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Archive-name: Samesex/david.txt

Archive-author: David R. Tyler

Archive-title: Erotic Chronicles of David

  The Erotic Chronicles of David... Volume One!

  The Health & Fitness Building (what our campus calls the gym), was

several stories tall, with the facilities on the upper floors, and the

pool/lockers in the basement. My mind was focused upon a long soak in

the hot tub in the guys locker-room, as i rode the elevator down from

the weight room, where i had just finished a heavy workout on my legs.

My body was full of pleasant aches and my legs burned with that ache

that signifies success, and i was anticipating with great pleasure the

sensation of the hot, effervescent water caressing my body. Just as

another part of my anatomy began to "burn", the elevator slowed to a

stop and the doors opened onto the first floor, admitting a blast of

dry, hot air. A tallish young guy, dressed only in sweat soaked

running shorts, stood there, sweat dripping down his body (from his

long run on the outdoor track?). He stepped into the elevator, and i

recognized him after a few seconds... "Hi Tom", he grunted tiredly in

reply, and we both waited in silence while the doors closed, and the

elevator resumed its motion downwards. Just as we passed the first

basement, where the Womens locker rooms are, along with the

racquetball courts, the elevator lights went out and it stopped with a

jangling lurch. Stumbling into each other, we both swore as the

emergency lights came on, lighting us with a dim glow. After a few

minutes of waiting resignedly, i became aware of a highly erotic musky

scent filling the elevator, making me highly aware of Tom. I began

studying him in earnest, and after about 5 minutes was positive that

the bulge in his sweat-soaked cotton shorts was getting larger!

Figuring that he was getting turned on as much as I was, and  since i

was wearing an old wrestling uniform i'm fond of he could see how

excited i was, and man oh man, did he ever have a nice basket!

  In a husky voice, looking him straight in the eye, with my best

shit-eating- grin, i asked

  "SO. Looks like we may be here awhile, how should we pass the time?


  as i said this, he seemed shocked at first, but (unconsciously?) his

hand dropped to his shorts and cupped his balls, and came to a


  He pulled his shorts to the side (no Underwear!), and out fell the

most wonderful penis i've seen to date! Long and thick, Very Hard, and

covered by the long Overhanging foreskin, that had my tongue

positively itching to slip inside!

  As i moved toward him, shedding my uniform in one short stride, i

pushed him back against one mirrored wall of the elevator, and sucked

one pointy nipple into my mouth, rolling it around, savoring the salty

taste of his exertions. When he groaned, i slid my mouth down his

hairless abdomen, leaving a burning trail of saliva, and sliding his

shorts down as i went. Just as my nose reached his pungent bush, his

cock jumped free of his shorts, and SMACK i was slapped in the cheek

by a precum-coated cock. This was too much for my self-control, and i

jumped my mouth to his cock, using a hand to gather his foreskin into

a bunch, i forced my tongue through the bunch and cleaned up every

drop of precum. Delicious, i thought, and proceeded to probe every

corner of his foreskin, looking for more, and since he was making more

at a furious rate, i was in heaven!

  After a bit of this (how long, i don't know), i noticed his legs

were giving out, and since my un-attended man-hood was leaving smears

of precum on the mirrored walls, I engulfed as much of his cock as i

could and slid him down to the floor, onto his back. Never letting him

out of my mouth, i slid us into the SixtyNine position (Now i was in


  As his mouth closed on my cock, i knew i was in for quite a ride, as

he promptly swallowed me to the root, which prompted me to attempt the

same. Although i couldn't manage to deep throat all of him, i had one

hell of a fun time trying, and he didn't seem to mind, as he busily

caressed my cock with his entire throat. (WOW!) I couldn't get enough

of his Foreskin clad cock, feeling it sheath and unsheath in my

throat, my mouth and on my lips. All of my senses began focusing on

two things: the feelings he was producing with his mouth on my cock,

and the sensations of his pungent manhood as i devoured it.

  All too soon, my balls began to contract, for what promised to be

quite a flood. I began to hold back, thinking about C code, my Calc

Project, anything to slow things down a bit. But, when i noticed, soon

after, that his balls were contracting, his moans deepening, and his

body trembling, i abandoned all pretense and Dove for orgasm, Good

thing too! We came together, one endless wave of pleasure after

another, rushing musky semen flooding my senses as we shared the

pleasure of a mind-bending orgasm.

  After several minutes spent panting on the floor of the elevator, we

got up and dressed again... we chit-chatted for a bit, not minding the

confines at all now, lightly touching each other now and again,

exchanging phone numbers and arranging to do it again, in a more

appropriate setting, such as my Single, and all too soon the elevator

lights came back up, and we resumed out trek downward. We got out and

I lost track of Tom, heading with single minded purpose, my locker,

and then to the hot tub, planning to bask in the warm water as i

already was basking in the warm afterglow of good sex. Events have

their own way of unfolding as i was about to discover....

