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Archive-name: Samesex/emily-02.txt


Archive-title: Emily's Strange Tale - 2


Abby was curled up on the sofa, in her favorite old robe with a bowl of

popcorn watching TV, when Emily return to the apartment.  It was only eight

thirty and Abby looked surprise and angry at seeing Emily home so early.

"Emily, come here!," Abby demanded sternly as the younger woman quickly

entered their bedroom.

The inflection in Abby's voice send a shiver through Emily.  Her nipples

became hard little points and her vagina started to tingle and moisten.

Tossing her purse on the big double bed, she trembled again with excitement.

Clutching her bottom with both hands she tightened the muscles of her

buttocks.  She needed to feel the searing pain that her lover would soon be

inflicting on her.  She wanted to be disciplined.  She need to be punished for

she felt guilt at having derived pleasure at having sexual intercourse with a

man.  She felt shame at having orgasmed so easily.  She needed to renew her

vows of love and obedience to Abby.  Yes the same vows she had utter only one

and half years ago.  Closing her eyes she could see everything as if it were



Emily had enrolled at Meridth, an all girls college and the almamater of her

high-school guidance consular.  She had had a very brief affair with Gloria

Whitmore her senior year.  Emily had allowed the female teacher to kiss her on

the mouth and to caress and feel her ripening young body the few times they

had met privately in her office.  Emily was turned on by the thought of

another female desiring and wanting her but she could not admit then she had

lesbian tendencies.

Emily knew she detested and loathed all males.  Her one and only date as a

freshman had taught her that boys only wanted to paw and maul her breasts.

They wanted to put their hands inside her panties to painfully poke and probe

her vagina.  They only wanted to satisfy their own lustful lecherous desires.

Emily's date that disastrous night failed in raping her but the SOB did force

her perform orally before making her walk home.

Although Gloria's kissing and caressing excited and aroused Emily, she could

not bring herself to return the teacher's touches.  She often fantasied about

caressing and fondling girls she knew and even older women but she did not

want to be labeled a lez.  She especially did not want to be know as a dyke.

Gloria recognized Emily's hesitancy about her true sexuality and did not press

her advanced beyond just kissing and caressing the girl through her clothing.

Instead she encouraged the girl to attend Meridth and to pledge Pi Sigma

Sorority.  Gloria knew from her last visit to the campus that even now many of

her sorority sisters were enthusiastic lesbians.  They could lead and tutor

the young girl into the delights and joys of feminine homosexuality.

As a freshman pledge, Emily was assigned to room with Abigail Archer, a devote

lesbian majoring in marketing.  Abby, a member of the acceptance committee,

had been attracted to the girl when she applied to the sorority.  She had

arranged for Emily to be assigned to her with the hopes of seducing the pretty

young freshman.

As they prepared for bed that first night, Abby was delighted with the way

things were going so far.  Emily had not put up any argument when she was

given only limited space in which she could put her things.  Abby noted with

pleasure the way the young girl stole glances at her as she removed her bra

and panties and slipped her nightgown on.

They talked for hours that night telling each other about themselves.  When

the subject of and men was brought up Abby openly admitted that she found them

to be pigs.  That she enjoyed putting them in their proper place when every

the opportunity presented itself.  She told Emily, she had chose Meridth

became she preferred company of intelligent women like her.  Other

universities she said were crowded with jocks and other silly males who think

only with their cocks.

She explained to the attentive little pledge that she chose a business major

because she intended to be rich and successful and ruin and humiliate the

males which ran the business establishments of this country.

Emily eagerly agreed with her perspectives on the male species saying that she

too chose Merdith to avoid contact with men.  She shyly confessed that her one

and only experience was a total disaster without giving the older girl the

vile details of how her date had made her suck him off.  When they finally

turned off the lights it was almost four o'clock.

While Abby quickly dropped off to sleep dreaming of what was to come, Emily

quitely caressed her breasts with both her hands.  Pinching her erect nipples

a moan escaped her lips.  Holding her breath she looked over at the sleeping

form in the next bed.  Releasing her tits she closed her eyes and slips her

hands to the hem of her nightie, lifting her hips she works the garment

upward.  Spreading her thighs she quickly glances over at Abby again.

Squeezing her eyes tight she cup her palm to the crotch of her damp panties.

