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Archive-name: Samesex/kitten.ff


Archive-title: Kitten

                    With a Slip of the Tongue

                    ---- The Cunning Linguist

                    It's fun to eat out.

                    "I take bad girls, and turn them around."

                    "What?  My tongue in your tail?  Come again."

 ...I watched her walk across the room, her dark hair

brushing her shirt collar and her hazel eyes watching the other

women in her path.  She had a sort of animal grace and self-

confidence about her that had immediately attracted me the first

time we met (two weeks ago).  Thoughts of her thighs wrapped

around my head and my tongue gently teasing her had started to

keep me awake at night, and I was rather obsessed with wanting to

go to bed with her.  Obviously, I wasn't the only one with simi-

lar thoughts, judging from the way a few of the other women were

staring at her as she walked past.

 Finally she came back to our cozy little table for two, a

Miller Lite in each hand.  I sneaked a peek at her muscular

thighs bulging against her Levi's as she sat down across from me.

Our eyes met as she handed one of the beers to me and, of course,

I was the first to look away, afraid that she would see the

attraction I had for her.  We had been sort of "doing things"

together but not really going out on real dates and I still

couldn't tell if she was in any way romantically interested in me

or not.  Being the shy person I am, there was absolutely NO WAY

that I would have even thought about making a pass at her so I

was reduced to hoping she would make some moves on me.  So far

there had been zilcho.

 Sitting next to her in her car one night, I was mesmer-

ized by her feet.  Yes, it sounds silly, but she had a pair of

the most attractive feet I had ever seen and I was dying to touch

them.  We drove to a small beer joint to meet a couple of her

friends from the rugby team and after a while I was feeling

pretty good.  Her friends went on to a party later, but we didn't

really feel like going.  Instead, we went over to her apartment

and watched "Die Hard" on her VCR.  I had seen the movie before

so my mind wasn't really on what was happening on screen.  My

thoughts kept of the most persistent visions that

I saw in my mind's eye was the look in her eyes as she hesitantly

bent her head to kiss me.

 Reality intruded rather abruptly when the movie was over

and the lights were turned on.  Her hair was a little out of

place on one side from where she had been leaning against the

foot of the couch.  She looked so vulnerable and alluring that I

just stared at her, open-mouthed.  A quizzical look came over her

face as she stood up, holding her hand out to me to help me up

off the floor.  I was very embarrassed, just knowing that she had

seen the naked desire in my eyes and had rejected me for anything

other than friendship.  I put my hand in hers and allowed her to

pull me up; her touch was electrifying.  My breath caught in my

throat and my face was flushed (thank God the room was lit poor-

ly!).  We exchanged some light discussion about the movie, her

friends, her dog and my cat, and various other dull and mundane


 After we had finished our open beers, she asked me if I

would like to take a walk out at the park.  "Sure!" I replied,

only too eager to get out of the close confines of her living

room where her presence filled it and threatened to overwhelm me

with pure animal lust.  She and I put our sandals on and went


 The moon was about three quarters full and gave us enough

light to see where we were walking, but not enough to clearly see

the expressions on each other's faces.  We didn't speak; we were

content to walk in silence and enjoy the warm night air and

shadowy trees.  Soon we came to a bridge over the pond and we

stopped to look at the water.  "It sure is nice out here," she

said in her throaty, sensuous voice.

 "Yeah, it is," I agreed.  Silence descended upon us once

more.  I noticed that she was gripping the railing pretty hard

and staring down at the water.  I leaned up next to her and

breathed in her wonderful musky cologne.

        I could hear her breath coming in sighs like she was

nervous about something and I had almost gotten the nerve up to

ask her what was wrong when she asked, " would you feel

if I were to ask you out?"

        I was completely dumbfounded.  If she was hinting at what

I thought she was..."You mean like on a date or something?"

Sometimes my extreme wit and intelligence astounds me.

 "Well, I mean like...well, what I'm trying to say is..."

she let out a heavy sigh and continued, "I find you attractive,

and I was wondering if maybe you felt the same way."

 I looked at her and waited a moment for emphasis (and

also to clear my head) and replied,

 "I would love to go out with you.  I find you very at-

tractive too."  She looked into my eyes searchingly, hesitated,

and asked "May I kiss you?"

 "Yes..." was my reply as I tilted my face up, my eyes

never leaving hers.

        Slowly she moved closer until we were inches apart.  My

heart was pounding and my breath was shallow from the excitement

she was causing in me.  Her lips touched mine, and they were

warm, vibrant, and skilled.  As we kissed, her hand went to the

back of my neck and stroked it lightly, giving me goose bumps and

chills running up my spine.  As we continued to kiss, we pressed

our bodies together and put our arms around each other.  I could

feel myself becoming aroused, almost to the point of no turning

back.  With a large amount of effort and discipline I withdrew

from our kiss and gently pushed her a little away from me.

 "What's wrong?" she asked.

 "Nothing," I replied, "I'm just about to the point where

I don't want things to end.  That's all."

