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Archive-name: Samesex/

Archive-author: Edward L Cole

Archive-title: Into the Woods

When Jimbo was 18 he had taken the drastic step of marrying

the sweet girl that he had gotten pregnant after the prom

night party when everyone had been too drunk to make the

wisest decisions.  He meant to just take her home and

somehow wound up in the back seat with Sue at the clearing

in the woods where all the adolescent lust scenes happened

in Bergenfield.  His hormones had been riding high and Sue

was in a state of euphoria from the Jack Daniels and the

excellent reefer that had been going around at the party.

Before they were even halfway to her house, a ten minute

drive, she had his big dick out of his pants and had

crunched her head under the steering wheel to get his 12+

inches down her eager throat.  He'd had his nuts drained

this way before and was getting into the groove and headed

for the woods.  The rest was small town tragic history.

Jimbo Daggett, star hockey player and straight-A student,

married Sue Oblonski three months after graduation.

Jimbo had been intending to start university that fall but

instead found himself work lumberjacking.  It was hard work

that filled his days with rote activity that took his mind

of the wife who was already well settled into married life.

Her parents had set them up in a small house with a bit of

land and Sue entertained her high school friends and grew

larger and waited to be a mother while Jimbo went out every

day to earn a living doing the hardest work he could find.

He hadn't taken this job because it was the only thing he

find.  He was bright and handsome and had had a few offers

to work in sales and a couple of office jobs but he didn't

want to be cooped up all day.  Besides he had worked hard in

high school to keep in shape for sports and was strong as an

ox and didn't want to loose his work by sitting on his ass

all day and eating Micky D's out of boredom and frustration.

He saw what became of his father and his pals as they

settled into middle age and he wasn't about to let that

happen to him.  As for money the lumberjacking paid damned

good so nobody could say that he wasn't providing well.

If those had been his only reasons for taking this job he

would have been just fine with life.  Sue was ok and he

savored the idea of being a daddy.  But Jimbo was carrying

around a secret that he hadn't even admitted to himself.

All those years of sports had been both boon and bane for

him.  He had loved the physical acts of sportsmanship; loved

getting out onto a field or the rink to pummel or be

pummeled by the other guys.  It was all part of the game and

the other guys seemed to like it too so he felt a-ok playing

all the games he could.  It was the locker rooms that made

him uneasy.  Gathering before a game or practise with the

others, undressing, showering, playing all the boy tricks

with the snapping towels.  And the constant talk of sex

since they had all reached an age old enough to pay

attention to their cocks and what they might be used for.

Jimbo had been a boys' boy and was never taken for anything

other than one of the guys.  He had led winning teams and

had played all the tricks and been the recipient

been the recipient of some ofthe good and the bad natured 

fun.  He took whatwas dished out and gave back a fair 

share of his own butnever did he feel quite right when 

faced with teammatesundressed or wrestling on a slick 

shower floor with one ofthem.  Something about their 

bodies and their dispositionsmade him squirm inside with 

an undefined wanting forsomething that he couldn't put a 

finger on.

Yet he was never really troubled much at the conscious

level.  He dated a few a girls that he liked a lot.  When he

was 15 he had lost his virginity with Lisa on the livingroom

floor of her parents house while they were out at a party.

Other girls had spread their legs for this clean-cut jock

and even more had tasted his come.  In the locker rooms he

had wowed his friends with the size of his cock.  It had

started its journey to hugeness when Jimbo was eleven along

with the rest of him.  By the time he was fifteen his cock

was a an 11 incher and he had a great rug of blonde fur on

his chest.  He was shaving daily and proudly kept a neat

mustache.  All the sports did wonders on his body, keeping

him fit and muscular with only a little extra time with

weights.  So he didn't worry much about himself or his odd

feelings.  His peers respected him and the girls usually

gave him what he wanted.

Now he had graduated from high school with a pregnant wife

and a job.  He wouldn't have admitted to himself that he was

restless, or that he was bitter that his chance at college

had been doomed by drunken indiscretion.  He went to work

every day and zapped the big pines to ease his frustration.

Coming home at night he would toss back a few beers with the

guys from work on occasion.  Sue was wrapped up in the

fantasy of motherhood and happy family and wanted him around

as much as possible and Jimbo did like her ok and felt that

she deserved some respect.  She had given up her chance at

college as well.  It wasn't as if she hadn't been taking the

pill.  She was just as surprised to find herself pregnant as

he had been when she'd told him.

Jimbo liked the work he was doing. It paid well enough that

he and Sue had most of the things that they wanted so

married life wasn't filled with tedious arguments about

money or spending.  The best of the job was, he had to admit

to himself, the guys he worked with.  They were a lot of

burley rugged men who took to their jobs like fish to water.

