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Archive-name: Samesex/kara.txt


Archive-title: Karen

    Blondes Have More Fun?  You Bet!

    (The names of the participants have been changed to protect the guilty,

     as per usual.)

    My wife Karen wears stockings all the time, and hasn't worn panties for

several years.  She is a corporate accountant, and wears the typical office 

dresses for work, with an occasional mini (knee length) to break up the 

monotony.  She never, ever wears pants or shorts, even when we go backpacking.

In fact, Karen likes to wear a wrap around mini while hiking, so she can 

easily remove it and hike bottomless.  But that's another story...

    On the weekends and evenings, if she wears anything, it's mini skirts,

most from mid thigh to higher, materials ranging from lace to leather.

    Most of her co-workers aren't aware that she's walking around bare-assed

beneath it all, or that she's something of an exhibitionist and a hyper-

sexual as well.  Most of the guys in her office know me, (an ex-tackle for 

the Nebraska Cornhuskers), and are afraid to even talk to her.  A pretty 

boring situation, really, though one interesting thing did occur.


    A co-worker of Karen's, an pretty blonde named Alicia, had been coming

on to her for several months.  Mostly just racy chit-chat, occassional 

touches and brushes.

    One afternoon, my wife was in a back storage room, on her knees digging 

through the bottom drawer of a filing cabinet.  She was wearing a knee 

length black skirt, flouncy in cut, which just touched the floor as she 

knelt.  The storeroom was dimly lit, crowded with high shelves and filing 

cabinets.  Karen heard someone approach, and turned to find Alicia beside


    Alicia kneeled down by her, and they indulged in a bit of idle gossip

for a couple of minutes.  Karen, engrossed in looking for the elusive file,

was startled to feel Alicia's hand on the small of her back.  The girl began

caressing her gently, making small circles with her hand.

    Karen had never been with another woman before, but she didn't find the 

concept repulsive.  Indeed, she was actively curious about other women.

Not knowing how to react, she pretended to continue looking in the drawer.

Alicia slowly slid her hand around the curve of Karen's derriere', over the 

skirt, until her hand was beneath, resting on bare thigh, just below one 

cheek.  My wife's knees were already apart by several inches, so Alicia was

able to slide her hand between the thighs, feeling first one, then the 

other, up and down, from the top of the stocking, then up to her inner thigh

and crotch, barely brushing the pubic hair.

    Then she slid her hand up to the buttocks, slowly feeling of one cheek,

then the other, finally centering her hand on Karen's ass, and following 

it's crack down to her pussy, gently touching between her legs.

    With each up and down pass, her fingers lingered a little longer at the 

pussy, pressing a little harder, fingers on either side of the vagina, one 

following the slit, brushing over the clit, barely penetrating the pussy 


    After several of the slow passes over Karen's ass and pussy, Alicia's 

hand stayed down at the crotch, rubbing the clit, awash in the juices of 

arousal, sliding her finger back and forth inside the wet pussy lips, 

occasionally dropping to pass over the anus, pressing gently there as well.

    Karen was sweating and panting, by this time, holding onto the file 

drawer with both hands, her legs spread even wider.  With little warning,

Alicia's finger slipped into Karen's pussy, sliding deeper and deeper as 

Alicia leaned down for position.

    With her other hand, she reached under the skirt on the front, feeling 

of the clit as her left hand finger-fucked.  

    But before Karen could climax, their fun was interupted by the sound of

someone entering the storeroom.  Both hopped up, and tried to look innocent 

and bored.  The strong smell of pussy juice got them a few strange looks from

the two guys who'd come in, as they walked out.

   Desiring to continue, both made arrangements to leave with their 

supervisors, and they met at my wife's car in the parking lot.  Once in the 

car, Karen unbuttoned and removed her skirt entirely, so she was sitting

bottomless in broad daylight, with her friend sitting beside her, caressing

Karen's thighs and pussy.

    Alicia was wearing white slacks, and following Karen's lead, she pulled

them off, and shortly followed with her panties, so both were bottomless.

    Karen called me on the car phone as they drove to our house, and 

described what Alicia had done, and was doing to her.  They wanted me to meet

them at home.  I left the office so fast, I don'think anyone noticed my 


    Once they arrived at the house, they didn't even have to get dressed, 

thanks to a power garage door opener.  My cock was so hard from the thought

of two bottomless blondes in a BMW, that I had to unzip on the drive before

I injured myself.

    By the time I arrived, bother werre upstairs in the master bedroom, 

trying on lingerie and exploring one another.  I moved to join them so fast

my wife said it looked like I had run out of my clothes.

    Next episode:  Two Blondes ARE Better Than One



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