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Archive-name: Samesex/kaystory.txt


Archive-title: Kay's Story 

Chapter 1 

     Anyway, about RC. He was my first real lover, I had messed around 

with a few guys but he was the one who really taught me about sex. I 

lived in Kenosha Wisc., about halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, 

drinking age was 21, I was 19 but nobody ever carded me. Both of my 

brothers worked for Sam's Amusement company, collecting the money and 

moving pinballs, pool tables, jukeboxes, keeping the records current 

that kinda stuff. Anyway when I was 18 Sam hired this ex-Marine to 

work second shift, fixing machines in the bars when they broke down at 

night. Both my brothers were scared to death of this guy, he was big 

and supposed to be mean as hell. 

     Well I saw him a few times in the bars. He was enough to make my 

pussy wet just watching him. 'Bout six foot even, lots of muscles and 

moved like a dancer. Anyway, I decide I wanted to get in his pants, 

only there were alot of other girls in the way. One night I went to 

stay at a friend's house. We dressed to go out. I wore a silk blouse, 

leather skirt and sandals, that's all. We went to a bar and I told the 

bartender that the pinball kept taking my money and wouldn't give me 

any games. 30 minutes later in walks RC. When he started checking out 

the pinball I went over to watch, while he was looking at the coin 

mechanism I moved so his eyes were even with my crotch and lifted my 

skirt so he could see my pussy, which was sopping wet, (I had been 

thinking about doing this while I waited for him to turn up and was 

really excited.) He looked at my twat for a second, and stood up, as 

he stood he ran a hand up my leg and put a finger right in me. His 

thumb rubbed my clit. I bit my lip to keep from screaming. Nobody in 

the bar seemed to notice as he diddled my clit with his thumb. He 

leaned down and tongued my ear and whispered, "Don't make any noise, 

I'll get you off right here. Think of all these people who don't know 

you're about to cum. He leaned further down and bit me gently on the 

neck, I started to shiver, then he brought his other hand up and 

squeezed my breast. I came, I bit my lip so hard that I drew blood, 

spots danced before my eyes. I sort of slumped against him. He took 

his hand from my crotch and licked his fingers. "meet me here at 

closing, I'll show you what sex really is" He locked the door on the 

pinball machine and walked out. 

     By closing I was half drunk, when RC walks in with this BEAUTIFUL 

redhead. I was speechless. He walked over to me and asked if I was 

ready to go. Dumbfounded, I stuttered that I was. I followed them out 

to his car and started to get into the backseat. RC took my arm and 

said, "No, you sit in the middle," and guided me to the front seat. 

After we were all in he reached under my skirt and rubbed my twat, 

then he unbuttoned the front of my blouse and started caressing my 


     "This is Sharon," he said, nodding to the redhead, "I don't know 

your name." 

     "Kay," I replied. 

     "Sharon, this is Kay" 

     I must have been really drunk or horny, or both, 'cause it didn't 

bother me that my tits were in full view and my skirt was hiked up 

'til my pussy was exposed. With one hand softly rubbing my twat and 

another gently massaging my tit, I felt great. His hand left my pussy 

and he lifted my chin and kissed me, long and deep. He ran his tongue 

over my lips and into my mouth. He explored my mouth as both of his 

hands began to knead my breasts. He nibbled on my ears and down my 

neck. Then his mouth closed on my nipple. One hand moved to my crotch. 

His tongue swirled around the nipple, then flicked it back and forth. 

The other tit was kneaded and the nipple gentle twisted and pulled. 

The heel of the hand in my crotch was rubbing against my clit, the 

middle finger stroking my slit. I slid down in the seat trying to get 

that finger inside my cunt. The tip of his finger moved down and 

touched my asshole. I flinched; nobody had ever touched my anus like 

that. It was like an electric shock wire to my clit. "Relax, enjoy 

it," he said. "Just concentrate on how it feels, the heat in your 

cunt, the stiffness of your nipples. Enjoy the sensations." He ran his 

nails from my crotch down one leg then up the other. 

     This time he brought his thumb against the side of my clit and 

started slowly rubbing it. His middle finger flicked the bottom of my 

slit. I started bucking my hips. His thumb slid down and into my cunt. 

RC worked his thumb slowly in and out rubbed my anus with his finger. 

