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Archive-name: Samesex/kimlesli.txt


Archive-title: Kim and Leslie

	I had gone to a bar with one of my girl friends who introduced 

me to her friend Leslie.  She was gorgeous, someone who I wish I 

could look like.  In any case, to make a long story short, we ended up 

in bed together.  I'm not a lesbian or bi, but somehow we both felt the 

desire.  I don't know what happened, but it did.  She first invited me 

inside for a drink.  I sat down on the couch and she sat next to me.  

When she sat down, my arm shook a little and I spilt my drink on my 

skirt.  She promptly grabbed a damp towel and started to wipe my 

skirt.  Of course I spilt the drink right over my crotch, so as she wiped, 

I couldn't help but start to feel a little excitement.  Not only was my 

skirt wet, but my g-string was beginning to get wet.  I told her to stop, 

and she asked half jokingly if she was getting me excited.  I of course 

told her the truth and said yes.  She then lifted up my skirt to wipe the 

underside, but as she did, she felt my g-string and noticed that it 

wasn't only my drink that I was wet from.  She dropped the towel and 

lightly touched my mound.

	"Leslie, stop," I whispered, "I don't think I should be doing 

this."  To my disappointment, she stopped.  I was getting aroused and 

I really didn't want her to stop.

	"Do you really want me to stop, Kim," she asked.

	"Well . . ." I replied.  I then took my hand and slowly reached 

out for her breast.  She grabbed my hand and led it the rest of the way.  

I had never touched another woman's breast before, so I was a bit 

apprehensive.  She then returned to touching my mound under my 


	"Does that feel good?" Leslie asked.

	I couldn't give any response because I was too lost in the 

sensations.  I just leaned my head back in utter ectasy.  As I fondled 

her breasts, she began to do more than just touch my mound.  She 

began to massage it.  And as she did I could feel my juices building up 

in my pleasure center.  The feelings I had for this other woman were 

intense.  She then pulled my g-string to one side and slipped a finger 

in my hole.  As she did this, I could feel the g-string tighten and slip 

up the crack of my ass.  Her finger slid in easily, and she lightly 

massaged the insides of my love canal.

	I was getting extremely wet and she knew this.  "I can feel that 

you do want me to continue," she said.

	My fluids dripped down her finger, down my g-string, down to 

the crack of my ass, and down onto my skirt.  I was amazed at how 

wet I was.  As she probed my hole with her finger, I felt an orgasm 

building.  I then reached my other hand down to my cunt and helped 

her.  I first lifted up my skirt to my waste and then went right for my 

clit.  I couldn't believe what was happening to me.  Another woman 

was fingering my cunt and I was helping her.  My clit stood at 

attention and I rubbed it while Leslie fingered my hole.  I exploded in 

orgasm.  My love juices squirted and as my hips bucked, Leslie bent 

over and kissed me.  She flung her tongue through my lips, into my 

mouth, probing for my own tongue.  We both embraced in a deep 

passionate kiss as my orgasm exploded and my love juices went wild.

	"Follow me," she said as she got off of me.

	I did as she asked and she lead me to her bedroom.  "Make 

yourself comfortable on the bed," she said.

	I walked toward the bed, and as I did I dropped my skirt and 

pulled off my g-string, bringing it to my nose and inhaling the aroma 

of my fluids before dropping it to the ground.  The scent of my own 

fluids drove me crazy.  The room was dimly lit, but I could see Leslie 

reaching into a dresser drawer and pulling out a strap-on dildo.

	"This is my favorite strap-on," she said as I watched her put it 


	Standing at the foot of the bed, she put my legs over her 

shoulders.  Pausing for a moment, she placed the dildo at the entrance 

of my hole.  She then moved her hips slowly forward, sliding her 

manhood deep into my cunt. I couldn't believe what I was doing.  I 

was being fucked by another woman, and it felt great.  The sensations 

were incredible.  She didn't thrust with unnecessary force like a man, 

but she gently eased forward, in and out.  

	I reached my hands out and fondled her breasts.  "Ooh Kim, 

that feels great," she said.  

