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Archive-name: Samesex/


Archive-title: Dorm Encounter

in 15 parts

Dorm Encounter Part I: Best Friends

     It is a calm and quiet night.  I sit quietly at my desk at

midnight, typing my latest entry into my journal on the computer. 

Due to the lateness of the hour, I have turned the lights out and

the dull glow of the computer screen casts an almost eerie pallor

onto the room.

     Suddenly, out of the quiet darkness, a knock comes at the

door.  As the door is locked, I get up to see who it is.  I look

out the peephole and, to my great surprise, it is Jim, alone, and

smiling.  I immediately throw open the door.

     Jim walks in and says, "I'm not disturbing you, am I?"  I

immediately answer, "No!  Not at all.  What are you doing here

this late at night?  Where's Kathy?"  Jim seats himself in his

customary seat on the couch and hesitates.  As he slowly answers,

I can tell that he is about to say something difficult.  He looks

me dead in the eyes and slowly says, "Kathy is at home asleep.  I

am here because my curiosity finally got the better of me, and I

want to be with you.... you the way that you want."

     Flabbergasted, I stare in disbelief and reply, trying to

hide the excitement growing in my stomach, "Are you sure?  Why

now, and why me?"

     Expectantly I wait for him to phrase his answer.  "Why now? 

Because I'm just curious enough to do it.  Why you?  Because I

love you and I want this to happen only with you."

     I quickly reply, "I'm flattered, and eager to fulfill your

wish, but I want you to really think about this before you jump

in.  You'll never be able to go back once you've started."

     "What do you mean?" he asks.

     "I mean that once you've committed to this, you can't say

that you never did it.  It's an accomplished fact once you start. 

That's not to say that I won't stop if you say so, but until you

have begun to have sex with a man, you'll be able to say you

haven't done it.  Understand?"

     "I've thought about it a lot, Andrew, and I know I'll never

know what it's like until I do it, and I'll always be curious.  I

know that I love you, and I know you want me badly.  We've talked

about it a million times.  I also know that this will be a major

bonding between us that only we can share, and I'd like to have a

part of you that no one else has."

     "Well, do you have any rules or requests?" I ask eagerly,

the love for this man building within me to the breaking point.

     "My only request is that you take charge and love me like no

other man you have loved." 

     With that, he came over behind the desk, took my hands from

the keyboard where they lay immobile, and turned the computer

off.  Suddenly, the room was plunged into blackness.  I let go of

his hands and stumbled to the bedside table where I pulled out

four votive candles.  I placed them on the bedside table and lit

them.  I then went to the stereo, pulled out the soundtrack to

"Somewhere in Time," and put it in the stereo turning the volume

down low.

               Jim and I met in the middle of the room and hugged

ferociously.  Our embrace, which began with great expression of

need, evolved into a tender embrace full of the love we shared

and the passion that was building within each of us.  I slowly

unbuttoned his shirt and removed it from his shoulders.  He did

the same to me.     We stood, facing each other, naked to the

waist.  I began to trace circles with my fingers around his chest

and nipples, reveling in the feel of his soft and smooth skin.  I

then unfastened his belt as he slipped out of his shoes and

socks.  Pulling his zipper down while looking him straight in the

eyes, I removed his pants.    I then took off my pants and

shorts.  I eased my fingers under the waistband of his jockeys,

and slowly peeled the last article of clothing from him.  As he

stood, hesitant, I removed my shorts and shoes and we stood,

finally, naked to the skin before each other.

     Again we embraced, this time as our cocks wrestled with each

other between us.  My hands roamed all over his body, caressing

and teasing as they went.  Hesitant at first, Jim mimicked my

actions.  As he became more confident, his touch became not

hesitant but insistent.

     I bent my head and laid my lips over his.  Our kiss was

tentative and curious at first, but as the seconds passed, his

lips opened to accept my tongue.  I searched the caverns of his

mouth with my tongue, and met no resistance.  He kissed back, now

full of passion, and our dueling tongues fought back and forth

from my mouth to his.

     Our cocks were now fully hard and becoming uncomfortable

meshed between us. I led Jim by the hand to the bed and gently

laid him down on his back.  I lowered myself to the bed and lay

myself along side of him, our hips and feet and shoulders


     I turned over onto my side and began caressing his entire

body with my fingertips.  I told him as I moved, "Don't do

anything.  Just lay back and let the feelings overwhelm you."  He

nodded and closed his eyes.  I traced his eyes with my fingers,

and then traced his mouth, dipping my finger inside.  He sucked

on my finger with the tenderness of a small child playing with a


     My hands moved to his chest where they circled his nipples

and slightly pinched them.  As my hands moved, his skin alive to

the touch, he began quietly moaning. My hands roamed across his

smooth chest and stomach and began playing with his pubic hair. I

wrapped the hair in my fingers and gently tugged.  This elicited

louder moans from him as if he were trying to tell me that his

cock was begging for attention.

     I moved my head so that it was laying on his belly

looking directly at his crotch.  For the first time, I visually

drank in the most perfectly formed cock I had ever seen.  It was

not short, but it was not long.  What it lacked in length, it

made up for dramatically in girth.  His cock was tapered, and was

incredibly think at the root.  His cockhead was beautifully

shaped.  I caressed the length of his cock with my hands, jacking

it in long luxurious caresses.  With my other hand, I grasped his

balls and lightly squeezed them.

     My actions were taking their toll as he began to lift his

ass into the air and whimper like a puppy. I slowly lowered my

head to his cock, and drew it in.  As my tongue swirled around

the head, he began moaning in earnest now.  His hands, which, up

to this point had remained motionless at his sides, grasped my

hair and pushed my mouth down onto his cock.  Although it was

thick, I slowly eased down on it until his angelic pubic hair was

scratching my nose.  I slowly withdrew and began sucking him in

earnest.  I dove onto the shaft with the skill of an experienced

fellator, and rode his cock with my mouth, tongue and throat for

all it was worth.  I could tell that he was close to coming, so I

eased off and began to suck first one and then both of his balls

into my mouth.  As they rolled around my tongue, Jim began

writhing on the bed almost uncontrollably.

     I lifted his balls out of the way and began to teasingly

lick the cord of flesh between his balls and asshole.  I think he

knew where I was going, because he raised his hips off the bed

and parted his legs to give me better access.  As my tongue

tickled across his asshole, he clutched my ears with great force.

I began swirling my tongue around his asshole repeatedly, drawing

shivers and moans from him.  I eased my tongue into his asshole

and he began bucking like a wild horse as I toungefucked him.

     Seeing that he was reaching the uncontrollable stage of

orgasm, I quickly returned to his cock and swooped down onto it

taking it to the hilt.  I sucked hard and earnestly and as he

began bucking again, he whispered, "I'm going to blow, Andrew.

I'm going to blow!"  Happy with the progress of his impending

orgasm, I sucked harder and harder.  Finally, without any warning

at all, floods of semen filled my mouth.  I swallowed what I

could, but he came with such force that some of his semen

dribbled out of my mouth and down my chin.  He kept coming and

coming until finally the spurts became gentle and I was able to

continue to drink him in.  As his orgasm subsided, I laid back

and licked the cum from my lips and chin, savoring each drop of

the fluid.

     As our breathing came back to normal, he rolled over and

said, "God.  That was the greatest orgasm I've ever had in my

life.  I love you, Andrew."  With that, he kissed me long and

deep, tasting his semen for the first time.

     The passion of the kiss reawoke his cock which now stood at

attention again.  He looked me deep in the eyes as his hands

roamed my chest and said, "Can I fuck you?"  I looked him back in

the eye as my hands caressed his face, and said, "I would love

nothing more in the whole world."

     I leaned over to the bedside table drawer and pulled out a

tube of KY jelly.  As I applied it to my fingers, he told me to

wait.  He climbed over my body until he was face to face with my

raging hardon.  He took my cock to the root in a flash and sucked

gently for a while, driving me nearly crazy.  He parted my legs

as his tongue traced a line from my cock to my asshole and he

tentatively licked at my hole.  This made me wild with passion,

and as he stuck his tongue in and out of my asshole, I thought I

was going to explode.  Reaching for the KY, he greased his own

finger up and began applying the cool jelly to the insides of my

ass.  The jelly did not do much to quench the fires burning in my

asshole, but the anticipation of having that thick, beautiful

cock plunging in and out of my ass sent my mind reeling.

     He put the tube aside and laid down on top of me. Our cocks,

slippery from our mouths and the KY he had applied to his

throbbing member, slid against each other creating total bliss in

my mind.  He bent down and kissed me deeply and as we kissed, he

raised his hips and pushed my legs up above his shoulders.

     I felt his cockhead at my back door, and wiggled in

anticipation.  He slowly pushed his cockhead into my ass, sliding

effortlessly into the tight warm confines of my ass.  He buried

his cock in my ass and lay back down on top of me, smiling as he

felt his manhood fill me completely.  Slowly and teasingly, he

began pulling his cock out and pushing it back in.  I was in

ecstasy. My whole body was alive with fire, and the passion

building within me was growing to heights I have never before

achieved with anyone including myself.  His fucking increased

steadily until he was literally pounding in and out of my ass,

oblivious of me and in tune with his own feelings.  With one

hand, he reached down and began furiously jacking my cock,

replacing my busy hands.  The fever of our lovemaking soared, and

just as I thought I could hold out no longer and began to blow my

seed all over both of us, I felt his powerful orgasm blast into

my ass.  I felt his sperm shoot into the deepest depths of my

ass, and I cried out in anguish as I took his second and more

powerful load into my body.

     He bent down and took my spewing member in his mouth,

swallowing the final blasts of my orgasm.  Our pulses raced, and

I could feel his as his arms engulfed me in the most fantastic

kiss I have ever experienced. It went on for many minutes, our

tongue dueling with each other exchanging our fluids as they


     Finally, we became still, his enormous cock still lodged in

my ass.  We embraced and rolled together into a ball and lightly

caressed and kissed each others' bodies as our pulses slowed to


     We fell asleep wrapped in each others arms, our cocks soft

and spent between us.  We were covered from head to toe in cum.

     A while later, I awoke to find him staring at me with an

expression I can only describe as pure love.  I looked at him and

knew that he had enjoyed making love with me as much as I had

with him.  We kissed again, this time slowly and deeply, and fell

back asleep.

     We awoke in the early hours of dawn, and made love again,

this time slowly and passionately.  As we reached simultaneous

climax, we were as close to being at one with the other as

humanly possible.  The thoughts running through my head were of

such great love I thought my heart would burst.  We cuddled as

the sun rose, and then got up and went to shower.  We returned to

the room, kissed and embraced again for several minutes, and

dressed for school.

     As Jim was sitting on the couch putting on his shoes, he

looked up and said to me, "That was the most incredible night I

have ever spent with anyone.  Thank you for making my first

experience with a man such a great one."

     I smiled from across the room and said, "As often as I have

had sex with me, I have never felt what I felt last night.  I

don't know if this was a one time thing or not, and if it is I

will be content to know that I have had it.  The memory of truly

loving you will fill my heart and mind forever.  But if this is

something that you don't want to repeat, I will understand."

     Jim stood up, came over to me, ran his hands through my hair

and kissed me tenderly and passionately.  "I need to think about

all this before I answer that.  Kathy and I love each other very

much, our sex is great, and I am not willing to give that up. 

But what we had last night, you and I, wildly surpasses anything

I have ever felt before.  I love you, Andrew, and I know you know

that.  I enjoyed what happened too much, really.  But I'm just

not sure about doing it again.  It was such a beautiful

experience I'd hate to try to repeat it and fail.  We'll talk

some more about it later."

     With that, he hugged me close, kissed me long and hard, and

left my room.  I stood in the middle of the room not wanting to

let go of the incredible feeling my soaring heart was

experiencing.  I closed the door, hugged myself and smiled.  It

had been all I ever dreamed of and more.  I sat on the bed, still

smiling, undid my pants, and beat myself furiously to climax

reliving every moment of our night together.

     I then dressed, smiling to myself as I did so, and headed

out to class.

Dorm Encounter Part II: Caught in the Act!

     Steve and I were on the bed, covered in spunk, gasping for

breath.  We both turned towards the door finding three of our

fellow residents standing there, fisting their huge pricks.

     I was the first to speak.  "Holy shit, guys!  Don't waste

that precious cum!  Come over here and let me and Steve work

those loads out!"

     John, Sam and Scott looked at each other sheepishly.  John

became the spokesman for the group saying, "Well, God-- we're not

homos like you two lovebirds.  We just got hot watching you get


     I replied, somewhat coyly, "Well, sure.  But you seemed to

really enjoy it judging from what's all over my floor, man!"

     With that, all three shucked what remained of their

clothing, closed the door, and sat next to each other on the bed. 

Steve looked at me, I looked at him, and we both dove into two

laps.  I sucked John's root to the base and he grabbed my head

and began pulling my ears and hair.  I glanced sideways and saw

that Steve was giving admirable service to Sam who had thrown his

head back and was moaning in pleasure.  Scott appeared to be

content to watch as he had his fist wrapped around his throbbing

cock, precum leaking from the slit like water from a leaky


     The sucking got intense.  Steve and I were milking these two

magnificent cocks for all they were worth, bouncing up and down

and fondling balls as we went.  I began to feel that Scott might

need some attention, so I moved over and swallowed him to the

hilt.  He screamed in ecstasy and pushed my head down further.  I

sucked for all it was worth, while at the same time running my

hands over his chest.  His broad and smooth pectoral muscles

caused my hands to sing with rejoicing in having found such a

splendid example of young manhood.

     There was little noise as the sucking continued.  I was just

about to start wondering what had happened to John when I felt a

tentative lick on my cockhead.  I looked down to find John laying

on his back, his lips wrapped around my cockhead, bluntly and

inexperiencedly sucking me off.  I pushed my cock further into

his mouth as he muffled a groan.  His left hand was busy pumping

his rockhard prick and his other hand found the entrance to my

asschute.  Tentatively at first, then boldly, he stuck his index

finger up my chute and prodded around inside.  When his finger

reached and caressed my prostrate gland, I immediately filled his

mouth with my sweet nectar.  He swallowed quickly, and as I

looked down again, I saw that he had managed to grab almost the

entire load, only a trickle escaped from his mouth.  Watching his

hand flail on his rod made me feel guilty, so I stopped sucking

Scott and turned and sat right down on John's prick.  He moaned

in delight and began humping his hips upward, meeting every

downward plunge of my tight moist ass.  We were oblivious to the

other guys as we met in a frenzied cadence that defied all logic

and fucked with everything we had.  I was quickly rewarded with

blast after blast of hot searing cum shooting deep within me.  As

his cum subsided, I fell of him and lay on the floor trying to

catch my breath.

     Steve and the others had watched our fucking with great

interest.  Steve, apparently eager to plugged again, yelled,

"Somebody shove it to me NOW!"  Scott, only too happy to oblige,

stood, bent Steve over the edge of the bed, and ran his sword

straight into Steve's ass. Steve howled in delight and met the

thrust head on.  Soon they were fucking up a storm.  Sam,

apparently feeling left out and feeling the moment, stood and

sank his shaft into Scott's unlubed virgin ass.  Scott screamed

in agony and Sam began to withdraw.  Scott reached around,

grabbed Sam's hips, and drew him in saying, "Don't stop.  Oh, God

it feels so good!"

