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Archive-name: Samesex/lenexa.txt

Archive-author: Bill Groff

Archive-title: Learning in Lenexa

      Kathy stepped out of the shower, her straw colored pubic hair matted

between her legs by the water streaming down across her stomach, little

droplets forming on the pale, pink tips of her breasts before they fell to the

floor, her dainty hands removing the plastic cap which protected her frosted

hair from the moisture in the shower stall.  Looking at herself in the full

length mirror on the back of the bathroom door, she felt a brief, vicious

satisfaction with the sight of her naked body reflected in the glass.  The

slight paunch of her belly was normal for a woman of 38, her milky-white

breasts still firm mounds, the muscles in her thighs tight from her daily

jogging exercises, her buttocks a smooth plain of taut flesh below her spine.

      As she applied makeup to her face, she thought back to the sex she'd

just had with Charlie.  Charlie wasn't the greatest lover in the world, his

idea of erotic enticement being her sucking him until he was just about ready

to come, and then quickly driving his poker in and out of her until he reached

his orgasm.  Of course, she'd fake her orgasms so he'd think he'd really

turned her on, but in reality, she wished he'd take the time to get her

excited first too.  She'd tried to talk with him about that a few times, but

each time he'd just gotten mad and told her that if he wasn't enough of a man,

she should try and find someone who was; provided they'd be willing to pay the

bills and help her manage the money she made working as a bartender.  Charlie

may not have been the greatest, but she had known far worse men in her


      Charlie was laying on his back on the queen-sized bed when Kathy

strolled into the bedroom, her nakedness causing him to grab his limp pecker

and shake it in her direction.

      "How'd you like to clean this off for me with your freshly rubied lips?" 

There was a subtle mocking inflection in his voice.

      "You know I have to open the bar at 6, Charlie."  Kathy replied, giving

Charlie a look that should have been in a scabbard.

      "Well shit, it wasn't that good of a fuck this afternoon anyway!"  

      Charlie's words caused Kathy to look as though a glob of Jello had just

fallen off her spoon and down her cleavage.  She turned to the closet and

reached for the hanger containing her shorts and tank-top, there was no mercy

in her face.  Turning, she gave Charlie a slightly deprecating smile as she

carried her clothes back into the bathroom.

      Charlie had stayed on the bed fondling himself while she dressed in the

bathroom.  Noting that she had forgotten to get her bra while she was in the

bedroom, she decided to go braless that night, rather than going back and

enduring anymore of Charlie's barbs.  Kathy departed the apartment without any

further incidents, Charlie's moans echoing through the house as he shot his

wad onto his hairy stomach.

      "Oh my, you look good enough to eat."  Stephanie's voice boomed across

the empty room as Kathy crossed from the entryway to the main bar along the

far wall.

      Kathy looked at her co-worker and friend enviously.  She had always been

in awe of Stephanie's five-foot-ten height and long slender legs.  She

marvelled at the deep bronze of Stephanie's tan, even though Stephanie's

flaming red hair was indicative of a paler complexion.  Coming around behind

the bar, Kathy quickly noted the huge spikes poking through the loose mesh of

the flimsy pullover covering Stephanie's chest; the crimson red nipples simple

evidence that Stephanie wasn't wearing a bra that evening either.  Stephanie

gave Kathy's buttocks a seductive pat as she bent over to put her purse on the

shelf under the cash register, the gesture typical of her unusual personality.

      "You don't exactly look like fast food yourself."  Kathy's words were

spoken in tones hoarse and strained with pain.

      "Bullshit from Charlie again?"  Stephanie asked, her voice making a

guttural sound.

      Kathy had to fight to keep her voice steady as she gave Stephanie an

edited rendition of the half hour she'd spent with Charlie, before she had to

get ready for work.  Stephanie oozed conciliation as she tried to help Kathy

clear her muddled thoughts, her ideas regarding Charlie spoken in sarcastic,

biting tones.  Eventually Stephanie poured them both short drinks, and both

women stood behind the bar ruminating over how nice it would be if Charlie met

with a variety of terminal disasters.  Stephanie spoke a trifle petulantly as

she tried to close the conversation on a happy note, her words a promise to

Kathy that there was always hope for a happier ending to the evening tonight.

      The full moon, and the recent articles in the newspapers about the

police cracking down on drunk drivers were sufficient catalysts to keep a

majority of the bar's regular customers at home that night.  Even George, the

owner of the bar, had left shortly after the bar officially opened.  Thus,

Kathy and Stephanie worked one of the easiest Saturday nights in a long time. 