Most of them had been doing the work for many years and

showed it in the strong bodies and fearlessness with the

powerful equipment it took to fell the great trees.  They

were rough and friendly at the same time.  They would scream

profanity at the trees and at each other yet always made

time to show Jimbo the ins-and-outs of the work and were

more patient that not.  Most of them were single, having

taken to the lumberjacking life for the relative freedom and

the pay.  Middle aged and lonely they would spend most of

their off hours drinking in the bars with each other,

looking for the occasional pretty woman to woo into bed.  Of

the many men that Jimbo worked with their were a few he

had a special liking for.  They were younger than the rest

but still a few years older than himself.  In their early

twenties, unattached mostly, except for Paul, who like Jimbo

had a wife and a kid on the way to make 6 altogether.  It

was these guys that Jimbo would go with to the bars after

work.  It was a striking crew of them sitting at he bar in

flannel shirts, dirty chinos or jeans, making crude jokes

about the girls or work or the older pot-bellied

lumberjacks.  They accepted him without question as a strong

and capable worker, one who kept up with his share of the

work.  Jimbo would be squeezed between two of these guys at

the crowded bar and drink a few and ignore the hardness in

his pants, assume it was the product of fatigue and the JD

he was gulping down.  These men were so much like the jocks

he had palled around with in high school and he would feel

that unfocused longing sitting in the bar and it would

become acute as he drove home afterwards with his hand

massaging his hard-on.  The sleeping desire was waking

slowly and Jimbo began to know that these men were more than

just pals t him.  They brought to front all kinds of

feelings that he wasn't sure he wanted to know about.

Jimbo would massage his cock and his mind would turn to Paul

who always sat close to Jimbo at the bar so he could talk to

him over the jukebox.  Paul would always joke about the guys

on those occasions when the work got to so heavy that they

would lodge nearby the area they were to clear.  He said in

so many words that they would bunk together and the sounds

they made weren't sleeping sounds.  Jimbo would blush and

ask just what Paul meant.

" Those guys will do each other the sheets", Paul said.

" Do each other?", Jimbo had asked.

" Yeah, they give each other the old one-two, make their 

  own logs a little happier...You know what I mean?", 

  he answered with a curious look.

" U-huh, I know...I just never thought these guys were like 


" Man, most of them don't have ladies so they take what 

  they can get...I don't blame anyone for getting his rocks 

  as long as it don't hurt no nobody."

Jimbo thought about these words as he was driving home one

Friday night with his increasingly calloused hand buried in

his crotch rubbing his boner.  It wasn't just Paul's words

that had him this hard.  It was the feel of his breath in

his ear as talked about these things so matter- of- factly.

It was the smell of Paul, so near he could smell his beer

breath and body odour and the trees on him.  It was his

warmth that would ooze from him like sitting next to a small

open fire.  Every time the door opened the breeze would blow

his warmth over Jimbo ever so lightly.  It was the smile on

Paul's face that spoke of friendship, commaraderie.  Jimbo

was beside himself trying to figure out why these things

gave him such a hard-on, aroused him so that he had to

jerk-off like a school boy while driving home to his wife

who was pregnant with what he hoped would be his son.  He

knew and he didn't know and for now he would just let

himself come in his pants with Paul's face and feel in his

mind.  He had his cock firmly grasped in his hand jerking it

slowly slowly through the cloth of his denims.

Half-watching the road as his attention grew closer to the

explosion that was about to make a mess of his jeans.  His

hand didn't stop it's motion for a second as he sped onto

his exit, home only a few minutes away.  He could feel the

cotton briefs scraping against the head and the shaft.  His

nuts were drawn-up tightly against his body, his breathing

grower heavier.  The harsh feeling against his cock was

bringer him ever closer.  His hand got hotter and fuller as

his load made its dash for escape up the long shaft and into

his jockeys.  A short distance from his front door he felt

the wetness flood his crotch and he groaned loudly to the

interior of the car.  The load was a big one, he hadn't shot

in many weeks because Sue was too big to be comfortable with

any kind of sex.  Jimbo attributed the sudden horniness to

this fact and put the though of Paul out of mind as he made

his way into the house and the john to wash away his guilty


Jimbo started to frequent the bar with the guys even more

often, getting drunker each time out.  He would sit with

Paul most of the time but to avoid his feelings he would

often wander over to some of the other men to chat, or play

a forbidden game of Quarters with a bottle of whiskey the

barmaid begrudgingly sold them.  They spent too much money

for the owners to complain about an illicit game or two.