     I felt my orgasm building rapidly, my second of the night, the 

fourth of my whole life. He moved his mouth back to my face kissing 

and licking the hand that had been on my chest went behind my neck, 

and started to massage. "Play with your tits. Use your own hands, show 

me what feels good," he said. 

     I cupped my breasts in my hands and squeezed them, pushed them 

together. With the index finger and thumb of each hand gripping a 

nipple, first I twisted them, then pulled them. When his mouth covered 

mine and this tongue started probing I came, squeezing my own nipples 

and jamming my cunt against his thumb. As my orgasm ended he pushed 

his juice-slick finger into my ass. I started cumming again, the 

sensation of his finger thrusting in and out of my spasming asshole 

was too intense. I screamed. Each trust of his finger sent new ripples 

through me. I didn't stop cumming till he held his finger still. My 

body felt like Jell-o, no bone, no muscle. RC began kissing my face, 

neck ears and chest. 

     I whimpered as he removed his finger. Then he started massaging 

my anus with his thumb. Little shudders shocked my body. 

     "Enjoy it, ride the sensations," he whispered in my ear. 

     I pushed my ass down against his thumb. As it penetrated me, new 

waves of heat raced over my body. I gritted my teeth and groaned, 

grinding my ass at his thumb. Fingers spread the lips of my cunt, 

exposing my clit and pulling back its hood. A mouth closed over my 

cunt. Vaguely I realized it was Sharon's as her tongue flicked out at 

my clit. She sucked my clit like it was a nipple, swirling it with her 

tongue, nipping gently with her teeth. The whole world seemed to 

explode. I came again and again. I thought I would lose my mind if 

they didn't stop, but I couldn't get the words out to tell them, all I 

could do was gasp and moan. 

     When my breathing return to normal and my eyes focused they were 

sitting on either side of me, watching. "How old are you?" asked 

Sharon. "21," I answered. Sharon grabbed my hair and pulled my face 

right to her's. "Bullshit! Don't you ever lie to me again!" 

     "Nineteen," I stuttered. 

     "That's more like it" She said as she pulled my mouth to hers. As 

her tongue forced it's way into my mouth, I tried to pull back. She 

released my hair and laughed. "You didn't mind me eating you, but you 

won't kiss me." 

     I just sat there unable to reply. 

     "When's your birthday Kay?" ask RC 

     "April twentith," I replied. 

     "Well let's get rid of this jailbait and go party." he said. I 

felt like a toy that was being thrown away. 

     They dropped me at my girlfriend's car. She was waiting and 

worried. I was upset and depressed. As I was climbing in the car, 

Sharon yelled, "I tend bar down at the Inn Between Lounge, come by 

Thursday and we'll talk." 

Chapter 2 

     As I watched RC's car leave the parking, lot my mind was a total 

wreck. I had gotten his attention, at least for a little while, but 

now he was leaving with another girl. Sharon was even more confusing. 

Another girl shouldn't turn me on, but I could still feel her kiss on 

my lips, and the thinking of her licking my clit made my knees weak. I 

wondered what another girl's breast would feel like. 

     That night I didn't sleep well, I kept replaying flashes from 

what had happened through my mind. Saturday morning I decided I would 

go to see Sharon on Thursday. I also decided I needed to know more 

about her first, so I went to my brothers. They worked for Sam's and 

knew alot of the people in the bars, I hoped they could tell me about 

Sharon, more important, about her and RC. 

     Well I found out a lot, little of it what I had hoped for. Sharon 

was one of the best paid bartenders (cause she was one of the best) in 

town, she shot a mean game of pool, was an excellent foosball player, 

and was more or less RC's main lady. More or less because they both 

dated other people, quite openly. When I asked if there was any talk 

about her liking girls, both my brothers laughed and asked if I had 

the hots for her because she sure didn't act interested in girls. I 

knew that was wrong, but maybe she kept it quiet. 

     Thursday came around, I was a little scared and a lot nervous. 

All day at school I kept wondering what would happen, what I should do 

and what I would do. Was she going to warn me off RC? Should I tell 

her I would do my best to get him? Could I compete against her? Did 

she want me for herself? How should I react, how would I react? I 

shouldn't let her touch me, but the memory of her mouth and tongue 

kept flashing in my mind. After school I went home to shower and 

change clothes. The warm water felt so good. As I washed, thoughts of 

mouths, tongues, fingers, thumbs, nipples, pussies, and anuses flowed 

through my head. My nipples got hard and my snatch got warm. I cupped 

my tits and held them into the spray so a stream splashed on each 

nipple, the sensation was so intense I could only stand it for a few 

seconds. Then I would shield the nipples with my fingers, rubbing and 


     When I could stand it no longer I started soaping my bush, 

rubbing my hand down over my slit, pressing the palm against my clit. 