At two the next morning they shooed the last customer out the front door, and

by three they had all their after work duties taken care of.

      "How'd you like to come over to my place for some breakfast?"  

      Stephanie's question caught Kathy totally by surprise.  Stephanie was

indeed a close friend and a companionable co-worker, but she'd never invited

Kathy to go anywhere with her after work.  Kathy accepted the invitation with

a smile and a cheerful little wriggle of her shoulders.  Both women had a

spring to their stride as they locked the bar and walked to their cars,

Stephanie offering to let Kathy ride with her, but Kathy opting to follow herto her house instead.

      The street lamps lifted their feeble lights toward the sky as Stephanie

and Kathy each drove through the neighborhood where Stephanie lived.  The

houses, Kathy noted mentally, were either identical twins or mirror images of

one another.  Looking down the street, Kathy saw a lighted window gleaming in

the darkness.  She followed Stephanie into the driveway of the neat, two-story

house, yellow chrysanthemums surrounding it as high as the windows. 

Stephanie's was a prosperous-looking abode.

      Placing her arm around Kathy's waist, her hand just below the firm mound

of Kathy's breast, Stephanie carefully guided her up the flagstone walkway to

the oaken double doors of the entryway.  Kathy didn't seem to notice when

Stephanie's hand ran itself across her breast as she moved to pull the door

key from her purse, her mind was preoccupied with the opulence she speculated

she would find beyond the door.

      The foil wallpaper covering the foyer seemed to expand the already grand

expanse of space in the entryway.  Kathy saw the elegant spiral stairway

leading to the second floor, the high-ceilinged hallway leading to the sunken

living room causing her to exhale in awe.  Stephanie guided her down the

hallway, through the immaculate living room, and over to the wet bar separat-

ing the delicate peach patterned walls of the living room from the bright

yellow kitchen.  Following Stephanie's advice, Kathy kicked off her high-

heeled shoes, her feet instantly surrounded by the plush fibers of the deep

carpet beneath her.

      Stephanie poured Brandy into snifters for both of them, raised her glass

in salute, and sipped the warm liquid into her throat.  Kathy was awe struck

as she returned the salutation and tasted the soothing warmth of the decanted

liquor.  Stephanie gave Kathy a quick kiss on the lips, crossed the vast

expanse of the living room, and disappeared through a set of French doors on

the other side of the room.  It took Kathy a moment or two before she realized

that Stephanie had never done that to her before.

      Holding the snifter in her hand, Kathy walked over to the folding doors

at the back of the living room.  Opening one of the panels inward, she saw

that the doors gave way to a wrought iron balcony overlooking a splendid

gazebo.  She was just about to walk over to the wood covered enclosure of the

spa overlooking the oriental landscape of the backyard when Stephanie came up

behind her.

      "Beautiful sight, under a full moon, at four in the morning; isn't it?"

      "Beautiful," Kathy's voice was a croak in her throat, "doesn't do this

near the justice it deserves."

      "And what's really relaxing," Stephanie continued, "is a luscious soak

in the hot tub over there."

      "Yeah," Kathy replied innocently, "if I'd known I was going to be

exposed to all this tonight, I would have put my swim suit in the car before I

went to work."

      "Swim suits be damned!"

      Stephanie's words echoed in Kathy's ear as she stepped out from behind

her.  Her nakedness took Kathy by surprise, her body an elegant picture that

should have been on the front of a magazine.

      Stephanie's body, Kathy quickly noted, revealed that she spent many

hours under the sun without a stitch of clothing on.  There wasn't a cen-

timeter of pale flesh peaking through the richly bronzed tan which covered

every inch of her smooth flesh.  Even her pink nipples had been turned crimson

by the ultra-violet rays of daylight, the areolae providing a reddish-brown

platform for their rich fullness.  The richness of Stephanie's tan was

quaintly offset by the manicured thicket of strawberry hair between her legs,

its hue slightly paler than the windswept mane atop her head.

      "Come on, strip out of that horribly confining clothing and join me in

the hot tub."  

      Stephanie's words were thrown over her shoulder as she padded across the

porch and immersed herself in the bubbling warmth filling the tub set flush in

the porch flooring.

