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Archive-name: Samesex/intdivis.txt

Archive-author: Mitchell Knight

Archive-title: Internal Division

				Part One

	The drive from his parents estate to Thomas Marcourt college was a

long one at just over three hours, but it had been peaceful and beautiful.

 Summer had begun to wind down, but the foliage remained green and vibrant

along the winding country roads.  Mitchell enjoyed staring out at this

beautiful scenery which set him in a pensive mood.  He reflected on his

summer in France and the last big party his friends had thrown for him

before he left for college.

	Only one city and a few small towns broke the entrancing forest

scenery as they headed toward Thomas Marcourt: a small all-male private

college with a reputation for academic excellence.  It was located in a

small town with a bigger city about a 20 mile drive north.  It's

remoteness contributed to its academic mystique.  With entertainment at

such a distance, the men would be forced to stay at the college and study.

	"There it is, Mitch," William Knight, Mitchell's father, said,

pointing out the windshield at the building that had just peeked out of

the trees.

	The campus looked just as it had in the brochures: compact and

well-kept with many stately buildings made from stone and brick.  Some of

the buildings were over sixty years old yet remained in good condition. 

With the exorbitant tuition, Mitchell imagined that was how they could

afford to keep the buildings looking so good.

	While Mitchell's parents were comfortably wealthy and could have

afforded to pay for the full cost of tuition, Mitchell had received a

scholarship which was defraying part of the cost.  Mitchell was still

confused as to why he'd gotten the scholarship.

	His grades were above average, but not near enough to the top to

merit an academic scholarship.  There had been a short handwritten letter

from the dean of the college, Jack Maroe, describing this scholarship as a

"special" incentive for "students who show promise."  Mitchell still

wasn't sure what that meant.  Mr. Maroe had written that he would be

interested in meeting Mitchell after he had gotten settled into the

college routine.  Mitchell thought that maybe the scholarship would be

explained further then.

	The college's enrollment stayed at around fifteen hundred people with

very strict enrollment requirements, so Mitchell was honored that he'd

gotten in.  People applied from all over the country for a chance at this

school.  For some the cost didn't even matter.  They would sell their soul

to pay to go to Marcourt.  

	A couple of Mitchell's friends had applied as well and hadn't

gotten in, and Mitchell would miss those friends, but he looked forward to

the new ones he would make and the freedom college offered.

	They pulled up outside Parson Hall where young men in shorts and

T-shirts, or some just in shorts, entered the front door with arms full of

boxes.  Similar residents came out with arms empty, ready for the next

load.  Friends and parents milled about helping them move in.

	"This is it?" Claire, Mitchell's mother, asked skeptically.

	"Yep.  This is where I'll be living," Mitchell answered happily,

getting out of the car.

	"Let's get you checked in," William suggested.

	Mitchell nodded and entered the building with his father and

mother following.  Once inside, Mitchell could smell the fresh paint and

smiled at the clean and new-looking interior.

	"See, Mom, it's not that bad," Mitchell said.

	"But darling, it was built in 1951," Claire protested, reading the

plaque beside the doors.

	Mitchell ignored her and went to the desk and got checked in. 

They were shown to his room which was located on the second floor and

three doors down from the bathrooms.  Mitchell noticed someone was moving

in right next door to him.

	"Hi," the guy greeted him.

	"Hi," Mitchell said.  He forced his eyes to keep from straying to

the guy's bare chest or crotch where his penis was clearly outlined in the

tight shorts.  

	He was really cute with short brown hair and bangs which

lifted and then fell to the right.  He had warm brown eyes set in a

handsome squarish masculine face.  His broad bare chest was hairless and

well-developed with squared pectorals and muscles etched into his stomach.

	"I'll stop by later," he returned as he headed down the hall away

from them.


	Once inside his room, Mitchell signed the appropriate paperwork

and got the keys.  Then William helped him move in while Claire stayed out

in the car and waited.  Once he was all moved in, Claire came up and

looked at the room.

	"Are you sure you'll be all right here?" she asked, still not

convinced.  The living quarters were nothing like what Mitchell was used

to, and she was worried about her baby.

	"Yeah, I'm sure," he answered, smiling.

	"Do you want us to stay and take you out to dinner?" William asked.

	"No, that's okay," he answered.  "You can go.  I want to meet some


	"Okay.  Here's some money if you need anything."  He pulled out his

money clip and gave Mitchell a few hundreds.

	"Will that be enough?"

	"Sure," Mitchell answered.

	"Okay, honey, we're going to go now.  You call us if you need anything,"

Claire said.  She gave him a light hug and kissed him lightly on the

cheek.  William gave him a firm handshake.

	"Do as your mother says.  Give us a call if you need anything," he said.

	"I will."

	"Good-bye," Claire said.


	After they left, Mitchell changed into shorts and then spent a little 

time unpacking and getting things set up in his room.  	The guy next door

stopped by later as Mitchell was putting up some of his prints.

	"Cool, you're a Dali fan?" he asked from the doorway. 

Mitchell almost dropped the hammer in surprise.

	"Oh, sorry man," he chuckled at Mitchell's reaction.  He stepped

forward and extended his hand.  "My name is Gregg Saxton."

	"Mitchell Knight," he answered, gasping his hand and giving it a

firm shake.

	"Mind if I call ya Mitch for short?" Gregg asked.

	"No problem.  Either way is fine with me."

	"So, you're a Dali fan then?" he asked again, glancing at the

print on the bed.

	"Yeah, I love him.  He's so weird.  It's interesting to look at

too because I seem to find something new every time or I can find some new

meaning," Mitchell explained.

	"I really like him too.  I have a book of his art.  You'll have to

check it out sometime."

	"I will."

	"Why don't I help you out with that?" Gregg asked, indicating the


	"Sure, that'd be great."

	Gregg picked up the frame and held it while Mitchell finished

pounding the nail into the wall.  Then they mounted it and stood back to

admire their handiwork.

	"You're a freshman, aren't you?" Gregg asked.

	"Yeah. Are you?"

	"Nope.  Sophomore."

	"What's your major?"

	"American history.  Yours?"


	"What are you going to do?  Teach?"

	"I don't really know yet.  I think I'd like to write, maybe."

	"Really.  Have you ever written anything before?"



	"I've written some short stories.  Fiction stuff that's kind of

horror and kind of fantasy."

	"Could I read them sometime?"


	They continued to talk and Mitchell found out a lot about

different classes and professors.  They also found out some more

similarities between the two of them.  They both liked to play golf and

tennis, and they both liked to visit art galleries.  Mitchell also found

out that Gregg lifted weights which explained his clearly defined chest.

	"Well, it's been nice talkin' to you, but I should go take a

shower before I eat," Gregg said after they'd been talking for almost an hour.

	"Oh yeah.  Where are you going to eat?" Mitchell asked.

	"There's a little restaurant in town that most of the guys hang

out at.  Do you want to join us?" he asked.

	"Sure," Mitchell answered.

	"Okay, I'll come by and pick you up on our way," Gregg said.

	"That'd be great."

	Mitchell really would have liked to follow Gregg into the shower

and see what he was hiding behind those shorts, but he thought that would

be way too obvious.  He didn't want to turn Gregg off by tipping him off

that Mitchell had the hots for him.  He could turn out to be a really

great friend, so Mitchell didn't want to ruin it.

	Gregg showered and dressed and then stopped by with a friend of

his named Tony Parol.  Tony was a 5'9" hulk of a man with bulging muscles.

 Mitchell later found out that he took his weightlifting very seriously,

and he and Gregg often went to the weight room together.  He had a

youngish-looking face so that he looked almost 15 (when he was actually

19) with spiky blond hair and blue eyes.

	On the way to the restaurant they stopped by another hall and

picked up Eric, another friend of Gregg's.  Then they went to eat. 

Mitchell had a good time at the restaurant where he got to know Gregg's

friends and Gregg a little better.  They were all older than Mitchell, so

he got to find out more about the campus and about the things that had

gone on last year.

