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Archive-name: Samesex/goddess1.ff

Archive-author: The Goddess

Archive-title: Goddess 1 of ???

Uh huh, back again, I just can't seem to stay away from making a

public spectacle of myself.  Sigh.  Ah well, such is life.  Once

again, more love, more romantic funny stuff that lots of women may

relate to, and hey, maybe even some men, who knows.  And again, if any

F/F sex love and friendship type stuff bothers ya, you know right

where the 'n' key is and if ya don't, read on, maybe you'll like it.

Thanks again to Tiff Saine and Jen Kilner and Mamie Kerr, inspirations

all, and thanks to all those who responded to the Intro to the series,

I hope to have them out and about in completed form.

- The Goddess

PART I OF ?????

	Incredible.  I can't believe the events of the past few days.

After 3 weeks of driving cross country, seeing amazing things and

meeting wonderful people, I have reached the other shore of the country I've

called home for my whole life.  What a rush.  And now, after days of

partying nonstop with college friends and doing the beach scene,

finally I come face to face with you.  Our eyes meet, and I feel a

tingling sensation I know well from our encounters on the computer.  I

can see the same feelings, confusion, excitement, and *awareness*,

reflected in your eyes.  Deliciously we chastely embrace, while your

parental units look on in approval.  I can feel, for the second you

are pressed against me, the firm outline of your breasts, and we both

press tightly for a moment while a delicious shiver of anticipation

runs through me and I give you a wink, knowing you know exactly what

i'm feeling.

	Dinner at your house, where your parents have invited me to

stay for a couple of days, is tense for you and I, as we try not to

stare at each other for too long.  It is difficult to concentrate on

eating when the looks between us are filled with such  honest need and

desire.  Your parents ask if I'm feeling alright, as I haven't eaten

very much.  Smiling I reply that it might be exhaustion from the last

few days and they suggest that you show me where i'm to sleep.

Grinning widely and shooting you a conspiratorial glance I say

wonderful and follow you up the stairs, getting i nice view of your bum

as i do so.

	At the top of the staircase and around the corner, out of

sight of your parents you turn around and look me right in the eye as

you run your hand down my arm.  I smile and ask where should i sleep?

With a wink you explain that your parents wanted to put me in the

guest room, but that you insisted you wanted me in your room so we

could talk, knowing how short my stay was going to be.  I consider

this a while, and you make a face and ask if i mind sleeping with

you(oops) er, in your room?  Giggling i assure you it is *fine* with

me, but i tend to talk in my sleep.  You draw close, embrace me and

whisper that you don't plan to *sleep* much especially with me in the

same room.  Involuntarily I grin and kiss your inviting lips, my

insides doing the jitterbug as you kiss back. A step on the stairs

below startles us both and, giggling, we pretend to have been looking

at the myriad of pictures on the walls as your mother begins to

explain each one.  Sighing you try to distract her by saying how tired

you think i must be and you blush bright crimson as she explains how

she was gonna have me in the guest room but you had told them i feared

sleeping alone in a strange house.  Smiling widely i wink at you as i

catch your eye and back up your tale and your mother wanders down the

hall babbling happily to herself.

	Once again i follow you, to a door which, when opened, reveals

a master bath, complete with jacuzzi, sauna, and *huge* whirlpool

bathtub.  I gasp with delight like  a child on Christmas morning.

Wow, what a place, too bad it belongs to your parents, I say.

Grinning you shake your head and explain this is *your* bathroom

alone.  You shrug and say your parents are going out tonight anyhow,

and suddenly we find ourselves locked in an embrace with tongues

exploring mouths and hands caressing breasts.  I break the kiss,

breathing heavily, and look at you searchingly, wondering if i

offended you by being so forward.  You squeeze me gently, fondly, and

say softly, with promise in your gaze, we will continue later, when

they are gone.  I say cool, but can I rest for a bit until they go?

Opening a different door we enter your bedroom which is fairly large

and tastefully decorated(the work of your parents i am sure), with two

double beds and a desk with the infamous computer sitting happily upon

it.  A kitty is curled up on the chair in front of the desk and i

smile as i remember first hearing about the kitty in your lap and the

scare it got.  You gesture to the farther of the beds, and gratefully

I stretch out on it, feeling sleep invade me like my love for you, it

pervades the air and fills my head with sweet dreams of love and lust.

The last image I see before drifting off to fantasy-laden sleep is you

standing over me, looking down with a gentle love and burning need,

that sends me straight away to lala land.

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