, finding it difficult not to get

turned on by my spread legs and pouting cuntal lips.  Often, she is unable

to stop from eating me before she is done shaving me; it is not unusual for

us to interrupt this activity with some really heavy sex.

    Usually she shaves me while I'm lying on the bed with a rubber mat

beneath my buttocks, but, I am getting way too far ahead of myself to go

into details about that now.  I plan to tell all about myself and

Danielle, and promise to include a few paragraphs about her adventures in

shaving between my legs.

    Coming home from work, like today, wearing the new sexy undies I had

bought on the way, was always a joy.  I like to surprise her.  Sometimes I

sit across from her and flash a little leg.   If I am bold, I'll let her

see well up my dress or nightie.  She goes wild when I do it without

panties on!  For some reason, she gets particularly turned on when I turn

my back to her and bend over, offering her a rear view of panties or--

sometimes--a bare ass!

    Walking in the door I smelled food on the stove.  Steak?  It smelled

good.  "Hi, Danielle, where are you?"

    "Hi, Laurie!" she shouted from the living room.

    I walked into the living room, feeling really sexy, knowing that what I

was wearing beneath my dark blue skirt and sweater would really turn her

on.  She was lying on the sofa, reading a model magazine, clad in a

red halter, beneath which she was obviously wearing nothing, and a pair of

white short-shorts.  I moved to her side and, bending slightly, brushed my

lips against her cheek as she raised her face slightly to greet me.

    "How was your day?" she asked with a wide smile.

    "Crappy," I replied.  "As usual.  If George Phillips pinches my rear

end once more I'm going to kick him in the balls."

    Danielle laughed.  She moved her hips back on the sofa in a gesture

offering me room to sit next to her.  I planted my buttocks on the sofa,

placing my right forearm just below her left shoulder.  Her right arm

drifted instinctively across my thigh.  I placed my left arm upon it.

    "Steak's in the oven," she said.

    "You look pretty," I said, staring into her baby-blues, pretending to

ignore her comment, giving her left arm a little squeeze.

    She looked into my eyes, right into my soul I thought.  "I missed you

today," she whispered into my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

    "Since just this morning?" I asked, pretending to be oblivious of the

goose bumps which adorned my arms.

    "Uh-uh," she replied.  "I've had a boring day.  One telephone call, one

modeling assignment for next Tuesday.  I thought about you a lot, Laurie."

    I smiled.  Love was something special to us.  Neither of us were

ashamed to reveal our innermost feelings to each other.  We had always

communicated our needs, sexually or otherwise, with such candor that we

weren't afraid to say what we really felt or wanted.  "I thought about you,

too," I said, moving my right hand to her forehead and brushing away her

bangs of strawberry-blonde hair.  After four years of basically non-stop

sex, one would think we would have grown tired of one another.  To the

contrary, our physical attraction was mutual and unceasing.

    "I'm not really that hungry," I whispered sexily with a broad smile,

finally responding to her earlier comment about the steak in the oven.

    "You could turn off the oven," she said, biting her lower lip,

acknowledging my all too obvious innuendo that there was something on my

mind besides dinner.

    "Do you have something better than steak to eat?" I asked, knowing the

obvious answer to my own question.

    "I've got something that's extremely low-calorie for you.  I think

you'll find it to be rather delectable," she answered, moving her body

under my arm which stretched across the back of the sofa, her shoulder

nudging under my armpit.  I moved my free hand to her halter-covered right

breast and began toying with her there, using just the tips of my fingers

upon her slightly turgid nipple.  I knew that always turned her on.

    Danielle moved her left hand to my sweater, just beneath my left

breast.  I thought she was going to touch me there, but she didn't; her

hand remained near my ribs.  Bending my head slightly, I planted a gentle

kiss on her soft, golden hair.  She traced the fingers of her free hand

from my ribs to the nape of my neck, by-passing my tit, pulling me into her

in a soft, gentle way.  She turned her head and brought her lips to mine.

The kiss was tender, but not overtly sexy.  I liked to call it a "warm-up"

kind of kiss.

    "Excuse me, but I don't think we need more than one fire at a time in

here," I said, breaking the kiss and her embrace, as I arose and walked

into the kitchen.  I turned the oven down to 100 degrees, enough to keep

the steak warm while Danielle turned my body turned hot.

