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Archive-name: Samesex/farmboys.txt


Archive-title: Farmboys

WARNING: This story contains descriptions of sexual

         acts between MINOR boys and an ADULT male.

Summer  had finally come and I made it up to my uncle's farm  for

a  week  away  from work.  All winter in  the  city,  I'd  looked

forward to getting up there.  And I'd thought a great deal  about

Shawn,  a lovely 12 year old who I'd known since he was half  his

age.   Shawn is the middle boy of a dirt poor farm  family.   I'd

never  quite understood how his father made a living on his  only

visible  means  a support, a tiny garage video  store.   But  I'd

enjoyed  my  visits  up there in previous years  and  I  remember

playing around outside with Shawn and his younger brother.   We'd

throw  frisbees  and otherwise clown around.  I had  never  given

Shawn much thought until last summer when as we played, he seemed

to  hang  around me alot.  More than a few times, he  slapped  me

playfully on the ass.  And I remembered the movies we'd seen over

at his house.  I knew his dad rented x-rated movies and sometimes

I  wondered  how  many of them he'd watched when  his  dad  wasnt

around.  I had recognized some of the titles when I'd browsed the

tapes.   There were more than afew which were less plot and  more

fucking and sucking.  I wondered if he'd seen the sucking.

At Christmas, when I was up for only a day, I managed to go  over

to  Shawn's place just to say hello.  There he was, on the  floor

watching his brother play a video game.  I stuck my toe playfully

between  the  cheeks of his backside and gave him a nudge  and  a

cheery,  "Hi'ya been?"  He turned and grinned and  told

me fine.  I couldn't believe his adorable smile.  His eyes lit up

as he turned and saw me.  Shawn's hair was longer and he  sported

a single earring.  We chatted about pretty much nothing but I was

so anxious to put my hands on him, I finally cradled his cheek in

one  had  while pretending to examine his earring.   Holding  his

face in my hands was the only touch I had of him last  Christmas.

"That's  pretty  rock and roll for a farm kid," I offered,  as  I

made sure my touch was more of a carress.  He lingered and let me

hold  him as long as I dared in the room where his older  brother

was also watch.

"Yeah, a regular faggot," his twenty year old brother snorted.  I

saw  the instant hurt in Shawn's face.  He was  embarrassed  that

his  brother had said such a thing in front of me.  I spent  days

wondering what that meant...whether he was calling Shawn a faggot

because  of  the earring or because of something  else  that  had

happend  recently.  But for the moment, I just winked at him  and

sqeezed his cheek lovingly.  There would be another time we could

talk about THAT.

Just  an hour before I had to end my Christmas, I happened to  be

over  at his house to say goodbye.  He was on the couch,  dressed

in  a  pair  of bib overalls and a flannel  shirt.   All  that  I

touched of him was his bare feet.  We wrestled momentarily and he

stuck a foot up to my face.  It was just reaction.  I grabbed his

foot  as  he poked me with it.  And I ran my  tongue  across  the

underside of his toes.  He seemed abit surprised at that.

"You taste pretty good, lad.  I'll have to remember that!"

He  looked  away  momentarily but he  smiled.   I  just  laughed,

reached down and slapped his jeans on the backside.

"Well, I gotta go.  Maybe I'll be around this summer to see ya."

And  with that, I left to make my goodbyes to my uncle  and  aunt

before I hit the road.


When the first summer day of my farm vacation started, it  wasn't

an hour before Shawn had spied my car in my uncle's driveway.  He

was  over.   He  just  hung  by the  back  door  waiting  for  an

invitation  inside.   I  didn't hesitate for I had  come  to  the

country to see Shawn as much as I'd come to see my uncle.

"Hi bud,"  I said, "good to see ya.  Come on in."  I gave  him  a

one-armed  hug,  one of those older brotherly kind of  hugs  that

most people don't pay much attention to.  He was in the house  in

a flash and while my uncle and aunt found him obnoxious, they let

it go because they knew we were sort of buddies.  They  certainly

didn't  know how close we were and how close I'd like  to  become

with  him.   He  spent the early evening sometimes  with  me  and

sometimes at home.

After  a good family dinner and a talk, the evening grew late  by

farmers's  standards.  It was pushing eight o'clock.  I  knew  my

uncle and aunt would be going to bed soon for they were always up

by four.  They knew I was a night owl and they weren't  surprised

when I said I was going to go across the street to visit with the

neighbors  for awhile.  I practically ran across the road  but  I

slowed down and got into my "neighborly" attitude when I  knocked

on their rickety back porch door.

Shawn's  dad  answered  the door.  We had me afew  times  and  we

exchanged  pleasantries.  He invited me on in to the living  room

of  their modest (and rather trashy) house.  It was your  typical

poor farmhouse.  The only thing less than twenty years old was  a

Sony TV, two VCR's and a Nintendo.

"We're just getting ready to turn in but you're welcome to  stick

around and watch a movie with the boys," he said.  I didn't  need

a  second  invitation.  Shawn and his ten year old  brother  were

sprawled on the floor watching Top Gun for what had to have  been

the hundredth time.  After all, they had five hundred  videotapes

for  rent  out in the garage.  I made myself at home on  the  old

couch, adjusting my shorts downward so as to prevent the crowding

that was coming as my dick grew in anticipation.

"Great movie!" I said, thinking it was mosty great because it had

just started.  And lets face it, Tom Cruise never looked better.

"You boys, get ready for can watch the movie but I want

your  faces and hands washed and you in your PJ's.  Do  it  NOW!"