	"Well, hello there, Tony, Gregg," a large man with dark orange

hair said, as he stepped up to their table.

	"Hi, Richard," Gregg said in a resigned fashion.

	Another guy followed right behind Richard.  He was a couple inches

shorter than Richard, who was about 6'2".  They were both athletic guys,

with Richard looking like he could be on a football team.  His companion

had brown hair and had blue slitted eyes.

	"Who's your friend?" Richard asked, looking straight at Mitchell.

	"This is Mitchell Knight," Gregg introduced.  "Mitchell, this is

Richard Lord the third."

	"You can call me Rich," he said, extending his hand.  Mitchell

shook it.

	"Or Dick," his companion interjected, chuckling.

	"Nice to meet you," Mitchell said although he could tell from

Gregg's attitude that he didn't like Rich.

	"I'm the president of student body.  This is my VP, Paul Horning,"

Rich said.

	Mitchell shook his hand too.

	"Maybe you'd be interested in helping out with student senate,"

Rich said.

	"Maybe," Mitchell answered.

	"Okay.  I'm sure I'll be seeing you around.  Think about it," Rich said.

	Then good-byes were said and the two men left.

	"Stay away from him, Mitch," Gregg whispered across the table.

	"Why?" he asked.

	"That guy's nothing but trouble," Tony answered.

	"What's wrong with him?" Mitchell asked.

	"You don't want to know.  Just stay away from him," Gregg warned.

	Mitchell dropped the subject, and they returned to normal

conversation.  Then they returned to the hall where Tony, Gregg, and

Mitchell played cards until late.  Then Tony left, and Gregg and Mitchell

talked for a while longer until they decided to go to bed.

* * *

	"So what do you think of the fresh crop ?" Richard asked, stripping

off his shirt and revealing his broad, hairy chest.

	"Some pretty good lookin' ones," Paul admitted.  He lay on the bed

watching Richard undress.  Paul only wore a pair of shorts.

	"Yeah.  What did you think of that Mitchell Knight, Gregg's

friend?" Richard asked, tossing the shirt into the hamper.

	"He's cute.  Why, you after him?" Paul asked with a grin.

	"I think so.  C'mon, let's go take a shower upstairs.  Maybe he'll

be there," Richard said.


	Paul got off the bed and stripped off his shorts and grabbed a

towel.  Richard wrapped a towel around his waist.  Paul took the soap and

they went up the stairs to the second floor showers.

	Richard grinned as they entered the shower room.  One of the stalls

was in use and spreading a fine mist throughout the room.  They dropped

off their towels in the changing room and then chose the stall across from

the active one and left the door open.

	Paul turned on the water and Richard began soaping up Paul's chest

as they kissed.  Rich ran his hands over the patch of brown hair between

his lover's pectorals and then down his flat stomach.  He went around to

Paul's lower back and grabbed his firm hairless ass, pulling Paul flush

against him.

	They continued to kiss and run their hands over each other's bodies

as the anonymous man continued to shower across from them, unaware of

their activity.  Rich continued to hope that it was Mitchell, but for now

any freshman would do.

	When the guy shut off the water, Paul dropped to his knees (he

knew the routine) and engulfed Richard's seven inch hardon.  Opening the

door to the shower, Tony Parol stepped out and glanced over at them.

	"Don't you two ever give up?" he asked in annoyance.  Muscles

bulged everywhere on his hairless body.  He shaved his entire body, even

his pubic area, to emphasize his muscles and penis, which was average size.

	"Nope, never," Rich answered.

	Paul got up and chuckled.

	"Do you want to join us?" Rich asked.

	Tony shook his head.  "I'll let some defenseless freshman fall for

this setup."

	"Your loss," Rich said.

	Tony shrugged and went to the changing room to dry off.  Paul

kissed Rich and began to wash his chest covered with thick red hair. 

After washing away the soap, he bent to Rich's left nipple and bit it

lightly.  Rich gripped Paul's shoulders and closed his eyes as Paul got to

his knees and took Rich's erection in his mouth again.

	Paul fastened his lips around Rich's cock and let Rich fuck his

mouth.  Paul tickled Rich's hairy balls and then found his anus.  He

probed the opening with his forefinger and then thrust it up his hole. 

Rich spread his legs wide and continued to thrust into Paul's mouth.

	Matching the tempo of Rich's thrusts, Paul forced the finger

faster and deeper into Rich.  

	"Nnh.  Yeah," Rich moaned, driving into Paul's mouth faster now.

	Paul thrust another finger into Rich's hairy butt and then

proceeded to put another one in when Rich froze and clenched at Paul's

shoulders.  Warm salty semen poured into Paul's mouth as Rich came.  Paul

swallowed it and then cleaned off Rich's penis.

	"Get those fingers out of my ass and get your dick in there," Rich


	Eager to get off, Paul willingly obliged.  Rich turned around and

bent over, spreading his legs wide.  Paul lathered up Rich's hairy anus

and then slipped easily into him.

	Paul pounded into Rich's ass while the water continued to spray

down on their bodies.  Paul reached around to Rich's chest and pinched his

nipples as he continued to thrust in and out.

	After Paul came, they finished their shower, the need for any hot

young freshmen gone for the time being.

				Part 3

	The first day of classes began with another exciting trip to the

showers.  Mitchell realized that this would probably become his favorite

part of the day.  There were more sexy young guys in the shower on this

day, and Mitchell was treated to an eye full, but his favorite wasn't

there.  Although he did get the opportunity to check out Tony which made

for quite a shock.  Mitchell hadn't realized that there were people who

shaved their pubic hair.  He thought it was kind of bizarre.

	Mitchell dressed, ate breakfast, and then headed off to his first

class, a freshman psychology course he was required to take, and

afterwards he spent his hour break in the library.  Even as a child

Mitchell had loved to spend time exploring the library in search of the

different realities found between the covers of the books.  It was no

wonder Mitchell wanted to be a writer.

	After his hour break, Mitchell headed over to the English building

for his creative writing class.  He couldn't wait to meet Dr. Blake after

all the favorable comments made about him.

	When Mitchell arrived, there were three other guys in the class. 

He took a seat towards the front and cracked open the book he'd checked

out of the library.

	Slowly more students straggled in until there were fifteen people.

 Then a tall man, about 6'1" with long blond hair, pulled into a ponytail,

and bright blue eyes, stepped into the classroom and swiftly made his way

to the front of the room.

	Dropping his satchel on the table, he whirled and faced the class.

 A wide, toothy smile covered his young, 30-ish, face.  Mitchell noticed

the man wore a small gold hoop in his right ear.

	"Creative Writing," he said, favoring each of them individually

with his smile.  He clapped his hands together.  "I think I was born to

teach this class."

	A few of the students chuckled at this.

	"But you will all have to judge this as the course goes along.  I

am Dr. Tim Blake, and you all are just names on my class list, but I plan

on changing that real soon by getting to match these names with faces."

	He dug into his satchel and drew out the class list.  He called

off the names and noted those not in class.

	"Now, to get this class started and to get better acquainted with

each other, I think we should do some writing.  Let's see, what would be a

good assignment?  How about you write about what you did this summer?" he


	They all began to reach for pens and paper.

	"No, no, no.  I'm just kidding.  Please, that's a high school

assignment.  We're in college now, and this is a Creative Writing class. 

I'm going to give you a much more interesting assignment.  Let's's coming to me now..."  He brought his hands to his head as he

thought.  The students all waited with pencils poised, and some smiled at

his antics.

	"How about this: describe yourself physically and personality wise

as you think I will perceive you as the class goes by.  And then, if you

could have any supernatural type power, what would it be?  You have five

minutes, so make this as concise as possible.  Any questions?  Then begin

now," Tim said.

	They all wrote until he said "stop."

	"Now, I want you to come up here and read what you wrote.  I'm

sure the idea of reading in front of an audience scares the hell out of

some of you, but you can overcome that fear.  We're all friends here, so

feel free to express yourself.  Now, who's first?"

