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Archive-title: Gym, The



       It was Friday evening, the end of a thoroughly shitty

week.  Travis had had to work late to get some stupid report done

that his boss wanted first thing Monday morning.  This pissed him

off, since Travis was in the habit of working out after work on

Fridays - to get into shape for the week end - and he was afraid

the gym would be closed by the time he got there.  As it hap-

pened, Travis finally finished his work about eight, the gym

closed at nine, so Travis figured he still had time for at least

part of his routine.


       By the time Travis arrived at the gym it was twenty past

eight, there were just a few sweaty guys still there. Most in-

structors had left, leaving Joe to close up.  Since he was the

youngest of the gym's staff, Joe usually got this detail when

things were slow. Travis went directly to the locker room to

change, avoiding looking at Joe.  Travis knew Joe would be a

little pissed at somebody coming in this late, but hoped he

wouldn't say anything about it.  Joe didn't.  Travis got into his

sweat pants quickly, not bothering with a shirt or a jock, and

got right down to his workout routine.  Recently Travis had been

concentrating on reps for definition, so each routine took a

little while.  Travis was concentrating on his third set of

situps on the incline board when he noticed Joe was standing by

his shoulder watching him closely.


       "You've got a nice set of ab's there," Joe said.


       Travis said "Thanks," and kept on with his situps.


       Although Joe was a bit shorter than Travis, about 5'10",

Joe had a great looking tight, muscular body; he had won several

local bodybuilding contests.  He had light brown curly hair, blue

eyes, a fair skin and usually wore a smile even when there wasn't

anything to smile about.  Although Joe had a hard, muscular body,

he moved with a dancer's fluidity.  Travis knew many of the guys

in the gym had tried to get friendly with Joe in the past, but he

always seemed a little distant when it came to getting personal.

Joe was usually driven to work at the gym by a nice looking dark

haired girl about his age, so most assumed he was straight.


       "Here, let me help you keep your knees down," Joe said as

he straddled the board and sat across Travis' knees, "It works

your ab's better this way."

       Joe's ass felt firm and tight on Travis' legs as he sat on

them.  Travis couldn't help noticing that Joe had no jock on

either, and Travis could see the outline of Joe's big cock under

his sweat pants as he spread his legs to straddle the board.  Joe

put his hand on Travis' ab's as he continued to do situps, "to

tighten the muscles." As Joe removed his hand it just slid over

the tip of Travis' cock.  Travis resisted thinking about the

sensation, for fear of embarrassing himself.


       It was not until after Travis had finished his situps that

he noticed it was well after nine, and all the other guys had

left the gym.  Joe and Travis were alone.  Travis quickly fin-

ished a few perfunctory bench presses, then went to the locker

room for a shower.  Joe started to turn out the lights, locked

the main door and started to go over the books at the main desk.


       The shower room had three showers against the back wall,

and two at the side.  Travis chose the middle shower, facing the

door.  As he started to soap up, Joe came into the locker room

and started to strip.  Joe's ab's tensed as he stripped off his

shirt.  Travis noticed that Joe did not have an ounce of fat on

him.  He showed a pretty impressive pair of lats as he leaned

over to take off his shoes.  He had a broad, smooth chest and a

great pair of well defined, squarish pecs, set off by a pair of

tight erect nipples.  Just the kind of chest Travis had been

trying to make for himself.  When the sweat pants came off,

Travis got a good view of a tight, muscular pair of buns, and an

impressive uncut cock that must have been at least 8" even limp.

Travis wondered what it looked like when it was hard.


       Joe stepped into the shower room, selected the shower next

to Travis and started to soap his chest and arms.  His great pair

of pecs tensed and relaxed as he soaped his body.


       Then he turned to Travis and said, "Want me to soap your

back for you?"


       Travis said, "OK," turned, and continued to soap his chest

and arms.


       They stepped aside a little, so the full stream of the

shower just hit their ankles.  Joe started to rub soap into the

back of Travis' neck and shoulders. Joe had a firm, but gentle

touch, and it felt good as he massaged the soap onto Travis'

back.  He got down to the lower back with the soap and then

started to rub soap on the cheeks of Travis' ass.  He seemed to

take a little longer on this spot than on the shoulders, but

Travis didn't mind.  As a matter of fact, it felt real good to

Travis.  Joe let his finger slide into the crevice between Tra-

vis' cheeks and over his ass hole as Joe rubbed the soap in - but

just for an instant.