      The moon yawned apathetically then disappeared behind a cloud as Kathy

pulled her T-shirt up over her head, her firm breasts bouncing against her

chest as she released them to the cool early morning air.  She felt her

nipples harden in the breeze as she worked her shorts, panty hose, and

underpants down over her thighs and calves.  Her curly pubes danced in the

breeze as she crossed the porch to the hot tub, her mind exploding with

questions about her unprecedented behavior.  Then, her thoughts became

quiescent as she lowered herself into the steaming water, her thigh brushing

against Stephanie's outstretched hand as she gave herself over to the soothing

warmth of the bubbling liquid.  The moon sparkled like a shimmering silver-

dollar in a spotlight as Kathy and Stephanie exchanged reassuring smiles

through the steamy mist floating above their luxurious pool.

      They spent the next half hour basking in the hot tub, sipping Brandy,

and talking about the myriad of customers from the bar.  Kathy wasn't con-

sciously aware that Stephanie kept moving closer and closer to her until she

felt the slender, long-nailed fingers gently massaging the taut flesh of her

shoulders.  Kathy flinched involuntarily.  No woman, nor man for that matter,

had ever touched her as tenderly as Stephanie was touching her now.

      "Good lord, girl,"  Stephanie chided, "you're tighter than a kettle drum

at the music store!"

      "I know," Kathy bemoaned, Stephanie's hands carefully kneading her

shoulders, "it's all this shit with Charlie that has me so pent up."

      "What you need," Stephanie's eyes held Kathy's in their enchanting gaze,

"is a nice relaxing rub down."

      "Yes," Kathy's head rolled back on her shoulders, "that would be so

wonderful right now."

      "Then why don't you come with ole' Steph', and let's see if we can't get

some pliability back in that beautiful body of yours."

      Stephanie stood up beside Kathy, the water soaked hairs covering her

womanhood glistening with little droplets of water, her crotch within six

inches of Kathy's face as she bent down and placed her hands into Kathy's

armpits.  Stephanie's urgings were full of tenderness as she eased Kathy up

out of the swirling hot tub, one of her firm nipples grazing Kathy's cheek as

she pulled her to a standing position in front of her.  Her firm lips were

tender against Kathy's as she gave her a loving kiss, her tongue sliding in

between Kathy's lips and exploring the inner sanctum of her feminine mouth,

her right hand gently cradling Kathy's left breast, her finger gently plying

the stiff nipple which yearned for a tender touch.

      "My God, Steph!"  Kathy's words exploded from her mouth as she pulled

her face away from Stephanie's searching tongue.

      "I never thought you were....." her words were stopped by the gentle

pressure of Stephanie's finger against her lips.

      "Shhhhh!"  Stephanie's rejoinder was a bare whisper in the night.

      "Let me be the one to help you get what you've been without for far too


      Kathy's eyes clouded over like a pair of milk-blue marbles as

Stephanie's lips once more found hers.  Her mind surrendered her body to the

loving embrace.  Her tongue returned the prodding advances of Stephanie's.  

      She stood on her tiptoes as Stephanie's hands cupped her firm buttocks,

her nipples brushing against Stephanie's firm points, her pelvis rubbing

against the downy softness between Stephanie's legs.  Their embrace lasted a

full two minutes, until Stephanie released Kathy from her questing hands and

yearning mouth.

      Lovingly, Stephanie led Kathy back across the porch and through the

double doors to the living room.  Kathy felt her womanhood throbbing with

wanton anticipation as Stephanie led her through the French doors on the

opposite side of the living room.  Her breath caught in her throat when she

entered the room Stephanie had guided her to.

      Stephanie's hands played along Kathy's sides as Kathy inventoried the

dusty rose hue of the master suite.  The king-sized, eiderdown mattress set in

the floor in the center of the room instantly caught her eye.  Early morning

sunlight filtered through foggy clerestory windows, illuminating the massive

fireplace on the far wall, it's hearth an exquisite mural of handmade tiles. 

The ebony, satin comforter covering the sunken bed shimmered in the dim glow

of the cafe lights embedded in the ceiling, the reflection of their beams

clearly visible in the mirrored tiles framed into the ceiling over the satiny


      Stephanie's urgings were respectful as she propelled Kathy across the

soft depth of the rose carpet, her hands carefully holding Kathy's hips as

though they were fragile eggs about to hatch.  Reaching the wood inlay on the

step surrounding the sunken bed, Stephanie placed her lips in the nape ofKathy's neck, her mouth gently sucking at the smooth flesh of Kathy's


      "Why don't you get comfortable on your stomach down there while I get

some soothing oil to relax you with?"  Stephanie's words were an adoring

whisper in Kathy's ear.

