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Archive-name: Samesex/


Archive-title: Frat Boys

I have indeed heard stories about frat boys.  But I never thought they were

true.  I never thought it was so easy.  Until this past weekend.

There's this former frat boy George whose parents bought him an AT&T fancy

wancy computer.  We had been friends for about a year when one night while

partying as frat boys of all ages always do, he said he had something on

his computer that I might be interested in.  He takes me into his room and

hands me a disk and says, Here are some pictures you might like.  So I view

with amazement the digitized gif pictures of young, hung, muscular, HOT

naked men in various stages of explicit sex.  SHWING! was my immediate


After a while I go back into the living room where he's playing cards with

the guys--all straight I had assumed. I sport a hard-on right through my

tattered construction worker college drop out computer nerd wanna be

shorts.  Though nervous I invite him to go swimming the next day.  We go

but we weren't alone. Later that night we were alone.

After hanging out a long time like horny teenagers not quite sure how to

satisfy each others needs, and being so typically drunk and stoned, we

finally did the nasty.  Though I thought this guy was straight and I liked

him as a friend anyway, I was surprised at how well he performed. He rubbed

my back, sucked my dick, and let me fuck him for a long time in at least

three different positions.  And I was convinced he was straight.

Maybe he is straight anyway and he just wanted to fool around.  Or maybe he

was so horny and so desperate and so drunk that he execised poor judgment. 

He did say that he hadn't had sex in 2 years and had never had sex with

another guy.  That certainly boosted my ego since I have never seen a

virgin behave as he did.  I also had never fucked a virgin.

One thing is certain:  He does not want to do it again.  At least not any

time soon.  I know because I asked him if he wanted to.  I just hate to

settle for a one night stand.  If I had known I would probably never have

another chance, I would not have done it in the dark

I also would not have practiced unsafe sex.  Though I would certainly do it

again without hesitation.  If he offers to show me more gif pictures, I

will know what that means.


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