       Standing behind Travis, Joe started to rub soap on Travis'

flank, around to the groin, and before Travis realized it, Joe

was cupping and massaging Travis' balls in his right hand.  As he

did this, Travis could feel something touching the back of his

leg that felt for all the world like the head of a stiff cock.


       It felt really good as Joe rubbed Travis' balls, and soon

Travis started to get a little hard himself.  Then Joe took

Travis' stiffening cock in his hand and started to massage it

gently.  That did it!  Travis was hard as a rock in an instant,

and ready for more.  With his right hand Joe continued to massage

Travis' now throbbing cock while he slid his left hand around

Travis' side to his balls and started to rub them.  As he did

this Travis could feel Joe's hard cock rubbing between his legs -

there was no longer any doubt about what it was. Then Joe stepped

back a little and started to rub his cock up and down between the

cheeks of Travis' ass, while he played with Travis' tits with his

free hand.  Somehow the head of Joe's cock found its mark and

started to press against Travis' hot hole - not hard, but firmly.


       Travis was enjoying having his cock rubbed so much, Travis

he noticed when Joe gave a little shove with his cock and entered

Travis.  Joe started to slide in and out slowly.  Although Travis

couldn't see it, Joe's cock felt like it was at least a ten

incher.  Joe's meat felt great as it slid slowly in and out of

Travis' ass, and he could feel Joe's tight ab's against his back

as Joe moved. The soap on their skins made the whole thing feel

even better as they rubbed against each other.


       Just as Travis was beginning to get used to Joe's hard

cock sliding in and out, Joe started to move faster and rotate

his hips a little so his cock hit a different part of Travis'

rectum each time it went in.  As he did, Joe continued to pinch

Travis' tit with one free hand, and pump Travis' cock with the

other.  In a minute they were both feeling great.  As Joe pumped

Travis' ass, Travis could feel his cock getting bigger with each

thrust.  Travis' cock was beginning to tingle with Joe's hand

stroking it, and his balls were beginning to get sensitive. Some-

how, as Joe pumped, they migrated across the shower room, and

Travis found himself leaning on the wall with both hands while

Joe fucked his ass and stroked his cock.  The fucking quickly

became pretty intense, and they were both beginning to sweat. Each

time Joe plowed into Travis' ass it seemed to drive Travis' stiff

cock into Joe's tightening fist.  Travis was in Ecstasy!


       In a minute or two Joe began to moan quietly as he fucked,

and Travis could tell Joe was getting close to shooting his load.

Travis was getting close, himself.  Travis pushed his ass back

hard against Joe's cock and could feel Joe's balls as they

bounced.  Joe's cock began to throb inside of Travis.  It took no

more than another minute before Joe shouted "Jeeeeeeeeeeezus !"

and started to shoot his load into Travis' ass.  Travis could

feel Joe's cock spasming as Joe pumped load after load of hot cum

into Travis.  This made Travis feel so good, that he started to

cum himself.  Travis could not hold back any longer!  He shot the

his first load with such force that he could hear it splat on the

shower wall.  Joe kept pumping Travis' cock with his hand as

Travis came - five, six, seven, eight times - until there was no

more cum left in him.  Travis' cock felt so good, it almost hurt.

Joe stopped pumping, but left his cock inside for a few minutes

until it started to go limp.  Neither of them wanted to move.

Finally Joe stepped back, and his cock popped out.  Travis turned

and could see a little of Joe's cum still dripping out of his



       They stepped back into the shower, and washed off without

another word.  Joe finished showering first, and went back into

the locker room to dry off.  Travis followed a few seconds

later. After he was dry, Joe carefully laid the damp towel out on

the bench in front of his locker.  Travis went over to his own

locker, took out a towel, and started to dry off.  Joe just stood

there for a minute watching him, with one foot propped on the

bench.  He started to stroke his cock gently, and Travis noticed

Joe was beginning to get hard again.  Not being one to ignore an

opportunity, Travis started to stiffen a bit himself.  Joe turned

away, opened his locker and took out a tube of KY.  Travis moved

closer to see what Joe had in mind.  Joe straddled the bench, and

sat down on the towel with the tube of KY in his left hand.  He

reached out for Travis' cock with his right hand.

       Then, as Joe lay back on the towel, he handed the tube of

KY to Travis, lifted his legs, and said, "OK, Buddy, it's your




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