With the other hand I washed my ass, first the cheeks then the crack 

till my finger touched my anus. How long I stood with one hand rubbing 

my bush and the middle finger of the other hand tickling my asshole I 

don't know. Time didn't matter, only sensation and thought. I imagined 

they weren't my hands at all but his hands, touching, probing, 

caressing, exploring. Then the hot water ran out and I was snapped 

back to reality by the cold spray. I quickly rinsed off the soap, 

wrapped a towel around my now chilled body and headed to my room to 


     I had a lot of trouble deciding what to wear - not outerwear; 

underwear. I had decided earlier to wear black slacks and a peasant 

blouse. Should I wear sexy undies, in case things went that way, or 

should I wear something more conservative for the same reason? Did I 

want things to go that way, should I wear something that would give me 

more protection? Finally, I wore full size panties and a bra that had 

4 hooks in the back. At least if she got to me she would have to work 

for it. Why did I think of her trying instead of him, and why did it 

give me a tingle when I asked myself that? I brushed out my hair, put 

on my makeup and headed for the Inn Between. 

     When I got there the bouncer at the door asked for my I.D. I had 

never been carded before, I told him, "I forgot and left it home." 

     He said, "You'll have to go get cause nobody comes in without 


     "I'm here to see Sharon." I replied. 

     "Hey, Sharon, this teeny booper say's she's here to see you," he 

shouted over his shoulder. 

     "What's her name?" answered a familiar voice. 

     "It's me, Kay, you said to come by." I shouted. 

     "Hey, Dale, let her in. I forgot to tell you she was coming," 

shouted Sharon over the noise. 

     Dale stepped aside, "Sorry, I didn't know you a friend of 


     When I stepped into the room I noticed it was a lot bigger than 

it looked from outside. There were a dozen pool tables, four foosball 

tables, couple of pin balls, a jukebox, and a large U shaped bar. 

There were maybe 20 people scattered around and two girls behind the 

bar. One was about forty, short and a little overweight with really 

big tits. The other was Sharon. When I sat down at the bar I noticed 

the floor behind was raised plexaglass me and had lights underneath. 

Sharon ask if I would like a Coke. When I said yes, she brought me 

one. As she went to refill a beer I realized the reason for the floor. 

To serve drinks, the bartender had to lean a little forward, allowing 

a look down her cleavage, as she moved around behind the bar customers 

got a good view of her legs and ass. 

     Displayed like that I got my first good look a Sharon. Her hair 

was red, shoulder length and thick. Blue eyes, pale skin, about five-

foot-eight, 38D-24-34. Long legs that you could see the muscles move 

in as she walked and a poke-out-in-the-rear hindend. She was dressed 

in a blue satiny tank top, matching jogging shorts, and spike heels. 

She wasn't wearing a bra, and from the skin I could see when she bent 

over I didn't think she was wearing panties. 

     When she had everybody filled up she came back over to where I 

was sitting. "I'm glad you came, I wanted to talk to you," she said 


     "Well, I'm not really sure why I came. After what you did, I 

shouldn't even talk to you. I don't want you to think I came here 

cause I liked it either," I said. 

     "My, aren't you a fiesty one? That was the first time I had ever 

licked a cunt. I mentioned once to RC that I had a fantasy about 

making love to another woman. Friday he came by and said he had a 

surprise for me, I got Linda to cover for me so I could leave before 

closing. He wouldn't tell me what was going on only to trust him and I 

would enjoy it. As soon as we got to his car he had me remove my 

underwear. Then he started to kiss me and feel me up. Soon as my 

nipples were good and hard and my cunt starting to warm up he started 

the car and headed to get you. 

     "All the way there he kept a hand in my blouse working on my 

nipples. About half way he put a finger in front of me and said to 

lick it, then he used it to rub my nipples very lightly. When it would 

get dry he would have me lick it again. The whole time he talked about 

how it was to eat pussy, the smell, taste, the feel. My cunt was hot 

and I was really starting to squirm when we got to the parking lot of 

the bar you were in. 