      Kathy lowered herself onto the eiderdown mattress, her body burying

itself in the welcoming softness, her flesh alive with the feeling of the

satin bedspread against her, her mind surrendering itself to the reality her

body was living, her thoughts fleetingly touching on how it might feel to have

another woman make love with her.  

      She had gone too far now, she couldn't turn back.  She didn't want to

turn back.  Stephanie had already filled her with a warmth that had been too

long forgotten in her life.  She sighed audibly when Stephanie joined her on

the satin coverlet, her thighs parting in total submission as Stephanie got on

her knees behind her.

      Stephanie warmed the aromatic oil in the palms of her hands before

beginning her ministrations at the back of Kathy's ankles.  Her smooth hands

ran up and down the backs of Kathy's legs, her long slender fingers kneading

the tight muscles trapped beneath the pale white skin.  Each hand, five

fingers, rubbed and communed on each of Kathy's legs until her muscles

loosened to the consistency of warm putty.  Kathy's brain seemed to be

floating out in the ozone as Stephanie's practiced fingers worked the flesh of

her firm butt, the long fingernails leaving little trails along the flesh, the

sensations coursing through Kathy's body etched upon her mind for eternity.

      Kathy's pulsing nipples lanced into the satiny smoothness as the

comforter as Stephanie's hands moved to the tender flesh of her lower back,

another offering of aromatic oil having first been warmed between her palms. 

Kathy's body luxuriated in the sensuous rapture of Stephanie's hands, her

spine transmitting wonderful signals to her brain every time Stephanie covered

the plain of her backside with her back and forth movements.  

      Then, Stephanie's talented workers were administering to the pliable

flesh of Kathy's shoulders, her fingernails occasionally cresting the collar

bones and searching for the upper slopes of Kathy's hidden breasts.  Kathy

felt the shifting movement atop the eiderdown mattress, the pressure increas-

ing on her shoulders, the first drops of her womanly release ebbing within her

as Stephanie ran her tongue along the outer fold of the crevice marking the

joining of Kathy's behind cheeks.

      "Ummmmm!"  Stephanie's low growl interrupted the scene playing itself

out in Kathy's mind.

      "Why don't you roll over and let me loosen up your front side too."

      Stephanie had sat back on her haunches, her repositioning allowing Kathy

to roll over without kicking her.  Kathy complied with her request tranquilly,

her legs parting as she rolled over, her thighs brushing against Stephanie's

knees as she repositioned herself on the downy softness of the bed.  She

opened her eyes and gazed at her image in the mirror embedded in the ceiling.

      Kathy saw her breasts as Stephanie was seeing them, flattened mounds

atop her chest, their tips reaching upward in hopes of being tenderly manipu-

lated and satisfied.  She saw how her stomach flattened out when she lay on

her back, the bothersome little paunch now hidden down inside her.  She

marvelled at the way her hair cascaded atop the pillow, her ears revealed for 

anyone who wanted to suck and nibble on them.  She gained a new perspective on

her own womanhood as her eyes beheld the straw covered thatch between her

legs, the little coverlet glistening in the dim light with the minuscule

droplets which had seeped into her little forest.  For the first time in

years, Kathy felt good with herself.  She felt like she was a prize worthy of

Stephanie's unsolicited conquest.

      Once more Stephanie warmed the aromatic oil in her hands, her palms

dancing along the silky smoothness of Kathy's exposed calves, her fingers

digging into the supple flesh of Kathy's thighs, her fingernails repositioned

so as not to poke into the silky flesh her fingers were manipulating.  Her

thumbs worked into the crease where Kathy's legs joined her crotch, their

circular rhythm making Kathy's hungry cavern yearn for their touch.  Careful-

ly, she massaged the expanse of smooth flesh surrounding Kathy's underbrush, a

finger occasionally trailing into its downy softness and testing the smooth-

ness of Kathy's pouting, outer lips.  She warmed yet another teaspoon of oil

in her palms, her hands massaging the soothing ointment into the thicket

covering Kathy's womanhood, her ministrations ceasing only when Kathy arched

her hips and tried to capture her fingers within her oozing epicenter.