Their dad had a commanding way about him.  He wasnt hard, but  he

was  firm and the boys hustled upstairs obediently, racing so  as

not to miss the entire first fighter scene.

"That's  pretty  good,"  I said to their dad, as  I  glanced  up,

approvingly that they had jumped to his command.

"They mind.  Well, you enjoy yourself.  Maybe tomorrow I can  get

you  to  buy off some of this inventory from me."   He  had  been

wanting  to sell of his tapes because most of the farmers in  the

area had already seen most of them.  We said our good nights  and

he  went on upstairs.  In the next couple of minutes,  excitement

built in my loins as I anticipated being almost alone with Shawn.

I  tugged at my terrycloth shorts again, stretching them to  make

much  more  room.  They were short and loose and as I  tugged,  I

felt the bare hardness of my growing penis.

Shawn flew down the stairs wearing a long shirt of his dads.   No

long  pants.  I could see his slender, hairless boylegs  and  the

length  of  his shirt hiding what I had longed to see.   He  went

directly into the kitchen and brought out a bag of potato chips.

"These'll be good," he said as he settled back  down  on

the  floor.  He put the bag of chips between us.

"I remember last winter...YOU tasted pretty good too."  I  looked

directly at him to see if he remembered what I was talking about.

He grinned and looked away, sort of rolling his eyes as if to say

"Oh yeah, THAT!"

I grabbed the bag of chips and put them on the couch and  enticed

him  as if to indicate that if he wanted any of those  chips,  he

was going to have to share them up here with me.

"Aw come on up here and keep me company,"  Shawn hopped up on the

couch,  his  back up against the armrest and his legs  drawn  up,

almost touching my leg as I sat near the other end of the  couch.

His  brother  Jason stumbled down the stairs and took  his  place

directly  in front of the TV.  I knew he would be occupied  as  I

hoped to be with his brother.

We sat for awhile watching.  Shawn slid down on the couch and his

bare  feet were up against my leg.  Boy seduction is a  specialty

of  mine and I know just how it's done.  I put the bag  of  chips

between  his  legs and he spread himself to make room  for  them.

Now I could see the crotch of his underpants and I stared them as

often as I dared.  I was hoping he would notice.  For a  shrimpy,

skinny  twelve year old, he filled out those briefs pretty  well.

I  noticed  they fit rather loosely and I could  almost  see  his

balls where the leghole was separated from his skin. It was  hard

not to stare.  After we munched awhile and shared a Pepsi, I  put

them on the floor.

"It's a little cool tonight," I mused as I grabbed a nearby quilt

and  placed it over us.  In doing so, I put his bare legs  on  my

lap,  slid  alittle closer to him so his thighs  and  knees  were

resting  across  my own thighs.  I covered him and myself  so  we

shared  the  blanket.   It left my hands  under  the  covers  and

resting on him.  We kept watching the movie and all the while,  I

stroked  the  inside of his calf with one hand and  the  top  and

slightly  to  the  inside of one of his thighs  with  the  other.

Shawn was enjoying the attention; I could tell it when I  glanced

at him and saw his satisfaction.

By  this time, I had a raging hard on and I could hardly  control

myself.   I  moved my left hand to the inside of  his  thigh  and

rested  it  there.  To my surprise, he spread his  legs  alittle,

giving me more access to his innner leg.  And he moved his leg so

it  was  pressing against my own excitement.  He knew.   I  could

feel  my  own wetness and my dick was pressing against  his  soft

leg.  I adjusted his leg so it pressed even more intensely on  my

erection  and  he  slid it back and  forth  just  alittle,  which

brought  me to exhale deeply and look at him.  Shawn was  staring

right  at my face and he smiled a naughty little smile.  What  an

incredible face has.  Broad lips, boyish grin, turned up nose and

curly  long  brown locks.  His hair was very long and  it  curled

below  the  nape  of his neck.   It was all I could  do  to  keep

myself from reaching down and kissing him on the mouth.  Instead,

I  slid  my  hand from his thigh to his groin and  I  brushed  my

fingers across the top of his underpants.  He was hard as a  rock

and looking right into my eyes.

I whispered to him.  "Hey, you have what I have."  I squeezed his

dick and the muscles in his legs convulsed with pleasure.   While

Jason  sat in front of the TV watching practice flights over  the

California mountains, I slid my hand under the stretched legbands

of  Shawns  underpants.  There was little or  no  elacticity  for

Shawn was one of those lads who peed by pulling a legband to  the

side.   All  winter, I'd dreamed of putting my  hand  on  Shawn's

boyhood  and  here it was at hand, firmly in my hand.   For  only

twelve, his dick had to have been at least four inches long.  And

thicker  than  I expected for such a diminuitive lad.  I  ran  my

thumb  over  the turgid head and felt a  slight  wetness.   There

wasnt much there.  But I slipped his dick outside his shorts  and

gethered  what  moisture was on the end of it.  And I  pulled  my

hand out and licked my thumb, gazing directly into his eyes.

Shawn  looked at me in wonder but he smiled.  I put my hand  back

under  the  quilt  and onto his member.  He  slid  down  further,

pressing  his bottom against my leg.  That made it easier for  me

to  hold him but he had other things in mind.  Now his  own  hand

was close enough to my dick that he was able to sqeeze it through

my  shorts.   I reached over and released my  hardness  from  its

shorts  and  my dick stuck straight towards him.  Neither  of  us

could  see what we were doing under the blanket but we  held  and

sqeezed  each  other's dicks.  As I would squeeze his,  he  would

squeeze  mine. As I would rub his up and down, he would rub  mine

similarly.  As I would roll my thumb across the head of his dick,

he  would  do the same to mine.  I knew I was drooling  all  over

his hand for his fingers were slippery.