     Soon the three had reached a cadence that was comfortable. 

Steve and Sam basically stood still and Scott bounced back and

forth between them.  The grunting and groaning reached a new

height and John and I were getting hard watching them.  I flipped

John over on his back, pulled his legs up and over my shoulders,

and sank my tongue into his sweet asshole.  I swabbed around,

lubing him up as he squirmed in delight, making sweet cooing

noises.  Impatiently, he pulled at my hair, urging me to complete

the act.  Needing no further encouragement, I sank all eight

inches into him slowly and seductively, relishing in each gained

inch as his ass submitted to and clung to my throbbing aching

hardon.  I slowly began moving in and out of him, creating the

most sublime friction I've experienced in a while.  His ass was

hotter than hell, and tight as a glove.  It was tremendous.  He

was bucking his ass trying to meet each thrust as we finally

found our rhythm and began fucking in earnest.

     Looking over to the others, I noticed that the heat of the

moment was upon them as sweat flung out in all directions and

they were yelling at the top of their lungs and panting. 

Suddenly, Sam tensed and shot what looked to a huge load up

Scott's ass.  This apparently triggered Scott's internal

mechanism as he began moaning and shooting into Steve.  Steve,

not to be outdone, stood up, the two men still attached to him,

and showered John and myself with cum.  We licked the raindrop

type shots off of ourselves, enjoying the creamy semen.

Just as all this was happening, my dick slipped from John's ass

and began wildly spraying John and myself with the biggest load I

ever shot.  Gob after gob of creamy white spunk shot out and

covered the two of us.  I lay down on top of him and slid around

in my semen, finding his cock with my hands and milking it for

another delicious load.

The three musketeers had calmed down and were sitting on the bed

watching us, tasting their semen from each other's bodies and

jacking their still hard cocks.  I suggested that they join us on

the floor.

     Having not tasted Sam yet I swallowed his raging cock to the

root, sucking and tasting this sweet boy.  Sam reached out for

the nearest throbber, John's and swallowed him.  The others got

the idea and soon we were sucking each other in a crude daisy

chain all over the floor.  Each was sucking and being sucked, and

the sounds and smells coming from the floor were intense, better

than any artificial high I had ever experienced.

We were all really into the scene, sucking and thrusting.

     Almost as if ordered, we began a chain reaction of

ejaculations that literally went around the circle.  Each of us

attempted to swallow the load we were being fed, and when we each

in turn reached capacity, the remaining load was shot into the

middle of the circle until there was quite a puddle of semen in

the middle of the floor.  I was shaking and freaking from the

experience, and without knowing what I was really doing, I

crawled from the heap of manflesh to the puddle and began lapping

it up like a little kitten.  One by one, each guy came to me and

kissed me deeply, taking away a sample of the mixed sperm until

my mouth was dry, and we were all laying on the floor atop one

another exhausted.

     No one spoke for some time.  Finally, John said, "Never in a

million years did I think I would have done something like this,

but Goddamn it to Hell it was GREAT!"

     Several of the others echoed his thoughts, and soon we began

getting up and getting dressed to the extent possible to head to

the showers.  Only Steve remained, and he took my hand and pulled

me to the bed where we fell onto it, wrapped our arms around each

other, kissed deeply, and fell asleep.

Dorm Encounter III: Wet and Naked Comes Knocking

It was late, about midnight as I recall.  I was just

sitting down to study since, as a Resident Assistant, I

got very little done during the evening.  I had just

turned the stereo on to some relaxing music, Kitaro I

think, when one of my residents barged into my room.

Steve was totally buck naked and dripping wet.  Once he

had closed the door, I asked if anything was wrong.  He

replied, somewhat testily, that someone had stolen his

towel from the shower room.  He was livid!  I don't

even think he noticed that he was naked.

I offered him a towel saying, "Dry off.  You're making

a mess."  He did, and then put the towel in my hamper. 

He then sat on my bed, still naked, and asked what I

was doing.

In the habit of teasing my residents, I replied that I

was going to study unless he could suggest something

else.  This particular guy was too cute for words. 

Small, hairless for the most part, blond, big baby blue

eyes.... you know the type.  Having seen him naked just

now, I could also see that his daddy had been good to

him in the dick department.

Much to my surprise, Steve put his hands over his face

and started sobbing.  I sat on the bed next to him and

wrapped my arm around his shoulder.  In my softest

voice, I asked what the problem was.  He was slow to

reply as he was quite choked with sobbing, but he got

it out eventually.

"Andrew, I didn't get my towel stolen.  It's still in

the shower room.  I came in here because I wanted to

talk to you.  I think I am interested in men, but I am

scared to find out if I am or not.  I figured since you

were so open about being gay, I could talk to you."

"What makes you think you are attracted to men?" I

asked.  "I thought you had a steady girlfriend."

"Sure," he replied.  "Sarah is great.  But I can't make

myself have sex with her.  I just can't make myself

touch her.  I can't... you know... I can't...."

"You can't get it up?" I asked.

"Yeah.  It just doesn't feel good.  Does that mean I am


"Not necessarily.  Have you ever thought about loving a


"Yeees," he shyly replied.  "And I thought...


"That maybe we could try it out?" I asked.  "I'm not

sure that's such a good idea.  What if what we do does

make you happy, and you decide to become gay and maybe

you're not supposed to be?"

Steve looked me straight in the eyes and said, "That's

my choice, I suppose.  All I know right now is that I

want you to show me how to make love to a man.  Right

here, right now."

I looked down and discovered that his beautiful cock

had risen to full height, about seven delicious inches,

and was waving furiously in his lap.  I reached down

and put my hand around it.  He jumped slightly.  "Must

be the first time someone else has touched it," I

thought to myself.  I took my hand away, and turned his

face towards mine, locking my lips over his.  His kiss

was tentative at first, exploring, cautious.  Soon,

though, he had parted his lips and was swiping the

inside of my mouth with his young tongue.  Our tongues

battled furiously, fighting each other in passionated

love.  He wrapped his arms around me and pushed me to

the bed, still kissing his heart out.  I broke the

kiss, gasping, and said, "Hold on kiddo.  Let me get

out of my clothes.

I stood up and quickly shed my t-shirt and shorts.  my

eight inch cock sprang out of my shorts like a prisoner

let free from a cell.  I joined Steve back in the bed,

lying prone on top of him.  Our cocks rubbed together

causing intense frictional pleasure as my tongue again

found his willing mouth.  We rolled on the bed for

several long minutes, kissing hugging and thrashing our

legs and arms around each other in a frenzied passion.

I finally had to come up for air, and I sat up on the

bed.  I told Steve to lay back and relax, and do

nothing.  He complied, closing his eyes and putting his

arms by his sides.

I began kissing his forehead, and slowly worked my way

down his face, stopping to tongue fight for a brief

second.  I traced his neck and adam's apple with my

tongue and then swirled around each nipple, causing

them to harden immediately.  I lightly nipped at each

nipple, causing Steve to moan slightly.

My tongue then travelled down to his navel, across his

tight and smooth stomach, and found his cock.  Slowly,

with the grace of an English monarch, I traced the

length and girth of his cock as he began writhing in

passion.  His hips lifted slightly, indicating that

more intense adoration of his manmeat was in order.  I

swallowed the shaft in a couple of easy strokes and

began worshiping his tool with all my energy.  My hands

alternated between fondling his tight ballsac and

roaming his smooth chest.  I tweaked nipples as I

passed by, all the while sucking my heart out.  He was

really getting into it bouncing up and down and crying

my name over and over.

"Oh, God.  That feels so good. Don't stop.  Please,

keep sucking.  Oh Christ!" was all he could manage.  I

kept sucking, eager to taste the nectar of my sweet

little man.  I was soon rewarded as He pushed firmly

upwards and blasted several long shots of semen down

my throat.  His was the sweetest semen I had ever

tasted, and I relished each tangy drop.  I let the

final few shots hit my face, and fell down, exhausted,

atop him.  I inserted my tongue in his mouth, and he

swabbed my mouth tasting his own semen.  He then licked

my face clean, smiling all the while and running his

hands up and down my back.

I moved down his body, still kissing and licking until

I had reached his balls.  I think he knew what was

coming because he lifted his legs up in the air.  My

tongue traced a line from his balls to the opening of

his anus, and swirled around and around.  This drove

him crazy, so I sucked on a finger and rammed it in his

hole quickly.  I began moving it around his chute, and

ultimately must have hit the pleasure spot because he

literally screamed, "Fuck me, man.  Fuck me, please. 

Fuck me!"

Only too happy to oblige, I offered him my throbbing

prick for lubing.  He swallowed the shaft awkwardly,

but like a dog takes to water, he quickly developed

some fine cocksucking skills.  Once my rod was

slippery, I pulled out and placed the tip at the

entrance to his tunnel.  Slowly, almost painfully, I

sank into him.  He tensed at first, breathing only

slightly, but once I was in and held still for a

minute, he let out his breath and pushed back on my

cock.  I pulled out and slowly sank back in, relishing

in the soft tight hole.  He was moaning loudly, crying

and laughing at the same time.

"I knew it would be like this.  Oh, God, keep fucking. 

Don't stop.  Don't ever stop.  Oh Shit that feels so

fucking goddamn good!" he repeated over and over again.

I fucked him slowly at first, building speed and

intensity over several long, delicious minutes until he

was bouncing all over the bed, we were both shouting,

and sweat was flying all over the place.  The crescendo

came when I shot my pent-up creamy load up his chute in

such a force that I even surprised my seasoned self.  I

came and came and came until I thought my cock was

going to fall off, shouting all the while, "Here it is,

you fucking stud!  Take my load!  Take it!  Take it!"

Finally, my cock having subsided, it slipped from his

hole, bringing with it a flood of semen that just

wouldn't fit.  I sat back on my haunches and tried to

catch my breath.  We looked at each other, our hands

meeting mid air, and I said, "I think you might just

have some potential, my man!"

Suddenly, thunderous applause broke out from behind us,

and we turned in shock to find several of the other

guys on the floor standing there in the doorway, fists

around cocks, shooting all over my floor.  They were

cheering and smiling, and the only thing I could think

of to say was, "Don't waste it on the floor!  Steve and

I could use another meal at least!"

Dorm Encounter IV: The Groundsman

     My position as Resident Assistant afforded me the

opportunity to be quite involved in the managment of my dorm. 

Though I had a supervisor, he was inept at best, and all four

hundred men in the building knew where to come when they had

problems or concerns.  In addition, I found myself repeatedly

getting involved with staff members from other departments that

supported Housing efforts: groundskeepers, custodial staff,

maintenence men, and the like.  Every so often, when confronted

with a situation with one of these type people, my

professionalism as a Resident Assistant gave way to sheer

animalistic lust where the other person was concerned.

     One such occasion happened close to the beginning of my

third year on staff.  The dorm I work and live in is somewhat

isolated from the rest of the residence halls and as such, we get

forgotten every now and then on the routine groundswork cycles. 

Several of my residents had complained of the inordinately large

amount of trash that had blown from the street into our "yard"

and had asked what could be done about getting it cleaned up.  I

called the Physical Plant and told them of our dilemma and they

said they would send someone to talk to me.  Our physical plant

always talks first... never in a million years will I understand

why so many people have to discuss a simple problem before it is

solved, but hey!

     An hour later, I was roaming the halls trying to find a

couple of residents I hadn't seen in a few days and was worried

about.  I had my nametag on and as I approached the main lobby, I

saw the most incredible looking young guy standing there looking

totally lost.  Though he didn't have the standard PPD uniform on,

the gloves sticking out of his pocket gave him away.  I

approached him, introduced myself, and asked if I could help him.

     He smiled as our hands met and told me that he was new and

that the PPD had sent him to talk to "the RA in charge" about the

garbage on the lawn.  I told him I was the right person and took

him outside.  We stood on the front steps in the sunshine and I

showed him what I was talking about.  Not having been outside in

several hours, I was surprised to find that the temperature had

soared during the early afternoon to a roasting 85 degrees.  I

told him if he got tired or hot, to stop by my room  as I had

some cokes in the fridge.  He said that would be great, and

started collecting the garbage.

     I went back to my room and sat on the bed.  I started

thinking about this guy, and the more I thought about him, the

more I wanted him.  I got up and looked out the window.  There he

was, facing away from me, bent over picking up trash from the

grass.  As he stood up, I studied him carefully.  He was tall,

thin, and had broad muscular shoulders.  As he was in shorts, I

was able to see the incredible definition in his perfectly

tapered legs, devoid, for the most part of hair.  His hair was

long and blond, and hung below his shoulder blades.  It was

perfectly straight, and shone in the sunlight like tv commerical

hair people's does.  He turned as I watched in awe and saw me

watching him.  He smiled, waved, and continued to work, this time

facing me.  Each time he bent his hair fell over his face and he

would swish it back as he stood up again.  His face was rugged,

handsome and chiselled.  He was incredibly tanned for this time

of year, and I could not help but drop a hand to my expanding

crotch and give it a caress or two.

     He looked up again, and seeing that I was still watching,

slowly peeled his tight-fitting t-shirt off.  His chest was truly

a sight to behold.  Smooth, incredibly defined pecs glistened

with sweat.  His armpits were peppered with light blond hair that

looked as soft as cotton candy.  Each nipple was a work of art in

its own right, small, taut, brown, hairless.  A thin trail of

hair led from him navel to the secret treasures within his

shorts.  He began flexing more as he moved, obviously enjoying

the show he was giving me.  I was rapt.  I couldn't move.  I had

never seen anything so incredibly gorgeous in my life.  He could

have easily posed for an national gay mag and put most of the

models to shame.  God, what an incredible hunk!

     He worked away from my view, and I sat back down on the bed

trying to decide what to do with my raging hardon.  I sat for a

moment rubbing it through my pants fantasizing about this man I

knew absolutely nothing about.  Just as I was about to pull my

boner out and make love to it with my fists, a tentative knock

sounded at the door.  Composing myself quickly, I squeaked,"Come


     The door opened and the object of my fantasies walked in. 

He tossed his shirt on the chair next to my desk and asked if the

coke offer was still good.  With shaking hands, I got it for him

and gave it to him, motioning him to have a seat on the bed.

     He sat and drank in silence.  He looked around my room

carefully as if casing the joint, and stopped moving when he

reached my bulletin board.  My bulletin board has a collage of

naked men on it.  It's about five feet wide and four feet tall,

and is completely covered with tasteful centerfolds from some

back issues of my favorite fist mags.  Naturally, no cocks are

showing, and it is rather artful in presentation.  He seemed


     I couldn't help myself.  I was staring at him with all my

might, trying to memorize every square inch of him for future

fantasizing.  I didn't even realize he had spoken until he

touched my arm gently.

               "Wha...What...?" I stammered.

     "Those are some really hot looking dudes, man.  I would love

to make it with some of them." he said matter of factly.