[ but that is another story! ]

  As i walked into the huge and  echoing lockerroom, i  was reflecting

on two things: the fantastic sex i had just experienced with Tom, in

the elevator, and how nice it was going to feel to have the Large Hot

tub all to myself, owing to some religious holiday i wasn't familiar

with. Attending a large university has its occasional perks!

  I quickly found my accustomed place, at the junction of 3 aisles of

lockers, which always affords me maximum view for a minimum of effort.

Alas, today the room echoed my noises, showing that there were no

hordes of young men, in varying stages of dress, parading around for

my pleasure....

  Quickly stripping off the sweaty old wrestling uniform, i paused,

reflecting on the musky odor, reminding me of Tom. I pressed it to my

face, inhaled deeply and tossed it into my locker, grabbed my towel,

and  proceeded chuckling to to the hot tub. As i neared the entrance

to the Tub/Sauna area, i slowed for my accute hearing had detected a

whisper of sound; I was not alone! Not being one to pass up the sight

of well formed flesh, and being an all around Voyeur, i slowly stuck

my head around the corner, and promptly had to catch myself on the

door frame!

  Much to my great pleasure, i beheld a wonderous sight! Two very hot

guys, in their early twenties, Very fine specimens of the male

physique! They were just stepping into the hot tub, affording me a

tantalizing profile shot of two large, very erect cocks just as

stepped into the hot swirling waters of the tub. My cock was beginning

to rise, despite it recent workout, this was HOT!

  One gent, whom i'll name Red, was covered in a a generous coat of

brillian red hair. The other stud, i'll call blondy, since he had a 

head full of pale blonde hair. They chatted easily, and i began to

wonder if i had imagined their erections in my horny state, when i

noticed some peculiar arm motions on the part of the blonde. My

imagination was vindicated when Red suddenly sat up on the edge of the

tub, affording me another profile shot of his superb body.

  Reds hot body had my full attention, until that is, my eyes fell on

his throbbing erection. Only then did i realize that Red was blessed

with an uncircumsized penis! Saliva began to fill my mouth, as i

itched to jump right in, but Blondy beat me to the punch. Sliding

through the water towards red, leaned down and much to my amazement

took the end of Reds skin in his teeth and pulled! Instead of yelling

in pain as i expected, Red tossed is head and closed his eyes, in

apparent exctasy! Blondy chewed and chomped on that thick overhang for

what seemed like forever, Red tossing his head and moaning all the

while. Blondy apparently decided to 'up the ante', and sliding his

mouth down OVER the skin covered head, he enveloped quite a

respectable portion of that cock in his mouth. Only when he reached

his limit did he draw the skin off the head, Making Red gasp in

surprise as he felt his cock suddenly lodged in a Hot grasping throat!

  After a seconds pause to savour the feeling of Blondies hot mouth,

Red began thrusting into Blondies throat, talking all the while, too

quietly for me to hear. After a bit i noticed that blondy was taking

Red down to his flaming bush, a feat that astounded me, since Red

looked to be larger than Tom! Red looked down and saw his erection was

all the way down Blondies throat, this apparently pushed him over the

edge, as he grabbed blondies head and held it to his groin, as he let

out strangled yells, and his whole body trembled.

  As Red stopped cumming, he drew his wilting cock out of Blondies

mouth, and collapsed in a limp heap on the side of the tub, legs in

the water, head out. At first, Blondy appeared satisfied with his

meal, but soon enough he bent over and began to nibble and suck on

Reds prominently displayed Balls. Red squirmed at first, but rapidly

got into it, and just as rapidly got hard again. Blonde slipped lower

and was abruptly rimming Red, hard and deep. Red started to jerk up

right, a look of perplexity on his face, but the lassitude hadn't worn

off yet, and he fell back, a look of pleasure on his face.

  Blondy suddenly stood up, took Reds cock into his mouth, and

simultaneously slid his cock into Reds ass. Sliding into his ass, and

down onto his cock with the same slow relentless gliding motion,

Blondy soon had his face buried in Reds groin and his cock buried in

his ass! Reds face contorted, and i grimaced in sympathy, that cock on

the blonde was huge!

  Red was in real exctasy now, thrashing about, moaning, as he got it

from both ends at the same time! Blondy was giving him a premo blow

job, while reaming his ass, and Red wass loving all of it! Needless to 

say, the excitement built rapidly, and red blew his load all over the

place on one of Blondies up-strokes. In Blondies face, on his chest

and belly, a generally (huge!) mess. Blondy DOVE back down onto Reds

cock, and i can only assume he came, since he started trembling with

his cock buried deep in Reds ass.

  Suddenly i felt hands on my cock! Jumping in surprise, i found that

a strange (Cute!) man had crept up behind me and grabbed my attention!

he murmered quietly, "What do i have here? looks like someone is

excited about something!" i gave a small moan, as he squeezed my cock

in his hand, and he said "Lets go play in the showers!" i tried to

stammer something about not being alone,  but he gave me a knowing

wink and led me away by my better half.