With his wife moving nearer childbirth he felt the weight of

his responsibilities more acutely, so drowned his misgivings

in the whisky.  Paul would listen to him ramble about his

fears of fatherhood, his fear of failure.  Then he would

offer some advice from his years of being father and

husband.  Jimbo liked that Paul could be so understanding,

it made him feel even closer to the man.  Drunk and horney

Jimbo would relish these talks and repeated his jerking-off

ritual each night he left the bar for home.  Drunk, Jimbo

could let his feeling for Paul make its way to the surface

of his mind.  Driving along the back road his cock in his

hand, his imagination would come alive.  He could see Paul

naked.  His dark hair spread everywhere hair could be.  He

could see Paul's big arms and one large veined hand gripping

a monster prick., one bigger even than Jimbo's massive 12

inches.  That cock must be as hard and handsome as the rest

of Paul.  He could see clearly how Paul stroked it with one

hand, while the other hand would cusp his hairy nuts.  The

hand on his nuts would dance slowly over them to produce a

delicious tingle that broke him out in goose bumps.  Jimbo

would watch him in his mind take slow hard strokes on his

cock until he would start grunting in pleasure and then the

strokes would go more quickly ending in a blast of juice

that would land on Paul's face, spotting his mustache and

beard with pearly white streams.  Paul would lick out

whatever his tongue could reach.  It was at this point in

his fantasy that Jimbo would shoot his own load, not

allowing his mind to fantasy to wander any farther.  Home,

he would pass out in bed and deny the thoughts as he made

his way to work in the morning.

Not long after Sue gave birth to James Jr.  in the spring

Jimbo turned off the drinking and the bar and Paul, as best

he could.  A sudden warm thought would from time to time

seep to the surface but Jimbo was too taken with his new son

to pay much mind.  Sue was quick to recover from a fairly

easy childbirth and gleefully resumed her sex life with her

studly old man.  Jimbo's nightly games of pocket pool were

no longer needed.  The whisky driven fantasies had ceased

without the whisky.  Work had reached a fever pitch of

activity so he was often exhausted when he got home, eating

a supper and settling in with Sue for a night of sex or

cuddling.  The baby, making his nightly demands, kept both

of them feeling useful and tired.

In the Spring the trees were easier to deal with and the

weather less fierce, so the work got to be grueling.  Many

of the men traveled long distances to make it to work and

didn't leave until very late.  The camp manager decided to

open the cabin only a few miles away for those men who would

like to avoid the long drives and the exhaustion of not

getting enough rest.  The cabin, used seldomly, was in need

of cleaning and repairs to make it tolerable for the men.

While it was voluntary to stay there the manager did not

make the cleaning detail voluntary.  Jimbo, being being the

newest man on crew, was selected for this not only because

of his newness but because the crew manager felt he could

use the extra bucks with a kid at home.  For the same reason

he also chose Paul to partner with Jimbo.  On the next

Saturday they were to get it ready for the lumberjacks to

use as soon as Monday.

That night Jimbo joined the guys at the bar for a few to

take the edge off.  He also needed to make plans with Paul

for the coming Saturday; what supplies to bring, time, who

was driving with who.  Paul offered to pick Jimbo up so that

his wife would have use of the car.  Paul's truck would also

allow them to stay the night if they had to since it was

covered.  The cabin might take more work than they could get

done in one day and if it wasn't livable for the others in

one day then they would definitely be better off with the

truck to sleep.  All the materials they needed they would

get by voucher at the K-Mart before they left Saturday

morning.  Paul said that in the past the crew manager had

also slipped an extra fifty bucks to the guys on this detail

to feed themselves and get some beer or whatever.  Jimbo was

glad to hear that believing he would definitely need

something to get him through this ordeal.  As soon as he

heard that he and Paul had been picked for this job he felt

a great swarm of butterflies take flight in his stomach.

Part dread and part unadmitable hope had joined in his

brain.  He was stuck and was going to make the best of it.

Saturday came all too soon and at the grim hour of six a.m

Paul pulled into Jimbo's driveway.  Sue had gotten up with

Jimbo at five to make breakfast for the boys and Paul and

Jimbo sat down to a neal of bacon and eggs and waffles

before heading out.  First stop was the bar to pick up a a

couple fifths of bourbon and a case of Bud.  Next they hit

the K-Mart for cleaning supplies, shovel, broom, etc.  Then

to the grocery store for a couple days worth of eats:  pork

chops, corn-on-the-cob, steaks, potatoes, and some bottled

water.  Stocked up and with Paul's grill in the truck they

headed to the cabin.

Driving along Paul said, "Man, I have a an extra special 

 little treat for us."

"Oh yeah? What?", Jimbo asked.

"My old lady's brother has a connection to the best Thai

 you'll ever see, taste, touch, or feeeeel", he said 

 drawing out the last word with an impish grin on his face.

"Thai? Jesus, I haven't been stoned since high school."

"Well, your overdue buddy."