She began to fantasize it is Abby touching her as she traces the lips of her

vagina thought the sheer wet nylon.  Her clit was erect and begging to be

touched but she was terrified that she would awaken Abby.  Reluctantly Emily

stops her masturbating before it even starts.  Instead she drifts off to sleep

with pictures of the two of them making love together running through her


Upon awakening the next morning Abby glanced at her alarm clock and smiled

broadly.  It was time to see just how submissive her little pledge was going

to be.  Standing next to her sleeping roommate, Abby studied the girl's

tranquil face for sever minutes.  She reached under the sheet and grabbed hold

of the girl's wrist and ankle and jerked her out of bed.  Emily screamed as

she crashed to the carpeted floor.  As the dazed girl scrambled up Abby sat on

the bed and pulled her down across her lap pinning her wrists against the

small of her back.  Emily was struggling to free herself when Abby forcefully

brought her right hand down on the pantied clad bottom.  Emily squealed loudly

as Abby hand again crashed into her tender backside.  Abby gave the cheek a

little squeeze as she commanded.

"Shut up and listen!"

Emily's body went limp.  Abby continued to hold her wrists as she slowly

rubbed her other hand over the girls buttocks.  She spoke softly to the

frighted pledge as she continued to knead the resilient flesh of the girl ass.

Her fingers dipped down until they encountered the moisture seeping into the

panties.  Smiling that her slap has aroused Emily, Abby continue her caressing

as she spoke.

"You were supposed to be up at five, didn't you read the sorority rule book

for pledges, that you were given yesterday?'

Emily looked back over her shoulder at her roommate and shook her head

negatively before sobbing. "I'm sorry, Abby, I was so excited about joining

the sorority and we talked so late.  I'm sorry please forgive me, I meant to

read it."

"We've already missed breakfast and I'm late for my first class so I'll give

you ten with my hand now as warmer.  You will meet me here at one and I'll

punish you properly then."

Tightening her grip Abby delivered ten stinging smacks to Emily delicious

little bottom.  Her pussy tingled as she watched the way Emily tighten her ass

cheeks and wiggled her hips in anticipation of each swat of her hand.  The

girl did not cry out but she did gasp and whimper at the last few strokes.

As soon as the spanking ended and Emily was released she grabbed her housecoat

and rushed out the door.

Abby casually dressed and left, deciding that she would make her move and

seduce the cute and sexy little Emily after whipping her.  She could hardly

wait to see the girl naked.  She would strip and whip Emily before consoling

her and make her the submissive lover she needed.

Upon entering the shower room Emily heard laughter.  Not wanting anyone to see

that she was crying she darted into an empty cubicle and sat down on the

toilet.  Wiping her eyes with tissue she was confused, hurt and excited all at

the same time.

The spanking had hurt but the touch of Abby's hand on her body had caused her

clitoris to tingle and stiffen.  Her pussy had started to moisten with sexual

excitement for some unknown reason at the first spank.  The burning pain in

her buttocks somehow transferred itself to her pussy.  The punishment had

turned her on.  She had actually gotten wet.

She had not remember getting a rule book but she was given so many things

yesterday.  It must be with her stuff piled on her tiny desk she thought.

Suddenly she remembered Abby's words "Meet me at one and I will punish you


Her right hand went inside her robe and she was pinching her left nipple.

Closing her eyes she parted her thighs and brought her hand to her right knee.

As she caressed her inner thigh drawing her hand closer to her damp panties,

she was picturing Abby taking down her panties in preparation for her

punishment.  It was not her fingers that were now jammed deep inside her pussy

wiggling around but Abby's fingering her.  It was Abby who was bringing her

toward her climax.  One touch on the clit and she moaned and shudder in

instant orgasm.  It was the most intense she had every experienced while

masturbating.  Fearing that whoever was showering might have heard she quickly


She was relieved to find that Abby had already left for class.  She dressed

quickly then searched for the sorority rule book but could not find it. If it

was not in her car she would have to confess to Abby that she had lost it.

Rubbing her ass cheeks through her jeans, she hoped it was in the car.  She

did not want to think what the punishment might be for losing it.

At one o'clock that sunny fall afternoon Emily fell in love.  She felt

embarrassment and humiliation at being order to strip naked.  She hesitated

until Abby step toward her.  She tried to cover her breasts and pubic mound

with her hands.  She blushed red with shame when Abby order her to put her

hands on her head.  Her nipples hardened into stiff little buttons as Abby

walked slowly around her appraising her body and letting her fingertips just

barely graze the cheeks of her bottom.  Bowing her head she could not look her

older roommate in the eye.

Abby liked what she saw.  Emily was just beautiful, her body was proportioned

perfectly.  Her breasts were small to medium size and did not need the support

of a brassiere.  The areola's were a cocoa tan and capped with very suckable

looking nipples.  Her hips flared outward just right and her bottom was

divine.  Her ass was heart shaped and the texture of the skin was flawless.

