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Archive-name: Samesex/dykethot.txt

Archive-author: S. Yoder

Archive-title: Dyke's Thoughts, A

Thinking of last night, I wonder how many things.  Like how will you

act when you cum and how your tounge will fill against my throbbing clit.

Yes, we made love last night, but it was only the beginning of endless


You are built larger, heavier, than me.  I love that.  Underneath you

are soft, cuddly, shy.  You took me in your arms as we kissed and held me

firmly, but gently.  It was you, you who had never made love to anyone

before, that took my shirt off and began kissing my breasts.  No woman 

has ever been able to get the response that you did.  Slowly you kissed,

and licked, and sucked until I almost came from that stimulation alone.

Your soft strong hands took the time to to stroke and explore, caress

and knead my body.  

Finally you rolled me over on top of you and took your shirt off, offering

yourself to me.  The feel of your skin against mine was better than I could have ever have imagined.  Breasts were against breasts, nipples teasing nipples.

I ran my hands through your thick cropped hair as I kissed your neck,

wondering if I would get to run them through your other hair.  I began 

working on your neck and shoulders, kissing, licking, and occasionally 

bitting.  (Were you ever able to explain that hickey to your mom?) It was

so hard not to rush to get to your breasts so you could feel what I felt.

I traced the inside of your arm down to your hand and sucked on each finger.

Returning I began on your right breast, licking lightly at first until

I reached the nipple. There I stayed until it became hard, and then I sucked

all of your breast into my mouth.  You let out a gasp.  Goddess, you are

a quiet one.  I did the same for the left breast and recieved a moan

from you.  As I started down your stomach you pulled me back up.  I

wondered if I had done something wrong.  You said no, you were just

scared.  So I laid in your arms and we held each other, silent.

No, last night wasn't the night, but you don't rush the good things in 



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