Jimbo was thinking about the last time he had smoked pot and

it came to Jimbo that it was the night that he had gotten

Sue pregnant.  He didn't share this fact with Paul, but it

made him think about the erotic feelings that were unleashed

when he toked.  He had been so horney that night he would

boffed anything.  The thought made him squirm knowing that

he had had more than one jerk-off session with fantasies of

Paul.  He vowed to himself that he wouldn't let these

feelings get him into something he would regret.  Paul was a

pal and nothing more.  In fact, Paul would probably freak if

he knew what thoughts went on with Jimbo.  So, Jimbo let the

feeling go and talked to Paul about other things.  They both

followed the basketball season, and their were the kids,

wives, work to talk about.  Time passed and sooner than they

expected they turned onto the road that led to the cabin.

In short order they pulled into the clearing in front of the


"What a fucking DUMP", Jimbo opined.

"It's not the Ritz, but its all ours till Monday", 

 Paul replied.

Jimbo looked around. "Is that an outhouse?"


"Damn, we oughta get started if we expect to have time 

 to eat sometime this weekend."

They went into the cabin to see what had to be done.

It wasn't nearly as bad it had seemed outside.  It had bunks

enough to sleep 12 people, a kitchen, and a dining/living

area with chairs, a couple couches, large table.  It had

been a year or more since anyone had occupied it so it was

filthy from the weather making it in through broken windows

and a hole in the roof.  The last crew that had resided in

the cabin had left without cleaning the dishes.  The bunks

were covered with useless bedclothes.  The floors were

soiled with droppings from various animals that made their

way inside to escape the cold.  The guys had their work cut

out for them.  After the survey of the damage they went to

retrieve the supplies and split up the chores.  Paul had

some carpenter experience so he went about the business of

fixing the windows, covering them plywood since they hadn't

thought to bring glass with them.  The stove was

wood-burning and Jimbo got some large clean pots and filled

them water to do the dishes.  Along with the work

went the beer.  It was noon when they started and by dark

they had finished the better portion of the work and all of

a case of beer.  A little drunk and feeling smooth the two

men put away their mops and tools and prepared dinner on the

grill that Paul had brought.  Steaks well-done with

corn-on-the-cob were extra tasty after a day of hard work

and, of course, a couple jays of Thai didn't hurt their

appetite either.  Inside the cabin they had set the table

with paper plates, plasticware, and a kerosine lamp since

their were was no electricity to help light the place.  As

the steaks sizzled slowly on the grill Jimbo and Paul sat on

the warm grass and fallen pineneedles passing a thick joint

back and forth.  Jimbo was feeling fine with the smoke,

letting his body rest and his thoughts wander.  All day he

had worked like a madman to keep his mind clear of the

closeness of Paul.  Despite his best effort he had found his

eyes wandering to Paul's body as Paul had worked.  Paul

hadn't been at it long before his shirt had come off to

combat the heat and the sweat.  Jimbo hadn't seen him this

fully before.  He'd seen his cock in the john at the bar

while they pissed at adjacent urinals, but he had seen never

his upper body.  Paul's chest was covered in heaps of fine

soft hair that thinned into a straight line of hair that

travelled down his stomach to disappear into the waistline

of his jeans.  Years of working the forest had developed his

frame with hard, well-defined muscle tone.  His every move

sent ripples through his arms, chest, back.  His stomach was

smooth without the body builder washboard effect but it too

was hard as a rock.

Paul was lying on his back seeing the first stars and

falling into the spell of the weed.  His hands were laying

over his chest covering his nipples but small hairs poked

through the fingers.  Jimbo, when he glanced over could see

them glisten with the last sweat of the day.  It had been a

hot day but the night was bringing the temperature down

rapidly to tolerable levels and he was afraid that Paul

would put his shirt back on if it got too cold.  Every few

minutes Paul got up to inspect he steaks and veggies and

Jimbo would groan within at Paul's gracefulness.  But as

they lay side by side on the grass with the Thai pumping

them full of gentle euphoria Jimbo just mellowed to the

presence of this man he felt such longing for.  The grass

did it tricks to time and Jimbo felt every moment like it

was eternity and he was fully happy on one level of his

desire.  He was near and alone with this man he so admired

and vowed again to himself to not make choices that would

endanger that nearness.

Sooner than either would have liked the meal was ready.

They carried the sizzling steaks to the table inside and lit

he lamp as it was fully dark now.  The rest of the meal came

as well as more beer and the beginning of the bourbon.  Paul

mixed a wicked pair of boiler-makers in twenty-two once

plastic cups and they sat to eat and get royally fucked-up.

The booze was a whopper on top of the Thai and helped to

preserve the buzz that the food was sure to diminish.  The

guys wolfed down the meat and corn in quick order, working

now more furiously on the drinks that they kept pouring for

themselves.  The lamp was in the middle of the table and the

two men sat opposite each other.  Paul rolled the rest of

the herb into fat joints that started to be passed as soon

as the meal was over.  "I am just zonked", Paul said.

