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Archive-name: Samesex/


Archive-title: Emily's Strange Tale - 1

Emily stared at her reflection in the antique floor length mirror.  She was

nervous and flustered; she had not been out with a boy since she was in high

school.  She feared that she somehow might give herself, and her secret away.

But no, she tried to reassure herself, she looked fine, even desirable and

seductive.  Boys had always liked her then.  Even now men made passes at her

frequently, though she was usually careful to avoid situations in which they

could.  She did however like to flirt occasionally and wondered why someone

who hated and resented men so much could take such pleasure in arousing them.

She looked great, she told herself.  She had lost fifteen pounds in the last

two months; thanks to the three aerobic classes a week and that damn liquid

diet.  Abby had been right as usual though, the diet and workouts had really

toned her body.  She looked better now than when they first had met.

The black crepe dress fit her well but she was a little self conscious of the

way it molded itself to her form.  Without her brassiere you could actually

see the shape of her nipples through the fabric.  And the dress was short;

almost three inches above her knees.  Her thighs were firm now, and when she

walked, only her breasts would move.  Turning she looked over her shoulder at

the mirror.  Her ass she though was too small for a woman's really, but she

liked the way she looked in jeans.  Walking toward the big four poster bed she

shared with her lover, Emily ask.  "Well do I look fuckable Abby?"

Abby, who had been reading a magazine while Emily dressed, tossed it on the

floor and gave her a wolf whistle.  Swing herself to a sitting position Abby

tells Emily.  "Turn darling, let me see the total effect." Emily does a

pirouette as Abby whistles again.

"You look utterly fabulous!  Baby you're ravishingly gorgeous!  You're enough

to make any male have an erection from eight to eighty-eight.  If a man

doesn't hit on you tonight it's because he's deft, dumb, and blind."

Rushing over Emily kneels and puts her head in her lover lap and begins

weeping.  Abby gently strokes her hair while the younger girl cries.  Looking

up through her tears Emily chokes out.  "Does it have to be tonight?  Can't we

wait and use the clinic, Abby?  Pleaseeee!"

Brushing the hair from the younger woman's cheek Abby sigh deeply.  "We've

been all through this darling.  The cost of artificial insemination is just

not in our budget.  Financially you agreed that you were the one who should

become pregnant.  Just think if I get that promotion we can build our dream

house and you can stay home after the baby comes.  We will be a real family."

Abby pauses as she traces Emily pouting lips with her finger tip then


"The thoughts of a man having you -- kissing, touching and fucking you makes

my blood boil.  I whish that I could impregnate you myself but I know that is

the only way for us to have a child of our very own.  We've had you checked

out by the obstetrician/gynecologist and your ovaries, fallopian tubes and

uterus are all functioning properly.  We've kept charts of your menstruation

cycles, vagina temperatures, everything we possible can to figure out when you

would be the most fertile.  Everything says tonight is it.  If you are to get

pregnant and bear us a child you have to have intercourse with a man tonight."

Sniffling Emily chokes out.  "That what so frightening, the thoughts of a male

having me  . . . mauling my breasts  . . . putting his thing . . . "  she

trailed off not finishing what she starting saying.

Chucking Abby pulls Emily up next to her and puts her arms around her lover

and kissing her deeply before saying.

"Now listen to me, darling.  When the time comes just close your eyes and

pretend that the man is me.  His cock probably will not be as big as the dildo

we use when making love so there is nothing be scared of.  You shriek with joy

when I shove our little toys into your sweet puss.  You don't have to enjoy

sex with this man, all we want is his sperm.  I would rather you didn't enjoy

it but I know you are very passionate when you get aroused sexually.  All

he'll have to do is touch you clit and you will orgasm instantly.  You're just

a sex slut, darling.  Push the right button and you'll do anything for a


Hiding her face in her lover neck Emily mutters "Now you making fun of me!"

Abby pulls Emily up from the bed and dries her eyes.  She guides Emily to the

vanity saying.  "Fix your make-up now; it four-thirty and the yuppies drift

into O'Mally's a little after five."