     "When he killed the engine he leaned over sucked a nipple into 

his mouth and slid a hand up my leg and started to diddle my clit. I 

was ready to explode. He released the nipple and whispered in my ear 

that he had a young cunt for me to eat, one he didn't think had ever 

felt a tongue. It shocked me a little but the state I was in I was 

more than willing to try. Well, you know the rest." 

     I didn't know what to say, this wasn't what I had expected. Then 

to my surprise I asked, "Did you Like it?" 

     She looked at me with her clear blue eyes and said, "Yes, I did. 

Did you? I know you got off, but did you like it?" 

     To my horror I heard myself answer, "I think I liked it. I know I 

liked the feel of a mouth on my twat. I think I liked the idea it was 

a girl's. It made it nastier, more thrilling." What was I saying, I 

didn't like girls that way, -- only the wet spot on my panties said 


     "Had anybody ever licked your clit before?" she asked. She was 

getting horny too, I could see her nipples pushing against her top. 

     "No, till that night, all anybody had done was fingerfuck or fuck 

me," I replied. 

     "Have you ever sucked a cock?" she ask. 

     "No, I jacked off a couple of guys but I never put one in my 


     "Sounds like you don't know a whole lot about sex." She leaned 

forward so I could see between her tits, "Have you ever wanted to feel 

another woman's breasts?" 

     "No....well maybe. I hadn't thought about it," I stammered. 

     "Hey give me a beer," yelled a voice. Sharon and I looked at each 

other for a second, both in a bit of a daze. 

     "Be right there," she shouted to the beer drinker. Then to me: 

"This isn't what I had in mind to talk about. I'll be right back." 

     I watched her walk down the bar, I wondered what it would be like 

to touch her, to poke my tongue into her. I squirmed on my bar stool, 

what was coming over me? I noticed the bar was filling up, and that 

there were two more girls behind the bar. The woman who had been 

behind it when I first came in was sitting about five stools down 

watching a pool game. 

     Sharon came back. "Let's talk about something else. This 

conversation is getting me hot and there are other things I want to 

talk to you about. First, be careful with RC, he's not like anybody 

else you'll ever meet. Don't fall in love with him, don't try and own 

him, and -- most important -- never repeat anything he tells you or 

tell anybody anything he does." 

     "What are you talking about? I thought you were his girlfriend," 

I said. 

     "RC has lots of 'girlfriends.' Most any girl who knows him would 

drop their panties in a second if he said to; that's just how it is. 

He's a nice guy, he cares about people, but he doesn't love, he won't 

stand for somebody trying to posess him. When he comes into a bar, any 

bar in town just about, he sort a makes the rounds. Kisses every foxy 

chick in the place, cause he knows all of them. He even kisses some 

that aren't all that great. He knows every bartender, bar owner and 

regular customer in the 160-some-odd bars in this town. He could bed a 

different chick every night if he wanted, but he doesn't: He hugs 'em 

and gives 'em a kiss but it's damn few that he does anything else 

with. Sure he and I party from time to time and we've spent sometime 

getting to know each other's bodies and minds, but we're friends. It's 

the same with any, woman that's more than a one-night stand for him. 

But not one of us tries to tie him down. Some have tried, but he just 

walks away from them and doesn't go back." 

     "Why are you telling me this?" I asked. 

     "Honey, he kinda liked what he saw the other night. How did he 

put it? 'A pretty package, with a lot of potential and not any bad 

habits to unlearn.' You let him and he can teach you more about 

yourself, people and sex than you'll ever learn on your own. But you 

have to do it by his rules, or he'll just walk away." 

     This flood of information had me a bit confused. He wanted to see 

me again but only on his terms. What did that mean? "I'm not going to 

just sit around waiting for my turn to come up. I can do better than 


     "It's not that way, and even if it were you would be better off 

waiting than messing around with these morons. Give it a try, then 

decide. Remember how it was Friday. Think about it: That was a few 

minutes, mostly with just his hands. Believe me, that was a mere 


     "Now, second, you have a lot of things going for you but living 

at home isn't one of them. So when you turn 19 you need a job and a 

place to live with a little more freedom. Have you ever thought of 

tending bar? With a job in the right place you can make a lot of 

money. Tips can clear $125 on a good night. It can be a real turn on 

to strut your stuff for 50 or 60 guys that can't touch you. What do 

you say?" 