" too", Jimbo replied, watching Paul stretch to

clear his head.  "Let's go back out.  It's too damned hot in


Outside the grill gave off a small glow from the smoldering

charcoal, but it was mostly dark as the two found a place on

the grass.  It was damp with dew wetting their bottoms and

legs as they sat on it.  Not that they cared, leaning back

all the way getting their backs and arms wet as well.  The

night air was cooler but still too uncomfortable for a lot

of clothes, which made Jimbo happy.  Paul was just a shadow

now but Jimbo knew he was naked to the waist.  His torso

outlined in the dim light from the quarter moon.  Lying back

Jimbo felt a great wallop from the bourbon and grass.  He

sighed into the night, feeling weightless in the dark.  Just

as he remembered from his teens the pot was working on his

libido.  He felt acutely the rise in his cock.  It was

rubbing against the fabric of his jeans in a not unpleasant

way.  Absentmindedly he reached down to adjust the hardness

into a more comfortable position.  All day he had kept his

shirt on out of some superstitious notion that removing it

might lead to more than he was ready for Now he sat up a 

little to tug it off in the darkness.  Hesighed again at 

how good it felt to feel the little breeze

on his torso.  The sweat on his chest meeting the breeze

chilled him some, but he welcomed it after the long hot day.

"I thought you would have done that a long time ago" Paul said.


"Taken that shirt off. I can't take being too hot. Shit, 

 when I'm home I don't wear *anything* if I can help it."

"It wasn't so hot today", Jimbo muttered.

"You know what?", Paul said with a giggle,"I think i'm 

 going to loose these pants too."

With that he lifted his butt a few inches off the ground to

push his pants down around his ankles, kicking them off with

his feet.  Jimbo knew he was virtually naked now but it was

too dark to tell what color Paul's jockeys were.  He

suspected plain white knowing he usually wore them.  This

sudden abandoning of pants had a powerful effect on Jimbo.

His hardness moved from being merely noticeable to urgent

pressure and desire for relief.  "Well",he thought,"theres

not a damned chance of that right now".  He silently urged

his cock to desist but it wasn't listening.  While these

thought were going through his head he got very quiet.  His

breathing slowing down in an attempt to relax and ignore

Paul's sudden nakedness.

"Whatsa matter bud",Paul asked,"you shy?"

This got Jimbo's attention."Kinda", he replied.  He was

thinking that Paul must be very high if he's ragging me

about not getting naked.

"Man you *are* shit faced", Jimbo said with a nervous laugh.

"Nah, I just think its cool to be naked in the woods. 

 Come on Jimbo, try it, you might like it."

Jimbo knew he was in a bind.  It would look odd to be

uptight with his buddy.  Why shouldn't he get naked?  It was

just the two of them.  On the other hand he had a boner to

end all boners and this he didn't want Paul to see.

Thinking about this a moment he decided to hope for the

cover of the dark.  In a swift move he had his pants off.

It did feel good to be out of them.

"Now isn't that better", Paul queried.

"You bet!"

Paul rose to sit on his legs.  He scratched his neck and

then his balls.  Suddenly he was scratching all over.

"Damn grass", he exclaimed, "I shoulda left my shirt on."

"Too late for that now, I didn't get bare-assed for you 

 to cop out now", Jimbo stated.

"Your not bare-assed bud. *This* is bare-assed", he said 

 pulling his shorts down and throwing them a few feet away.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting in touch with nature"

Jimbo was completely shocked by this move.  Did Paul want

him to follow suit?  His thoughts were racing around this

question as well as his complete focus on Paul's shadowy

cock.  The dick was was at half-mast but Paul was seemingly

oblivious to his own hardness.  Jimbo on the other hand was

hard as a rock.  He had a large calloused hand covering his

prick or at least as much of it as one hand could.  Paul had

his attention on something else or probably nothing but the

feel of the cool air on his skin.  High, he was just a

receptacle for sensation; a place where all the good

feelings came together.  Jimbo was just starting to relax

when Paul turned to him with a grin that spoke volumes.

"Come on man, lose the shorts. I don't wanta be buck all alone".

Jimbo made a decision not to take his shorts off.  He was

too hard and he was kidding himself if he thought there was

too little light for Paul to notice.

"Tough", he said,"it wasn't my idea to prance around in 

 my birthday suit!"

Paul's expression changed.  Dramatically.  His grin went

from mischievous to deeply wicked.  He let out a Banshee

yell that could have woke the dead and pounced on Jimbo.

The attack was swift and pointed.  He had a patch of Jimbo's

short in one hand and Jimbo's arms pinned with the other

hand and his body as he sat on his chest.  With one strong

tug the shorts ripped free.  Paul howled in triumph.

"Gotcha guy!", he yelled with a burst of laughter.

