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Archive-name: Samesex/fanttime.ree


Archive-title: Fantasy Time!

I am a 50-year old woman who has had more than my share of sexual

partners. I guess that I have had a lot of variety in life because I

haven't merely been with men-I also enjoy women.  I think I could be

classified as bisexual-although, if I had to make a decision between

the two sexes, I think that I would prefer to be in bed with a woman.

Most of my female bed partners have been around my age.  But that was

before I saw Angeline in a department store.  She looked to be around

25 years old. There was a rare beauty and innocence about here that

impressed me very much.

Angeline was a petite young woman barely 5'4" in her spike heels. She

wore very stylish clothes and had great legs.  I found myself

returning to that store quite often so I could see her.

One day I purposely purchased an item from her department.  No one

else was on duty and Angeline waited on me.  The closer she was to

me, the hotter I felt. I studied her senual lips, and her clear-blue

eyes pierced my very soul.  I smelled her hot body fragrances, which

made me not only weak in the knees, but steamy in the crotch as well.

I hoped she wouldn't realize how infatuated I was with her or she

might be offended.  But the I saw of her, the more I knew if I One

evening I finally got the courage to talk to her.  It was near

closing time at the store so I asked her if she would like to come

back to my apartment for some tea or coffee.  She accepted, and came

to my place right after work.

My head and heart were both pounding.  I guess that deep within my

heart I have always wanted to make love to a younger woman, but it

was not until I met Angeline that I realized it.  But then the most

incredible thing happened:

Angeline made the first move.

She eased her body closer to me on the sofa, telling me how

attractive a woman I was.  I blushed.  Angeline reached out and

stroked my long blond hair.  My body body tensed.  Then she placed

her hand on my thigh and drew it up under my skirt.

She edged up closer to my steamy snatch.  My juices had already

satuarated me panties.  Here I had been wondering whether she would

my advances!  She snuck her fingers in the elastic around my panties,

touched my pussy lips, and got a fingerful of crotch juice.

She pulled her fingers back out and licked them."Umm, yummy," She

cooed.  "I want more of that!"  She quickly pushed my skirt back up

around my waiste, then she pulled down my panties, and was ready for

a muff meal!  She crawled between my thighs, ready to burrow into my

hole. Her tongue slashed inside my slit, striking my clitoris with so

much force that it vibrated.

For a younger woman, she knew how to eat pussy.  She had my twat

steaming even more as she probed and poked at every inch of my pussy

palace.  I began groaning, knowing she would soon make me come. The

buildup in my snatch was unlike anything I have ever experienced.

Angeline enthusiastically ate me out, bringing me ever closer to


Sharp tingles began to course through my cunt, a sign of what was to

come when I climaxed.  Once she took my clitoris into her mouth and

gave it some tender loving licking, I knew I was ready to erupt!

I reared back my head and let out a wild shriek as my cunt's

floodgate opened and my snatch serum began splashing over her probing

tongue.  Angeline didn't quite catch every drop of my juices, but she

did an incredible job of capturing most of it, considering how

quickly I was coming.  Her tongue was like a spoon as it ladled up my

sweet stuff.  It was a full minute before my flow started to subside.

When my newfound lover raised her head, her lips and chin were

covered with crotch juice.  I kissed her on the lips, licking off my

own cream.  Then Angeline started stripping and spread her thighs for

me, beckoning me to come and eat her out.

I was in her snatch within seconds, returning the favor.  I licked

and sucked all over her musky paradise as her cunt muscles clung to

my tongue.  I soon had brought her off and was busy collecting every

drop that her spasming pussy was shooting out.

I now have a beautiful lover for life.  The two of us are very happy

together. I don't think I'll ever want to eat another woman again.

Angeline was heaven-sent!

                           Read it And Weep Guys!!!!


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