	Mitchell raised his hand; he liked his answer to the power

question, and he couldn't wait to share it.

	"Yes, Mitch," Tim said, smiling at him.

	Mitchell got up and went to the front of the room.  Blake took a

seat in the front row.

	"First begin by telling us your name," Dr. Blake said.  He turned

around and addressed the class from his seat.  "I find repetition is a

great way to remember things."

	"My name is Mitchell Knight," he started, once Blake had turned

around.   Then his eyes turned down to his paper and he began to read.

	"Five eight, one hundred forty pounds, short brown hair, and blue

eyes.  You'll see me as creative (I hope) and interesting.  You might even

think my writings are a little weird and maybe humorous.

	"And to answer your question, I'd want a power where I could make

any power I wanted for myself."

	Dr. Blake smiled and a couple of the students laughed at this. 

Blake nodded at Mitchell in approval.

	"Very good answer, Mitchell.  Good use of the imagination," he

complimented.  "Now, class, do you agree with his physical description?"

	The guys in the class nodded.  Some murmured a "yes."

	"And I guess your personality is something we'll have to judge

later.  Okay, Mitchell, sit down.  Who's next?"

	Mitchell sat down, satisfied with his presentation.  He sat

through two more people before one who intrigued him got up in front of

the class.  He was about Mitchell's size, and he was cute in a scholarly

way.  He wore brown round tortoise shell glasses over brown eyes.  He had

short brown hair that had small curls and waves to it on top.

	"My name is Alec Ralac," he began.  Mitchell noticed that Alec's

hands shook slightly as he held the paper before him to read.  Alec had

long thin fingers with tiny, almost invisible, brown hairs growing between

the first and second knuckle.

	"I am six feet tall with short brown hair and hazel eyes.  I wear

glasses, but sometimes I'll wear contacts.  You'll think I'm kind of shy,"

here Alec paused to titter nervously.  "But if you get to know me, I can

be pretty outgoing.  I write some pretty morbid and depressing stuff, but

that doesn't necessarily reflect who I really am.  And the power I would

like to have is the power to end bigotry."

	Dr. Blake nodded.  "Good power.  Yes, I think all of us in this

room would like that ability."

	The rest of the class was as unpredictable and fun as the

beginning had been.  Blake released them with an assignment to write four

poems for the next class period.

	"Hey, Alec," Mitchell called out after him as they left the classroom.

	"Yeah?" he asked, turning.

	"Do you have another class now?" he asked.


	"Would you like to go to lunch with me?"


	They headed off together to the cafeteria.  Their lunch extended

into an hour as they spoke on any number of topics that they found they

had in common.  They spoke of their passion for writing, their common

major, and  their similar pet peeves about the world like racism, and hate

crimes against people because of their color, religion, or sexual


	Mitchell was really glad to find out that Alec was liberal minded. 

Mitchell had never come out to anyone, but he fully intended to now that

he had the freedom that college offered.  It was nice to know that he would

know at least one person who wouldn't care that he was gay.

	By the time they parted, Mitchell felt like he'd known Alec for

years.  They agreed to get together again later on in the week to exchange

some stuff they'd written.  They got each other's phone numbers and then

went to their separate classes.

* * *

	Later that night Mitchell was sitting at his desk writing in his

secret notebook.  His fantasy again was on Gregg which was who Mitchell

found his mind returning to a lot.  This time Mitchell was getting a long,

erotic massage from Gregg that would soon turn into another hot sex session.

	Mitchell got up from his desk after writing for a while to answer

the call of nature.  When he returned from the bathroom, he walked into

his room to find Gregg sitting at his desk, reading the notebook that laid

out in the open for him.

	"Gregg! You're back from the weight room," Mitchell stated the

obvious while his mind worked at a furious pace to try and think up an


	"Yeah," Gregg answered, looking up from the notebook.  "This is

some really good stuff here.  I especially like the stuff in the shower."

	"Uh...Gregg, that's just..." Mitchell fumbled.

	"Just what, Mitch?  I'm hoping that this is a journal of your

fantasies because I'd like to live out this second one here where we go

back to your room..."

	'Huh?' Mitchell thought. 'There's no way Gregg is gay.  No way.  No--'

	Gregg got up and walked slowly over to Mitchell.  He wore only a

pair of plaid boxer shorts with the school name imprinted on them.  His

brown hair was still damp from the shower he'd taken after his workout. 

He walked up to Mitchell who was still frozen in place and lightly placed

his lips against Mitchell's.

	Mitchell melted into the kiss he never thought he'd receive, and

allowed himself to go with the feelings that were now coursing through his


	"We better close the door," Gregg said, pulling away.

	"Yeah," Mitchell agreed softly.

	Gregg moved with athletic grace to the door and closed and locked it.

	"It's a good thing you didn't lock your door just now, or I

wouldn't have had the chance to read that," he said, pointing to the notebook.

	Then he pulled Mitchell's body against him and kissed him full on

the mouth again.  His tongue darted out and pried open Mitchell's willing

lips.  Mitchell tentatively slid his tongue into Gregg's mouth and tasted

the minty mouthwash Gregg had used just a few minutes ago after his shower.

	Gregg pulled Mitchell with him over onto the bed.  There he

reached under Mitchell's shirt and started pulling it up over his head. 

Mitchell helped, and Gregg tossed the shirt onto the floor.  Then Gregg

laid Mitchell down and began to kiss his neck and work his way down

Mitchell's bare chest.  He licked his nipples and swirled around them with

his tongue.

	Mitchell felt Gregg kiss his navel where a thin trail of brown

hair started and then ran down into his shorts.  He felt Gregg undo the

button on his shorts, and then he was slipping them and Mitchell's white

jockey shorts off.

	"Wait," Mitchell said, sitting up in his nude condition.

	"What?" Gregg asked.

	"Shouldn't we have some kind of protection?" he asked.  While his

hormones were in overdrive, he still had one portion of his brain

screaming common sense advice at him.

	Gregg merely smiled indulgently and said, "Don't worry about it. 

We won't need it."

	"No?  Why not?" Mitchell asked.

	"Shh," Gregg said, putting his finger to Mitchell's lips.  "Trust

me.  You don't have anything to worry about."

	He gently lay Mitchell back on the bed and then brought his lips

to the head of Mitchell's erection.  His tongue snaked around the glans

once, eliciting a gasp of pleasure from the recipient.

	"You've never done this before, have you?" Gregg asked.

	"No," Mitchell nodded.

	"Then you're in for a treat."

	Gregg sucked the head into his mouth and swirled his tongue around

the head while Mitchell tensed as his sensitive organ was subjected to

such delicious torture.  Then Gregg slowly engulfed Mitchell's erection

until he had the whole thing in his mouth.  Mitchell felt the head hit the

back of Gregg's throat.

	Slowly Gregg went up and down the length of Mitchell's penis.  He

brought his hand into play also, stroking up and down the length of his

shaft as his head bobbed up and down.  His other hand gently caressed

Mitchell's hairy sac.

	It didn't take very long for this to have the desired effect. 

Mitchell's whole body tensed as his orgasm hit him harder than it ever had

before.  His hands clenched at the sheets and he thrust his erection deep

into Gregg's mouth as the tremendous, delicious pressure in his groin was


	"Unhhh!" Mitchell called out, semen exploding from the head of his

cock into Gregg's mouth.

	Consummate expert that he was, Gregg swallowed every last bit of

this tasty virgin sperm.  Then he sat back as Mitchell recovered.  He

watched Mitchell's hairless chest heave up and down with each breath.

	When Mitchell was okay, he sat up and kissed Gregg.  He could

taste the semen in Gregg's mouth.

	"Now it's your turn," Mitchell said.

	Gregg laid down on the bed and Mitchell pulled down Gregg's boxer

shorts.  Gregg's penis was beginning to grow, and when Mitchell placed his

lips around the head, it sprang to life.  Mitchell admired the size of

Gregg's organ.  It was a little thicker than Mitchell's and probably an

inch or two longer.  He was a little worried that he wouldn't be able to

suck it very well since it was so large, and he'd never done it, but he

gave it his best shot.