     I was stunned.  I didn't know what to say.  I stammered

around for a few seconds and then, figuring honesty is the best

policy, asked if he wanted to do me.  He didn't answer with

words, but got up, locked the door, and dropped his shorts in one

fell swoop.  There was nothing between them and his cock which

quickly arched to its full nine and a half inches.  As if lead by

his cock, he approached the bed, grabbed my head, opened my mouth

by force and stuck that monster penis right down my throat.  God

it was wonderful.  He tasted lightly of sweat and heavily of pure

man.  His cock was veined in just the right places, providing my

tongue interesting places to follow and trace.  His cockhead was

enormous, completely round, and smooth as a baby's butt.  He

pushed in and out with a sense of urgency I was not about to

deny, and just as I was really getting comfortable with this

monster meat in my mouth, he began cumming.  Load after creamy,

delicious load shot down my greedy throat.  I couldn't hold it

all, and it began running down my chin.  He reached down, wiped

it off my chin and slurped it off his fingers.  I was so fucking

hot I couldn't stand it.  I stood up, stripped, got on the bed in

a dog stance and yelled, "Fuck me now, fuck me hard, fuck me

forever.  Just do it!"

     Not to be shy, he quickly climbed up on the bed and in one

swift stroke, mounted me to the hilt.  Never have I felt so full

so quickly.  It was pure bliss.  Every inch of my ass canal was

singing the praises of the incredible totem pole that had plunged

into it.  In and out, in and out, in and out he stroked, finding

rhythm quickly and smoothly.  He fucked as one with lots of

practice, finding new and far-reaching parts of my ass as he

pushed and pulled within me.  I reached down and jacked my

dripping cock feverishly, enjoying every single second of the

excruciating pain/pleasure I was experiencing.

     Apparently bored with the position, he flipped us over and

went at me while I was on my back, staring up at this sweating

heaving man who was putting such effort into this masterful fuck. 

He brushed my hands from my throbbing oozing cock and took over,

beating me in sync with the cadence of his fucking.  Then, he

amazed the shit out of me by bending over and swallowing my cock

whole as if it were an easy feat.  I was in total bliss.  Every

nerve of my body was shouting and screaming with pure animal,

lustful joy.

     Sensing that we were both close, he sucked and fucked with a

pace that made me dizzy, and as I felt the first spasm of my cock

hit the depths of his throat, he began unloading his creamy

sticky jism into my ass by the gallon.  We both came for what

seemed an eternity, panting, groaning, and moaning, until

finally, with almost no energy left, he pulled out and met my

mouth with his, feeding me slowly my own creamy load.  We kissed

for what seemed like hours until our hearts had stopped beating.

     We lay there quietly, fondling each others' now dwindling

cocks.  His fingers found my ass and swiped a fingerful of his

cum for me to taste.  The combination of his semen and the bung-

taste of my ass sent me to new heights and I shook with delight

as he continued to feed me.

     Finally, totally spent, he rolled off the bed, toweled dry

and put his shirt and shorts back on.  It was only then that I

noticed that he had never removed his shoes!  He asked if he

could come work outside my window again, and you bet I replied to

the affirmative!

     I stood looking out the window as he headed back to the

Physical Plant.  I was tired, sore and sticky, but I felt like

nothing in the world could get me down!

     Every now and then, as I sit at my desk by the window, I get

this feeling that I am being watched.  Sure enough, my

groundskeeper lover is there outside the window with an

inquisitive look on his face.  I motion for him to come in, and

the rest, as they say, is history.

Dorm Encounter V:  Inspection!

     Once a year, usually in the spring, the Director of Housing

makes his annual rounds through my building.  This is a time,

much like in the military I am sure, that everything has to be

perfect.  I had spent days and nights coaching the new RA's and

my supervisor, the idiot Graduate Resident on exactly what to do

and what to say.  Certain contraband items had to be hidden (like

microwaves) and all the paperwork that had accumulated during the

quarter had to be caught up and filed.

     I had worked through the night catching up on all this

bureaucratic bullshit and was exhausted.  I got up from a quick

two hour sleep, showered, dressed and went down to the office. 

The secretary alerted me that Dr. Smith was on his way.

     Let me stop here and tell you a little about Dr. Smith.  He

is one of those go-getters that rose to the top of the bucket

rather quickly.  He is 32, tall, incredibly handsome in a preppy

sort of way, and though he reeks of authority, he is quite

friendly.  I had dealt with him several times in the past on

housing related matters, and to my satisfaction, he agreed with

me more than not.  As such, I was looking forward to showing off

my building to him since he knew very well that I was in charge

here and that the GR was just a puppet.

     I waited for a few minutes chatting with the secretary, and

then began roaming the halls in search of the Director.  As I was

turning the corner to check back with the office again, I saw him

coming up the walk.  I immediately went to him, shook his hand

and said, "Welcome to Swanson Hall, sir!"

     "Hello, Andrew" he replied.  "You're certainly looking

professional this morning!"

     "Yes, Sir.  I try to look the part I am playing whenever I

can.  Would you care for some coffee?"

     "No, thank you.  Why don't we get on with the tour?  I have

several other buildings to visit before lunchtime.  Where is the


     "He is taking a test this morning and has asked me to escort

you around the building."

     "That doesn't surprise me," Dr. Smith replied.  "Lead the

way, Andrew!"

     Dr. Smith and I walked the length of each hallway, peeking

into doors that were open.  He smiled and said hello to residents

who I had strategically placed throughout the building that I

trusted to present a proper image to him.  He seemed impressed

with the facilities and the people who lived in them.  We ended

up at the office, and I began opening file drawers for his

inspection.  He waved his arm, as if a Sultan, and said, "I've no

need to examine your files.  I am well versed in your talents as

a clerk.  There is one other thing I need to see, before I move


     "What is that?" I inquired.

     "In all my years here, I've yet to see what the RA rooms in

this building look like.  I am in the process of evaluating

living spaces for staff members, and was wondering if I could see

an RA room."

     "Well, Sir, I am the only staff member in the building at

the moment, but I must warn you that my room is not terribly neat

at the moment."

     "Oh, that's OK.  I'm not particularly interested in your

room's contents.  I just want to see the structural layout of the

room, and check the furniture."

     I wasn't exactly sure where this was leading, but I had my

suspicions.  Every person on staff knew I was gay, and we have

all wondered about Dr. Smith.  He has no wife, lives alone, and

is rarely seen in public other than on campus.  So, I lead the

way, somewhat aprehensively, to my room down the hall from the


     I keyed in, stepped aside, pushed the door open and waved

the Director in.  Once in, he waved me in, and pulled the door

behind him and locked it!  Holy Shit!  Now I was more than

certain that something interesting was about to happen.

     I turned towards the Director and looked at him

inquisitively, and asked, "Well, what do you think?"  His eyes

swept the room quickly, and stopped dead in their tracks on the

wall with all my naked men.  He looked at me, sneered a bit, and

said, "Let's not beat around the bush.  I don't have much time,

but I bet you'd be interested in a little action."

     "Well, Sir," I replied somewhat cautiously.  "It's no secret

that you are the best looking administrator on campus.  I've

often fantasized about making love to you."

     "Well, then," he said, "Let's do it!"  With that he quickly

disrobed and stood in all his glory before me as I shucked my

duds.  He was a specimen!  Six feet tall, dark hair, incredibly

toned though not terribly muscular.  He had long tapered legs

that made me want to scream in lust, and had just enough hair on

his body to prove he was a man.  Perhaps the most stunning part

of him was his cock.  I'm guessing at least seven inches long and

so thick it looked like a beer can!  It was nestled among what

looked like downy-soft hair and hanging below were the most

incredibly edible looking testicles I have ever seen.  Each was a

work of art-- huge, smooth and pulsing just slightly.  His

ballsac was completely devoid of hair.  In all, I was overcome

with lust!

     I knelt in front of my boss, and started licking his huge

cockhead.  Trying to swallow his pole proved a task for someone

with a much bigger jaw, but I did my best.  He didn't seem to

mind that I couldn't take it all and was running his long fingers

through my hair and moaning audibly.  I continued to suck,

running my tongue up and down his shaft.  The veins that lined

his cock were now beginning to really bulge, and my tongue sang

its praises as it glided up and down.  He was leaking precum

copiously into my mouth, and I savored each drop as it melted

down my throat.

     My hands found his tight, smooth ass and began kneading his

cheeks.  He moaned louder when my long bony index finger found

his asshole, and I sunk it in quickly and effortlessly,

discovering that he had lubed his ass recently.  I looked up

inquisitively at his face, which was contorting in pleasure, and

he smiled and said that he had prepared himself just in case this

was to happen.

     I stood up and wrapped my arms around this gorgeous sexy

man, and we kissed hungrily.  I tasted the raw sensuality of the

man as our tongues battled for territory.  We broke away only

when we were about to turn blue from lack of oxygen and threw

ourselves still joined on the bed.  Somehow I ended up on the

bottom of him and he began licking and kissing his way to my

cock.  Without warning he swallowed the entire length of my root

in one fell swoop and applied intense vacuum-like suction to it. 

I was in total heaven.  My hips bounced up and down so hard that

I am sure I was hurting him, but he grunted in pleasure with each

thrust.  Somewhat without warning, my cock just unloaded every

ounce of sperm it had saved up since my last cum.  Gallons of

spunk flooded into Dr. Smith's  mouth and to my surprise, he

drank it down like milk.  

     When my cock had subsided, he let go of it and began

tonguing my asscheeks.  Drawing closer and closer to its target,

his tongue licked and caressed the area around my hole.  I was so

caught up in the intensity of the moment that I didn't even hear

myself shouting, "Fuck me you goddamned tease!! Fuck me until I

scream, you studfucker!"

     With little hesitation, he aimed that massive cockhead at my

hole and began slowly pushing in.  The pain was intense and I

grunted as his cock advanced each little inch.  Finally he had

speared my ass with his entire shaft and he settled in to fucking

the utter shit out of me.  Slowly at first, then building in

pressure and speed, his cock moved within me making music with

the walls of my ass.  Each time his bulbous head hit my prostrate

I whined loudly.  Each time his shaft sounded its depth I moaned. 

I was writhing on the bed, thrashing my head back and forth, and

moaning unintelligible garbage at this stud who was raping my

mancunt with such expertise.

     After a lengthy pillage of my ass, he began shooting.  Gob

after gob after gob of creamy white spunk bathed the hot walls of

my ass, cooling them off.  I moaned as I felt within me each new

spurt hit the depths of my ass.

     Spent, he lay on top of me, his mammoth cock still inside me

but losing his erection.  Our mouths met and we kissed silently

for some time until his cock plopped out of my hole followed by a

virtual river of his semen.  I reached my hand down and scooped a

small puddle from the bed and brought it to our dueling tongues. 

We shared the wonder of the stuff and pushed it back and forth

until we each had a mouthful to swallow.

     Dr. Smith got up and wiped his cock clean.  I gave it a few

playful licks as he did so, and soon he was hard again.  I

quickly brought him to orgasm and allowed him to shoot all over

my chest so that I could lick it off later and savor the


     We didn't talk much while he dressed.  I lay on the bed,

utterly spent, cum dripping from my face, my chest, and my

ravaged asshole.  I smiled as I watched him return to the

professional look I was used to.  In his Director tone of voice

he said, "Your building will receive the highest rating.  I hope

you will come to me with any problems and concerns in the


     I smiled wearily and said, "You can count on seeing me more

often, Sir.  Thanks for showing me what authority is all about in

this department."

     "No problem.  I felt it worth my time to spend some extra

time with you, Andrew.  I think you have a real potential in

Student Personnel."  With that, he winked and was gone.  I fell

asleep almost immediately, and woke many hours later to find that

I was still covered with his spunk.  I licked it off, jumped in

the shower, and continued with my day.

Dorm Encounter VI: Truth or Dare!

     Programming has always been something that I'm good at.  I

seem to have the knack for creating entertaining and worthwhile

hall programming for my residents that is not the run-of-the-mill

"here's someone who is going to babble about safe sex for an

hour" kind of presentation.

     I had spent some time trying to come up with a social kind

of program for the six or seven men staying over break.  I wanted

to give them something fun to do that would alleviate their

boredom during the evening.  What I hit upon was an informal

gathering in the lounge where we could play some games, eat some

pizza, drink a few beers, and perhaps peruse a movie on the VCR.

     I posted a flyer in the bathroom (the best place to

communicate with everyone!) and made arrangements to get some

food delivered.

     That evening, at the appointed time, I was surprised to find

all eight men still on the hall in the lounge, salivating.  Right

behind me came the pizza man with several steaming pizzas.  We

devoured them and the additional munchies that I had brought in

no time at all.  Someone suggested a movie, and we put The

Godfather in the VCR.  We turned out the lights and relaxed on

the comfortable furniture and enjoyed the movie.  By the time it

was over, a couple of the guys had fallen asleep.  They got up

when I turned the lights on and went to sleep.  That left me,

Steve, Brad, Clark and Eric.  We sat and stared at each other for

a while, and after a lengthy pause, I said, "OK, fellas.  What

are we going to do now?"

     Steve suggested that we play a game, and I began listing all

the board games we had in the office.  None sounded terribly

interesting, though, and we just stared at each other.  Suddenly,

as if inspired, Brad yelled, "What was that game we used to play

as kids?  Was it Truth or Dare?"

     Clark echoed, "Yeah!  That was a cool game!  Let's play!"

     I looked at all four of them in turn with a question mark

face.  Each nodded almost gravely-- it was comical and eerie all

at the same time.  Once I realized that everyone wanted to play,

I motioned for them to join me on the floor in a circle.  We all

sat facing each other and sat nervously.  I told them that each

would get a chance to challenge all four of the others and that

everyone had to take this seriously.

     Steve started by looking at Brad.  "Truth or Dare?" he said. 

Brad replied "Truth, man."  "OK...." started Steve.  "Have you

ever had sex with a girl?"

     Brad immediately spat out "Sure, man!  Are you kidding?"

               Then Steve looked at Eric.  "Truth or Dare?"  Eric looked

straight at Steve and said "Truth."

     Steve thought for a moment and said, "Have you ever had

sexual thoughts for a man?"  There was a long pause.  Time seemed

to drag out.  Finally, Eric answered meekly "Yes.  Yes, I have."

     Steve finished his round with much the same innocuous

questions until Clark began his turn.  After asking me if I had

ever tasted my own semen and I had replied yes, he looked at Eric

and said, "Truth or Dare?"

     Eric said "Truth" and appeared to hold his breath.

     "This is a two-parter, man.  Second round questions are

allowed to be two-parters, right?"  Everyone nodded.  "What I

want to know, then, is (a) if those sexual thoughts you've had

about men were about anyone on our floor, and (b)if so, who?"

     The electricity in the room rose unbearably.  Suddenly this

was not such an innocent game.  We all looked expectantly at Eric

who was, at this point, sweating bullets.  "C'mon, guys.  This

isn't fair!" he wailed.

     "We all agreed to do this, man.  You can't back out now!" I


     "Okay, okay, let me think a minute, then," Eric mumbled.

     We waited in silence for a few seconds and then Eric spoke. 

"At first, I was not sure who I was interested in.  There are

several very handsome guys on our floor.  I started lusting after

several of you guys even though I assume you are all straight. 

I've narrowed my lust down these past few weeks to two guys.  Now

don't get pissed, but one is Clark and the other is Andrew."

     No one spoke for a few seconds, then seeing that it could

get out of hand, I said, "Well, frankly I'm flattered, Eric.  I

think it's cool."

     "Yeah, me too, man.  No sweat," said Clark.

     Brad looked around and said, "This is making me horny.  Why

don't you blow me, Eric?"

     I looked at Brad with shock and said, "Jesus, Brad.  The man

just told you a deep dark secret and you are trying to make him

feel worse?  You should be shot!"