Jimbo was still pinned.  He was looking up into Paul's

smiling face; hearing his good humor and playfulness.  He

responded with a spontaneous outpouring of tears.  The

boy-man was too overwhelmed with his emotions:  his love of

Paul, his fear of rejection, his absolute attraction, his

abhorrence of his homosexuality.  It was all too much and he

layed there and wept silently.  He turned his head to the

side so that Paul wouldn't see the tears streaming down his

face.Paul slid off him when he realized that Jimbo wasn't

seeing this as fun.  He had seen the beginning of the tears.

Paul was not an insensitive man despite the work he did and

the the life he'd chosen.  He knew that something was

happening inside Jimbo's head that needed to be taken

seriously.  He sat on the ground next to Jimbo's long form.

Clearing his throat a little he asked, "Did I go too far

buddy?  I'm really sorry." Jimbo was recovering some from

the surprise and the overload on his feelings, still he

layed there silently.  He knew Paul must have felt his boner

when he was yanking the shorts off his body.  What did he

think?  He was being very cool right now, trying to not

aggravate Jimbo any more, but what about later?  When they

returned to work and the nights out at the bar.  Jimbo

didn't know if he could ever really face Paul again.

Paul didn't say anything after he apologized to Jimbo. He

thought he had a clue why he was so upset.  He *had* felt

the erection.  He knew that herb made lots of guys horny

including himself, But it didn't make you break into tears

over a little playfulness.  He realized that Jimbo must be

turned on to him, and didn't want him to know.  It didn't

take much to put two and two together.  He was pretty sure

that his buddy had a raging hard-on for him.  Paul was

wasn't sure what he should do.  His thoughts moved to his

boyhood and life with four older brothers and the sex play

between him and them.  He thought of the friends he had in

high school and their after school one or the

others basements.  Jacking each other off and the younger

boy who would let them all fuck him in the cellar for a

chance to be with the bigger kids and maybe get a little pot

too.  That was a long time ago it seemed to Paul.  He had

married and had kids.  He wasn't ashamed of his homosexual

interludes as a teenager.  Hell, his brothers and his

buddiesdid it, they had introduced him to it.  But Paul 

thoughtof it as a thing of the past, not really an option 

for theman he had grown up to be.  Yet,here was Jimbo with 

a hard-on for him.  Paul also gave thought to the fact that

Jimbo was not more than a kid despite the wife and son and

the hard work he did to keep his family as well off as

possible.  He knew that Jimbo's boyhood had been cut short

and he felt for him.  It was one of the reasons he had gone

to the trouble of befriending him.  Why he had spent a

little too much for the extras on this job.  The Thai had

cost him more than he could really afford.

Without getting up Paul looked around for the bottle of Jack

that they had taken outside with them.  He spied it a couple

of yards away and moved to get it.  The bottle was more than

half empty when Paul uncapped it and downed a big gulp.  He

set the bottle in front of Jimbo's face silently.  He moved

away again to get his pants.  The cigarette pack was still

in the pocket with the last two joints still hidden among

the Marlboros.  He retrieved one and lit it with a match.

Taking a long hard drag centered him a little.  He moved the

jay to Jimbo's mouth.  He didn't say a word as he put the

smoking thing between Jimbo's lips.  Jimbo gripped the joint

with his lips and pulled a stream of hot smoke into his

lungs as Paul held onto the joint.  Jimbo took a swig of the

bourbon to clear the cotton from his mouth.  They repeated

the ritual several more times until the joint was finished.

Jimbo never faced Paul while smoking this peace offering.

He could only think about what an odd gentle gesture this

was and in his shame he was uninclined to speak.  Paul had a

made a decision of his own in the last few minutes.  He

wanted Jimbo as relaxed as he could be in his obvious fear.

If Paul was right this would be a new loop in his

relationship with Jimbo.

Paul stretched his arm around Jimbo's naked waist from the

side where he still sat.  Jimbo tensed but continued to say

nothing.  Paul turned him onto his back and looked down into

his eyes.  He saw confusion and pain in them.

"Jimbo?....its alright man. Don't get hung up. 

 You dig me don't you?"

He nodded a yes.

"I'm gonna give you what you want but you can't tell anyone 


He nodded again. His breath was coming in short bursts.

Never would have he imagined this outcome.  It was absurd

and yet he wanted it more than he could he possibly say.

His cock which had softened after his underwear had been

ripped off was now moving toward new tumescence.  He even

managed a weak grin.  Paul moved his hands to Jimbo's chest.