As Emily re-applies her mascara Abby continues, "While you were at aerobic's

last week I spotted three or four guys in there that would suit our purposes

just fine.  If no one there appeal to you check out Chris's, it's down the

block from the court house.  Drake's Pub just off campus is where the pre-med

students indulge themselves.  I would like for our sperm donor to be

intelligent.  Those places are frequent hangout for young doctor's, lawyer's,

and successful business men, who like to unwind and have a drink."


It was Friday and O'Mally's was crowded.  The narrow aisle, which separated

the bar from it tables, were filled with flesh, male and female.  The men

seemed to be posing, elbows on the surface of the bar with drinks in hand.  A

surprising number of them appeared to be successful if clothing was any


Emily plunged through the mass of humanity and headed for the empty stool at

the bar.  She was self-conscious, and she especially noticed the eyes of the

men as she approached.  Could they tell that she was a lesbian?  Less than a

minute after setting down she felt a hand on her shoulder. "Hello," started a

dark haired young man in a tailored Brooks Brother's suit.  "My name is Josh

can I buy you a drink?"

Emily pressed her lips together, then let the tip of her tongue peep out to

wet her upper lip. "Yes," she smiled, "a scotch and soda would do nicely."  He

motioned for the bartender and gave him the order.  He extended his American

Express Platinum card when the drink arrived.

"Convenience, it's not safe carrying cash these days."  He explained as he put

his wallet inside the inner pocket of this suit.  Emily sipped her scotch.

"Good?" he inquired his brows knitting.

"Strong," she replied turning on a smile she did not really feel.  She

wondered what he did for a living.  Was he a junior banker or an upward mobile

young executive?  Was he intelligent?  It didn't matter, not really.

"Good," he smiled resuming his bourbon and water.  He offered her a cigarette.

She shook her head negatively.  She did not smoke and the fact that he did

annoyed her but she said nothing.

Emily studied his face, he was not what you would call handsome but he was

good looking, she liked his eyes.  He would do, she told herself, he has nice

features and a lean body.  Again she wet her lips suggestively.

She relaxed and waited for him to make his pitch.  She knew that it was just a

prelude to what he really wanted.  She would make him work for his fuck, she

thought.  He bought her two more drink as she sat there passively while he did

his utmost to charm and impress her.

Already Emily was feeling the effect of the drinks, for she rarely indulged in

alcohol.  There was no use in continuing the ruse and besides she was becoming

impatient with it.  She wanted to get it over with and get home to Abby.  Josh

whatever-his-name was would do as well as any man.

Leaning over she whispered in his ear.  "Why don't we leave?  Maybe we can go

to your place?"  As he took her hand and started to rise she was suddenly

afraid of this man she was about to use.

In the parking lot he handed his ticket and a dollar to the young teenage

attendant.  A new BMW convertible was driven out.  Emily was impressed by the

luxurious import.  "Did you drive?" Josh asked.

"Yes," she answered.  "But you can drive me back here, after" she smiled

seductively and widened her sexy green eyes at him.  Her escort smiled

knowingly then held the car door open for her.

Ten minutes later they had pulled up in front of what Emily knew to be an

expensive condo complex on the west side of town.  The interior of his

spacious condo was elegantly decorated and not at all what she expected for a

single male.  She though he must have hired a female decorator.  As Josh

selected his favorite CD, Emily settled back on the huge leather sofa in front

of the fireplace.  He lit the gas logs and lowered the lighting before sitting

down next to her.

"You're very beautiful, Emily" he said as he put his arm around her shoulder

and drew her closer.  For some reason the compliment irritated her and Emily

blurted out.  "No, no I'm not."

He chucked. "Ok, your' not beautiful, but you are very sexy looking and


The last syllable had barely left his mouth when he brought his lips to hers.

At first he pressed lightly then harder.  He widened her lips with his and

shot his tongue into her compliant and widening mouth.  His lips were

straining and turning against her as their tongues collide.  She winched in

pain as the pressure of his teeth hurt her.  She moved nervously against the

cushions of the sofa as he pressed his body tightly to her.