    When I returned to her, she was lying prone, having swung her left leg,

bent at the knee, over the back of the sofa, keeping her right leg

straight.  The effect was to open her legs up completely, offering me a

sexy view of the crotch of her shorts.  A quick glance between her legs

revealed a slight opening on the outside of the crotch of her white shorts,

beneath which I could distinctly see the edge of her just as white panties.

    Instead of returning to my seated position next to her, I stood above

the exquisitely pretty girl, looking down at her bare midriff and

unbelievably sexy legs.  "I turned the oven down," I said.

    "Then how about turning me on," she replied, beckoning me with

outspread arms.

    "First, I have a little surprise for you," I whispered in as sexy a

tone as I could muster.

    "I like surprises," she said with a broad smile.

    "Close your eyes," I commanded.  "No peeking."

    Keeping my eyes glued to her face to prevent her from cheating, I

reached under the bottom of my sweater and lifted it over my chest, then

drew it over my head.  I looked down at my new brassiere, a front-hooking

type with solid material to the outside of my breasts, and see-through

lace, embroidered with tiny flowers along the insides.  Plenty of cleavage

was visible through the wispy lace.

    Bending slightly at the waist, I grasped the hem of my skirt, then

pulled it in a quick upward thrust along my bare, white legs, all the way

to my waist, revealing my new, sexy, bra-matching panties.  I knew from

having looked in the mirror at the store that my hairless cuntal crack was

plainly visible just above the plain, reinforced solid white crotch.

Flowery lace adorned the entire front of the tiny, bikini-styled undies.

    I held the dress above my waist, still grasping the hem.  I felt really

sexy.  I hoped Danielle would like what I was wearing.  I had bought the

frilly material just for her.  "Open your eyes," I whispered.

    Slowly, as if she were drifting out of sleep, she opened her eyes to

see me standing before her, showing off my recent purchase.  Her eyes

widened and her mouth opened.  "Oh!  They're beautiful!" she exclaimed,

staring first at my panties and then at my bra.  She licked her lips

instinctively, then gulped.

    "I bought them just for you, Danielle," I said, turning in a slow

circle to permit her a view of the solid, tight fitting rear of the satiny


    I knew sexy lingerie turned her on.  She loved to model in such

delicate things as much as she liked to see others do the same.  We both

had a penchant for sexy underwear.  My favorite of hers was a full-cut

panty and bra combination that was completely transparent, right down to

the crotch and bra cups.  Maybe the outfit I was now modeling for her

didn't quite match that, but I knew she would find it extremely enticing.

    "Oh, Laurie, where did you buy them?" she asked, reaching her left hand

out to touch the front of the panties with her fingertips.

    "At Macy's, on the way home.  I thought you might like them!"

    "Oh, wow!  I love them, Laurie!  They're beautiful.  You look so

fucking sexy!  Turn around again, for me, I want to see that gorgeous ass

once more."

    I turned my back to her and purposely stuck my rear end out by bending

slightly at the waist.  I heard her whistle behind me, then felt the warmth

of the palm of her hand resting on my left buttock.  "These panties

look like they're painted on you," she sighed, running her hand over my


    Feeling her hand back there, I became emboldened, inching back toward

the sofa, opening my legs wider in the process, and bending over even

further.  My back was to her, but my crotch was wide open.  Looking

back between my legs, I saw Danielle's left hand cup her own crotch and

squeeze it tightly just as she moved the fingertips of her right hand

between my legs.

    "OH, yes!" I sighed as I felt the first upward pressure of her hand

against my panty crotch, pressing into my puffy cuntal lips.

    "So soft," she whispered, pressing her middle finger right into the

crack, near the entrance to my vagina which was already filling with my

love-juices.  "Move closer to me, Laurie."

    I backed up toward the couch, until I felt my calves hit the edge.  My

panty-covered ass was right above her head now.  I could feel her eyes

staring into my private area.  She maintained a constant pressure of her

finger against my vulva.  Lowering my backside even further, I squatted

over her, the wide expanse of my panty-covered crotch just a few inches

above her face.  I looked to the side; her hand was digging into her

own crotch now, teasing her clitoris into full erection, as she looked up

at my panty-covered ass above her.