The nipples poking through the matt of fur came between two

fingers on each of Paul's hands.  He rubbed them gently and

felt them get harder.  His right hand continued with one

nipple as the left made a circle across Jimbo's chest and

stomach.  Where ever his hand wandered the skin broke into

gooseflesh.  Jimbo sighed and closed his eyes.  The touch

was un-fucking-believable.  His nipple was tingling and he

could feel the touch everywhere.  Damn, he thought, even my

teeth are tingling.The other hand was making slow sweeps

over his whole body.  Jimbo felt his cock like he never had

before.  Its swelling had all his attention.  Paul was

sitting over his legs now and Jimbo's cock poking him in 

thebelly whenever he bent over to stroke some portion of 

hischest or face.  Likewise Jimbo could feel Paul's cock

ticking his stomach.  It was big but Jimbo marvelled how

much larger his own cock was.  He thought of the those of

the locker rooms scenes briefly.

Paul was doing his best to arouse Jimbo.  He knew what felt

good to himself and he knew that he made love to his wife

with some skill.  He turned over this knowledge to Jimbo

with every touch.  Jimbo's bucking hips showed he was doing

a swell job.  He would semi-lay on Jimbo while stroking him.

The pressure on Jimbo's cock and the touch of his stomach

made Jimbo acutely aware of his hardness and he press his

dick into the warm flesh and hair of Paul's belly.  Each

time he would groan in pleasure and frustrations both.  Just

this so smooth touching of his body was making him ache to

come.  His balls had drawn up as soon as his nipples has

been touched.  Now he was in a near frenzy to shoot, but

Paul was still doing fine things to him with his hands, He

hadn't even touched Jimbo's cock yet.  Jimbo was bucking his

cock at Paul with increasing agitation.

"Relax guy, we're just getting started."

With that he slid off Jimbo's legs and moved to his side.

He bent down to Jimbo's chest and with a wet tongue began to

lick a firm tit.  Again the hands began to work.  One hand

making travels over the skin while the other tweaked the

parallel nipple.  Paul went on like this for several

minutes, his tongue working the nipple until it was coated

in saliva and Jimbo was squirming.  Paul switched nipples

and now his chest was draped over Jimbo's.  Jimbo could feel

Paul's hairy torso, hot and a little sweaty.  Paul slowly

worked a hand down his buddy's body until it rested on his

abdomen making small circles around the navel.  Never

letting the nipple alone his hand made its way to the furry

space just above Jimbo's ever swelling member.He stroked the

hairs like he was feeling a fine piece of cloth.  He

pointedly avoided the hardness just below his

fingers;ignored Jimbo's growls of pleasure and need.

Instead he explored the crevices between the thighs, Lightly

touching the fine hair he found there, so different from

the wiry pubics that it could have belonged to a different

person.  In the dim light Paul glanced at the cock that was

so near to hand.  At the tip was an amazingly big drop of

pre-come.  In fact the whoel head of the prick was

glistening in the moonlight with the slickness escaping

Jimbo's cock.  Paul used one finger to touch the very tip of

the his friend's tool.  Ever so lightly he touched it so

that his fingertip gathered a small spot of Jimbo's leakage.

