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Archive-name: Samesex/heart1.txt

Archive-author: Heather Dawson

Archive-title: Lessons from the Heart


            COPYRIGHT (C)  1990   -   By Heather  Dawson   -  All rights

            reserved except  as provided for herewith: This document MAY

            BE freely  reproduced, or  transmitted by  any form  or  any

            means, electronic  or  mechanical,  including  photocopying,

            recording, or  information storage  and  retrieval  systems,

            electronic bulletin  board systems,  or magnetic  media,  or

            other means deemed suitable, providing it is not modified in

            part or whole nor sold, or combined with other products sold

            commercially, without  the express written permission of the


            Kimber is a very sexy and sensual lady who turned peoples

            heads wherever she happened to go.  She was of average

            height, about 5'4" and weighed a slender 112.  Her skin was

            snow white fair and there is not a blemish to be found.  She

            had very long, curly hair that was deep auburn in color, and

            eyes that were as brown as mahogany.  Her body exuded

            sexuality with it's smallish, b-cup breasts and pert, deep

            red nipples.  Her vagina was dainty and tender, hidden under

            a bush of deep brown hair.

            You are probably wanting to know why, or how, I know so much

            about Kimber and her personal assets.   Maybe my story will

            fill you in on all of the details.

            I lived in a small college town while I was attending school

            in South Georgia.  I had my own apartment just on the

            outskirts of town, but the high cost of living alone was

            beginning to pile up around me.  I decided to get a roommate

            so I ran an ad in the local paper.  I was looking for

            someone who was very compatible with me.  I'd had  my share

            of living with people who were not really of the highest

            quality, so I wasn't about to just let anyone into my overly

            expensive, but humble home.  Several people called and

            inquired about the extra room, but none really sparked any

            interest in my mind....that is, until Kimber called.

            She was very warm and open, her honesty and sincerity

            genuinely impressed me.  She was from a very tiny town about

            20 or so miles away from school, so her living arrangements

            weren't working out at all.  We chatted about this and that

            for quite awhile.  I could tell immediately that it would

            work out for her to move in.  I told her that she could come

            on by and check the place out, she agreed and said that she

            would be coming over later that evening.  Before we hung up

            I told her that if she liked she could bring her stuff with

            her.  I explained that I was really impressed with her and

            as far as I was concerned, she had the room.  She shyly

            agreed and told me that she felt the same about me.  We

            ended our conversation and agreed that if she liked the

            apartment and wanted to stay, she could, if not, she could

            stay temporarily so that she was closer to school and could

            continue to search for another place.

            Later that evening she arrived with all of her things, she

            didn't have alot so it didn't take long to help her get all

            of it out of her car.  She really liked that apartment and

            thought that she would be very happy there.....I agreed.  I

            helped her get set up in her room and we were not surprised

            that we hit it off so well from the start.  We were close in

            age so it was normal that we had very similar interests.

            She was absolutely stunning, her appearance was soft and

            very fragile.  She was just the sort of person I had

            expected, when I met her face to face it only solidified the

            feelings I'd already had about her.  Her honesty, sincerity,

            and openness were apparent in her face and mannerisms.

            Kimber was two years older than I was, she was 21 and I had

            just turned 19.  We sat up all night talking about what I

            could expect from my sophomore and junior years in college.

            She shared from her own experience and didn't cloud it with

            the usual rigidness that you got from some of the other

            students.  Usually when I asked what to expect in the next

            years of school, the answers were given from a very

            condescending, authoritative point of view.  She wasn't like

            that at all, she shot me straight on everything.  I found

            myself becoming very attached to her, I loved the way she

            spoke with her hands.  She was cultured and very feminine,

            attributes I hadn't refined in myself.  I felt like I was

            with my sister, she had died years before in an accident.

            Kimber brought back those memories of having someone to turn

            to, to confide in, and to learn from.  I was somewhat

            hesitant about getting close to people after my sisters

            death, especially women.  They always seemed to be so cold,

            callous, and somewhat lacking lifes true beauty and

            love.....Kimber wasn't like that at all.