    "What a view!" she exclaimed.

    I was wanton now, completely filled with lust.  Grabbing most of the

material of my raised skirt with my left hand in front of my doubled-over

tummy, I moved my right hand between my legs, pushing hers away.  Boldly, I

grasped one edge of the crotch of my new panties with four fingers and

pulled it to the side, baring my now gaping, completely hairless cunt to

the leering eyes below.

    "Is this what you're after?" I husked, knowing that the lush pink

tissues lining the inside of the walls of my cuntal crack and the moistened

vaginal entrance were plainly visible to Danielle.

    My wantonness surprised even my lover.  "You know it is, you devil!"

    I used my index finger to pull one of my puffy, hairless labia even

further apart, revealing a good deal of the inner entrance to my now

steaming vagina.  "Use your tongue, lover," I ordered, lowering my ass all

the way onto her face, almost smothering her with the fatty tissues of my


    Her tongue shot into me like a dart, at once filling a void that had

been empty for too long.  I could hear her slurping at the offered prize,

even as I felt her hot tongue begin its search into my very being, while I

clasped the arm of the sofa to keep my balance.  I had known other lovers,

male and female, but no one had a tongue like Danielle's.  I had known her

to kiss and suck my pussy for hours--once for an entire evening when

she bet me I could experience orgasm ten times.  She was wrong--I came at

least a dozen times, each time more intense than the previous one.

    She licked the entire length of my cuntal crack, even reaching into my

super-sensitive anal area as she moved her head back and forth beneath my

churning ass.  "OH!  That feels wonderful!" I cried, trying to hold

my body still for a moment and allow her tongue to perform its magic inside


    She gurgled and cooed into my crack which was plastered against her

face.  I couldn't get enough of this bitch who was just as much in heat as

I was.  While her one hand stole inside her shorts, beneath her panties,

to play with her own hot womanhood, her other hand supported my lowered


    I let her eat me for at least ten minutes, on the verge on coming on

several occasions, letting the lofty sensations fill my loins.  Finally, I

eased my ass off her face.  "Let's go to the bedroom, darling," I whispered


    Not waiting for a response, and without looking back at her, I ran into

the bedroom and jumped onto the bed, flat on my back, legs spread wide.  I

pulled the crotch of my panties to the side once more and waited.  Danielle

walked slowly into the room, a look of pure sexiness on her face.  The

front of her shorts were unbuttoned and unzipped, the material falling to

either side of the front.  I assumed she had opened the shorts when she was

playing with herself while sucking me just moments before.

    She slowly moved to the bed and sat between my spread legs, staring

into my hairless cunt which I offered for her view.  She inclined her body

parallel to my left leg and rested her head on her left hand, her head only

inches from the obscenely exposed crack.  She placed her free hand on the

top of my left thigh and licked her lips with her tongue.

    "What does the little girl want?" she whispered.  Because of its

hairless condition, she often referred to my sex as a "little girl".

    "She needs a lot of attention," I said softly.  Looking down her

reclining body, I could see the top of her panties where the front of her

shorts opened in a wide 'V'.  Her nipples, now fully erect, jutted against

her halter.  I wanted to suck them.

    "You mean like this?" asked Danielle, showing me her saliva-filled

tongue before pressing into the length of my sex and taking a long, wet

swipe with it from my vagina to my clit.

    I cried out in ecstasy.  "Yes!" I gasped, "Oh, do it to me darling!"

    "Show me where the little girls wants all the attention," she said in

as sexy a tone as she could muster.

    She was teasing me now.  Still holding the panty crotch to the side,

baring my cunt, I moved the tip of my forefinger to my bulging clitoral

hood, beneath which the source of my most wonderful pleasures lie hidden,

surrounded by sensitive tissues.  "Right here," I said, pressing my finger

against the nubbin, pushing my finger into the upper crack of my pussy.

    "And where else?" she whispered, staring at my finger delving into the

splayed crotch.

    "Here," I replied, opening my legs even wider and moving my fingertip

to my vaginal entrance.  "Your tongue belongs real deep in here!"  Danielle

watched, wide-eyed, as I pierced the vagina with my finger.  It was like a

lake inside me, my love juices flowing copiously.