      Kathy's face flushed as Stephanie moved her slick hands up over her

stomach, her fingers grabbing little tufts of skin and sending waves of

euphoria cascading the length of Kathy's body.  Stephanie's was a softness

that bespoke another kind of woman altogether, a woman Kathy had never known


      Kathy was overwhelmed by affection as Stephanie ran her oiled hands over

the firm mounds of her breasts.  Her breathing became erratic as Stephanie

trapped each of her nipples between her fingers, her tugging and pulling on

the rigid teats filling Kathy with a momentary dizziness as she released yet

another cascade of syrupy lotion into the straw covered field between her

legs.  Kathy opened her eyes, her stare that of unashamed affection for


      Leaning forward, her hands holding Kathy's face between them, Stephanie

lowered herself onto Kathy's supine form.  Her body pressed Kathy deeper into

the eiderdown mattress.  Her nipples throbbed against Kathy's chest.  Her

down-covered pelvis mated exactly with Kathy's.  Her lips moved back and forth

across Kathy's mouth as her pelvis jousted with the stubby lance between

Kathy's legs.  Theirs was the one kiss destined to become an eternal pledge.

      Kathy's body was an instrument to be played on, and Stephanie was the

senior maestro for the orchestra.  Kathy's night was filled with paradise as

Stephanie kissed her way down Kathy's body, her lips nibbling at warm flesh,

her tongue darting and tasting the womanly sweetness seeping through the pores

of Kathy's skin.  Stephanie's own lotions began to steam and boil inside her

as she moved her mouth on Kathy's breasts, her lips sucking in the rigid

minarets of Kathy's nipples, her tongue plying their firmness, her sucking avane attempt to free them from the pale pink plains which housed them.  She

rubbed her swollen clit against the firmness of Kathy's knee as she worked her

mouth and tongue over the rich smoothness of Kathy's stomach, her tongue

playing in the little hole in the center of Kathy's body, her lips sucking in

the pliable flesh of Kathy's upper abdomen.  She trapped Kathy's leg against

her pulsing womanhood as her face moved into the musky warmth anxiously

awaiting her between Kathy's legs.

      Kathy's sensual appetite seemed to exceed even that of Stephanie as she

drove her pelvis against Stephanie's mouth, impaling the studded surface of

Stephanie's tongue deep inside her exploding mound.  Stephanie's skill in

sensual games was no match for the torrent of emotions Kathy unleashed during

this, her first incursion into the world of Sapho love.  Kathy had fallen

headlong into the sticky, tangled web of desire, and now she wanted her reward

to be an earthquake of sudden, spasmodic passions.

      Kathy's fingers tangled themselves in the long strands covering

Stephanie's head, her hands pulling Stephanie's face into her, her hips

thrusting her flowing womanhood against Stephanie's mouth, her knee working

Stephanie's sopping mound until it exploded in a milky white flood that flowed

across her leg and puddled on the satin comforter.  Stephanie's release

holding her in the throes of Aphrodite, she dug her tongue deep into Kathy's

overflowing goblet, her lips sucking at the overflow, her tongue capturing the

sweet fluids flowing from the depths of Kathy's womanhood.  Their individual

orgasms were multiple, their collective desires were mutually sated, their

unsolicited early-morning love making set every fiber in their bodies trem-


      Their passions spent, they hugged each other convulsively, their kisses

still eager and hungry, their prowess like sexual athletes as they surrendered

themselves to one another atop the satin coverlet of the eiderdown bed sunk in

the floor of the master bedroom.  A sudden release of abundant happiness

welled up in both their breasts as they kissed each other to sleep, Kathy's

mind filled with the erotic images of the passionate love she'd just shared

with another woman.

      It was going on seven that evening when Kathy put the remainder of her

meager possessions in the back of her car.  She hadn't given Charlie any

details other than it was over and she was leaving.  Charlie had remained on

the bed, his nakedness now seeming to her to be that of a gnarled gargoyle in

some fairy tale.  Charlie, good ole' functionally illiterate Charlie, had

stayed as predictable as ever, all the way up to the end.

      "Aw c'mon,"  his bleating tone irritated Kathy even more, "just one more

blow job for the road."

      Kathy looked across the room to the grotesque gnome laying on the

wrinkled sheets.  She never realized that she had such a capacity for being

repulsed, and Charlie was truly repulsive with his little pig sticker flailing

about between his fingers.

      "You want that repulsive thing sucked,"  her sarcastic tone of hatred

was lost to Charlie, "either hook the stupid thing up to the vacuum cleaner or

put your own head between your legs and suck yourself off."

      Kathy departed the apartment without any further incident, Charlie's

moans echoing through the house as he shot his wad onto his hairy stomach.


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