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Archive-name: Samesex/hot-aftn.ff

Archive-author: Joseph Brabet

Archive-title: Hot Afternoon

*****COPYRIGHT 1992 Joseph Brabet. All rights reserved.*****

Mariana took her friend's hand and drew her towards the house. "But I'm 

not at all hungry or thirsty," protested Sarah. "Never mind," smiled Mariana 

archly, "I'm sure you will be." Sarah shrugged her shoulders in petulance 

but nonetheless acquiesced to Mariana's tug on her arm and followed her 

into the house.

In the kitchen, Mariana reached into the refridgerator and produced a bottle 

of dry white wine and two chilled, tulip-shaped wine glasses. "How come..." 

asked Sarah in puzzlement at this. "I always like to be prepared," said 

Mariana with a small grin. Sarah wondered exactly what it was that 

Mariana felt she needed to be prepared for, but she felt herself unable to 

articulate this without sounding foolish. 

Mariana motioned for Sarah to seat herself on a two-seater lounge then sat 

down beside her, somewhat to Sarah's surprise. Mariana said nothing while 

she opened the bottle of wine and poured two glasses, and after they had 

drunk a toast to each other they continued on in silence. Moments of light 

conversation passed between them as the wine began to take its effect. 

As they became increasingly flushed with an alcohol-induced heat, they 

gradually loosened their clothing. Sarah's exquisite decolletage was 

revealed to Mariana, who noted this with pleasure, while Mariana's own 

deep cleavage did not pass unnoticed by Sarah, who in her diffidence 

imagined Mariana to possess a superior feminine physique to her own. 

Their talk turned to matters of love, as Mariana skillfully manipulated the 

conversation towards a discussion of intimate matters. At first a little 

uneasy, Sarah began to relax and reveal details of previous sexual 

relationships she had hitherto kept secret. Talk of this kind tended to 

increase their flush as they began to share personal and private 

experiences with each other. Sarah grew bolder, in contrast to her previous 

shyness and lack of confidence, had reached the point where her blouse 

was unbuttoned almost to the waist and her shoes had been removed. 

Mariana was in a similar state of undress, although hers was consciously 

contrived to expose as many of her lithe curves as possible without 

frightening off Sarah by embarrassing her. Mariana passed a comment 

which was in the nature of a compliment to Sarah on the loveliness of her 

body. Sarah giggled and blushed with modesty and an embarrassment 

born of her realization that she was partially naked in the presence of 

another woman. Mariana laughed at this response to her compliment and in 

order to put Sarah at her ease, continued passing compliments on Sarah's 

choice of lingerie and the way in which it set off her magnificent breasts so 


This of course had the opposite effect on Sarah who grew even more self-

conscious. Mariana pressed on, inflamed by Sarah's beauty and reached 

forward and pulled Sarah's blouse off her shoulders to expose the fine 

white lace brassiere she had been given by her lover just a few days 

before. "Let me feel the quality of the lace," murmured Mariana as she 

cupped one of Sarah's large lace-covered breasts. She could feel the 

nipple begin to harden through the brassiere and Sarah's breathing deepen. 

Mariana caressed the protruding nipple and the swelling aureola through 

the fabric, enjoying the range of involuntary reactions of Sarah. Sarah in 

turn reached for Mariana's bosom, cupping it similarly in her right hand and 

discovering Mariana's erect nipple beneath the black lace. 

Mariana moved forward and placed her other arm around Sarah, drawing 

her closer. Rather than pulling away as Mariana had expected, Sarah put 

her arm around Mariana and moved so that their opposite breasts were 

pressed against each other, while their hands still held one each of their 

bosoms. Sarah leant her head forward and closed her eyes. Mariana was 

aroused by the sight of this beautiful creature who was submitting to her 

caresses, waiting to be kissed on her red mouth. Mariana kissed Sarah full 

on the lips and then gently insinuated her tongue into Sarah's mouth. Sarah 

responded by slowly moving her own tongue into a slow erotic waltz with 

Mariana's. Mariana could feel her sex becoming moist with excitement and 

the thought of Sarah's sex reacting similarly titillated her further. 

Mariana managed to remove most of her clothing as they kissed, and 

Sarah did likewise. Mariana saw that Sarah was still wearing her brassiere, 

and was thrilled to see she was also wearing a pair of white suspenders 

and a matching suspender belt with her white silk stockings. Mariana 

reached around Sarah to unfasten her brassiere but found no clips. Her 

hands returned to the front of Sarah 's firm bosom to find the front clasp 

between Sarah's breasts. She opened this and Sarah's beautiful full 

breasts swung free, to Mariana's delight. Cupping one round, naked breast 

in one hand, she put her mouth to the other and savoured the sensation of 

devouring such beauty. As Sarah moaned in pleasure, Mariana moved her 

tongue over Sarah's breast, licking first the erect nipple, then the dark 

aureola around it, and then darting to the underside of the breast to the 

place where it met Sarah's body. Sarah was surprised to discover that 

sensitivity to the erotic touch extended all over her breast, not just at her 

nipple. Nevertheless, her hands guided Mariana's head back to her swollen 

nipple which Mariana sucked at happily for several minutes. Meanwhile, 

Mariana's left hand snaked down Sarah's body and along her smooth silk-

sheathed left thigh. Her hand moved back up again, up towards Sarah's 

sex and the lace panties which covered them. Pulling them to one side, 

she felt the tangle of Sarah's pubic hair and the damp heat below it. 