     "Oh, man, I'm sorry.  I'm just so horny I can't stand it. 

Hey, Eric, I DARE you to eat this...." and with that he whipped

out his monster cock, the cock I had seen earlier in the showers

and beat off over.

               Eric looked around helplessly, but grinned and said, "What

the fuck.... a buddy in need is a buddy in need!"  With that he

crawled across the circle and swallowed Brad to the hilt.  Brad,

somewhat surprised that Eric had actually been so bold, let his

hands fall to his sides and moaned.  "Oh, shit, Eric.  That feels



     We were all enjoying the show.  I could see big bulges all

around the circle, and several hands crept secretly to caress

what lay beneath those mounds.  I felt a little bolder and took

my aching cock from the confines of my jeans and began jacking. 

Steve looked at me questioningly and I nodded.  He scooted over

and swallowed my cock with the practice he had gained earlier in

the week.  I turned myself around and pushed his shorts and jock

down and took his rockhard cock down my throat.

     Clark seemed to be the only one who was alone, and he was

apparently pretty nervous.  I saw him eyeing all this hot action

out of the corner of my eyes and stopped sucking Steve long

enough to say, "Why don't you drop those drawers and join in,

Clark?  You've got nothing to lose!"

     Clark stood up and shucked his clothes off and stood totally

naked, towering over the four of us sucking so madly.  He

suggested we form a chain, and with a little maneuvering, we did

so.  I sucked Steve, Steve sucked Brad, Brad sucked Clark, Clark

sucked Eric and Eric sucked me.  The room was filled with the

musky smell of these five bouncing crotches, and the sexual

tension was high.

     Eric was the first to come, blasting his cum all over Clark. 

This apparently triggered Clark because I heard Brad swallowing

madly, trying to catch every drop.  Brad came close to that

because Steve gasped as Brad's sperm shot all over his face,

dripping onto the floor.  I shot about this time, surprisingly

down Eric's throat.  He took every last drop and smacked his lips

when it was over.  Steve shot down my throat shortly thereafter.

     We all lay back and grinned. "Shit, I never knew it could be

that good, man," said Brad.  "I can't believe I've been trying

for six months to get Susan to do that and I could have had it

right here!"

     Everyone seemed kind of uncertain what came next, so I lay

on my back and asked Steve to fuck me.  He mounted me with a grin

and began pummeling my ass with a vengance.  The other three

stood over us, beating renewed erections furiously.  Just as

Steve shot deep within my ass, I was showered with cum from the

other three.  Steve and I licked each other clean much to the

delight of everyone present, and we all lay back exhausted.

     No one spoke for a while as we fondled ourselves to a third

erection.  The cadence of our slow jacking increased until we

were all in a circle jerking for our lives.  I shouted

breathlessly, "The one who hits closest to the bottle cap in the

middle of the floor gets to fuck me!"  They all grinned gleefully

and began to concentrate.  When everyone started shooting, only

Eric was able to hit the bottle cap.  When it was all over with,

I got down on all fours and offered him my ass.

     He got behind me and plunged headfirst into my ass, sliding

effortlessly in and out of the well lubed canal.  It felt so good

that I started moaning groaning with each thrust.  We were

feverishly rocking back and forth as the other three watched. 

They were grinning intently and concentrating on every move we

made.  Eric shouted triumphantly as he began pouring shot after

shot of hot steamy spunk into my ass.  He came for a surprisingly

long time considering what he had already poured forth, and

pulled out as the last shot arched over my ass and hit my back. 

He fell back on the floor panting and gasping and I crumpled on

the floor.

     Just about this time, the night security guard was walking

the hallway and hearing the ruckus, knocked on the door.  I knew

from his jingling keychain who it was and threw my shorts and t-

shirt on and ran to the door.

     I opened it slightly and stepped outside.

     "Is everything okay in there, sir?" he inquired with a

curious wink and grin.

     "How long have you stood here, officer?" I asked.

     "Just long enough to get pretty turned on, man.  Wanna let

me have a try at that sweet ass?"

     "Sure, man.  Let me deal with them, and I'll meet you in my

room in a few minutes."

     With that, he turned and walked towards my room.  I went

back in and told the guys that a security problem had come up and

I had to go deal with it.  After assuring them that we could do

this again before break was over, I headed down the hall to my

room and to the hunk that was waiting to ravage my ass.  Needless

to say, the security guard and I had a wonderful evening that

lasted way into the early morning hours.

Dorm Encounters VII: Brothers' Pleasures

     Now that the inspection was over with, I could concentrate

on the next things on my calendar.  I dug down through the piles

of paperwork on my desk and found it, the book that governed my


     Scanning the next couple of days, I saw no major events

until my eyes wandered to Friday where I had penciled in "Mark?" 

Could this be the weekend that my little brother was coming to

visit and see what college was like?  I quickly dialed home and

got him on the second ring.

     "Hey, Mark, this is Andrew.  Are you still coming up this


     "Yeah, man, if it's OK with you.  I've been looking forward

to this for months!"

     "Sure," I replied.  "My room is a mess but that shouldn't

bother a slob like you!  Ha!"

     "No, you know I don't give a shit about what your room looks

like.  I guess I will be there before dinner Friday.  Wanna go

out somewhere?"

     "Sure!  I'll be looking for you.  You know how to get here

don't you?"

     "Yepper!  See ya Friday, man!"

     "Bye!"  I hung up the phone and stared at my messy room. 

Beginning to straighten up a little, I thought to myself how much

I was looking forward to seeing Mark.  I don't get to see him

often since he is a three season athlete in high school.  Since

he was on spring break in the middle of his senior year and had

not opted to take the traditional cruise with his friends, coming

up here would be a perfect vacation for him and a welcome respite

from the grind for me.

     Three days passed quickly, during which time I made some

plans for friends to join the two of us and cleaned up my room. 

I was tempted to forget moving in another bed for him and just

have the two of us sleep together like we did when we were

younger, but since Mark is quite popular with the girls, I

decided to give him the option of having his own bed.

     I waited around Friday afternoon in anticipation of his

arrival.  At about 5 o'clock, he finally showed up, having drive

the better part of the morning and afternoon.  He jumped out of

the car and ran to me, yelling all the way.  We met on the

sidewalk and hugged briefly, shook hands, and I helped him carry

his stuff inside to my room.  As we were walking down the hall,

several heads popped out to see what he looked like since I had

described him to my friends as a model-quality god.  They smiled

as they realized I was right.

     We went into my room and I tossed his stuff on the bed.  I

offered him a coke which he accepted and we sat down and caught

up on the boring family stuff.  I asked him how his love life was

going, and much to my surprise he looked down and said nothing.

     "What?  My little stud-brother having a hard time with the

chicks?  I don't believe it!" was my amazed response to this.  He

looked at me and said, "Well, the truth is, I don't think I like

them anymore."

     "What do you mean?" I asked suspiciously.

     "Well, you've told me many times how wonderful your life is,

and how much pleasure you get from fucking sucking men.  I think

that maybe I am supposed to be that way too.  I've never tried

anything much, but there's this little nerd who picks up our

equipment after track that has sucked me off a couple of times,

and each time he does it I want to suck him off even more. 

That's why I came here, man.  I thought you might be able to help

me find out which I really prefer."

     He looked at me with pleading puppy-dog eyes and I could

think of nothing to say.  Finally, I sqeaked out, "Are you saying

what I think you are saying, man?"

     He looked at me and nodded, got up, closed the door and

locked it.  He took his clothes off slowly with his back turned

to me.  I had often fantasized about this moment, but never

seriously given it a lot of thought.  As he turned around, the

first thing that came into view was the most incredible cock I

had ever seen.  He smiled sheepishly as he gave it a playful tug

and walked towards me.

     I stood up and started unbuttoning my clothes.  He stopped

me and did it himself, taking off each piece slowly and

seductively.  When he had completely disrobed me and my cock was

bouncing in the wind, he knelt down and looked long and hard at

it.  Tentatively, he stuck out his tongue and touched it to my

cockhead.  He seemed to like the taste and feel since he slowly

began inhaling my tumescent shaft, inch by deliciously slow inch. 

Finally, with his nose nestled in my pubes, he began his first

suck job with the skill of a novice and the dedication of an

expert.  I began to shake uncontrollably from the action he was

taking, and sat down on the bed.  I grabbed his ears and pulled

his mouth off my cock, making a plopping noise as he released it. 

I told him to stand back up and as he did, his enormous cock

brushed my cheeks in passing.

     I looked at this marvelous piece of manmeat for ages, taking

in each vein, crevice and pore.  It was truly the most amazing

cock I had ever seen.  The head was huge, the size of the larger

mushrooms you find in the grocery store.  The shaft was at least

ten inches long, maybe more, and I could just barely get my

medium sized hands around it.  Thick, blue veins throbbed the

entire length of it and I watched the blood flow from the tip to

the root curiously engrossed.  I finally snapped out of my

daydream and licked the head all over.  This made Mark shudder,

so I had him lie down on the bed where I could work on him

better.  I took the head in my mouth and lavishly swirled my

tongue around and around its soft velvetness.  He moaned in

appreciation as I began inching down, down, down, down until I

could take no more.  I looked down and realized I only had half

of it in my mouth.

     I was determined to take the whole thing and show my brother

why men give better head than women.  I concentrated on nothing

else, and soon found my throat muscles relaxing enough to take a

few more inches.  Finally my nose found his soft and thick pubes,

and I drank in his manly scent for the first time.  This was

pure, raw, animal magnetism at its best here, folks.  The

tastiest piece of fuckmeat I had swallowed in ages!  I slowly

slid up and down on the shaft, fondling his heavy ballsac while I

was sucking him off.  He began writhing on the bed, and I knew he

was close so I eased off.

     I lay atop him and looked deep into his eyes.  He smiled

weakly, still in the throes of trying to cum and not being

allowed to.  I looked down and asked him if he was enjoying

himself and he could only nod and lick his lips.  As he opened

his mouth to say something, I locked mine over it and stuck my

tongue in his mouth.  My tongue played hide and seek  with his,

searching and seeking until the two met in the middle, wrestling

to express the emotions that we both felt for each other.  My

hands wandered over the broad expanse of his body rejoicing in

the smooth but well toned muscles they found as they glided.  I

inched my hands down until they found our cocks, and I grabbed

them and began to rub them together, kissing all the while.

     Gasping for breath, I broke the kiss and traced his chest

with my tongue.  I swirled my tongue around his firm pectorals,

and honed in on his hard nipples, each chocolate brown and hard

as nails.  My mouth followed the light trail of hair formed

between his tits down to his navel and into his crotch.  I gave

his cock a few more loving strokes with my tongue and then lifted

his legs over my shoulders.  I followed that wonderful little

cord of flesh between balls and ass and reveled in the musky

smell of it.  My tongue found his ass and began pushing its way

into his virgin hole by swirling in circles, closer and closer

and closer until it finally hit the bullseye and began prying its

way in.

     Hitting paydirt, I felt around the insides of my little

brother's asshole with my tongue, sending as much spit as I could

inside.  I pulled my face away and jabbed at his shitter with my

longest finger, inching those tight walls open and feeling around

inside.  He began to whine like a beat child and surprised my by

begging for more.  "More fingers!  More fingers!  Don't stop!" he


     Eager to please I inserted one then two more fingers.  I had

three fingers planted firmly in his ass, writhing around.  He was

almost in a frezy to be fucked, and this only turned me on more. 

With one hand I lubed my dick with some additional spit and

pulled my fingers from his ass.  He whimpered for more, and then

sighed contentedly as I slipped him my throbbing rod.

     I pushed in slowly, trying to minimize the pain and shock I

knew he was experiencing.  His face had screwed up in a scowl as

he grimaced from the shock of the intruder, and I continued to

ease in slowly.

     Each inch brought me closer to being all the way there, and

when I finally pushed my pubic hair into his asscheeks, I knew we

had become one.  His face had relaxed somewhat, and the new

expression was one of pure wonderment.  He smiled as he noticed

me looking intently at him and said, "Fuck the utter shit out of

my hole, big brother.  I want to feel your wonderful stud-cock

beating in and out of me!  Fuck me to death!"

     It was the brotherly thing to do.  I did as he asked and

began pummelling his ass to death!  I was heaving my whole body

into the fuck, moving forward and down, backward and up, until we

had established a cadence that would keep us going.  He met each

thrust eagerly and as sweat sprayed off both of us, we shouted in

unison, alternately praising God and calling on the Devil.

     I was close.  So close that I could not stop. I reached down

and began fisting my little brother's cock with all the energy I

had left.  I beat him furiously to the same beat that I was

raving his tight little ass.  We worked in tandem, shouting and

yelling as we reached pleasures with each other that we had not

even dreamed of.

     Suddenly, without warning, Mark began to literally spray our

bodies with jet after jet of steamy cum.  It kept coming and

coming until I thought he would drain his whole body of fluids. 

He grunted and panted as he came and his face was screwed up in

an image of pure animal lust.  As he continued to whitewash his

belly and mine, I began pumping an incredible load of my own,

bathing the inside of his ass walls with creamy spunk.  We both

were frenzied, and were yelling at the top of our lungs.  I

continued to jack and fuck, milking out the trail end of each of

our huge loads.

     Finally spent, I reached down and slurped up some of his

sperm from his belly.  It was so like mine, and so different, all

at the same time. I kissed him deeply, feeding him his own load

in the process, and our hearts beat on, still quick, but slowing.

We cuddled on the bed, covered from head to toe in sweat and

semen, and fell asleep as a light breeze caressed our naked skin.

     Several hours later, I felt him stir beneath me and I awoke

to find him staring deep into my eyes.  I grinned and asked,

"Still confused about which sex brings you more pleasure?"

     "Nope.  But I would really like to do it again, just to make

sure!" he said.

     And we did.

Archive-title: Dorm Encounters VIII: Library UnResearch

     College for me has not been all fun and games, fucking and

sucking.  Every now and then, I have to settle down to some

serious schoolwork.  As I am basically the center of attention on

my hall, I rarely get anything done in my room.  As such, I have

been known to haunt the college's library from time to time.

     On one such night, I had been at my desk in the stacks

somewhere for about two hours, when the urge to piss overtook me

and would not allow me to concentrate.  I'm not terribly fond of

public bathrooms on this campus; for some reason they are always

dark and seldom cleaned.  I had never actually been in any of the

bathrooms in the library, but had to go so badly I would have

peed in a can if I had one.

     Bucking up my courage, I put my book down and headed off in

search of the bathroom.  It was in the center core of the

building where the elevators were, and I was surprised, upon

entering, at the overall brightness and cleanliness of it.  Don't

get me wrong, now-- I wasn't about to eat off the floor, but I

felt more than satisfied that germs flying through the air would

not land on me and turn me into The Fly.

     I appeared to be alone, and went into a stall.  I hurriedly

unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and began pouring forth

the torrential rains that I knew were lodged within my bladder. 

As I stood there, I realized that other bodily functions were

required as well.  I undid my pants and turned around and sat

down and went to work.  As I sat there, I began to notice the

graffiti on the walls of the stall.  "For a really good time

call...", "I suck big cocks only if you call...","I need to get

off bad...", and one that caught my eye especially: "I am new to

cocksucking and need practice.  Will be here at 9:00 pm on the

17th.  Tap your foot if you want service."