    "I think I can handle that," said Danielle, smiling, moving her head

closer to my crotch.

    "Not so fast, young lady!  I haven't pointed out all the target areas


    "What's missing?" she asked.

    Still holding my panty crotch to the side, I moved my fore and middle

fingers to either side of the soft flesh surrounding my anal region and

pushed the delicate halves apart, baring my round 'O', my nether opening,

the entrance to my rectal cavity.  "Here, too," I said.  "Are you brave

enough to do it here?"

    I knew the answer.  She had rimmed me a hundred times before, but I

liked the anticipation of knowing what my lover was about to do to me.  "I

might even start there first," she replied with a wry smile.  "I plan

on doing lots of things to you.  I've got some nice surprises myself."

    "Like what?"

    "If I told you they wouldn't be surprises, would they?"

    "Tell me some of the things," I begged.  It really turned me on to hear

her say what was in store for me.

    "It's a little embarrassing," she lied.  "Let me whisper in your ear.

Move your leg."  She sidled up along side of me as I moved my right leg to

accommodate her.  I removed my hand from my panty crotch, letting the

material fall back into place over my pussy and put my arm around her.  Her

head nestled in the crook of my neck.  It was a nice position, leaving her

left hand atop my head, which she scratched gently, and her right hand on

my cheek, which she caressed softly.  Her forearm rested atop my left

breast.  I kept my legs as open as I could.

    "Do you really want to hear what I'm going to do to you?" she asked,

her mouth just next to my ear, the warmth of her breath driving me insane

with desire.

    "Uh-uh," I replied.

    "I'm going to start at the top and work down.  First here, all over

your face," she said with caressing fingers.  "I'm going to kiss your cheek

real softly.  And here," she said, running the tip of her index finger over

my lips, "I'm going to kiss you nice and slowly on your lips, then french

you with my whole tongue."

    As she spoke her lips brushed against my ear, breathing her words into

the canal, knowing the tremendously sexy affect it was causing on my

libido.  I needed her so badly, how much I could never express in words.

She really knew how to turn me on!

    "And then," she continued, moving her hand to the side of my neck and

working it slowly to the top of my chest, "I think I'll start working my

way toward the mountains."  I giggled reflexively as fingertips made their

way to the inside of my bra-encased left breast.  She liked to call my

breasts "mountains" and my hairless cunny a "valley".  Often she took hikes

to the mountain and strolls thorough the valley, much to my delight.

    "Because they're so big, I'll spend a lot time sucking and kissing your

beautiful tits, especially....right here...."

    "AHHH!" I cried as her forefinger found my turgid nipple beneath the

embroidered lace and tweaked it sexily, arousing it even more fully.

    "Do you like that, Laurie?" Danielle whispered softly into my ear,

pressing gently on my left nipple with her fore-finger.

    "OH!" I cooed.  "You know I do!"

    She drew circles around the nipple with her fingertip, exciting the

ultra-sensitive tissues and membranes of the surrounding areola while she

softly blew more warm air into my ear, causing my whole body to shiver.

The sexual atmosphere that filled the room was unbelievable.

    "All over the mountains, Laurie.  I'm going to travel all over them

with my lips and tongue.  Sometimes I'll suck your nipple so hard and bite

it with my teeth that you'll scream in pain.  But I won't be done then,

because there is so much more of your delicious body to explore.  Down here

on the other side of the mountain is a trail that leads to a hidden


    Her fingers began moving down my body, over my belly button, toward my

mons veris.  I began to arch my body upward, to meet her wandering hand.

When her fingers touched my pubis I nearly jumped out of my skin!  Her

touch, by hand or lips or tongue, was electric, sending shock waves

throughout my body.  Her magic fingers never ceased to amaze me.

    "In the valley, Laurie," she whispered, pressing lightly into the

cuntal crack beneath my panties, there is a cave that needs to be explored.

I need to go inside and check it out.  I think it's"

    I gasped out loud as her middle finger slid over the crotch of my new,

pretty panties, across my burgeoning clitoris, and insinuated just slightly

into the vaginal orifice.  I couldn't take any more!  Turning my body

toward my lover, I threw my arms around her and pulled her to me, wrapping

myself around her.