            We talked up into the early hours of the morning, laughing

            and reminiscing about our experiences. We shared our pain

            and pleasures.  I talked to her about my sister, and what

            her death had done to me.  I told her all about our

            relationship and the closeness we shared.  Kimber laughed

            with me as I talked about our good times, and wept with me

            as I told her about the loss and pain I had suffered as a

            result of her being killed.  I was really enjoying getting

            to know her.  I continually found it easier to open up to

            her, she received every detail of my own life as if she had

            been there.  She really listened to me, my lost loves, my

            sad times, my pains and pleasures.  It had been a long time

            since I had opened up to anyone, and I was still a little

            guarded about doing so.  We decided that it would be useless

            for us to go to bed since it was already 7:30am, so we

            decided that we could do a good housecleaning to celebrate

            our new friendship.

            We both got up and went into our shared bathroom.  The

            apartment was small so we would both be using the same

            bathroom, it didn't mind to bother her a bit.  I was modest

            and had never really had any female friends, so I wasn't

            sure what I thought about sharing a bathroom quite yet.  All

            throughout our togetherness, I found that Kimber was really

            interested in what I had to say.  She seemed to be able to

            open me up and help me get the "real me" out into the open.

            I stood, brushing my hair at the mirror, when I saw her

            begin to undress for a shower.  I felt a little insecure, it

            was so easy for her to talk and be open, I on the other hand

            was somewhat timid and shy.  I couldn't help looking at her

            reflection in the mirror.  Her body was beautiful, soft and

            sensual.  It's lines met to compose perfect composition and

            was toned just enough to create a elegant shape that easily

            pleased the eye.

            I think that she felt that her nakedness made me feel a

            little uncomfortable, she quickly and easily strummed up a

            conversation that had us both laughing and giggling.  She

            was busily talking as I watched her remove the cotton

            panties that she was wearing.  I couldn't help but to look

            at her vagina, it had been so long since I had seen a female

            in the buff.  The last was my sister the night of my

            accident.  Her pubic hairs were shaved into a perfect heart-

            shape that both delighted and excited me.  I thought that it

            looked absolutely wonderful!

            I had never before, in any relationship with a girl, had any

            bisexual tendencies.  I had never been able to get close

            enough to anyone to even develop a close friendship.  I was

            feeling something new, something that I had never known

            could happen to me.  I wasn't at all surprised at the notion

            that I could admire Kimber's beauty, after all, I saw lots

            of pretty girls at school every day.  But what was unusual

            to me was that I could also admire a beauty within.

            Something that lovers or best friends know.  It did surprise

            me however, surprised me that I felt perfectly natural about

            feeling Kimber's energy and experiencing a true, although

            new, friendship.  It had been a very long time since I had

            allowed anyone to get close to me, or since I had tried to

            make any friends.

            I turned towards her and embarrassingly asked how she had

            done that so perfectly.  I told her that it looked very,

            very sexy and that I wouldn't mind having mine shaved in the

            same fashion.  I completely blew myself away, I would have

            never thought that I could look a woman in the eye and say

            that she had a pretty pussy!  I thought that her heart was a

            very special thing, something that made her feel good and

            sensual.  I thought and said shyly that I would consider

            having mine shaved in the same fashion.  I asked her to tell

            me how to do it so the if I did decide to shave myself, I

            could get the same perfect results she had.