     I looked at my watch and realized it was one minute until

9:00 on the appointed date.  Just as I was marvelling at the

boldness of this invitation, the outer door to the bathroom

opened and someone came in and took the stall to my right.  I

heard jeans unzipping and a little shuffling around, but did not

hear any of the typical sounds of someone using the bathroom for

its intended purpose.  This was getting interesting.

     The person next to me began making "obvious noises" and so I

stuck my foot under the partition and tapped it a couple of times

on the floor.  He pushed my foot back to my side and a piece of

paper came floating down from over the partition.  I unfolded it

and it said, "Throw this back if you are interested in some

serious head, and do not move from where you are right now."

     The mystery and intrigue levels here were starting to get me

excited and my cock reacted appropriately.  I threw the piece of

paper back over the partition and waited, my cock throbbing in my

lap.  I couldn't resist giving it a couple of strokes as I waited

for the mystery man's next actions.  I was completely unprepared

for what happened next.  As I sat there, the front of the large

institutional toilet paper roll holder opened to reveal my

mystery man's side of the stall.  He had removed his unit

completely, and was pulling the "innards" of my unit to his side. 

In a second or two, he had a large hole between the stalls that

was just the right height.  I looked through the hole and saw

nothing at first, then a finger beckoned me (or my cock, I should

say) to stick itself in the hole.

     "What the hell," I thought, and stood up and stuck my ramrod

through the opening.  In nothing flat, sweet and terribly wet

lips had encircled my knob and were sucking insistently.  I put

my hands on the top of the partition and let this guy go to work. 

He sucked like a novice but was insistent and trying very hard to

be good at what he was doing.  His tongue flicked around my

engorged cockhead and each drop of precum that seeped out went

straight down this guy's throat.  I moved my pelvis with the

rhythm he was creating, and before long, he had managed, much to

my amazement, to swallow the length of my rod.  I began building

my fuckpace to a slow canter, pounding the partition harder and

harder as my cock sunk in and out of this sweet mouth.  He was

getting better with practice, and soon had me humming to myself

as I prepared to blow.

     I began rocking harder and harder, pummelling his face with

my tube until the moment arrived when my balls began forcing

their sweet nectar to the outside world.  He sensed my impending

orgasm and clamped down on my cock with all his might as if

daring any spunk to leak out.  The pressure was all I needed and

I began to unload blast after blast of sexjuice into his waiting

and greedy throat.  I came four or five times, shooting slightly

smaller blasts each time, until my legs were shaking so hard that

the partition was banging back and forth.  As the last dribble

poured out of my cocktip, I withdrew from his mouth and stepped

back, gasping for breath.  I looked through the hole and was

amazed to find the last person I expected to find sucking cocks

in a library bathroom: my next door neighbor, Ted.

     I stuck my face through the hole, smiled, and said,

"Goddamn, man!  If you wanted action, you should have just come

next door!"

     He bent over and smiled.  "Don't you find this a little more

exciting, though, man?" he asked.

     "Well, sure.  I must admit it was really hot knowing we

could get caught, but I'm so hot now I could go again!"

     "Well, why don't we go home and do something about that,

Andrew?"  With that having been said, he closed up the hole,

putting the toilet paper units back into place.  We went into the

library proper, I gathered my books, and we began the long walk

back to the dorm.  As we walked, I hung back a little so I could

look at him.  I had never really noticed Ted before-- he's not

terribly good looking but he's not ugly either.  Kind of

nondescript, really.  I checked him out as he walked, and I like

what I saw very much.  He had a tight little ass that just begged

to be plugged.

     We arrived back at the dorm and went straight to his room. 

With almost no conversation, we undressed and met on the bed,

mouths open to each other, kissed long and hard.  While rolling

around, I could feel my cock rubbing his, both of which were hard

as rocks.  I knew what I wanted and flipped him over so that he

was on all fours.  I pried his buttcheeks apart and sunk my

tongue into his musky hole.  I reamed him for a considerably long

time, enjoying the feelings and sensations that my mouth was

experiencing.  Ted seemed to be enjoying himself as well as he

pushed his ass back towards my face and wiggled around, trying to

create new depths for my tongue.

     Able to stand the pressure no more, I got on my knees and

pushed my cockhead against his hole.  I began to push in and he

roared, "Take it easy, asshole!  I've never done this before!"

     My cock instantly got harder knowing that I was about to

fill virgin territory.  I eased my cockhead past the constricting

muscles and it sank into his ass canal.  Ever so slowly, I eased

my fucktube into his tight hot hole until I had buried myself to

the root and my pubes were scratching his asscheeks.  He moaned

in pleasure and that gave me the go-ahead to fuck the crap out of

him.  My passion and lust had built to a frenzied level, and I

began thrusting in and out hard and long.  He was moaning loudly

now, grunting as I hit rock bottom at each thrust.

     I grabbed his hips and threw myself into my fucking,

pounding his ass with all my might as I rode this guy like a

cowboy.  He grunted and moaned in appreciation, bucking with me

until we were literally a blur.

     With little warning, the lava in my cock began to flow deep

within his bowels, bathing the hot rippling flesh with warm

creamy spunk.  I blasted several big shots and withdrew, shooting

the rest all over his asscheeks. As I calmed down, I bent down

and licked his ass clean, rimming the entrance to his ass,

tasting my semen mixed with his musky goo.  I flipped him over

and sat right down on his cock, bouncing up and down until he was

digging his fingernails into my arms.  I knew he must be close,

and true to form, he shot his hot load with great force up into

my ass.  I slid up and down on his pole as he shot, relishing in

the squishy pleasure we were both experiencing.  I slowed as I

felt the last spurt shot inside me and allowed his cock to find

its way back to the outside.  I laid down atop him, and we kissed

deeply, rolling around on the bed.

               Panting and with hearts racing, we drew apart and laughed. 

"Had I known you were this good, I would have never left this

building, stud!" Ted said to me.

     "Well, I'm always here, always horny, and always willing," I

said with a wink.  "Come back any time."

     Ted left shortly thereafter, after planting a few more

kisses my way, and I sat down at my desk and returned to my


Dorm Encounters IX: Staff Retreat

     Once a year the entire Housing staff, comprised of two

hundred RA's, thirty GR's and several other assorted Housing

folks leave campus en masse and travel to some cheesy campground

or other such "resort" for two nights and three days of intensive

training and bonding for the following year.

     I have always hated these adventures.  There's always a lot

of touchy-feely activity that frankly gags me thinking about it. 

I have, in the past, always had a miserable time.

     This year looked no different.  We all amassed at some god-

forsaken camp that the Health Department might be really

interested in, and were given bunk assignments in an acre of

cabins.  I was bunked with other members of the staff of my

building and for some reason, there was room for one extra person

and it was filled by a guy from another community that I didn't


     I could tell, as we all unpacked and goofed around, that he

was very uncomfortable being with a group of people who knew each

other well and didn't know him, so I went up and introduced

myself to him.  Standing close to him, I got a good look at him

and realized, much to my pleasure, that he was quite attractive. 

Jason was about five ten, was slight in build, and had long

flowing auburn hair that almost reached his waist in the back. 

It was perfectly straight, perfectly sparkling clean and blew

gently in the wind.  His face was smooth and clear.  His smile

was absolutely flawless, and his big manly hands felt good in

mine as we shook hands.  Jason was, in a word, a handsome boy!

     I told him about some of the people on my staff and

suggested we walk down to the "chow hall" and get a coke while we

were waiting for the first session.  As we walked, we talked

about ourselves and our lives.  Several minutes passed as we

walked and enjoyed each other's company when Jason stopped and

turned to me.

     "Are you, by any chance, the Andrew that is Andrew, the gay

RA?" he asked me.

     "Yes, I am.  I guess I have quite a reputation, don't I?"

     "Well, if what I hear is true, you are a real voice for the

gay community on campus, and represent yourself and your peers

well when confronted with residents and staff that have questions

and concerns about gay life."

     "I'm flattered, Jason," I commented.  "It has always been my

hope to be open and free with information to foster growth of the

gay/lesbian/bisexual community on campus."

     "I think that's cool.  I've always wanted to sit down with

someone like you and find out about gay life."

     "Well, there's no time like the present," I said.

     We left the main path and headed off into the woods.  Within

100 yards, we had found a clearing that was rather well protected

from the rest of the woods.  We sat on a fallen tree and began to

talk.  An hour later (missing the first session, of course), we

were still sitting and still talking.  I had told him about my

varied experiences and about coming out, etc.  The conversation

was pleasant to say the least, as I enjoy talking to people about

my homosexuality.  As we talked, we inched closer together quite

unconsciously until our knees touched.

     The electricity that flowed from Jason's knee to mine was

intense.  I stopped talking and looked right into his eyes and

said, "Do I take it that you are more than just curious about all


     "I think so.  I find the thought of male to male sex so

arousing I cannot explain it." he said.

     I took his hands in mine and looked deep into his gorgeous

eyes.  I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the cheek.  He

kissed my cheek back, and without warning we were deeply kissing,

wrapping our tongues around each other.  We broke the kiss and I

began to run my hands over his shoulders and down his back.  He

did the same to me as we resumed kissing.  We kissed violently,

passionately, hungrily until we had rolled to the soft ground in

front of us.  I laid Jason gently down on his back and unbuttoned

his shirt.  His chest was totally smooth and so incredibly soft

that I almost came just running my hands across it.  I tweaked

his nipples as he raised his back up to remove his shirt.  I laid

it beneath him to form a cushion and began tonguing his chest.  I

sucked on his nipples, eliciting soft coos from him.  He was

running his wonderfully long fingers through my hair and

whispering great things as I travelled down.  I unsnapped his

jeans and pulled them down to his knees and then off, finding, to

my surprise that he was wearing no underwear!

     His cock was rockhard and curved slightly to the left.  It

was not massive in length, but was quite thick, tapered from the

head to the root.  It was nestled in soft auburn pubic hair and I

ran my hands through it loving the soft feeling of it.  I pulled

his pants all the way off and hefted his heavy balls in my hands. 

They felt full of spunk, and I lowered my head to his cock to

draw it out.

     I licked the head softly and gently as his hands found my

hair and began twisting it.  I took the shaft in my mouth and

sank down to the root, easily filling my mouth with his rockhard

member.  I glided up and tongued the veins as I came up.  I

licked around the head, swirling my tongue in sheer adoration of

this favorite piece of mail anatomy of mine.  He was obviously

enjoying what I was doing as the pressure he was putting on my

hair got stronger and stronger.

     His hips began to lift off of the ground and I stopped

sucking to lick on his balls.  His ballsac, like so much of his

body, was completely hairless and I licked each ball carefully,

drawing them into my mouth first one at a time and then together. 

I continued my downward journey and licked the cord of flesh I

find so erotic, the one that connects the balls and the asshole. 

As I arrived at his ass, he lifted his legs so that his knees

were bent sharply, and presented his ass for my inspection.

     I tongued his cheeks in my traditional circling motion,

getting closer and closer to his rosebud hole.  Finally, able to

stand it no more, I honed in on his hole and began actively

licking and sucking it.  I rammed my tongue inside his tight

steamy bunghole and began a fucking-like assault on his ass.  He

pushed my head out of the way and rammed one of his long, bony

fingers inside, pushing and pulling quickly, panting and gasping

as he did so.

     I quickly shed my shorts and jockstrap and spit on my raging

cock.  I pulled his hand out of his ass (he was now shoving

several fingers in and out) and rammed my cockhead towards his

hole.  Meeting a lot of resistance, I pushed hard until I felt

the head slip by his gate.  I sunk slowly to the hilt, joining

his groans with my own.  I lay atop him with his feet up in the

air, and pulled out.  In and out I fucked, eliciting sheer

pleasure from his mouth and face as he looked up at me.  He

grabbed my hips and pulled me deep into him as his cock shook

beneath my stomach and began spewing a huge load of cum.  I

pulled out and pumped my prick until it began spewing as well. 

We both watched as his chest became covered with our spunk.  I

shook the last drops from mine and pushed my fingers all over his

chest, mixing our cum into a thick puddle.  I leaned down and

licked it up, keeping it in my mouth.  When his chest was pretty

clean, I laid down atop him and fed our loads to him.

     He swallowed hungrily, searching my mouth's many cavities

with his tongue.  We continued to kiss well beyond the

consumption of the sperm, and our cocks hardened between us.

     We broke apart and I squatted over his cock.  He pushed me

away and knelt in front of my upturned ass and dove for my

pucker, locking his lips over my hole and pushing his tongue as

far in as it would go.  In and out he teased me.  Then he

inserted one of his fingers and began scraping around, loosening

me for his throbbing cock.  I raised my legs high in the air and

yelled, "Fuck me, Jason!  Fuck me, you stud!"

     He needed little encouragement and mounted me like a

stallion, driving his rockhard member deep into my bowels.  I

filled quickly and thrusted my ass muscles to tighten around his

cock.  I met each thrust he made by pushing my hips up off the

ground.  Our fucking gained a frenzied cadence as his cock sank

in and out of my lusting hole.

     I grabbed him around the waist and pulled him deeper with

each stroke.  As his cockhead banged my prostrate, I grunted and

moaned in appreciation.  His thick cock filled me completely, and

I did not want this moment to end.  Suddenly, with little

warning, I felt the first spurt of his jetting semen hit the

deepest confines of my ass.  He continued to pelt my insides with

hot creamy cum until he was flailing his arms and sweat was

pouring from his cute chest.

     I pulled him deep inside and pulled him down on top of me as

my cock began spewing between our heaving bellies.  I kissed him

deeply as our cocks subsided, his in my ravaged ass, mine between

us.  We kissed long and hard until our breathing returned to a

more normal rate, and we rolled around a little, licking each

other clean like little kittens.  We met to kiss again, and then

rolled apart to dress.

     As we dressed, we spoke little, but Jason smiled a lot at

me, as if saying he was OK.  I finally asked him what he was

thinking, and he said, "You have no idea how much I enjoyed that! 

I know I am straight, and I love my girlfriend very much, but I

now know how wonderful fucking between two men can be, and I

think it is great!  I can see why you like being gay!"

     I smiled at him and said, "Anytime you feel the need to do

this again, just let me know.  I think you are about the hottest

little thing I've come across in a long time, Jason!"

     "Well, I hate to admit it, but I think we have some free

time tonight after sesssions.  Can we come back and fuck some

more?" Jason asked.

     And we did-- all night long!!  (And boy did the staff

whisper the next morning!)  Hee Hee.

Dorm Encounter X: Tickling the Ivories

     There are very few things that relax me more than playing

the piano.  Near my dorm in the Fine Arts Building, there is a

whole floor of private practice rooms housing some fine pianos. 

Every once in a while, when I really need to relax, I pack up my

music and head to the practice rooms to play.

     Perhaps the most interesting thing about these practice

rooms is that once you close the door, no one can see in to see

who is playing.  You even have the luxury of locking the door if

you so choose.  All of this is to say that anything you feel like

doing while practicing is pretty much fair game.

     I find the piano a highly erotic instrument.  I play with

the passion of a Master though I play poorly in the grand scheme

of things.  I am in the habit of wearing almost nothing when I

play, and at some point during my session, I end up naked as a

jaybird.  It is amazing how you can feel each note of the piano

deep into your body if you are not encumbered by clothes!