  As we walked, i got a good view of his backside, and what a nice

backside it was! Nice firm buns, topped by a firmly muscled and finely

shaped back, all atop a well muscled pair of lightly hairy legs. The

Cute stranger, whom i shall call Blacky, led me into one of the side

alcoves in the shower room, and turned all eight shower heads on full,

filling the room with steam.

  Sharing a shower head, my hands began to roam his awesome body,

twisting his nipples, caressing his but, pressing my body to his,

feeling our trapped cocks pressed together. No words were necessary,

as he sank to his knees in the hot spray, and took my cock into his

mouth. Slowly he slid down my length, taking about half of it before

reaching his limit, squeezing my cock head with his throat as he

fought not to gag. Striving not to cum yet, i tossed my head and

moaned, and began to think about my Calc homework, anything to slow

things down. I calmed down, calmed that is, until i felt a new

sensation on my dick. I opened my eyes and found that he had backed

himself onto my dick, and was bouncing my dick head off his prostate!

  I reached around him and grasped his bouncing cock, as he began

thrusting against me in earnest. Finding his tempo, he alternated

between thrusting his ass against my groin and drawing forward until i 

almost fell out. His motions had the oppostite affect on his cock in

my hand, pressing it forward and them back in my clenched grip.

  He began to tremble, at first i thought it was exhaustion, until

that is, i felt his ass spasm, and his hot load began oozing onto my

hand. He pushed himself back onto me, cramming every inch of me into

his spasming depths, and i came. My second load of the day was no less

intense that my first, i came for what felt like hours and his ass

kept milking more out of me.

  We stood clasped together, my dick still up his ass, still hard and

throbbing, when we suddenly heard clappign and chearing! Reacting in a

panic, i pulled out of him, and we both peered through the steam,

trying to determine who was making all the noise... Blacky suddenly

relaxed,  "It's OK, i know those two dudes!"  he reached for the soap

and began cleaning us off. I kept peering, and suddenly beheld a

wonderous sight, Blondy and Red striding purposefully toward me

through the veil of steam...

As I made my stumbling way from the Health & Fitness building to my

Dorm, i couldn't help reflecting on all the pleasant aches i had

managed to accumulate in just a few hours. My legs still ached from

the heavy duty workout i'd given them, AND from being spread on the

floor of that steamy show room for so long, for so many HOT men! My

jaw ached from practically dislocating it to accommodate that

red-haired giant, Jack, and the Blonde Devil i only know as Joe. Damn!

I Silently exclaimed to myself, shaking my head, even my tits are

sore from constantly being bitten, twisted or sucked. All of these

little aches combined with the warm afterglow of great sex to let me

know that i had just been through a memorable experience.

  Paying little attention to those around me, i think they assumed i

had just finished a long workout, i stumbled into the elevator and up

to my floor. Dropping the keys three times from exhaustion drained

fingers, i managed to get into my room, note that my roomy was out,

and crash on my bed, still dressed.

  Waking some time around 4 am, i heard my room mate gently snore,

as he dreamed his sweet dreams of a high paying job in accounting.

Atleast that's what he claims he dreams of when he's smiling like he is

now! *grin* Getting up to relieve my bladder, i realized that i was

still fully clothed, and changed into my boxers (the preferred apparel

on my dorm floor) and took care of business in the communal bathroom.

  One of my floor mates was taking a shower, and since the shower

stalls are behind the sinks, and have NO curtains or such, i couldn't

resist brushing my teeth, shaving, combing my hair etc., just so i

could watch him shower. Nothing super-remarkable, not after what i had

just been with, but nice. Firm, young , nice body, good build..

Definitely male. I couldn't repress a smile as i walked off. Yep,

Definitely! male. (i had not been able to NOT notice that semi

erection he'd been sporting)

  Back in my room, i turned on my pc, and began sorting through all my

"things to do" notices that had been accumulating for a week. Finding

quite a few homeworks needing doing, i groaned and set to work. Only

several hours later did i come across a note reminding me about the

birthday party my friend Don was going to have for me. The note wasn't

from Don of course, he didn't use computers much, it was from Sean,

from all the way over in Arizona, reminding me he would be meeting me

at the airport the day before my birthday.

  That little tid-bit had my imagination rolling. Sean and i had never

met, Talked quite a bit yes, but never met. He had seen pictures of me

that i had sent him, including more than one nude, but had never

gotten around to getting me one. I never got a feeling of duplicity

from him, and accepted his explanation of "how do i explain to my

friends that i want them to take this picture, and NOT explain where

i'm sending it or why i'm taking it?" Being closeted sure complicated

life, or so i seemed to me! Summoning my Will, i plowed through the 

work, finishing about eight am, and fell asleep for several more


  The weeks flew by, and before i knew it, my birthday arrived.