	"Don't hold on to it so tight," Gregg suggested as Mitchell

grasped the shaft with his hand.

	Mitchell loosened his hold and then brought his mouth down around

the head.  He made a tight seal as Gregg had done and then he began to go

up and down on it, using his hand in concert.  Saliva dripped out of his

mouth as he continued to suck and it slid down onto his hand, but he

ignored this and continued to imitate Gregg in order to gain the desired

reaction.  He wanted to go all the way with this experience.

	Gregg came after a while, his salty cum spilling into Mitchell's

mouth.  He swallowed it all, and then removed his mouth.  He wiped his

hand on the comforter.

	"How did I do?" Mitchell asked.

	"You did okay.  There's room for improvement, but I can teach ya,"

Gregg assured him with a smile.

	"Are you free Friday night?" Mitchell asked, grinning.

	"Yeah, why?" Gregg asked.

	"I thought we could go out on a date and then later on you could

give me a few lessons," Mitchell suggested with a sly grin.

	Gregg chuckled.  "That sounds like a really good idea."

	Mitchell realized that his mornings probably wouldn't be his

favorite time of the day any more.  Night had begun to show some promise.

				Part 4

	The next morning, after Mitchell finished his shower, he went to

Gregg's room.  Testing the door, he found it open and entered.  Gregg lay

asleep in bed, his brown hair tousled and a peaceful expression on his


	Mitchell smiled at his lover's relaxed repose.  He softly padded

over to the bed and planted a light kiss on Gregg's lips.  Then he ran his

finger down Gregg's firm jaw line covered with a light stubble. 

	"Morning, hon," Gregg murmured as he woke, smiling at Mitchell. 

	"Good morning."

	"Did you want to join me?" Gregg asked, pulling back the sheets and

showing his naked body to Mitchell's appreciative eyes. 

	"No, I've got to get to class.  Remember, Friday night," Mitchell


	"Okay," Gregg said.  "I'll just stay here all by myself--naked--"

	"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Mitchell said.  "I was wondering if we could

talk later."

	"Sure.  How about after lunch?"

	"That sounds good."

	Mitchell kissed Gregg good-bye and headed off to class.  After

getting through a full morning of classes, he joined Alec for lunch and

then went to Gregg's room to talk to him. 

	"So what did you want to talk about?" Gregg asked once Mitchell

entered the room and closed the door. 

	"I wanted to talk about this thing with us and what I should do

about it," Mitchell answered. 

	"What do you mean?"

	"Like I told you last night, I'm new at this.  I don't really know

how I should react.  Should I keep our relationship a secret?  Are there

any people I shouldn't tell?  I've never really dealt with those issues

before," Mitchell explained. 

	"Oh, I understand.  You're worried about homophobia."


	"I think you'll find that people on this campus are really

understanding.  I don't think you have anything to worry about.  You can

tell whoever you like that you're gay, and I doubt they'll even think

twice about it. 

	"As far as out there in the real world, though, I'd be careful. 

Around people you don't know, I would say, don't be too obvious.  There's

no telling when you may do something to tip someone like a skinhead off to

the fact that you're gay, and then pow--the asshole is beating up on you. 

Just be careful of stuff like that."

	"Do you know a lot of gay people here on campus?" Mitchell asked,

curious about Gregg's belief that people at Marcourt would be accepting of


	"There are more than you think," Gregg hinted. 

	"Really?" Mitchell asked, raising his eyebrows. 

	"More than you think," Gregg repeated. 

	"Like who?"

	Gregg just shook his head.  "I don't think that's for me to say. 

You'll find out eventually all on your own.  Either they'll tell you or

you'll just be able to tell."

	"Is Blake gay?" Mitchell asked. 

	Gregg smiled.

	"I thought so." He nodded to himself, pleased with his intuitive


	"Now what are we going to do about us?  Is it okay if I tell people

we're going out on a date Friday night?"

	"If you want to.  It's not really necessary.  You don't need to

stress it or anything.  You can just say we're going out.  Whatever you

want to do."

	"Well, who's paying?"

	"It doesn't really matter.  We can both pay."

	"Would you like a flower?" Mitchell teased. 

	Gregg laughed.  "No, that's okay.  Maybe I'll bring you one


	"Wow!  This is great.  I can't believe things are so simply.  I

thought it would be really tough coming out, and I thought people would

hate me because of it, but so far everything has been just awesome!"

	"Marcourt is kind of a sheltered environment.  You can be whoever

you want here, and not too many people will judge you for it," Gregg


	"It's too bad the rest of the world can't be that way," Mitchell


	"There are people working on that," Gregg assured him. 

	"Okay, that's all that I was wondering about then," Mitchell said.

 He stood up and walked over to Gregg.  He kissed him passionately. 

"Thanks for making me so happy."

	Gregg smiled.  "You're welcome."

	"I can't wait 'til Friday night."

	"Me neither."


	That night Tony and Gregg went off to lift weights and Jim invited

Mitchell out for some evening tennis.  The day was still fairly warm, and

there was plenty of light for them to play by as the sun slowly set on the

horizon.  They had a good work out on the courts before they headed back

to the dorm. 

	"Hey, Mitch, are you going to study tonight?" Gregg asked him once

he got back. 

	"Yeah," Mitchell answered. 

	"Why don't you meet me down in the lounge.  Me and a couple other

guys are going to do homework down there," Gregg said. 

	"Okay, I'll meet you after my shower."

	Mitchell went into the empty shower room and stripped off his

shorts and stepped into a stall.  As the warm water cascaded over his

tired body he thought about the different people he'd met since he'd come

to school here.  Gregg had said there were probably more gay people than

he realized.  This made Mitchell wonder about everyone he'd come into

contact with. 

	His thoughts were interrupted as he heard a couple of guys enter

the room and start up the shower across from him.  Mitchell smiled as he

thought about seeing the new anonymous men in the nude once he finished

his shower.  He let the shower run long and hot before he finally stepped


	Much to his surprise, in the shower across from him stood Rich and

Paul.  Rich was on his knees sucking on Paul's erection while Paul ran his

hands through Rich's wet red hair. 

	"Hey, it's Mitch," Paul announced. 

	Rich stood up and looked with a great deal of satisfaction at

Mitchell's naked body. 

	"Lookin' real good there, guy.  Want to join us?" Rich asked with

a leering grin. 

	"No, I don't think so," Mitchell answered.  For some reason he felt

very uncomfortable in their presence, almost as if the whole thing had

been staged. 

	"Aww, c'mon, Mitch.  Don't you want me to fuck you up the ass with

this?  I promise I'll make it worth your while," Rich continued. 

	He squeezed his seven inch erection and continued to leer at


	"No," Mitchell answered, and started to walk towards the changing

room.  Suddenly he felt a tingling at the back of his skull and immediately

after this sensation, he lost all control of his muscles and froze in


	"I'm not going to take that as a answer," Rich said.  

	He came up behind Mitchell and ran his hand over Mitchell's smooth

shoulder.  Rich then took his erection and rubbed it slowly against

Mitchell's buttocks. 

	"Oh, yeah, you're gonna love this," Rich told him. 

	Mitchell felt his body turn, against his will, to face Paul and

Rich.  Rich took Mitchell's penis in hand and pulled him forward into the

stream of water from the shower. 

	"Rich, stop it!" Gregg called from the changing room. 

	"Fuck!" Paul swore under his breath. 

	Mitchell felt the invisible strings that had been controlling him

disappear.  The tingling at the back of his head stopped, and he broke

away from Rich.  Looking at Gregg, he saw his lover with his eyes locked

with Rich's.  Invisible daggers flew between the two of them as Mitchell


	"C'mon, Mitch.  Get your stuff and let's get out of here," Gregg

told him. 

	Mitchell grabbed his shorts and towel and got out of there as fast

as he could.  He went with Gregg back to his own room where he dried off

and got dressed. 