Her thighs were shapely without being too muscular.  Her outer libia lips were

visible thought the light down of pubic hair.  She had a very edible looking

pussy and it took all Abby's will power not to fall to her knees and bury her

face there.

When Abby brought out that little black strap Emily was truly frighten.  She

had never been whipped or disciplined with physical punishments.  Her widowed

mother had always grounded her or withheld certain privileges if she

misbehaved.  She was unsure of how she would handled the pain that Abby was

going to inflict on her.  She wanted to be brave and show Abby that she could

take it but she was afraid she would cry like a baby.

She not only cried she scream so loud at the first stroke, Abby had to gag

her and bind her to the bed.  Immediately after delivering the twenty lashes

she had decreed she kiss the burning red cheeks before moving up to kiss away

Emily's tears.  Releasing Emily, Abby began consoling her by holding her in

her arms and caressing her breasts and kissing her face.  Murmuring how she

had to discipline her and how much she loved her.  Emily pain instantly turned

to passion.  Within minutes both girls were withering and squirming in the

thrones of ecstasy and orgasmic bliss.

Emily was overwhelmed and elated that Abby professed that she loved her.  In

the after glow as they embraced tightly Emily pledged her love to Abby.  After

making love again Emily shyly confess that she had lost the rule book and

begged Abby to be gently with her.

Abby not wanting to share her little prize with the other lesbian sister of

the sorority laughed saying. "You're not joining Pi Sigma!  I'm black balling

you!  I'm leaving the sorority and taking a place off campus.  That way I can

have you all to myself.  I want you to live with me."

Emily exclaimed, "Oh Yes Abby my love.  I want you to teach me everything!"

"OK Baby!" Abby responded as she brushed the silky hair from Emily face,  "But

everything will have to be my way.  I call the shots.   You will be subject to

corporal punishment.  I will discipline you when I see fit but I will give you

pleasure and experience you will never forget. Alright, darling do you accept

my terms."

"Yes!!  Oh Yes!!!, just don't send me away.  I would die if I didn't have

you,"  Emily spoke frantically.

They did move to a two bed room house just off campus.  For the next two years

Emily cooked, washed, and took care of her lover just as new bride would.  She

quickly learned how to please Abby sexually and discovered that she liked the

subservient role in their relationship.  Abby made the decisions and she

obeyed just like a dutiful wife.  She had become dependent on Abby for

everything.  Abby handled their money, paid the bills.  She made all the major

decisions for the girl.  She even told Emily what classes to take.

Abby dominated her so completely that by graduation she was even telling Emily

what to wear and when she could go to the bathroom.  Emily had become more

than just her submissive lover.  Although they had never used that word they

both knew that was what she had become, A Slave.  Emily was her slave and Abby

could not bear to abandon what she had created so the night before

commencement she ask Emily to drop out of school and be her mate for life.

Falling to her knees Emily lowered her head and began sobbing.

Abby reached down and cupped the girls chin in her palm and raised her head

and ask.  "Well little one answer quickly.  Will you quit school and be, how

should we say, my wife?" she knelt down and kissed Emily trembling lips.

Emily threw her arms around her lover saying. "Yes, Yes!!!!  I'll be your

wife! I'll be whatever you want me to be!!!!  You can do with me what ever you


When Abby received her diploma and gave the valedictory speech, Emily clutched

the two first class airline tickets to San Francisco.  Abby had landed a job

at one of the most prestigious financial firms in that city.  Her salary was

the highest ever give to an entry level executive, male or female.


The sound of Abby's angry voice brought Emily back to reality.  "What did you

say darling?" she inquired timidly.

Abby repeated her command again louder saying "I say for you to get you ass

out here right now!"

Emily quickly re-enter the living room and stood meekly before her lover.  Her

head was bowed as she stared at the floor, not daring to look up.  She waited


Abby grabbed her wrists and pulled downward until the girl dropped to her

knees.  Settling back on the couch she demanded, "Why are you home so early?

You couldn't have gotten laid already?  It's not even nine o'clock yet!"

Emily kept her head bowed and in a voice that trembled and almost broke she

pleaded.  "Pleaseeee, darling not now.  I just want to forget that tonight

even happen.  Don't make me relive it by asking questions.  I'm so ashamed and

I feel so dirty."

Leaning forward Abby lifts the girl's head and looks into her teary eyes.  She

kisses her forehead affectionately then whispers.  "You've been fucked haven't

you.  Having intercourse with a male gave you an orgasm didn't it?  I've told

you that you were a slut when it came to receiving pleasure didn't I.  Tell me

everything now and don't leave out a single detail.  I want to know everything

he did to give my little girl a climax."

