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Archive-name: Samesex/lastsumr.txt


Archive-title: Last Summer....

I came from far, very far away. I am doing my post

graduate at this university. Being and foreign student

means I have to try to look for partial financial support

from work. The only employment that I can do is being

a teaching assistant. I never regretted being the T.A.

since it led me to my story which I am about to tell you.

It was my second term in doing my teaching assistantship.

I was chosen to do the fourth year course which very

few students were taking. The course was very difficult

for the students, therefore, I got to know all my

students. One that I was really close to was Jim. He

came to ask me many questions about the course itself.

We are not much different in age. In fact, I am only

2 years older than he is. He has curly, dark brown hair.

His dark brown eyes under the glasses always shine

with enthausiasm of learning. At his 6 feet 2 height,

he is very tall compared with my 5 feet 11 height. 

Whenever he came to consult me, my heart was always

pounding for being so close to him. We got to know

each other better until we became friends. By the

end of the term, Jimmy, that is how I call him, 

invited me to his place for supper. His parents were

so greatful and nice to me. Being with him, watching

him work or do something made me feel so happy. 

I never told him of that feeling in me. He graduated

that term and returned to the university as a

graduate student.

One afternoon, everyone had gone home early because

it was summer time. I went to see Jimmy in his office

while he was working on his homework. I said hi to 

him and he turned to greet me. He turned back to 

his work. I walked to his seat and stood behind him.

I wanted to touch him at that time. My hands were

faster than my thoughts. I put my hands on his

shoulders. He turned back to look at me with unusual

sparkling eyes. He did not resist my hands. He turned

back to his work. I moved my hands gently on his 

shoulders. Through the thin cotton T-shirt, I could

feel the warmth from his body, the firmness of

his muscles. I started giving him the massage I

learnt when I was young from my mom. I could not

help noticing his shorts. As usual for summer, he

wore big loose shorts where I always glanced into

whenever I got chance. His legs were firm and hairy.

They were tanned from his working outdoor during

his weekends. I always admired his firm thighs and 

his hairy legs.

"That feels really good, where did you learn to

do this?", ha asked me.

"I did for my mom when I was young, she liked it."

I moved my skillful hands around his neck. I was not

aware of what I was thinking of which always led me

to do things before I could stop it. I lowered down

my head and kissed his neck unconciously. He turned

back at me with a surprise.

"I am sorry", I apologized and stepped back with

shock of what I did.

"I am really sorry, I don't know what I am doing",

I was so scared and almost cried from my embarrasing

behavior which I never acknowledged of my being gay.

I have always dreamt about making love with guys

but never did try with someone for the fear of

rejection. He probably noticed my fright too. I

knew that he had never had an idea of me being

attracted to him. Besides he always told me about

his ex-girlfriend and how good he felt when he 

had sex with her. For me, he was just one of the

straights and perhaps homophobic!!

He did not say a word but got up from his desk.

His eyes stared at me as I tried to turn away and 

get out of the room. He moved faster than I did.

By the time I realized, he already blocked my

way to the door. I looked up and saw that he was

so close. He held my arms and lowered his head.

I did not have any energy left. My mouth was

dry from fear. I lifeted my eyes to his and our 

lips touched. It was like a dream....

"I must be dreaming", I said to myself. My heart

was beating hard as he pressed his lips against

mine. His tongue parted my lips open and I responded

with mine. I could feel his hand moving around my

back and down. I moved closer to him and I felt his

hard on pressing against my body. I moved my right

hand in front to his crotch. I felt clumsy because

I never experienced doing so even I have had many

dreams of doing it. I never touched anyone's cock

but mine. Now I could feel the firmness of his

erect penis. Mine was as hard as rock. We kissed

for a long, long time so that I almost lost my

breath. HIs hands moved all over me. My hand

felt his hard dick. It must have been almost 7 inches

and very thick. His shorts was not able to cover

it by now. It thrusted his white underwear and

poked out from his shorts.