Heading for the airport, i found my self with an uncontrollable

erection, as i anticipated the forthcoming weekend. Don had been

driving me nuts with hints and such for weeks. Sean arrived on his

flight, which as is now normal, was delayed half an hour by god knows

what. i almost swooned! Handsome as i had not dared to hope, Hot and

very sexy! Tall, brown hair, green eyes, one hell of a smile. Such

friendly eyes, i found myself grinning alot, which probably made him

nervous, but he never showed it.

  I gave him a hug right there in the airport, like a long unseen

brother or something, he stiffened briefly, then relaxed, He atleast

was far from where he had to worry about people he knew! Chattering

inanely about just about everything as we walked to my car, i couldn't

wait until i could get this virile man out of the public eye, and

welcome him properly! 

  Giving him a hug as soon as we were out of sight in the parking

garage, a REAL hug, to show him how happy i was to have him there, i

squeezed his cheeks (oh so firm!) and gave him a look in the eyes that

started the wheels moving faster (i had been teasing him on the phone

for weeks now). Finally reaching my car, we escaped the teeming bussle

of the airport, and raced for Don's, there to begin celebrating my

26th Year.

  I let sean chatter about his job, and his flight up, and genuinely

enjoyed it. It was nice to have someone just relax and talk, not make

things up to sound good. As we turned into the lot for Don's Apartment

complex and parked, i have Sean a quick kiss, and led him to Don's.

Having already informed Don that we would be leaving our clothes on

until atleast after dinner, i was reasonably sure he would answer the

door dressed appropriately. My apprehension was based solely on

wanting this weekend to be really special, not any dislike for Don's

body or the thought of sex with these hot guys mind you!

  Don let us in, and we got Seans stuff arranged, and we all proceeded

to make dinner. Actually Don did, and we interfered, but hey it was

fun! As dinner time approached, i proceeded to undress, grinning as i

went, slowly from fully clothed, down to my boxers, i watched sean do

likewise, slowly baring his sexy, hairy chest and long, muscular legs,

until he was down to the sexy mesh thong i had asked him to wear.

*mmm* the sight had my mouth watering for more than food! Again

summoning my willpower, i just continued to chat, nonchalantly,

seeming to ignore our state of undress, but secretly (or perhaps NOT

so secretly) getting extremely turned on by all this.

  Don expressed pleased surprise to find us sitting at the table,

nearly naked, waiting patiently for the food he had provided. Don is a

good cook, and we all were ravenous, so it didn't last very long,

before we began having thoughts of dessert, feeling quite full, i

decided to postpone mine, and headed into Dons bed room to catch a

nap. tripping over his ropes, and exclaiming in pleased surprise at

finding a pair of fur-lined leather cuffs on the bed, i slipped under

the covers and into dream land, like cutting a fine dive.

  I slept for an undetermined amount of time, but was pleasantly

awoken by the sensations caused by Don expertly deep throating my not

so small cock. He has such fine control over his breathing, and those

throat muscles! Soon enough i was WIDE awake, and reaching for seans

arching cock, and we fell into a circle, one sucking the other, while

being sucked by yet another. After quite awhile, we switched around,

and went at it yet again. I was in heaven, for the one thing i like

even more than the feeling of a tight ass, is a hard cock in my mouth!

  Suddenly Don began panting really heavy, and moaning around Sean's

cock, and sure enough he began filling my mouth with his bitter-sweet

cream, this triggered me and we both triggered sean. I fell back

asleep cuddle between them, floating in a warm daze.

  Some time later, i half awoke to a warm mouth on my cock, not

insistent, just pleasant, and i lay there revelling in the sensations.

Suddenly, as in the shower, i realized that the mouth was now an ass,

and that i was fucking sean while he was fucking Don! This realization

woke me right up, and i thrust deeply into him. Sean Moaned, and kinda

whispered "i was wondering what it would take to wake you up!" i could

hear the grin in his voice, but from my position could only press

myself further into him, and wrap my arms around both of them.

  The sensations of being fucked AND fucking got really intense,

really fast, and of course, Seans excitement became ours. After what

felt like a short time, but it was impossible to tell, we came, Sean

milking me dry as he filled Don up and Don messed his bed. Again

falling asleep (i had just started working nights a week before my

birthday) this time with my cock imbedded in sean, i had many pleasant

dreams after that, but didn't wake til morning.

  when i awoke, Don drew me aside, since Sean was still sleeping, and

showed me that he had gotten a Video Camera, and had taped sean and i

in our sleep. It looked real sexy, and i said so... with a gleam in

his eye, he asked me, "So... can we make more scenes?" I assured him

that i had NO problem with that, and that it went right along with my

exhibitionist leanings... he reached for the camera and with a smile i

preceeded him into the bedroom....

  Deciding to TRY to act normal, i left Sean sleeping and headed for a

shower, grinning when i noticed that Don had replaced his normal

shower curtain with a transparent one, Perfect for a Video of me in

the Shower. "Hmmm, i mused, Don sure has thought of everything!",

faintly i could just make out the whirr of camera behind me as i bent

over to turn on the tap.