     At any rate, I was playing one Saturday afternoon and had

reached that naked state.  I was the only one in the building as

far as I knew, and was playing away to my heart's content.  The

music had found its way into my soul and I was enraptured.

     Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.  I stopped playing

and threw my shorts on quickly and jumped up to open the door. 

Throwing the door open I was confronted with a fine specimen of

man the likes of which is rarely seen on this campus.  He was

well over six feet tall, had a rugged, chiseled face, a warm

smile and wavy blondish brown hair cascading over his face and

down his back.  What a vision!  He smiled at me and said, "I am

terribly sorry to interrupt you, but I was wondering if you would

let me come in and listen for a few minutes.  You play so well I

was moved in the hallway here!"

     I looked at him and said, "Sure!  I am flattered!  I'm

Andrew, by the way," I said, sticking out my hand.

     He clasped my hand in his and I saw that his hands matched

the rest of him-- huge!

     We went in and I closed and locked the door again.  He sat

down in the corner and said, "Pretend I am not here, man.  I just

want to sit here quietly and listen."

     "Well," I said, "if you weren't here, things would be a

little different.  I usually play in the nude, but in this case,

I think I can adjust for you a little bit," I said with a laugh.

     "Hey, man-- don't change your routine for me.  I have no

problem with your being naked!" he said, smiling deviously. 

"That certainly brings a new twist!"

     "OK-- you asked for it."  I then removed my shorts and threw

them towards him where the rest of my clothes were.  This was

truly strange, but I decided that since he was behind me, he

couldn't see much, and I began to play.

     I was enthralled so deeply several minutes later in a Chopin

Etude that I didn't feel him standing behind me for several

seconds, and when I did, I felt his presence deeply within me as

he swayed with me to the music.  I stopped playing and turned

slightly around to face him.  He put his hands on my shoulder and

said, "I hope you won't find this obtrusive, but your music has

moved me.  I feel the need to touch you.  I guess you may have

figured from all of this that I am gay, and I will understand if

you are not and are turned off by all this, but I find you a

beautiful man making beautiful music, and I can't stand it."

     This was a real twist!  I am so used to being the instigator

of this sort of thing I was slightly taken aback by the advances

of this stranger.  I looked up at this massive man and said,

"Actually, I am gay too.  Why don't you take your clothes off and

join me on the bench and let me show you something?"

     He disrobed eagerly and sat down next to me on the bench,

our naked bodies touching at the hips.  He looked at me and said,

"By the way, my name is Ian."

     "Well, Ian, I said, grabbing his rockhard cock with my right

hand, "feel this!"  I struck a deep note on the piano and the

reverberations shook through my body down my arm and into his

cock.  He shivered as the note shook through him.  "Isn't that

cool, man?" I asked.

     "I've never felt anything like it!  Do it again!"  I struck

another note, this time deeper, and he shook from the feeling he

was experiencing.  I placed his hand on my cock and hit another

note, this time letting both of us rock from the vibrations.

     I took my hand off his cock and began playing Tchaikovsky's

Fourth Symphony.  His hand was still on my cock and was shaking

as he swayed back and forth to the music, eyes closed and

smiling.  I played on, getting so wrapped in the music that I

forgot Ian for a second until I felt his hand sliding up and

down on my cock.  I looked down as I played and drank in the

vision of this enormous hand softly caressing my throbbing


     I stopped playing and grabbed his dick.  It was not

particularly large considering the size of him, but it was smooth

and hard as a rock.  I looked more carefully at him and was quite

impressed with his massive chest adorned with a soft nestle of

hair just in the cleft between his pectorals.  His nipples were

huge, taut and hard as nails.  His eyes were closed and I

couldn't resist leaning over and kissing him.  He opened his eyes

and kissed me back deeply, passionately, warmly.  We turned to

face each other, our cocks rising between us in mock defiance of

each other as we kissed.  He wrapped his big manly arms around me

and hugged me tightly.

     The passion was intense.  I broke the kiss and slid off the

bench and onto the floor.  Pulling Ian down to me, I flipped him

around and we ended up in a sixty-nine position.  Quickly we

devoured each others' cocks, rising and falling from the

tumescent shafts with practiced expertise.  I grabbed his ass and

kneaded it as I sucked him off, revelling in the smooth feel of

his skin and the toned musculature of his ass.  He did the same

to me and soon we were rolling around the practice room floor

feeling, sucking and moaning.

     I slipped a finger into his tight little bunghole after

sucking on it for a second and pushed in and out.  His hips

undulated in pleasure and he sucked harder on my cock.  I

withdrew from his mouth and told him to bend over the piano

bench.  At this height, his rosebud was winking at me at just the

right height.  I crawled to his rear and sank my mouth over his

asshole, sucking in and running my tongue around and around his

bunghole, inching closer with each pass.  Finally I rammed my

tongue into his hole, fucking him with light little jabs of my

tongue.  He writhed on the piano bench and his sweating body made

him glide on the ebony finish easily.  I stood up and placed the

tip of my cock at his entrance and pushed in ever so slightly. 

Passing the flange, my cockhead became alive with the pressure

and feeling of his warm, tight ass.  I thrusted hard and sank

deep within this beautiful hunk of a man as he cried out in


     "Take it easy, man!  I've only done this a few times!" he

cried in anguish.  I stopped my entry and remained still for a

few seconds so he could adjust to my cock, and when I felt him

relaxing, I continued my push inward.  I found rock bottom soon

enough and my cocktip glided across his prostrate gland.  He

moaned appreciatively as it did so, and pushed back on my cock to

get the total depth penetration possible.

     Sensing that he was ready for more massive fucking, I

withdrew and began my slow thrust inward again.  He groaned as my

cock slid through his bowels, and I began thrusting more

earnestly.  Slowly I built this masterful fuck into a rocking

rhythm until he was moaning uncontrollably.  I pulled him off the

bench, still inside him and almost threw him on the floor,

turning him over as he went.

     He was now facing me and put his legs over my shoulders.  I

reached down with my hands, still fucking frantically, and began

running my hands all over his tight muscular body, gliding easily

in the sweat that was beading on his skin.  I fucked with all

abandonment, plunging all the way in and pulling all the way out

with each stroke.  My cockhead was alive with feeling, and I knew

I was close.

     "Don't cum in me, man!" he panted.  "I need that load in my


     I knew I was close, so I pulled out and fed him my aching

cock.  He sucked masterfully, drawing my cock in and out of his

throat with wild abandon.  I fucked his face, eager to shoot my

load down his greedy throat.  Without much fanfare, my cock

erupted in an enormous lavaflow of semen, shooting deep within

his throat.  He drank greedily groaning deeply as he did so.

     I pulled my cock out of his mouth and stroked the last few

spurts all over his face.  Gasping for breath, I fell on him,

wrapping my arms around his head.  I licked my cum from his face

and kissed him deeply, sharing my load with this wonderfully

hunky man.

     I sqatted over his midsection and sank down on his rockhard

member slowly and seductively, sighing and pinching his nipples

as I sank down.

     I began to bob up and down and after several quiet and meaty

moments until I felt his hips shaking.  I looked down at his face

and saw that he was grinning from ear to ear.  "Here it cums,


     With that, I felt a warm wave of semen splash my inner ass

walls as he began shooting load after creamy load up my chute.  I

continued to bounce on his now sensitive cock as he shot his

load, groaning in pleasure and passion as we rocked up and down

together.  His load began to dwindle, and his cocked slipped from

my ass as it began to soften.  Cum leaked down from my ass all

over his crotch and I sat back a few feet from him and tried to

catch my breath.

     We looked at each other, smiling, for several long minutes

until he reached over and touched my cheek.  "That was by far the

most intense sex I have ever had, man!  You are one talented

dude!" Ian said.

     "You're not so bad yourself, handsome!" I replied.

     I crawled up to the bench and slid across it, hands on the

keys.  I turned to him and said, "And now, to show my

appreciation for having had the experience of making love with

you, I'd like to play an original composition."

     He sat up and wrapped his arms around his knees.  I could

see his soft cock nestled in his pubes as he closed his eyes and


     I began to play the composition that I had been working on

for months.  As I got into it, and as my hands coaxed the

hauntingly eerie tune from the piano, I forgot that he was there

for a moment and put my soul into it.  I played the complex

melody through several times and on the third time, he began to

hum along with it.  I grabbed the lyrics from the top of the

piano and flung them at him.

     He grabbed the lyrics as I restarted the melody, and began

to sing in a deep melancholy baritone that made my skin tingle. 

I had imagined how this would sound ever since I wrote the

lyrics, but he made it come alive in ways I never dreamed

possible. I played, he sang, we made music.  We did it over again

several times until we were too emotional to continue, and I

joined him on the floor for a hug and kiss.

     We fell asleep there on the floor for some time, woke hours

later and dressed quietly.

     "Would you like to meet here again and sing and 'play'some

more?" I asked coyly.

     "Just tell me when, Andrew!"

     I did, we did, and the rest of the quarter sped by as Ian

and I made more than one type of beautiful music together!


Dorm Encounters XI: Soccer Jocks!

     I am not athletic.  I detest sports of all kinds.  Physical

activity of any kind makes me queasy.  But I do love athletes--

love them to death.  There is nothing more fine in the whole

world than a sinewy tight athlete.

     I had just gotten a call from a frantic mother of one of my

residents.  She called trying to find her son Jay, one of my

residents.  She said that it was urgent that he contact her and

asked that I try to find him as soon as I could.

     I walked down to Jay's room and asked Phil, his roommate if

he knew where Jay was.  Phil told me to try the gym-- soccer

practice had just begun and he was likely to be in the locker

room before I got there if I walked slowly.

     I headed off to the gym hating the fact that I was headed to

the one building on campus that meant absolutely nothing to me. 

My spirits lifted slightly at the prospect of perchance seeing a

few hunks in the raw, and I walked across campus humming softly

to myself about that prospect.

     I arrived in the locker room later than I thought.  Upon

asking where the soccer team cage was, the trainer said that most

of the team had already showered and left, but he pointed to a

cage down the hall and wished me luck in finding Jay.

     I walked down the hall slowly and as I approached the cage

in question, I stopped.  I peeked around the corner hoping to get

a good look at some fine athlete ass before I waltzed in and was

amazed to find Jay sitting on the bench alone, his back facing

me, apparently busy with something in his lap.  I stood and

watched for a few moments and was futher amazed several anxious

seconds later to see spurts of cum shoot out from his lap across

the small cage.  He was breathing heavily and sweat ran down his

back.  I quickly ducked into the next cage as he got up and

grabbed a towel, laying something down on the bench.  He walked

to the showers, not noticing me at all.

     I stole into the cage and walked over to the bench where he

had been sitting and bent over, running my hands over the warm

spot on the wood where he had sat while jacking off.  I looked

over and was astonished to see that he had put down a magazine

when he had gotten up to shower.  I picked it up and the "fake"

Time cover fell off, revealing a XXX hardcore male porn magazine

called "Locker Room Romp." I paged through the magazine revelling

in each page that was graced with photographs of two hot and

horny young studs sucking and fucking in various stages of

athletic dress.  I particularly found one set of pictures with

one fucking the other through the straps of his jockstrap

appealing.  I sat down and whipped out my rod, jacking softly as

I turned the pages.  My cock grew rapidly and soon I was

earnestly stroking my rod and drooling over the photos in the


     I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I did not see or

hear Jay return from the shower.  The first I knew of his

presence was his timid cough about a foot away.  I dropped the

magazine as if it were burning my hands and took my other hand

from my throbbing cock.

     "Looks like you found something interesting to read,

Andrew," he said, looking down coyly.

     "I guess so," I replied.  "I never knew you were into this

sort of thing, man." I replied.

     "We all have our secrets, Andrew.  Not everyone is as open

as you about their sexuality.  I've wondered if all the rumors I

had heard about you fucking most of the floor were true-- I guess

they are, huh?"

     "Well, I haven't heard the stories, but I do get a fair

amount of action on our floor.  Even the totally straight ones

are willing to have their cocks services sometimes, Jay!"

     Jay dropped his towel that he had been holding in front of

him and I saw his cock for the first time.  It was beautiful!  I

should stop now and describe the man himself, I suppose.

     Jay stands about six feet tall, is broad shouldered and

broad chested.  He has reddish brown hair and moustache and deep

green eyes.  His chest is more or less devoid of hair, and there

is a small trail of curly pubes heading from his navel to his

nestle around his fine cock.  His cock arches about seven inches

and is turned slightly to the left.  Under it hangs two perfectly

round and quite heavily laden testicles in a smooth ballsac. 

Running down from there are the two finest legs I've seen in a

while.  Total muscle, no fat, and only a smattering of downy

hair.  His feet are defined as totally manly-- it's hard to


     After dropping his towel, Jay reached down and stroked his

massive cock.  It bounced and quivered to his touch and I was

amazed that he could elicit such a response after having just cum

so recently.  He looked me deep in the eyes and said rather shyly

and in a voice I had never heard from him before (childlike, I

guess), "Do you think maybe you could service this little ol'

cock, my RA?"

     I didn't answer with words.  I simply slipped from the bench

and sank to my knees in front of this classic looking man.  I

grabbed his cock out of his hands and licked the tip.  He

shivered as my mouth slowly began to descend upon his rod, inch

by thick, hard inch.  Before too long, and with a little effort,

I had managed to swallow him whole, eliciting moans of pleasure

from him.  I began to suck him slowly, rocking his cock in and

out of my mouth.

     He grabbed my head and pulled me down hard on his cock.  He

began shooting gob after gob of creamy spunk down my greedy

throat as he moaned and grunted with each spurt.  When it was all

over and cum was dripping from my chin, I sat back down on the

bench.  I watched as he bent and began drying the sweat and

shower water from his body.  I eagerly drank in each motion as

his towel filled hands ran up and down his sinewy body drying

every crack and crevice.  He turned and faced the row of lockers

and bent over to dry his legs.  From my vantage point I had a

bird's eye view of his ass and could have sworn his rosebud

winked at me.  As he continued to dry and show his ass, he said,

"You know, that was the first time anyone has ever done that to

me.  I've dreamed of that moment for a long time and never

realized it could be that good.  Thanks for initiating me.  The

only problem I have is that I somehow feel that you got left out

of the process!"

     I nodded and said, "Yes, I did, but I get such a rush

sucking a good cock I almost come in the process.  Perhaps we can

get together some time and I can show you some of the finer


     "Like what?" he asked.

     "Like I'd really like to investigate your cute ass, Jay!"

     "Well, there's no time like the present, Andrew. 

Investigate away!"

     I reached out and pulled him towards me, still bent over. 

He stepped back a couple of steps until his ass was right in my

face, and I pressed my mouth between his cheeks, prying them

apart with my hands.  I locked my mouth over his rosebud pucker

and began to tongue his crack from top to bottom, pausing as I

passed over his hole to quickly insert the tip of my tongue.  He

giggled uncontrollably the first couple of times I did this, but

soon got used to the new sensations in his butt and pushed back,

indicating he wanted more.

     I honed in on his rosebud and rammed my tongue in and out of

his sweet manhole, loving the warmth and tightness of his anus. 

Pulling my face back, I sucked on one of my fingers and slid it

gently into his ass, pushing and poking around until I found his

prostate gland.  He squealed in delight as I hit that magic spot

and begged me loudly for more.  I inserted a second then a third

finger, and soon I had him whining that he needed MORE MORE MORE.