My left hand was exploring his round, firm buttocks-

the buns that I always dreamt of. I knelt down in

front of him and all I could see was his shorts

and his hard dick under the white underwear. I

kissed his penis from the outside of the underwear.

Throgh the fabric, I could feel the warmth of that

rod. I pulled down his shorts and opened my mouth.

I wet his thin, white underpants with my tongue.

Now I could see through. Yes, it was a 7 inches long

shaft with a very beautiful pink head. I never

imagined that I would be able to get so close to

another guy's dick. I could hardly wait for my

hands to pull down his underwear. His erect penis

sprung out of the restraint. It pointed directly

at my face. I could not believe my eyes of how

beautiful his dick was. I opened my mouth and 

tried to take his hard rod. I remembered seeing

the straight porn video of how to suck dick so

I tried to imitate that. It was not so difficult

but I could not manage to get the whole of his

shaft into my mouth. I tasted the precum from

his slit. It tasted wonderful. I tried to be

careful of my teeth so it would not hurt him. 

"Ahh.....", I heard him mourn delightfully. My

heart was just beating like a drum. His hands 

were playing with my hair. His pubic hair touched 

my nose and I could smeel his manhood.

He looked up the ceiling with his eyes closed and 

started moving his hips back and forth. I moved

my head in harmony with his thrust. I tried to

loosen my jaw so that I could accomodate him.

Once he pushed further down into my throat, I

started to gag. He paused and looked down as I

looked up to his eyes. Seemed like he was asking

me if I was okay. I begged him with my eyes to

continue. He continued fucking my mouth. Not

too long before I felt his body trembling,

his buns tighten. I felt his dick get harder

and I could taste the warmth of his cum. Jet

after jet exploding in my mouth. I tried to

swallow that sweet and salty juice. I guessed

he must have his loads for over 5 minutes and

I just could not seem to take them all. His body

was stiff and after his last shooting, he collapsed

against the desk.

Not very long later, he opened his eyes to look

down at me while I was trying to devour his 

juice from his tool. He pulled me up and kissed

me. I let his taste his own cum left in my mouth.

He broke the kiss and pulled up my T-shirt. He

lowered his head down to lick my right nippl.

My dick was aching for a release. His hands were

busy moving down to unbotton my jeans. He pulled

down my jeans and my tiny underwear. I was shiverling 

as he sucked my nipples form one side to another.

Then he tongued down to my smooth belly. Being

an asian, I do not have much hair like he does.

His tonuge was too close to my dick that I could

feel the incredibly built up of my pleasure.

I closed my eyes and felt his wet, warm mouth

on my cock. Although I am skinny built, I have

almost as thick dick as he does. He tried to 

suck my rod but I could figure out that he never

experienced that as well, for his teeth scratched

my cock from time to time. I did not really care

right now because the pleasure overpowered the

discomfort. I thrusted my dick forward into his

mouth. He gagged but did not stop moving his

head. It did not take me long before I realized

that I was going to shoot. He felt that too so

he moved faster. Since I had been too busy working,

I had not jerked off for 4 days. My cum for 4 days

was finally relased. I heard him gag trying to

swallow all my cum. I shot until I felt that I

would not be able to cum again. I sighed as he

let go my bone. He stood up and embraced me


I opened my mouth to say something but he covered

it with his mouth. I could not do anything but close

my eyes and think if this was a dream. We kissed 

for a long time, I felt warm and secure in his 

arms. Finally he broke the kiss. With his smile,

he said "I never felt this wonderful before."

"Me too", I answered him. I did not want him

to let me go but it was getting late after the

office hour. The janitor might come in to check

the area. We kissed and got dressed. 

Again, I was still sacred of his rejection.

"Maybe he just wanted to release his pressure

and tomorrow he will not think that I am his

friend anymore", I thought. My expression of

weariness and fear showed on my face. I supposed

he noticed that. He looked at my eyes and

held me tight again as to promise that 

everything would be just fine. He was not a

talkative person, as far as I knew him.