	I was still lost in the sensations and all I could do was moan in 

ecstasy.  Leslie then put her hand down on my clit as she continued to 

stick her cock in my love canal.  She rubbed it gently and the feeling 

was incredible.  She kept thrusting, bringing me closer to the edge.  It 

felt great.  Then, with one last thrust and a squeeze of my clit, I came.  

I came furiously and wildly.  My love juices squirted around her cock 

as my vaginal walls pulsed in rhythm.

	I then saw her hand reach toward a sack on the strap-on and I 

suddenly felt a squirt of a warm fluid rushing into my canal.  This kept 

me on the edge as my orgasm continued to pulse throughout my entire 

body.  As I continued to come, she bent down and kissed my breasts.  

She circled my tit with her tongue and then placed her entire mouth 

over my areola.  She slowly licked her way up to my mouth and stuck 

her tongue deep inside.  I kissed her back and stuck my tongue deep 

inside her mouth too.  Our tongues were locked together in utter 

ecstasy as my hole was being filled by my lover's manhood.

	As I was being bathed in this extremely wet, hot, sex, a woman 

walked in the room.  She stepped behind Leslie and reached her hands 

around her waist so that she could finger her cunt.  She then squeezed 

the sack on the strap-on and another stream of the warm fluid filled 

my hole.  This brought me over the edge again as my cunt pulsed 

around the dildo.  Leslie then took her cock out of my cunt and turned 

around and kissed the other woman.

	"Kim, this is Cindy," Leslie said.

	"How is it going, Leslie?" Cindy asked.

	I was so lost in ecstasy that I couldn't say anything except for a 

few moans.

	"I understand," Cindy said as she gave a slight wink.

	Cindy and Leslie joined me on the bed.  We sat against the 

backboard with myself in the middle.  Both of them brought their 

hands to my thighs and spread my legs with one hand and reached 

down to each lip of my pussy with their other hand to stretch them 

apart and expose my hole.

	"This is Kim's first time with another woman," Leslie said, "so 

be gentle."

	My cunt was extremely hot and wet and my love juices dripped 

out and onto the sheets.  I took my hand down to my cunt and stuck a 

finger in it.  Then I stuck two fingers in, then I stuck in three.  It was 

quite easy since Leslie and Cindy were parting my lips.  I massaged 

the inner walls of my canal with one hand, and with the other hand I 

reached down to gently squeeze my clit.  As I did this, Leslie and 

Cindy each sucked one of my breasts.  The feelings were sensational.  

I eventually came again, and this time I really came.  I actually 

ejaculated my love juices up in the air.  Both Leslie and Cindy were 

excited about this and took turns swallowing my come.

	Cindy then got up off the bed, walked over to the dresser, and 

pulled out another strap-on.  She put it on and walked back to the bed.

	"Kim, come sit on my cock," Leslie said as she lay on the bed.

	I did as she asked.  I slowly slid her cock into my waiting hole.  

I bent down and kissed her, and she gave a deep passionate kiss back.  

Then, to my surprise, or perhaps not, Cindy jumped on the bed behind 

me.  I felt something at the opening of my anus, and then I felt it 

protruding my virgin hole.  This sent shock waves throughout my 

entire body.  I couldn't believe it.  I was doing a three way with two 

other women.  I had never done this before, but it excited me.  It 

turned me on that two women were fucking me with dildos.

	All I could say was, "Yes, yes, don't stop," in a barely 

inteligible moan.  Cindy gave gentle pushes, and as she did, I gently 

slid forward on Leslie's cock.  Cindy wrapped her arms around my 

chest and massaged my breasts as I continued to kiss Leslie.  We 

continued this for I don't know how long.  Finally, I was about ready 

to come.  I could feel it building up deep within.  Finally, with a 

momentous action, I exploded into orgasm once again.  Being 

overcome with exhaustion, I rested on top of Leslie with her cock still 

inside my cunt, and Cindy rested on top of me with her cock up my 

ass.  We lay there for quite sometime.

	As we lay there, I must have fallen asleep.  I had a wonderfully 

weird and erotic dream.  I dreamt that I had a cock, but I also had very 

smooth and soft breasts.  My cock was long, hard, and waiting for 

action.  I thought that this was wonderful because now I could return 

my pleasure to Leslie, but this time with a real cock and real come.  

Leslie was on her back on the bed, with her legs hanging off the edge.  