"You  better quit that," he whispered and I nodded and rolled  my

eyes and smiled, saying, "Really!"

"Jason," Shawn called.  "Go to're half asleep!"

"No I'm not," the ten year old insisted.

"Yes  you  are...go  on upstairs.  I'm not dragging  you  to  bed

again."  With that, Jason got up and dragged his own self out  of

the room and up the creaky stairway.

I  knew that we were finally alone and no one would surprise  us.

Any movement in THIS old house and you can hear it.  After he was

gone, I turned back to Shawn.

" I'm gonna get you off," I said as I leaned up and put

myself  between his legs.  "I'm dying to find out how  sweet  you

taste."   I gave Shawn no time to think about it.  As  I  removed

the quilt from his lap, I saw his firm young dick.  His head  was

reddish and perfectly formed.  Sticking straight up.  I uncovered

his  privates completely by sliding the stretched leg elastic  to

the opposite side of his scrotum.  It revealed a twinge of  curly

brownish  hair...only  a  whisp  around  his  otherwise  hairless

midsection.   With a featherlight touch, I grazed his gonads  and

ran  my  nail ever so lightly on up to the end of his  dick.   He

flenched  and  his dick bounced firmly up to meet my  finger.   I

reached my fingers around and gave it a firm squeeze.  The  skin

stretched  as  it  swelled to its maximum  firmness.   Finally  I

lowered  my grasp to hold Shawn's organ at its base  and  reached

down and took the head of his boy organ into my mouth, getting it

wet  and putting biting pressure with my lips.  He was rock  hard

and  sticking straight up.  Finally I tasted him with  my  tongue

and it was everything I had hoped for.  I wet his penis, took  my

mouth  off of it and rubbed its wetness across the outside of  my

mouth, across my cheeks and across my nose.  Ah, the smell of  it

and the feel of it on my face.  I kissed it then took all of  him

into my mouth and moved up and down on him, licking and  sucking.

Within thirty seconds, his thighs tightened and I felt his  whole

pelvis  shudder  as  he spurted his boyload  into  my  mouth.   I

withdrew  him,  all but the head so that I could feel  his  semen

flow  from  the end of his dick onto my tongue and I  tasted  the

saltiness  of this tiny mandick's treasure.  Shawn was giving  me

all  he had.  I swallowed his love cum and sucked his dick  until

he had no more.  There is nothing like boycum.  And nothing  like

the taste and smell of puberty.

Where he had leaned back and tensed his body, he relaxed as if he

were  dead  of  exhaustion.   I looked up at him as  I  took  his

boyhood  from my mouth and kissed it and rubbed again  around  my

mouth and face.

"Oh  wow.  That's the first time it ever felt THAT good!"   Shawn

closed  his  eyes and opened his mouth as he lay  on  the  couch,

totally spent.  I leaned forward and kissed his lips.  He  closed

them  only slightly and remained totally relaxed so I could  kiss

him and lick his beautiful mouth.  I held his cheeks in my  hands

and kissed all over his boyface.

"You  are  so sweet, Shawn."  I just held him,  kissed  him,  and

stroked his curly hair.  "You're just delicious.  I want to  lick

you all over."

He just lay there but whispered, "After that, you can do whatever

you want."

"I havent had enough of you yet, boy." I whispered back.

With that, I reached down and slipped his underpants off of  him.

His  dick was still swollen but no longer hard.  Shawn was  small

for his age so I easily lifted his legs upwards.  I ran my  hands

under  his oversized shirt from his hips up his sides and  across

to his shoulders and back down his chest.   I carressed his flat,

hairless  chest,  down across his belly and ran my hands  to  the

outside,  taking his boy bottom in my hands.  The cheeks  of  his

fanny  were  warm to the touch and babysoft.  I  spread  them  to

reveal the innner place of his rear end.

"I'm going to lick you everywhere," I whispered, as i lifted  his

pelvis  up.   His soft legs were over my head and resting  on  my

shoulders  and  back.  In doing so, his cheeks were spread  so  I

could  see every pubescent part of him.   I bent down and  licked

the  length of his dick.  In short strokes, I lowered my  tasting

to his boysack and licked his balls all around, lingered at their

base,  just and inch from his hairless ass.  As I ran my  toungue

around  the edges, I knew he was enjoying the sensation  for  his

ballsac witdrew and became rough and firm.  And I licked  further

down;  my  tougue sampling the ridge of rough  skin  between  his

balls  and his bumhole.  I knew he was enjoying the warm  wetness

of my tongue in a place he had never felt a mouth's sensation.

And then I moved to the reddish flower that was his most  private

place.   All  over the crack of his little bottom, I gave  him  a

tonguing  that thought about the similarity between the  lips  of

his  bottom and the lips of his mouth.  It caused me to  suddenly

explode in my own lap.  I could hardly concentrate on the washing

I  was  giving  him, my orgasm was so  intense.   My  whole  body

shuddered  in a climax caused with no stimulation except for  the

feeling of my tongue and my mouth on his perfect little fanny.

I  hardly noticed that Shawn's dick had grown to its former  size

and  was  invitingly sticking straight towards  his  bellybutton.

When  the  rush of my own cumming subsided, I could see  that  he

wanted more.  So I moved back to give my attention to his boyrod.

This time he would not be so quick to reach his climax.

As Shawn lay on his back with his eyes closed, I told him to just

stay  relaxed and enjoy the feelings I was giving him.  His  legs

remained  up  around my neck.  I reached to my thigh,  dipped  my

index  finger  in my own spent orgasm and wet his anus  with  it.