"Ihave to go home now", he said to me. "My

parents are expecting me for supper."

"Yeah, I think I have to go back to my 

apartment as well", I said like a foolish


"Hey! why don't you come for a supper at my

place tomorrow?", he invited.

"And spend a night with me at my place", softly

he added. It would be Friday night!!. "I will

tell mom to cook my fevorite meal, you will like


"Sure, I don't have anything much to do tomorrow

evening anyways."

"I will see you then", he took his bike out and

I followed him out from his office. 

"See you", I said to him. He biked away and my

heart was just overwhelming. It was getting

bigger in my chest. I was so happy that this was 

the first time. Besides it was with someone

I dreamt about.......

                PART - II

I was so excited and look forward to seeing Jimmy on the

next day. During my lunch hour, I sneaked into his office.

He was not in. I tried to look for him everywhere but I

could not find him. 

"Perhaps he did not come to university today", I thought. 

"Or maybe he was not serious about inviting me to his

place",- another thought.

I did not remember the way to his place because he drove

me there last time . There was no sign of him at all for

the whole day. All students and staff went home a bit earlier

than everyday for it was Friday afternoon in the summer.

I checked his office many times but he was not in. Obviously,

he did not come in to university. I sighed as I walked back

to my office to pack up things and head back to my apartment.

"I don't think he will come now, it's almost six", I talked

to myself.

While I was packing up my stuff, "Knock, knock", Jimmy

showed his head into my office with a big smile revealing

his white teeth. His sparkling eyes showed the unusual


"Are you ready?", he walked in. He had a fairly big build

with beautiful, large shoulders for he had worked in 

construction on his dad's cottage at the lake. 

"Yes, I am. I thought you wouldn't come", I replied.

"Hey, I said I would come and pick you up.", he always

made me feel guilty of my own thoughts.

"Come on, they are waiting for us.", Jimmy hurried me.

But as he said so, he drew me close to him and held me

tight from my back. He started caressing my neck.

"Hey! Stop that!", I requested pretendedly without any

intention to resist. He stopped and sighed.

"Damn! I shouldn't have said that", I thought to myself.

The supper was so great. Mom and dad enjoyed my presence

and I loved mom's cooking. After we finished our supper, 

mom suggested that we walk a dog which Jimmy always did

after supper. We walked on the path in the park in front

of his place and crossed the road to the field. The sun

was setting and coloring the sky in pink, red and orange.

The edge of the field was a bush before the river which

runs north to south. Jimmy untied Heidi, his dark brown

dog, and let her run. When we entered the bush, Jimmy 

turned to me. I looked up into his beautiful eyes and he

took me into his arms. He kissed me on my lips. As I parted

my lips, he stuck his tongue into my mouth. His hands

were moving towards my rear. I locked around his neck.

I could feel his hard on pressing against my belly.

"I could hardly wait until this moment", he mumbeld.

He slid his right hand into my pants from behind

and his finger caressing my crack. As he was caressing

my ears, after he broke the kiss, I shivered. I closed

my eyes tight and my whole body became vulnerable.

So vulnerable that I could hardly stand.

"We should wait.", I opened my eyes and looked right 

into his. I could see that he was very horny now.

He called Heidi and we started walking back together

slowly with our hands joined. It was dusky. I hung 

around at Jimmy's place until it was pretty late

eagerly waiting for the time to make love with him.

The problem was how we could make love and where.

I knew that Jimmy already had everything in his mind 

so I never bothered asking him. He told mom and dad

that we would be in his bedroom studying and, as

he is the oldest son of the house, they always listened

to him. Charley and Garth, his two younger brothers

had gone out for it was Friday night. Mom and dad 

would watch T.V. down in the basement and Jimmy's

room was in the second floor. It was neat and clean.

