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Archive-name: Samesex/jamaica.txt


Archive-title: Jamaica

My name is Lisa. I am an investment banker with a large firm in 

Chicago. Recently, my employer sent me on a vacation trip to 

Jamaica. I needed some time to unwind, and boy did I ever.

I arrived on the island in the afternoon and decided to take a 

walk on the beach.  

The breeze was warm against my face, the sand felt like baby 

powder between my toes and the water was clear blue as far as my 

eyes could see. Down the beach l noticed a black Labrador chasing 

a Frisbee, The dog would retrieve the Frisbee and bring it back 

to a black woman. I kept walking down the beach, and l found the 

Frisbee at my feet. I bent down to pick it up and throw it back, 

but the woman was already in front of me.  

With a heavy Jamaican accent, she said, "Hello." I said, "Hi, 

here is your Frisbee. God, that is one beautiful dog." 

She said, "Thank you.  His name is Sidney and mine is Jasmine, What is 


"My name is Lisa. I'm here on vacation. Are you?"

She replied, "No, I live here, just down the beach," Jasmine and 

l talked for a while, finding we had a lot in common. Jasmine was 

five foot eight with a nice body.  She had curves that l don't 

have and her neon-green, one-piece bathing suit flattered her 

striking green eyes.  She was beautiful, but there was something 

more about her. I sensed something in the way she kept looking at 


I asked, "What's exciting to do here?" "There are parties 

everywhere all the time. In fact, there is a huge one tonight.  

Do you want to go?" 

I said, "Well, l'm going to get something to eat and then go to my 


"You are on vacation and you are going to your room after dinner?" 

she said.  "lt's Jamaica, mon! Let's party!' 

"Well, okay," l excitedly replied. "I will get a bite to eat and meet 


Jasmine told me to meet her at her house. She said she lived in the blue 

villa down the beach with the pool in front. Then she and Sidney ran off.  

I walked back to the hotel to get some food and put some party clothes on.  

About an hour later l started my walk down the beach to her 

house, passing a lot of beach parties along the way. The beach 

and water were lit up by the lights from the various hotels, 

villas and condos. I finally found Jasmine's so-called villa; it 

was more like a mansion.  The place was huge and sprawling, like 

a Mexican hacienda. I yelled up to the house, "Jasmine?" Sidney 

came running to greet me and l heard Jasmine yell, "Come on, what 

do you want to drink?" 

I walked inside ever so slowly so l could absorb the warmth and 

beauty of Jasmine's home, Then she came out. Her hair was down 

around her shoulders and she was wearing a tight green and black 

striped jumpsuit. Her gold jewelry made her hair and skin glow, 

and when she smiled, her pearly whites just glistened. Jasmine 

was stirring feelings inside me that l didn't know I had.  She 

asked, "Would you like sex on the beach?" Feeling a little giddy 

from the champagne l'd drunk at dinner, I replied, "Sure, who 

with?" She looked at me with a smile, but l didn't catch on until 

later what that smile meant. We drank our drinks and we were off 

to the party at a club nearby.  

The music was calypso and reggae. It was great, but with one 

catch. It seemed to be a gay bar, and Jasmine was obviously well 

known there. I had always fantasized and wondered about what it 

would be like to be with a woman. Was this my chance? I sat and 

watched handsome women dancing with women, and beautiful men 

dancing with men, some of them even fondling each other on the 

things.  A slow song came on after my second beer, and Jasmine 

asked me to dance, so l obliged, As we moved to the dance floor, 

she said, "I am sorry for not telling you what kind of club this 

is, but l really wanted to show you a good time and this is the 

place." She pulled me close, and every inch of her was touching 

me. She was a great dancer.  Jasmine's breath on my cheek was 

making my heart beat so loud l could hear it. I felt so 

comfortable in this bar, not having to worry about men hitting on 

me with stupid lines.  

Jasmine asked, "Are you having fun?" I said that I was, Her hands 

moved on my back and the top of my butt. I could feel the wetness 

between my legs. The music stopped and we sat down for another 

drink. I was well on my way to getting drunk and Jasmine was 

slamming them down too, when her hand slipped down to my leg and 

l returned the favor with a smile.  

