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Archive-name: Samesex/


Archive-title: Another First Time

It was late fall in my senior year of high school.  Late fall in this part

of Washington (near the coast in a dingy, small logging town) meant

rain, lots of it.  I wasn't really happy.  My best friend's mother Shelly

had received a job offer taking her and Paul out of state for good.

I was really missing them both, for different reasons.  As readers

of my earlier story, A First Time for Everything, will recall, Shelly had

introduced me to love-making.  Now they'd been gone for a couple

of months and my mood was as dark as the weather.

Most of the local girls had boyfriends and those that didn't were a

little hard to date without working transportation.  I'd finally bought

a car, only to have it break down on me frequently and suck dry

my savings.  Right then, my car was the only thing that was

doing any sucking!

So, I was riding the bus a lot.  It beat wearing out the shoe-leather, at least

in the rain.

A couple of times on the bus, I'd noticed a guy I kinda knew, James.

He was a junior and pretty quiet.  One day, I decided to sit by him to

have someone to talk to on the way home.

He seemed pleasantly surprised by the attention and we talked for a while.

We talked about almost everything except girls.  Whenever I brought it

up, he changed the subject.  I didn't think anything about it, I just figured

he was shy in that regard.  His stop was before mine and he invited me

to come over.  I begged out but that seemed ok with him.

This pattern was repeated for a few days, only certain things would

change.  He started sitting a little closer to me each day.  At first I

didn't think anything of it.  I didn't mind his leg touching mine.  I really

didn't think about it.  One day, he stumbled a bit as he was getting up

and his hand ended up brushing my crotch.  It seemed perfectly

innocent, but I felt my cock jump at the touch and was afraid he did too.

That night I had erotic dreams.  Nothing was clear in them, but I do

remember James and I being naked together.  I awoke with a

painful erection and came almost instantly after touching myself.

That day I took the bus home, even though the weather was nice

enough to walk.  I was happy to see James on the bus as I boarded.

We sat together as usual.  Since it was a little warmer than usual, James

took off his coat and laid it across our laps.  We were talking about

nothing in particular when I noticed his leg pressed firmly to mine.

Without thinking much, I pressed back.  Very casually, he put one

hand under his coat, resting on his knee.  Slowly, he moved his hand

to my knee.

Was this what I wanted?  Did I really want to open up this can of worms?

Conflicting thoughts ran through my mind.  I was worried that I'd be

turned off to women, that I'd start acting effeminate.  But I couldn't

deny the attraction I felt to James just now.  I also couldn't deny

that his hand, moving slowly up my inner thigh, was getting me

seriously hard.

"James, I don't know, man.  I..." I whispered low.

"Just be cool, Mark.  spread your legs a little.  Relax, if it feels good,

do it." he replied.

At that point, I gave up.  I spread my legs a bit and felt James move his

hand higher, caressing my balls.  I practically came in my jeans right there!

"My stop's next.  Coming?" he said with a grin.

I just nodded, grabbed my coat to cover my erection and followed him

off the bus.

I followed him to a nice, clean house.  He unlocked the door.

"We've got the place to ourselves for at least 3 hours.  My mom won't

be home till then and my dad split years ago."  he licked his lips as he

looked me up and down.  I was nervous and scared still and I told him

so.  He said he was pretty sure I hadn't been with a guy before and that

we could stop any time I wanted to.  I told him that I really wanted to

go through with this, at least once, but I needed him to take charge.

He responded by putting his arms around me and pulling me close.

He looked in my eyes as he brushed my hair back from my face.  When

we kissed, it was closed mouth at first.  It seemed as if he was giving

me the chance to get used to the idea of kissing another guy.

Soon, he had opened his mouth and was licking softly.  After a bit, I opened

my mouth and let his tongue in.  It was so gentle.  I was getting so turned

on.  Soon our tongues were dancing, intertwining, moving from mouth to

mouth.  That was when I noticed the other dance we were doing, our

crotches were grinding against each other in a strange rhythm.

"Let's get some clothes off, Mark.  No, let me."

First, he took off his shirt, then mine.  Then came his shoes, I kicked mine

off.  He quickly lowered  and stepped out of his pants and underware,

revealing a substantial erection.  He then unzipped me and I stepped

out of my pants.  Finally there we were, naked except for our socks,

standing cock to cock.  He drew me back into his arms for more kisses.

With one hand, he grasped both our cocks and began jacking us

off as we kissed.

My hands weren't idle during this.  I caressed his back, pinched his

nipples (This brought a low moan in response) and kneaded his

ass cheeks.