Mariana pushed Sarah back on the couch until Sarah was lying on her 

back and continued licking her left breast as one of her own bosoms was 

crushed against Sarah's mons veneris. 

Suddenly Sarah sat up with an excited look on her face as if she had been 

possessed of an exceedingly lewd idea which intoxicated her greatly. She 

turned Mariana around so she was facing in the opposite direction and then 

forced Mariana's torso forward so she was on all fours on the couch with 

her rump towards Sarah. Sarah saw the damp patch at the crotch in 

Mariana's panties and smiled to herself as she caressed Mariana's sex 

through her wet knickers. Mariana's moans of response inflamed Sarah 

more and she spread her legs and ground her sex against the rough fabric 

of the couch in an attempt to satisfy herself. 

Sarah pulled Mariana's knickers down to reveal a sex whose inner lips 

glistened with moisture, above which, in the cleft between her buttocks 

was Mariana's small puckered rear opening. Sarah pressed her fingers of 

each hand against the lips of Mariana's sex and pulled them apart to 

expose the inner parts which were slick with Mariana's juices. Sarah 

sighed lovingly as she prised Mariana's lips apart and gently began 

inserting a finger into the open sex. Mariana uttered yet a longer moan at 

this, and Sarah s head was so close that Mariana could feel her breath on 

her sex and on the cheeks of her firm round buttocks. 

Encouraged by Mariana's moans, Sarah continued her exploration of 

Mariana's sex with her fingers as she started licking the cheeks of 

Mariana's backside and giving them occaisonal small bites to which 

Mariana responded with cries of delight. Sarah's tongue roamed into the 

cleft between Mariana's buttocks. Mariana moved her pelvis back and forth 

with this new assault as Sarah's tongue finally found her small hole. 

Mariana shuddered in ecstacy as Sarah ran her tongue around her rear 

opening, darting sometimes quickly in and out of the small hole as Sarah's 

fingers kept up their attack on Mariana's wet centre.

Sarah stopped suddenly and pulled Mariana up till she was kneeling on the 

couch, facing toward the back. She lifted one of Mariana's knees up onto 

the back of the couch to expose her sex. Next she sat facing forward and 

slowly leaned backwards until her face lay just below Mariana's open sex. 

As Sarah brought her body just that little bit closer, Mariana reached down 

to her sex and pulled one of its lips to the side in anticipation of Sarah's 

ministrations. Sarah brushed Mariana's hand away and held onto Mariana's 

hips to steady herself. 

Pulling herself upwards, she moved her face to the quivering quim and 

passionately kissed the lips of Mariana's sex as one would kiss a mouth, 

first chastely with her lips closed and then with them open, her tongue 

seeking the deepest recesses of the sex. The first contact with the lips of 

Mariana's sex was like an electric shock, as if she had put her tongue to 

the terminals of a battery. Her own saliva and Mariana's liquid excitement 

served to smear her face with wetness which began trickling down her 

chin. Sarah's own arousal increased at the thought of what she was doing 

to this beautiful woman. Mariana was at this stage being driven almost wild 

with the attentions being given to the interior of her sex by Sarah, and she 

moved her hips in a circular motion, even as Sarah thrust her tongue still 

deeper. Sarah eagerly drank the juices which poured from Mariana's sex 

and inhaled deeply through her nose to savour the other woman's dark 


She ran her tongue up along the inside of Mariana's lips until she reached 

her erect clitoris. When she flicked it once with her tongue, Mariana let out 

a shriek of pleasure. She flicked it again, and again Mariana shrieked. 

Sarah used her fingers to spread the lips  of the sex wider and covered the 

small, hard protuberance with the soft, wet lips of her own mouth. She 

began sucking gently on it, and this made Mariana writhe almost 

uncontrollably with pleasure. As Sarah continued sucking on her clitoris, 

Mariana began shrieking wildly and bucking her hips as if to escape the 

caresses of Sarah s hot mouth. This only served to further encourage 

Sarah, who renewed her assault on the interior of Mariana's sex, using the 

fingers of her right hand this time instead of her tongue. Sarah's left hand, 

which she had been using to support herself on Mariana's firm buttock, 

now was freed to explore, and she ran her fingers along the cleft. This 

produced further audible results in Mariana, so Sarah let her fingers toy 

with Mariana s asshole. 

Mariana's shrieks began to increase in frequency, and Sarah realized her 

peak must be approaching. In order to hasten it, she increased the rate at 

which she sucked Mariana's clitoris and worried her two orifices. The liquid 

from Mariana's sex began pouring into Sarah's mouth more rapidly than it 

had before, and Sarah drank it down with equal thirst. Mariana's shrieks 

reached a fever pitch and it was all Sarah could do to hang on to the wildly 

gyrating pelvis that threatened to break her lips' hold on Mariana's clitoris. 