Jasmine leaned over to whisper in my ear, asking, "Do you want to 

leave?" I said, "Sure." We both grabbed one for the road and 

hopped into her car.  

When we arrived at her home, Jasmine asked me if I wanted to walk 

on the beach. "Yes, we can watch the sunrise," l said, The beach 

was vacant at four in the morning, and l was getting a little 

dizzy.  Jasmine and l sat down under the dock and watched the 

lighthouse signal the ships. She asked me if l had ever been with 

a woman. I told her, "No, but I always wondered what it would be 

like." She told me that l was different from other women she had 

known because she felt comfortable with me, as if we had known 

each other for years. With that, she pulled me close and kissed 

me deeply.  

Jasmine's tongue swirled inside my mouth. It was so much more 

passionate than a man's kiss. But then she pushed me away and 

flippantly asked, "How about some sex on the beach?" I laughed 

know what makes you feel good, Therefore, it makes me feel good 

also," Jasmine gently pushed me back on the cool sand and kissed 

me like l had never been kissed before.  

She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and eased her warm hand inside, 

cupping my breast, I thought l was going to explode. When 

Jasmine's finger traced my erect nipple, it felt like it was 

going to pop out of my bra.  Then she eased off my shirt and bra. 

She moved ever so slowly, not missing an inch nibbling, sucking 

and flick-ing my nipple with her tongue. I wanted her so bad. My 

body and pussy was aching for her touch.  

Jasmine unbuttoned my shorts and teased me by grazing my hair 

line. I arched for her every touch as her finger lightly traced 

my belly button and moved down to my pubic hair.  Jasmine kissed 

was with a woman, and she was actually making me feel like I 

could come in an instant, She took off my shorts and her hand 

caressed my inner thighs, then up to my dripping pussy. She mas-

like a volcano was going to erupt inside me.  

Jasmine finally slid two fingers into my wet muff, but teased my 

hole by poking her fingers in and out-not too far, just a little 

bit to make me jump and moan.  

Her fingers then concentrated on my clit, moving it in circles 

to make me dance.  She whispered, "You make me so horny." I was 

so into it I couldn't answer her. Then she whispered, "I want to 

taste you." She raised her fingers to her mouth and licked them 

with the tip of her tongue, My clit was throbbing! l pleaded, 

"Please Jasmine, eat my pussy please!" She smiled and moved down 

to my knees, licking and kissing her way up.  Jasmine thrust her 

fingers in me and told me to taste myself. I sucked her fingers 

till the come was gone; l then put her fingers on my clit and 

moved them in circles as she moaned.  She spread my pussy lips 

apart and blew cool air on my clit. Finally she lowered her head 

and my hips arched to her touch. Oh, when the tip of her tongue 

touched my hot, plump clit, I couldn't take it! She sucked and 

pulled it till l screamed with ecstasy and came and came until l 

didn't think I would stop.  

Jasmine didn't stop. She was poking in and out my hole with her 

tongue, she was fucking me with her tongue, so in turn l fucked 

her face, She played with herself while l came, and that excited 

me more.  I said, "Let me do you." She flipped around and her wet 

pussy was in my face. As she lowered herself on my face, I stuck 

my tongue in her hole and she bucked up and down. I finally took 

her clit in my mouth and sucked on it like I was giving head, 

until I heard her yell, "I'm coming!" Jasmine shivered like she 

was ready to bust.  Then she came like a river all over my face. 

She rolled off me and I held her for a moment, She looked up and 

said, "I think I love you." I didn't know what to say. Everything 

was so perfect with us.  Jasmine asked, "Do you want to go back 

to my villa so we can finish this and start another?" Needless to 

say, I agreed. I had the best time that morning, watching the 

sunrise from her bed, I woke up in her arms every day for the 

rest of the week. I'm back home now, but l will be moving to 

Jamaica soon to be with Jasmine.  


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