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Archive-name: Samesex/lezfrend.txt


Archive-title: Janet

    I had been visiting my parents for a couple of days, when I got a

    call from Janet.  It was with Janet that I had had my first sexual

    experience while I was in high school.  I had not spoken to her for

    years, and it came as a surprise, she invited me over to her house

    the next evening to talk and catch up on things.  We had not been

    good friends, she was the older sister of a good friend, and other

    than that wonderful time at the limestone quarry, I had not even

    spent much time with her.  But she seemed like she really wanted to

    talk to me so I told her I would come.  The next afternoon, I walked

    back to the old limestone quarry, and did a little nude sunbathing.

    As I lay in the sun, my thoughts drifted back to that day, and I

    found my hand slowly massaging my clitoris.  My thoughts, combined

    with the warm sun, and the movements of my finger brought me to a

    quick but wonderful orgasm.  I swam in the cold clear water, and got

    even some more sun. I drove over to Janet's house, not really knowing

    what to expect, Janet had gotten married right out of high school,

    and my Mother told me that she had a couple of little kids.  When

    Janet opened the door, we each took a couple of seconds to look at

    each other before we spoke and hugged.  Janet had put on a couple of

    pounds, but was not overweight.  Her pregnancies had left her with

    very large breasts, but she looked good, still very attractive.  We

    complimented each other on how "great we looked", and went into the

    living room.  Janet got us some wine, and told me that her husband

    Joe had gone to Indianapolis for business, and would be gone

    overnight.  We chatted a while, and then were joined by her two

    little daughters who were full of questions and energy, but it was

    their bed time, so we tucked them in, and went back to our wine.  As

    the wine took effect, we started talking about more serious things.

    She and Joe had been having some rough spots, she thought he had been

    seeing another woman.  She told me she had never had sex with anyone

    but him, paused and then said "and you Renee".  I told her how I had

    gone to the quarry earlier that day, and had thought about us.  After

    another glass of wine, Janet said, "Renee, I want to get a little

    more comfortable, I'm going to put on a robe, would you like to do

    that too?"  I said I would, so we went into her bedroom.  When I saw

    the lighted candles, I knew she had planned how this evening would

    turn out. We started to undress, Janet came over to help me, and I

    ended up helping her.  When I removed her bra, I saw how large her

    breasts had become, they sagged only a little, and her nipples were

    erect and surrounded by her large dark areola.  As I took off my

    shorts, Janet was surprised to see my shaved pussy, and commented

    that I looked like one of her daughters.  Her pussy was covered with

    a thick patch of dark pubic hair.  When we were undressed, she led me

    to her bed, and we laid down.  We kissed, and hugged, like lovers

    who had been apart for a long time.  As she kissed me, she told me

    how lonely she had become, and that she had not made love in a long

    time.  As I lay on my back, she got on top of me, and as she kissed

    my lips, and neck, I ran my hands over her breasts, and rolled her

    nipples between my fingers.  She moved her hips, so that our pussy

    rubbed together, and then she took one of my nipples in her mouth,

    and sucked, and circled it with her tongue until it got hard.  By the

    time she slid her hand up to my pussy, I was really wet.  She worked

    her finger up and down my slit lingering a little on my clitoris, and

    then sliding down, and entering my vagina.  The whole while, she was

    continuing to kiss her way down my body. She stopped using her finger

    when her lips reached my pubic mound.  She kissed down the sides of

    my pussy, dragging her tongue along, I was getting wetter.  Finally

    she spread me open, and lightly touched my clitoris with the tip of

    her tongue.  Oh! it was like electricity,  I almost think I had a

    little orgasm from just that touch.  Janet was surprised by my little

    gold ring, and tugged on it sending a wonderful feeling up my body.

    She then sucked my clitoris into her mouth, and rolled her tongue

    around on it.  I could not believe how good it was feeling, I had

    expected her to be completely out of practice at this, but was I ever

    wrong.  As she sucked on my clitoris, she had her finger moving in

    and out of my vagina, then she slid in a second finger, it was all

    feeling so wonderful. Then I felt a pressure on my anus, and felt her

    working her finger into me.  I would never want anything big in my

    anus, but a finger moving in and out in time with one in my vagina

    while I'm being eaten drives me up a wall, and that is exactly what

    Janet was doing.  She alternated between circling my clit with her

    tongue, rubbing it up and down, and sucking it into her mouth and

    circling it there.  I was squeezing my breasts, and pinching my

    nipples.  I was moving toward a wonderful orgasm, as I got closer, I

    gripped her head and held it into my pussy, and she attacked my clit

    even harder.  With her fingers moving in and out of me, I exploded,

    my stomach muscles jerked, the walls of my vagina gripped her finger,

    my anus tightened, it felt so good, I was moaning and calling her

    name.  I had a hard time catching my breath.  Janet kept licking my

    clit, and I kept getting little after orgasms.  She kissed her way

    back up my body, and we kissed, I pushed my tongue deep into her

    mouth, and felt her respond.  It took me a while to recover, but when

    I did, I started kissing those big breasts of hers, I would kiss, and

    suck on the nipple, and then try to take her breast into my mouth.  I

    kissed and fondled her breasts for quite a while, then kissed my way

    down her stomach.  I kissed my way across the top of her pubic hair,

    and she breathed in deeply.  I worked my tongue down into the top of

    her slit, and found her hard clit waiting for me. I held her outer

    lips between my thumb and forefinger, and spread her open.  I licked

    the sides of her slit, and sucked her inner lips.  She was moving

    aroud, her orgasm was building in a very short time.  I licked and

    sucked her clit, and slid two fingers into her vagina.  Janet lifted

    her hips, pushing her pussy into my face, I pushed my fingers deeper

    into her, and licked her clit even harder.  As her orgasm started,

    she started screaming, I was afraid that it was going to wake her

    little girls up, but she soon quieted down, she kept coming and

    coming, I was jealous because I wished my orgasms would last that

    long.  I could feel the contractions of her vagina on my fingers, and

    I kept licking her until her breathing returned to normal.  We lay in

    each others arms for quit a while before we spoke.  Janet wanted me

    to spend the night, but I would have felt strange waking up there,

    plus I felt that as wonderful as this had been, if we had done

    anything more, we might have been playing a little with fate.  So we

    had one more glass of wine, and I left for my parents house. I don't

    know if we will see each other again, but it sure was a wonderful



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