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Archive-name: Samesex/friend.txt


Archive-title: Friend, The

    I am 16 years old. I have a 13 year old brother. Sometimes on the weekend,

my brother invites his friends to spend the night. Sometimes they sleep in

his bedroom on the floor, and sometimes they will fall asleep in our family

room, watching TV. One particular night, a few weeks ago, I had the most

enjoyable experience of my life. My brother's friend Kevin was over. My

brother, Kevin and I were watching a movie in the family room. My brother

told Kevin that he was going up to go to sleep. Kevin said he'd be up as soon

as the movie was over. My brother left and I took the opportunity to notice

something that I hadn't noticed before. I was deeply attracted to Kevin. In

fact, my penis started to get hard just looking at him. He was pretty big

for his age, and many parts of his body were developing quickly. He was

under a quilt on the floor and decided he was hot. So, he got up and removed

his jeans. Staring at his tight ass, I realized how much I wanted him. I had

never been attracted to another guy before, but I wanted to FUCK him. I loved

the way his tight, white underwear clenched his small, round ass cheeks so I

could fully see the entire shape of his inviting ass. Then, he brought the

cover up on the couch and sat next to me. He lay down with his feet near me,

and looked as if he were about to fall asleep. I wanted to lie down too, so

I nudged him with my feet, and he moved down a bit. But the couch was not long

enough for both of us to lay down, so he left his legs along side of mine.

    When I was sure he was sleeping, I gently worked my feet underneath his

cover. I slowly stretched my legs until I could feel his smooth inner thigh

with my toes. I searched for his penis and balls with my foot. I felt it.

His legs were hot and sweaty. His balls were small and I jiggled them through

his underwear with my toes. As I curled my toes around his penis, I felt it

harden. I decided I wanted more. So I removed my feet, and turned the other

way. I placed my head next to his hips and reached under the quilt with my

hands. I found his balls again and massaged them with my fingers. He moved

in his sleep and I guessed he must have been getting aroused. I hoped he

didn't wake up before I was done. I continued to rub his penis and balls,

and wanted so much to remove his underwear and feel them in my hands.

Suddenly, he started to turn over. My hand was now pressed between his penis

and the couch. Then, he started humping my hand. Up and down, up and down.

He was still asleep, and he was mumbling something that I could not

understand. He stopped, sat up, and I quickly closed my eyes and pretended to

be asleep. He called my name. " Terry." "Terry, are you awake?" I lay still.

He then gently pressed his hand against my jeans where my throbbing cock was

aching to burst out. Kevin said, "I know you're awake." At this, I opened

my eyes and said, "Do you want something?" He responded by saying, "Yes, I

want you to rub my penis like you were before. He unbuttoned my jeans and

unzipped my fly. He dropped my pants, which I stepped out of, and lifted my

shirt. I then lifted his. We were both there in our underwear with rock-hard

dicks. It was beautiful. We embraced and our placed our tongues in each other's

mouths. The kiss was amazing. I reached down and grabbed that ass that I had

been longing for. I squeezed and rubbed while we were still kissing. He

returned the favor and took hold of my ass cheeks. He went a step further and

yanked my underwear down to reveal my big cock. He knelt in front of me and

took my cock into his mouth. He stroked my shaft with his hand and moved

his mouth back and forth along the head. I fell back onto the couch, moaning

with pleasure. He pulled me onto the floor and straddled my face. He lowered

his cock into my mouth and returned his lips to my stone penis. He humped my

face as I grabbed his ass to push his dick further into my mouth. He did

the same with me. We sucked and sucked until finally the moment was there.

We both shot our loads at the same time. I could feel the hot, thick fluid

fill my mouth and shoot into his simultaneously.


He got off of me and we both lay on the couch. Feeling his naked body against

mine was wonderful. What would my girlfriend think if she knew??! I held him

until about 5:00 in the morning, at which time I went to bed. But Kevin is

coming over tonight again. My penis is hardening at the anticipation of his

warm, wet lips surrounding it again.


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