    "Oh, Danielle, I need you so much!  Fuck me with your tongue and your

finger."  Our lips met in a fit a pure passion as pressed the entire palm

of her hand between my legs and grasped my sex beneath the now soaked panty

crotch.  I gurgled and cooed with delight, hoping her explorations of my

body would never end.  Never had I known anyone, man or woman, who had such

complete control of me, who I would do anything for, anything she asked.

And she knew it.

    "I want you naked, Laurie," she said as she kissed my mouth.  "I want

you to be naked for me," she repeated, emphasizing the last word of her

sentence before she gently bit my lower lip with her teeth.

    And how I wanted to be naked for her, too!  And her for me.  I wanted

it all and more.  There could never be too much of Danielle.  "I love you!

Oh, how much I love you!" I cried against her insinuating tongue, knowing

that the soft, warm tongue that was now exploring my mouth would soon be

filling my vagina or asshole, depending on her whim. The anticipation was

too much for me.

    I pressed my loins into her as my left hand eased into the back of her

already opened shorts and come to rest atop the back of her panties, where

I grabbed a handful of her opulent flesh.  "I love your ass!" I cried,

churning my mouth against Danielle's as our tongue's continued to meet time

and time again.

    We kissed for an eternity.  The more turned on we became, the more bold

did our wandering hands become, caressing a fleshy tit here, stroking an

ass there, using our fingers outside each other's crotch to flirt with each

other's jaws of delight.  My hand moved stealthily from Danielle's firm

buttocks and stole into the front of opened shorts, skimming the front of

her silky panties, and where I pressed my fingers into the soft curls of

her pussy.  She moaned from deep within her throat, then suddenly moved her

hands to the front of my bra.

    "It's such a pretty bra," she said, staring at the flowery lace, "but I

need what's under it."

    "Take it off," I said.

    "You, Laurie.  I want you to do it.  Do a nice, sexy strip-tease for


    I smiled.  "Are you serious?"

    "Yes," she replied.  "Stand next to the bed and turn me on."

    "You are serious!" I exclaimed.

    "Now!" she ordered.

    Somewhat reluctantly removing my hand from inside her shorts, where I

had begun to enjoy playing with her sweet pussy, I arose from the bed, my

skirt falling back into place.  Danielle turned her legs slightly in my

direction, opening them enough for me to see the outline of her cuntal

crack in the crotch of her shorts.  She looked so sexy reclining there, her

right leg straight, her left leg bent at the knee.  Boldly, she eased her

hand into the front of the shorts, where mine had only recently been and

cocked her head in anticipation of my little show.

    I put my hands on my hips and stared straight into her baby-blue eyes,

flicking my tongue over my lips sensuously.  The knuckle of Danielle's

middle finger jutted out from inside the crotch of her shorts, just above

her clitoris.  It was obvious she was toying with her nubbin as she watched


    I decided to tease her a little.  Slowly, I snaked my hands upward,

over my bare midriff, until they came to rest beneath my bra-encased

breasts.  I turned my palms upward and cupped each weighty melon.

Danielle's mouth opened slightly.  I moved my eyes to the movements of her

hand between her legs.  "If you keep playing with yourself like that you're

going to get excited."

    "I am excited, Laurie," she husked, moving her middle finger further

down inside her panties, placing it, I was sure, into the middle of her

sex.  "I love to watch you undress."

    I moved my hand to the hook at the front of my bra.  "You mean, like

you want me to open my bra for you?" I teased.

    "Please do it!" she begged.

    I pretended that the hook was stuck, prolonging the torment.  Danielle

withdrew her hand from inside her shorts, then, raising her hips off the

bed, quickly whisked the red shorts down her long, sleek legs.  The pretty

strawberry blonde was left wearing only a halter and white satin, bikini-

styled undies.  Her hand quickly slipped back into her panties,

unencumbered by the tightness of her shorts.  She teased the entire length

of her cuntal crack with her middle finger as she looked at me, legs

splayed, resting on her left elbow.

    I unhooked the bra front, but left the cups in place.  So intent was

her concentration on my little strip-tease and her own masturbatory

activities, her brow was extremely furrowed and her face blushed red.  When

I separated the bra halves, and my melons spilled into freedom, Danielle's

mouth opened wide.  She stared at my huge tits like she had never seen them

before.  My coral-colored nipples were fully erect.