     "I never thought of it. I don't know how to mix drinks or 

anything else. I don't know what's what behind a bar." 

     "Don't worry about that; I can teach you the mechanics. Would you 

be interested in wiggling your body around this bar if I could get you 

started at $12.50 an hour?" 

     "Twelve-fifty? You've got to be kidding! How soon can I start?" 

     "No, I'm not kidding, and you'll have to earn it. You can't tend 

bar till you're 21, but if Linda will okay it we can start your 

training Monday. That'll give you a couple of months to come up to 


     "Why would anybody hire me at $12.50 an hour with no experience?" 

     "First -- $12.50 isn't bad for a bartender in this town but it's 

not top pay either. Second -- I've worked for Linda going on 3 years. 

I'm the best she's got. If I tell her I think you're worth it, it 

she'll believe me. Third -- and most important -- if RC asks Linda to 

give you a try she'll do it, not just cause she owes him, has the hots 

for him, or is trying to get on his good side -- all of which is true 

-- but because his opinion carries a lot of weight." 

     "I'll give it a shot." 

     "Come on, let's talk to Linda," ahe said and motioned me down to 

the woman who had been behind the bar earlier. "Linda, this is Kay, 

the girl RC told you about." 

     "Let's have a look at you. Step out a little from the bar and 

turn around for me, slowly," said the bleached blonde. As I turned, 

she examined me. When I was facing her again, I examined her. 

     She was about forty (48 I learned later), tall, a little 

overweight, wore too much makeup, and had really huge tits (44DD). 

     "Here's the rules: While you are in training you get minimum 

wage. If you're good I'll make up the rest of the $12.50 in cash. No 

dope, don't get drunk on duty, no peddling anything -- including pussy 

-- when you're behind my bar. All my bartenders are girls. They get 

along, they cover for each other; we're family. No messing with my 

boyfriends, no messing with the bouncers. That's about it. If you 

break any of those, you're out. Be here Saturday at 9 am. And please 

do something about your wardrobe, my girls all dress sexy, the 

underwear you've got on will have to go." 

     I just stood and stared. A lot was happening real fast and I 

wasn't sure I was getting all of it. 

     "Sharon, show her around, get the information we need to sign her 

up at the spa. I assume you're going to train her yourself?" 

     "That's the plan, Linda. You want a drink before I go off duty?" 

Linda just shook her head and went back to talking with the guy 

sitting next to her. 

     Sharon came around the bar, took me by the arm and started 

showing me around. When we went down the hall to the rest rooms, she 

took a key from the waist band of her shorts and opened a door at the 

end of the hall. The door had no handle -- only a lock. On the other 

side was a stair-landing. One set of stairs went up, another down. 

Sharon headed down and I followed. At the bottom of the stairs was a 

large room that had a timeclock, desk, several comfortable-looking 

chairs, and a couple of couches. 

      "This is the bartender's lounge, the lockers, toilets, sinks, 

and showers are in there." She pointed to a doorway. "Here, fill this 

out," she said, taking a form from the desk. As I was filling it out, 

she got her timecard, punched out and checked the other time cards. 

"Don't worry about the measurements; we'll get them in a second. They 

have to be right or your work outfits won't fit." 

     When I had finished the rest of the form I stood up to get 

measured. First I stood against the wall. "Five-eight," then she 

measured my neck and my arm. 

     As she measured my bust she gave each breast a good feel: "36C." 

When she stooped to measure my waist she rubbed her face between my 

breasts. "Twenty-nine," she said. "You'll have to work at that." She 

reached behind me and cupped my cheeks, giving them a soft squeeze. 

"Thirty-seven. You'll have to lose some of that, too." My nipples had 

hardened and there was a tingle in my clit. She stood up. "I'm going 

to shower, then I'll show you the rest of the place," she said as she 

turned toward the door that led to the showers and pulled off her top. 

She turned, giving me a good look at her firm tits, "Come and talk to 

me while I change." 