 "Oh," she smiled knowingly and happily, pleased with her

abilities to get such a strong response out of me with just one

kiss, "Wanna go back to the house?"

 "Sure."  I was on cloud nine!  I couldn't believe that

she felt the same about me as I felt about her!  All the way back

to the house we talked about safe, trivial things and all the

while I could not get the feel of her warm lips on mine out of my


 We sat on the couch together and listened to some music.

She had one arm around my shoulders and her free hand was in

mine.  Not a word was spoken; we merely reveled in the feel of

our hands stroking the other's fingers and palms.  She turned to

me and started kissing my forehead and cheeks.  I turned my head

slowly until our lips met and we kissed long and deep for a very

long time.  Her breath came faster and faster in matching cadence

with mine, and our hands explored each other's bodies.  She was

just as hard and muscular as she looked as I soon found out.  I

was excited by the feel of her shoulders, back, arms, and legs as

well as by the actions of her hands stroking, caressing, and

massaging me all over.  The old familiar ache in my crotch was

going strong and I was having trouble keeping my knees held close

together.  My hand went to the back of her neck and with a sharp-

ly intaken breath she convulsed in a chill that ran all the way

up her back.  My neck was starting to get a little stiff from

turning my face to her so I alleviated the problem by climbing up

onto her lap, facing her.  Our lips didn't lose contact for a

second in the process.  My thighs straddling her lap gave her

great access to my body and with an appreciative "Mmmmmmmm!" she

took full advantage of the situation.  She touched me everywhere;

my shoulders, my chest, my tits, my thighs, my back, my ass, my

face, my neck, and anything else she could reach.  Of course I

was returning the attentions in a likewise fashion...soon we were

both breathing hot and heavy, and I was squirming around on her

lap.  The ache in my crotch was now nearly unbearable and I had

to rub up against her waist to relieve some of the discomfort.

She brushed against one of my hardened nipples with her thumb,

causing me to thrust my pelvis against her involuntarily as a

small moan escaped my throat.  "You know that if we don't stop

now, we'll end up in my bedroom," she said against my shoulder.

        "It's too late for that," I replied.

 "Oh yeah?" she slowly reached down my stomach to end up

between my legs.  I bucked up against her and threw back my head

from the force of the wave of excitement that washed over me from

her touch.

 "Let's go," and with that she took me by the hand and

pulled me to her bedroom.

 Once inside with the door shut and quiet music playing in

the background, we undressed each other, careful to tantalize

whatever flesh we could come in contact with in the process.  She

sat me down on her bed and pushed me back slowly, kissing me and

pressing her body next to mine.  I spread my legs and she lay

down on top of me between my thighs, our pubic bones pressed

together.  Still kissing, we stroked each other and started

thrusting our hips at each other.  I struggled to match her

rhythm as I started to lose control of my coordination, but it

was a losing battle.  Soon I had to rely on her to keep up the

good work as all I could do was drown in the sensations rising

from my clitoris to my vagina to my belly and up.  I ran my hands

up and down her back to her ass and around to her upper thighs.

Quiet moans escaped her with every breath and I found myself

answering those moans with groans of my own.  We could not kiss;

we were concentrated on the feelings of our bodies straining

against one another, feeling the heat from between our legs

encompass us, and the sweat pouring off of us.  Her weight felt

good on me and I was sorry when she lifted herself off and moved

down, kissing my body passionately all over.  But, I wasn't sorry

for long when she reached the hottest spot of all.  Her tongue

touched my clitoris and I let out an involuntary moan.  It felt

so hot and wet and good and she moved it to make it feel even

more hot and wet and good until I could no longer think in com-

plete sentences and my back arched up and my entire crotch was so

wet I could feel it dripping down to my ass and my leg muscles

clenched and unclenched with the pleasure and I tried to be quiet

because her roommate was home but I just couldn't hold back the

moans and I tried to bite back the screams so that they came out

quietly and it felt so hot and wet and her tongue was so hot and

wet and it made me jerk and press up against her tongue that was

so hot and wet and good and I could hardly breath I was panting

so hard and I couldn't hear the music over my moaning and I could

feel the vibrations through her tongue that was so hot and wet

from her own moans that came out with her every breath and I

could feel her pelvis grinding rhythmically into the bed as she

became excited by my moans and panting and wetness and my taste

as her tongue moved so hot and wet and good and then it was so

hot and wet and good that I couldn't stand it and still she went

on and on until I exploded from my clitoris outward and I

screamed even though I tried to hold it back I just couldn't and

I pushed up hard against her tongue and she worked it until she

could get no more response from me than that from a rag doll.

 Totally spent, I almost passed out right there.  She

wiped her face on my inner thighs and pulled herself up to col-

lapse on top of me.  Her weight was comforting to me, and her

soft kisses on my face and neck were so tender and gentle that I

struggled to return them.  "Shhhh," she stroked my shoulder,

"Just relax," and I dozed off in her arms as she stroked my now

lifeless body and smoothed my hair.  The last thing I remember is

drinking some water that she held to my lips before falling

asleep next to her, only to wake up a very satisfied Kitten in

the morning.


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