  As i bent towards the taps, i deliberately gave the camera a good

view of my tight butt and dangling balls, framed by my legs. After

adjusting the water to the right temperature, (i like it Hot!), i

pulled the curtain back over that side, and stepped in. Involuntarily,

i let out a gasp of pleasure as the hot steamy water slid down my

taught body, caressing me all over, smoothing the kinks out of my

muscles as it went. Rotating for  the camera, i distributed the spray

all over, trying to reach every part of me, all the while giving the

camera a great view. Taking the bar of soap, i turned the water off

and pulled the shower curtain aside, and commenced to slowly stroke

the soap over my body, paying special attention to my cock, balls, arm

pits and ass. After drawing the curtain back, and slowly rinsing off,

i stepped (casually?) out of the tub, and began to dry off, again,

always giving the camera (and Don) great angles.

  As i walked toward him, and past him, Don shut the camera down, and

i glanced at him, and gave a little gasp. He was rock hard, and

dripping with pre-cum, his leg was soaked, and it was smeared all the

way down to his knee! Unable to resist myself (and not really trying)

i dropped and took him fully into my mouth, caressing his length with

my lips, swirling my tongue around the head. He started moaning about

how hot the shower scene was, and how excited he was to have it on

video, and with a final moan, he came (and came and came!).

  Don's moans and groans had awoken Sean, and when i stood up and

walked back into the bedroom, there he was, this big grin on his face,

and a big boner in his hand, slowly stroking it! I walked over and lay

next to him, and started sucking on his balls while he played with

himself. First taking one into my mouth and gently sucking, then the

other, and finally Both. Enveloping them with my lips and gently

tugging, i sent waves of pleasure rippling through him. After a bit of

this, i sat up and let loose another *grin*, as Don was once again

getting his dick sucked, shoving it in and out of Seans mouth.

Apparently Don was quite hot still, for barely 15 minutes after

blowing in my mouth, he blew all over Seans face, coating him with a

rich layer of cum! 

  We cuddled for a bit, kissing, and then Sean got up to use the

toilet, leaving Don and i alone on the bed. Since I was the only one

who hadn't come yet, i started playing with Don, tweaking his nipples,

chewing on his neck, caressing his cock and balls, and fingering his

ass. When i reached for the tube of KY, he laughed and asked me why'd

it take me so long? I grinned back at him and commenced packing his

ass with Ky, making him grunt with small stabs of ?pleasure?.

  I slid my slickened cock into his ass, slowly, with great care,

taking my time, enjoying the sensations as his ass slowly caressed

every inch of my cock. Once i was in past the hilt (*grin*), i fell

forward, wrapped my arms around him and gave him a long kiss. Starting

with a hard thrust, moving slowly, i adjusted my angle so that the

curve of my cock pushed its head against Don's Prostate, eliciting loud

groans and moans, in his best stage voice. After awhile, i felt Sean

climbing onto the bed, but instead of coming around and joining the

fun, he remained out of my view, until that is, i felt the lubricated 

head of his considerable cock pressing into my unprepared asshole!

   Relishing the thought of being in a meat sandwich, i pressed

forward into Don, and tried to relax as Sean slid into me. NOT an easy

proposition, not many have been there before or since Sean, and the

pain almost made me pull out of the situation all together. Using

willpower, i guess, i stuck it out until it began to feel good REAL

good! We started off kinda clumsy, after all it IS a whole new ball

game, and damn hard to balance too! Eventually we established a nice

rhythm, My ass gliding tightly back and forth on Seans' cock, in

tempo with my thrusting into Dons' Vacuuming Ass. It really didn't

take too long for the combined pleasures to push me over the edge into

orgasmic nirvana, and i kinda sorta blacked out.. i was aware, and in

a great deal of pleasure, but i really didn't have any idea what else

was going on. Too my great surprise i came to in the middle of a

extra-large hug, and judging by the warmth flooding my ass and coating

my chest, they both had come. Boy did that bedroom reek of semen, mm!

  Needless to say, we took a shower together, soaping each other up

real nice, and getting all the really REALLY dirty areas squeaky

clean. Sean got hard again, and Don had this lube he wanted to test

the water resistance of, so we lubed Sean up and i slid myself back

down onto his throbbing cock. Just the two of us was far from awkward,

not that we ignored Don, but the difference between having 3 men

fucking each other, and 2 fucking and fondling the other is

phenomenal, as far as coordination goes! I do not know how long we

fucked in that shower, we never ran out of hot water, HOT, the way i

like it, and i do know Don came twice more... *grin*

   Eventually we stumbled out of the shower, got dried off, and had

lunch. Don was expecting a special surprise  for me around 2 in the

 afternoon, and was anxious to have everything ready. He ran around

straightening up his place, even sprayed some incense junk into the

air. Sean and i laughed, and cuddled on the living room floor. At 2pm,

i got my "special surprise", a 6'2 blonde haired hunk walked in, shook

my hand and said "where's the party?". Since Sean and i weren't

dressed, and Don barely was, he threw us all a knowing grin.