     Only too happy to oblige, I pushed him forward until his

hands were placed on the lockers in front of him.  I kicked his

legs apart until he looked like he was spread for a frisking and

whipped my cock from my shorts.  I spit into my hand and ran it

up and down the length of my cock and guided the head to his

hole.  I ran the head up and down his slit, teasing his quivering

ass with the delicacy of a fair maiden and the insistence of a

sturdy farmhand.  Without a lot of pretense, I pushed the head

into his hole and began ramming in deeper and deeper until his

ass was totally full and clinching my cock in a death-like grip. 

He groaned as he felt me fill his crack, and pushed back to

ensure total penetration.

     I slowly withdrew, loving the feeling my smooth cock was

experiencing as it retreated from the warm depths of his asshole

and pushed back in again.  With each inward thrust, he met me

with a backwards push of his own and I realized he was really

getting into having his cherry busted by a pro.  My fucking

became insistent and then frenzied as I rode this athletic god

and I pounded his ass with all that I had.  I slapped his

asscheeks a couple of times, garnering incredible groans from

him.  I reached around and felt for his cock to discover it was

up and hard and arching out in front of him.

     I began to jack him and just as I began filling his belly

full of my precious and copious load, he shot into my hands, the

sperm arching forward and coating the locker doors in front of

him.  We both came for what seemed blissful eternity, and I felt

the semen inside his ass building to bursting level.  I quickly

pulled out and shot the last load over his shoulder and onto the

locker door high above his head.  He raised his head up and

licked the door clean as I grabbed him, spun him around, and

planted my mouth over his.

     We kissed, moaned, and ran our hands over each other like

lovers who hadn't seen each other in months, whimpering and

whining all the while.

     "God, Jesus and Mary!" he cried, breathing heavily.  "You

are some goddamned good fucker, Andrew!"

     "Why thank you," I said, tucking my deflated cock back into

my shorts.  "Anytime you need it, just ask.  I'm always hot and

horny-- I'm the Horny R.A.!"

     We dressed in silence and I suddenly remembered why I had

come to the gym in the first place.  I told him of his mother's

call and offered to walk back with him.

     As we walked, he seemed troubled, and I asked if there was

anything I could do to help.  He fumbled for the right words and

took my hand in his.  We stopped momentarily in the quad in front

of the dorm and he turned to me and said, "I've just written to

my Mom that I am gay.  I guess she just got the letter.  As cool

as she has always been, I'm sure everything will be OK.  Will you

come with my while I call her, my studfucker?"

     I followed him to his room and listened over the

speakerphone as he talked to his mother.  She was very

understanding and asked if there was anyone special in Jay's life

yet.  Jay said that he and I had just had sex for the first time

(his first time) and that he had feelings for me.  She didn't

know I was in the room listening until he told her and the three

of us ended up making plans to have dinner several weekends later

in town.

     The dinner went well.  Jay and I had couple several times in

between and found each other to be the wonderful man we were each

seeking.  I told her of my many wanderings up and down the hall,

and that I thought perhaps this was the man I could settle down

and get to love, and she cried saying that she thought it was all

too beautiful.

     We all cried and held hands, and she told us that she had

always known Jay was gay and was proud of him and of me for being

honest and open with her.  We vowed to continue to do so, and bid

her a teary but fond farewell.

     Jay and I headed across the quad after dinner.  He and I

held hands as we walked, much to the consternation of some of the

people outside wandering around, and Jay turned to me and said,

"I love you, Andrew, with all my heart.  Will you be my lover?"

     I was choked with emotion and replied, "My darling Jay, of

course.  You are mine and I am yours."

     With that, we went to my room and fucked harder and with

more intensity than we ever had before.  We had found love and it

was grand!

Dorm Encounters XIII: Toys for Boys!

     One night not terribly long ago, several of my residents had

come to visit and play some board games to pass the time.  We

began with Trivial Pursuit and having finished that, I pulled out

my X-rated version of the game.

     The four of us, myself, Tim, Kevin and Matt, had just begun

play when a question about rubber toys came up.  After a somewhat

lengthy debate about what the game meant, two of the guys

admitted that they had never seen a vibrator or fake cock or

other toys in real life.  I was quick to say that I had several

toys they could look at if it would give them a better idea of

what I was talking about.  They all quickly agreed that they were

interested in playing "show and tell."

     I got up from the table and went to my desk.  Opening my

bottom filing cabinet drawer, I pulled out several shoeboxes and

placed them on the table, moving the game board out of the way. 

I opened the lids of the three boxes and watched the guys pore

over the contents.  I suggested that we dump them out and examine

them further, and met with no hesitation.  So I did.  Soon,

covering the table, was a vast collection of every conceivable

sex toy available on the market. (I am in the habit of buying

everything and trying them out).

     The guys were hesitant to touch until I told them that all

of them were clean, and they began picking different things up

and waving them at each other.  Kevin was the first to look at me

questioningly and ask, "Exactly why do you have all these things,

Andrew?"  The other two chimed in with similar remarks and faces. 

I took all of the toys from their hands and laid them down.  I

picked up the first thing I saw and said, "Well, here is your

five minute education in sex toys, guys.  First of all, you all

know I am gay, right?"

     They nodded, somewhat solemly, glancing sideways at each

other curiously.  I resumed my discussion.  "On the table are

represented many of the sex toys you see in the backs of dirty

magazines.  First, we have the classic fake penis, represented

here in several styles and sizes.  Each is different and provides

a different stimulation.   This one here, for example, has raised

ridges which provide extra frictional stimulation going in and


     "Then we have the battery operated vibrators.  I have, as

you can see, five or six of these, and each is different like the

dildoes I just mentioned.

     "Then we have the class that is a collection of a bunch of

different things.  These, for example, are various sizes and

styles of cockrings, these are anal beads, and these are some

other anal masturbation devices."

     Matt said, "You mean you put all of these in your ass?"

     "Yep.  Most of 'em.  I have found that they enhance my

masturabatory experiences tremendously when the real thing is,

for whatever reason, unavailable."

     Tim held up my 24 inch rubber cock.  "Surely you can't be

serious!  You put this huge thing up your ass?" he cried


     "Not all of it, mind you, but I've managed to get over half

of it up my chute with relative ease."

     "I just cannot believe that, man," Tim said.  "Never in a

million years will I sit here and listen to you tell me that you

put something almost the size of my arm up your ass and you LIKE


     "Actually, I love it.  This is one of my favorite toys," I

said, caressing the length of the enormous rubber penis.

     Kevin said, "I don't believe you, either.  I'd have to see

it to believe you can take half that thing, bubbah!"

     Matt chimed in with a similar comment.

     "OK, guys, put your money where your mouth is.  How many

think I can't do it?"  They all raised their hands and Kevin

said, "You can suck my dick til morning if you can take that

thing, man."

     "Deal," I said.  "Everyone else agree to the same terms?"

     They nodded and looked at each other nervously.

     I stood up and took my shirt off, peeled my socks off,

dropped my shorts, and ripped off my underwear.  I noticed,

looking at all three of them, that the nervous tension in the air

had caused three little tents to rise quite high in their laps.

     I got up on the table facing the three of them and lay back. 

I grabbed some lube from one of the boxes and began lubing the

entrance to my ass.  I worked my asshole with my fingers for

several delicious moments and gave my cock a playful tug at the

same time.  I handed the monster cock and lube to Kevin and asked

him to grease it up.  He hesitated but did it quickly, covering

the "headed" end well with lube.

     I took the dildo from him, raised my feet to bend my knees,

raised my ass, and began sliding the head up and down my

asscrack.  Ever so slowly I honed in on my puckered rosebud and

began to push the mammoth rubber cock into my willing ass.  It

took some work at first as my ass had not been fucked in some

time.  I slowly inched the cock into my ass until well over half

of it was buried in my ass.  I relaxed my ass and sat down, the

end of the cock hanging from my hole invitingly.

     They all stared in disbelief as I raised up again and began

pulling the thing from my chute.  I pulled it almost all the way

out and sunk it back again, groaning in sheer sexual passion as I

did so.  It felt so wonderful to be so full, and could have only

felt better if the cock up my ass had been alive.

     Kevin reached out and grabbed the end of the dildo and

pushed it back in again.  He pulled it out and pushed it in, and

said, "Never would I have believed this if I weren't sitting

right here doing this with my own hands.  What does it feel like

inside you, Andrew?" he asked.

     I looked at him and said, "It's hard to describe.  It is the

most completely filling feeling in the world, it's incredibly

erotic, and it feels wonderful.  Now that I have shown you that

this works, I think you all owe me something."

     I climbed down from the table and knelt in front of their

three chairs.  All were fondling their cocks through their pants

and I began with Matt.  He unzipped his pants and dropped them

with his boxer shorts onto the floor.  His cock, a seven inch

thick whopper, rose from his midsection in splendor.  I leaned

over and devoured his cock in one downward motion, causing him to

raise up in the chair and cry out sharlply.  I sucked him

expertly, bringing him to the brink of orgasm quickly several

times until I felt him dump his creamy load into my willing

throat.  As I was drinking him dry, I noticed the other two were

rapidly fisting their cocks and I reached out and pulled their

hands away.

     Once Matt had emptied his nuts, I scooted over to Tim's lap

and pulled his pants and g-string underwear down to his ankles. 

I grabbed his cock, one of those amazingly long and incredibly

thin ones, and tried to take it all in at once.  His sheer length

prohibited that but I soon developed a sucking rhythm that

allowed me to take him all in.  I brought him quickly to orgasm

and swallowed every creamy delicious drop.

     Kevin was last and was sweating and writhing in his chair by

the time I got over to him.  It took only several long delicious

slides on his average sized cock to bring him off, and he dumped

torrents of sperm down my greedy and near-sated throat.

     Once they had all cum, they relaxed and sat back in their

chairs, idly fondling their cocks.  I reached around my back and

shoved the dildo further up my ass as it had slipped out some

during my suck-a-thon.  I began manipulating it in and out of my

near-ravaged ass when Kevin got down on the floor behind me and

began pushing and pulling for me.  I reached down to work on my

cock a little bit, and Matt surprised me by crawling under me and

awkwardly taking me in his mouth.  He was clearly new to the art

of cocksucking, but took to it quickly, developing an interesting

bobbing rhythm that had me close to shooting in no time.  I

pulled the dildo out of my ass and begged Kevin to give me the

real thing.

     He was so caught up in giving me pleasure that I don't think

he noticed that he had sunk his hard cock up my ass and was

pummeling me for all it was worth.  Tim stood up over me and

began to beat his cock in my face.  I reached up and drew him

into my mouth again, sucking his delightfully rigid member deep

into my throat.  I ran my tongue around his cockhead as he pulled

out, and gave him the best head I could muster under the given

circumstances while Matt continued to blow me from underneath and

Kevin continued to plow me from behind.

     We were all grunting and groaning and Kevin said, rather

suddenly, "I want to know what it feels like.  Somebody fuck me!"

     I motioned for Tim to have the honor and he scooted up

behind Kevin and greased his ass a bit and then sank into him. 

Kevin cried out as his bung cherry was broken but soon discovered

what bliss can be had when something soft and wet slides across

the prostate gland!  Matt climbed out from under me and mounted

Tim effortlessly, making me wonder if Tim was the "virgin" he had

made out to be.  Tim moaned deeply in his baritone voice as Matt

began riding him harder and harder.

     Though awkward, our position was interesting and all of us

were deriving intense pleasure from being part of this daisy-

fuck-chain.  Moans and groans quickly became grunts and shouts as

the fuckers found their cadences, and soon those of us being

fucked were being bathed with semen in our deepest depths.  I

fisted myself to an explosive orgasm as I felt Kevin explode

within me, and this chain reaction sped down the line until

everyone was coming at once.

     After we had all cum, we collapsed in a tangled heap of

heaving, sweating naked flesh and lay there panting.

     Kevin and Tim spoke almost at the same time, each offering

some mild expletives.  Matt just lay silently nursing his

shriveling cock, smiling curiously.

     Once we had all caught our breaths, we separated and began

to dress.  I told them anytime they needed this sort of

education, to let me know, and we all agreed to start the game

again the following night.

Dorm Encounters XIV:  Down By the Riverside


     Near the main part of campus, mostly hidden by a grove of

tall northern pines, is a small river that runs along the edge of

campus boundaries.  I have found this to be one of the few places

on campus where I can go to be by myself and think.  More often

than not, I am the only person there and the solace and peace

there is more than pleasurable.

     There have been times when I was not there alone, though. 

One time in the middle of the spring, I decided late one night

that I needed some peace and quiet and headed across campus to

the river.

     Upon arriving there, I sat down high up above the river and

sat, staring at the water lazily wash by.  Thinking I was alone,

I lay back and began to hum softly, truly relishing the quiet

night.  Suddenly, my ears picked up a low moan coming from the

sandy beach along the riverfront.  I sat up and looked down. 

There, kneeling in the sand, was a young boy, perhaps sixteen or

seventeen, oblivious to my presence.  He was moaning softly and

appeared to be swaying in the sand.  I began to become very

interested and watched him closely.  As my eyes adjusted to the

moonlit beach, I realized that he was rubbing his crotch with

both hands.  I immediately became interested.

     As his caresses got more intense, he unzipped his pants (I

heard this more than I saw it) and he began making love to his

young cock with earnest.  Still oblivious to my presence, he laid

back in the sand until I could see his stiff cock arching from

his small pubic thatch.  He was running his hands all over his

naked chest with one hand, pausing to tweak his nipples.  His

other hand was busy bringing pleasure to his cock and balls as it

roamed from one another in a causual but intense way.

     He moved both hands to his cock and began thrusting his hips

into the air as he beat himself furiously, and shortly

thereafter, an enormous arc of semen flew from his cock and

arched back, hitting him square in the face.  He came for some

time, each spurt carefully aimed at his face until he could come

no more.  He caressed his softening cock with one hand and wiped

his face with the other, licking the cum from it as he did so.

     He then lay there in the sand, breathing heavily until he

regained his composure, dressed and walked down the beach towards


     I never saw the boy again, but was so moved by his display

that I beat myself to a furious climax right there on the spot.

The Story Itself:

               Several nights ago, I found myself sitting at my desk

staring at some boring text book or another, wishing I was

anywhere but where I was.  Lost in a daydream that most likely

was sexual, I was suddenly jolted out of my reverie by a knock at

the door.  I said, "Come in!" and was surprised to see Stan, one

of the residents from upstairs standing at the door.  We had made

friends with each other through class more than through living in

the same building, and though we knew very little about each

other, I had always hoped we could develop the friendship a

little more.

     "What are you doing studying on a beautiful night like this,

Andrew?" he asked.

     "I have no plans for the evening and thought I would get a

little work done.  Doesn't seem to be progressing very well,

though, I must admit.  What's up with you?"

     "About the same.  I've been working on that assignment for

Dr. Schiller for hours now and have made no progress.  Thought I

would stop by for a chat since we've been saying for months that

we wanted to chat about non-class stuff."

     "Cool.  Pull up a chair.  Want a coke?"

     "No thanks.  Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to go

for a walk.  It's such a beautiful night and it seems a shame to

waste it inside!" Stan commented.

     "Done!" I cried, slipping into some comfortable walking

shoes.  "Where to?"

     "How 'bout down to the river.  The moon looks pretty

inviting down there, you know."

     "I thought the river was a well kept secret.  You've been

there?" I asked.