Closing her eyes tightly Emily described in vivid details about how she had

been picked up.  She described Josh's physical features and his expensive car

and how she thought him successful.  She described the interior of his condo,

how he lit the fire, lowered the lights, then sat next to her.

Blinking back tears Emily collapsed forward and buried her face in her hands

and began crying.  Between sobs she pleaded and begged.  "Please Abby, Please

don't make me describe what happened.  It's you that I love.  It's you that I

want to give me pleasure.  I didn't mean to orgasm, I wanted to hate it but I

couldn't.  Pleaseee forgive me!  PUNISH ME, PUNISH ME FOR BEING UNFAITHFUL.  I

deserve to be whipped."

Pulling the girl back to her knees she cradled her head on her lap letting her

continue to cry.  Stroking her hair Abby tried to reassure her by saying.

"Hush baby, hush now and listen to what I'm saying.  I sent you out to get

fucked.  I knew you would orgasm.  You're so easily aroused sexually.  Your

body responses to stimulation that's all it was.  I know you love me and not

some pig of a male.  You could never be unfaithful to me darling.  You

subjected yourself to this ordeal to give me a baby girl.  That's what we both

want isn't it?  I was just curious to know if he did something unique that we

could do to enhance our own love making that's all.  Now pull yourself

together and tell me what this man done that I couldn't do, besides filling

you sweet little cunt with male sperm."

Still sniffling Emily began to describe in minute erotic graphic detail of how

Josh made love to her.  She described how his caress excited and aroused her.

Putting her arms around Abby's hips she squeezed her lover as she continued

telling of the encounter.  She told how his penis felt hot in her hand and how

it pulsed and throbbed.  Giggling she admitted that Josh's dick was indeed

smaller than the dildo that they used on each other.

When she told how Josh had touched her anus and tried to penetrate her rectum.

Emily confessed that his short stubby finger frighted her and his anal play

was rough.  She said that she fearful that he might try to sodomize her.

Abby was excited at Emily descriptions.  Her nipples had started to erect and

her pussy was beginning to tingle and itch.  She patted Emily's bottom saying

"Your butt is adorable baby.  I've kissed those beautiful smooth cheeks when

they were red and burning and stripped with welts but I've never really taken

you anally have I?"

Startled Emily knelt up and shook her head as she mumbled "NO NEVER!"  Abby

had often play with her behind and even caressed and teased her pucker

opening.  She even occasionally put her finger up her rectum but only to the

first knuckle.  The thoughts of something larger being shoved up her ass sent

a shuddered through Emily's body.

Abby reached out and began to fondle Emily's breasts through her dress as she

started to continued.  "We'll remedy that as soon as possible.  Your little

hole will have to be stretched and enlarged to accommodate our dildo but that

can wait.  Right now I need your tongue.  Your story has me so horny and I

need to cum but first kiss and lick my bottom.  I want to see how sensitive my

own little asshole is."  Undoing her robe she reveal her naked body.  Putting

her hand behind Emily head she drew the girl's face toward her breasts.

Emily took the right nipple between her lips and fluttered her tongue across

the sensitive bud.  Cupping Abby's left tit with both hands she sucked the

nipple and areola then drew back and blew down.  She smiled as she watched the

nipple swell even more.  Drawing back she pleaded "Let's take a bubble bath

together then make love all night darling.  I feel so dirty, I want to scrub

myself clean for you."

Sighing Abby kissed Emily nose saying "I've already showered.  You can shower

though but no tub-bath and don't douche, keep the tampon inserted.  We want

that man's sperm to fertilize your egg.  If we are lucky you won't have to let

a man fuck or touch you ever again.  Now hurry darling I'm so hot.  I want to

see how see just how sensitive and sensual both our asses are."

Fifteen minutes later Abby was pinching and caresses her own breasts as Emily

knelt between her spread thighs.  Emily's skilled lips and tongue was driving

her crazy with lust.  She pulled the girls face tightly against her cunt as

she commanded.  "FUCK ME! Fuck me with your tongue and EAT MY PUSSY!"

Emily immediately released her lovers clit.  Drawing back she use the fingers

of both hands to spread Abby's pussy lips widely apart.  Driving her tongue as

deep as she could into the hole she gather as much cream as she could.

Withdrawing she swirled the pungent juices around her mouth savoring the

flavorful taste.  Swallowing she quickly traced the outer rim of Abby's cunt

before starting a slow in and out motion with her stiffened tongue.

Abby moaned and babbled incoherently and she pulled her mate's face deeper

into her crotch as she lifted her hips higher from the damp sheets.  She kept

Emily's mouth tightly press against her cunt as she climaxed.