Our kisses grew more passionate as the pace of his hand on our

cocks quickened.  I started to groan as I felt my nuts tighten.  Soon

I was spraying my load on James's belly.  That seemed to set

him off, as he unloaded a gusher on me.  We kept kissing for a while,

both still feeling hot.  After a while he took my hand and led me to

the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Without a word, he began to soap me up.  He paid special attention

to my nipples as he lathered my  chest.  Working lower he soaped up

my belly, then my pubic hair.  His hands worked magic as I began to

get hard again.  He left my cock twitching as he went to work on my back.

When he got to my ass, I bent over slightly to give him access.  I almost

came when I felt one soapy finger probe me there!

Soon it was my turn to return the treatment.  He refused to let me linger

though, rinsing us off and then drying us both off with a soft towel.

We went into his bedroom and laid down on his large bed.

For a while, we just embraced and kissed.  Then I reached down to feel

his cock.  I started to stroke it gently and play with the head, rolling around

the pre-cum that was leaking there.  I figured I'd surprise him by showing

some initiative and kissed my way down his body to his cock.  He did

seem surprised as I kissed his balls and inner thighs.  I looked up at

him as I reached out with my tongue to lick the length of his cock.

I'd never sucked a cock before, but I knew what felt good to me so

decided to try.

I took just the head in at first, swirling my tongue around it.  I was pleased

to hear James groan at that.  Then I tried to take his whole length down

my throat and didn't succeed.

"Whoa, that takes practice, Mark.  You don't have to deep-throat me.  You're

doing great as is!"

Encouraged, I continued to suck and lick his shaft, head and balls.

I bobbed my head on his cock as I took his balls in my hand.  I felt them

tighten as he told me he was about to cum.  I groaned something and he

let loose in my mouth.  I tried to swallow it all but some leaked out.  I

laid on my back, my mouth and jaw more than a little tired.

James took over at that point, kissing me, licking and nibbling at my neck

and shoulders, sucking my nipples, running his tongue down my body.

When he got to my crotch, he took each of my balls into his mouth first,

licking and sucking them.  Then he released them and slowly began to

take my cock into his mouth.  An inch at a time, he went down, his tongue

working and swirling.  Soon I felt the head pass down his throat.  Then I

looked down and saw that his face was buried in my crotch, he had my

entire cock down his throat!  With treatment like that, it wasn't  long before

I shot my load.  He didn't miss a drop.  I guess experience does count

for something.

Afterwards we laid there snuggled.  I was amazed to find that his cock was

hard again.  He explained that sucking always turned him on.  I asked him

what he would like to do about it and he responded by grabbing a tube of

KY from the nightstand.

"Look, James, I'm not sure about that." I said.

"You liked my finger up there in the shower, this is just longer and wider.

And I promise to stop if you ask me to." He replied.

He had me scoot down on the bed and raise my legs into the air, spread.

I did so and felt the cold jelly being applied.  He worked it in with first

one, then two fingers.  After applying some to his hard cock, he lowered

himself on me, it wasn't a comfortable position, but he could play with my

cock and kiss me as he screwed me.

With a very little bit of pressure, I felt the head of his cock slip 

in.  I almost

cried out in pain at that, but it was quickly over.  He eased the rest of his

tool into my slowly, kissing and stroking me all the while.

Soon I began to enjoy the feeling.  His cock was stretching me but it

also felt awful good.  Before long I was hard again and wondering if I

would come that way.  He picked up the pace a bit and I was starting

to fell like I would come when he cried out and I felt him spurting inside

me.  I almost felt cheated as his cock shriveled and came out with a plop.

However, he was not to let that go by.  He lubed up my cock, the cold

jelly helping to stave off my upcoming orgasm, and got on his hands

and knees.

"Take me this way, Mark.  I love it doggie style!"

I eased inside him, intending to give him a slow screw.  He would have

none of that, however, urging me to go faster and pump harder.

At first, I just teased him, going slowly.  As his requests became

more urgent, I pumped faster and reached around him to grab his cock.

I was amazed to feel it hard!  I stroked it in time to my pumping and as

I shot my third load of the day, James came again as well.

We lay there for a while and talked.  He told me that he was gay, had

never liked girls.  His mom had thrown his dad out for beating him up

after catching him with a neighbor boy, Randy.  I knew who he meant

and that came as a shock, this guy was one of the biggest jocks in

high school.

We took another quick shower, both of us too tired to get it up again.

As James kissed me goodbye he told me that I was always welcome

to stop by his place after school.

On the walk home, I started to feel guilty.  Was I gay now?  I thought about

it a lot and realized that terms like Gay, Queer, Fag were just labels.

I knew I still liked girls but also liked guys,  I could have it both ways.


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