  Saying he felt odd about being the only clothed person, this new

guy, Chris, took off his clothing, and joined us on the floor. Shy at

first, we soon thawed him right up, and by the time Don had dinner

ready, (4pm)  we had all had quite a bit of fun exploring each others

bodies! We all sat down at Dons' table and ate dinner Nude, a novel

experience for them, nothing new for me, a delicious concoction, of

unknown origin, and chatted over wine afterwards. It really didn't

take much to turn the talk to sex...

  Fairly quickly we moved back to the bedroom, in fact i quipped "we

should have saved time by eating in here!", everyone got a laugh out

of it, and i dropped to my knees before chris, and started licking his

nuts, and gently nipping on them. I could see, Don and Chris kissing,

and Sean move behind chris, only his hands showing as the caressed

Chris'es chest from behind. The sexual energy was amazing! before a

few minutes, i was deep throating chris, and he wasn't small, and i

usually can't deep throat anything! i heard moans coming from sean and 

Chris'es body started rocking, i think he was being royally fucked,

and i had no idea what Don was doing until i felt his throat contract

around my dick head. All in all an hour past in a blur of sex. First

one way, and then another. Whenever someone came, it was like a big

media event, we all stopped (with each other) and concentrated on

making it even more pleasurable for him. Eventually we all lay spent

on the bed, huge sweat spots all over, grinning at each other in

a gloriously exhausted state of mind.

  with a *grin* Don got up to get the camera, and i rolled over onto

Sean with a groan, slid my arms around him, and fell into another

 short nap, propelled by several combined levels of exhaustion.

faintly, before sleep finally claimed me, i heard the click-whirr

of the camera, but before i could think about it, oblivion claimed me!

     After Several hours of deep sleep, full of wildly erotic dreams,

   and I awoke feeling completely rested and alive. Surprisingly

   enough i couldn't remember falling asleep in the position i was in,

   but after the events of the past day or so, i wasn't all that

   surprised. I was draped over Sean, (Spoon fashion, from behind),

   and he was in a similar position over Don. When i shifted

   position, prior to actively attempting the moving of my sore body

   to the john, i found to my pleasant surprise, that some time during

   the night, i had been planted IN Sean, and was still embedded, and

   still hard enough to remain inside, in fact, his ass muscles were

   acting (he was asleep, i could hear him grinding his teeth.. not a

   thing he does when awake *grin*) to Keep me inside!

     With this revelation, i reach around again, and pulled him

   closer, revelling in his scent, so unlike others i had (or Have)

   known, and slowly slid fully into him, gently, slowly, so as not to

   wake him roughly, but slowly, in the heat of passion.  Soon enough,

   and quicker than i had hoped, he woke up, gave a yawn (which

   mingled with the chest-deep groans he had been making could have

   been called a *grawn*?) and gave me one of the cutest, happiest

   smiles i'd seen. 

     Once he was awake, i began to actively fuck... he had to be at

   the airport by noon, and we had no time to waste, even though we

   WERE! I heard some noises, a pop of a cap, and Don Groan loudly,

   and (apparently) Sean began fucking Don at the same time. Even

   after all the sex that weekend, it wasn't long before the sheer

   erotic power of the three of us overwhelmed me, and i came, (and

   Came and CAME) holding tight to Sean, whilst the world shook to the

   foundations. I slipped fully out of him now, feeling a sanguine

   pang at the separation (this pang heralded better things to come,

   but thats another story), and relaxed in the after glow of great

   sex, one arm still around him.

     Abruptly, atleast to my relaxed senses, Don was fucking Sean,

   using my left overs as lubricant... "sloppy seconds" seemed to

   reverberate up out of my past at the sight of this, Boy would my

   ex-girlfriend get a twist in her bra out of this turn in my life!

   *Grin!* Back in reality, Don was fucking Sean like a jack-hammer,

   moving in and out, in an effort to cum again, after all weekend...

   I silently cringed, since i prefer sex slow and sensual MOST of the

   time, and started kissing Sean, drawing some of his attention away

   from his undoubtedly sore, well fucked ass. While i was kissing

   him, he caught my tounge, gently, in his teeth, and shot his load

   at the same time as Don. Even after all the sex, he still coated

   his belly, chest and my Neck... Tasted Good too! vegetarians have

   excellent taste! *grin*

     After all this, we (i atleast) really wanted lay back down and

   relax, but we HAD to get sean back to the airport. SO.. i got to

   take a shower with him, and i made sure i got all his 2000 parts

   clean (sorry, no lever 2000 soap for this man, Ivory all the way!)

   and shiny! Rushing to the airport, we barely got him on his flight

   home on time, and then had to rush to the bus station so i could

   get home (across town) at a reasonable time. I knew when i parted

   company with Don, that we wouldn't be seeing each other again, he

   had found Chris... *smile* Life is full of change!