    "They're so beautiful!" she sighed.

    "Do you really like them?" I whispered sexily, poking my chest out as

far as I could while I let the bra straps slide down my arms.  The lacy

material fell silently to the floor.  I was proud of my breasts, and I

loved to turn Danielle on by showing them off to her.

    She smiled.  Her teeth was pearly white, perfect.  "I might spend a

couple hours sucking on your nipples."

    "Mm," I said, moving the tips of each forefinger in small circles over

the nubbins, "I might like that!"  The surrounding areolas were dotted with

goose bumps.  My nipples tingled as I played with them.  Bending forward, I

allowed my mammaries to hang downward.  Even the slightest movement of my

body caused them to sway back and forth.  I knew I was driving Danielle

crazy.  I let the hanging melons sway and shake for several moments,

watching them in a narcisstic fascination myself.

    Next to the bed was a velvet cushioned blue arm chair.  I pulled it

away from the wall, about five feet from the side of the bed, facing

Danielle.  Turning my back to the reclining girl, I bent forward and

grasped the chair arms in each hand, poking my skirt-covered behind out as

my boobs hung down and swayed back and forth.  Opening my legs as far as I

could, the skirt stretched tightly over my buttocks, more than half-way

up my naked thighs.

     I knew Danielle could see my panty-covered crotch from her vantage

point behind me.  I wanted her to look at me there.  Slowly, I moved my

backside in a tiny circle, teasing my lover.  Looking back over my

shoulder, I watched Danielle's hand dig deep between her spread legs.  The

pure white crotch of her panties turned me on immensely.

    In a slow, delicate motion I then turned to face my lover once more.

Silently, I eased my ass onto the cushion of the chair, looking straight

into Danielle's wide-opened eyes.  My dark blue skirt was half-way up my

thighs, but I kept my legs closed, moving my hands over my bare knees.

    As Danielle sought to find some meaningful look in my eyes, staring

intently at my face, I bit my lower lip, then slowly raised my right leg

upward, inch by teasing inch, revealing with each delightfully delicious

second more and more of my bare legs.  Danielle's eyes instinctively zoomed

to my upward-moving leg, begging for a view up my skirt.

    It wasn't long before the upper "V" of my panties came into view.  Just

above the solid white reinforced crotch, stretching out in a wide

triangularly, was the sexily patterned flower-embroidered lace.  I knew

Danielle could see the beginning of my hairless cuntal crack just where the

lace began.  It excited me to know I was giving her a rather pleasant view

of my private area.

    Danielle gulped.  Her lips quivered slightly as my right foot came to

rest on the seat, revealing to her leering eyes a good deal of my sexy new

undies.  I let her take in the view for a few precious moments while her

fingers continued to play tunes upon her pussy.  Slowly then, I began to

raise my right leg, now bent at the knee, toward the ceiling, straightening

it out completely until my toe was pointing upward.  I moved my hands to my

raised right calf, then drew them slowly downward, along the back of my

bare leg, as if I were drawing hose down the leg.

    Danielle's brow was now filled with beads of sweat.  She had that look

on her face of pure rapture, of complete sexual abandonment.  Her once

white, soft complected cheeks, were now crimson-colored.  Her breaths were

drawn through her mouth.  My hands stopped at the back of my thigh.

    "Do you like my legs, too?" I whispered sexily.

    Danielle only swallowed a bit of saliva from her moistening mouth and

stared intently at the little leg and panty show I was giving her.  She was

too excited to respond to my question.  I decided to turn her on some

more, letting my leg fall back into place with my foot resting upon the

chair cushion.  Looking into her eyes once more, I watching them focus on

the view up my skirt, I began to raise my left leg upward, slowly and

sexily, until my foot came to rest, like the right one, on top of the blue

velvet cushion.  All of my pure white panty-covered crotch was now

available for her inspection.

    I let her view the new position for several moments.  Emboldened by her

heavier breathing, I began to spread my knees further apart, little by

little, offering more and more of my private area to her staring, wide-

opened eyes.  She now had a completely unobstructed view of the entire

length of my panty-clad crotch and lower abdomen.

