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Archive-name: Samesex/hospital.txt

Archive-author: J.D.

Archive-title: In hospital

         Hello friends and fellow bbs addicts!

         I  never  thought that I would be so happy to make my fingers ache

    at the keyboard, but after my recent trip to Ca., I will probably  type

    until I drop.

         I was in Santa Cruz when the quake hit and got a broken leg and  a

    slight  concussion  and have been in hospital for longer than I care to

    be.  Having travelled much of my life and had my own way, it  was  very

    difficult to be 'tied' to the bed for such a long time.

         I remember {hazily} the rescue squad coming in and dragging Sherry

    and  me  out  of the building {after covering us with blankets} through

    the window.  I must have been in shock or something because  it  struck

    me as hilarious that we were on the first floor.  {Before the quake, we

    were  on  the  third  floor.}  Sherry fared better than I, only getting

    minor contusions, and visited me daily.  I suppose we can make rude and

    offensive comments about it now, but it was quite scary for  the  first


         I  hate  being out of communications with people and apologize for

    not having Sherry pass along a message, but I refuse to share my access

    codes with anyone.  Also, Sherry leaves a lot  to  be  desired  in  the

    typing department; her talents lie elsewhere.  I have had a LOT of time

    to  remember  some  of the significant events in my life and will start

    writing them down as soon  as  I  wade  through  the  month  or  so  of

    unfinished  business.   Hopefully, my hospital experience will tide you

    over until I can upload something more interesting.

         About  the third  week in hospital,  Sherry came  to visit and  we

    decided  that the hospital was one location that we hadn't experimented

    with sexually.  My roommate had been discharged earlier in the  day  {a

    woman  I  can  only  describe  as  a shrew.  I'm not surprised that her

    husband rarely visited her} and we had the room to  ourselves.   I  can

    assure  you  that sex in traction is not my favorite, but I let my mind

    play on my bondage fantasies and Sherry was  quite  accomodating  about

    playing the mistress although our roles are usually the reverse.

         After a few minutes chastising me for being careless, she promised

    to  make me beg to come.  She started by fluffing my pillows to make me

    as comfortable as possible {a little out of the character} and proceded

    to lift my johnny until my finer assets were completely exposed.   Then

    she teased me by slowly caressing all but the important parts.  After a

    few  minutes, I was ready for some serious sex and begged her to either

    finger-fuck or eat me.  Sherry was plesant enough to do both,  starting

    slowly to lick my lips and clit until I was wet enough for penetration.

    After  inserting  a  finger and beginning a slow in and out motion, she

    took my clit in her lips and started licking it at the  same  speed  as

    her  finger  motions.  I couldn't help but moan as she slowly increased

    her speed.  It was very erotic to know that anyone  could  walk  around

    the  curtain  without  any  advance  notice  and that helped me to come

    several times.  Sherry had unbuttoned her blouse and was presenting one

    of her glorious tits, when we were interrupted by a candy striper.  She

    was obviously as embarrassed as we were and mentioned that  they  could

    hear me at the nurses' station and weren't sure why I had been moaning.

         The  teenager  then  stated  that  she  had  been  intrigued by my

    baldness and wasn't sure {until now} why I shaved.  Although Sherry and

    I tried to convince her that she should join us, she was not sure  that

    she was ready for girl-girl sex, although she was willing to admit that

    it turned her on.  After a few more minutes conversation, Sherry's hand

    in  my  crotch  the entire time, Tammy went to let the nurses know that

    there was no problem and that she would help bathe  me,  she  returned.

    By  now,  I was trying to position myself to play with Sherry and still

    keep her boob in my mouth, while she kept alternating between one,  two

    and three fingers in my cunt.  Tammy removed her panties and sat in one

    of  the chairs, lifting her leg over the arm.  Although she wasnt' sure

    about the joys of lesbian sex, she certainly had no qualms about either

    voyeurism or masturbation.  I was not in a position  to  see  her,  but

    from  her  moans,  I  could tell that she was enjoying herself with her

    fingers as Sherry and I came.

         Sherry then moved to put her head between  my  legs  and  suck  my

    pussy  in earnest and I could see Tammy, rapidly fingering her clit and

    trying to stiffle her moans.  Her hospital attire had now risen to  her

    waist  and I could see the light fluffy hair around her cunt.  I wished

    that she would have joined us, but I'm not sure at this  point  whether

    or  not she was 'legal'.  The combination of Sherry's mouth and Tammy's

    fingers caused me to come again and again, and I had to cover my  mouth

    with  the  covers  lest we encourage more intruders.  In my mind, I can

    still see the sparkles made by the bed lights running across her  pussy

    juices as she became wetter and wetter.

         I  finally  pushed Sherry's hands away, something I would never do

    had I not tired easily from my lack of activity, Tammy was  pulling  up

    her  panties  and  rearranging her gown.  I told her that I enjoyed her

    self-help routine and would appreciate a visit whenever  she  felt  the

    urge.   She  came  to  the  side  of  the  bed  and we talked about how

    different it was with Sherry and I as opposed to the boys she had dated

    and I explained the reasons for the  difference.   {OPINION:   Sex  for

    women  is  an  adjunct  to  emotions  whereas  for  men, it is a purely

    physical act.}  After seeing Sherry and me  in  action,  Tammy  decided

    that she would probably have to try our style at some point, but didn't

    think it would be her preference.  Also, she had enough professionalism

    to realize that sex with a patient was not the best of situations.

         Unfortunately,  Tammy never repeated her performance, although she

    visited frequently and had many questions for me.  I intended  to  kiss

    and  hug her when I was released, in hopes of establishing some contact

    after, but she was nowhere to be seen when I left.

         As I mentioned earlier, I spent a lot of time reminiscing about my

    life {sex is certainly a big part of it} and will try to upload more of

    my experiences soon.  I guess the most interesting story was  one  that

    Sherry mentioned.  I had forgotten all about running into some druggies

    in  the  mountains  and  having  to  fuck our way to freedom, but that'

    another story.

         J. D.


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