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Archive-name: Samesex/linger.txt


Archive-title: Lingerie

        Hi, I'm  Sue, and I've got a bit of a thing when it comes

        to lingerie. I love all sorts, from skimpy G-strings to lacy basques, 

        and on evenings when I'm staying in alone l often strip down to my 

        undies. I especially like panties which can be pulled tight into 

        my pussy, creating a delicious, tingling friction which soon has my 

        love juice flowing.  


        So naturally when Steve, an old flame of mine, mentioned to me 

        that a college pal of his had started designing lingerie I wanted 

        to hear more. Steve went one better, and set up a meeting with the 

        designer at her place in the countryside.


        I turned up at Ingrid's house wearing a demure little dress, but 

        underneath it I had some of my favorite white undies, and as always 

        happens when I wear them, I was feeling pretty horny.  To teIl you 

        the truth, I even stopped in a quiet country lane during the drive 

        there so I could play with my pussy!  


        When Ingrid opened the door to me my jaw dropped and I just stood 

        there for a moment, staring. She was a beauty, with a really 

        sultry, sexy face and a great figure. She flashed a seductive smile 

        at me and said, "Hi, you must be Sue. I've heard a lot about you." 

        The way she said it suggested Steve had told her a few little 

        intimate things about me... and I began to suspect we might be in 

        for some real fun.  


        Ingrid led me through to her livingroom, a beautifully big, sunny 

        room with a great view.  Every chair and table was piled with 

        exquisite lingerie. Ingrid put on some soft music and then went out 

        to make some coffee, leaving me gazing enraptured at the frothy 

        lace and the elegant silks and satins of her designs.   

        Almost at once I began to experience the familiar tingling sensation 

        that starts wilh my nipples and travels right down to my pussy. I was 

        getting turned on just looking at all this sexy underwear, imagining how

        it would feel against my skin.


        By the time Ingrid retuned with the coffee l was feeling 

        excidedly horny. We sat and chatted for a while, and then lngrid 

        said, "Okay Sue, do you want to try some outfits?"

        I took off my demure little dress, and was just starting to unclip 

        my garter belt when Ingrid turned around to look at me. "Wow, Steve 

        told me you had a fantastic body, but I wasn't expecting this!" she 

        cried, Bashing me a teasing smile. I felt myself start to blush, to 

        my amazement. I've never been shy about my body, but I guess Ingrid 

        had caught me off guard, being business-like one minute and frankly 

        flirtatious the next.  


        Lowering my eyes and trying to calm down, I started to peel off my 

        stockings. When they were off I unclipped my bra, letting my firm 

        boobs free. I could have sworn I heard a sharp intake of breath from 

        Ingrid as my tits came into full view.  I stood there for a moment,

        uncertain. Was it just my imagination, or was Ingrid getting as turned

        on as me'? Then I hooked my fingers into the sides of my panties, and

        slowly pulled them down. Ingrid's eyes met mine. "It seems a shame to 

        cover up that wonderful body at all." she murmured, "but I think these 

        will suit you." And with that she held out a pair of flimsy red silk 

        panties with a matching camisole.   I've always loved the tantalizing

        sensation of pure silk against my skin, and with Ingrid's eyes 

        following my every move I really had to struggle to keep control when 

        the cool fabric brushed against my pussy. I could feel myself getting 

        really wet and it was getting pretty difficult to resist the 

        temptation to slip my fingers into the crotch of the panties and rub 

        my aching clitty.  

        "That looks great," Ingrid said softly, snapping me out of my reverie.

        "Now how about these?" And she held out a sexy cream basque and 

        matching panties. I could hardly wait to get into them, but I was 

        getting so excited I seemed to have lost control of my fingers. 


        Hard as I tried, I just couldn't do up the hooks which ran all the 

        way down the front of the basque.  Ingrid giggled, saying, "You look 

        like you need a hand," as she moved close to me. Her perfume was 

        sweet and alluring, and I could feel her warmth as her sure fingers 

        carefully fastened the hooks for me.  When the basque was done up, 

        Ingrid's hands lingered against my boobs. There was a real air of 

        expectation building up between us; I knew something was going to 

        happen, but I was getting so nervous waiting for it I decided I had to 

        make the first move. Gently I took Ingrid's hand and pressed it more 

        firmly against me, so she could feel my hardening nipples poking 

        through the thin fabric. I let out an involuntary gasp as her fingers 

        began to rub my nipple. I grabbed Ingrid's other hand and ran it down

        my body to my pussy, keeping my own hand clasped on top of it.  Using

        the pressure of her hand and mine combined I began to rub and stroke

        at my cunt through the flimsy panties, feeling my love juice seep 

        through the fabric and dampen my fingers. Now Ingrid's fingers began 

        to move independently of mine, searching and probing arnound the

        crotch of the panties as they found their way to my sticky slit. 