	"Gregg, I don't understand it," Mitchell explained.  "I couldn't

move.  It was like some invisible force was controlling my body.  What


	"Don't worry about it," Gregg said. 

	"But what if it happens again?  How did they do that?  Some kind of

hypnosis?  I--"

	"Mitch, don't worry about it," Gregg said, grabbing Mitchell's

shoulder and looking deeply into his eyes.  "It won't happen again."

	At these words, Mitchell decided he was making a big deal out of

nothing.  Gregg was probably right.  It wouldn't happen again.  It wasn't

a big deal.  He shouldn't worry about it... 

* * *

	"Damn, we were that close!" Rich growled, slamming his fist into

the metal wall of the shower.  "Who the hell does Gregg think he is,

coming in here and challenging us.  Jack's going to hear about this,

that's for sure."

	"Rich, calm down.  Come here, let me make you forget all about

Mitch," Paul offered. 

	He reached between Rich's legs and pulled gently on the

now-flaccid member, massaging it between his fingers and slowly bringing

it back to life.  Rich responded slowly to this, grinding his hips lazily

in motion to the slow jerking of Paul's hand. 

	"Hey guys," Eric called into the showers, entering the changing


	"Eric," Paul greeted with a satisfactory tone. 

	Eric was about an inch taller than Rich, but much thinner, not

quite as bulky.  He had short silky black hair and brown eyes.  As he shed

his towel, Paul and Rich could see his seven inch cock topped off with a

small patch of black pubic hair. 

	"Want to join us?" Rich asked. 

	"Boy would I ever!" Eric answered.  "I'm so horny."

	"C'mon then," Paul offered. 

	Eric slipped past them into the stall and slicked down his body

with the warm water. 

	"We almost had Mitch tonight, but then Gregg spoiled it," Paul


	"Yeah, I think Gregg bagged him last night.  He's a little

protective of the kid," Eric said. 

	Eric's penis became aroused under the falling water and when he

turned around, Rich and Paul's hands eagerly explored his body and

erection. Eric put a hand on each of their boners and slowly stroked them

as he enjoyed the feel of their hands on him. 

	Then Paul sat down on the floor against the wall and pulled Eric's

body to him.  He brushed his hand along Eric's small black bush which had

tiny water bubbles in it, and then he ran his hand down the length of

Eric's penis before he placed his mouth over the head. 

	Rich went around to Eric's back and ran his hands between the

valley of Eric's cheeks.  He parted the firm mounds and pressed his finger

against the little pink hole.  Eric spread his legs wide and bent over

slightly, putting his hands against the wall. 

	Taking the soap, Rich lathered up his cock and Eric's asshole and

then he started to slowly insert his erection into Eric.  Paul took long,

slowly pulls on Eric's erection with his mouth as Rich continued to enter

Eric.  Once he was completely inside, he rested there for a while enjoying

the warmth against his cock.  His rust pubic hair rested against Eric's

white buttocks. 

	Then, as Rich began to thrust in and out of Eric's ass, Paul

started sucking more urgently on Eric's cock.  Paul put his other hand

between his legs and started fondling himself gently.  His other hand held

Eric's erection in place. 

	Eric closed his eyes and bowed his head as the action heated up. 

The water was hitting him along his right side as Paul sucked expertly on

his penis and Rich pounded into his ass.  The feeling of both his pleasure

points being stimulated was incredible. 

	With the double action, Eric had little control over his orgasm. 

It came suddenly after a few thrusts into him by Rich.  He pumped his

semen into Paul's mouth and felt his entire body relax completely after he

came.  Rich felt Eric's orgasm tickle his penis, and then he felt a

greater loosening in Eric's anus musculature. 

	Paul sat back and continued to watch Rich fuck Eric in the ass as

he jerked off.  Paul could see Rich's face and watched it tense into the

familiar expression which preceded orgasm.  With a few more strokes on his

cock, Paul shot his load over his chest and some onto Eric's leg. 

	They both cleaned up Paul and then got out and dried off. 

	        		 Part 5

	During his creative writing class on Friday, Blake made them all

get up and read on of their poems.  Mitchell listened closely to Alec as

he read one about the delicate balance between life and death and the

mystery of the latter.  Mitchell watched with a certain voyeuristic

satisfaction the minute tremors in Alec's long, thin fingers.

	After class Mitchell caught up with Alec to make plans for that weekend.

	"Your poem was just fantastic," Mitchell complimented him.

	"Thanks," Alec said, grinning sheepishly.

	"Do you want to get together tomorrow night?" he asked.


	"I'll give you a call," Mitchell promised.


	6:00pm found Mitchell dressing after a long hot shower.  He put on

a black and white silk shirt with black pants.  Then he slipped on a plain

silver ring and some Drakkar.  Adding some gel to his bangs completed the

look before he left to meet Gregg in his room.

	Gregg looked really sexy in tight gray pants, gray shirt, and a

black and green vest.  Mitchell smiled and gave him a kiss.

	"Ready?" he asked.

	"Yeah," Gregg answered.  "You smell good."

	Gregg sniffed at his neck and kissed him there before they left. 

They headed out to Gregg's Porsche and then drove into the city which was

about a half hour drive to the north.

	They ate at a Chinese restaurant where Gregg ordered them a bottle

of wine (Mitchell was underage so he savored the special treat.)  Gregg

was also not 21, but the waiter didn't bother to ask for Id, so he got

away with it.

	Then they headed out to a club for a night of dancing.  Mitchell

let himself go, not caring what people thought of him.  He was out with

his lover, and he was going to have fun whether people agreed with his

lifestyle or not.

	"That was a lot of fun," Mitchell told Gregg as they drove back to

the college, the windows open and the warm night air swirling into the car.

	"I'm glad you had a good time," Gregg said.  "I had fun too.  But

don't forget, the night's not over."

	"Oh, I haven't forgotten," Mitchell answered.

	He rested his hand on Gregg's thigh, where it stayed until they

got back to the college.  Then they went up to Gregg's room and locked the

door to the rest of the world.  What happened inside was for them, and

nobody would be interrupting.

	Gregg lit a few candles and spread them around the room.  Then he

walked over to Mitchell with a grin on his face.

	"You look really sexy in this light," he whispered into Mitchell's


	Then he blew lightly into his ear and ran his tongue around the

edge of his ear.  Then he slowly licked his way to the center, driving up

Mitchell's temperature.

	They kissed as they made their way together over to the bed. 

Gregg slowly undid the buttons of Mitchell's shirt and then kissed his way

down Mitchell's smooth chest as he pulled the shirt out of his pants.

	Mitchell took off Gregg's vest and shirt and bit lightly on each

of Gregg's nipples.  He squeezed Mitchell's shoulders at the love nips and

sighed softly in delight.  Mitchell bit Gregg's bulging erection through

his pants and grabbed the two mounds of Gregg's ass.

	Gregg had Mitchell sit down on the bed and then he took off his

shoes and socks.  Then he lightly squeezed Mitchell's crotch before he

undid the buttons on his pants and began pulling them off.  Mitchell

lifted his hips to allow Gregg to slip off his pants and undershorts.

	Once naked, Gregg ran his hands over Mitchell's naked flesh.  He

put his head between Mitchell's legs and ran his tongue over the soft

flesh of his erection, stroking the head and shaft.	

	Then Gregg stood up and slipped off the rest of his clothes before

he walked nude to the closet.  He opened it up and brought out a bottle of

chocolate flavored body oil.  

	"Lay down on your stomach," he told Mitchell, smiling.

	"What's that?" Mitchell asked.

	"Massage oil that I can lick off your body," Gregg answered.

	Mitchell smiled and obliged.  He turned over onto his stomach and

then Gregg joined him.  He ran a trail of the oil down the middle of

Mitchell's smooth back and then put down the bottle.

	His wide, strong hands spread the oil out farther, covering all

parts of Mitchell's back as he kneaded and stroked the flesh.  Mitchell

felt the soreness from the dancing leave his body and he felt himself

slowly drift into a state of absolute contentment.