     She disappeared through the door. My pulse quickened as I walked 

toward the door, part of me screaming to leave, most of me wanting to 

stay. When I went through the door I entered a locker room. Down one 

side were full-length lockers. In front of the lockers were several 

low, padded benches. On the other side were shower stalls, sinks and a 

couple of toilets. Sharon was facing away from me, bent at the waist, 

sliding the jogging shorts down her legs. She was wearing panties 

after all, thong style, I could see the waist band around her hips and 

the strap that went down the crevice of her ass. After she removed the 

shorts, she stayed bent over and removed her shoes. 

     Then she stood, looked over her shoulder and blew me a kiss. She 

hooked her thumbs in the waistband and slowly eased down the skippy 

panties bending over, giving me a wide open view of her creamy smooth 

ass, her puckered asshole and wet slit. I let out a moan, Sharon 

straightened, turned around and came to me. Her arms went around my 

neck and she hugged me. Her mouth closed over mine and her tongue 

darted through my parted teeth. My hands caressed her back and sides 

as I returned her kiss. 

     My hands found her tits and began to knead them till my fingers 

found her rubbery hard nipples. I pinched, pulled and tweaked her 

nipples, marveling at smoothness, weight and texture of another 

woman's breasts. My own tits were still confined in my bra, aching to 

be touched. The cups felt rough to my sensitive nipples. 

     Our kiss broke, both of us short of breath. I pulled my blouse 

over my head, dropped it to the floor, reached behind me and 

unfastened my bra. Sharon pulled my bra off and let it fall. She ran 

her hands over my shoulders and neck, down the slopes of my tits, 

along the sides, down to the top of my slacks, then back up. Her hands 

barely touched me as they moved over my tits, never quite touching the 


     I stood, eyes closed, concentrating on the feeling, after the 

third time she moved her hands over my front, her touch became 

heavier, squeezing, stroking, kneading -- but still not touching my 


     My panties were sopped, my whole pussy throbbed, my nipples 

actually ached to be touched. 

     Sharon pulled me to her. My nipples pushed against her soft warm 

tits. A shudder went through my body and I groaned. As she held me 

against her I could feel the hardness of her nipples, the softness of 

her breasts and the heat from her twat. 

     My mouth was against her neck, I kissed it, licked. Sharon's 

hands were on my shoulders. Slowly, she moved my mouth down. I licked 

and kissed her tits, running my tongue over the soft skin, tasting the 

underside of each breast, circling my tongue slowly around one nipple, 

then the other. 

     Her hands were in my hair now. She guided my mouth to her nipple. 

I flicked it with my tongue, then licked gently. When it was covered 

in saliva I blew air on it. The nipple puckered. 

     "Suck it." she commanded. I took the nipple into my mouth, 

sucking in as much of her tit as I could. My tongue swirled around the 

nipple as I gently bit the tit in my mouth. Then I started to bat the 

nipple back and forth with my tongue. I felt her body stiffen against 

mine. "Now do the other one." My mouth went to her other nipple, I 

flicked it with my tongue and then bit it softly before sucking it 

into my mouth. 

     Her hands pushed me lower, down to my knees, I licked her tummy 

as my mouth went down her body. I felt the tickle of her pubic hair on 

my chin and resisted for a second. I could feel the heat of her, the 

scent of her sex filled my nostrils. I brought my arms up and hugged 

her, holding my face just above her bush. My hands trailed down the 

cheeks of her ass, squeezing, weighing them. I stroked the backs, then 

the insides of her thighs. Then I moved my mouth down, licking around 

her bush, rubbing my nose through her red curly hairs. Then I tasted 

the juices that had leaked from her, what was left of my inhibitions 


     I darted my tongue into the heat of her cunt. My nose pushed at 

her clit as I tongue-fucked her. I pulled her against me with one hand 

while with the other I massaged the flesh between her cunt and 

asshole. Her hands spread her cunt lips apart and I licked my way to 

her clit. I flicked gently with my tongue, then harder. My mouth 

closed on it and I sucked it as hard as I could. Sharon was withering 

against me, grinding her pelvis at my mouth. I bit her clit, none too 

softly, and she moaned. I started flicking my tongue up and down on 

her clit. 

     Sharon went stiff and made a series of grunting sounds. As I felt 

her cunt start to spasm I jabbed two fingers into her slippery cunt. 

When her spasms quit, she took a deep breath and sighed. Then she 

helped me to my feet and kissed me long and deep, licking her juices 

from my face. 

     "God, that was good. Now for a shower," she said. 

     "What about me? I'm so horny I can't stand it?" I pleaded. 