He put the finger to his tongue.  He had tasted his own come

before.  Sometimes he would lick it from his fingers after

jerking-off had tasted it on his wife.  Jimbo's was really

not very different, maybe a little sweeter.  Jimbo saw this

amazing action and sensed what might be to come.  He let out

a whimper of delight.  He had been passive all this time,

enjoying the exploration of his form.  Now he moved to

reciprocate a bit.  His focus was narrowed by curiosity to

Paul's cock.  He recalled the locker room scenes, the

awkwardness with the other boys.  He'd always known that he

wanted to reach out to those cocks if only to know what they

felt like.  Now he was gripping the manhood of the best

friend he had ever known.  It felt good and strange and

familiar all at the same time.  Paul acknowleged the touch

by moving his cock inside Jimbo's fist in quick jerks.  Paul

lost the last of his inhibitions and began to take small

leaps down Jimbo's body with his tongue.  His mouth was full

of hair as he licked the crevice between the pects.  The

soft hair was a road for his lips and tongue to travel.  It

led in a straight path toward the stomach where it stretched

out into a wide lake for Paul to take deep draughts.  Jimbo

kept a firm grip on the cock in his hand while Paul pursued

his journey.  Jimbo could feel the wet trail down his torso

as the light breeze dried it slowly.  The tickling tongue

sent shivers through him.  Soon he was shivering all over

with euphoria and expectation.  Nothing in his knowledge of

sex could have prepared him for this.  The adolescent girls

who taken his cock had no savvy; no sense of adventure.  Sue

had long ago given up trying to suck his cock.  The last of

his growth had come after their marriage and she no longer

attempted his big dick.  Here was Paul only inches from

taking him.  Paul disengaged his own cock from Jimbo's hand

to turn himself to a position where he could face the cock

he had every intention of taking down his virgin throat.  He

was almost ready and he knew that his buddy was never going

to be more ready.  When he first turned he had taken a

position on his knees and legs, standing straight on his

knees.Resting his hands on Jimbo's belly he smiled down at

him.  "This ain't bad is it", he asked.  "You want me to do

it, don'tya?" Jimbo reached up and stroked Paul's face and

chest.  "Please" Paul backed up a few inches and lowered his

head to just above his buddies fiercely erect cock.  His

tongue licked at the head tentatively.  He tasted again the

pre-come that had oozed out earlier.  He was somewhat

disturbed by the size but commited to following through none

the less.  Taking a deep breath he brought as much of the

cock into his mouth as possible.  At that Jimbo let go an

amazing growl of absolute awe and rapture.  None of his

covert fantasies had prepared him for the bliss that was

rising from his groin.  Paul had taken the stunningly large

cock right down to the balls.  In an act of sheer will Paul

had found some physical ability he had never guessed.  This

was easier than he could have imagined.  Once he had his

friends manhood buried in his in his throat he started to

work on it with his tongue at the base.  His hard fingers

tickled at Jimbo's balls and occasionally a finger would

snake its way to the opening of his ass and gently apply

pressure.  Then it would tickle around the wrinkled edge

making the fine hair rise with goosegumps.  One hand was

moving from one of Jimbo's nipples to the other, first

squeezing then rubbing.  Esch of these delicious touches

hardened Jimbo's cock yet more.  Paul changed his technique

and started to give the big demon of a cock slow licks with

the tip of his tounge.  The wedge of tongue moved to cover

every inch.  Then he swallowed it whole again and began in

earnest to suck, moving his wet warm mouth and tounge and

lips up and down the shaft paying special attention to the

head on every piston.  Jimbo was bucking his hips furiously

in near primal ecstasy.  He didn't wan't to hurt Paul or

force more more on him than he could bear but it just it

felt so damn good that he found his body reacting almost

without his control.  And that finger that had found its way

into his rectum was wiggling, and producing a sensation that

he had never ever dreamed of.  No one had ever put anything

up there.  The one or two girls who had tried had been

rebuffed, but now he gladly let the digit move and work its

way around.  The finger was soon joined by another an his

cock grew painfully erect.  He wanted to shoot his load and

his romping hips were nearly spastic, but Paul wouldn't

increasse the pace to the level that would have been to sure

to bring Jimbo to completion.  Instead he slowed down even

more nearly torturing Jimbo with the desire to come.  Jimbo

barely felt the third finger make its way into him.  He was

absorbed with the infuriating and impossibly blissful action

on his dick.  When Paul found his prostate though he thought

he jump out of his skin.  Jimbo completely stiffened in

surprise and joy.  Paul realized what he had found and

removed his mouth from Jimbo's cock to prolong the pleasure.

He twirled his fingers slowly inside Jimbo' ass.  Jimbo

lifted his legs without thinking to Paul's shoulders in

order to let those fingers make thier way without

obstuction.  Paul was on his knees staring down into Jimbo's

enraptuted face and his fingers moved wickedly around inside

his buddy.  His other hand was stroking his own cock which

was as hard as it was when he was a horney teenager getting

off in the morning for his first jerk-off of the day.  He

bent over and kissed Jimbo a little and edged closer to him.

His cock was only a couple of inches from his busy fingers.

With the free hand he lifted Jimbo from under the small of

his back and slowly removed his fingers.  Jimbo made a deep

complaning sound.  Paul smothered it with another kiss and

spit a clear stream into his palm.  He coated his ccok with

the spittle and then repeated the action, this time forcing

the wetness into Jimbo's ass.  Jimbo grew very quiet and let

all the tension leave his body.  His darkest secretest dream

was about to see the realization.  As Paul brought Jimbo's

ass level with his cock Jimbo put his hands on Paul's back

and stroked lightly, giving Paul unspoken permission to go

ahead.  Paul's cock made a brief sharp pain as it entered

his ass.  Jimbo threw his head back as far as it would go

and moved the cock all the way inside.  The union was

complete.  Paul used his every technique to keep the strokes

going as long as possible.  He felt strong and good as

brought Jimbo to a shuddering orgasm.  Jimbo's cock lasted

only a few minutes as Paul's lovemaking brought him the

completeness he had barely dared envision.  His entire book

shook as his orgasm took him.  The come shot in white ropes

acoss his stomach and chest and face.  He shouted in

tumultuous cries of release and joy.  Paul increaed his

tempo till he too could no longer hold back the ache for

release.  In forcefull strokes he brought his need to an end

and shot a load deep inside Jimbo's quivering ass,the ring

of his sphincster still tight from his explosive orgasm.

Paul released his load and the last inhibitions he would

ever have about this form of pleaure.  With a deep sigh he

lowered his body ontop of Jimbo, his cock still part-way

inside of his buddy -- the best buddy he would ever have he

thought to himself as Jimbo wrapped his legs around him more

intimately.  The two men, exhausted, a little drunk still,

fell asleep.

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