	Gregg worked his way down Mitchell's back, giving him a full back

massage before he returned to lick off every last bit of the chocolate

flavor.  Mitchell smiled as he felt Gregg's tongue take its first taste. 

Then he delighted in the feeling of Gregg licking his entire back.

	Then Gregg opened the bottle and spread a healthy dollop on the

cheeks of Mitchell's ass.  He spread it in circles slowly over his

hairless cheeks and then placed his hands in the crack of his ass and

slowly pulled it apart.  Not sure what Gregg had planned, but willing to

go along, Mitchell spread his legs far apart.

	Gregg dripped more oil down his crack and then his finger rubbed

the oil into his crack and down across his anus.  The tip of his chocolate

coated finger slipped into Mitchell's anus and then was removed.  Gregg

bent his head to Mitchell's cheeks where he licked the soft mounds.  Then

his tongue licked up his crack and then was digging into his anus.

	Using his fingers, Gregg spread open the tight pink hole as far as

he could and then inserted his tongue, tasting and prodding.  Mitchell

moved his ass lazily in circles as Gregg continued to poke and prod.

	Again Gregg went to his closet, but this time he put away the

massage oil and returned with some KY jelly.  He opened this and rubbed

some into Mitchell's anus.  Testing it, Gregg found he could slide one

finger easily into the opening now.

	"Get up on all fours," Gregg prompted.

	"What are you going to do?" Mitchell asked, moving into position.

	"You'll see," Gregg answered.

	He smeared some KY onto his erection and then knelt behind

Mitchell, lining up his hardon with Mitchell's pink little virgin hole. 

He placed the head of his cock against his anus and then pushed forward

slowly, allowing Mitchell to get used to him.

	"Just relax," Gregg urged him, once his penis couldn't go any

further without effort.

	"I don't know about this," Mitchell said.

	"If you relax, once I get it all the way in, it'll feel great,"

Gregg said.

	Gregg felt his words have effect, as the muscles in his ass

loosened up enough so he could slide in.  He rested this way for a while

with his pubic hair flush up against the smooth cheeks of Mitchell's ass. 

Then he started thrusting in and out of Mitchell's tight, hot hole.

	"How does this feel?" Gregg asked.

	"It hurts a little bit, but..." Gregg's dick hit Mitchell's

prostate. "Ahh...that felt good."

	Gregg sped up a little bit and got into a faster rhythm before he

spread some KY onto his hand and then reached around front to spread it on

Mitchell's semi-hard penis.  He teased the head a little bit, and it

signaled its appreciation.  Gregg stroked Mitchell's dick as he continued

to thrust in and out.

	"Oh, Gregg, I'm gonna come," Mitchell groaned a few minutes later.

	The pleasure in his groin and ass was too much.  Gregg's answer to

this was to speed up until Mitchell was squirting his load all over the

sheets of the bed.  Gregg felt the contractions of Mitchell's orgasm and

he came too, shooting forcefully into his asshole.

	Gregg pulled out of Mitchell's ass and then lay down beside him. 

They kissed slowly and stroked each other's bodies in the aftermath.

	"We should get cleaned up," Mitchell suggested.

	"You're right."

	He got up and pulled Mitchell up with him.  They grabbed one of

Gregg's towels and then headed naked to the shower room.  Mitchell giggled

at the daring of this, but then they were in the privacy of the bathroom

before anyone had seen them.

	They took a long shower together, softly bathing the other in

soap, water, and kisses. Then they dried off and returned to Gregg's room

where they fell asleep in each other's arms.

				Part 6

	Mitchell brought a few of his poems over to Alec's room Saturday

night.  Alec lived in a dorm just a couple buildings away from where

Mitchell's dorm was. 

	When he arrived, Alec had an Erasure CD playing.  His room was

decorated with different posters of various alternative artists like

Depeche Mode, the Cure, Morrissey, and REM.  His room was filled with dark

and black objects: black sheets and comforter, black lamps, dark brown

carpet, and a black stereo cabinet.  A faint hint of incense hung in the


	"What kind of incense is that?" Mitchell asked. 

	"Sandalwood.  Do you like it?" Alec asked. 


	He went to his desk and pulled out a stick and placed it in the

incense burner.  Once lit, the golden orange tip spun a thin light gray

thread of smoke into the air. 

	"How's the music for ya?" Alec asked. 

	"It's good.  I like it.  Which CD is it?"


	Mitchell went over to the CD stand and glanced over Alec's

collection, mentally approving of many of Alec's choices. 

	"Would you like something to drink?" Alec asked. 


	"I made some coffee before you came over.  How does that sound?"

	"Great" Mitchell answered. 

	Alec brought out two mugs from his closet and poured the dark brew

for himself and his guest.  Mitchell took it and sat down in the chair

while Alec sat on the bed. 

	"Do you mind if I turn off this light?" he asked, pointing to the

overhead one. 

	"No, go ahead," Mitchell answered. 

	"I like to read poetry in dim settings," he said as he got up to

turn it off. 

	A lamp on the desk and one at Mitchell's side shed the only


	"I should probably change the music too."

	Alec turned off Erasure and put in a Ray Lynch CD.  Then he sat

down, and they started to read their poems to each other and critique


	As the time passed, more coffee was imbibed and they moved into

talking about poetry in general.  Alec brought out a poetry book and read

some poems by Alan Ginsberg and Gary Snyder.  Then they talked about the

class before Alec had to take a bathroom break. 

	"It's all that coffee," he explained before he left. 

	Mitchell picked up the notebook of Alec's poems that he'd been

reading from earlier and paged through this while he waited.  A title

caught his eye and he paused to read this one. 

			A Rant For Love

	Damn them for these bars!

		Bars of steel

		Bars of ignorance

		Bars of fear

		Bars of hatred. 

	Within this cage I prowl.

	I watch my dark love.

	He is all I desire.

	Yet within society's prison,

	I hide my lust.

	I am an angry, caged thing.

	Watch out world,

	I will bare my claws:

	These words I possess.

	And I will shred these bars!

	Then he will be mine.

	Mitchell nodded to himself, seeing the struggle he'd gone through

in high school reflected expertly in the poem.  Suddenly Mitchell realized

Alec had returned.  He stood in the doorway watching. 

	"I like this one a lot," Mitchell said, holding it up. 

	Alec entered and took the notebook to look at the poem.  He sat

down on the bed. 

	"Who's the guy in the poem?" Mitchell asked. 

	"No one, really...well, kind of this guy I liked last year, but the

man in this poem is really symbolic of all I have liked and those I will


	"I can really relate to that poem."

	Alec nodded. 

	Mitchell realized that he was really lucky to have found someone

like Gregg at a time when he could safely be in a relationship. 

	Their conversation drifted into politics then using the poem as a

jumping off point.  They talked on a variety of topics which they found

themselves agreeing on.  they talked until fairly late until Mitchell

decided he had better leave.  They said good-bye, and Mitchell returned to

his dorm. 

	Back in his own room, he dropped off his poems and then crept to

Gregg's room.  He planned on slipping quietly into bed with Gregg. 

Testing the doorknob, he found it unlocked.  With an eager smile, he

slowly opened the door. 

	In the light from the candles burning inside, Mitchell could see

Eric pounding his cock into Gregg's ass.  Gregg was on all fours facing

the door, so he saw Mitchell's shocked expression and heard the forceful

gasp of surprise. 


	Eric stopped thrusting and Gregg started to get to his feet. 

	"How--" Mitchell started but then he choked back the rest. 

	He slammed the door closed and ran back to his room, squinting

back tears at the betrayal he felt.  Once at his room, he realized he

didn't want to be alone now, so he ran to he stairs and over to Alec's


	"What is it?  What's wrong?" Alec asked after he opened the door. 

	He noticed his friend's hurt expression and teary eyes.  Mitchell

looked at Alec, who now only wore a pair of black boxer shorts; he had

obviously just been getting ready for bed.  Mitchell wasn't sure what to

say now that he had arrived. 