She felt her nipples start to come erect and she was surprised at this

revelation of her own growing excitement.  He brought his open palm against

her yielding left breast and gave a gentle squeeze.  Both of them were

breathing rapidly now.  He plied the hidden nipple between thumb and

forefinger and gave it a little pinch.  He felt the rapid stiffening of her

nipple under his insistent touch.  His mouth plunged into her's, and their

tongues exchanged moist strokes and counter strokes.  He abandoned her tit and

with his left hand pulled her toward him and with his right her ran the zipper

of her dress down her back.  His hand was now inside her dress cupping her

right tit.  Emily arched her chest underneath his searching hand.

She shut her eyes tight and any fears she had were obscured by her increasing

arousal.  The touch was warm, and her body could not help but to respond.  It

was irrelevant now whether it was man or woman who was caressing her.  She

clamped her legs tightly together as her pussy began to moisten creating a

dampness in the crotch of her panties.

As Josh pressed her to a reclining position: Emily could feel the short skirt

of her dress creep up exposing her white lace bikini panties.  His hand was

now at her knees spreading them open.  His hand slides upward caressing her

thighs before cupping her crotch.

He could feel her wetness against his palm.  Using the flat of his forefinger

her pressed her clitoral ridge.  Slowly he moved his finger up and down the

dampening furrow.  Slipping his finger under the leg band he traced the oily

lips of her sex.  Pushing the lacy crotch aside he gently separated her libia

and pushes inside her cunt.

Emily's vagina responded to the penetration by contracting and tighten around

his digit.  She moaned into his mouth as he wiggled the finger around as if

testing the elasticity of her love hole.

After finger-fucking her for a moment he withdrew and removed his hand from

her undergarment.  With both hand he reached for her hips groping for the

waistband of bikini top.

Emily lifted her hips off the sofa as he moved down her body, pulling the

panties quickly down her thighs to her knees.  When his head was even with the

tangle panties he began kissing his way up her thighs.

Emily clutched the back of his head with both hands urging him upward wanting

to feel his tongue on her clit.  His wet tongue felt cool against the heat of

her matted pubic bush.  An involuntary shiver coursed through her pelvis when

he spread her slit and gently blew a rush of cool air over her erect and

exposed clitoris.  She bucked her pussy upward and simultaneously pull his

head deeper into her crotch. He clamped his mouth to top of her vagina and

began lashing her engorged clit with the tip of his tongue.  "Eat me, eat me,"

she begged him as her voice turning to a gasp.  She squirmed in passion

beneath is mouth as he eats her cunt.

He grabbed both her buttocks in his hands, straining to keep her still while

he accelerated the manipulations of his lips and tongue.  Wanting to prolong

his pleasure and to bring her just to the edge of orgasm, Josh released her

erect little button and plunged his tongue into her love hole.  Her cunt was

wetter now and he like the taste of her pussy cream.  To him she tasted salty,

of hormonal secretions and sweat.  He thought she tasted sweet and tangy at

the same time.  When he felt she was on the verge of climaxing he stopped.  He

raised his head, his face glistening with her sweet juices.

Emily tried to force his face back to her pussy crying out between pants.

"Pleaseee don't stop!  Finish me, I'm so close!"

He was kneeling on the couch now as he pulled her panties to her ankles.

Dropping the tiny bit of lace and silk to the floor he spoke.  "In a minute

baby, I'll fuck you to a mind shattering cum."  Quickly he pulls the zipper of

his slack down.  His penis was hard and erect and was pushing itself out

through the flaps of his briefs.  He leaned forward and took her hand and let

it to his cock while he lowered his body above hers.

Emily held his erect penis timidly, fearful that somehow her touch would make

him ejaculate.  His cock was hot to the touch and it pulsed and throbbed in

her dainty hand.  Abby was right again she though.  His penis is not as long

or as big in diameter as the dildos they used on each other.  Suddenly panic

grip the young woman and she tighten her grip; what if he wanted and demanded

oral sex before they fuck or worse yet after?  Would he force her to perform

such a degrading act or beat her if she refused?  His moaning as she squeezed

his meat brought her back to reality.  She drew her hand away from his dick

and settled it limply over his shoulder as he drop beside her.