Emily continued to lick Abby's libia, lapping and licking the swollen lips and

gathering up her sweet tasting cream as Abby slowly regained her breath.

Tapping Emily on the head she rolled over saying "Play with my ass now.  See

if you can make me cum by kissing and fingering my little brown hole baby."

Emily took a deep breath not sure she could bring herself to actually kiss

someone's asshole.  Sliding down she lay between Abby's spread legs and laid

her cheek against her lovers left buttock.  The flesh was smooth and warm

against her face.  Closing her eyes Emily brought her right hand up and gently

stroked and caressed the other globe.  Turning her face she inhaled deeply

through her nose.  She could faintly detect the smell or rose soap that they

like to use.

Using her left hand Emily parted her own vagina, exposing her clit.  Moving

her right hand down she pulled the tampon string down out of the way and

tentatively rubbed around the hard little knob.  Giving pleasure to Abby

always made her hot and excited.

As her eyes flutter open and shut she parted her lips slightly and kissed

Abby's right buttock cheek.  She rained kiss all over her lover butt.  Abby

moaned when she felt the younger girls tongue touch her ass.  This gave Emily

the courage she needed for her clit throbbed and her pussy spasmed in a mini

orgasm.  Soon Emily was licking not only the twin mounds but the crack that

divided them.

Abby reached back and held her lover's face between her cheeks as she gasp

out.  "Damn! I never realized that asses were so erogenous.  Touch my anus

then kiss it.  I want to see what it feels like."  Abby was soon kneeling, her

legs spread widely apart and her upper body flat against the bed.  Reaching

back she held herself open with both hands.

Emily slipped the index finger of her right hand between the swollen libia

lips that hung open and glisten with  moisture between Abby's thighs.  Coating

her finger she let the tip of the wet digit brush Abby's anus lightly.

Abby shiver and moved forward but immediately moved her ass back and curtly

ordered.  "A kiss first darling and play with my pussy it's feeling


Emily returned her hand to Abby's crotch and began fingering and playing there

as she brought her lips to her lover tight little tan anal opening. Parting

her lips she extended her tongue to run circles around her lover nether hole.

This new and deliciously stimulating activity had Abby at the brink of orgasm

in moments.  Her cunt was contracting around Emily's fingers and her clitoris

felt like it was going to explode.   Emily tongue was past her sphincter and

actually inside her rectum.  She could feel it wiggle around driving her crazy

with dizzying sensations.  Before she climaxed she wanted to know what a

finger felt like back there.  She somehow found her voice and gasp out "Stick

your finger up my ass.  Now!  I'm almost there. DO IT, DO IT!!"

Emily quickly removed her fingers from Abby's slick pussy hole and shoved her

cream coated index finger up Abby's rectum.  Abby's ass rotated wildly for a

few seconds then her whole body when rigid.  Her whole frame shudder then she

collapsed forward as if dead.  She had fainted her orgasm was so intense.

The first thing she heard when she regained consciousness was a frigented and

concerned Emily asking "Dariling are you alright, are you Ok?  Speak to me!"

Emily had turned her over and was shaking her.

"Yes. Yes Baby I'am Here," she mummered as she pulled Emily down beside her.

Rolling over on top of her Abby looked deep into her lovers sexy green eyes.

"That was the most powerful ograsm I've ever had.  Now it your turn." Abby

crushed her mouth against Emily's and began to french her.

The kiss took Emily breath away.  She felt relieved of the guilt for having

been unfaithful.  Abby still loved her and still wanted to give her pleasures.

Suddenly she remembered that her cunt was plugged and full of sperm.  Breaking

the kiss she held Abby tight and whispered. "Darling what about the tampon.  I

have Josh's sperm swimming around inside me, if you take it out now I might

not get pregnant."

Kissing her lips then her eyes Abby says "You've been through enough.   I know

it took a lot for you to fuck a man and it pleases me that you did it.  If

you're not pregnant this time, then next month you mustn't come home so early.

The more you're fuck the better change you have of giving us the baby girl we

both want.  I was just going to eat you out and play with your ass a little

but if you insistence we can wait."  Not waiting for Emily's reply Abby kissed

her lips again then moves to kiss and tongue her right ear.

Moving back Abby brushed Emily long tresses from her shoulders.  Seeing the

hickey she turns Emily's head to the side and stares at the purple splotch on

her neck.  Emily realizes what she has seen and tries to speak but can't find

her voice.  Abby draws back her hand and strikes Emily cheek leaving the

imprint of finger on the now crying girl's face.


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