     I spent a few weeks in a daze, working alot, trying to maintain

   my grades, and basically just existing. My prediction about Don

   came true with blazing accuracy, unfortunately, and after a few

   weeks i received a pleasant, and unasked for surprise! Sean was

   interested in another Visit, this time just to visit me, no wild

   sex party UNLESS i wanted it. I couldn't help but cheer up, and we

   made plans. Working for a major airlines sure helped his ability to

   travel! The time before his next visit flew by, i think it was

   weeks, but memory blurs with time. Finally the day came, i was

   waiting, kinda anxiously, at the terminal. Wondering if this Hunk

   from out of town would really fly all that way just to spend a few

   days with me.

     When he stepped around the gate, i could hardly suppress my

   elation, and he later told me that was i took his shoulder bag, i

   was glowing. He didn't explain this peculiar statement until much

   later... *smile*. We trudged through the chilly november wind to my

   car, with its almost-not-there muffler, and motored off... first

   thing i took him to a nice restaraunt. He wanted pizza so we hoofed

   it to Pizza Slut (oops, i mean Pizza HUT. Pardon me!) we had a lot

   of fun cruising the help, all 3 of the guys there that night were

   younger than 21 and hot as well! After stuffing ourselves (he tried

   that awful (i think) neapolitan pizza they had, and i guess loved

   it, we took nothing home... *grin*

     Now fully stuffed (well 1/2 stuffed) we left the restaraunt, and

   i gave him a choice between clubbing it (as he called it) or

   getting some 'rest' (yeah right). He gave me a smile, and we headed

   back to my place for some good ol' fashioned R&R. Surprisingly he

   held my hand in the car, and the contact felt good after so much

   time alone, with only my cats (meow!) around to talk to (not very

   good conversationalists, although my male tries (mraw mreeo?)

     We arrived at my humble apartment, in its semi-permanent state of

   untidiness, and he promptly fell in love with the kittens my cats

   had engendered a few weeks before, the kittens, by the way, were on

   of the things we had talked extensively about on the network... We

   lay down on the bed, my head on his chest, and basically, let the

   kittens romp and play all around (and Over) us.. it would have made

   quite a picture, but my camera was unloaded. :(

     After a bit of this, i began to undress him, slowly, as sensually

   as i could, while he whispered how much he had wanted me to fuck

   him again, and how he really enjoyed his last visit, and about the

   fantasies and flash-backs he had been having since. His scent was

   driving me wild, his dirty talk was inflaming my mind, and his

   body drove me over the edge. As i exposed each square inch of his

   medium-furry chest, i would rub and caress the exposed skin, and

   when i took his jeans off, i gave both legs a thorough (and

   sensual) massage. He had worn a Thong for me, since i had never

   seen one, and by now he was stretching it out from his body in a

   Most impressive manner.

     Grasping him through the thin cotton pouch, i felt him throbbing

   and slippery with pre-cum against the palm of my hand. An Urge

   overwhelmed me, and i quickly slipped the covering to the side, and

   while sliding it down his legs, slid my mouth lower and lower on

   his cock, barely moving at all, teasing him, and exposing him

   simultaneously! He gave an Unmuffled groan of pleasure and caressed

   my hair, gently urging me onward, yet i didnt! It wasnt until i had

   removed his thong, that my lips met his trimmed bush. This was the

   first i noticed his trim job, and i felt his balls against my chin,

   smooth, silky and hairless... quite erotic in their own right!

     There i was, my face buried in his bush, my throat muscles aching

   and twitching around his length, when he started moaning that he

   wanted me to fuck him again, to stop and fuck him, over and over. I

   did one better, and lubed myself up, slid him around, and slid

   myself Into him, while still sucking on him, although NOT deep

   throating him *wink*. He gave a little gasp of surprised delight,

   and told me not to hold back, that he was close to orgasm. At first

   i was dubious, since he was the last to cum on the previous

   instance, but when i noticed the signs, (breathing, balls and

   flush) i let go, and pumped him long and deep, bringing myself over

   the edge. In the midst of my orgasm i had difficulty holding my

   head down on his cock, and barely had it in my mouth. When his

   orgasm started he gave my head that extra little push i needed to

   get it back into my mouth, just as he came, And BOI did he come!

   Sweet and musky, vegetarian cum is just the best i had (and Have)

   ever had. Lurking in the back of my mind was the thought "thank god

   we have all been tested..." and i felt free to enjoy this even

   though all of our sex was unsafe.