	Glancing over Alec's thin, lean body, Mitchell appraised those

thin, long fingers that reminded him of an artist's delicate hands.  Alec

had a dusting of brown hair across his pectorals without any on his

stomach.  Mitchell looked into Alec's brown eyes and felt resolve steady

his emotions. 


	Mitchell reached out with his right hand and lightly stroked the

soft curls on top of Alec's head.  Then he brought his hand down Alec's

long, thin neck to brush across his lightly furred chest.  Alec just stood

there, not sure how he should respond to this sudden change in mood, but

enjoying the feel of Mitchell's fingers against his flesh. 

	Alec stepped back to allow Mitchell into the room, and he followed

eagerly.  His hand brushed close the door and then his lips were eagerly

exploring the soft flesh of Alec's mouth.  They kissed softly and

tentatively until Mitchell pressed forward with more fervor and grabbed

Alec's ass through the cloth, pulling his body against Mitchell. 

	Pulling back, Mitchell slowly pulled off his clothes.  Alec sat

down on the edge of the bed and watched.  Mitchell stripped off his shirt

and threw it on the floor.  Then he took off his shoes and socks and slid

off his pants.  He pulled down his red jockey shorts and his penis began

to stiffen in the warm scented air of Alec's dim room. 

	Alec reached out tentatively and touched the head of Mitchell's

dick.  This move gave him courage and he slid his hand down the length of

his quickly hardening length.  He cupped Mitchell's hairy balls and tested

their weight in his soft hands. 

	Mitchell knelt before Alec and put his hands on the waistband of

Alec's boxers.  He pulled on them gently, and Alec lifted his hips to

allow Mitchell to slide them down his long hairy legs and off his feet. 

Then Mitchell ran his hands back up these furred legs to his hairy crotch

where he sported a 6" hardon.  Mitchell stroked its length and then the

heavy balls in their furry sac. 

	Alec pulled on Mitchell's shoulders, urging him to climb into bed.

 He followed Alec's tugging, and they laid on top of one another, their

naked flesh pressing warm and stimulating against the other.  They gently

kissed and caressed each other's flesh, tenderly exploring. 

	Soon Alec's roving hands found their way back to Mitchell's

crotch.  Mitchell lifted himself up off of Alec and over to the side a

little ways to allow Alec to slowly stroked his stiff rod.  Mitchell

watched Alec's long thin fingers grasp his erection and gently slide the

skin up and down its length, easily bringing warm pleasure to Mitchell's

belly and penis. 

	Mitchell reached between Alec's legs and began to return the

favor.  His hand formed a fist around Alec's cock and he matched Alec's

speed.  He paused occasionally to finger the hairy ball sac and to lightly

stroke the skin between Alec's balls and anus, but he always returned to

Alec's penis to continue. 

	As Alec picked up speed, Mitchell felt the familiar pleasurable

feelings grow and deepen and become more urgent.  His hips began to rock

with the rhythm, willing to go wherever Alec wanted to take him.  His hand

on Alec's penis sped up also; subconsciously he kept the pace. 

	"Uh...Alec..." Mitchell breathed.  "We better...ahh...stop."

	"Why?" he whispered, his own hips pumping up and down in time with

Mitchell's enthusiastic stroking. 

	"I'm...gonna...ohh...come," Mitchell answered. 

	"Do it," Alec urged, working faster. 

	"'ll make a mess."

	"Do it," he repeated. 

	Lost in the moment, Mitchell went with Alec's suggestion.  With a

few more pumps from Alec's warm hand, Mitchell let loose his sticky white

torrent of sperm.  It shot in about five or six arcs across Alec's hairy

chest and bare abdomen.  One landed in Alec's pubic hair. 

	During his orgasm, Mitchell had slowed down considerably on Alec's

penis, but once he recovered, he returned to his former rhythm.  Alec came

soon afterwards, thrusting his hips forward and spraying his semen across

himself and the bed.  He lay back on the bed, exhausted, with a satisfied

grin on his face.  Mitchell kissed him as he lay smiling. 

	"We better clean up," Mitchell suggested. 

	Alec nodded. 

	"Do you have some tissues?"

	"Sure, they're on my desk," Alec answered. 

	Mitchell got up and pulled some from the box and returned.  He

handed a few to Alec and then helped clean him up. 

	"Do you mind if I spend the night?" Mitchell asked. 


	"Good.  I don't feel like sleeping alone tonight."

	"What happened anyway?  You looked so upset when you got here."

	"I walked in on my boyfriend fucking another guy.  Actually, he was

being fucked, but..."

	"Oh," Alec said. 

	Mitchell nodded.  Alec pulled Mitchell down next to him, and they

lay together in silence until they both drifted off. 

				Part 7

	Mitchell woke slowly the next morning, almost grudging himself a

return to the harsh reality he had discovered last night upon walking in

on Gregg unannounced.  He felt Alec move in bed next to him and then felt

him get up, so he decided it was time to open his eyes.

	He caught sight of Alec's cute little bare ass just before Alec

covered it with his boxers.  Mitchell smiled at this and then closed his

eyes again to replay the scene from last night.  He heard Alec leave the

room to go to the bathroom.

	When Alec returned, he sat down on the edge of the bed and looked

at Mitchell with an serious expression.

	"What's wrong?" Mitchell asked, sitting up.

	"I...I just don't really know how I feel about last night," Alec


	"What do you mean?"

	"It just doesn't feel right somehow," he said.

	"Didn't you like it?" Mitchell asked.

	"No!  It felt really great, but I don't know if we should have

done that stuff."


	"It's just that I don't think our relationship should go there.  I

really like you as a friend, and I'm worried about what would happen if we

turned it into something else.  I'm not sure I'm ready for something like


	Mitchell nodded.

	"Do you understand?" Alec asked with a tense look.

	"Yeah, I understand.  I think you're right."

	"You do?"

	"Yeah.  I was just feeling bad last night after I found out that

Gregg cheated on me, and I just kind of went with the moment.  I think

we're better as friends too."

	"Good," Alec said, relieved.

	Mitchell pulled off the covers and sorted through his clothes to

find his undershorts.

	"So what are you going to do about Gregg?" Alec asked.

	"I'm not sure yet," Mitchell answered.  "I still don't want to see

or talk to him.  I think I'll just avoid him today and try and think about


	Alec nodded.  "If you want to talk later, just give me a call."

	"I will," Mitchell answered.

	He finished getting dressed and then hugged Alec before he left.

	"Thanks for being here for me," Mitchell said.

	"No problem."

	Mitchell returned to his room and glanced at the blinking red

light on his answering machine.  It had to be Gregg.  It was.

	"Mitch, look, we need to talk. I think there's been some kind of

misunderstanding.  Give me a call."


	"Mitch, where are you?  Call me."


	"End of messages."

	Mitchell sat down on the bed and argued with himself for a while

about whether he should call Gregg or not.  He continued to argue with

himself as he undressed, took a shower, and got dressed again.

	A knock at the door solved his internal discussion.

	"Hi, Mitch.  Can we talk?" Gregg asked.

	Mitchell nodded woodenly and held the door open for him.  Gregg

entered and sat down.

	"Look, I--"

	"You cheated on me," Mitchell interrupted.  "How can you have an

explanation for that?"

	Mitchell snapped a gaze of pure venom on the man he'd lost his

virginity to.  The feelings of rage and hurt welled up inside of him and

focused on their source.

	"Mitch, I didn't cheat on you.  We didn't have an exclusive thing.

 I never promised you a monogamous relationship," Gregg said.

	"You didn't?  Then what's with you telling me I didn't need to

worry about any sexually transmitted diseases?  What about our date Friday

night?  Didn't that mean anything to you?"

	"Mitch, you really don't have a thing to worry about, but that's not

because I was only sleeping with you.  And as far as our date, yes, I had

a great time, and it does mean something to me.  I'm just not interested

in sticking with just one guy at this point in my life.  I still want to

be able to date and have sex with other people."