     "Do yourself," she replied. 

     "I've never done that. Please, you do me." 

     She turn and looked at me. "You've never gotten yourself off? I 

do believe someone has neglected your education." She walked to her 

locker and took out her purse. From it she took a cloth bag about 10 

inches long. "This is a vibrating dildo." She took a card from her 

purse. "This is my phone number. Call me about midnight and I'll help 

you get off. We'll finish your tour Saturday. I've got a date for 

dinner and you need to get home before it's too late." She kissed me 

softly and gave my tit a gentle squeeze. Then she headed for the 

showers. I picked up my blouse and put it on, then bent to pick up my 

bra, I saw her g-string laying on the floor. With a glance toward the 

showers, I grabbed it. I stuffed the dildo, g-string and bra into my 

purse and headed up the stairs to the bar. 

     On the way out Linda waved me over. "We'll see you Saturday." She 

pulled me over and whispered, "I didn't notice what nice tits you 

have. Glad to see you took off your bra." I turned red, I couldn't 

think of a thing to say. I looked quickly around then noticed Linda 

had the erect cock of the guy sitting next to her in her hand under 

the bar. I stood up straight. My breast brushed her arm and she smiled 

at me. The guy beside her was no more than 20. I headed for the door. 

     In the car, I removed the dildo from it's bag. It was about 8 

inches long, rubber and looked like a real cock. I took out Sharon's 

panties and sniffed them. The scent of her sex was very strong. I put 

everything back in my purse and headed home. I drove with one hand. 

With the other I gently fingered the damp crotch of my slacks. 

Chapter 3 

     When I got home my folks were watching TV. I told them I had a 

job lined up as a bartender. Both were a little opposed till I told 

them it was at the Inn Between. My dad said that would be okay cause 

Linda ran a tight business and looked out for her bartenders. 

     I went to my room, and locked the door. I started to undress and 

take another shower. As I peeled down my pants I caught a whiff of my 

sex juices -- and decided not to. I turned off the light and got the 

dildo and Sharon's g-string. I lay down on my bed and sniffed the g-

string, then rubbed my fingers through my pubes inside my panties and 

sniffed them. The smells were different, but both were definetly sexy. 

I took the dildo out. It felt like a real cock, only, cold. It smelled 

faintly of Sharon. I wondered how often she used it. 

     I dozed off for a second and woke with a start, looked at the 

clock, it was a little after 11. My twat still had a dull throb. I 

reached down, the crotch of my panties was still damp. I thought of 

Sharon, the things she had done to me and made me do to her. I didn't 

love her. I felt -- I don't know -- something for her. 

     Finally it was midnight. I turned on the lamp by my bed and 

dialed the number she had given me. It rang a couple of times before 

she answered. 

     She didn't even say hello. 

     "Are you in your room?" she asked. 

     "Yes." I replied. 

     "What do you have on?" she ask next. 

     "Just my panties." 

     "Turn on all the lights in the room and open the blinds and 

curtains," she ordered. I did as I was told, holding the reciever 

between my cheek and shoulder and carrying the phone. Looking out the 

window I was glad my room was in the back of the house facing an empty 

lot, instead of in front facing the street. Still it would be easy for 

someone to see me standing in front of the window in my panties. 

     "Now get someting to blind fold yourself and lay down on the bed. 

Get my g-string you stole and the dildo. Blinfold yourself." 

     As I followed her orders I felt my nipples harden and my twat 

start to warm up. Using the belt to my bathrobe I covered my eyes, 

wrapping it around my head twice. I used the loose ends to tie the 

phone near my ear. 

     "Squeeze your tits, push them together. Play with your nipples. 

Lick your palms and rub them wet across your nipples." My hands moved 

to her commands, controlled by her voice, not by my mind. I could feel 

my breast heat, my nipples hard. "Pull on your nipples." I pulled 

until I moaned in pain and lust. 

     "Stop! Smell my g-string. Think of my cunt, how you licked it, 

how it tasted. Now lick my dildo. Does it taste like me? Imagine it's 

RC's cock fresh from my cunt waiting for you to suck it. Lick it up 

and down the shaft, suck just the head into your mouth. Flick your 

tongue across the head, pump the head in and out of your mouth. Now 

suck in as much as you can. Think of RC's cock sliding in and out of 

your mouth." 