I walked over to her, lifted her legs to her chest, and spread her cunt 

lips with my fingers.  I then took my tongue and gently licked her 

pussy.  It was still dry, but with each lick it became wetter and wetter.  

Soon, she was dripping with her love juices.  I rubbed it all over her 

cunt and ass.  I then decided that it was time to put my new cock into 

action.  With the cunt juice all over my hand, I stroked my cock a few 

times, getting it harder until a glistening drop of pre-cum appeared at 

the tip.  I then gently eased my cock into her waiting hole.  I pushed 

through her lips, through her love canal, and back to her cervix.  I 

pushed as far as I could as she let out a loud moan.  I pushed gently in 

and out.  As I fucked her with my cock, I reached down to her clit and 

rubbed it.  She was getting wetter and wetter and her juices were 

dripping onto the floor.  Then, she reached up and grabbed my breasts.  

The feeling was sensational.  My cock was fucking another women's 

cunt and my breasts were being fondled with passion.  Soon, I was 

about ready to come.  I could feel the come building up in my balls.  

But, before I shot my load, I removed my cock and aimed it right at 

Leslie's mouth.  I spewed my load all over her face.  Since it was a 

dream, I had a virtually endless supply of semen.  She tried to catch 

every bit of it into her mouth, but obviously she was not successful.  I 

grabbed my squirting hose, aiming it lower so as to spray her breasts.  

I then moved down to her stomach and finally squirting my lasts bits 

of come onto her bush.  When I finished shooting my load, I bent 

down to lick up my come.  First, I started at her cunt, rubbing the 

slick, sticky fluid into her pubic hair and licking up all of the juices.  

Then, I moved up to her stomach, sticking my tongue in her navel, 

then to her breasts.  I licked and sucked each nipple, until every drop 

was gone.  I then moved up to her face, licking her entire face clean of 

my come.  Afterward, I moved my lips to hers, sticking my tongue 

deep into her mouth.

	As I lay on top of her, we rolled over.  She was now on top of 

me.  She moved down to suck my cock.  However, when she went 

down, I also had my lovely cunt.  With her mouth, she surrounded my 

cock, and with her fingers, she filled my cunt.  The feeling was 

incredible.  It was better than being fingered and having my clit 

massaged.  She gently sucked my cock.  I've had my cunt licked by 

many men before, but in this dream, having my cock sucked by Leslie 

was such an incredible feeling.  Not only was the sensational feeling 

of having my cock being sucked arousing my fluids, but so too was 

the fingering of my cunt.  I felt an orgasm building deep inside, and I 

could feel come boiling up in my balls.  When I reached my incredible 

climax, I ejaculated my semen into Leslie's mouth at the same time 

my cunt juices shot out toward her chin.  Leslie sucked my come from 

my cock while she spread my woman juices all over my cunt and her 

breasts.  After I had spent my load, she moved up and began kissing 

me.  She opened my mouth wide with her lips and began depositing 

my come into my mouth so that I could taste it.  As she did this, she 

continued to massage my limping cock with one hand and dart fingers 

in and out of my pussy with the other hand.  Then, at that moment, I 

felt something other than fingers in my pussy; I felt a cock in there 

too.  This dream was getting stranger by the minute because as I 

looked down, Leslie now also had a cock, and it wasn't the strap on 

dildo.  She began thrusting deep into my love hole, and with every 

thrust my juices flowed more and more.  I could hear her whispering 

that she was going to come, and she certainly did.  I could feel fluids 

shooting deep into my canal.  She then pulled her cock out of my cunt 

and brought the still squirting tool toward my breasts where she 

continued to spray her semen.  It was so warm.  I reached toward my 

breasts and massaged her semen into my chest.  When I woke up, I 

found Leslie sitting on my chest with her ass facing me.  Her cunt was 

directly on my breasts, smearing her love juices all over them, while 

her tongue was licking my cunt.

	"You must have been having quite some dream," Leslie said 

after she had noticed that I had awakened.

	"How could you tell?" I asked her.

	"Well, you were fingering yourself like a madwoman.  Of 

course, my licking you probably added something to your dream."

	Leslie got off of my chest, turned around, and began kissing 

me.  This was my first sexual experience with another woman and I 

couldn't wait for it to happen again.


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