His room did not have much furnitures besides a

big bed in the middle, a chest of drawers close to

the door, a built-in closet on the left. He close

the door as we entered the room and gave me a long, 

deep kiss. My hands were busy unbottoning his shirt

as well as mine.

I moved my hands over his chest and started to play

with his nipples. He had a line of hairs from his 

navel up to his muscular chest. I had a chance to

see his beautiful body clearly now. Although the 

light from outside was quite dim but he was so

handsome in the shadow. He took off my shirt and

tongued my nipples from right to left. Every nerve

of mine became relaxed and I felt like I could even

fly. He moved lower down as well as his hands pushed

my shorts down. When his tongue reached my dick, my

body shook. He started to moise the head part and 

took it into his mouth. I played with his curly brown

hair while he was sucking me. He moved his head in and

out and I was thrusting toward him. I felt that I 

could pop anytime if he kept on sucking my cock.

I guessed he realized that as well so he stopped. 

He pulled me to the bed and I pulled his shorts off.

His boner sprang out and pointed straight in the

air. I pushed him on his back as I leaned forward

to taste his manhood. His cock spit some pre-cum

juice and it tasted wonderful. I relaxed my jaws

and took the rest of his meat. I heard him moan.

His dick was getting harder and harder as I tried

to swallow it. Not only the taste was good, the

smell was great too and I felt like I could suck

his dick forever. His hands wereplaying with my

head and suddenly I could feel the tension from

his touch as well as his harden cock. He pulled me 

off so fast for he did not want to cum yet. He held

his hard cock tight and took a deep breath.

I looked at his cock and I still wanted to taste

more of that shaft. Some of the juice dripped out

from the eye of his cock. He laid there and breathed

hard for awhile. I lowered my head back down to 

lick his manly pre-cum. He looked at me and pulled 

me up to him. I was over him now. He pushed me on 

my back and lifted my two legs in the air. He

went down to my ass and started to tongue my crack.

It was wonderful and I literally saw stars all

over. He used his middle finger to ease my asshole.

It wsa getting painful and he probably knew 

that. He got up and walked to his drawer. When he

came back, he had a skin lotion in his hand. He put

some on his finger and started it all over again.

This time it was better than before. He changed from

one finger to two fingers and three. While he was

doing so, his lips never left mine. After awhile he

broke the kiss and positioned his cock head right in

front of my hole. He pushed slowly and gently. I 

felt pain as he started but I did not try to stop

him. Finally, he got all his length in me. The pain

changed to pleasure. He fucked slowly. His warm cock

hit inside and I could feel that my dick started

to get harder than before.

Sometimes he would stop and bent down to suck my

dick without taking his cock out of my hole. Even

when he stopped moving, I felt incredible as I

felt his warm rod inside me. He started pushing

again and now he breathed faster. I saw his face

turning red under the dim light. He closed his 

eyes tight and held up his head. I moved my hand

to beat myself off. I felt him getting bigger in

my ass and I was about to cum. He took a deep breath

and pushed forward. I could not hold it anymore so

I let go. As I came I could feel all of my muscles

tighten around his cock and I could also feel his

cock swelling as he came inside me. The warm juice

hit inside of me for many times. I did not know

how long he was coming inside me because I was also

coming. My cum flew all over my belly and chest.

I heard him moan in his deep low voice. I finished

coming, he still came inside me. After he finished

coming, he leaned over and cleaned all my cum from

my belly with his moist tongue. He was still very

hard in there but mine was soft. He opened his mouth

and took my cock in slowly. My cock was getting

hard rock again. He pulled his dick out from me

although I did not want him to pull that piece of 

meat out yet. But I could not say anything because

I felt like I was going to come again in his mouth.

I never thought that I could come again but it did not

take long time before I shot another load into

his hot mouth.

He swallowed all and cleaned up my dick. Then he

kissed me and we slept in each other arms.

It was great to have someone holding me at night.

It was great to hold someone at night...........


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