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Archive-name: Samesex/lbpart2.txt


Archive-title: Russian River Trip

It was one of  those three day weekends, and camping was our plan.

We decided to forgo the isolation of the Eldorado National Forest for

the gay civilized life at the Russian River.

Anticipating the traffic going home on Monday, we stayed Monday night and

would head home Tues morning.  The weekend was set.  We could party with

the crowd s through the weekend and enjoy the slowed pace on Monday night.

The bars were considerably less crowded on Monday evening, mostly a nice

mixture of local people. After about midnight the Woods began to wind

down from the all weekend pace.  We decided to take a detour on the

way back to our camp th rough Armstrong Woods.

We stopped and parked soaking in the darkness and the silence.  There were

none of the campers from the weekend left in the park.  We decided to get

out of the truck and look around.  The darkness was soothing and the

silence was calm ing.  Steven grabbed me from behind and held on to me

tightly. I could feel his cock growing as he rubbed it against my shorts.

I had a pair of tight 501 shorts and my chaps over them.  I lowered the

back of the truck and laid back as Steve started licking at my shorts.

He started at my boots and licked my leather all the way up my leg

to my crotch.  He worked the buttons open with his teeth until he had

his prize.  Steve licked at my balls, just the way he knows I like it.

Since we usually slept in truck and used it survive in the wilderness,

it had most basic necessities.  Comfortable sleeping and a kitchen like

set up.  Usually run with snow tires, equipped with a  propane tank

and a winch.  We've had to use it a few times to get ourselves out of

slippery situations.  I had even set up an interesting stretched rack

to the back of the truck.

I had Steve strip and placed leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles.

I secured either wrist to a flange at either side of the tailgate using

spring clips.  Stepping back a checking things out I get two tent spikes

and drive them into the ground just about one foot behind Steve's out

stretched legs.  Using short nylon ropes I tie either ankle to a stake.

His outstretched body ass up, was so erotic in the dim   moonlight.

His ass just begged to be fucked.  I grabbed the duffel bag with the

toys in it.  I first removed the small butt plug.  Once finding the

Lube I lubed it up and then proceeded to lube up Steve's ass.  I slowly

inserted the plug into his ass.  His ass muscles were tight due to

being stretched out.  I could tell he was enjoying it by his moaning.

I then took a 1.5" ball stretcher and attached it to his balls.  It had

a separator snap on the end and a D-ring attached to it.  After getting

his balls in to the leather device.  I attached a short leather thong to

the mini winch we had mounted on the rear bumper.  I slowly wound the

wench to take up the slack and stopped.  The slight pulling on his balls

and the plug up his has had muffy moaning and writhing with pleasure.

I decided to remove the plug and move up to the next larger plug I had.

Steve needed a hit of poppers to take this one.  Once up his ass

I flicked on the vibrator in the plug and sent him into a frenzy.

Steve came so close cumming right then, but knew better.

I took my leather belt out of the bag and doubled it over.  Steve knew

what I was going to do with it.  The first ten hits were nothing, just

enough to get his ass excited.  I decided to lay a few good straps

on his ass.  The first one hit and he tried to raise up only to have

his balls yanked on by the winch.  Every attempt to avoid the belt

met with a jolt in his nuts.  I moved over and tightened the winch

a little more, not enough to be too painful, unless you pull up hard.

By this time his ass was just a little sensitive.  I told him that I

would give him 20 good hits and after that I would stop, but he had to

count everyone and repeat "THANK YOU MAY I HAVE __ MORE" until he gets

to 20.  The first five were quick, and he begged for the next 15 just

as quickly.  I decided to space them out and give the pain time to just

sink in.  By the time I got to ten he was still being a good trooper

and trying not to  pull too hard on his balls.  When 15 came around,

he wasn't sure which was more painful, his ass or his balls.  I could

tell in the tone of his voice he wanted to stick it out but was having

a little difficulty there around 18.  At 20, he thanked me for giving

him the 20 hits.  Now his ass glowed a pink in the dark moonlight.

I decided it was time to play with Steve's ass.  I removed the vibrating

plug and replaced it with my fingers massaging his prostrate.  I can

get him so close by doing this.  I get him right to the point of cumming

and the I stop.  Steve says this is the worst form of torture.  I pull

out the dildoes and lube them up.  Steve likes the first dildoe because

it's not as big and it is more pliable.  It's just right for stretching

the asshole for bigger things.  Steve continues to beg for more of

the dildoe.  Soon he is taking it head to base in one quick thrust.

I feel his ass relax and work the dildoe with his ass muscles.

His hard on sticks out seeking attention.  I reached under and swat it

a few times with my belt.  His cock jumps from the pain and the pleasure

he feels.  He still has the pressure from the winch and is ever present

of the dildoe deep in his ass.  I decide to add a few clothes pins I

found in the bag.  A pin on each nipple and a few on this cock and balls.

I remove the dildoe and grab the next larger one.  This one is bigger

around and is less pliable.  I give Steve a hit of poppers before I

insert this one.  His asshole gives way to the rubber cock and I push

it deeper into his ass.  Steve starts to begs for more of the dildoe.

