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Archive-name: Samesex/fantman2.txt


Archive-title: Fantasy Man 2

Among the clothes we bought was a pair of skin-hugging black leather pants.

 They were low-cut and had a striking silver zipper at the fly.  One night

we made ready for the marriage ceremony.  We had turned the bed into a kind

of altar with large candles at each corner and a mirror overhead.  I put

some Gregorian chant on the cd player and donned my white and black robes,

slit in front to the waist for easy access to my cock.  Jon entered the

room dressed in his leather jeans, shirtless, a single silver strand

glistening on his delicate throat.  He lay on the bed, face up with a

pillow under his ass so that his silver-zippered crotch was thrust up.  I

approached him with the cock ring, gently pulled down his zipper so as to

expose his balls and already hard prick.  Looking deep into his eyes, I

tucked his balls through the ring and pushed his cock down through as well,

pulling the ring down until his balls were pressed tightly against his

cock.  "Fuck holy, Jon.  With this ring I wed you, I express my eternal

love, my worship of your holy fuck power."  He smiled at me and pulled my

face into his sweetness, rising rhythmically to fuck me deep in the throat.

 As he fucked me I reached under my robe to find my cock.  I masturbated as

he fucked me.  We exploded together. I lay next to him, held him.  We

kissed for what seemed to be an eternity.

The sun was just rising as I woke up.  Jon was nestled in my arms.  I could

feel his warm nakedness against me, the curves of his body joined to my

own.  His ass was pressed against my groin and I could feel my fuck stick

hardening into the cleft of his ass.  Yet he continued to sleep.  I moved

to kiss him, first gently on the cheek, then his mouth.  I slowly kneaded

his lips with my own and his body began to stir.  His chest rose and I

moved my arm under his back so as to draw him to me.  As he rolled against

me I could feel his hard cock rise between my legs.  I began to lick his

delicate throat, lifting his arm and tracing my moist tongue into the

hollow under his arm.  My other hand moved to cradle his balls;  I slipped

my fingers carefully along the crack of his ass, found his well and pushed

a finger in.  He groaned softly.  "I love you so, Jon."  He smiled, pulled

me to his lips and slipped his tongue down my throat.  I wanted him inside

of me, completely.  "Fuck me holy, Jon.  Jesus cum in my belly."

We were alone at the beach, lying together under the warm sun.  Jon was

wonderfully tanned, the color rising to cover his ass, exposed to the sun

by the wine colored french thong that barely covered his cock.  His cock

and balls were gently lifted by the wedding ring that encircled them.  He

also wore a thin silver chain around his throat.  It glistened in the sun. 

As he lay on his belly he spread his legs.  I could see the light down that

ran from his thigh up into the cleft of his ass.  We had not had sex since

the night before and I started to masturbate thinking that might hold me

until we got home.  Jon rolled over and smiled at me.  He bent over and

took me into his throat, lovingly licking.  I ran my hand through his soft

hair as he rhythmically moved up and down on my cock.  I twisted around

until I could bring my face into his wine.  Pulling down his thong I kissed

lightly the head of his fuck stick.  It was already wet with cum and I

licked the slit in his prick.  But I wanted all of him in me.  I relaxed my

throat and let his cock slip deep into me.  I felt strangely complete.  He

began to move his ass, pressing his cock back and forth into my throat.  I

felt it slip along my tongue, lightly brushing my teeth.  Somehow he knew

just what I needed.  He began to fuck harder, to pummel my mouth as his ass

delivered the strong blows of his prick, nailing it deep in my throat. 

Finally he spilled his juice into me.  Glory what a fuck.  Holy

Christ-sucking Jesus what a fuck.  His cum was liquid love and I was

consumed in its flow down my throat and into my belly.  For a moment I felt

one with his strength, blessed with his agility.  He bent down and kissed

me lovingly, deeply, endlessly.


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