	"Fine.  You just do that then, but I'm not going to be one of them

anymore.  We may never have said anything about being exclusive, but I

sure felt that it was implied."

	Gregg shrugged.  "What else can I say.  It was just a misunderstanding."

	Mitchell just stood and stared at him; he didn't have anything

more to say.

	"I guess I'll go then," Gregg said.


	Gregg headed for the door.  "Are we still friends at least?"

	"I still need to let things settle down," Mitchell answered. 

"I'll talk to you tomorrow."

	Gregg nodded.  He left the room feeling a slight loss.  He'd seen

some potential in Mitchell to sway more towards the romantic side which

was a department Gregg felt a huge loss in right now with his other

relationships.  He hoped that after Mitchell calmed down there would still

be hope for a return to their dating and sexual relationship.

* * *

	Rich wore a charcoal double breasted suit to dinner that night. 

It was a warm end of the summer night, but Mr. Jack Maroe was a man who

liked his officers well dressed even if the night would include both

business and pleasure.  As leader of the student organization, Rich

dressed to please what might be considered one of his boss' little


	"Good evening, Richard," Jack said, answering the door. 

	He was a distinguished elderly gentleman with graying hair and a

thin yet solid build of six feet.  He was immaculately dressed in a dark

blue pinstripe suit and a conservative blue tie.  There was an aura of

authority and royalty about him giving him the certainty that although

physically he might not be much, he was not a man to cross.

	"Good evening, Mr. Maroe," Rich answered, stepping into the foyer. 

	Jack closed the door behind him, and they walked into the dining

room.  The table was set with fine china and wine was chilling in a stand

next to the table.  Rich stood while Jack took his seat and then sat down. 

	"So how are things looking?" Jack asked. 

	"As good as you had expected," Rich answered. 

	"Wonderful.  Tell me about Mitchell Knight."

	A short man with light chocolate skin entered the room and began

to serve them. 

	"He's just as strong as you sensed.  Paul and I tried him the other

night, and it took both of us to take control of his motor skills," Rich

told him. 

	Jack nodded, a slight grin crossing his face.  "Gregg spoiled your

fun though, didn't he?"

	"Yes," Rich admitted with a hint of animosity. 

	"Don't worry.  Once he has joined us, you will be free to

'entertain' him as often as you please," Jack said, chuckling. 

	Rich sipped the wine and then started in on his meal. 

	"Is he seeing anyone other than Mr. Saxton?" Jack asked. 

	"Not that I know."

	"I'll look into that myself then."

	"I prepared a file on some other promising candidates," Rich said. 

	"Good.  I'll take a look at that later.  It's time to start

prioritizing for this year.  We have a lot of work to do."

	"Speaking of which, when is our next run?" Rich asked. 

	"Next week.  There's a school board meeting upstate that I have a

special interest in.  Hopefully by that time Mr. Knight will have joined,

so we can take him along."

	Rich slyly grinned at the possibility of having Mitchell as early

as next week.  "When will he be getting his 'special invitation?'"

	"It's being sent out tomorrow.  I plan to see him on Wednesday."

	After this information, their conversation moved on to other

topics including school politics, new building projects, and their

personal lives.  Once they finished dinner, they left the dining room to

climb the staircase to Jack's bedroom. 

	Jack shut the door behind them and then took Rich into his arms

and kissed him softly on the lips. 

	"Where shall we go tonight?" Jack asked.  "It's your choice."

	Rich pulled away and paced the room with a pleased little smile. 

"How about that little Greek bathhouse?"

	"As you wish," Jack answered. 

	Rich returned to Jack's embrace and looked deeply into his eyes. 

Out of the corner of his vision, the room began to shift and swirl, forms

distorting and resolving into another place. 

	The steam and heat from the bathhouse was seeping into the

changing room which was only a few feet away from the main room and barely

separated.  Jack began to undress, meticulously taking off his clothes and

folding them as he laid them on the bench.  Rich was less careful as he

quickly stripped himself bare. 

	Rich admired Jack's trim form.  He had thick dark brown hair on

his chest and belly.  A bush of hair topped off his short penis and

underneath his balls were covered with a thick coating of brown hair.  As

he turned to head towards the bath, Rich watched his buttocks clench and

relax as he walked.  A thin trail of hair peeked out between the crack of

his cheeks. 

	There were only about a dozen men in the large private bathhouse. 

All were muscular dark haired Greek men pleased to see one of their

friends come for a visit.  They smiled and clapped Jack on the back and

welcomed Rich in a similar fashion. 

	Jack and Rich entered the water, allowing its soft warmth to

envelop them.  A couple of men approached them and started rubbing their

backs in a relaxing massage.  Strong wide hands released the tension from

their muscles. 

	Rich moved towards Jack in the bath.  His handsome, nude, personal

masseur followed right behind, not missing a stroke on his expert massage.

 Rich put his hands on Jack's thin hips and pressed his naked, wet body

against Jack's furry one.  He lightly placed a kiss on Jack's lips and ran

his hands through the thick mat of hair on his chest. 

	The masseurs began planting light kisses on the backs of their

necks as Jack and Rich began to kiss deeper and with more passion.  Then

Rich moved down Jack's chest and sought out his tiny pink nipples hidden

within the forest of his hair.  He lightly nibbled on these before he

continued to kiss his way down to the point where the water met his waist. 

	Rich reached under the water and grasped Jack's little penis.  He

pulled gently on it and caressed his balls with his other hand.  Jack

began to respond to this and his penis soon inflated to its full five

inches.  Rich stroked up and down the length of it while Jack's masseur

began to run his hands into the furrow of Jack's ass, parting the round

globes and digging at the hole hidden between. 

	The masseur behind Rich began pouring handfuls of water down

Rich's back and then rubbed his hands on the slippery surface.  He planted

a kiss in the middle of Rich's back before he too began to run his hands

over the cheeks of Rich's butt. 

	Jack reached out and pinched Rich's hard nipples as he started to

thrust his hips into Rich's stroking hand.  The masseurs fingers were

poking into Jack's anus now, stretching it wider for deeper penetration by

these long muscular fingers. 

	Rich's masseur reached around to the front and ran his hands

slowly over Rich's red pubic hair and then over his semi erect penis.  His

hands began to stroke and pull on this organ, working it into its full

seven inches.  It looked huge compared to Jack's. 

	He pushed forward now and pressed his body against Jack's again. 

He rubbed his erection across Jack's belly and felt Jack's hard little

erection pressing up against him.  Then Jack gently turned Jack around and

bent him over.  The masseur stood back and got out to sit on the side and

watch with the other men. 

	Jack parted Rich's full cheeks and found his hole just waiting to

be plundered.  Jack's masseur continued to rub and massage the flesh of

Jack's back and buttocks as Jack slowly entered Rich.  Once his penis was

buried, he began to slowly thrust his erection in and out.  He could just

see it through the steam and water as it disappeared between his pale


	The masseur poked his finger into Jack's ass again, and Jack sped

up.  Soon he was sweating from the heat and exertion as he finally came,

spurting his special juice deep into Rich. 

	They got out then and allowed the olive skinned men to dry them

off.  Then they lay on chaise lounge chairs by the side of the bath as

more lazy sex took place under the waters of the bath. 

	Just as Rich was about to doze off, one of the dark haired

muscular men crept up to him.  His hand slid up the length of Rich's leg

and underneath the towel which covered him.  Rich smiled but kept his eyes

closed.  The man quietly parted the towel and laid bare Rich's red pubic

bush with its fine thick white flower. 

	His tongue lightly lapped at the head and then the hairy ball sac

as Rich's penis began to swell.  The man licked his way up and down the

shaft a few times before he took the head into his mouth.  His tongue

swirled around the head and then he slowly lowered his head, taking the

rest of the shaft as he continued to swirl with his tongue. 

	He then drew back to the tip before plunging all the way back down

to the base.  Up and down.  Up and down.  Faster and faster.  Rich

clenched the arms of the chaise and his body tensed slightly as he came,

pouring semen into the man's mouth. 


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