            She smiled a sweet smile and assured me that I didn't have

            to be embarrassed or feel insecure about asking her.  She

            had picked up easily on my fear of what she might think

            about me being so forward.  Kimber began to explain the

            detailed process.  She told me in careful detail about

            drawing the shape, exactly how and where to shave, and of

            course, the continual upkeep that was necessary.  I was

            amazed at how such a thing could be so complex, but

            everything she said made perfect sense.  It wasn't easy to

            explain, I could tell it was difficult for her to put it all

            into words.   Finally, in total frustration, she threw her

            hands high in the air, laughed out loud, and told me that it

            was really something that she could show me alot easier than

            tell me about.  She asked if I wanted her to shave me and if

            so, what kind of shape would I like to have.  I thought

            briefly and decided that it was about time that my life had

            some kind of excitement in it.  After all, studying for an

            astro physics exam was the height of most of my weekends.  I

            looked again at her very pretty vagina, saw the glorious

            figure an blurted out a loud yes...I want it!  We both broke

            into sudden laughter, she knew this was a "coming out

            experience" for me.  She said that she thought that it would

            do me alot of good to have something special to look at in

            the shower rather than the same old pubic hair poking out


            She told me about her boyfriend and how he had encouraged

            her to do it.  She said that it really did wonders for their

            love life, but since they had broken up, nobody had seen it

            in awhile.  I was wondering how I could ask her how she felt

            about doing it for me...but couldn't think of a way without

            really sounding stupid.  I also wondered what she felt about

            being together naked, doing such a thing.

            We talked about sizes and shapes for the heart and finally

            decided on a very rounded heart that had definite form and

            shape, just as hers did.  We thought it best that the point

            of the heart began at the point just below where my vaginal

            lips began to part, therefore my shaven clitoris area would

            highlight the image.  Kimber retrieved a fresh razor, some

            shaving cream, and an eyeliner.  I undressed and we got in

            the shower together.  It was obvious that this was a new

            experience for the both of us.  That reassured me a bit, I

            didn't want her to feel my uneasiness, but I also wasn't

            sure what she was thinking.  We were both a little awkward

            for a few minutes while we let the water wet us down.  But

            before long, it was just like something very average and

            very natural.  We were both experiencing the others

            sexuality and it felt good to be that close and not be all

            nervous and shaky.

            I felt a warmth begin to grow between my legs as Kimber

            knelt before me.  We were both silent as she carefully drew

            the heart with the eyeliner, through my pubic hair, onto my

            skin.  It took her a couple of minutes and she was going

            very slowly.  I felt myself becoming more and more relaxed

            as she was doing her detailed work on my vagina.  She leaned

            back and admired her artistry as I watched the droplets from

            the shower head stream down her back.  She stood up and

            asked me how I liked it, she looked earthy as the water was

            dripping from her hair and face, she had a very natural

            look, and the water only emphasized that.  I bent over to

            get a better look and told her that the drawn line was

            absolutely stupendous.  We both smiled happily at each other

            and giggled quite a bit.

            I watched her fill her hand with the shaving cream as the

            menthol aroma rose and encircled me.  I then felt her hand

            reach between my legs, the warmth sent sensations throughout

            my body, soothing any  remaining nervousness that I had.

            Kimber began to spread the cream all around my vagina,

            allowing, at times, her fingertips to massage against my

            clitoris.  I felt some of my juices ooze forth onto her

            hand.  I was becoming very aroused as the whole experienced

            continued.  I could tell she was also beginning to enjoy the

            encounter we were having.

            Kimber took the razor in her hand and began to trace the

            lines of the eyeliner pencil that were barley visible

            through the shaving cream.  I watched as each hair it

            touched was removed from my skin, giving me a sense of

            confidence that the end result would be glorious.  I had to

            bend over a bit so that she could shave over my lips, so my

            legs were spread apart and she had a very good view.  I

            glanced down at her breasts, the sight of her deep red

            nipples becoming already firm brought my own nipples to full

            erection. I felt myself slipping deeper and deeper into

            ecstasy.  And I saw her begin to gaze deeply into my


            The warmth of her hand, the coolness of the shaving cream,

            and the sharp edge of the razor caused sensations that

            allowed me to let out a whispery sigh.  I looked once more

            as Kimber was spreading my lips apart as she was shaving

            their inner walls, her hands were shaky and I knew, she

            also, was very aroused.  I watched as the last of my pubic

            hair came off, she again leaned back to admire her work.

            She looked up at me with a knowing and sensuous smile and

            asked how I liked it.  I bent, looked, and there before me,

            on my own body, was an exact copy of the shape she had her

            hairs shaved into.  It was the most glorious thing I had

            every seen in my own 19 years, and I told her so.

            She agreed and stood up to face me, she put her things down

            and asked if I would like her to lather my back and legs.

