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Archive-name: Samesex/donna.ff


Archive-title: Donna

     Donna was working late again.  She had let out the last of  

the day people over an hour ago.  She was grinding out an entire  

series of charts for her bosses to use at a presentation on Monday  

and had only been presented with the finals at noon on Thursday. 

     When she'd seen them she had known she would end up doing  

most of them herself. 

     She could hear the tapping of an eraser at Ann's easel.  Ann  

had only been at this for about 3 hours and was still fairly fresh.   

Donna was in her 12th hour. 

     "Do you want some coffee, Ann.  I'm going to make some." 

     "Yeah, I guess so.  How long are you planning to work on that  


     "Until it's done.  I need to get it ready for Monday, but I  

still think I'll be coming in here this weekend." 

     "You must be exhausted."  There was always a caring tone in  

Ann's voice. 

     On paper the two of them should only exchange waves as they  

left and arrived for work.  In practice they spent 2 or 3 evenings  

a week together as Donna tried to get last minute projects done. 

     Donna made a half pot of coffee.  She poured Ann a cup, adding  

the half a packet of Sweet-n-low she liked and brought it to her  

easel.  Ann thanked her and instead of getting back to work,  

followed Donna back to her desk.  They chatted and Donna began to  

realize how tight the muscles in her back had become.  Ann noticed  

the stretching and as was her habit, went behind Donna and began  

kneading her shoulders. 

     Donna felt the tension slowly leave her muscles. "If my old  

man could do that, I could rent him out." Donna murmured. 

     Ann continued to rub her shoulder, putting her hands under  

the collar of Donna's top to get a better contact with the  

muscles.  Donna felt like purring every time she did this.   

     Ann kissed the back of her neck, usually the ending signal,  

but when Donna made a pouting sound, Ann continued.  

     Ann was a repository of most of the dirty jokes told on site.   

She began telling Donna the new ones she had heard.  Donna laughed  

and commented on them in the same spirit.  

     After about half an hour during which Donna made no attempt  

to go back to work, Ann Bent over and kissed her neck and then  

moved to the front and kissed her several times, the last and  

longest of which was on Donna's mouth. 

     Donna was surprised at herself as she responded. 

     Donna took in her breath deeply.  She was only dimly aware of  

how horny she had become.  Ann's lips had been so inviting, so  

safe, so desirable.  Donna had never done anything with another  

woman.  She had fantasized, but only in vague terms, never even  

picturing someone she knew. 

     Ann's hands had never left her body.  They had moved, not  

just working on her tense shoulders, but also on the upper portion  

of her chest.  Now they slid lower, sliding with a bit of  

difficulty under that sensible white bra that Donna wore to work.   

Ann's hand didn't just go at once for her nipple, but worked over  

the entire breast, feeling its size and fullness, fondling,  

caressing the entire surface as if she wanted to know it fully. 

     "I should make you move to the lounge." Ann said, "You're  

too tired to be sitting up here." 

     Gently she helped Donna to her feet and took her to the empty  

lounge.  On the couch both of them sat.   

     Ann opened the front of Donna's blouse.  Taking Donna's face  

in both hands, Ann kissed her tenderly, using her tongue for the  

first time tonight. 

     "I don't know what I'm feeling."  Donna's voice seemed small  

in the room. 

     "If you're enjoying it, just feel it." 

     Ann pulled Donna's blouse from her skirt.  Reaching around,  

she unhooked the back of Donna's blouse.  Donna's white breasts  

were slowly exposed. 

     "Shouldn't I be doing something?" Donna asked. 

     "Only if that's what you want." said Ann as she kissed both  

of Donna's nipples. 

     Ann pushed Donna's skirt up to her hips.  Under it Donna was  

wearing beige panty hose and sensible white panties.  Ann rubbed  

her thighs, stopping short of her loins with each stroke. 

     Ann continued this for a moment or two and then slid up to  

Donna's chest and using her left hand cupped Donna's right breast.   

Ann's tongue worked on it, slowly, gently. 

     Donna's hand moved to Ann's head, urging her to stay and  

continue sucking on her breast.  Ann was only too happy to comply  

as she gradually worked her hand up Donna's thigh. 

     Her hand found it's way to her crotch.  She began to rub  

Donna through her panties.  Her hand was slow but determined.   

Donna was quite pleased with the feeling but couldn't quite seem  

to shake the idea that what she was doing was wrong, forbidden. 

     Donna felt Ann's lips leave her breast and a moment later  

appear over her own mouth.  This time Ann's tongue was more  

demanding.  Donna felt herself respond.  Ann's hand stopped  

rubbing Donna's crotch for a moment and moved to the waist of her  

panty hose.  Seconds later her hand was directly on Donna's cunt.   

     As her finger entered Donna's warm slit, Donna could be  

heard plainly moaning. 

     Donna responded wildly to Ann's tongue as it probed and  

investigated her mouth.  Ann's hand on her mound drove her to  

heights of excitement that she could hardly remember reaching.   

Donna couldn't control herself.  She thrust her hips up to Ann's  


     Ann's other hand was rubbing Donna's whole torso, spending  

extra time on her breasts.  After assuring herself that there  

would be no objection, Ann slid off Donna's panty hose and  

panties.  Her skirt followed on the pile. 

     Without stopping her deep kiss, Ann dropped her jeans to the  

floor.  Her red silk panties joined them seconds later.  She  

climbed onto the couch, positioning her crotch above Donna's,  

their legs intertwined. 

     Then she began to fuck Donna. 

     (Later, Donna admitted, she had always thought of it that way,  

as a good fucking from her friend.) 

     Ann's cunt rubbed along Donna's.  Ann's mouth kissed Donna's  

neck, lips, breasts.  Ann's hands caressed and excited Donna's  

nipples as her mound created enormous friction right above Donna's  


     Ann continued this as Donna's hands gripped Ann's hips,  

urging her on. 

     "Just like she was a man..." Donna found herself thinking. 

     Donna felt the friction on her mons.  The sensation was so  

much like making love, but with no insertion.  She found herself  

responding as if Ann were a man, but somehow differently. 

     She was aware of the feeling on her mound, of her approaching  

orgasm, of the terribly soft body on hers, so smooth, so light,  

not crushing her, just pleasing her. 

     The sensation of Ann's sex on hers was so ... wicked.  She  

responded eagerly to Ann's kisses, to Ann's full body caress. 

     "Take off your shirt." Donna gasped, "I want to feel all of  

you against me." 

     The admission shocked Donna a bit, but that only made the  

desire more delicious. Ann locked her wet sex against hers as she  

shifted her waist up and pulled off her top.  Her red front clasp  

bra followed it in a heap on the floor. 

     Seconds later Donna felt the new and interesting feeling of a  

woman's breasts rubbing against her own as she made love.  Her  

hands sought out Ann's breasts as she finally knew what it was  

like when Dave did this to her as they made love.   

     She felt them more than squeezed them, touched them more than  

handled them, as she accustomed herself to their mass, their shape,  

their size. 

     Bending her neck she kissed each nipple lightly, another new  


     All the while, Donna's sex was being loved.  Ann never slowed  

down, never paused as she continued her insertionless fuck.  Donna  

felt herself gripping Ann more tightly as the sensation in her  

loins increased. 

     The cry she made as she came was surprising, quite loud.  She  

never made much noise at home ... for fear of the children hearing,  

for fear of Dave not understanding, for lack of excitement.   

Whatever Ann may have or may not have done, she had not lacked  


     Ann lay on top of her, lightly kissing her neck.  This was  

not what Donna had in mind when she had decided to work late. 


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