And  then  I continued gently sucking, licking and  prodding  his

penis  as I fingered his rectum.  My finger did not go in  easily

except  for the fluid which made it easier.  I only entered  with

the tip of my finger for I didn't want to make him uncomfortable.

I just played with his asshole, fingering in and out and  around.

I  concentrated most of my attention is his firm dick and I  felt

his excitement build to a peak that spent once again in my mouth.

He came less this time but I enjoyed it nonetheless as I  watched

his  stomach  muscles tighten and felt the muscles in  his  groin

spasm  a  half  dozen  times to feed me  what  of  his  boyjuices

remained in him.

"That  was two good ones for me," he sighed.  And then he got  up

and pushed me backwards so this time it was ME who was laying  on

my back.  "Lets have a look at this," he said as he uncovered  me

to return my favors.

Shawn  was  surprised to see that I had already cum.   "When  did

THAT happen?"

"When  I  was  licking your buns, pal.  You made  me  cum  in  my

pants,"  I  said softly, as I watched him clean me  up  with  his

wadded up underpants.

He  grinned.  "Yeah, that was different.  You can do that  to  me

again if you like it so much."

"Count on it, Shawn.  I'll be here for a week."  We leaned up and

watched  the  credits  to the movie we'd  missed.   As  the  tape

started to rewind, I kissed my loveboy on the mouth again, got up

and said "I'll see you tomorrow."

   		       Chapter 2

I slipped between the rough cool cotton sheets on the hidabed  of

my uncle's living room.  This first night of my weeklong visit to

the farm was more than I ever dreamed.  I had just seduced Shawn,

the most beautiful 12 year old I'd ever seen.  I was too keyed up

to go to sleep.  I recounted the last two hours in my mind.  Just

across  the  road, I'd been on the couch with this  loveboy.   So

clearly,  I  remember kissing his face, playing  with  his  long,

curly  brown locks, sucking his perfect dick, and cumming  in  my

pants  as  I licked his hairless, sweet asshole.  I  expected  to

spend  all  week,  just  finding  satisfaction  to  squeeze   his

buttcheeks  once.   But tasting him all over,  the  first  night.

I hadnt expected to be so lucky.  Twelve years old, cumming twice

in  my  mouth.  Liking it.  Wanting to do more.  I  could  hardly

wait for tomorrow.  The only things I thought that might give  me

trouble  would be getting myself away from my aunt and uncle  and

getting him away from his ten year old brother, Jason.

Finally  I went to sleep.  While my aunt and uncle were  up  long

before  daybreak,  I slept until nearly nine.  I awoke  and  just

laid quietly, feeling my morning hardon more intensely than usual

as I visualized last night's session with Shawn on his couch.   I

loved  his legs, laying across my lap.  How he spread them  so  I

could  play  with  his  thighs and work  my  hands  down  to  his

underpants.  And my surprise to find his rather large dick  stiff

under  the  cotton cloth.  Even though a blanket  covered  us,  I

visualized  what his small fingers looked like as he played  with

my dick as I played with his.  What a night it was!  Well the day

wouldn't  promise anything if I didn't get up to start it.  So  I

got up, went into the bathroom and took a shower.

"Well people sleep half the day," smiled my  aunt

as  she fried me two eggs and bacon.  I was already  fully  awake

but I wasted no time getting a cup of coffee down.

"So you were across the street quite a while?" she asked.

"Oh yeah," I said.  "Watched a movie with the boys.  I can't ever

go to bed before about midnight."  I was hungry so I wolfed  down

those eggs.  "Where's Chucky?"

"Your uncle is out in the southwest pasture counting cattle.   He

wants you to drive over there.  I dont think you've seen it."

"Yeah,  okay,"  I answered.  "First I want to wake up.   This  is

vacation...I don't want him putting me to work."

Teresa smiled.  "Not to worry. He just wanders around  pretending

to  be busy.  Those cows out there take care of  themselves  this

time  of year."  She went on.  "You know Chucky...he  spends  his

time in town at that country bar with his VFW friends."

The  screen  door opened and I turned around,  expecting  to  see

Uncle  Chuck.   I inhaled suddenly when I saw it was  Shawn.   He

bravely  made himself at home by just walking right  in,  sitting

down next to me at the kitchen table.

Teresa  didn't  smile.   "Well  I  suppose  you  want  eggs  too,

Shawny...your mom didn't feed you this morning?"

"Nope...I slept too late."  Shawn grabbed a piece of toast off of

my plate, looked me straight in the eye and painted a very  wide,

pretend smile on his face.  "Long time no see!"

"Yeah,  right!"  I said, as I doubled my fist and tapped  him  on

his arm.  "So what are you doing today, bud?"

"Hanging  around with you."  He filled his mouth with  toast  and

gave  me a long, penetrating stare.  His eyes said it all  and  I

knew it would be a great day.

We finished breakfast and I told Shawn the bad news.  I had to go

see my uncle in the southwest pasture.  "But you can tag along in

case I get lost."

"MMMkay," Shawn pretended nonchalance.  "Jason's coming.  Mom and

dad are gone so I have to watch him."

"Okay,  fine,"  I  answered cheerfully.  But I  showed  him  some

disappointment with my eyes.  We got up and said our goodbyes and

thanks  to  Teresa and then headed for the car.   He  ran  ahead.

Today  he was wearing a tank top and a pair of cotton shorts.   I

looked  at  his narrow buns and visualized what I  had  seen  the

night before...his cute white ass spread out before my face.