He likes it when I piston it in and out  of his asshole, pulling all

but the head out and thrusting it back  in to the hilt.

I find my rubber gloves and put one on.  I get the larger can of lube

and lube up my hand and wrist.  I slowly pull the rubber dildoe out of

Steve's ass and begin to massage the sphincter with my fingers.  Slowly

working in two fingers then three.  Carefully massaging the muscle so as

to keep it relaxed and able to take my hand.  A forth finger and Steve

is writhing in pleasure.  I slowly work my thumb in towards his asshole.

Proceeding slowly I push my hand up into his ass.  A moan as I get the

nuckles past the muscle and a sigh when I get to the wrist.  Steve isn't

into deep fisting, but stretching his asshole is fine.  I slowly work

my fist around in his hole, finding the prostrate.  I start rubbing the

prostrate until Steve is about to shoot.  I continue to work his asshole

for a while enjoying the feeling of him working my hand with his ass.

I slowly work my hand out of Steve's ass.  Removing the rubber glove,

I grab a Trojan and slip it on my dick.

Even when I've had my hand up his ass he can still work his ass muscles

on a dick.  I begin to slid my dick up his hole and I can feel the

muscles almost sucking my dick into him.  As I'm fucking him, I reach

around under him and started removing the clothes pins from his balls.

He jumps from the jolt he receives when I remove each pin.  This also

causes him to tighten up his ass muscles and makes for a fun ride.

I play a little bit with the pins on his nipples before I remove them.

Just experimenting with my theory about his twitching hole.

I lube up my hand and reach under him and start jacking him off.  I can

again get him close and then stop.  By this time he is begging me to

let him cum.  I feel the tide build up in my balls as I am about to

shoot my load up his ass.  I stroke harder on his dick and on his ass.

I can feel him cum and feel his ass twitch, almost clamping down on my

dick, causing just the friction I needed to get me off.  We both shot

our loads within seconds of each other.

After a minute we both caught our breaths, and I pulled out of his ass.

Suddenly the silence was broken with the rustling of some brush.

Too much rustling to be the wind.  Out from behind the brush appear

two men.  Both quite big, one about 6'4", 220lbs and the other about

6', 190lbs.  The one spoke, "well, what do we have here?" he asked.

Still stunned neither of us answered.  The other replied,"I think we

got ourselves a couple of faggots playing in the woods."

One of the guys grabbed the handcuffs I had laying on the tailgate.

The other grabbed my arms from behind and pushed me up to a tree

that stood a few feet away.  Using the cuffs, I was handcuffed hugging

the tree.

They both seemed drunk and judging by the bulges in their jeans,

quit horny.  One of the men picked up the dildoe I had used on Steve and

commented, "this must be what they were using to fuck with."  The second

grabbed the smaller dildoe and lubed it up.  Then lubed up my hole.

I'm not that used to getting fucked anymore and he roughly shoved the

dildoe half way up my asshole.  The pain shot my hole as I was stretched

my the rubber dick.  He continued to work my hole wit h the dildoe even

with my protest and whimpering.  The other lubed up Steve's ass and

began to use the other dildoe in his ass.

The man playing with Steve noticed the redness of his ass and asked,

"boy, you like to get whupped?"  "Yes sir," replied Steve. The other

posed the same question to me.  His over powering presence prompted me

to say "yes."  "YES SIR," he replied, should be my response.  "YES SIR,"

I barked out.  Just then I heard a familiar whistling as the belt cracked

down on my ass, one, two, three times.  I found I could raise and lower

myself on the tree to try and avoid his swing.

The man took a leather thong and tied one end around the base of my

balls and the other end he pulled around the tree and tied to the head

of my dick.  If I tried to raise up or down the tree, my cock and balls

would be rubbed against the rough tree bark.  He continued using the

belt on my ass, four, five.

He belted my ass until I thought it was on fire.  He withdrew the dildoe

and quickly replaced it with his dick.  His buddy had already started to

fuck Steve.  The man fucking me had a dick that wasn't long, but had to

be a beer bottle in width.  From what I could hear Steve was getting it

by a big one also.  Due to their drunken states it took the men a while

to cum.  After what seemed like hours the guy fucking me started to pump

faster and harder.  Suddenly burrowing his cock all the way up my ass.

I could feel his dick throbbing as he came.  The guy fucking Steve

also started to pump faster and harder.  Shooting his load up his ass.

They both collapsed on the ground.  Within minutes they came to.  The one

uncuffed me and said, "by the time you get that thong off your dick, and

your friend untied we should be long gone.  It's been nice fucking you."

And they took off down the road towards where we drove in.

I untied steve and picked up toys that had been thrown around.  Steve and

I figured they were left over campers from the weekend.  We went back

to the campgrounds where we were staying and went to sleep. We woke

the next morning with that feeling you get when you know you've been

fucked and fucked good.

We've never run into those guys again up at the River, but look forward

to another visit to Armstrong Woods.


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