     "Yep. Been there a couple of times.  Never anyone around,

you know."

     We headed out the door and took off across the campus.  We

talked as we walked and slowly divulged a lot of personal

information as we walked.  I kept pace with him and as we walked,

I began to study him carefully.  The more I saw, the more I

liked.  He was six feet easily, maybe taller and had very soft

skin.  The moonlight cast beautiful shadows on his body as he

walked and I thought that I caught a glimpse of a pretty full

basket.  His face was one of classic Greek features, chiselled,

manly, masculine.  His curly dark hair cascaded over his brow and

spilled down the nape of his neck in a subtle but wild array. 

Truly, this was a handsome man.

     We arrived at the river.  Now, there are two ways to get to

the beach.  One is to slide down on your ass, the other is to run

and hope you can stop at the beach before you plunge in the icy

water.  We opted for the first choice and bounced laughingly down

the embankment.  We arrived in somewhat of a heap at the bottom

and sat down on the beach, about six feet from the water's edge. 

We talked about a lot of things for the next couple of hours, and

we edged closer together as the air got nippier.  After a

somewhat long pause as we each reflected on what we had been

talking about, I could stand it no more and put my hands on his

face, drew him close to me and kissed him lightly on the mouth. 

I jumped up and walked over to the water's edge and stood there,

facing away from him.

     "I'm sorry, Stan.  I don't know what came over me, man.  I

just had to do that." I said, still not looking at him.

     After a few seconds, I heard him get up and approach me.  He

put his arms around me and drew me close to him and said, "Don't

be sorry, I want this just as much as you do, Andrew."

     I turned to him, somewhat puzzled and said, "But I thought

you didn't go for guys!"

     "So did I, but spending the last few hours with you has made

me want to do this so badly I can't stand it, man."  With that he

planted his mouth over mine and began kissing me, lightly at

first and then deeply, searching my mouth with his tongue as if

on a life-threatening quest.  We kissed for several long

delicious moments until we were both shaking.

     I stepped back for a second and he turned his back to me,

unbuttoning his shirt as he did so.  He dropped his shirt in the

sand and kicked his shoes off.  Then, still with his back to me,

he dropped his shorts revealing that he was not wearing

underwear.  I looked at him standing there in the moonlight, and

was awestruck.  This man was god-like!  If Michaelangelo had a

model for his "David," this would have been him: strong muscular

legs and thighs, rich full arms, incredibly manly hands and feet,

and tight round buttocks.

     He stood there for several minutes, as if not knowing what

to do.  I walked up to his back and knelt down behind him,

grabbing his asscheeks in my hands.  I pushed my nose into his

crack and inhaled deeply, enjoying the manly scent emmanating

from his body.  I pulled his cheeks apart and stuck the tip of my

tongue to his rosebud.  I pulled it off quickly and repeated this

action, poking my tongue in and out of his hot little hole until

he was moaning.

     I flipped him around and saw his cock for the first time. 

It was long, thick and hard, sticking out of his dark pubic bush

defiantly.  I licked the head slowly and teasingly, drawing

little whimpers and moans from him as my tongue glided back and

forth.  I took his cock in my hand and rammed it slowly down my

throat, drinking him in and loving the feel of my tongue running

down the length of it as I swallowed him.

     He grabbed my head and pushed and pulled it on and off his

cock.  I could tell he was close, and withdrew, gasping for

breath.  I stood and quickly shed my clothes joining him in


     We embraced awkwardly at first, our thick turgid cocks

pressed between us as we kissed deeply.  We ran our arms up and

down each other's backs, and explored each other as we did so. 

Our pelvises ground together causing our cocks to slide against

each other deliciously.  As we continued to search each other's

mouths with our tongues, the friction of our cocks caused them to

wiggle together, and soon we were spraying our loads between our

heaving bellies, tongues still battling to show our feelings

towards each other.

     With deep sighs, we pulled apart and laughed as we saw

the rivers of semen running down our chests and legs into the

sand.  We rubbed our hands on each other, cleaning up a bit and

let each other taste the combined loads from our fingertips.  We

kissed again, deeply, and sat down in the sand, fondling each

other and quietly sharing the moment.

     A slight mist began to fall, and we dressed each other

leisurely, kissing and touching as we went, until the mist became

rain and we began walking, arm in arm, back to the dorm.

     Arriving there, we went to my room and continued our

lovemaking well into the next morning.  By morning, I had

convinced him that male-male sex was the only way to go.  Our

cocks and asses were happy, but sore.

Dorm Encounter XV:  The Nerd

     Each year that I have been an R.A., there has been one man

on my floor that just didn't fit in well.  The stereotype was

always the same: he was a nerd.

They were always so similar it was scary.  Always computer

people, always math or science majors, always studies when

everyone else was playing.  The stereotype never deviated.  And

always, once per quarter, I made the extra effort to attempt to

bring them into the mainstream of dorm and campus life with a

personal visit to their room.

     My nerd of the year this year was no exception.  His name

was Chris something or other, a polish name I think, and he lived

alone in a room at the dead end of the hall.  I hardly ever saw

him in public, and only occasionally saw him at the dining hall

or in the bathroom.  I had never heard him speak, and found out

from the guys that lived on his end of the hall that he always

had his door shut and never made a sound.

     Four weeks into the quarter, I decided that enough was

enough, and it was time for the quarterly RA visit.  I closed my

door and locked it, and headed off down the hall.  I stopped

several times to poke my head into doorways and say hello, and

was met with casual greetings at each stop.  Finally arriving at

my destination, I stood for a minute collecting my thoughts.  I

took a deep breath and knocked tentatively at the door.

     No response.

     I knocked again, this time a little louder.  I heard a chair

slide on the floor and then I heard footsteps approaching the

door.  The door opened slightly and Chris stuck his head out. 

"Yes?" he asked, somewhat shyly.

     "Hi, Chris.  I'm Andrew, the Resident Assistant for this

floor.  I apologize for not having done this sooner, but I came

to introduce myself and see how you are doing.  Can I come in for

a minute?"

     "I don't see why not," he said.  He pushed the door all the

way open and let me pass, quickly closing it behind us.  He

motioned for me to sit down on the bed and I did so, taking in

the room with a wide sweep of my eyes.  It's always the same, you

know.  Totally neat, everything in its place, carefully selected

science fiction and astronomy posters mounted impecably on the

walls, no dust or trash in sight, and the bed-- you could have

easily bounced a brick off it it was so neatly made!

     We sat in silence for a few moments and I got my first

really good look at him.  He wasn't bad, actually.  Kind of

scrawny but in an academic sort of way.  He wasn't the typical

polyester nerd, though-- he was dressed rather preppily in an

izod shirt and duckheads.  And though he did wear glasses, they

were not those plastic black things that make you afraid to touch

him-- they were designer frames and they suited his fair face

quite nicely.

     He had brown hair, every hair in place, of course and tried

very hard to hide the fact that he had an interesting mound in

his lap.

     I looked at him and said, "This is all rather routine, I'm

afraid.  I just haven't had a chance to meet you yet and wanted

to make sure you got settled all right and you have found

everything you need here, Chris."

     "Yes.  This building suits my needs perfectly, actually, and

I am quite fond of my room.  I kind of wish there were two phone

lines in each room, though as my computer needs a phone line to

connect to the mainframe on campus."

     "Yeah, that's always been a problem for me too.  My phone

rings so often I am almost scared to login to the mainframe for

fear of missing a call.  Luckily, I have a beeper.  What sort of

stuff do you do on the mainframe?"

     He looked at me and got up, walking to the computer and

said, "Let me show you!"  I noticed that he had suddenly gotten

some pride in his voice and realized that I had piqued one of his

interests.  We sat down side by side in front of the computer and

his hands flew over the keys logging in to the system.  Soon I

was confronted with his directory and he began showing me

projects, games, and other stuff.  After an hour or so, I was

enthralled, and he was warming to my enthusiasm.

     Unconsciously, I put my arm behind his back on his chair and

relaxed as I listened to his soft voice extol the virtures of

some computer crap that was totally over my head.  He returned to

his directory again and was about to start something else when I

noticed something that shocked me!  He had a directory entitled


and I just had to know what it was.  I asked him, and he blushed

deeply saying, "Oh, just something a friend who doesn't have a

computer asked me to find for him."

     I told him I was interested and we viewed several

interesting and quite hot photographs that had been scanned into

the computer.  Some were just single men posing, but as we

"flipped through" the extensive library, other men joined the

solo's and soon the most amazing series of men fucking and

sucking appeared on the screen.

     I looked down at his crotch and noticed not only an enormous

bulge but a growing wet spot.  I took his hands from the keyboard

and placed them in his lap, covering his crotch briefly as I

said, "This turns you on, doesn't it Chris?"

     He sat incredibly still and said nothing.

     "It's OK, Chris.  It turns me on, too!  Feel this!"  I took

one of his hands and placed it on my raging dick, letting it go

to see what he would do. At first he let his hand rest there and

tried to look noncommital, but I think his curiosity got the

better of him after a while and he began caressing my mound


     "Have you ever done this before, Chris?" I asked.

     "No," he said, his voice cracking, "but I've always wanted


     "Say no more, man!" I said and stood up.  I flipped off the

computer and took his hand, leading him to the perfectly made bed

and lowered him down onto it until he was lying flat on his back. 

I gently removed all of his clothing, and took his glasses off

last.  I dimmed the lights in the room a little and undressed in

the middle of the room, dropping my clothes as they came off.

     I lay down next to him on the narrow bed and began running

my fingers through his hair, down his face, across his chest and

down his legs.  His cock, an impressive six-incher, was swaying

in the air, harder than I've seen a cock in some time.  I stayed

away from it at first, learning his body through touch, and

trying to make him stop shaking.

     "Shhhhh."  I said, trying to comfort his nervousness.  "Just

relax and let your body feel what is happening.  Don't try to

think about it, just let it happen" I said.

     I could feel him relax a little, and I bent down and brushed

my lips across his lightly.  He reached up and grabbed my head,

pulling it down until our mouths were crushed together, and

opened his mouth.  Our tongues found each other and we rolled on

the bed embracing and kissing deeply.

     I broke my mouth from his slightly and pulled back, trailing

his face with little kisses.  I moved downward and kissed his

chest, drawing each of his tiny nipples into my mouth and sucking

on them until they stood up pertly.  I continued my downward trek

until I came to his cock, and I lightly lapped at his throbbing

cockhead.  The head was velvety smooth and felt incredible

against my tongue.  I drew him into my throat and began the

earnest work of providing his first blowjob.  I sank down to the

root and drew back up again, running my tongue up and down the

length of his pole as I went.  He moaned and groaned quite loudly

and begged me not to stop.  I kept sucking and licking until I

felt his entire body stiffen.  I sank down to the base of his

cock just as he began shooting his load.

     I pulled back to taste his sperm, and was amazed to find

that it was really sweet, almost like sugar!  I sucked him dry,

gagging slightly on the copious load he was shooting into my

throat, and pulled back, allowing the last shot to hit my face. 

I lay back to catch my breath and rest.

     He got up on his knees and began treating me the same way I

had treated him.  His kisses and licks were tentative at first,

but as he gained confidence, he became bolder, sucking on my neck

and producing a huge hickey (which nearly drove me over the brink

right there, I might add) and then honing in on my aching cock. 

I pushed it into his throat and allowed him to adjust to the size

of it.  He signalled, by smiling, that he was comfortable, and I

began rising off the bed, thrusting in and out of his warm mouth. 

He was really making me hot, and I knew it would not be long.

     Sure enough, within four of five good, deep strokes with his

tongue and mouth, I began shooting my load into his greedy

throat.  He gagged audibly on the load but took it like a little

trooper, swallowing deeply as I shot spurt after spurt of my

wonderfully creamy spunk down his throat.

     We both lay back, panting and moaning as our erections

returned to full tilt.  I leaned over him and asked him, "Would

you mind terribly if I assaulted your anus, my friend?  It's just

too hot to pass up!"

     "Just be gentle.  I've never done this before, but I must

admit that the sensations I feel in my anal orifice indicate a

strong likelihood that I would find it a pleasurable experience."

     God, these nerds were all the same!  Too funny for their own


     I parted his legs and lifted his ankles to my shoulders,

easing my nose between his cheeks.  The musky smell was

overpowering and I was driven by a lust I hadn't felt in a while. 

This was, after all, virgin territory and I got to break it in! 

What a rush!  I pulled his cheeks apart and began assaulting his

asshole with my hard little tongue, pushing gobs of spit into his

hole to ease my cock's entry.

     Once I felt he was lubed up enough (and once he was

squirming uncontrollably), I placed my cockhead at his entrance,

pushing slightly.  He was more ready that I thought, however, and

pushed back on my cock, forcing it to make a quick and deep

descent into his inner cavity.  My God, it was so tight and so

warm and so slippery.  Jesus, what a feeling!

     I pulled out and pushed back in again, slowly as if to not

hurt him.  He cried out, "Enough with the gentle shit, man, fuck

me, fuck me, fuck me!"

               What could I do but obey the little guy.  And so I rammed my

cock in and out of his little bung hole, almost raping him with

my frenzied need to get off in his little ass, and I fucked deep

and hard.

     "Fuck me, you goddamn stud!  Ram that cock in and out of me! 

Fuck me harder!  Harder!  Harder!" he shouted.  "Blow your wad

up my chute, man.  Spray my insides with your hot seething cum! 

Do it, man, do it!!" He grunted over and over and over.

     His words drove me to passions I had never felt and I

continued to ravage his ass.  Finally, upon reaching his utter

depths with a particularly hard thrust, I began dumping gallons

of spunk in his ass, bathing his prostate and pushing my cock

back our of his hole with the force of my blasts.

     My cock popped out with a little popping noise and a flood

of musky sperm followed it, oozing onto the now messed-up bed. 

Chris reached down and gathered some of it up on his fingers and

brought it to his lips, sucking and licking his finger clean. 

He did this several times, each time getting more intense with

his passionate writhings on the bed.  I sat back and watched him

get off all by himself as my cock sprang another hard on.  I

began fisting myself unmercifully as he continued to gather spunk

up and suck it from his fingers.  His eyes were closed and he was

moaning to himself almost uncontrollably.

     Suddenly, his hips went rigid and his cock started shooting

straight up, covering his midsection, chest, arms, face, and legs

with gob after gob of geyser-like shots.  He came like a madman,

consumed with lust and moaning deeply.  I was so moved by this

erotic display that I began coating his entire body with a

surprise third load, just as big and wet as the first two.  I

bathed his face in cum until it shone in the dim light and he

continued to fist and pump as I shot.

     Finally, totally exhausted, we lay atop each other, sliding

around in our combined loads until we drifted to sleep, our hands

around our pricks and our faces pressed close together.

     An hour or so later, I awoke to find him angling his cock

into my ass.  I back up on it and let him ride me until he came

deep within me, and we lay there for some time, not talking, not


     Finally, as I heard the chapel bells ringing, indicating

dinner time, I got up and dressed leaving this ravaged and spent

cute little nerd curled up on the messy bed, arms wrapped around

him, lying in several big puddles of our spunk.  I tiptoed from

the room, closed the door, and returned to my own room.  While I

was showering, it hit me what had transpired, and as I walked to

dinner I thought to myself, "You definitely cannot judge a book

by its cover!"


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