            We were both aware of where this whole episode was leading

            and we both seemed to want to go there.  I smiled and nodded

            yes to her, I wanted to feel her hands on my body again.

            She turned me slowly so that my back was to her.  I was

            anticipating her next move and luxuriating in my own

            pleasures.  She took the soap and rubbed a generous amount

            into her hands.  She started at the base of my ankles and

            lathered her way up to my inner thighs.  I had never felt

            such a pleasure as that before. Feeling the warm water

            caress my skin while she cleaned my body made me feel

            refreshed and whole.  I moaned and sighed in agreement with

            her motions, and she did the same.  She continued in

            silence, washing and massaging my body.  It was the most

            relaxing and soothing thing that had ever been done to me!

            After what seemed like a very long time, she turned me to

            face her again.  We looked at each other with warmth and the

            love that only two women can share.  She put her arms around

            me and placed them on my wet behind.  She pulled us together

            and we embraced.  Our hot, soapy bodies pressed against each

            other created ripples of ecstasy that ran through us

            simultaneously.  I felt drops of my cum roll down the inside

            of my thighs as I put my hand onto the side of one of her

            breasts.  The electricity was extraordinary, my feelings had

            never before been so beautifully expressed through touch.  I

            caressed the skin as she let her eyes close and let out a

            very low, deep moan.  Our vaginas were right at each other

            and I could feel her heat on me, as she could also feel


            Kimber took her hand and placed it between my legs, she let

            her fingers probe the area of my vagina with tenderness and

            care.  I began to move against her motions as my pleasure

            heightened.  I also moved my hand down between her legs and

            inserted two fingers in her vagina.  It was very hot and

            very creamy.  We both began to move our fingers in and out

            of each other, slowly at first, but soon our pace quickened.

            The newness of our experience continued to carry us through

            wave after wave of deep penetrating emotions, that were

            giving and receiving in the same turn .

            There we were, connected as on.  Each masturbating the other

            to an orgasm the we both knew was very near.  We were both

            pumping our fingers into the other, probing deeper with each

            dive.  We were moaning and breathing heavily with each

            stroke and plunge from the other.  We were savoring our

            newfound horizon and friendship.  Never before had either of

            us done or thought about anything like this before.  We were

            wrapped up in the pure, raw, and all encompassing feeling of

            total unbridled pleasure, and it's effect was astounding.

            I felt that I was very close to orgasm, and Kimber, also was

            close.  Our pressure was steadily building and we were each

            about to explode!  Finally, the time came.  We looked

            tenderly at each other and again let our eyes close.  We

            felt the other contract their muscles and let the juices

            flow freely.  I felt Kimber's cum pour down onto me, like a

            river, filling my hand.  Mine also gushed forth coating her

            fingers and hand.  The sweet smell of our juices surrounded

            us in an aroma of pleasure and we again embraced lovingly.

            After a moment of recovery, we got out of the shower, I

            admired my newly shaven vagina in the mirror while Kimber

            licked and sucked my breasts, only to encourage me to love

            her body some more.  We then went off to the same bed and

            spent the remainder of the weekend making love and exploring

            each other on a very deep, personal level.

            We had discovered something that night, we had experienced

            something new to the both of us.  By allowing our

            inhibitions to leave us, and to let true feelings come

            through, we, as two people, could easily express love for

            the other through what simply felt good.  That was an

            important lesson for me, and one I had needed to learn for a

            long time.

            We continued to lived and loved together for two more years

            before she graduated....soon after that she married a mutual

            friend of ours.  I haven't seen Kimber in over four years,

            she moved oversees with her new family, but maybe I'll run

            into her some day.  My husband, whom I also married shortly

            after graduation, loves the heart I wear below my cotton

            panties.  I still keep a pair of small scissors handy to

            clip any out-of-place hairs, and my heart shaped vagina is

            still as glorious as it was on that unforgettable day!

            I smile to myself now as I recall those times.  We learned

            together, how to live and love unconditionally, how to give

            and receive with kindness, respect, and sincerity, and that

            we could be free enough to express ourselves through love

            and friendship.

            Those lessons...I will never forget!


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