As  I got in the car, he was already in the front seet.   He  put

his back to the door, turned his body to face me, spread his legs

and lifting one foot up to the console between our bucket  seats.

My eyes went immediately to his loins.  Once again, I was looking

at  his  underpants between the open, loose legs of  his  shorts.

His  undies were stretched out and I could see his boysac in  the

morning light.  He was offering a look and I took it.

"I sure had fun with THAT last night, Shawny!"

"Yeah I know.  So did I."  I backed out onto the gravel  driveway

and  Shawn told me to stop by his place to pick up  his  brother.

We did and Shawn sat up on the console as Jason climbed into  the


"Its  about time," Jason whined.  "I thought you guys were  going

to leave me here alone."  Jason's not so bad looking either.  His

hair  is  darker and his eyes are brown.  Unlike  Shawn,  Jason's

complexion is much darker.  He's alittle bit heavier but not fat.

Both  boys  have  long, unkept hair.  Jason too wore  a  pair  of

shorts and a tanktop.  He was cute...but noisy.

We  drove the country roads to the far pasture.  I rested my  arm

on  Shawn's bare leg as I tried to keep in physical contact  with

him as much as I could.  He made it easy.  He put his arm  around

my   neck  as  I  drove.   All  I  could  think  about   was   my

disappointment  that  Jason was along for I would  have  been  in

Shawn's pants even now, had we been alone.

Twice,  Jason got out.  Ten year old farmboys know how to  unhook

wire  fencegates, open them for cars to pass and then close  them

to prevent the livestock from doing the same.  I looked at him as

he walked back to the car, thinking here's the little brother  of

the  boy  I sucked last night.  Briefly, the thought  crossed  my

mind that these two boys might someday be doing the same thing to

each other.  But the thought passed.

My  uncle  was parked on the very far side of  the  pasture.   We

drove  down  a deep valley and across to the ridge on  the  other

side  where his pickup was, next to a treelined draw.  I  watched

the  tireruts  carefully to prevent my car  from  bottoming  out.

When we got there, both boys and I jumped out and walked over  to

him.  Chuck was just standing there watching us.  It was  already

getting warm.

"Hey  Nephew," he drawled. " You just about missed me.  I've  got

things  to  do."  We chatted awhile while the boys  took  off  to

explore  the nearby treeline.  Chuck said he had to go into  town

and he asked if I could get back without getting stuck.

"No problem....I followed the path pretty well."  I told him  how

peaceful it is out here.

"You're  right about that."  He walked towards his  pickup.   "If

you want to see some nature, go down there past the treeline  and

you'll see the best fishing pond in this county."

And he added, "You watch those kids though...they can get  pretty

ornery."    Ornery isn't the word I would have used  about  Shawn

but I answered that I'd take care of em.

With that, he started up his Ford and headed across the  pasture.

When truck disappeared over a ridgeline, I walked into the little

forest and yelled for Shawn.

"Over HERE!" he yelled back.  I followed the voice and found both

boys sitting next to the pond.  It was in a clearing.  It had  to

be twenty yards across.  It was completely secluded by a treeline

on one side and tall grass on the other.  There were cattle paths

on the far side and I knew it was a source of water for the  cows

which were grazing on the hill.

"Well, Chucker's gone into town.  What'll we do?"

"SKINNYDIP!" Shawn yelled, almost like a challenge.

"Yeah, lets DO it!" answered Jason.  Both boys looked to me for a

reaction.   It was warming up and I was pretty interested in  the

prospect  of seeing these two boys running bare assed naked  into

that  water.  I reached down with my hand and sampled  the  water

temperature.   The  water  was  shallow  and  still  due  to  the

windbreak.  I could see the muddy bottom but just ten yards away,

it  was  deeper and a large treetrunk formed a waterbreak  as  it

extended  into  deep  water. It almost like a  dock  the  way  it

jutted  straight into the lake.  I expected the water to be  cold

since it was early June.  But in the shallows it was very  warm--

almost bathlike.  I didn't say anything for afew seconds as if  I

were  pondering  a  tough decision.  But I  sensed  some  serious

eagnerness.   A little more silence, just to tease them.

"Sure...why  not?"  I looked at Shawn and he  grinned.   Farmboys

know  all  about  skinnydipping in ponds and in  a  flash,  their

shorts were in figure eight circles as they stepped out of  them.

Tanktops came off in an instant and both boys bottoms dropped  to

the  ground and fast fingers were working on their  shoes.   They

got  up and took to the water before I even had my  belt  undone.

But  I stopped long enough to see two bouncing  boybutts  heading

into  the  pond.  Shawn has a nice shape.  He's slender  but  his

shoulders are broad making his back well formed and the V pointed

to his lovely assmuscles.  I took my eyes off of him long  enough

to see Jason who was a smaller, but darker version of  boybeauty.

Such  a  turnon  to see two boys with  long  hair  and  bareskin.

Shawn's  skin  was whiter than Jasons.  Except for the  ten  year

old's  bottom.  It was apparent that the younger boy had  already

worked up a presummer tan because I could see the color  contrast

between tan and previously unexposed fanny.

As they reached two foot water, they collapsed their legs and the

mud  they stirred up hid their bodies.  Splashing, the  water  on

their  shoulders glistened in the late morning sun.  Off came  my

shirt  and pants, shoes and socks.  I wanted in the water  before

my dick gave away my lust.  Both boys turned and watched me,  now

naked,  wading  out to them.  I was swelling abit and  trying  to

avoid  looking  at  them.  I looked at the cows  grazing  in  the

distance  and tried to think about COWS until my growing  manhood

was submerged.