    "What a beautiful sight!" she managed to say in a husky voice.

    I moved my hands underneath my legs which now, bent at the knee, hung

over each arm of the chair.  My fingertips graced each edge of the wide

expanse of silky, white crotch.  I could feel my pussy lips now parted

and sticky from my love-juices beneath the stretched material.  "I'd like

to show you what I've got inside my panties, Danielle," I whispered.

    "Yes, I'd like that," she said, taking another big gulp, her eyes

affixed to my sex.     I smiled, knowing how turned on she was.  The

outline of my cuntal crack was vivid along the length of my cum-filled

crotch.  I toyed with the edges of the material with my fingertips, teasing

the poor girl.  "First," I said, "I want you to take your halter off.  If

you can see my tits, I should be able to see yours."

    Danielle quickly sat up on the bed, withdrawing her hand from inside

her own panties, and reached under the ribbed red tubular halter just to

the side of either tit, and quickly pulled the material over her breasts,

which sprang quickly into view, then over the top of her head.  Not nearly

the size of mine, her alabaster, pink-nippled mammaries stood out nicely on

her chest.  Almost conical, the firm, fleshy protuberances were well-formed

and perfectly proportioned for her size.

    "Make your nipples harder," I ordered.

    She looked down at own breasts, then moved her hands over them,

bringing her thumb and forefinger over each tiny, pink nipple.  She

squeezed each nubbin into erection, sometimes pulling the pretty pebbles

away from her pert tits.  "Like that?" she asked, feeling proud of herself.

    "Yes, like that," I replied.  "Now slip your panties off."

    "Laurie!  I thought you were stripping for me!" she protested.

    "Have you enjoyed what you've seen so far?"  I asked, running my

fingers over my panty crotch.

    "Yes," she answered.

    "I'll have an incentive to do even better if you're lying there naked

on the bed while I'm doing it.  Come on," I begged, "I've seen it all

before.  Don't be shy!"

    Danielle let her body fall backward on the bed, her breasts flattening

like pancakes on her chest.  I stared at the full pubic mound now covered

by the solid white panties.  I could see outlines of the curls beneath the

thin material.  She raised her legs straight in the air, exposing the lower

part of her sexy ass and the back of her panty crotch.  She kept her legs

closed.  Slowly, she snaked her thumbs into either side of the panty tops

and began pushing the material over her buttocks without even raising her

hips off the bed.

    The dividing crack of her ass soon came into view.  I watched in rapt

attention and sweet anticipation as the first few light-colored pussy curls

sprang into sight beneath the undies which now moved up her raised legs.

Through the curls, I was able to distinguish the back of the slit which

divided her puffy pussy lips.

    When the panties arrived at the mid-point of her raised legs, she bent

her knees and then pushed the panties over them, all the way to her feet.

She kicked the panties in my direction and they fell on the floor in

front of me.  She then raised her legs once more and held them tightly

closed, tantalizing me for several moments.

    Finally, I could take it no more.  "Open your legs, Danielle."

    She bent her legs at the knees once more, kicking her heels softly

against the backs of her thighs, teasing me some more.  Then, without

warning, she quickly spread her legs wide open, revealing the entire length

of her splendid pussy.  I gasped out loud.  My heart was beating rapidly.

She remained like that for several moments, letting me feast my eyes on the

gorgeous sight.  Finally, she dropped her legs to the mattress and

pushed herself up.  There was a look of pure sexual yearning on her face.

    I watched her naked body slither from the bed to the floor in front of

me, where I still sat straddling the arms of the chair.  Without a word,

she leaned her head forward and plastered her lips right in the middle of

my cum-soaked panty crotch.  I gasped again.  The feeling was electric,

sending shock waves which emanated from the spot she was kissing all over

my body.

    "OH!  Danielle!" I cried, reaching for the top of her head and pulling

her face closer into my sex.

    She passionately kissed the length of my crotch, forcing her tongue

into the sticky panties, finding the spots that turned me on through the

silky material.  When her lips located my clitoral nubbin, she sucked at it

voraciously, flicking her tongue over it, fanning the flames of lust within


    I slid my ass closer to the edge of the chair and arched my hips,

offering her easier access to the center of my splayed legs.  As she kissed

and sucked, her hands slowly moved up my body and found my naked tits.