     We relaxed after this peak, and he shifted around, taking his

   legs out of the air, back to solid ground, and we slid under the

   covers, with me still buried in his ass, heading for a sound,

   relaxing sleep. Suddenly we remembered the kittens (and by now the

   parents)! They were sleeping in a far corner of the bed, and for

   the life of me i could swear the older cats were giving me a look,

   kinda like "just wait until you have to deal with the KITTENS of

   your own!" (they are the proud parents of six healthy kittens, and

   always look a little harried)

     *  more Sex and Less Cats are in store in Volume Six!  * *     

   of...   The  Chronicles  of  David!!        *

 Disaster struck without warning, suddenly I was unable to pay for

school, and was forced to leave the warm comforts and fun of

campus for the 'cold cruel world' of the Job Market. After scrambling

to find a job, and succeeding with a sincerely aweful

job near my home, I found myself working  85 hours a week just to

survive. Thankfully, I still had my budding relationship with Sean

to help me retain my sanity, and if not for that, I surely would

have lost all hope.  Thankfully, the day arrived when I received a

ticket in the mail, roundtrip, for a visit to see him!

 After being so long apart from him, and after only seeing him a few

times, it seems silly looking back on it, to be so, so Gung-Ho over

someone, but the truth remains I was and Am!  I eagerly packed my

things and reminded work of the fact that I had vacation coming, you

know, all those hum-drum mundane things necessary to make it work, and

headed for the airport and my ticket to paradise, humming Darth Vaders

Theme, with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. (Ok, ok, they

weren't exactly sugar-PLUMS... *Grin*)

The flight began quietly, and the mostly empty USAir flight was very

relaxing.  The captain actually came back through to chat with the 

passengers, something I hadn't thought they did that anymore!  I was

in a state of surprise unequaled before or since.  This guy, all

snazzed up and Extremely Sexy in his uniform (with all the neat gold

bits on it) was Red!  I hadn't thought Red was old enough to be an

experienced pilot, but this revelation had one head spinning and the

other Rising!  Not quite able to believe my eyes, I played it cool and

pretended to be unaware who he was. When he reached my seat (last row,

first class right where I'd requested) he sat down next to me saying,

"Don't worry Dave, It's on autopilot, and besides Dan is upfront

watching things."  When I looked decidedly dumb-founded, he realized

that we hadn't exchanged names, and it turned out that Blacky was the

co-pilot on this flight, and that they were both taking classes part

time, paid for by the airline.  Looking at me squarely he asked me if

I'd like a tour of the cock-pit (he drawled the word cock out

enticingly) and I found myself rising to the occasion!

Stepping through the door way into the cramped cock-pit, I found that

only Thom (Thats Red) and Dan (Thats Blacky) were alone, alone that

is, except for horny lil ol' me. Shutting the door behind him, Thom 

proceeded to run his firm hands up and down my body, apparently

revelling in all my hard work at the gym.  Dan grinned up at me as

his hands began massaging my chest, as Thoms likewise massaged my ass.

Thom whispered into my ear, "We don't have alot of time, if the

stewards decide to report this we could get grounded or worse. Sorry

we don't have time for some real fun!", I whispered back 

"I understood, get on with it!" I was in an extremely high state of

arousal, combined with a bit of fear and newness!

  As Dan undid my zipper I noticed that  his fly was open and his

lovely penis was protruding wetly into the air.  I heard Thoms zipper

slide open, and felt my pants slip down to my ankles, I hadn't noticed

them undo my belt, and I simultaneously felt a warm mouth on my ass,

and on my cock. Thoms dextrous tounge soon had my travel sore but

singing, while Dans talented mouth was giving me a steady ride to

ecstasy, when suddenly I felt Thom stand up, and being pressing his

massive, Uncut cock into my clenching ass.  Pain arched my back and

pressed my cock deeper into Dans mouth. If the pain had grown beyond

a few twinges, i would have found a way to stop them, but thankfully,

I was able to relax enough to let him inside me, whereupon I promptly

clenched my ass muscles around him.  As he pumped me, he gasped in my

ear about how tight I was, and then commenced chewing on my ear and

neck, driving me even more wild.  Dans hand began to move more

vigorously on his cock, spreading his abundant precum around with a

sloppy sound, growing steadily more rapid, until with a cock-muffled

groan, he blew his load into a air sickness bag, and looking out the

Cock pit windows, I gazed out from cruising altitude and blew my load

in Dans mouth, spraying my spunk at 40,000 feet. Some time later,

probably not all that long a time, I came back to myself to find that

Thom had also cum, and to judge by the feeling as he withdrew himself

from me, he shot quite a load. They conspired to get my clothes back

in order, and succeeded just before the head stewardess began knocking

on the door.  As i pressed past her, I found myself wondering how

anyone could miss the smell of sex, but I suppose some people are just

clueless.  As I resumed my seat, settling back down onto my now warm

and tingly, travel weary ass, I could hear Thom getting a lecture on

FAA regulations and some other bullshit, but I fell asleep long before

she gave him time to respond. That was a shame, as it would have been

interesting to hear what kind of story he told!

The rest of the flight was relatively uneventful, and I arrived at my

destination whole and exhausted, but Sean was there waiting to take me

to his home, complaining all the way that he " wasn't a good host, and

he had nothing planned for us to do" and I just knew that once I

shared my recent experiences with him, he'd come up with something fun

for us to do!

Please Don't reproduce without this notice:

(c) 1993 David R. Tyler

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