"I told you he was big," Shawn said.  His brother stared directly

at my loins.  I didn't know what the hell to think.

"What?"  I muttered.

Shawn smiled.  "I told him what we did last night."

A shot of fear ran through me...but not for long.

"We've  never sucked before but I told him that its  better  than

just playing around."

I  waded past them into deeper water to make my  modesty  alittle

more  comfortable.  Both boys followed me.  I was in about  three

feet  or more of water now and I crouched down to leave  only  my

neck  and chest exposed.  The boys struggled with the  depth  and

each  grabbed onto a shoulder, one on each side.  The water  this

deep was cooler but I started getting used to it.  Shawn  shifted

himself in front of me and gently sat on my right thigh.  I could

feel his thighs resting on my leg and I studied his nose and eyes

as he was right in front of my face.  Instinctively I brought  my

arm down and rested my hand on his bare hip.  A place where there

should  be swimsuit but there was none and the water didn't  feel

cold anymore because I was warming up all over.

I  didn't know what to think about Jason but he  shifted  himself

too towards my front and he straddled my other thigh and squeezed

his  legs together, gripping me.  I could feel the pressure of  a

hard on coming.  I knew his ass was resting on my leg.

"Well  this  is pretty fun, no doubt about it," I said in  a  low

tone to these two naked boys.  I dropped my right hand to Shawn's

bare  bottom and spread my fingers so as to cover as much of  his

fleshy  asscheeks  as  I could hold.  And my  left  hand  reached

around  Jason's  waist and I pulled him towards  me.   Somebody's

body touched my stiff dick but I wasnt even sure whose.

"Feel his dick, Jase," Shawn ordered.  I knew then it was  Shawns

leg against me and I watched the top of Jason's arm move  towards

me.  A small hand found my underwater hardon and squeezed it.

"Boy  he's  bigger NOW," Jason giggled.  I figured  I  was  about

three  feet  long  and hard as a steel rod.  I  never  felt  more

excited in my life as I felt Jason's small fingers squeezing  and

examining.   He  was  alittle clumsy with it  and  that  made  me

even hotter.

I  pulled my left hand from the back of Jason's waist  and  found

his little peter sticking straight out.  And with my other  hand,

I  ran  my index finger down Shawn's crack and  played  with  has


"So you guys play with each other, huh?" I said to Jason.

"Yeah,  Shawny likes me to jack him off.  But I'm not old  enough

to cum yet."  The boys looked at each other and Shawn nodded.

"We  never fool around with anybody else."  Shawn added and  then

he  reached down and put his hand on my dick so I had two  little

hands on it.

"I hope mine gets as big as yours...and Jason's too."

Both  boys laughed.  I moved my right hand from Shawn's fanny  to

his front and felt his hardness, just as it was last night.

"I'd  say  you'll  get there but Jason's got a ways  to  go."   I

squeezed  both  of them at the same time, comparing  their  size.

Shawn  had a dick and Jason still had a peepee, I  thought.   But

their hardness was equal, if not their size.  So here we were  in

a  pond out in the middle of nowhere, naked and  squeezing  each

other's dicks.

"So  what dirty little deeds do you boys wanna do?" I asked  them

as I squeezed their dicks all the more.

Jason  was quick to answer.  "I want you to show me how you  suck

Shawny," he said nonchalantly.  There was no guilt in his  voice.

He was just as matter of fact as if he wanted me to show him  how

to hook a worm.  "And then I want you to suck ME."

"Yeah,  I can do that," I said. "But first, lets play  around  in

the water for alittle while.  We'll do that after we get out."

I thought a minute about what delights we might try before  that.

While I thought about it, I moved my hands all over their bodies,

moving  from  their dicks to their hips and asses.   Shawn's  was

very  accessible because it stuck out to the right of  my  thigh.

As  I  felt around Jason's back and reached for  his  bottom,  he

leaned up on his straddle of my left leg and gave me access.

Without  saying  a  word,  Shawn  changed  positions  so  he  too

straddled my thigh...only he was on my right leg.  I had each  of

my  index fingers massaging a different boyhole.  As  I  released

them  and  brushed  their hips and brought my  fingers  to  their

dicks,  both boys leaned back to give me their frontsides.   Even

though  they  were virtually weightless in the water,  I  had  to

shift my balance to keep myself from falling over as I held them.

"Lets  go  alittle deeper so I can stand up."  And with  that,  I

shoved both boys off of my thighs and put my arms around each  of

their waists and started moving to where the water was closer  to

five feet.  I wasnt sure what we could do but it seemed like  the

thing  to  do to try some things.  "Get in the back  Shawny,  and

stick your dick into my butt."  I knew he wouldnt be able to  get

that  done but I wanted to feel him against my ass.  I spread  my

legs wide and bent forward and felt him bring his hips up against

me  and  I felt his hardness up against my  asscrack.   His  dick

found  my  asshole  and he pushed.  It felt nice but  I  knew  he

wasn't  going to get inside.  I floated Jason on his back and  he

spread his legs before my face while I kept him bouyed.  His dick

was  just  out of the water so I pulled him closer to  me  and  I

kissed its firm underside.  It stuck straight up towards the  sky

as he wrapped his legs around my neck.

Shawn  had  tried what I asked but he grew bored.   I  moved  him

around  the  front  to join Jason.  They let me move  them  as  I

wanted so I put Shawn where his dick might be shoved against  his

litlte brother's ass.  He wasn't impressed.