Mariana's body suddenly went all stiff, then she let out a series of screams 

which did not abate for what seemed like several minutes. During this time, 

Sarah kept up her ministrations without cease as Mariana's orgasm 

continued unabated. 

When finally Mariana's body came to a slow, shuddering halt, Sarah gave 

the sex a last tender kiss and drew herself up to look into Mariana's eyes. 

To her surprise, Mariana was sobbing quietly. Sarah put her arms around 

her girlfriend and kissed her on the cheek to comfort her. "I'm crying 

because I'm so happy," smiled Mariana through her tears, and then began 

sobbing again. When she stopped, she looked at Sarah then kissed her 

lips. Tasting her own juices on Sarah's mouth, she opened her lips and 

thrust her tongue deep into Sarah's mouth, seeking with her tongue any 

juices that were left inside. Sarah responded with equal fervour and felt 

Mariana licking the wetness off her cheeks and then chasing the last drops 

that were trickling down her chin. They continued kissing each other for 

some time as they gently caressed each other's soft breasts and faces. 

Some time passed like this as they covered themselves in a cocoon of 

feminine tenderness.

Mariana ran her fingers through her friend's hair, smoothing away the 

dampness which was the product of her own excitement. She bent lower to 

browse tenderly at Sarah's warm bosom, playing gently with the nipples 

which slowly began to re-harden. Meanwhile, her right hand caressed 

Sarah's smooth, flat belly and soft, down-covered legs, not stopping until it 

reached the tuft of carefully-trimmed black hair at the junction of her legs. 

The dewy drops of moisture betrayed Sarah's state of mind, for she had 

been quiet to this point. Sarah drew her breath in sharply as Mariana 

reached the hair that surmounted her sex. Mariana murmured something in 

her ear which Sarah did not catch, but soon forgot this as she felt 

Mariana's fingers part her sex and the room's slow-moving air cool her wet 

centre. Mariana pushed her finger deep inside Sarah and pulled it out, 

glistening with lubrication. She looked deep into Sarah's eyes and slowly 

licked the finger that she had just withdrawn. Sarah flushed in anticipation. 

Mariana plunged her finger into the sex again, but when she withdrew it this 

time she placed it in Sarah's mouth, who sucked the finger eagerly, tasting 

her own juices for the first time. Mariana then kissed her on the mouth and 

commingled the moisture from both of their sexes and mouths. 

Mariana bent her head forward and brushed her lips over Sarah's stomach. 

She pushed her tongue inside Sarah's navel and sensed the heat that lay 

within her body. The hot, wet tongue poking into her navel tickled Sarah 

and she giggled and squirmed at the feeling. Her response provoked a 

heightened amorous passion in her new lover, who hungrily licked her way 

towards the dark patch of hair between Sarah's legs. Her tongue explored 

the trimmed triangular thatch that covered Sarah's sex before descending 

lower, where between the silky thighs, her tongue gently parted first the 

fringing hair and then Sarah's soft, pink nether lips. Mariana's tongue softly 

probed deeper into Sarah's dark, wet interior as her attentions were 

rewarded with moans and whimpers of pleasure. Sarah began slowly 

rotating her pelvis in response to Mariana's explorations inside her. Highly 

aroused herself by the musky aroma of Sarah's sex, Mariana lapped up the 

juices that flowed from within her friend as though the wine had done 

nothing to quench her thirst. Her hands crept around and beneath Sarah's 

body where they took hold of Sarah's lovely buttocks and pushed them up, 

raising the sex closer to Mariana's mouth and providing easier access to 

its delights. The moans that were coming from Sarah grew steadily louder 

and she began to buck her hips as she became more excited. 

When Mariana shifted the attention of her tongue to the other girl's erect 

clitoris, Sarah suddenly clamped her legs around Mariana's head as if to 

restrain her. Knowing she was nearing her peak, Mariana pressed on, 

flicking her tongue against Sarah's little bud even faster. Sarah began 

whimpering in an excess of pleasure, pleading with her friend to stop, 

saying that her loving attentions were too much to bear. Since Mariana's 

ears were covered by Sarah's thighs, she was unable to hear and actually 

started sucking the clitoris as well as licking it. Sarah screamed in ecstasy 

at this and her body shuddered deeply. Mariana thought that signified 

Sarah's orgasm, but continued making love to the girl's sex. In fact, 

Sarah's scream was merely a prelude to a scream that rent the air. Sarah's 

body went stiff with extreme pleasure and this was followed by shuddering 

that lasted a full minute. During this time, Mariana did not cease licking the 

climaxing girl's sex. Finally, Sarah's body suddenly relaxed and her thighs, 

now weakened by her powerful orgasm, fell apart, releasing Mariana's 

head. Mariana licked the last drops of moisture from the nether lips of 

Sarah's sex and then raised her head from between Sarah's legs. She drew 

herself up so she was level with Sarah and gave her a very wet kiss on the 

mouth, her own lips still moist from Sarah's lubrication. Sarah, sated, 

smiled lovingly and hugged Mariana tightly. When they released each 

other, they began languidly caressing each other as time moved slowly on 

and the burning sun fell lower in the sky outside. 



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