     My cunt was dripping, the crotch of my panties was soaked. I 

could feel my juices oozing down my ass. 

     "Take it out of your mouth. Spread your legs. Now touch yourself 

through your panties, lightly, just with your finger tips. Run your 

hands down the inside of your legs, bring them back up, running just 

your nails over the skin." 

     The muscles in my legs twitched, my hips started rocking on their 

own, heat spread from my sex over my whole body. 

     "Cover your cunt with one hand. Trace your slit with one finger. 

Press the palm against your bush and rub it againt your clit. Poke 

your painties as far as you can into your cunt. Are you wet? Tell me 

how it feels." 

     "Yes, I'm wet, my panties are sopped. It feels so good." 

     "What feels good!" 

     "My finger." 

     "What's your finger doing!" 

     "It's playing with me." "Be more graphic or I hang up, you little 


     "I'm fingering my cunt through my panties...I'm so horny, it 

feels so good. My clit is throbbing, my cunt is gripping my finger. I 

want sometihing bigger, deeper in my cunt, I want to cum." 

     "That's better. You really want to be a slut don't you?" 

     "Yes, oh, yes." 

     "Good, 'cause that's what you are. Now bring your hand up and 

lick it clean. Suck all your juices off it. Tell me how it tastes." 

     "It tastes like you almost, like sex." 

     "Use your other hand now. Pull your panties up into your slit so 

you can touch the lips on either side with your fingers. Now rub your 

middle finger over your clit, down your slit to your asshole. Rub your 

asshole gently, think of RC's finger up your ass, how it made you cum. 

Rub your finger back and forth from your clit to your asshole and tell 

me how it feels, what's going though your mind." 

     "I'm burning, my cunt and ass are on fire! My finger feels good -

- I wish it was a tongue or a cock...I want to be fucked, or licked, I 

just want to cum." 

     "Take off your panties. Pull your cunt open as wide as you can. 

Use the index finger of each hand to trace your slit. Imagine you're 

showing your cunt to RC, showing him how pink and wet it is. Push a 

finger in, fuck yourself -- use two fingers. Rub your little asshole 

with the other hand -- show him he can fuck you there, too." 

     For an instant my mind went to the lights being on and the open 

curtains; I didn't care. Maybe somebody was watching. The thought set 

a spark through my clit, someone in the dark watching, seeing the slut 

putting on a show. 

     "Talk, cunt." 

     "I hope somebody is watching. I hope RC is watching, seeing how 

much of a slut I can be. He can fuck me, my cunt, my ass, my mouth, 

anything he wants." 

     "What about me bitch, what if I want you?" 

     "Anything -- I want to suck your nipples, lick your cunt, have 

you lick me, anything you want." 

     "Just like a little bitch in heat. Pull your legs up till they 

touch your chest." 

     I could feel the hot points of my nipples against my thighs. The 

pressure squashed my tits. It felt good. "Rub my dildo up and down 

your slit. Get it good and wet. Push it in your cunt, slowly, all the 

way in. Now pull it again, out...slowly." 

     My whole body twitched and jerked as I slowly fucked myself. 

     "Push it all the way in and roll over, up on your elbows and 

knees. Rub your nipples back and forth on the bed. Rest your head on 

the pillow so you can use your hands. Fuck your cunt with my dildo. 

Imagine it's me doing it. Fuck your asshlole with your finger. Feel 

the dildo sliding in out of your cunt as you finger fuck your asshole. 

Turn on the dildo." 


     "There's a switch on the bottom, cunt." 

     I found the switch and pushed. The vibrations jolted through my 

cunt. I buried my face in my pillow to muffle my gasps and moans. My 

whole body jerked and rippled as I came and came. 

     My body was covered in sweat, my finger was still in my asshole, 

the dildo lay buzzing on the bed between my legs, the blindfold had 

slid up off my eyes. I rolled over on my side. 

     There at the window was the blur of a face, then it was gone. I 

jumped off the bed and turned off the light. I crouched down and 

crawled over to the window. No one was there. I crawled back to the 

bed and picked up the phone. The line was dead. I turned off the 

vibrator and put it in my purse, picked up my panties and started to 

put them in the hamper, then had another idea and put them in my 

purse, also. Picking up Sharon's g-string I crawled into bed. 

     I fell asleep sniffing her scent and stoking my slit. 


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