"Lets  get  out and go suck."  I could tell he  didn't  have  the

assfetish  that  I did.  With that, I said fine and I  towed  the

boys  to  more shallow water.  When they  reached  a  comfortable

depth, they took off on their own and waded to shore.  All  three

of  us marched out of the water bareskin naked into the  sunlight.

Three hardons.

"Grab  your  clothes and lets hustle for cover."  I  didn't  like

having sex with two little boys out in the open, even if we  were

a long ways from humanity.  As we got to the treeline, I used  my

shirt  to  wipe the large droplets of water  from  Shawn's  skin.

"Lets get dried off after our little baths."

I  felt  abit  chilled but Jason used his shirt to  dry  me.   He

didn't  seem  abit  cold.   I guess farmboys  are  just  used  to

swimming.   We  walked  into  the trees  which  were  very  tall,

providing a high ceiling.  There was little foliage on the ground

and the dirt was covered with last year's fallen leaves.

"This will be nice," I said when I found a place that provided us

abit of cover.  I sat down in front of the boys, surveying  their

nakedness.   I  studied  the differences  between  their  bodies.

Shawn  was beginning a sprout of hair above his  semi-hard  dick.

Jason's  pencil boner still stuck straight out.  There  wasn't  a

hair on him except on his head.  "You two are sure cute!" I said,

as I flicked their dicks playfully.  "So what shall we do?"

Both boys answered almost at the same time.  "Suck!" they said.

"Well,  youre gonna get a good lesson, guys, because I  can  suck

the  chrome off of a trailer hitch."  It was one of  my  favorite

lines.   Shawn laughed but Jason didn't get it.  "Who gets to  be


"HE does," said Jason.  "He's older."

"That won't break your heart, will it Shawny?" I grinned.

"Nope."  Shawn laid down and spread his legs.  His dick grew abit

at  the thought of it.  I studied his hard, red head,  his  thick

four inch shaft and his ballsac.  Jason laid down beside him  and

put  his head very close to his brother's hip.  The ten year  old

wanted a close look.

"First, you tease him alittle bit."  I took Shawn's boydick in my

hand,  held  it perpindicular to his body to make it  harder.   I

opened  my  mouth  and put a hot breath on it.  As  he  felt  the

warmness,  the  muscles  in his groin  contracted  and  his  dick

spasmed in my hand.  "Then you get him kiss it and lick

it.   Make it last awhile." I showed him how to make love to  the

underside of a boydick.  Kissing and licking.

"Very  special  place, right here," I instructed as I  darted  my

tongue across the rim of Shawn's head. "How you doin, Shawny?"

Shawn's chest rose and fell in deep breaths.  He was laying  back

with his eyes closed.  "No complaints here!"  As I paused to look

up, I squeezed his dick with my hand and a droplet appeared.

"That's called precum.  It's very slippery," I lectured.

I  smiled,  visualizing these boys playing with each  other  when

they were supposed to be sleeping.  "I guess you know alot  about

your brother, eh?"

"Yeah.  He likes me to spread it around with my fingers."

Shawn  interrupted.  "Enough of this school.   You're  forgetting

about ME!"

I  didn't need to be prompted.  I put his dick back in  my  mouth

and  enjoyed the slightly salty, slippery taste on my tongue.   I

sucked him harder now and took all of him in my mouth.

"Shawny's gonna cum pretty soon." Jason predicted.  "What are you

going to do?"

I'm  gonna LET's good." I went back to Shawn and  worked


"Can I try it?" Jason had had enough instruction.

"If its okay with Shawn, it's okay with me."  Shawn nodded as  he

kept  his eyes closed.  Jason and I traded places.  The ten  year

old grabbed his shorts and wiped my saliva off of his brother.  I

smiled  at that little touch of sanitation.  He wiped it once  as

if it was a Cokebottle and then proceeded to put his lips to  the

head.  It both excited and amused me as I saw this youngster  put

his brother's now "cleaner" dick in his mouth and suck on it just

as  I had.  He was on his hands and knees.  I watched him  for  a

moment,  partly to see if he was doing it right and partially  to

fill  my  eyes with something I'd never seen  before...two  young

boys engaged in sucking.

Don't bite him...keep your teeth off of him," I cautioned.

"While  you do HIM, I'll do you, Jase."  I said as I got  up  and

ran  my hands along Jason's bare boyback.  I carressed his  fanny

and  told him to spread his legs alittle.  Jason  obeyed  without

stopping the blow job he was giving his older brother.

I crawled around behind the younger boy's ass and got down on  my

own  elbows  and knees and proceeded to kiss his  asscheeks.   My

tongue danced up and down his crack; I felt the firm boyflesh  on

each side of my tongue and I probed the center where his  rosebud

surely  was. Jason arched his back to open himself as  my  tongue

found  it.  Knowing we had just finished a nice swim,  I  eagerly

centered  on  his little hole and I licked it  intently,  probing

with  the  tip of my tongue.  He spread even more and I  used  my

fingertips to spread his cheeks further so I could press my  face

into his ass.  I rubbed my lips and cheeks all over his  boybutt.

And  then turned around and laid down under him.  His short  legs

made  his  dick protrude down to a perfect level for me  take  it

completely  into  my  mouth.  It was small but hard  as  a  thick

pencil.   I reached around and played with the cheeks of  Jason's

fanny and his tiny boysac.  It was round and firm.