        I was wetter than l've ever been in my life; the slow build-up of 

        lust through the whole of the afternoorn had gotten me really hot!  

        Ingrid's finger slipped up and down my dripping pussy lips, then 

        sought my firm clitty and began to rub it harder. By the time the 

        tip of her finger had started to tease the edge of my love tunnel 

        I could feel a climax building up. Without warning, one wet finger 

        slid right up into my cunt, and l feIl my pussy walls spasm as I came.

        Ingrid began to finger-fuck me in earnest then, pushing my 

        legs wider apart so she could get three wriggling fingers inside me. 

        I was revelling in the sensations of ecstasy, but Ingrid wasn't 

        satisfied.  "I want to taste your cunt," she said suddenly, kneeling 

        down in front of me and pulling my panties right off so she had 

        full access to my juicy hole. With gentle fingers she held my pussy

        lips wide apart as her tongue could reach right inside me. As she

        lashed at me with her hot tongue, her breath burning my sensitive 

        flesh, I moaned and gasped my way to another incredible climax.  

        Once l'd calmed down a little - which took quite some time, as 

        Ingrid didn't let up her pussy licking for a second - I looked down 

        to see that one hand was burrowing between her parted thighs. I 

        couldn't see too much as she was still fully dressed, albeit a 

        little disheveled, and I decided I couldn't wait a moment longer 

        for a look at her naked cunt. Sinking to the floor beside her, I 

        began to undress her slowly. She just lay back, smiling at me as l 

        stripped her, one hand still playing with her pussy beneath her 



        The body that came into view was spectacular. Her smooth tits were 

        so beautifully shaped I had to pause for a moment to lick and suck 

        them. Then I eased up her skirt to reveal stockingtops and an 

        expanse of smooth thigh.  Higher went the skirt, to show Ingrid's 

        lacy panties, pulled aside at the crotch as her fingers pushed in 

        and out of her love box. Her fingers were shiny with juice, and her 

        breathing was getting heavier. I worked her skirt right up around 

        her waist, pulled off her panties, and watched avidly as she 

        fingered herself to a climax in front of me. Although l've fucked 

        girls before, that was the first time I'd ever seen that and I found

        it an incredible turn on.  

        Straddling Ingrid's body, now gleaming with sweat, I dipped my head 

        to her pussy and took an experimental lick. She tasted so sweet I 

        stuck my tongue right into her without ceremony and began to eat her 

        out enthusiastically, as she repaid the compliment with some more 

        tongueing to my quivering cunt. We were rolling about the floor in 

        our frantic 69 when a sharp tap on the window made us both freeze.  

        Who should be standing there, grinning at us through the glass, but 

        Steve, the guy who'd brought us together!  Stepping through the patio

        door, he said, "Hi girls, I hope you don't nind me interrupting but 

        I couldn't resist seeing what you were doing. I just knew that you 

        two would really get off on each other!" 

        I didn't mind al aII - after aII, I'd fucked Steve often enough in 

        the past - but I wasn't sure how Ingrid would react. She was obviously

        so horny nothing would stop her though; her answer was to grab Steve 

        and puIl him towards her, pulling down his zipper so she could get to 

        work on his stiff dick. I moved up behind her, my boobs pressing 

        against her back, my hand wrapped around the base of Steve's 

        shaft as she sucked it, and my fingers sliding in and out of her 

        dripping cunt. The faster I probed lngrid's pussy, the harder she 

        sucked Steve's cock, and as he groaned and poured out his load into 

        her mouth, her thighs clamped shut over my hand and she climaxed 



        We were far from firnished though. Steve pulled me onto my hands 

        and knees, knelt behind me, and pushed his shiny cock, still 

        dripping crearny cum, into my snatch. As he fucked me, lngrid 

        wriggled beneath me, face up so I could taste Sleve's cum from her 

        mouth as she kissed me. Her fingers moved to my cunt, pleasing 

        my pussy lips as they were stretched apart by Steve's rigid dick, 

        caressirng his halls and the base of his cock where it was slippery

        with my juice.  When he filled me up wilh jizz she kept her fingers 

        pressed against me so some of it ran down over her hand, then 

        brought it up to my face so I could suck the cream from her 

        slim finger's.


        Needless to say, lngrid designs lots of underwear for me these

        days. I love her sexy designs -and trying them on always gives us 

        an excuse for another' wild and steamy sex session!



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