She grabbed as much of the flesh there that she could with two hands,

kneading the melons gently, sometimes flicking one of her fingers over my

rock-hard nipples.

    "You feel so good to me, Laurie," she whispered into the soaked crotch

of my panties.  "I could suck you here forever."  She pursed her lips

around my clitoris and kissed it gently.

    "Take my panties off!" I cried out, my cunt aching for the exquisite

feel of Danielle's mouth and tongue against the hairless lips between by

spread legs.  I wanted this bitch more than words could adequately

express.  I raised my hips several inches off the bed, while Danielle

reached her hands inside the top elastic band of my undies and began

inching them over my hips.  My heart was pounding in anticipation, knowing

that in just a few more seconds the lips of her mouth would be sucking the

lips of my cunt like only she knew how.

    As she worked my panties to my thighs, I raised my legs straight in the

air, my feet pointing toward the ceiling.  I watched my lover push the

wispy material up the legs and over my feet.  Once off, she threw the

undies to the side.  Keeping my legs raised in the air, closed tightly

together, I knew that Danielle was getting a nice view of the back of my

cuntal crack.  Her eyes fixed on me there.

    "Open your legs for me," she begged, her brow furrowed.

    I drew my legs back toward my head, exposing more of my naked buttocks

in the process, then slowly and sensually spread myself open for my lover.

Immediately, she dropped her body behind my buttocks and pasted her lips

upon my hairless cuntal crack.  My entire body seemed to spasm from the

touch of her mouth there.  Using four fingers from each hand, she pried the

puffy lips apart.  I cried out in happiness, so exquisitely beautiful was

the feeling of her mouth on my cunt.

    Danielle had a knack of drawing every last bit of energy out of me when

she ate me out, sapping me of all my strength as I achieved one tiny orgasm

after another until I finally popped.  She seemed to know just where to

stick her tongue, but best of all, at exactly the right time.  She varied

the movement of her lips and tongue, sometimes working me slowly, sometimes

moving back and forth from my clit to my vagina that the bed literally

shook with her movements.  She held nothing back from me, nothing at all.

She pursued her endeavors with just as much vigor and energy as she had

done the very first time she licked me there four years ago.

    Often Danielle would talk to my cunt as she ate it, addressing it in

the second person just as if it were a complete and separate entity from my

real being.  Perhaps it was.

    "Oh!  You are so fucking beautiful.  Mmmmm.  You taste so good.  Open

more for me, baby.  Oh, you're oozing so much I must have swallowed a quart

of your sweet-tasting cum already.  Give me more you little  cunt!"

    She actually did swallow my love juices just as fast as she could lap

them up.  Knowing what she was doing with my cum only served to turn me on

all the more.  The thing I liked best about Danielle is that she refused to

stop eating me until I went over the edge.  And she knew exactly when that

was about to happen and how to send me into orbit.  Once I reached the edge

of the precipice Danielle brought me over in her own special way.

    "You want to cum, don't you, baby.  It's almost there, I can feel it.

Hold tight, little baby, stay with me!"  It was then that she would bring

her index finger to my anus, now wet with the dripping secretions from my

vagina.  If I gasped out loud, as I usually did, she knew I was ready and

would begin to press her finger ever so slowly into me there.  This

penultimate act would drive me absolutely wild, causing my hips to buck

wildly.  There was no coming back now.  It is impossible to describe the

unbelievably wonderful feeling of her finger pushing through the sphincter

walls into my rectum.

    Then, just as I am about to cum, Danielle would quickly withdraw her

finger and replace it with her tongue.  Boom!  Bells would ring, fireworks

would go off!  My whole body would snap convulsively in that magic moment I

lived each day for.  The bells and whistles seemed to go on forever while

her tongue explored the very depths of my being.  Often, when it was over,

she would tell me how nice it was to feel my anus spasmodically grasping at

her foraging tongue.  Always, at the end, as I would come down from the

heights of ecstasy, she would sidle up next to me and put her arms around

me in a soft embrace.

    "I love you," she always whispered softly into my ear.

    "I love you, too, Danielle."

    Though I might often reciprocate and do her just like she had done me,

if I had the strength left to do so, it was never expected nor asked of me.


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