Shawn groaned and I knew Jason was about to get a mouthful of his

brother's  juice.   Not  alot, for Shawny  was  only  twelve.   I

stopped  sucking  the  ten year old but I kept his  penis  in  my

mouth. I wanted to listen to what happened.  Jason coughed  twice

as  Shawn squirted his boyhood into his little brother's  sucking

and  unprepared  mouth.  Jason rose up quickly and I  turned  and

crawled  over  to Shawn.  There was boycum oozing  from  his  wet


Quickly  I  said, "Ya don't waste this" and then I put  my  mouth

back  on  Shawn and sucked the remaining bit  of  his  dickjuice.

When I was finished, I leaned up and said, "And I like to kiss my

boy so he can taste himself too."

With  that, I planted a deep kiss on Shawny, making sure he  got

to share what little boycum I had gotten from him.

Jason had taken it all in.  "Well, I'll do better next time,"  he

promised.  "Gee I wish I could cum.  It must be really good.

"Well, you will," I reassured him.  "And you did a good job.  Let

Shawn suck on you for alittle while.  I think I'll just watch."

Shawn  was  agreeable.   He and his  brother  traded  places.   I

watched  Shawn start on his little brother.  But I couldn't  just

watch.   I  had  had so much fun working the boys  over,  I  felt

alittle  left  out.   So as Shawn remained on  elbows  and  knees

sucking  his  brother, I moved to the older  boy's  backside  and

started rubbing my hardness up and down the crack of his upturned

bottom.  He was too dry so I stopped, reached down and gave him a

very  wet  buttlick.   And another.   Unlike  his  brother  whose

spincter muscles remained very tight when I tongued him,  Shawn's

asshole  seemed to open abit.  My tongue darted in as far  as  it

could  go.  It didn't go far but I was able to insert the tip  of

my tongue and lick in and out ever so slightly.

I  spit on him and replaced my tongue with my dick which was  wet

with  slipperyness.  His ass would be unaccustomed to a  dick  so

large so again, I opted not to ruin his afternoon with pain.   So

I just rubbed my own dick around his asshole and gently poked  at

the opening.

"How's he doing, Shawny?"

"This  is  alot better than when he just plays  with  me,"  Jason

said.  "It feels warm."  And he became breathless. "...and WET!"

I  looked  up  and saw Jason bounce on  the  ground.   Jason  was

getting off.

"Suck him hard, Shawny!"

Shawny did as I told him and Jason bounced again before  relaxing

as if he were dead.

"See, even a little guy can do pretty well," I told them.

Jason just blew quietly as he began to rest.  Shawn got up.   His

mouth was alittle red.

"Jase's still dry tho."  Shawn gently wiped his own spit from his


Jason  leaned up as if he were coming to from  unconsiousness.  I

think  Shawn had had enough sucking for one day but  Jason  said,

"Well, its time to do YOU."  He reached up and pulled at my  arm.

I let him pull me down to a laying position and I turned over  on

my  back.  Shawn watched as Jason leaned over my leg and took  as

much  of me in his mouth as he could.  I gently moved Jason  from

my  side to between my legs.  He did better for the shape  of  my

dick fit his mouth better straight up and down.

I'd seen and done so much I knew it wouldn't take long.

"I'm  not sure you want me to cum in your mouth, hot  lips!   Ive

alot to give."  Jason nodded up and down but he didn't stop.  His

mouth wasn't big enough to take much of me but what he was  doing

felt  just  fine.   I loved the look of his curly  hair  and  his

turned  up  nose and his little fingers holding me.   Seeing  his

youth  just excited me more.  The only thing that gets me  hotter

is licking little boybutts.

"C'here,  Shawny baby." I was trying to shut my  excitement  down

for  a  moment because I wanted to come with Shawn's  ass  in  my

mouth.  "Let me taste your young ass again...straddle me."

Shawn was agreeable enough.  I reached up and guided him, turning

him  around and bringing his ass down on my face.  He knelt  down

with one knee on each side of me.  His fanny was widely spread in

this position and he just leaned back, lowering his bottom to  my

face.   The instant my tongue touched his asshole I was aware  of

both my lips and my dick and my entire body started to tingle.  I

felt electrified.

I paused long enough to say "NOW, Jason....jack me off."

Jason replaced his mouth with his hand and started rubbing me.  I

tightened  my  groin muscles to prevent my climax and  it  served

only to heighten the feeling throughout my body.  I put my  mouth

on  Shawny's ass and have him a long, deep kiss and proceeded  to

shoot  everything  inside me in long,  powerful  thrusts.   Jason

pretty  nearly  kept time with my spasms, making them  even  more

intense.   I nearly passed out as I felt my orgasm while  sucking

and kissing deeply on Shawn's fannyhole.

"God...look at THAT!" Jason exclaimed.  My orgasm was so intense,

I had splattered Shawn's chest, possibly as far away from my dick

as  eighteen inches.  I had no idea for Shawny was sitting on  my

face and I was semiconscious when it happened.

I lay there exhausted.  Jason watched Shawn spread my cum on  his

chest,  seeing how much there was.  And Shawn then bent  down  on

one  elbow and took my dick in his hand. He put his mouth  on  me

and  licked  the remaining off of the head.  His ass  moved  away

from  me for he was too short to sixtynine me.  When I opened  my

eyes,  I  reached up and just held his cheeks as he  finished  my

dick, sucking out what tiny amount I had not expelled.

"I wanted a taste too," Shawn said, explaining himself.

"Hey, that was a nice touch, little lover."

We  all got up at the same time.  "I think it's time for  another

swim."  I knew Shawn was pretty sticky so I led the boys back  to

the  water.  We waded in, rubbed and washed each other  with  our

hands.   And then we swam and just had alittle regular fun.   But

it was nothing like what had happened in the treeline.

I  didnt know if I was going to survive five more  vacation  days

with these boys or not!


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