He stuck his index finger in her cunt and began to slowly finger her.  Soon he

added a second finger while he used his thumb to massage and tease her


Emily kept her eyes tightly shut.  She was pretending that it was Abby who was

caressing and arousing her.  She was getting hot and growing more so with each

inward thrust of those magical fingers.

Josh listen to her quickening breathing.  He knew that she was close to

cumming by the way she bit her lower lip and the way her cunt muscles dilated

and contracted around his fingers.  The spasms were a warning signs of her

approaching orgasm.  With his free hand he released the clasp at the top of

his trousers and pushed them down his legs and kicked them off.  Quickly he

got between her spread thighs.

Emily spread her legs as far apart as she could and braced herself for

penetration.  The man was now over her crouching on hand and knees.  Reaching

back he wraps her legs over his and lower his body.  He flexed his buttocks

and rams his stiff cock toward her pussy lips.  He misses in his excitement

failing to gain entry.

Daintily, as though she did not like to touch him, Emily takes hold of his

cock and leads it to her hole.  The entrance to her cunt is slick and slippery

with her juices and he slips in easily.

He begins to pump, pushing his hips back and forth slowly.  She responded by

driving upwards to meet his attack.  She wraps her legs around his waist

trying to keep him deep inside of her.  Her vaginal muscles tighten squeezing

and milking his cock rhythmically.

He pushes deep inside of her and hold still.  He was pressing his chin against

her shoulder.  Turning his face he grabs the flesh of her neck between his

teeth.  The tongue was soothing as it licked the sweating skin.  His teeth

were merciless, biting as his lips sucked.  He wants to leave his mark on her.

Emily wants to scream out "No! No, I don't want a hickey," but she kept quite

and submissively submits to this indignity.  She silently prays that Abby

would not be angry with her when she returns home and sees it.

Drawing back he kisses her closed eyes then her mouth, as he begin the fuck

again.  His strokes are faster now and her own buttocks are rocked with each

new assault.  Instinctively she grabs for his scrotum bag.  Taking both his

testicles in her hand she gently twists his hairy sack.  That seemed to drive

him home.  He plunges his hard shaft into her deeper and harder, his chest is

crushing into her now as his penis pounds in and out of her pussy.

Her hand went to her clitoris, and she felt his stomach on the back of her

hand as she flicked the sensitive head of her love button.  All at once she

felt a wild surging of his cock as he thrust into her hard.   His penis seemed

to twitch and pulse.  One spurt and then another of the hot white fluid shot

from the slit at the bulbous head of his cock.

She felt as thought all the breath had been squeezed from her lungs.  His

final battering came in quick, frantic movements.  Just as she thought she

had lost it, her climax hit her heavily.  She writhed, shook and shuddered in

ecstasy as his own strokes slowed.  His body moved as if in slow motion;

suddenly it was over.  He stayed inside her, still stiff, for a few moments

before gingerly pulling out and turning over on his back.  He took her hand

in his own and again led it of his deflating prick.  He pressed her fist

tightly around it then reaches his hand up.

"Oh Gawd!." Emily's mind screams "He is going to make me suck his cock!"

Before his hand reaches the back of her head or he can even speak.  Emily

releases his shrunken sticky penis and quickly put her hand over her leaking

pussy and ask.  "Where's the bathroom darling.  I'm about to pop.  I've got

to pee or I'm going to wet your beautiful sofa."

Disappointed Josh sit up muttered "Down the hall, the first door on the


Emily rises as his pearl-white semen, drips from her cunt coating her fingers.

Holding her dress up she makes her way down the hall.  Shutting and locking

the bathroom door, she quickly sets on the toilet.  Raising her hand from her

crotch she looks at sperm covering it.  Touching her tongue to the tips of her

fingers she thinks. "It's a little salty, but I could never put that thing of

his in my mouth.  How do I get out of here without having to give him a blow-

job?  I've got what I want; my pussy been pumped full of sperm.  How do I get

him to take me back to O'Mally's?"  Wiping her sticky hand with some tissue

her eyes brighten.  She knew how to play it now.

Reaching for her purse she open it, taking out a light blue plastic tube about

four inches in length.  It was a tampon carrier.  Abby had told her that if

she inserted it as soon as possible after the man had ejaculated into her it

would increase the chances that one of the sperm would do it's job and make

her pregnant.  Opening the carrier she took the pink applicator and positioned

it at her vagina.  The tampon slipped easily into her hole.  Putting the

applicator and wrapping in her purse: she gave the string hanging from her

pussy a little tug.  Using some more tissue she wiped her bush and outer sex

lips dry.  She looked to see that no more of the man stuff was leaking from

her.  Standing she lowered her dress then checks her hair and make-up in the


Returning to the living room Emily is relieved to see that Josh has put his

pants back on.  Walking to the bar she points to the telephone and ask.  "Do

you mind, I need to call my answering machine?"  Not waiting for his reply she

pick up the phone and dials it.  After a moment she slams down the receiver

and turn saying "I've got to go!  My baby sister been in a car accident!

Please take me back to O'Mally's."  Rushing over she picks up her panties from

the floor and crams them into her purse saying "Hurry please!"

Josh pulling his shoes on says "Maybe I should drive you.  You look pretty


Emily who was standing at the door panics.  She had no sister, what if he

insisted on taking her?  Then she realized he probably just wanted to see her

again.  Hastily she strutted out.  "No! No, I don't want to put you out.  I'll

meet you at O'Mally's later and let you know how everything is, ok."

Josh drove like he was in a NASCAR race.  Just four minutes passed and Emily

was setting behind the wheel of her own car.  Starting the engine she waved

to Josh as she drove out of the parking lot.



Emily drove aimlessly around town, for almost an hour, afraid to go home.  She

knew that Abby would be upset that she was returning home so early.  She

wanted a baby, especially a baby girl, as much as Abby did but she hated and

loathed the idea of a man touching her.

They had arguments over how she was to get pregnant for months.  Emily wanted

to use artificial insemination because it offered a better chance of producing

a female.  Artificial insemination also eliminated the need for any physical

contact with men.  Reluctantly after many heated arguments and threats she had

agree to Abby's plan to pick up some unsuspecting man and let him fuck and

impregnate her.  Abby had promised that she could quit her job and they would

built their dream home in suburbia as soon as she became pregnant.

Well she had done it, she had let a man fuck her and did not to repeat the

experience again so soon.  She now felt dirty and defiled at letting a man

have her that way.

She knew that if she went home now Abby would insist that she go out again and

pick up another man.  Josh had wanted her to perform oral sex on him, which

appalled and frighten her.  The next guy might rape her mouth or worst yet

maybe even force her to have anal sex, no way was she going to chance that.

Abby's rectal play was pleasurable and ok but never a real male.

"No Never That!!  A pussy full of sperm, YES!  A man shooting my ass full of

hot sticky cum, No Never!  And Never will a male shoot a load of cum down my

throat either." Emily spoke out loud as she drove.


NOTE: This is only my second attempt at erotic writing.  All comments are

welcome and encouraged! (Please leave them in a text files C-EMILY01.TXT ext.)

How should the story progress?

Should Abby punish little Emily for allow a male to give her a hickey?  Abby

could become a dominate bitch with little Emily being her submissive slave?

Should Emily be pregnant? or may to undergo other adventures with males?

Perhaps she could be whipped and abused by the next guy she picks up.

If Emily does become pregnant should the baby be male or female.  If it's a

male Abby could sell it to male homosexuals or maybe a straight couple who

would punish it for being the off-spring of lesbian lovers.  If female the

child could be loaned to other lesbians or sent to a school for training with

Abby and Emily checking on her progress from time to time.

Maybe Abby will insist that Emily's doctor be a lesbian female.  Her pre-natal

check-up could include Bondage and/or S&M.  Perhaps she could undergo natural

child birth which might include torture, enemas, pissing while giving birth.

Emily could be made to regress to childhood herself giving Abby two babies to

play with and abuse?

I don't write to fast but I will try to incorporate the ideas I get into the



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